Ma in Directorate of the Engineering-Aviat~on Red Alrmy Air IForc,e



Peop~e Com lssa ri,i:lt (,f Defernse




All p;ll\Jts,!tyingC>l'Ill·:<! airJ;ll&~eMr"iro~fduIIYMqui~e mdllpre:11Jdy (',fI11i)' out ajll ~tio)M of lillt ~urlrentmanu!!1 in ~ec,1n~d se-q,~en<:e, itly ~l1iool~ ~OO rewr ...e regllflJlefilt~ <Ire to provid\l· Je'o'eIQ;p, ment of ~f.ill(!l s~llls. ~nt!lllutOO'Nitilsffifi'In, operatli1t9i ~I~J a~(>f";!lng~hlll manUf!t ~hlilf ei1Iglneer (If ~11e~ AffflyAIi' rf.ifaf GeflernHleut'l"i'I~1i'It cl the IIlli[)lFleerl~'lhl\"'11njQIi'ISeF'l'too A.lRepli1l

(Ii'!i~f D~i9t'i!erD~ the ~L·2Ar.rpIOlt'i!e. IH~ro"ohh>€!SodaliiSt laooLlr


Pi!opli! Comiss'lriiiat or D@lf@n5@ MllLJiARY PUBUSHIN:G HOUSE N\Q5~tlW ·19~2


11.8efore the til i9 hit ~akeread irmesseport from the r
.a,ilrlPla mec ~.ank, ne


II~· the,re ~~din,), exte mal danflage (lhiole:s, scratches) on :b~adesand the M5:>,C heel::for t~\e blladJe's visible belt11.tlillrlig;

c hec k.lrfthe bottom engln e ~'1li3i~c'hes are I!oclked, If there I:> 3<1We'~-loiLl\:: n on pi theceve r of the ro n/IJ,UO, hstch,

I~fires has normal pre:s~ure,lf posltlens o~ boU'iI s~'1iOd: abs(l~be rs are norlililall andlldenitlcall




tu be' has been removed ------- -- ! .

! ~. _ "'f' .I.jlilsh in pi n-jolnts t._.aU de mage if the:re is any. if clam IPS on the rudder were removed \ skid- if there is alirrin shock absorber of the ta ill wheel. if there is bad(.. is the t~ has If€! normel pressure ReductEon 30 mm ___ ~- _ -• .if th ere is any damttge.

ismaglfiletto s. .wit~hedlooff.

.. -......-- - . PiLn teet on the pedalls . under the fi!t$~e~er$ Iij----~.---- .~f SSI~ts ln "sari A (Safety On) posltlon 4...

S. Check if the control stick and pedals move e. ---- .aisilly.

aftterbu ner - ---- -- .6 •.C heck the elevator trim ccntrcl ha ~dlle and set it 'into takeoff positton senirn9!s ohhe hrgh-ali~itud!~ conoctm .--- .

if steering control ofVISH-22T propeller was rotated fu II back to increase propeller pitch lf'the W.illradjators' shutters alre closed if !he~lre-w(k ~sopenecl {~nh..illllfOJw.~rd osUio~} p .t~e:rand o.

(Inee k pestnon of Ilalllldiill1lg '£leal! and~lap$ control handlss I"t'ii. open con tiro Iiefthe la nding gear /sterter system and check air pressure ln the system {35 atmospheres ls nermell with manometer.·It 9.).8. a nod swlrtc ~ en allr syst-ems. Chec'ik thea~1i" pres:SIl~1i"e ij n the 0 n-boerd ailr cyllilfildeli"(~(iI0~ SOa~mo~ 1 spheli"es.::. .

~ .~ .and ln the starterelr c:yllm:ielr (normal pressurels 5iOatl'ino- spheres). " - '. opelii!\lallve of the breaking system - -- - --- .

110.Check Ibrak~ng system wlith two-arrows manometer by smulta neousand separate braking of the both wheelis. .

-. r .SWil~..~ "thennometef$'" " I_ _ !II!I~..h on and check ele:etricall system.& ..I"I..-:.'_\':._._ _~ liilr=. :. IIPEiI.'11..~ :.. .t_. _ . df ' §!I III r. ..r-s:: ..' -. I .. * .~ .-"...0 .

by check tem perature of: water -.battery dosed circuit voltage swittch~ng on Pitct tube heatl ng for .- _.- - - -- - ---- - - -..- _. -..2:-3sec.- -._------- - .

.:l~n 730 I~telrs (550 lntetal k9) .Three fu:elltanks c:ont.

- put safety lockof the glur1S pnsu matilc rs-c h~uglerin "Open" pesjtle n (IPush ihandli€ full forward).ck and prepare weapons: ~ ---.ccoroirllgl fl~grhtt orders . ~ __ . Set ESBR-3P electric bom bs relleaseconttlroll~o des~rabile Venia ni~of bomb rell. - - -------_.~ase .Che.a.14l.

set PBP~1 sl:ght. iln firlng poslnon deck if sight:s ({oUimator or mechan leal) eros sh al r match with the m erk 0 n the propel ler blade .

In IP"Ooir llighru:ondit~ons SW~["{:1tn on PIBP-1siglin't baekl~ght~ ng .

I' CHEC'KINIG IEINGIINE IBEF'ORIE TAKE .[.OFF C~eck brake blocks under the wheels ------ - -- .

lA:e~s~t valve of the booster pump in ~i Ik.e" positicn. nta - - ------ i .1. n 2.. Set vahle of the booster pum p In ~i take" posmo n. un the plufi'lgler of the booster pump uipwarcL 3.

Push pl !Ulngelr of the booster pump down 5. ---------- .4. t~e plunger ohhe booster pum p iU pward and re -set code of the booster pum p in ~int. .ake"posmon. Ufr.

TIh[ron. ---- --- - -- - --- - .h~! elnglne up to 600·700 rpm.START' 1. 2. Open va Ive ofthe startling al rsystem o ~ the plipelline near booster pump.

3 .lI'ecl'~ sw'iltch 0 rI! magnetO' --- - -.after h lis rec..-------- .eilv~ng ccml1lrmatlon uCle~. Girder ailrpl1ane me(h. .aliili( to "St:i:'l'y elear" from the pro peilletr snd..- .

. . repeat starting procedure .and aftelf onefulltum oft~e pm pe IIIeIf.4. Opelfil (li~rvahfe ofthe s<ellf~staner. press vibrator button {keep button pressed for 5 sec or I@ss) If enqlne didn't start.

. $wiitx:h off th e erngine foditxing low ei] pre$5~re problem. 8.Srnoothlly push plunger of t he booster pu mp down.Clheck lnstruments daita: rIIO 0111 ressure should lbe p I!esst ~an 3 atmospheres If wilthi ill1 5.slUlr~willi no! increase up to 3. annespheres.6.·10 seconds oil pres.

2.<t -- . Rotate· steerring control of V ~S H-:2ZT forwa rei to decrease prepeller pltch and lock it IUp outlet oll ~4.---- - .---- .RMIING UP lhroHile engine up to 700-300 rpm.WA.----------- -. ..

and--IP . so' oUIllet . -..-.E! to 25" or omllet oill·~ up to ..3" Set engine on 1200 rpm andlaftel' temlPelratu tre afinlet oll willi irnctrea...$.ur ..oill is IO·.set eng ine on TI 00 rp:m fo r 5 further warnni:ng up.-..

+/-25 m m Winer 'l:empera'lure: 80~ '~11 O· revs 20 SO rpm c outlet o'illt.. ENGIINIIE 11. - . - .3 .el'il1p€ratIUlre. the engine le~t (HlI nomi rII all power. - - - - - _.. .. Dur~ng timenormal funct~on~ng of th IS! engine settings shcu Id be: supercharger 1180. gas pressure 0.70~-H 5·~ oill pressure: 7 .8/5 atmospheres. [ .035 atmospheres ---- - - - .TESTING TIHE.

.2.grlleto and spa Irk pl ugs. ThrQUIe back to deck ma.

11300 rpm and check generator output with voltmeter Normal voltage Is 26 .27 V ----- -- .3. Th rottle down !C! 1200 .


Check rnaln and backup frequency of thle rado $let .1" Make surs that helmet flts tig ~rly a nd 'throat mtc ro pho riles ~alveg:ood ccntact w~'t~ the larynx. without squeezllngit 2.

!IC~iQIlI .3. (onnecleiarplhone hellmet w~th~llLlF"(tellephone) and ~lAR:ING~ (throat mH~e)mkuotelep~one sockets "lAHING~ socket po:>litf:on After 1-2 min radio setls re~dy foQr ..

Ilf su rfac€l radlo stanonts not o peratl:on.mter--(.lng. .liosckw~5e eqlUlieter"). Slowly Irotatling adjustment handle. Fe!' nermal sound volume IFotate-lJIolllUlmecontlroll knob dodwise ("Ilouder'} or CO!l. 'In wllill generalte typicall noise 7. but rad lo set lis wmik. set proper radio fr€qjuency.~II.6.

nlncall radi:o station acccoirding r arrang~d call signsandi establishcermeetlon 9.Jlnd switch ml:c:r:otellelphcone to ulPlfU)I' pos~tior.8. turn ~radl:o" switch off .) approx:imaltelyafter 11-2.j[.o estalbllisfn rsdl:o connettlion on the grol. After c:hecikHng radto set.

.------- Genl'hali'Iaiv~ationr and our gkHll oUS reputaHonof the feadess fighters.earni!d for thems€M-s proud .NO ur aviation has better q tqa~ than ity p~IQts .-.--. .-.---------- . . Sta~in --. " I.


TAXIIING 1. Opern oil [radiator shutters 2. Open water radiator shutters deperndng on the outslde ailr ..

_ - - 41 - - - __ - 1 .3.IFastel1 the seatbelts. ~ '":_ .

0rder "(lear the brake blocks'' After rece'ilvilill9 the confumatlon "8 ra ke b lee ks dea'lIedl'~ start taxl ing.4. ---- -- ----- .

.i''a rd ma k.' ~S-t!U rns" whetm~~x~ing. T II • • •.E. • • .5.. 6\ Check brakes on tax:iing. II • ----- ---- . For the best 'lJliew fOIr\!J. • "• ..

------i . Check po $.PARATIION FOR TAKIE-OFIF 1.itt~Qn the elevi1ttor of tlrllmmerr co ntrel pesitlen of the fire-cock ~~ ts steering control of propeller pitch I!ocked ----- ---- .PRE..


nOlrmaL oil rnd 0111 ressure p --------. Check lif fuel ·are.of 'water snd oi II.------- -- .----- .Qlnd ~e$tt~e engine 0 I'll nomil'll.flil power Ch~clkt~e 'remlpernture ..

If water tempe-ralture is ~essthan 90"

inlet ol I temperatll!l
IS less

tha III 40"


outlet 0111 t@mperartl!.llre ils less than 7n~ above 111 er S·










1. Fiu Ihhrottt~e

2.lDlIIrling the mkEH)1f maintain dlirectllon, smoothly apply Ileft pedall to compensate allrpllane torque to the rl:glrnandavol:d sha ~prudder movements.

Strktly forb~dden to use brakes. ln order to compensate a,ilflPhme's r~ghttorqiU:e.

:3. Af[.e'r Ilift-off hold the ailrplane ;steady untlll
alrrspeed 240-2S{1' krn/heurls then sta rcdi mnbingl. reeched,





._ ..





------ --- -

----- -----

englne revs 2150' rpm

90 -1 15"


outlet oll tempelrature ~ 80 ~~20°







or Iless.SetcUmbing airspeed 240 ~250 Iklm/ih. decrease stick pressure adjUistimlgl trimmer control ---------. --------.lDoc reass PlflilSSIIJI re 0 Ii'I the stick using elevator trim mer co ntrol.6.::.~o~1 .::::::::~~ hm'irroIil!t:all flig h. 7..r9~ng Ilevellait 950 mm rig .-. Throttle engllne baclk to maintainsUlper(h.achedl.. .. After the proper heig hit ls re.-- lL .


IINI f'RIE. 10 max~m~2!e mg~t range Iloweir propeller pitch to. 118S0 rpm 2.:50~270 km/iholUlr .NIDLY AIIRSPACIE 11. T~rottle up to the best cru~:sing airspeed 2.

3.3.35 atmospheres ------------- ..e'55 t~an 5.0..not II.11TIS" pressure: 0111. ~rQdl:c:allly chec k out 'imtirurnents Iinstirumerrllt:s l mon'irtolfling eng ine performance. Adlj ustwater and oi II temperatu re. data should be: water tsmpereture 80~-110~ inlietoill Item pemture 40~-80· outlet oi II tsmperatu re 70" .5 atmospheres ~l]ell~0.

When tlyin.g overthe startlnq point otthe mute {SPR) write dawn the time.4. - - . -------- - ..

Set mlrrotelephene swlltc~ to the "PRD~pcslticn and aft~r 1-2 min calli radio stetlon and estalbl~ COin nectlon.5witchol1l the racll~o 7. sh - -- .5.

irplane posiition usl migIland fila rks -- - ------ . n foillow fIi:g III route' usl IflIgi cempessand watehes.. Mailnta~ general orlentanon. andcontrol actual a.8.

!1E::l'"I~nalrmed} mode ( whllle in frllE::llfildillyairspace. pres:singls~eellock !'nand Ie to.Every lPillo~ oHhefiligh~ should maintain g:e IfiI era II0li11elfiltatkm .!1~rlin forward posltlon. push ASSH le'!. 9'.. ----------------- . [he lev'er. Ilf'it's nscessa ry to drop born bs ~n~passll'!.

9 fron~11 i rr!( lfealSie ine" $e~ propellier pitch 'to 2050 rpm 2.liN ENEMY'S AIRSPACE 1. . Before approo.chi 11. Che(lk if the safety Ilock of the gtms pneumatlc re~dTlalrger iml ~OlPe~lt posltlon.

Check ESBR~·3.0Ipen saifety (:aps of the ellectlric born lHelleasegealr.psettlings {saifety off} posltion. . puslhlllngtext:ollite Ilever back $[-eel hand Ie should not be pressed to th e· levelr: :5.3.

6. terrel n~a IfiId sigllna Is of tlhefllig ht liriladril r.---- . - - . (a r€~LllllyoIb:S€lrve aIlrspace.

~uea .and .adjust airspeed to 306 ~ 310 kmfh(JIlL.e approaching close oill Iadlla~olrshutters targ'et .7. Befor.!r - -_ ------------------- .

Pr@ssconespondllng button to release bornbsor rockets.:ld. press (orlfespondllng triggler fulll fon"lillli'di 3._------. Befbre approa.--. 2. -------.stolPpa.~mdrello. oc:c:ur.-- .--------- ~.. llf gun .s. release the tlfigg:e:r . Iffilri rrJ·g was no~Ire. check ASSIH contrail s and reset if necess.sumed.ching t~e tarqet.

~IS'e UIs. To Ir~lease bombs wit~ ASSHI press. s.I~ea. After bombs.(lrt-e Ii'€!leas~IUIsi IfiIgl ASSH controls.:md check t~.e num ber of the' releasedlloortl bs. duplilceJlte rel!.iri1!9I ASSIHI ----------- --- -- - W ri1!trO Is..l.sed.3.w~lr'e released press s~gnal button .After alii bombs were 1r.['€el handleto th€ bombs were ASSH le-v'~1" 5. re Ileased. d upli(. -I .

--- ------- .eralll born bs were releills. :se! ASSH ilin ":SOil'(Safre~y On) posltlo 11 lin. and setelrspeed accolrding fllight plan. Aft.6.ed.


f 3" Pires:.Set 5ar€'ty loc k of the glUlns pn eumatic rlilcha r'gerr ~n"On" posttlon (pu Ills. grurns and machlne9 IUIns pneumstk recha rg er handles .AP'PIROACHIIIING YOIUR AIRfiELD: :2 .:lflllty ha nd li£ilull I back).

irsystem.) en- L- ___'69 1 bo~n~~~ i" <yl'iinder: ' . which s~oulld lbe 30 ~35 atmospheres. Sw'jitd1 otf IESBIR-3P 6.' is lower" oper. If allr pressuitI.4. Decrease pro peilier pi1ich "Check 11ihe p:re$$~lreilr) the tt1lr (l.

Check iHhe landing gea r 'ilstowered using c-ontu)11 li:ghts and pesttlon of the mechanical ~ ndleetors. Lower 'Iandinggealf 0 ~Iy iif the . Lock land Ing! gea r re~ease ha rndlle lin ~dlQwn"posltlon in "d own" positlon. . hand le fonNa rd 9.a.irsl~oo. 1 o. ptn. safety-Iod.8. il~240-2500 km/hour or less Plush !Ianding ge.

apply emergency procedure: 'tli'N""rt30 .OFTHE DING GEAR lng gear wasn't lowered normally. . . 1"Close locking and connection controls 3.. . PuII out emergency hand crank ....

Shift hand crank in the regular posmon. Rotate the emergency hand crank counter.. 2 km/hour 6. Reduce air speed to . clockwise. 8.

. Check if conl!l€ction v'alve is opened 3. Vnllockfl!i::Ips.control hancHe. removin91 the safety~lo(kpi~. 2.1. (lose water radiator shutters (to mel ntali ntemperature 90" or hligher).

.-190 krn/hour .-- lower thle flaps by p'Uls~i~gI cent IfO IIha nd I!eforwa rd to the "fllaps down" posltl on I - I ---- 6.-I . M.ali~t. - -- : I I I I ~ ---- ..ali~llidi~gl airspeed g at ~85. .

I~ _ '.' • ~ • ~.~. !i...-~~~~.. -------------.""f~ 15 • . '_" .. .7 ..-~ .eight should be niOt less then 25 m) 25.......Ad]ust Ilalndi~gapproach l!S~ t ~ rottle ng (~.. ' ..... •.--.. . I .

thronle E1!n. r~'M~&iiil~=::. retract flaps .dllng .Qlpproach. Reading 1100rn ij·el:giht.essary to rna Ike another . Remove pressure on the stick by the elevator trimmer control and start climbing 4.and at airspeed not less than 220 km/hou r. Innease a~rspeed to 2lO~220 krIiJlho'~lr 3.e· n up and increase alilrspeed.NIIEW LAND'IINIG APIPR'OACH TI If it's nec.. la n.

stkk ~UlIIIback. . 3. .pply brakes wit~ ceunon a nd after la n ding run of 30-40 m. . ..lDulrilng the lallld~ngwitth retracted flaps don't pull the control .11. L' ... 2. V~€ brakes on theru nway smoothly a..lDurilng the landing controlstkkfull wlth extended filap5 pu ~Ihe t back.

4.ndirngi run speed is reduced. I \ un lock the skid retract the fliaps 18 . M1t~l1it1t~n connoll stick fullJ b~dk 'G!nrtillll~.

6. . Chec k Iland ng and take-off a reas a nd stair! talXiilng to the parkilill9 area.


increase propejler pltch b) Th rottle up to. a) Rotate.2. 0 seconds.. 2 --I .111 00 rpm for 15.. Set propel lieIf on the h'i:glher pitch.back st~r~n. 1000.g control to.

3.1rhroHlle ba ck to 400~450 rpm and rna lnta in revs (not more than for 3-4 mlrn) urntil tempearture drops to 90 0 .

Close fire-cock . SWllliC h off and thermometers 6.s.

11.AFTER ~ wate~.irnplane. .or FLIGIIHT fuel systems. .(I. n 0 Iii. Report fli:ght engill!eer abolUlt engine.apons and speda. pen armored hatches and che-clkiftheire is any leaks O 3.l eq ~ripmer)~ f~Jn(~i9ni durn ng the 111:9 ng ht.we.

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