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Great Cycling Destinations-WOW(Women On Wheels)-Girly Girl Gear For Guys Too-Bicycle Ambulances-Fundraiser Post Cards

Welcome To The Pedal, Pause Or Push On Newsletter-Vol 3. The Post Card Edition

I would Love to send you Postcards

Greeting From Ethiopia! The streets are congested with herds of gregarious goats. Their bare foot keepers prod wooden spears at the herd in the market, dinner awaits. The suit clad business elite, cell phones in hand, gather for a $6 coffee at the Sheraton Hotel in the capital city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Fresh from my tent in the morning air, I pedal along in search of the post office. Like a traveler stuck on an age old tradition, the souvenir of a postcard sent from a far can never be replaced -Retta
Namaste, Ah, India! things are kind of shitty here. Hows it going with you? I cycled through human pooh today. Not so sure why India is such a huge tourist draw. So far it smells kind of funny. Heading for the 17,5000 ft. pass, hoping it smells better up there. (smile). Ret Whats up? Hello from the Sahara in Sudan. Sweating like a hooker on a Saturday night. Cycling + Headscarf + Sahara = Insanely Hot. I got tossed out of a refuge camp looking for a boat going south, slight change of plans. Ethiopia here I come! -Loretta

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