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"Hello Kids Program" July 2009

Call For Application-“Facilitators Wanted”

Hello Kids is children's holiday program organized by the Cameroon Association for the Protection
and Education of the child (CAPEC). This program which is intended to last for one month, shall
brings together some 100 orphans/vulnerable Kids, from all the orphanages in and around Yaoundé,
between the ages of 7 and 15years. The objectives are to:

1. Make children spend their holidays wisely by learning new skills and improving on already
existing ones.
2. Meet and Interact with friends, for intercultural and social exchange.
3. Teaching subjects such as photography, crafts, films which are normally not taught in
4. Creating relationship between/or among the different orphanages to share experiences
among them.

Activities and Task:

During "Hello Kids 2009” facilitators shall be in charge of the various workshops namely:
Computer studies, painting/crafts, Music lessons, basic knowledge of cooking, photography,
sewing, English/French lessons, Sports, Drama and cultural activities such as theatres, film shows
and lots of recreational activities including several of games.

There will be two excursion; Mvog Mbeti Zoo and Les Brasseries du Cameroun.

Location: Parc Kyrakides, Yaoundé, Cameroon

Date: 13th July 2009

End: 13th August 2009