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Under Activities. 2011 8:49amBST Hello.. My laptop is currently connect to the internet through wireless ADSL VPN router.com'products2. :::SETUP FOR SHARING INTERNET::: On laptop go to control panel. 2010 1O:54pmGMT This was actually INSANELY easy to do with vista on the laptop.Last answer on May 14. click properties . the product's web site: wireless ADSL VPN router: http://iWballevell... DM9601 Anv heln is nruch annreciate.pbp?Id=650&PCl thld= 10 USB to Fast Ethernet Adapter: Davicom. I have a LAN cable and a USB to Fast Ethernet Adapter. network and internet. This tutorial is fur Vista on laptop and XP on desktop. I need to connect my laptop and another computer which nms on Windows XP Professional version 2002 Service Pack 1. [Solved/Closed] TEchNoob . network and sharing center . Once here click ''view status" next to your wireless connection.. Then click on the second tab "sharing" Click the first option "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet connection" . Read more Setting 2 way Ian from 1 port IP » Suggestions • Setting 2 way Ian from I port IP • How to connect mobile to pc and share internet (Solved) » Forum • How to connect laptop to pc via wifi » Forum • Connect Laptop or PC to TV » Tips • Which cable to use to connect laptop to pc (Solved) » Forum • How to connect laptop with pc via Ian cable (Solved) » Forum • Why when i bridge 1Winternet connection from 1Wpc to 1Winternet i get !p address conflict (Solved) » Forum • Connect computer-to-computer through wireless (Solved) » Forum • Two pc LAN share internet (Solved) » Forum • How to connect !phone to pc to use internet (Solved) » Forum More 43 replies Answer +27 Report weeeee! Feb 24.Ask your question Report Connect laptop and pc to share internet conn.

.0... Click the radio button User configured . After you do this on both computers they should reconnect just fine (without the limited connection problem). click on Internet protocol (TCPIIP) and then click properties . :::RENEW IP::: In XP go to start. show all connections.0.7. Then fur IP address put in 12. its basically the same on vista you just have to click on ''view status" of the local connection rather than the wireless and click on properties.0.. It should refresh with mshorre and then 3 mnnbers below it. click on the second tab Alternate configuration .255. (both computers) .5 and for Subnet mask put in 255. You can do this either by restarting your pc (long way) or by going to command prompt and refreshing your ip.. . Then it should work.. connect to. You will probably get the 1ittle yellow triangle that says limited connection If that happens you need to force your computers IP mnnber.0. Then continue from "click on Internet protocol (TCPIIP) and then click properties .5.7 etc. but probably not. then type ipconfig Irelease wait fur a second then type . after that you should be good and have internet on your desktop through the wireless on the laptop. Here you should find a ''local area connection" Right click on it and click properties ..0 then click ok... :::IMPORTANT::: On the second computer use any other mnnber in the IP address other that what you used on the first one.. (ifyouve been to a Jan event of course you know this) :::FORCE LAN IP::: On XP just go to Start. So if your first desktop is 12.. You should only have to do this fur your desktop.It should be set up to share internet with whatever device is on the network with the laptop.. . I was able to play some online games with friends on my powerhouse drag out a 40ft cable to the living room =) desktop on my HDTV last night without having to After you are done having tim you should put your ip back to "Automatic private ip address" in the Ahernate configuration of the internet protocol settings. Now youjust have to network your other pc with the laptop. You have to do this on the other computer as well.. You might be super lucky and plug in a ethernet cable from your laptop to your desktop and it will find everything and work off the bat. ipconfig Irenew wait fur about a minute and you should be good. This is pretty easy once you have done it a few times.0.6 or 12.. " but make sure you make your ip address to 12... make your laptop and type in cmd and hit ok. nm. the subnet mask should be the same though.0. if not you will have to refresh your ip.0. .. .0..

wow thanks man! ~ Sparky . First let me explain how to connect two computers in LAN. it will be shown under Control Panel-> Network Connections. Spreadsheets and More. you also get maxirrrum perfurmance if not accelerated. IP address: 192. cant believe the post at the ~ mr_support2010 Apr 9.255. Answer +5 2010 11 :24pm BS T 2011 8:49amBST it. so this will be connected through a LAN card.2010 8:40pmBST If you have more than one computer at home and have only one internet connection. Thanks Vega. then right click and bridge connections.au Wireless Data Solutions for AdChoices 0> Answer +11 Rtmort vega Jan 22.www. Yeah. Now to connect computer B. Public folder sharing and others if you want to.microsoft. Computer A is connected to Internet via cable.com. Let's assume there are two computers A and B. you should be good to go. File Sharing.0. You can do that by going to Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center.0) .WirelessData. Soooooo Simple. Rtmort luckyguy .May 14. Step 5: Click the radio button to 'Use the following IP' and give anIP address (For example.255. Step 4: Under the tab 'Networking'. Computer A runs on Windows Vista and Computer B runs on WindowsXP.1 and Subnet Mask: 255. you might be wondering how to use internet in both the computer.my WDS is a value added distributor Wireless Networking Solutions www.168. 2010 4:51am GMT If you are getting wifi on your laptop then connect to PC with Ian cable. you will need a wired hub. go to network connections and select your wifi and Ian connection. you will need another LAN card in computer A or if you want to connect to more than one computer. before doing this you should enable Sharing and Discovery. first network represents connection to internet and second one the local connection with another computer. Step 1: In Vista. Under the section 'Sharing and Discovery.com/office365 Work Together In Real Time On Docs. click the properties Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP IIPv4). Microsoft® Office 365 Latihan Forex 1/1 Dercuma Dapatkan panduan PDF eksklusif anda Gunakan juga Demo Akaun 5000 kami ! iFOREX. Simple. Leam How. (See picture below) Here. Awesome. Step 3: Right click that local area connection and click properties. enable Network discovery. this should be. Step 2: If your LAN card that is connecting to another computer is installed. this is the way to do top is there.Jul12.

00.crossover. Here you need not give any IP information as Computer 'A' will assign an IP address dynamically. By setting up a wireless network.3000467. 2008 1:14am GMT Check out this easy way to do it with crossover cable: http://www.com. if you insist in privacy.home-network-help. make sure you enable the LAN card which is used to connect to computer 'A'. or a straight LAN cable (if you are using a network hub or network switch between the computers) 2) via infrared (laptop and PC must have infraed) 3) Direct cable connect from parallel port to parellal port (help available in windows). 1) if you have an Ethernet card installed on your laptop and on your PC you can directly connect them with a crossover LAN cable (in case You don't have network hub)." Repeat the similar steps on the ''my network places" icon in your laptop also. N ow you can use Internet from both Computer A and Computer B from a single connection. Step 8: Test the connection by pinging. Click Ok and close everything. after connecting the two units refresh the laptop and the pc.html U can connect your laptop to a pc.But before that i would like to ask u ifu have a Ian card installed in ur pc. 5) You can also connect modem to modem but this method is bit difficult. This option is given by the Windows OS known as ICS (Internet Connection Sharing).Ifu have a Ian card installed than what u can do is.It IIwork. 2008Registration date Nov 22. There select TcpIp right click on it and again go to properties.0. you can easily connect a laptop to a pc.techtv.24330. (You can do this by typing ping 192. There are several ways to connect a laptop to a PC. Ifit's not working make sure there are no IP assigned and change the properties to 'Obtain an IP address automatically'. by installing a network interface card (NIC) . Read more about in the comment by Termino and following connnents Answer +3 Report rubrami28l 211 Posts September 30.1 or whichever is Compter 'A's IP in the comand prompt) Sharing the Internet cormection of computer 'A' with computer 'B': Right click LAN card which is cormected to Internet under Control Panel-> Network Cormections and click' Sharing' tab and enable both the options to share Internet.168. After that connect your laptop with the pcby using a "cross Cable". N ote: You can also setup password protected internet sharing.If you don't have one u can buy it frm a computer shop.Step 6: Don't give any other information.Right click on the 'My Network Places Icon" and go to properties. 4) using a Null modem cable from one serial port to the other. (Note: Unless there is another enabled LAN setting you will not be able to see the shared tab under properties) Click Ok and close.When the page opens select the radio button namely "Obtain ip address automatically.com. Step 7: In computer B.callforhelp/answerstjps/storylO.html Here is a great article about this from the guys at TechTV: http://www.

check your office they usually will already have ports available fur use with laptops.Apr 4. 2009 4:53pm GMT To share an internet connection of a laptop that is already connected to a WIFI. Step 4 click next next next bla bla WIFI provider. how do i connect my laptop with the internet too? ReportAHSAN SALEEM . ports.May 6. 2010 4:21amBST can i share one laptop internet to another laptop? Answer +3 Report Adamlee Sep 29. 2010 3:18pmBST hi well basically yh ihave a pc with internet and ihave a laptop how do i get internet on my laptop without using an en router or anything is there a wireless wasy or something? ~ goldz:) . You will be using your PCs 10/100 network adapters (NICs) .NOT the serial.and a transmitter and receiver. and rather suprsingly. LPT or SER. choose the third option that says "make a home network or connect to a small office bla until you reach a window that shows your current WIFI connection do not forget to click .2010 5:59amBST excuse.practicaUynetworked. Step 1 connect your laptop to the Step 2 RlIDthe internet connection Step 3 At the internet connections network. if it is just fur file sharing. do one of the fullowing" Answer +3 Report maikudi303 Nov 3. http://www. View all 5 comments ~jay jay . Note that you do not need any IP-addresses here. you can attach many different peripherals to the one pc and set up your own little LAN . And last but not least here is a straightfWd how-to using MS's (basic) NetBEUI protocol It works well fur Win to Win PCs. and follow the instructions fur 'To specify IPv4 IP address settings.comlsharigg/netbeuihtm#HowTo Any Q's. wizard options. 2009 4:48pmBST I had this issue. Windows help actually helped! search on windows help fur Change TCPIIP settings.Ju127. a cheaper suggestion would ba a flash drive or memory stick. just ask. but i gotta laptop and my normal computer has the internet but with a modem and has like 3 wires.

2010 5:42pmBST is there a way to do this on windows 7. connect it to the Laptop by a twisted pair cable (B.Mar 13. I connected my laptop which connects to internet via home wifi. Step 6 As fur the second computer.2010 12:27pmBST you can share you internet connection through LAN card or Wireless USB adapter with this software called CC Proxy 6.Apr 30. Have you any suggestions please.or check the box that says "ignore the disabjed network eqwpment" Step 5 From the next window. I had a desktop which had no wifi adapter so I made a network crossover cable and wanted to connect it with laptop to use the internet connection and it is working now. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rtmortautophile . In Step 5. you second computer should browse the internet without any clicking. how i can connect with Ethernet cable? B&pQrtits me . B&pQrt iqbal. you will receive a message that a gateway will be created fur this connection.Ju128.2010 7:33am GMT I have two laptop computers using Windows XP and have them networked but cannot access the internet from the second computer which is what I want to do. i currently have a laptop wi win7 and a desktop wi win7 but no way to connect thedesktop Answer +2 Report Joanne Mar 27. 'This option configures your Laptop as a server thereby allowing internet connection sharing. now at the moment ihave connection in the computer and need conncetion in the laptop wire or wireless please suggest me how ihave to do Answer . Step 7 Switch on the computer and repeat Step 1 to Step 4. 2010 12:20pmBST there is conneciton in computer from either net fast internet from menatelecom serivce. It worked fur me after two days of searching and experimenting with various suggestions on different forums.64 . answer ''YES'' and that is all. Great work and thanks once again. choose the second option.) Answer +2 Report irshad May 17. choose the first option. ihave PC connected with internet from broadband connection and iwant to connect my laptop too. Many thanks Report liridonk .2010 5:03pmBST hi. click next next next bla bla bla until you are prompted to restart your computer. When your computer is restarting. Step 8 click next next next bla bla bla until you are prompted to restart your computer.Apr 4. As soon as the restart is done. 2010 3:11pm GMT Thanks a lot.I-45+CAT5 cable). but yours solution worked like a charm. this configures the second computer as a client to the Laptop.