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Responsibility : RP Manager Reports

RP Discoverer reports
Accessing Discoverer To access the discoverer reporting tool, use the following link to access the Oracle Login screen: [In internet explorer you can add any web address to your favourites. To do this follow the link above by clicking on it and then from the Menu click Favorites  Add to Favorites

In the name box enter Oracle Finance Login Page and click OK You can then open the login page at any time by opening an internet explorer window, click Favorites and then selecting Oracle Finance Login Page from the drop down list

Version : 18th September 2006

RPDISC-01 Responsibility : RP Manager Reports When you are on the login page. Actual Expenditure. From the list of responsibilities click on the RP Manager Reports option to access the Discoverer reports.Budget expenditure − This report details Income. data: − Using the different Worksheets tabs there are a number of different ways of searching for Project Version : 18th September 2006 . Select the report you wish to view by clicking on the report name within the ‘Name’ column. Once in the Discoverer Viewer. Commitment. Cost Budget and the Balance against a project. you will then be presented with a list of reports. enter your username and password and then click on the ‘Login’ button. 1) PA02 .

top-task and Sub-task level. This report will provide a list by where the investigator is either the PI or the Co-I and provide a summary by top task. This will now run the Project − − To search by Project Number simply enter the Project number in the Investigator − To search for all the projects assigned to an Investigator enter the surname of the PI in the − − ‘Contains’ field or the ‘Starts with’. To search for multiple project numbers separate the project numbers with a comma (e. If there is more than one Principal Investigator with the same surname then you will also need to select the appropriate name from the drop down list.RPDISC-01 Responsibility : RP Manager Reports − Select the appropriate Worksheet and then click on Run Query to run the report. Project detail . R100018.g. Click on ‘Apply Parameters’. Version : 18th September 2006 . Project summary .R010345) Click on ‘Apply Parameters’ to run the report. The Project report summarises the data at project.

Known issues 1.RPDISC-01 Project detail . it is possible to export the report to Excel. The totals for Investigator (continuous report) − This report is the same as above – except that all the project is listed in the report. Exporting the data to Excel − If you need to print a reports or you wish to save it. click on the ‘Export Data’ and either open or save the exported file in a location of your Project except you can choose the investigator’s projects from the drop down list in the header section Project detail . Once you have chosen the file type. Investigator (Choose your project) Responsibility : RP Manager Reports − This report has the same parameters as the Project summary . − You are then required to select the type of file you wish to export. etc have a number at the end of them – this is something I cannot get rid of at the 2. − To export a report click on the Export Data tab at the top of the report. moment if there is no investigator on the project the header will show &Key Member Name instead of an actual name Version : 18th September 2006 .by Investigator report − The report itself is the same as the Project detail .

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