Battle of Agincourt

(25 October 1415)

Gabriel Broilo

England x France .

Commanders and leaders ● Henry V of England ● Charles d'Albret .

which Henry used in very large numbers. . with English and Welsh archers forming most of his army.The battle is notable for the use of the English longbow.

Strategy .

000 (outnumbering the English 6–1) to 12. ● French army Modern estimates range from 36. crossbowmen and archers.000 .000 (outnumbering the English 4-3). 1⁄6 dismounted knights and men-at-arms in heavy armour.200 were mounted). About 5⁄6 longbow archers.Strength ● English army: Modern estimates range from 6. .000 knights and men-at-arms (of which about 1. About 10. unknown thousands of other infantry.000 to 9.

Losses ● English At least 112 dead.500 noble prisoners . unknown wounded ● French 7.000–10.000 (mostly killed) and about 1.

Some claim V sign derives from the gestures of longbowmen fighting in the English army at the battle of Agincourt. .

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