Focus On Pheasants and Quail Management Habitat Tour

Dates: Tuesday, August 9, 2011 (9:30am –3pm CST) Place: Branched Oak Wildlife Management Area – Dog Trial Area on the north side of the lake ,Raymond, Nebraska

This tour will highlight various habitat management activities on the wildlife management areas and private lands in the Focus On Pheasants partnership. The objective of the tour is to share information between landowners, resource professionals, and conservationists regarding grassland management. Your participation and insights will make this a more effective habitat tour. Free lunch will be provided to those who register at the information below..

The need for Management Activities

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Management Activities

Pheasant nest site selection Pheasant habitat preferences. Pheasant roadside and crowing counts. Grassland songbird habitat preferences. Grassland songbird nest success. Insect abundance and biomass Vegetative responses to treatments.

1. Herbicide application of cool-season grass stands. 2. Herbicide application of warm-season grass stands. 3. Disking and interseeding of warm/cool-season grass stands. 4. Disking of warm-season grass stands. 5. Disking of cool-season grass stands. 6. Controlled burning of warm/cool-season grass stands.

For tour details & to register: or 308-428-3062
CRP Mid Contract Management activities in Nebraska like this one have been underway since 1995

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