FACILITY RISK ASSESSMENTS FORM Name(s) of Risk Team Members: Section Head, DMR Point Value → Parameter ↓ 1 2 3 4 5 Area

/Facility Description Title: Engine Hall Area/Facility # (if applicable): Occupancy Or Use ≤once/year ≤once/month ≤once/week ≤once/day Area/Facility Description:


Power house combined with four engines & auxiliary system, capacity of 33MW Severity First Aid Only Medical Treatment Lost Time Partial Disability Death or Permanent Disability Training and Procedures List: Likelihood Very Unlikely Unlikely Possible Probable Multiple Approved by: Date: Draft Rev. # Before Controls After Initial Controls After Additional Controls Physical Item or Activity Hazard (s) Occupancy A Severity B Likelihood C Risk* AxBxC Initial Controls Occupancy A Severity B Likelihood C Risk* AxBxC Control(s) Added to Reduce Risk Occupanc y A Severity B Likelihood C Risk* AxBxC % Risk Reduction Crank case door open for maintenance work Fire & Explosion 2 4 2 16 open crankcase door after 30minutes of engine shut down Engine Hall Noise 5 4 5 Engine Hall Fire hazard due to temperature Fire alarm system Air filter Dust 2 2 3 Further Description of Controls Added to Reduce *Risk 100 5 12 Risk: PPE 2 PPE 5 50

0 to20 21 to40 41 to60 61 to80 81 or greater

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