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New Student Information Packet


Compiled by, Leslie Dmello

Note: All the information provided in this document is based on our observation and some polls conducted in Indian student community along with the information obtained from various sources. References are sited where it is necessary. The purpose of this document is to provide some primary information to the new students from India, who are joining TTU in Fall-2009. ISA is not responsible for any sort of miscommunication or misrepresentation which resulted from extraction of the information from various sources. If you have any further queries don’t hesitate to contact


1. President’s message……………………………………………………………………… 3 2. ISA committee ……………………………………………………………………………. 4 3. Departmental contacts………………………………………………………………… 5 4. Things to be brought……………………………………………………………………. 6 5. Packing/Travel Information…………………………………………………………….11 6. What after landing? ....................................................................................14 7. Housing………………………………………………………………………………………15 8. Health Insurance and Immunization………………………………………………….16 9. Finding on-campus job……………………………………………………………………19 10. Establishing credit history in US……………………………………………………….20


With best wishes Appachi Arunachalam President India Students Association 3 . accessible. international and entrepreneurial University. sports groups and recreational activities. therefore we also take the responsibility of receiving students from the airport on their first arrival. dynamic. I. challenging.a modern. successful and fulfilling. on behalf of the organization would like to welcome all the new students and take this opportunity to congratulate you on your successful admission to Texas Tech University. ISA helps new students with a lot of basic necessities.President’s Message Dear Friends. Students take little time in making Lubbock their home. it also strives to make your time at the University more fun. India Students Association would like to welcome you all to Texas Tech University and Lubbock. We try our best to make this transition smooth and easy fro you. Therefore. I look forward to meeting you all and wish you all the very best for your studies. I encourage you to actively support and participate in the running of this organization. Our primary aim is to help the new students in settling comfortably in Lubbock. Let the journey which you now start be enjoyable. TTU is perceived as a very successful . We also celebrate Independence Day and thus have our ties with India. We provide clubs. You could be surprised to know that about 400 Indian families reside here. Editor: Keerthi Sahithi President: Appachi Arunachalam(1-562-688-6268) appachi. Secretary: Melwyn Rodrigues (1-806-392-7809) Activities Coordinator: Nirvani Mujumdar (1-806-438-2866) Web Master: Leslie DMello( 1-806-392-7809) Treasurer: Shiva Prasad (1-214-232-4099) PRO: Gaurav Walavalkar(1-806-790-8949) Vice President: Harshad Mahadeshwar(1-408-594-5427) 4 . Ramkumar s.ISA committee Faculty Advisor: Dr.

cause beds are of different size. Hence. Recommended. Recommended! You can buy a rug here costing approx. Jacket Woolen Cap Thermal Underwear Caps 1 1 1 1-2 1 1-2 1 1 1 1 2 12 Footwear Chappals / Sandals Slippers Formal Black Leather Shoes Casual Sport Shoes. Or better get a Jacket with a hood. $5. $15 As u go to the laundry once in a week or 2 and they are expensive here. and you have to wear the formal shoes for presentations / job-fairs etc. summer here is really hot. Highly Recommended Optional and if you wish to bring one. which I think everyone does. may be some important items are missing or are inadequately specified. Navy blue / Black one is preferred. Leather & wool. So it's ok to bring 1 pair of woolen gloves. matching the traditional dress you bring. personal discretion is highly recommended. cause here it rains and becomes cold.$60 For Formal Shoes Also cheaply Available here 5 . Shoe Polish Shoe Polishing Brush Socks Black (for Formal Shoes) Socks White Floaters recommended for summer. the pillows are big in size. You may also buy here. Optional Recommended. So. But it is very windy.Things to be brought This list has been constructed according to the personal experiences of people who have come here. Tie T-shirts Jeans Shorts / Cargos / Bermudas Belts Traditional Sweater Pajamas / Night Suit Under Garments Towels Handkerchiefs Blanket (Light Weight) Single Bed Sheet Pillow Cover Double bed sheet Woolen Gloves 2-3 2 2 1 2 6-7 4 4 2 1 2 2-3 14-20 3 8-12 1 2 2-4 2 1 Get full size covers. Here they start from $20. Not much snowfall. You can buy them here for approx. and better if it works for cold as well as rain. But good ones are usually around $40 . Apparels Full Sleeve Shirts Half Sleeve Shirts Formal Trousers Blazer (Informal) / Suit (Formal) Suit Recommended. MUST. Get one that covers your ears. Also you can bring traditional footwear. they are very very expensive here. Highly recommended.

Pressure Cooker 3 Liters/5 liters. 1-2 1 1-2 1 2-3 1 2 2 1 Don't forget this Optional Cheaply available. Don’t bring.Miscellaneous Items Glasses / Contact Lenses Contact Lenses Solution Stitching Kit Alarm Clock Camera Walkman Recorded Music Cassettes/ Audio CDs/MP3 CDs Wallet (to hold Credit Cards also) Hangers 2-3 MUST. Cheaply available Cheap here. Cheaply available Toiletries Shaving Blades / Cartridges Razor Shaving Cream Shaving Brush After Shave Lotion Trimming Scissors Tooth Brush Tooth Paste Comb Hair Oil Nail Cutter Talcum Powder Shampoo Bathing Soap Washing Soap 12 Available here. but little expensive. Highly Recommended. Cooking Utensils : Be sure that all vessels are Flat-Bottomed. as you will be reluctant to spend immediately after coming here. Spare Dead Weight Valves Spare Safety Valves Spare Gaskets Frying Pan (Non-Stick) Spoons Small Size Big Spoons / Spatula Steel Plates / Dishes Steel Glasses Pakkad / Tongs Kadhai Utensils / Patelis Microwavable Bowls 1 Bigger the better 2 3-4 2-3 1 Bring good quality such as Nirlep recommended 3-4 2 2 2 1 1 Big size 3 Medium / big Size 1-2 Small/ medium size 6 . Also the vessels with copper bottom are recommended. but still have something with you. because you have electric stoves here. Optics very expensive here. Recommended. you can bring some 5-6 sachets to last for few days. cause you wont get Indian music here. the electronic items are cheap here. but recommended to bring if you use specific brand. Don’t get it. and you get many credit cards or other cards here. Cheaply available. 1 1 1 Check for yourself Recommended for fast repairs of cloths. You can buy electronic clock here starting from $5 Optional Optional.

Optional . 1 Optional/ cheaply available here.5 mm) Lead Box (0. Please Don't bring these at all. Tea Powder Instant Coffee / Nescafe Turmeric Powder / Haldi /Manjal Mustard Seeds / Mouri / Mohari / Raee Red Chilly Powder Garam Masala Dhane Powder/Dhania Powder Jeera Powder/Cumin seeds powder Jeera Asofotida / Hing Sambar Masala Chhole Masala Pav Bhaji Masala Tur Dal Elaichi / Veldoda Clove / Lavang Papad Aachar / Pickles Tamarind Powder / Cocum / Tamarind Paste Sugar / Rice / Salt Rava / Suji / Poha 1-2 Kg 500 gm 500 gm 1 kg 1 kg 1 kg 500 gm 250 gm 2 5-6 packets Recommended. Stationery School Bag Ball Point Pen Refils Bonded/Clutch Pencils Sharpner Eraser Pencil Clutch Pencil (0. Better to bring…. This is very helpful in beginning Steel Scale 6" Stapler Stapler Pins Punch Scientific Calculator Celo-tape Glue Stick / Glue Sketch Pen Note books / Papers / Files / Folders 1 1 Don't Forget these 2 Box Plz Don’t Bring. All the items except the Masalas are recommended only if u have luggage space. you may have problems at airports !!! They are cheap here.A Little Expensive here 2 1 1 1 1 1 23 If you bring. 1 Your mother's recipes highly recommended! Cooking Groceries: Remember.Tea Filter / Galane Tea Making Utensil Knife Cutting Board Cooking Book 2-3 1 .5 mm) Medicines (must bring) 7 .Don’t at all bring these. Cheaply available. 3-4 packets Recommended… fast to cook good to eat 2 Kg 100 gm 100 gm It’s a bit expensive here. so better to bring some stock from India Optional Optional May have problems at port of entry. leak proof. cause cholle available cheaply and cooked most frequently. (Folgers) 2-3 packets Optional 1 1 Kg 1 MUST . make sure that the packing is good.Do not bring. 1 Replace the batteries without fail!! 1 Optional 1 Recommended . 3 holes punch Reqd here. even more if u come from North India If you drink a lot of tea.

P. Leave a copy in each bag.. unless it is compatible with 110V. try to get some coins which you may require to call somebody after coming here 5-10 each Leave a copy in each bag. (Optional) MUST. o Whichever medicines you bring. Leave a copy in each bag. Leave a copy in each bag. o You will get stationery items like pens free here. o About the food items. MMR. 60 Hz supply. Disprin . o Better take your mother’s advice on cooking items. As far as dressing code is concerned. Leave a copy in each bag. which you can utilize for some useful thing. there is none. Leave a copy in each bag. She is the best person to decide what all you will require. cotton tends to withstand the extreme torture of machine washing and drying here quite well. etc) Iodex spray / Relispray Dettol Some Band-Aids (wash proof) Iodine 1 1 Burnol antiseptic Painkiller tabs like Combiflam. 1 Important! 20. Brufen. Sooner or later. No formal stuff. and also.They don't go waste 30 Crocin .Vicks (Vaporub & Inhaler) Balm (Amrutanjan. o Type of clothes depends on the habits of an individual.. o Don’t bring files from India. you will have to drive. Try to get cotton stuff as the climate here fluctuates as much as you can imagine. as the filing system is different here. with a three-hole punch. Leave a copy in each bag. It will help you rent cars and also practice on friends' cars before you get the US License One copy in each baggage Cash with some change. its highly casual. Leave a copy in each bag. So don’t bring many of those.D. 5-10 Leave a copy in each bag. Amoxyciillin. TB test.. This will save some space in your luggage. o Books! Better contact your departmental contact provided on the ISA website for details about this.) Receipts of travelers cheques Enough Money Leave a copy in each bag. And. 1 For fast pain reliefDrugs and Antibiotics (for common fever & cold etc) 1 10 1 Optional B-Complex tablets Vaseline and cold cream 1 Highly recommended for winter. Documents (Not limited to these) Passport / Photocopies Admission Letter I-20 & VISA photocopies Credentials Transcripts If you plan to apply to other universities later Recommendation Letters If you plan to apply to other universities later GRE / TOEFL Score Sheets Medical Fitness Certificate Vaccination Certificate Medical Prescription of all medicines College Leaving Certificate International Driving Permit (I. the things we missed. Shorts and T-Shirts to the school are the ones popular here. 8 . o Don’t buy any electronic item from India like iron / tape-recorder etc. And all the specialized medicines that you take. contact your travel agent as well as airline and ask them what all is not allowed. get the prescription of everything from doctor.

camera.) Carry on/Cabin baggage: You can carry a bag with linear dimension not exceeding 115 cms (45") onboard.just for the first few weeks) are : o Airmail covers o o o Scissors for cutting work Screw driver Medical history files Note that sharp and pointed objects like scissors/nail cutters/ knifes are to be kept in the big baggage and not in the hand/cabin baggage. alarm clocks etc…) Things to survive for a week in case luggage gets misplaced (toiletries. so keep the keys in an accessible place like your waist pouch or back pack/college bag. This avoids having to unpack and remove items at the airport if they are overweight. You can make adjustments in case they are overweight/underweight. The weight of each bag should not exceed 32kg (70 lb). two sets of clothes etc. etc. It is a good practice to check the weight of your baggage after fully packing. VISA. ISA committee contact numbers 9 . Degree Certificates. They should be as large as possible within the size limitations (however most airlines are not very strict about baggage size).Packing/Traveling Tips Start your packing well in advance. traveler's check) Address book/phone book (Indian and US contacts) Any valuables (like calculator. cassettes and any fragile items. a booklet for units conversion) Some stationery and related items suggested (not absolutely necessary .) A sweater Some medicines ( including for air-sickness).they should be able to withstand a lot of mishandling. Things to be kept in hand baggage: Original important documents (I-20. recos etc) necessary books/notebooks (some suggested books are . documents. Buy another cabin baggage (a smaller suitcase) to carry couple of spare pairs of clothing.Clark's Tables a good dictionary/thesaurus. may be different for other countries/airlines. The weight limit on this baggage is around 8-12 kg depending on the airlines. audio player. Note the specs. o o o o o o o Enough money (little cash. Things to be kept in the boxes: Copy of all certificates/documents (originals in hand baggage) Important applying materials (SOP. (As an example the Air India economy class baggage specifications to the USA are given below. buy two good suitcases/baggage .best if kept on person.)--. For most other airlines the baggage specs are similar (confirm). Moreover the total linear dimension of each piece should not be over 158 cms (62"). Box specifications: 2 pieces of baggage with total linear dimension (l+b+h) not exceeding 270cm (106"). This baggage is very frequently checked at the air port.

o Copies of your photo (passport size) o Novel/magazines/books for in-flight reading Things to be left at home: o List of addresses/phone numbers at which info about you can be obtained o o o One copy of all your important documents A copy of all relevant parts of Medical History files Arrange to collect/redirect mail from your room/hostel. traveler's checks and tickets Receipt given along with traveler's check – in case you lose the TC’s Shorter extract of contact addresses – especially of people coming to pick you up Some other things you might want to carry o o Novels(non-technical books/magazines. All original documents Some medicines for fever. o Novels for in-flight reading o o o o o Also a sweater. never ever leave them around. toothbrushes. fiction. 1 pair leather chappals. (inform the people coming to pick you up of any such change) Rest well . etc (slightly costly in the US .tell your girlfriend/boyfriend you'll be back! Things for the flight Keep in mind that it gets cold up there. Port of entry 10 . o o Things to be kept on person o o o Some cash. Bid bye to all concerned . Arrange to apply/collect/mail your transcripts (about 20 in number preferable) A few blank signed papers . Two or three changes of clothes. 2 hawai chappals. Soap (bath). headache.ready to face the long journey/jet lag. that your parents can be authorized to look after anything on your behalf. o Things to be done in the last week before the flight Call up & find if there is any delay or change of schedule of the plane. Keep these in your carry-on. coins (Get US Quarters for making phone calls after landing).1 or 2 bucks) . cough. it will get cold on the flight. Keep your passport and other documents safe with you. religious). A towel and Toiletries. allergies or vomiting.

which will reflect your details. visa. etc. This piece of document is the starting point for determining your lawful status in the US and is as important as your visa or passport. Answer to the officer in the counter politely. country of citizenship. As per the new regulations. DON'T lose your I-94 form!! 11 . you will be required to give your finger prints. which means ‘duration of status’ and staple it to your passport. It’s called the “I-94” form. you will be directed to move towards the Immigration check counters. visa status passport number. You need to be ready with you passport. filled I-94 form and your I-20. You can mail us in advance and we will provide you with our address. Just before you land in the port of entry you will be given a form to fill out in the flight. The officer will endorse the I-94 form with a designation “D/S”. One of the entries in this from is your address of stay in the US. Once you land.The port of entry is one of the major cities in which you set foot in the US.

for Mumbai dial 011 91 22 NUMBER. o Remember all the buses are free for students (you need to show the student ID for out-of campus buses). Red Raider. o If you have not taken your immunization shots.g. make sure that you take them in the Student Health Center in Thompson Hall. meet with the graduate advisor. Otherwise you can apply for SSN during the orientation conducted by ICC. If you have already taken the shots. You can deposit the DD in your name and the travelers check there. o If you are not employed by any of the departments as yet.e. o Apply for the Social Security Number (SSN): You have to go to the Social Security Administration Office. Double T. o Open a Checking and/or Savings account in the bank of your choice. Prepare a resume (format is included in this packet). Drop your resume in as many departments as possible in the campus and also in the Library. You can ride on-campus buses (i. Ask a student in your apartment how to call. Ask someone with a car to help you. submit the records in Thompson Hall. The OIA telephone number is: 806-742-3667. West 4 th Street) without showing ID. You need to go to the department secretary to know the procedures new students need to follow.What After Landing? The immediate things that are to be done after landing to ensure a smoother transition are enlisted below. o Call home on landing. then register for On-campus jobs at West Hall. feel free to ask any student or ISA committee member. o Register as a member of ISA as soon as possible. if u already has an on-campus job. If you have any questions. You must have a job offer letter by the concerned employer to apply for a social security number. o Make sure you attend the Check-in and Orientation conducted by ICC. It is advised not to skip this orientation to know about the life in US especially at TTU. Apartment’s information is enclosed in this packet. Supplemental information is also provided in detailed with this packet. First dial 011-91-(STD code of your city)-(Number). If there are some things which are not addressed. We hope you will enjoy your stay here. Take someone with you to the bank for the first time. o Go to your respective department. In most cases it happens that people end up settling in the apartments where they were accommodated initially. American State Bank & Wells Fargo are closet to campus. o Decide on housing and roommates as early as possible. Ask the departmental contacts / seniors for more information. o Go to Office of International Affairs (OIA) in International Cultural Center (ICC) and report the corresponding Counselor about your arrival at TTU. 12 . feel free to ask the seniors you come across. e.

there will be a frequent bus transport available on working days).com/Search_Directory/communities/default. A decent life style results in approximately $400 expenses per month. Usually a two-bedroom apartment is shared by four people and one-bedroom apartment can accommodate two people. ( http://lubbockapartments.Housing Following is the listing of apartments which are famous in Indian student community. All the apartments listed are in walkable distance from the school (of course. 13 .asp ). The source for all the information provided below is Lubbock Apartment Association’s website.

nurse practitioners. intervention. In addition to availing these services one needs to go for a mandatory health insurance plan. and other drug prevention. including those written by an outside physician or transferred from another pharmacy. Care is provided at Student Health Services in Thompson Hall and physicians do not make residence hall or house calls.Student Health Insurance Did you know the leading cause of personal bankruptcy is unpaid medical bills not wasteful spending or careless investing? Good physical health is a necessity to enjoy life and to be productive at school and at the job. More than 200 primary care appointments are available each day. Students are not given excuses for missed classes or exams due to a clinic visit. However. as well as mental health issues. Comprehensive information is provided in this document. Pharmacy purchases may be charged to major credit cards. and education. then you probably don't need student health insurance. due to the high cost of obtaining appropriate medical services. Student Health Services Provided by TTU http://www. confidential/ anonymous HIV The pharmacy can fill most prescriptions. TechExpress. Pharmacy services are also conveniently located in Thompson Hall and can be contacted at (806) 7432636. Student Health Services is located in Thompson Hall at Drive of Champions and Flint Avenue on the north end of the campus. But unexpected. and support staff that provide care for illnesses and injuries. an accident or illness could prevent you from continuing your studies at school or starting work at the job of your dreams. Lab tests and x-rays ordered by Student Health Services providers and performed at Student Health are also covered by the medical service fee. A student who is unsure about a medical issue or problem may call (806) 743-2860 and speak confidentially to the triage nurse. tobacco. A valid Texas Tech ID is required to access the clinic services. Students experiencing a lengthy illness that may affect their academic performance may consult their Student Health Services physician about obtaining a letter explaining the situation. Planning ahead and obtaining an affordable health insurance plan makes sense to avoid this dilemma. weekdays. Prevention services include lifestyle and weight management consultations. unplanned changes do occur in physical health that can have significant affects on your financial health. Appointment hours are 8 a. most of us do not have "deep pockets" and need the protection that a health insurance plan will provide. and prescription insurance cards. Over-the-counter medications are available at reduced prices. to 5:30 p. the triage nurse will advise on care until the student can be seen. If you can pull out a bundle of cash to pay for unexpected medical expenses. If all appointments are filled for the day. Student Health Services includes a primary health care clinic and several sub-specialty clinics. health educators. nurses. Students generally pay a medical services fee that entitles them to access clinic and pharmacy services. The nursing staff provides blood pressure and cholesterol checks.m. Students at TTU are supported by Student Health Services for primary health needs. 14 .depts. Recommendations were also made for choosing this plan. For example. Services are available by appointment by calling (806) 743-2848.html#health_services Student Health Services is a primary care clinic staffed with licensed physicians. immunizations. With this protection comes a sense of security and a feeling that you are maintaining your independence. and comprehensive alcohol. and advice about self-care.ttu.

Norway. www. and New Zealand. Australia. Non-U. and United Kingdom. The university requires that all students born after December 31.S. Iceland. Greece. Questions regarding MMR status should be directed to Student Health Services at (806) 743-2860 ext. Students should have their own insurance policies. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in a hold being placed on the student’s records. Students must meet this requirement by providing documentation of the immunization by the fifth week of the first semester of enrollment. Monaco. Student Health Services can administer this test (approximate cost is $8). The first immunization must have been received on or after the first birthday. residents from countries with a high prevalence of tuberculosis receive a Mantoux skin test for tuberculosis. Students who do not have insurance or who are not covered by a family policy may purchase student injury and sickness insurance through a plan endorsed by Texas Tech University.S. San Marino. Contact information: (806) 743-2860. Students may obtain the immunization by appointment at Student Health Services in Thompson Hall.The medical services fee does not cover after-hours care. Students can obtain this immunization through Student Health SPECIAL ALERT: Mandatory Nonimmigrant Student Health Insurance http://www. Liechtenstein. Students who are between semesters in the summer and want to continue to use Student Health Services may do so by paying a bridge fee. Hepatitis B vaccinations have been added to required childhood immunizations. Documentation may be mailed to Student Health Services. France. Non-U. Netherlands. The test will be at the student’s expense. The university also requires that non-U. Denmark. Switzerland. Jamaica. Student Health Services is not a substitute for major medical insurance. European Region: Belgium.depts. The two immunizations must have been received at least 30 days apart. Required students should provide documentation of the test and results or receive the test at Student Health Services by the fifth week of the first semester of enrollment. Saint Lucia. This requirement is in accordance with recommendations from the American College Health Association and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). health care provider.S.iaff. Saint Kitts and Nevis. 276. hospitalization. Malta. Many young adults missed receiving this vaccination. In recent years. Luxembourg. Ireland. Hepatitis B is a chronic infection of the liver transmitted through sex and/or contact with blood and/or body fluids. The tuberculosis screen test must be administered either by Student Health Services or a U. provide proof of two MMR immunizations in their lifetime. and Virgin Islands. Italy. Please contact Student Health Services at (806) 743-2860 for more information and eligibility. Include your social security number or ID number on all 15 . and referrals to providers outside of Student Health Services. residents from any country not listed above are required to have a Mantoux skin test. Lubbock TX 79430 or faxed to (806) 743-2122. Medical Records. hospital emergency room visits.ttu.asp To promote non-immigrant student compliance with United States financial responsibility requirements. residents from the following countries are exempt from this requirement: American Region: Canada. Germany. 3601 4th Street. 1956. Western Pacific Region: American Samoa. Texas Tech University (TTU) requires that all Nonimmigrant Texas Tech students have health insurance coverage as a condition of enrollment.S.ttu. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in a hold being placed on the student’s records. Contact Student Health Services at (806) 743-2860 for enrollment information. Finland. Sweden. Students who are thus covered should carry an insurance card in case they need medical care not covered by the medical services fee.

The insurance premium will be waived for nonimmigrant students sponsored by the United States Government. 2. a foreign government recognized by the United States of America. including evacuation and repatriation. The premium for the Student Insurance Plan will be included with tuition and fees for all nonimmigrant Texas Tech students. 16 . Nonimmigrant students employed by TTU and eligible for both employer-provided insurance and international student health insurance may select between the two. 3. You can take this insurance once you landed in US. The insurance premium will be waived for students who provide documented evidence of health insurance coverage. Such documentation must be presented to the TTU Office of International Affairs prior to registration. Documentation must be presented to the TTU Office of International Affairs prior to registration. government sponsored or non-governmental organizations. or certain international. by an employer. Such waivers will be based on the government or organization guaranteeing payment of all health care expenses including evacuation and repatriation.1. We personally suggest to opt for an Insurance coverage provided by any US based company rather than obtaining it from India for the ease of processing claims and reliability. as long as the insurance selected includes evacuation and repatriation coverage. For information contact Student Health Services. Student Health Insurance with TTUHSC: Optional student health insurance is available for all students registered at Texas Tech University. (806) 743-2830. Thompson Hall.

tuition (generally RA/TA/GA will come with instate) and partying. A typical assistantship offers a monthly salary of $400 to $1500.ttu. Resident o Residence Units o Cafeterias o Center Stores 3. Student IT Positions) 10. Halls (Graduate Hall Coordinator. You can find the job postings from the following sources.ttu. TTU Personnel Employment Office http://www. The Division of Student Affairs http://www. Night Operator.ttu.. TTU Department Computer Labs (Monitor. web design) 11.asp 7. Workshops.ttu.housing. Carpenter/Wells Programming Assistant) and Writing Resource Collection (CSWRC) (Employment in Lubbock. TTUHSC (Maintaining web pages.asp 6.asp 8. Assistant Area Coordinator. TTU Libraries Career. Texas and other states. Student Assistant. 1.ttu. and Co-op 4..fina. There are many oncampus jobs for students which pays enough to support you for living expenses. Jobs on ISA Website 17 .depts. The Office of Student Financial Aid http://www. 12. Main Library and school libraries http://library. Other Resources: Your Department.Finding on-campus job If you don’t have funding or any kind of financial support assured in 2. seniors. Summer Internships.ttu. TIEHH (GA/TA Positions) http://www. Recreational Sports http://www. don’t worry. National and International) http://library.

This will not appear on your credit report. accounts in collection. This information is obtained from one or more national credit bureaus. As the purpose of obtaining the card is to establish credit. length of credit history. People and businesses will use this record of how well you kept your previous payment agreements to judge whether they can risk making a similar agreement with you. pursuit of new credit. o Before applying. Why is credit history important? Having a good credit history will be a central part of making a successful personal and financial future for yourself in US. insurers. current level of indebtedness. telephone and cable TV bills on time. A creditworthy person is one who has a positive credit history and meets other requirements as determined by the lending institution. To avoid being denied credit. gas. If you have trouble qualifying for a credit card. It is a good idea to check your credit report frequently. The three primary credit bureaus are Equifax. there is a small charge for this service. This is the first step in establishing a financial history. What goes into credit history? Many factors are considered and put into a mathematical formula. often they are easier to obtain than 18 . you want to choose a card that will help you do that. even possible employers often make decisions about your future based on your credit history. Use caution when requesting a copy of your credit report. Your credit report may include information about your previous credit performance. Experian and TransUnion. by mail or on the web. defaults. Cell phone companies. but bank account numbers are often requested on credit applications. Department store or gas credit cards are usually easier to obtain than a bank-issued card with a Visa or MasterCard logo because the balances do not generally revolve. Open a bank account and use it responsibly. charge-offs. types of credit in use. judgments. Never give personal information to someone unless you initiated the contact. make sure the creditor reports account activity to the credit bureaus. Except under certain circumstances. lenders. o Apply for a credit card. landlords. These cards have credit limits based on a required deposit made by you into a savings account.Establishing Credit History in US What is credit history? Your credit history is the record of how you have paid borrowed and repaid debts. Your credit history can help open doors to you or keep them locked. apply only for those cards whose requirements you are likely to meet. If you want to get a Visa or MasterCard. ask at the bank or credit union at which you have your account. o A secured card is an option. on the telephone. and other applicable information. you may opt to apply for a secured card. o Put the utilities in your name and pay the electric. o DEPARTMENT AND GASOLINE CREDIT CARDS: Since gasoline credit cards are not revolving (cannot carry a balance forward month-to-month). These may include: o If you pay your bills and loans on time o How much money you owe o How long your accounts have been open o What types of credit you use o How often and how recently you have applied for credit o Collection notice and judgments (records of non-payments / disputed payments) Establishing Credit History: o Open a bank account. bankruptcies. lien. You use the card just as you would any other credit card.

pay it off in full. Avoid opening joint accounts with a friend or significant other. do not deserve a bad credit incident through no fault of their own. payoff the debt in full when the first bill arrives but not before. you simply make payments on or before the due date.Ask yourself the following questions before purchasing with credit: Is this something I really need.regular credit cards. some department stores offer revolving credit for a specific purchase and this is sometimes easier to establish. Having an "available balance" means there is credit available in the event of an emergency and you can avoid incurring "Over Limit" charges. Credit history is now established.It sounds so simple.Keep your "available balance" in mind. Dispute this information. you are not only well on your way to establishing credit. Similarly. Immediately inform your credit card company of an address change. Once the co-signing has occurred. Limit the Number of Credit Cards . Completion of the full billing cycle is important for a "pays on time" report card to be established. 19 . The next step is to ask the co-signer to repeat his generosity (if necessary). Remember. Pay What You Owe . incomplete or outdated information. Report your card as lost or stolen as soon as you notice it's missing. But be aware that any default of credit on your part affects the credit of the co-signer. This will not only make your creditor happy but your cosigner as well. Always think ahead. Mail payments a week before they are due so they arrive on time. Be proactive. Use credit wisely . not reactive. Review your credit reports periodically and check for inaccurate. Plan for different obligations now and after graduation. you are responsible for additional people on your telephone bill. If you can't pay your bills on time. In time you will have established a credit history. Keep repeating until you no longer need the co-signor. If you want to accelerate the issue. if you notice an error on a billing statement. Develop a steady work record. It is also a great way to establish credit. Establish a routine for paying your bills and keep to it. in writing. Creditors will often work with you to come up with an alternate payment arrangement. Be organized by filing your statements in a separate folder. Be aware that excessive credit inquiries over a short span of time may be interpreted as an indicator that you need more credit due to experiencing financial problems. about your finances. but life is hectic and things do slip our minds. People who care enough about you to co-sign. It is the difference between your credit limit and your balance due. Then: create a debt. in writing. Review your statements carefully and immediately inform your credit card company. wait until the first bill comes. Before applying for a new credit card or loan examine your spending and work out a realistic budget. Tips for Keeping Good Credit o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Make Payments on Time .Of course it is best to pay the entire amount due each month. Do Not Overextend Yourself . Keep a list of your credit card account numbers and phone numbers in a safe place in case a card is lost or stolen. but at least pay more than the "Total Minimum Due. with the credit bureaus. Maintain a savings and checking account Establish your telephone bill under your name. If you are fortunate enough to know of such a person." Never skip a payment. Be honest. contact the creditor and explain the situation. and do I need it now? Do I have the ability to repay? How long will it take me to repay? How much will it ultimately cost me? Be aware of the terms and costs when shopping for a student credit card.Limit the number of credit cards you acquire to help limit your debt exposure and simplify your record keeping. but you are very fortunate indeed. This will allow you to pay your bills and still live comfortably. Those late fees can add up. Set your own credit limit and start to establish a savings fund for emergencies. o CO-SIGN: One way is to piggy-back onto someone who already has a good credit history established and is willing to co-sign.

This long history of paying your bills on time will also help you build a credit history and improve your credit score. If you do.o o Protect your account numbers. Do not let others use your cards and don't use your cards to pay for other people's purchases! Try not to graduate with credit card debt. and social security number. utilities. make sure you will be able to afford that debt in addition to other new expenses (i. etc. personal identification numbers (PIN's). student loan payments.e. rent.). 20 . o Be sure to pay your student loans as agreed.

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