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You need to deliver compliance training to your staff, you need to demonstrate that your staff were trained

and also understood the content of the training. However the impact on the business in terms of the cost & time can be prohibitive.

Skillsboost e-learning & learner Management systems provide a cost & time effective solution The traditional issues associated with classroom training such as the cost & time away from the job can be reduce by up to 70%. The training is more effective because it is focused on the individual. Training can be completed for a given topic up to 50% faster. Learning is validated using online assessment & training is available 24/7. Our Learner Management System allows clients to manage, communicate & report on all training activities in the organisation including both classroom & e learning.

Skillsboost is a business division of Optimum Results a specialist training & consultancy business founded in 1995, which has provided unrivalled service to clients.

Skillsboost has provided elearning to clients since 2007 with an exceptional record of reducing the cost of validated training for clients in all sectors including service, retail, financial services, food & healthcare.

We can provide: High quality self paced elearning at different levels to suit client requirements and budget. Hosted web or server resident Skillsboost learner management system to manage, track, report & store data on all training activities. Stand alone assessment to validate training & learning

All can be provided for a fixed fee or a cost per use.

A large Financial Services Firm with over 400 employees in Ireland with three main pieces of compliance training that had to be carried out annually by all staff. Previously they ran one day classroom sessions with cohorts of 12-15 covering all three, Anti Money laundering, Data Protection & SFS which took a full day. In the last year they also had to do multiple choice assessments total 8 hrs training per individual. Skillsboost developed three E learning Modules all assessed at 45 mins / 45mins / 30mins all including assessments. This was taken whenever it suited the trainee within a certain window at three different sittings. The cost of delivering this training was reduced by 71% (98,780) in year one alone, the payback period for the E learning & Learner Management System was 3.4 months. The resulting productivity benefits also resulted in an additional 2,308 hours being available in year one to provide services to clients.

A Medium Sized Specialist Engineering Firm with over 250 employees with Health & Safety & General Induction Training for Contract Staff. Previously they ran a half day classroom sessions with cohorts of 6-10 covering all aspects of H&S and general induction in organization, the H&S manager traveled between sites to carry out induction training. Skillsboost developed a specialist Induction Module with a stripped out Learner Management System, incorporating check box for certain documents & e learning for main core health & Safety. This module had to be completed by contract staff prior to commencing work on the companies two factories. In the first six months 58 contract staff were used all of whom completed the online training. The company anticipates circa 85 contract staff over the 12 month period completing the E learning Induction Module. The overall duration of the induction module including E learning & assessment is circa 40mins. The cost of delivering this induction training was reduced by 59% in year one (6,740) with a payback period of 8.3 months. Based on first six months the time savings will be 280 hours in year one.

A large primary Food processing company with multiple sites in several countries and 2,900 employees. Some parts of Food safety compliance training must be completed annually others bi-annually. Previously the company ran training for small groups of 3 -7 for 2nr - Day to mimimise the impact on shifts & rosters, and had trainers on all sites. Skillsboost developed 4nr self paced e-learning modules totaling 3hrs. These could be taken individually and all had assessments to validate learning. A customed designed Learner Management System was designed to manage all aspects of communication, management & reporting. This project is currently being fully rolled out and figures are based on pilot. Based on the pilot the savings in year one will be circa 54% ( 220,000) with time savings in excess of 15,000 hours per annum, the cost of the implementation of e learning and LMS paid for itself within the duration of the pilot programme. A notable feature of this e learning was the incorporation of three different languages. The Business Centre Blackthorn Business Park Coes Road Dundalk Co. Louth Ireland 042 93 33033 is a business division of Optimum Results Ltd