Entries Open for 2012 Dynamic Community Learning Awards | Pedagogy | Communication

Entries  open  for  Dynamic  Community  Learning  Awards       -­‐  a  chance  to  recognise  and  celebrate  amazing  initiatives  

The  Dynamic  Community  Learning  Awards  recognise  and  celebrate  education  initiatives  that  help   strengthen  communities.  They  recognise  excellence,  innovation,  groups  working  to  develop    the   community’s  potential  through  learning    -­‐    ‘giving  things  a  go’  and  the  excitement  that  comes  from   Adult  and  Community  Education.       There  are  two  Awards.    They  carry  cash  prizes  of  $200.     Entries  are  invited  from  groups  who  are  learning  together  and  meet  the  Award  criteria.    

Download  the  entry  form.   For  further  information  about  this  award  please  contact     Tania  Austin  e-­‐mail:  mailto:awards@delta.net.nz    Tel  021  46489  

The  Awards  will  recognise  activities  that:   • Create  a  specific  community  learning  benefit  (i.e.  for  more  than  individual  learners)   • Foster  community-­‐based  learning  activities  that  lead  to  new  group  development  or  transfer   benefits  to  existing  organisations   • Draw  on  and  ‘grow’  community,  culturally-­‐based  knowledge     • Help  to  promote  active  citizenship   • Strengthen  the  whanau/family   • Strengthen  the  neighbourhood  or  community   • Spring  from  partnerships  between  ACE  providers  and  community  organisations.       If  you  are  part  of,  or  know  of,  an  organisation  which  is  making  a  difference  to  its  community  in  this   way,  why  not  recommend  it  for  this  award.    You’ll  be  helping  to  showcase  fantastic  community  learning   The  winners  will  be  announced  as  part  of  the  celebrations  for     Adult  Learners’  Week  –  He  Tangata  Matauranga:  3  September  –  7  September  2012.     For  more  information  see:    www.aceaotearoa.org.nz/     Previous  winners  have  included  :       Circus  Kumarani  (Dargaville)  for  their  circus  skills  classes  that  help  build  confidence  and  break  down   barriers  to  learning  for  disabled  people.   Flax  Roots  Whanau    (Rawene  in  the  Hokianga)    for  the  training  they  provide  in  low  budget   documentary  film  making  which  has  led  to  employment  opportunities  and  the  creation  of  the  annual   Short  Film  Festival  in  Rawene.     Innermost  Gardens  Inc.  (Wellington)  for  ‘Growing  Community  through   hands  in  the  Soil’.     Ropu   Harakeke   (Pomare   and   Taita,   Hutt   Valley)   for   weaving   sessions   that   emphasise   an   inter-­‐generational   approach,   involve   a   wide   age   range   of   residents,   from   tamariki   to   community   kuia.   The   group   works   with  special  harakeke  planted  in  1967     Plains  FM  96.9  Community  Radio  (Christchurch)  for  working  with  specific  communities  and  the  general   public  to  inform,  entertain  and  to  build  social  cohesion.     Te   Puna   o   Wiri   Community   Learning   Centre   (South   Auckland)   community   based   literacy,   technical,   creative   skills   and   cultural   continuity   –   and   enabling   parents   to   learn   how   to   support   their   children’s   learning  at  school.    

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