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eBay International AG is the exclusive owner of all rights in the title to.’. without prior permission in writing from the publisher. recording or by any information storage and retrieval system.librariesaustralia. interests and good will in the eBay identification and use of the above in this book is by permission. The contents of this book contain the views of the author only and do not necessarily reflect the views of eBay. whichever is the greater. to be photocopied by any educational institution for its educational purposes provided that the educational institution (or body that administers it) has given a remuneration notice to Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) under the Act. .allenandunwin.nla. eBay takes no responsibility for its content and readers are advised that using the content of this book does not necessarily mean that the reader will have success buying and selling on eBay. including photocopying. an imprint of Allen & Unwin 83 Alexander Street Crows Nest NSW 2065 Australia Phone: (61 2) 8425 0100 Fax: (61 2) 9906 2218 Email: Web: www.Todd Alexander is an employee of eBay but wrote this book independently of his employment. The Australian Copyright Act 1968 (the Act) allows a maximum of one chapter or 10 per cent of this book. Arena Books. Sydney Printed in Australia by McPherson’s Printing Group 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 . First published in 2010 Copyright © Todd Alexander 2010 All rights Cataloguing-in-Publication details are available from the National Library of Australia www. While recognising this book as ‘The Official Guide . No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any . electronic or ISBN 978 1 74237 036 1 Set in 11/13 pt ITC Berkeley Oldstyle Std by Bookhouse.

Contents Introduction Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Safe trading tips for eBay sellers Becoming an eBay seller Sourcing products to sell Preparing and creating listings Save time with Turbo Lister Providing outstanding customer service Managing your inventory with Selling Manager Pro Branding and marketing Optimising your success 69 90 120 vii 1 7 12 23 32 58 Chapter 10 Tax. legal and eBay policy considerations 129 Summary Appendix: eBay fees 137 140 .

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Your items do not have to be offered for sale in every market. a DVD is sold every 18 seconds. Here are some statistics that will help you to decide whether selling on eBay could provide you with additional income—whether that is personal. but you can add them selectively for no additional Compared to international markets. or supplementary to your business: • eBay has a global presence in 39 markets. with few of the major retail stores offering a comprehensive online offering. Over the years.Introduction No doubt the majority of Australians have heard of eBay as a place to buy a wide selection of items.4 million active members in December 2008 (Nielsen//NetRatings Netview).35 million unique visitors went to eBay. 5. eBay has become the primary destination for the majority of online shoppers. a baby item is sold every 24 seconds. Australia has been slow to adopt e-commerce. • On an average day for eBay Australia. In Australia alone. a toy is sold every vii . usually at great prices. • eBay has approximately 88.

The simple fact about eBay is that it grants you and your business instant access to one of the busiest shopping platforms on the planet. Selling on . At any given time.viii How to Make Money on eBay 18 seconds. hundreds of thousands of people clean out their garages and cupboards and sell things they no longer need. who is selling them. Buyers love eBay because they can shop from the comfort and safety of their own home at a time that is convenient to them. This is the kind of information most businesses would pay a lot of money for to find out about their competitors or potential markets for their products. The other thing eBay offers is transparency. of course. how much they sell for. But the figures alone only tell part of the story. seven days a week (regardless of whether you intend to work those hours or not). • eBay users worldwide trade US$2000 worth of goods every second. Your items can be available for sale 24 hours a day. you can see what items are for sale. Some trawl through garage sales and markets looking for those rare or unique items that might fetch a great price on eBay. and they don’t have to fight over parking spaces or with trolleys that lead them in the opposite direction. and how frequently they sell. making a little bit of profit along the way. but smart businesses work to streamline their business models so they can continually stay one step ahead of the competition. And so it is that very year. This does mean your own sales are open to inspection. and a piece of women’s clothing sells every 6 seconds.

the reality of the situation is that making money on eBay requires a serious business approach. In Australia. as well as a thorough examination of the options available to you. making a lot of profit doesn’t tend to happen easily—otherwise everyone would be selling on eBay and we’d all be millionaires. Some even suggest that you can do this working as little as one hour a day. the most successful eBay sellers (and some of them do sell more than $1 million worth of items each year) are those with large warehouses. While not everyone will need to start that big. e-guides and the like that promise to teach you how to make millions of dollars on eBay in your first year . expand their online presence. but they require careful planning and a thorough knowledge of eBay’s systems and processes. While these things might conceivably be possible. Before you get into this book. courses. and a lot of trial and error. knowing eBay’s advanced selling techniques at the outset will help ensure you get the finer details right from the very beginning.Introduction ix eBay is open to just about everyone—but how do some people turn it into a money-making venture? There are countless books. all from the comfort of your own home. multiple staff members and various supply channels of stock. Successful eBay businesses have displayed fantastic growth rates. This book is an advanced selling guide for people and businesses who want to use eBay to either establish an online channel to complement an existing business. it is advisable to read How to Use eBay/How . . . Like anything. or for those wanting to start a business from scratch using eBay as their primary channel. a lot of it from overseas.

and after reading the book you should choose those that are most suitable to your skills. in the simplest way possible. They are provided here as options.700 Australians make their full. and beyond. Each month. More importantly. 52. 2008)—it covers all of the basics of buying and selling on eBay Australia and using PayPal.or part-time living on eBay. which are a must for anyone buying or selling online. Each chapter of this book is designed. and for more than 17. profit is also about minimising your other business costs. Not every tool covered in these chapters will be necessary for your eBay sales. it’s also about ensuring you have a great reputation and lots of repeat customers. more than 5 million people visit eBay Australia (Nielsen//NetRatings Netview).x How to Make Money on eBay to Use PayPal by Todd Alexander (Hachette Livre Australia. . and there isn’t a single business in the country that would turn down traffic like that! According to June 2006 AC Nielsen research. the online payment mechanism widely used on eBay. one of the most ‘expensive’ is the time it can take to sell hundreds or thousands of items. Making a profit is not only about securing the right products at the right price and being able to sell them successfully. Establishing the right business systems upfront is the only way to help optimise your performance on eBay.500 it is their primary or only source of income. and are using. There are also chapters on online safety. and how much time and resources you have to invest in selling on eBay. your products. and when it comes to selling on eBay. to help ensure you are aware of. the multitude of selling tools available to streamline an eBay business.

Before we begin. nothing is guaranteed.Introduction xi Why not add your name to the list? Like any way of making profit. but arming yourself with the right knowledge is key. . 4 Continually look for ways to improve your business model. and you’ll be well on your way to realising maximum profit. 3 Market your products better than any of your competitors. Observe these. 2 Provide the kind of service that separates you from your competitors. there are four basic rules to making money on eBay. 1 Source the right products for the right price.

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Chapter 1

Safe trading tips for eBay sellers
Much has been written about the dangers of trading online. In actual fact, selling on eBay or your own website generates no greater security threat than starting your own retail or wholesale business. When selling online, remaining safe can be achieved by using simple commonsense.

As your eBay sales grow, you may need more than one person to access your eBay and PayPal accounts. Remember that anyone with your eBay password has the ability to alter business-critical functions, and even has the ability to purchase items on the site. Keep a record of all employees/colleagues who know your eBay password, but never put the password in writing or circulate it via email. The password should be a combination of letters and numerals, and a mixture of upper and lower case. For added security, consider changing your passwords on the first of


How to Make Money on eBay

every month. This means that only those employees who need to gain access to eBay on a daily basis will know it, and past employees, or those who have changed roles, will not be able to maintain access. In order to sell on eBay, all sellers must offer PayPal (the eBay-owned online-payment mechanism). Your PayPal password should be guarded more carefully. Only those who are empowered to make financial decisions for your company should be granted access to your PayPal account as, once logged in, they can transfer funds or pay for items bought online, and they may also be able to gain access to your bank account and credit card information.

Financial accounts
In order to limit the threat of loss, it is advisable to open a bank account and a PayPal account and have a credit card all of which are only used for business purposes. Limit the amount of funds available in each so that if their security should be breached, your loss is limited to a low amount. Some banks now offer mobile phone password protection when transferring money to new accounts, while your credit card’s TCV number (located on the back of the card) means a person must have the card in their possession in order to use it. Stay on top of your financial records. Always double-check your financial statements and query any unfamiliar amounts with your bank immediately. For PayPal, you can limit the type of access your employees can gain if you open a business account. In doing so, different passwords allow

Safe trading tips for eBay sellers


different employees access to the areas of the site you specify. Again, if you see any activity on your PayPal account that looks questionable, contact PayPal immediately.

Spoof mail
Spoof is an unfortunate reality of the online world. Spoof emails are created by criminals to try to trap you into entering sensitive or financial information online. Once gained, your information can then be used for fraudulent transactions. Recent developments have made it easier for law-enforcement professionals to track down online fraudsters, but the best way to avoid being the victim of online fraud is to use protection. • Make sure all the computers you use for your eBay sales are enabled with security software. • Never enter your personal or financial information into a website with which you are unfamiliar. • If an offer or reward sounds too good to be true, it probably is. • If you receive an email purporting to be from eBay, PayPal or your financial institution, and it asks you to enter your password via email, report it as spoof (forward it to spoof@ebay.,, or check your bank’s spoof mail forwarding address). • When making an online payment, make sure the site uses a verified security gateway. • To avoid receiving spoof altogether, create an email address that is difficult to guess. For

Note that where a seller cannot provide the necessary documentation. as stipulated on the PayPal transaction page (approved postal services include those that can provide proof of a seller must: • sell an item on eBay and accept payment into their Australian PayPal account (the item must be a tangible good. and the buyer is able to prove their item was not received or was different to as . or when a buyer claim is made through PayPal’s online dispute process for items not received or significantly different to what was described by the seller. for example). Online fraudsters have sophisticated software to help them guess your contact information. • send the item via an approved postal service to the buyer’s address. don’t make your email address abc123@hotmail. leaving you open to unsolicited email that can be a nuisance or a threat to running your business. Seller protection is provided at no extra charge. an official acceptance by the shipper and documentation showing the recipient’s address). not digital or a service. if your eBay user ID is ‘abc123’.4 How to Make Money on eBay example. PayPal seller protection on eBay PayPal offers sellers on eBay protection on qualifying transactions in the event that the sale should be the subject of a credit card chargeback. In order to make a or your contact email

✔ T i p : Check with your supplier in instances where a product is broken or faulty. A sensible percentage to plan for is around 5–10 per cent. you should revisit your profit margins to decide whether there is an adequate market for your ua-outside#spp-policy. items . Other losses than can commonly occur in business are unpaid items that may have inadvertently been sent to the buyer before payment was received. This is the same as usually occurs for retail stores. depending on the type and quantity of products you plan to sell. or from you to your customer).paypal. For stock. Shrinkage occurs when a product is damaged or lost in transit (from the supplier to you. this is commonly known as ‘shrinkage’.Safe trading tips for eBay sellers 5 described. the seller will have to finance the cost of providing the buyer with the refund. from theft or from an accounting error (incorrect quantities received or sent). The full list of eligibility criteria for PayPal’s seller protection on eBay can be found at: https:// www. Sensible business plans will calculate an anticipated percentage of loss and include this in their budget and performance targets. Budgeting for loss Operating any business successfully means preparing for some losses. as they may also provide you with a refund that you can pass on to your buyer. If your business cannot sustain ‘writing off’ that level of shrinkage.

not budgeting for it at all will mean your projected profit margins are unlikely to be reached. where a payment is reversed by the buyer via their financial provider. While some banks and insurance agencies (and PayPal—see above) provide coverage and support for shrinkage. See Chapter 10 for more information regarding insurance for your business. in some circumstances. . or.6 How to Make Money on eBay that were paid for with a stolen credit card or via an account takeover (when a criminal gains access to a bank or financial account).

7 . This may not seem an important or obvious step but. and accept the terms and conditions at the bottom of the page. • Next. In the future. increasingly. register as a business on eBay. eBay is looking for ways to identify which of its sellers consider themselves businesses. businesses may be subject to special promotional offers and specific marketing support from eBay. To register as a business: • Click the ‘Register’ text link at the very bottom of any eBay page. click the link at the top of the registration page that says: ‘Want to open an account for your company?’ • Fill in the relevant information for your business. Click ‘Continue’.Chapter 2 Becoming an eBay seller Business registration If you have not done so already.

here are the steps involved: • Click the ‘My eBay’ link at the top of any eBay page. • Sign in again to confirm your identity. and online in general. • Next. it is advisable to offer a choice of payment options to your buyers. PayPal tips for businesses PayPal is the eBay-owned online payment system widely used by buyers on eBay. Click ‘Continue’. Your user ID is how people will come to remember you. under the ‘My account’ heading. click on ‘personal information’. so choose carefully. • Now check your email and follow the steps to confirm your business registration. and some eBay sites include a minimum requirement that you must accept PayPal. . type in your business name and select your business type.8 How to Make Money on eBay • Choose your User ID. Remember to choose an ID that reflects your business name and/or the products you sell. • On the left-hand navigation of My eBay. • On the next page. click on the ‘Edit’ link on the right-hand side. As covered in Chapter 6. • Create a password. or process credit card payments through PayPal. on the ‘Account type’ line. • Sign in to the site (if not already signed in). If you are already registered on eBay and you would like to change your account to become a business account. • Click the ‘Change to business account’ button.

PayPal charges a low fee per local transaction (currently 30 cents) and a percentage fee of the total payment (including postage). The percentage you pay depends on your PayPal account and the total amount of payments you have received into your PayPal account in the previous month. and • ability to brand your PayPal account with your business name. • multi-user access (see page 2).Becoming an eBay seller 9 Before you sign up to PayPal. • ability to accept mass payments (from multiple buyers at once). and you will automatically receive discounted rates as long as you meet the minimum criteria of payments received and have your account in good standing. It might sound obvious. There are three account types to choose from when signing up to PayPal: 1 personal. • ability to accept subscriptions and recurring payments. or 3 business. you should be aware of some of the key features that PayPal offers businesses. you need to apply to have merchant rates assigned to your account—it is a one-time application. These are the fees applied to your total monthly payments: . 2 premier. but businesses should sign up for a business account because it comes with the following advantages: • unlimited credit and debit card payment acceptance. Additionally.

to match that proposition.5 per cent • Above $150. and the sheer buyer numbers.000.paypallabs. The rate is 5 per cent plus 5 cents per transaction.01 to $15.0 per cent • $15.000 = 1. The even better part is that you do not need to pay additional fees to have your item seen by buyers in any part of the world.4 per cent • $5000.1 per cent To apply for merchant rates you will only be able to see the application form within your account once you have achieved more than $5000 in payments.000 = 2.01 to $ there are a few things you should consider: • If you speak another language. Selling internationally One of the most powerful advantages that eBay brings to sellers is the opportunity to list your item for sale globally.10 How to Make Money on eBay • Under $5000 = 2. mention this in your listings or even have parts of your listings in the foreign language. go to: https://micropayments. regardless of their value. To find out more information and to apply. . PayPal also offers a special rate for accounts that sell a large volume of low-value items. You need to apply for micropayments and be aware that the rate will apply to all of the items you accept payment for.000 = 1. Before you decide whether to list your item for international sale. Few other marketplaces have the power.

if you go directly to the relevant site (a full list is available on the eBay. austrade. • Make sure you are fully aware of the importing laws and regulations in each market—do your research thoroughly as otherwise you may be inadvertently breaking the Find out if you qualify for assistance by visiting: http://www. If you list on and make your item available to another country. • Research what tariffs may be payable on receipt of the goods. each one specialising in the sale of products to a particular eBay market. • The Australian Trade Commission is an Australian Government body that assists small businesses with exporting.Becoming an eBay seller 11 • Think carefully about the currency you wish to list your item in. your product will generally appear in Australian dollars. . • Refer to the Australian Government website to ensure you have all the relevant homepage).gov. Make sure your buyers are also aware of these charges and who will need to pay for these. at: • Some sellers establish multiple user IDs. com. your item will appear in the local currency of the site you have chosen.

By success. in actual fact your business may not be sustainable in the long term.000 a week sounds like a lot. Selling products with a proven market. but by the time you subtract all your overheads . . You could specialise in selling a small quantity of high-priced items. 12 . the inference here is size of turnover and amount of profit. and if your profit margin is 10 per cent on each item you can see that you’re well on the way. Selling five to ten each week at $2000 per item makes you a pretty sizable business. But you can also sell 1000 CDs each week for $10 each. .Chapter 3 Sourcing products to sell Here is the plain and simple truth—every tip and instruction in this book will not make you a success without you sourcing the right product to sell on eBay. and the right amount of supply are among the key ingredients to ensuring your eBay success. Take refrigerators. each with a good margin. A turnover of $10. for example. at the right price.

letters and travel to your actual and potential suppliers. thank-you notes.Sourcing products to sell 13 ✔ T i p : When weighing up your business’s potential for success. • the hourly rate you pay anyone to help you (you may have friends or family who help out for . • cost of having the item delivered to you by the supplier. • PayPal fees. • phone calls.). you should get professional advice from an accountant or financial adviser. and the cost of maintaining your car to do so. etc.. and the lights over your head. • eBay fees. Here are some of the business costs you need to consider. • electricity costs of running a computer and printer. software. • postage and packaging costs not paid for by your buyers. • cost of the petrol it takes to deliver your products to the post office. etc. filing cabinets. unless it’s free. letterbox drops. • other marketing costs (such as Google ads. and any other equipment you use to make your business professional—the telephone. print advertising. • cost of printing flyers. etc.. and the cost of the paper they’re printed on. • cost of your computer and printer. invoices. Net profit is the amount remaining after all your expenses have been subtracted. • bank and credit card fees. all of which eat away your gross profit to deliver your net profit: • cost of purchasing each item. fax.

Here. but the best place to start your research for finding the right products to sell on eBay is by conducting a completed-items search on the site. legal and other professional fees. and this isn’t by any stretch of the imagination an exhaustive list of overheads. This means that every move you make can be scrutinised. you will see a list of recently . They can even see the ones you’re not selling. .14 How to Make Money on eBay free. which means everyone can always see what products you are selling and at what price. and • accounting. This is why an online business needs to continually evolve and always be on the lookout for new directions. . eBay is a transparent marketplace. Being online. and copied. All of a sudden your $10. and for the 65 hours it takes you to sell and send up to 150 CDs every day.000 turnover a week for selling CDs turns into $200 net profit. by new and existing competitors. but the bigger your business gets the less you can rely on free labour). • cost of items that are lost. stolen or damaged (although some may be covered by insurance— see Chapter 10).08 per hour! Don’t forget to pay your taxes. Completed-items search It may sound obvious. • cost of storage/warehousing (this includes space in your house—if you can’t use it to do anything other than run your business. . it becomes an additional cost). you’re paying yourself the grand amount of $3.

. check the ‘Completed listings’ box and then click the blue ‘Search’ box. They will help you find whether there is a possible inventory gap that your items could fill. To conduct a completed-items search. and multiple-quantity items that did not sell out completely will be in black. not to mention answering questions from your customers. how many sell? (Be sure to include all the items within a multiplequantity listing. type in your product keywords or choose a category from the drop-down list. the description. you’ll also get to see how many iems were listed. You can browse an entire category’s past sales to try to find clues that will help identify inventory gaps on eBay. .Sourcing products to sell 15 sold and unsold items. the postage costs .) If you source that product. If you’re completely new to this. start with a product that you’re a passionate user of—it will make your job of marketing easier. their price. • What is the cheapest sale price? Do you have enough gross margin to compete on price? • Of all the products listed. they certainly do exist. everything you need to gauge why an item was or was not successful. Here are some questions to ask when browsing through completed items. More importantly. the seller. You should at least start with a rough idea of what type of product you would like to sell. click ‘Advanced search’ at the top of any eBay page. unsold items in red. If you look hard enough. how quickly do you need to sell it? How often does a product sell on eBay? (This is known . Items that sold will show the amount in green.

and perhaps even check an international eBay site or conduct a search on Google to see if someone has already cornered the market in that item. as all successful business minds should be. and of these. Search for similar items. always carry your eBay business card with you.16 How to Make Money on eBay as sales velocity—you don’t want hundreds or thousands of products sitting there not selling. Take every . because the longer they don’t sell the less cash from sales you will have to purchase more products. I am still amazed by the number who say ‘I’ve always wanted to sell on eBay’.) • Who is the seller? Are they located in Australia or overseas? Is their feedback better than yours? • What is the item title and description like? Could you do a better job marketing the item to prospective buyers? Good enough to have them buy the item from you and nobody else? • How much postage does a successful seller charge. try alternative keywords and spellings. the high proportion that are business people who want to use eBay as an additional channel to their existing sales. and can you compete? Where you cannot find any history of the item you want to sell. If you are continually looking for new product opportunities. Networking to find products to sell When I tell people I work at eBay. this does not necessarily mean you’re going to make a fortune by flooding the site with thousands of products.

Meeting possible leads is only part of the equation. highlights some of your previous successes and outlines the opportunity for sales on eBay. If your eBay business looks as though it is run out of a backyard garage. make a target list of manufacturers and wholesalers you want to approach to provide you with products. it’s unlikely you’ll get a multimillion-dollar company to sell directly to you. A lot of companies you contact out of the blue will not even return your calls—you need to be intelligent about who you approach within the business. You should have on standby a presentation ready to email or print and send to potential suppliers that explains your business model. Start with a sales and/or marketing director. so get ready to invest some hard yards. however. slow process. A quick internet search can often unearth the name and contact details of relevant personnel within most companies. Communications with potential suppliers should always be professional. if you have zero feedback and have never sold on eBay before. why would a supplier choose you to extend their sales when they could just as easily do it themselves? Wholesalers and manufacturers Once you’ve discovered what type of product you want to sell. Aim for a business . This will be a long.Sourcing products to sell 17 opportunity to explain to people that you run a business selling other people’s products on eBay and are always on the lookout for new lines. Be realistic about where you start.

so think like a business and relay some of the more compelling propositions eBay has to offer. Here are some basic concepts you should address in your pitch to a prospective supplier: • Who are you and what is your work history? • What is eBay? A lot of businesses have still not explored it fully. quality of the search experience. etc. the feedback system. such as the number of members. others give you the opportunity to advertise your own . you have to sell yourself! Internet searches If you are patient. but not too many products. • Why is your eBay business a good choice for re-selling this type of product? • What is the potential size of the market for this type of product on eBay? • How can selling the product on eBay be considered complementary to the existing business—and not in conflict with their own sales channels. the right combination of keywords in an internet search can reveal a host of local and international websites that feature wholesalers and their products. for you to manage as a re-seller. and what would you sell for on eBay? • What are some examples of your eBay branding? Remember. or their other re-sellers? • What terms and conditions would you expect under a proposed agreement? What would they charge at wholesale.18 How to Make Money on eBay that has enough product. Some are open marketplaces.

it probably is. There are a number of documents. the products. Importing Over the years. would there? Be patient and creative with your searches and you will find some opportunities. and are satisfied with. Your next step should be to search on international eBay sites. fees and rules you need to be aware of before beginning an import business. Importing brings with it a distinct set of opportunities and challenges. Merely having a website does not mean that a business is legitimate. Before you part with your money. A considerable number of them import items from overseas. We could provide you with a list of ten great sites. there wouldn’t be any competitive advantage anymore. I’ve spent a lot of time working with some of eBay’s most successful sellers. Chances are. It is best to seek professional legal and accounting advice on the implications of importing items from overseas. Start by referring to the Australian Government’s Customs website http://www. but finding supply is one of the best-kept secrets on eBay and if every reader of this book flooded a particular site.Sourcing products to sell 19 business with an outline of the services you offer.customs. ✔ T i p : Remember to be safe online! If an offer looks too good to be true. gov. consider using an escrow service that will hold your payment ‘in trust’ and only release it once you have indicated you have received. other sellers have checked . for important information regarding your obligations as an importer.

there is nothing to stop you from promoting yourself as an eBay trading assistant to businesses with high volumes of inventory. You can also make contact with various embassies that will refer you to trade organisations within their country. Throughout the year. a number of organisations hold importing conferences and exhibitions designed to help Australians establish contacts with international businesses. and although the volumes can be relatively modest. and for how much. eBay has a directory of all trading assistants. By working with foreign government agencies. The experience of most other sellers is the need to establish face-to-face communications and relationships with foreign businesses to help ensure a smooth working relationship. What you really need to do is look for a gap in the market—something that is not readily available on eBay anywhere in the world. it is a good way to find some extra products to sell. you’re more likely to be assured quality leads than you are if you attempt to establish contacts once you arrive. Become an eBay trading assistant Trading assistants are people who sell products on eBay on behalf of other people or businesses. While most of the clients you provide this service to tend to be people with several unique items left after clearing out their houses.20 How to Make Money on eBay these sites to see what is available. Some take a percentage of the final price of the item. Trading assistants enter into individual agreements with clients and can set their own terms of trade. .

and • an eBay account in good or a combination of the two. Using the file exchange is free. the eBay file exchange may be a suitable solution for your business. you must have: • sold at least four items in the past 30 days. eBay file exchange If you have an existing product catalogue and you wish to upload your products to eBay without having to familiarise yourself with eBay’s ‘Sell your item’ form or other listing tools. and must have listed at least 50 items in any of the three previous calendar but you must meet eBay’s minimum seller requirements: you need to have been registered as a seller on eBay for at least 90 days. • a feedback score of 50 or more. go to: http://tradingassistant. • a minimum feedback percentage of 97 per cent positive. To become a trading assistant.ebay. Once you qualify and register as a trading assist nt. while others charge a minimum fee per item. a For more information and to view the directory. dll?TradingAssistant&page=main. you will be featured in eBay’s directory.Sourcing products to sell 21 for example. . To continue using the tool you must maintain this minimum number of listings.

etc. and the solutions directory featured in Chapter duration. For more information on eBay file exchange go to: http://pages. refer to chapters 5 and 7. . but presumes a minimum knowledge of using spreadsheet programs such as Excel or Access and will require some familiarity with eBay’s selling fields.22 How to Make Money on eBay Features of eBay file exchange The tool allows businesses to upload listings via a CSV (comma-separated values) or tab-delimited file. such as format. For more information regarding uploading products to eBay. The exchange populates particular eBay listing information such as item

you do have the option of uploading images from your own website by using the existing URL. 23 . If you have a professional catalogue of the items you want to sell on eBay. avoid photos of items that are blurry or too small. ✔ T i p : Copying images and/or descriptions from other websites or other eBay sellers may be infringing copyright law and should be avoided. similarly.Chapter 4 Preparing and creating listings Item photo The first thing buyers are generally attracted to when they look for an item on eBay is the picture that appears in search results. the majority of new eBay businesses will need to invest the time to create eye-catching. competitive product images that pique your potential buyers’ interest immediately. Buyers skip over listings that do not have a picture and. However.

It is true that some sellers will gain competitive advantage by having the best reputations. • Place the product in situ. here are some basic things to consider: • Can you see enough detail of the product? Move the camera towards the image. • Have the product set against a plain (preferably white) background.24 How to Make Money on eBay When taking a photo of your items. we covered the concept of profit margin. but if you don’t compete on price you will miss out on sales. don’t use zoom. • Use a tripod to avoid shaky hands and blurry photos. it’s advisable to invest in a mannequin or have a friend model them for you rather than laying them flat. Item price Let’s put this as bluntly as possible: you could have the best product and the best service in the world. especially in this economic environment. • Avoid using flashes. In Chapter 3. for clothing. the best designed listing and by providing the best service. use natural light where available. Do your research thoroughly—on eBay. For example. To be successful on eBay you need to ensure there is a market for your product that will sell at the price that will make you a sustainable net profit. it is . but. on other e-commerce sites and even offline—to ensure that you will be able to sell your products at a highly competitive price.

Refer to Chapter 8 for tips on finding the most relevant terms for your product. For example. . and you should use that space to the absolute best of your ability to promote the product on sale. You only have 55 characters for your item title. Providing the best value for any specific product will also assist your ranking in eBay’s search results.Preparing and creating listings 25 the bargain that is going to attract the most buyer attention. but due to how transparent the marketplace is. You may start with one or even no competitors. Smart eBay businesses also need to be agile. See below. Your item title should be a simple list of highly relevant product keywords that buyers will search for. Remember most people shop on eBay because of the perception that it has the biggest range at the best value. Not only are superfluous terms such as ‘cool’. but you’re also wasting the potential to have your item appear higher in search results. it won’t take long before someone starts selling the same product as you. ‘New Apple iPod Touch 32GB MP3 2nd Gen’ contains more popular search terms than ‘Look New iPod Touch—Cool for Kids’. Item title The third thing buyers pay attention to is the title. and usually at a cheaper price. Make sure you have some ability to discount if the situation requires it. ‘l@@k’ and ‘w0w’ rarely searched for by buyers.

unless your item is a one-of-a-kind and buyers will find the background story relevant and appealing. feature either a larger. Finally. There are countless sellers out there who go to great pains to warn you against buying their product. Once you’ve described the item as factually. Be factual and avoid flowery or overly expressive language. or listings without the word ‘book’ in the Books category. clearly list your payment and postage details. threatening or lengthy messaging around your trading terms. you need to keep their attention and lure them into a sale. It’s fair to outline your general terms of trade. At the top of the page. and if they favour a particular method they should not be discouraged from using it. Avoid excessive design. It creates an impression that the seller is unprofessional and in some cases can make it harder for the buyer to read what you’re selling. avoid terse. Item description Now that your photo. clear picture of the item. price and item title have brought your potential buyer to your listing’s ‘View item’ page. thoroughly and professionally as possible. but 200 lines of bold.26 How to Make Money on eBay ✔ T i p : Remember to include the obvious! Browse through the DVD category and you’ll begin to appreciate how many listings do not contain the term ‘DVD’. This is the buyer’s choice. or immediately list critical product details. font sizes and styles. Include as many options as possible and do not discourage or favour any particular options. colouring. as any good retailer will do. capped red .

Category is the most obvious and important tool of classification. No business can afford to do so and remain sustainable for the long term. for example. If you do not specify item specifics. These will . Many categories also include ‘item specifics’. eBay recently introduced a new search functionality that allows buyers to select multiple product attributes to refine their searches. format and condition within DVDs. If you list your DVD in a category with the word ‘other’ in it (such as ‘Other DVD genres’) then you will lose all buyers who browse for that title within ‘Comedy’. These are important product attributes relevant to the category. such as region. Item categorisation It is imperative that you categorise your item as accurately as possible when you list it on eBay. some categories include ‘pre-filled item information’. but eBay’s search algorithm rewards listings of more relevant categorisation by promoting them higher in search results. Within the DVDs category. miscategorisation may lead to your account being limited by eBay (refer to Chapter 10). also known as ‘catalogues’. Not only will buyers be able to find it more easily. sellers are presented with around eighteen sub-category options.Preparing and creating listings 27 text yelling at buyers to beware will only turn more of your prospective customers away. Similarly. your listings may be grouped with other listings in the ‘non specified’ category—hardly appealing for buyers! Finally.

description and categorisation for your item is only part of the equation in attracting more buyers to your listings.28 How to Make Money on eBay pre-fill certain product features within your listing. On eBay. • Fixed price (Buy It Now): common products with a widely known value. and what’s more they can reduce the time it takes you to complete a listing. • Auction: rare. • Fixed price (Buy It Now) with best offer: common products that are often subjected to haggling. there are a number of formats/options to choose from. . • Auction with Buy It Now: unique items with a recognised general value. Wherever these are available they should be used. • Second-chance offers (available on all auction and fixed-price listings): allows you to make a second offer to buyers who have not actually won your item. such as appliances. Choosing the right format Getting the right picture. Another crucial element is ensuring you list your particular product in the right format. services. as they help provide more relevant information for buyer searches. Below is a list and a brief outline of what types of products may be best suited to each. highly collectable items of uncertain value. • Classifieds (only available in selected categories): vehicles. real estate. high-demand.

eBay does not reveal what the precise algorithm equation is. rather than defaulting the position on a time-ending basis. improving your search ranking can make the difference between being a successful seller and one who struggles to compete with others in their category. and attempting to optimise your performance in. the search algorithm is more likely to demote your listings. As an eBay seller. If you are the most expensive seller.Preparing and creating listings 29 Also bear in mind that eBay has different pricing for different formats. but being aware of. Best match was designed to encourage healthy competition among sellers by rewarding those who offer the best service and value with the top position in search results. Refer to the Appendix. each of them will assist your ranking considerably. 2 Relevance: make sure your item title is as relevant as possible to the product you are listing and. from category to category. and in most categories. None are surefire solutions to success. in some cases. 1 Value: eBay strives to drive value for its buyers. simultaneously. Below are eight tips for helping to improve your ranking in eBay’s search. or the one who offers the most expensive postage options. the search default is to an algorithm called ‘Most relevant’ or ‘Best match’. and it does vary from site to site and. is highly relevant to the name of the category you have listed your . Best match: eBay’s search algorithm On most eBay sites around the world.

description and so on to attract as many buyers as possible to improve your sales of that item. title. losing any previous sales data you have gathered so that your popularity ranking will effectively be lost. So in order to further boost your success. For example. Make sure you offer great service to all your buyers so they rank you highly on item description accuracy. For example. the more of the same item you can sell within one listing the better. listing a DVD cleaner in the Romance DVDs category will most likely result in your listing being demoted. you will most likely be demoted in search rankings. your communication.30 How to Make Money on eBay 3 4 5 6 item in. your postage costs and how long it takes them to receive the item. your ranking is likely to be higher than if you sell five of the same shirt as five individual listings. changing the price of your item is likely to ‘re-set’ your listing as new. Popularity: for fixed-price listings. For example. service. Policy violations: if you are a seller with a poor track record in eBay policies. photo. Changes: if you change any detail in your listing it is likely to impact your ranking in a search. your chances of ranking higher are improved if your listing has multiple items and has a recent history of sales. if you list ten identical shirts in one listing and you sell three of the ten. It is therefore vital that you understand all of eBay’s . You therefore need to compete on price. Service: a seller’s detailed seller ratings (see Chapter 6) are critical to your ranking in search results.

for example. service and relevance. those fixed-price listings without a history should attempt to emulate the most successful items. 7 Listing duration: for auctions. the aim is to gather as much sales history for an individual listing as possible—a 30-day listing has a greater chance of achieving this than a three.Preparing and creating listings 31 listing and seller policies (see Chapter 10). you should attempt to resolve the matter as soon as possible. 8 Experience: while it is true that listings with a sales history are likely to receive positive balance in the search ranking. This means competing on price. For fixed price. it makes sense that those ending soonest will receive some positive weighting in the search rankings. . Furthermore.or seven-day listing. and that you do your utmost to ensure you never violate them. however. if eBay contacts you with a request to follow up a buyer complaint.

• customise your options to create and edit new listings. and create templates for similar products so that all standard information remains the same and all you need to do is add product-specific details. Setting up your template is the only time-consuming part. Turbo Lister enables you to: • edit your listing quickly and easily. • add photos and preview your listings without being connected to the internet. It allows you to create professional looking listings quickly and edit them in bulk.Chapter 5 Save time with Turbo Lister What is Turbo Lister? Turbo Lister is eBay’s fast. 32 . It’s much faster and more convenient than listing directly on eBay. Once that’s done it can be copied thousands of times. especially for businesses with deep product ranges. You can duplicate listings to save time. free and easy listing tool. with editing product-specific information a simple function away.

• Internet Explorer 5. • schedule your listings to start whenever you wish. For information. postage and any messages you wish to include. • 256 MB RAM. .5 or later. How do I download Turbo Lister? Before you download Turbo Lister.Save time with Turbo Lister 33 • automatically insert payment terms. see ‘Solutions Directory’ on page 127. first check to see if you have the following computer system requirements: • Windows Vista. and • upload up to 3000 listings to eBay with a single click. It is not recommended for businesses with their own listing tools or inventory systems. • At least 250 MB free hard disk space is required. as in this instance a third party listing or inventory tool may be more suitable. Windows 2000 or Windows XP (Windows XP recommended). • 450 MHz or faster processor (Pentium III or higher recommended). Who should use Turbo Lister? Turbo Lister is primarily aimed at those listing anything from a few hundred to a few thousand listings at a time. • Internet connection. • set up templates so you only have to enter this information once. but 500 MB is recommended.


How to Make Money on eBay

To download Turbo Lister, go to http://pages. and click on the ‘Download the Turbo Lister program here’ link.
✔ T i p : Because Turbo Lister is not an online tool, it needs to be ‘sent online’ to eBay to check for relevant updated information. Before starting a large amount of work creating or editing your listings, you should always check for updates to important information like category numbers and fees. To check for updates, click on ‘Tools’, then ‘Check for program updates’ in the top navigation menu.

Finding your way around Turbo Lister
Most of the actions you need to perform in Turbo Lister are done via the top navigation menu and the sub-navigation menu. When referring to the top navigation menu, we mean ‘File’, ‘Edit’, ‘View’, ‘Tools’ and ‘Help’, just below the Turbo Lister logo. The sub-navigation menu will not always be active, but includes the pictorial buttons on the second line, from ‘New’ through to ‘Help’.
Figure 5.1: Navigation menus

Save time with Turbo Lister


✔ T i p : When you first open Turbo Lister, tips will appear in a pop-up box. It’s worth leaving this enabled to check for important updates and to learn handy hints. It can be closed each time by clicking on the ‘Close’ button in the bottom right-hand corner. To disable the tips, unselect the ‘Show tips at startup’ box in the bottom left-hand corner. To see these tips at any time, choose ‘Help’, then ‘Turbo Lister tips’ from the top navigation menu.
Figure 5.2: Tips pop-up box

Importing listings into Turbo Lister
The first thing you need to do is import your existing listings (if you have any) from eBay so you can store and edit them within Turbo Lister. To do this click ‘File’, then ‘Import items’, ‘From eBay listings’, from the top navigation menu. Next, choose which of your eBay listings you would like to import by checking the relevant boxes. Then click ‘Import’.


How to Make Money on eBay Figure 5.3: Importing existing listings

Depending on where your listings were located within My eBay or Selling Manager Pro, your listings will now appear within Turbo Lister’s ‘Inventory’ or ‘Listing activity’ fields in the left-hand navigation. The left-hand navigation is a group of your folders, and each can be expanded by clicking on one of the small arrows to the right.

Save time with Turbo Lister Figure 5.4: Locating imported files


Note that you can also import listings from a file on your computer. To do this, on the top navigation click ‘File’, then ‘Import items’, then ‘From file’.

Creating a new listing/new template
Let’s start by creating a new listing from scratch. Refer to Chapter 4 for more tips on creating a great item listing. It is best to create a new listing by going to the inventory and opening the ‘My items’ folder. Once in the folder, click ‘New’, then ‘Create new listing’, or ‘New’, then ‘Create new template’. You will now be taken to the fields you need to complete in order to create a listing from scratch. However, note that you can simply copy an existing listing and change the

Figure 5. free postage’. the ‘?’ will take you to Turbo . If creating a template you may wish to leave this blank or put in a generic label such as ‘DVD R4 new’ so you can add individual product details later. 2 Complete the listing subtitle if you need to add more information and have it appear below the title in the search results list. so do not waste any space on pointless terms such as ‘l@@k’ or ‘cool’.5: Inserting title Check the ABC box to conduct a quick spell check. Leave blank for templates unless you have a standard subtitle you want applied to all similar products. You have 55 characters. Be sure to only use highly relevant searchable keywords. Note that this incurs an additional fee. such as ‘Australian seller. 100% feedback. Title 1 Complete the item title.38 How to Make Money on eBay fields—it is very simple to do so and instructions are listed on page 49. At the top of the field.

3 Create additional exposure for your category by advertising it in a second category. which prompt you to choose from a list of product descriptors applicable to your item. For more information. 2 Note that some categories are enabled with item specifics. you may wish to leave this blank to add individual product details later. ‘Drama DVDs’. 1 Choose a previously used category by clicking the drop-down arrow. product type or model to match your product with the information eBay has stored on its servers. If you choose a category that has pre-filled information catalogues attached to it. choose relevant store categories.Save time with Turbo Lister 39 Lister Help. Note that this incurs an additional fee. (See ‘Store categories’. ‘Comedy DVDs’. or ‘Edit’ to change them. choose the most appropriate category information for your item. you will be prompted to add brand. Click ‘Select’ to add item specifics. Category Next. Always use these where available as they can help increase the exposure of your items. or alternatively click ‘Select’ to see a complete list of eBay’s current category structure.g.) . If creating a template.). etc. 4 If you own an eBay store. or alternatively you can create a template for each product that will share the same category (e. see ‘Creating multiple items with pre-filled information’ on page 53. and the ‘+’ allows you to customise the fields—we’ll cover these on page 55. page 100.

unless you want all products to have the same image.7: Inserting a picture Your product image appears here. .40 How to Make Money on eBay Figure 5. Note that this incurs an additional fee. 3 Add additional pictures by repeating the process. To add a picture: 1 Click on ‘Click to insert a picture’. Figure 5.6: Inserting category Pictures Leave this field blank if creating a template. 2 Find the picture on your computer and click ‘Insert’.

alternatively. . 1 You can type your description and use the simple design in the box provided or. you can: a choose to use one of eBay’s inbuilt listing designs. This is free for Turbo Lister users. colour and style. and add additional design components. b change the layout of the page. scroll down and click the ‘Description builder’ button to edit font. For templates. such as payment and postage information. only include information that will be applied to all products.8: Adding description and design components Here. Figure 5.Save time with Turbo Lister 41 Item description Imagine you are a buyer and include all the relevant information you need to successfully sell your item.

do so in the ‘Inventory’ field. e copy or paste information from/to another source. Selling format information For templates. Once finished with your item description. . d change the font style. colour or alignment.42 How to Make Money on eBay c use one of eBay’s photo-upgrade options. preview how your item will look on eBay. i and finally. only fill in the selling format infor ation m that will be the same across all like products. or use indents. Also add bullet or numbered points. f choose one of eBay’s marketing inserts such as ‘Seller’s other items’ for cross-promotion. add in your own HTML code to create a highly stylised listing. This will tell you the number of people who view your listing while it is live on eBay. 2 If you want to add a custom label to the product that only you can see. h alternatively. click ‘Save’. emphasis. g change the size of the page or conduct a spell check. size. 3 Scroll down to the bottom of the ‘Design’ or ‘HTML’ view to add a counter to your listing. or your store logo (if you have one). to help with ordering or classifying your items.

Specify how many of this item you have for sale. . In some categories you can also choose classified format.9: Adding selling format information 43 1 Choose whether you want to list your item at 2 3 4 5 6 a fixed price (Buy It Now) or as an auction. Next. choose whether you would like to add any of eBay’s Listing upgrades to help increase the exposure of your item.Save time with Turbo Lister Figure 5. Bidder IDs are now anonymous on eBay so there is no need to check the ‘Private listing’ box. Select the duration of your listing. Enter your price. or the auction start price.

d If you know the package size and type.44 How to Make Money on eBay Figure 5. b Enter in the weight of the item. choose the various services you will offer to your local and (if chosen) international buyers.10: Optional listing upgrades 7 Under ‘Postage options’. There are two postage options to choose from: calculate postage and flat rate. choose from the options listed and enter the dimensions. If you choose to allow buyers to calculate their postage you can: a Choose calculated postage to allow buyers to self-calculate postage costs based on their own postcode. c Specify any additional handling costs. .

m To edit. j Specify your domestic handling time (how long it will take you to post the item once it has been paid for). and if that entails a cost. Create combined postage discounts: this link takes you to eBay to set up general rules around combined postage for your listings. and for each additional item. h Specify whether buyers can pick the item up from you. click ‘Postage options’. k Repeat for international delivery if you are willing to send your item overseas. i . g Specify the cost per item.11: Item specifications for delivery 45 OR if you choose flat rate postage: e Choose flat-rate postage to all buyers. f Specify which postage services you offer.Save time with Turbo Lister Figure 5. l Make sure your item location is correct.

12: Delivery options .46 How to Make Money on eBay Figure 5.

or specify which buyers (if any) you would like to block from buying your items. Note that you must accept PayPal on some eBay sites.13: Payment options 9 Finally. . specify any instructions or policies your buyers need to be aware of.Save time with Turbo Lister 47 8 Choose which payment methods you will accept. so this box may be automatically checked for you. Figure 5.

meaning you can easily edit product details without having to change other fields. .14: Additional instructions or policies At the bottom of the screen you will see a number of options. (c) shows you a quick preview to review all information.48 How to Make Money on eBay Figure 5. click ‘Save’ or ‘Save as template’ in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Figure 5.15: Program options Once you are happy with your listing. if you have one. (b) allows you to apply your Turbo Lister defaults to this listing (more on that on page 56). (d) allows you to create another listing the same as this one. The arrows (a) will allow you to move into the next listing in your folder.

simply hold down your ‘Control’ button and select multiple listings. everything gets easier! You can copy (duplicate) and edit your listings in bulk. All other fields can be left the same as they are all DVDs. Let’s say you are selling a total of five different DVDs. right click your mouse and click ‘Select all’. Leaving in ‘View mode’ will mean you can double-click on any listing to access the template to edit.Save time with Turbo Lister 49 Copying/editing existing listings Now that you have created your first listing. To edit or copy multiple listings. 4 If you want to edit the listing in the template. The Piano DVD template has been duplicated five times and the seller has gone in to edit item titles. all similar to The Piano. This is especially important if you need to perform a mass update of your listings based on changes made to the eBay site. photos and start prices. In this example. then simply double-click the editable fields in each row. click ‘Edit’. In your ‘My items’ folder: 1 Click ‘Duplicate’ to create copies of this listing and specify the number of copies you want. and there are five copies of each to sell. click ‘Add to upload’. click ‘Change format’. 5 To edit in this line view make sure ‘Edit mode’ is checked. 2 To change the listing format of this listing. To select all. categories. . 3 To upload the listing to eBay. highlight any listing. item specifics.

click ‘Print’. To do this. click ‘Preview’. just click ‘Customise’ in the top right-hand corner of the area you want to streamline. ‘Synchronize . .50 How to Make Money on eBay To preview how a listing looks.16: Editing listings 6 7 8 9 ✔ T i p : If there are certain options you do not want to see when creating or editing a listing. To print. click ‘Delete’. To delete.’ will update your Turbo Lister information with eBay information. Figure 5. . 10 ‘View online’ will take you to eBay. you can ‘turn off’ certain features or check boxes. . This can help make it even faster to complete a listing in Turbo Lister.

highlight all listings you wish to edit. anything you write can be added to the bottom or top of the description. This is especially useful if you need to change your postage information. then click ‘Edit multiple items’. Choose ‘Edit’ from the top navigation panel. choose ‘Edit’ from the top navigation panel. For example. Cheque. In the description field. returns policy or payment information. then click ‘Search and replace’. You will then be taken to a screen that allows you to edit certain fields—these edits will be applied to all listings you have highlighted. or replace it altogether. . Beware that changing fields marked ‘Multiple values’ will overwrite all existing information for that listing. Highlight all listings you would like to edit. You can change text that is common to all of your listings (bulk edit) using the ‘Search and replace’ feature. you can replace ‘We accept Bank Deposit. if you have included text about these in your item description. Cash and PayPal’ with ‘We only accept PayPal’.Save time with Turbo Lister 51 Bulk editing To edit multiple listings at once.

52 How to Make Money on eBay Figure 5. To do so. so in Turbo Lister click ‘File’ from the top navigation. You can also mass edit your listings by exporting them into an Excel (CSV) file. . then follow the same process as outlined above. then ‘From file’ to retrieve the file from your computer. highlight the listings you need to edit. Next.17: Search and replace function Note. your custom (inventory) label and/or the listing description. subtitle. then ‘Import items’. you can choose to replace text in the listing title. click ‘Replace’. you’ll need to re-import your listings back into Turbo Lister. highlight the necessary fields. click ‘File’ in the top navigation. click ‘Edit’ in the top navigation of Excel. then click ‘Export selected items’. Once in Excel.

product or model number of the item you wish to find pre-filled information for. on the sub-navigation menu click ‘New’. Sending your listings to eBay Once you have finished editing and/or creating your listings and you are ready to send them live to eBay. There are a number of options in the ‘Waiting to upload’ folder. and enter the brand. You may be required to select from a number of close-matching products for each keyword you enter. Choose the eBay site where you wish to display your listing. then click ‘Next’. Once you have completed your list. then ‘Multiple items with pre-filled information’. hit ‘Next’ and Turbo Lister will access eBay to find the information you require. This works by accessing a stored catalogue on eBay and returning product information to add to your listing.Save time with Turbo Lister 53 Creating multiple items with pre-filled information Some products on eBay can be listed using pre-filled item information. choose your product type from the drop-down list. To create new multiple items using pre-filled information. highlight the relevant listings then drag them into the ‘Waiting to upload’ folder in the left navigation. . Click ‘Tools’ in the top navigation to: • send all listings to eBay. • send selected listings to eBay. Then.


How to Make Money on eBay

• send all listings to Selling Manager Pro (this is an optional tool you need to subscribe to on eBay; refer to Chapter 7); or • calculate what your listing fees will be. Alternatively, choose from one of the upload buttons to change the order of the listings, schedule your listings to start at a particular time, calculate fees or upload your listings to eBay.
Figure 5.18: Upload buttons

✔ T i p : The ‘Activity log’ folder in the left navigation will be active once you send listings to eBay. It shows you the status of your listings, so if you ever forget what you’ve done this is a good place to start!

Using Turbo Lister to organise your listings
You can create new folders to organise your listings into similar product types, formats, or even which eBay site you list on. To do so, on the top navigation bar click ‘File’, ‘New’, ‘Folder’. Alternatively, click ‘New’ in the sub-navigation menu, then click ‘Create new folder’. Another way to do this is to right click where you want your new folder to be placed in the left navigation—‘My items’, for example—then click ‘New folder’. You can also move your listings between folders by simply dragging them with your mouse.

Save time with Turbo Lister


You can change the order of your listings in any folder. Just click on any of the grey column headers to reorder your listings by the relevant field.
Figure 5.19: Reordering listings by column headings

To customise the number and order of columns you would like to see within any folder, click ‘View’, then ‘Customise columns’ in the top navigation. Then check the box next to the column you want to see, or change the order of the columns by moving them up or down. Click ‘OK’ to save your preferences. You will need to do this for each group of sub-folders you create. If you have a lot of listings and want to find one quickly, you can use Turbo Lister’s ‘Searching for items’ function in the top right-hand corner of the sub-navigation menu. This will search for the keyword(s) in all of the listings within the highlighted folder. Click on the magnifying glass to narrow your search to item title, or description, etc.

Setting your Turbo Lister options and preferences
In the top navigation click ‘Tools’, then ‘Options’. Each subheading here can be very useful for setting standards across all your Turbo Lister listings.


How to Make Money on eBay

‘Personal information’ allows you to connect your Turbo Lister with an eBay User ID and also a PayPal email address for using payment. ‘Seller options’ allows you to choose which eBay sites you would like to list on, access your eBay store (if you have one), change the default ‘Create new’ setting within Turbo Lister, and default to one eBay site and one selling format for each new listing you create in Turbo Lister. ‘Defaults’ can be chosen for auction, fixed-price (Buy It Now) and classified-format listings. Here, you can create default text to appear on all your listings (such as payment methods, sales policies, etc.) so every time you create a new listing this information will automatically appear. Choose default information for description, price, quantity, postage, etc. ‘Advanced options’ can change the way Turbo Lister works when updating and synchronising your information. You can also set a Turbo Lister password within Turbo Lister options to make it more secure. Once you have set your new preferences and options, remember to click ‘Apply’ or ‘OK’ to save your changes.

Turbo Lister ‘Help’
More information about using Turbo Lister can be found by clicking ‘Help’ in the top navigation menu. In the ‘Help’ section of Turbo Lister you can browse help topics or search for particular keywords. There are also links to eBay ‘Help’ pages and an online tutorial.

Alternatively. . The default location of your data is in ‘My documents’ within the Turbo Lister backup folder. you may need to know what version of Turbo Lister you are using. . then ‘Backup database’ in the top navigation. on your own computer. Click ‘Tools’. you can choose to save it elsewhere—for example. To find out. you will see ‘Version . Backing up Turbo Lister It is advisable to back up your Turbo Lister database regularly to ensure you do not lose your information.’. To back up the data. then ‘About Turbo Lister’.Save time with Turbo Lister 57 ✔ T i p : From time to time. Within the text that appears. simply click ‘File’. then ‘Backup reminder’ in the top navigation. You can also set backup reminders. in the top navigation click ‘Help’. .

And while sellers receive a rating. Feedback is a transparent customer rating. when you think about retail generally. The obligation on 58 . there is also the opportunity for sellers to provide feedback to buyers too. However. there for all potential buyers to see—and it captures what percentage of your sales have resulted in a buyer giving you a positive. neutral or negative rating. eBay recently removed the option for sellers to leave buyers anything other than positive feedback.Chapter 6 Providing outstanding customer service eBay’s ‘Feedback’ system Most people who have ever heard of eBay would be aware of its online reputation system. there isn’t an obvious example of where a retailer has an opportunity to grade buyers on their performance. This decision was made after a number of buyers told eBay that receiving what they felt was undeserved negative feedback drove them to eventually leave the site for good. And. known as ‘Feedback’.

and 4 cost of postage/delivery. Here are some reasons why you might be given a poor rating: . It is more or less inevitable that. 3 time taken to receive the item. and the key is to learn from the experience and take any necessary steps you can to prevent it from happening again. 2 communication. You should monitor your ratings regularly. This is the nature of business. You can offer one customer a level of service they think is excellent and offer the same service to another customer who rates it as poor. eBay’s detailed seller ratings (DSRs) Buyers also have the opportunity to rate sellers on four components of their performance: 1 the accuracy of the item description. a professional seller will automatically leave positive feedback for the buyer. Rating is a subjective process. the more you sell on eBay. Known as detailed seller ratings or DSRs. and if you see a downward trend take every step to understand why it is happening and rectify the situation. these scores pit you against every other eBay seller on the site and can heavily influence your ranking in search results. Once this is done.Providing outstanding customer service 59 buyers is to pay for an item if they have completed check-out. you will eventually receive a negative Feedback rating. and whether the item was received as described. The old adage of ‘you can’t please everyone’ is true even in business.

60 How to Make Money on eBay • You haven’t passed on postage savings or are not competitive on postage. This not only includes the condition of the item. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and read your terms of trade as subjectively as possible. • You have not used item specifics or the item description to specify the condition of your item accurately enough. • You have not clearly conveyed the right information to your buyers. • Your product photographs are not accurate. Here are some tips for clearly setting the right buyer expectations: • Describe your item in as much detail as possible. but the various product attributes . and are presented in a tone that is both professional and friendly. a surefire way of deterring potential buyers is to list paragraph after paragraph of complicated terms of trade. It is therefore crucial to set the right expectations in your buyer’s mind before they choose to purchase from you. or the fact that you have used capped text—which online is interpreted as ‘yelling’. Setting the buyer’s expectations As covered in Chapter 4. Would you buy from someone whose item description included threats to buyers if they do not pay within a specified time period? The more successful sellers on eBay are those who convey concise and clear terms of trade that are reasonable. Even the tone of your listing can deter buyers.

Few sellers will be online every minute of every day.Providing outstanding customer service 61 that may result in your buyer being satisfied or disappointed if not conveyed correctly. because if you’re not around to answer emails or send the item—even if only for three days—your buyers need to know this. add a message to your listing along the lines of ‘we ship our items directly to you as soon as payment is cleared. • Indicate how long it will take you to respond to your buyer’s questions. use ‘Holiday hold’ (see Chapter 8) or end all of your listings. or if you’re listing an electronic accessory and you fail to mention the type of voltage or outlet required.’ . so faster payment methods such as PayPal mean you get your item faster. • Let your buyers know how often you go to the post office to send your items (every single day?) and/or give them a clear estimate of how long it will take to receive their item. For example. Buyers are purchasing an item they have never seen before so be as explicit as possible in all aspects of your description. including those of your ‘customer support department’. We appreciate payment within two days of the item being bought. • If you go on holidays. • Let buyers know your standard practice for leaving feedback (as soon as the buyer has paid?). • If you’d like to get paid sooner. so in your listing outline your operating hours. if you say ‘red vase’ but you really should have said ‘maroon’.

. We will aim to respond to you within eight hours. . or the trade terms. For account/about-me. even ones you consider a waste of time. while others want to be expressly certain they are buying exactly what they want or add an ‘About me’ page with your FAQs on it (for more information see: http://pages. but you may also wish to see our “Questions” page at . • Consider establishing an auto-responder to your inbox if you are receiving a high volume of emails and will take more than a few hours to respond. and do so in a timely manner. and your store if you have one. from someone they have never met. Buyers are encouraged to ask sellers questions (ASQ) if there is anything about the item. ‘Thank you for your email.ebay.’.62 How to Make Money on eBay Communicating with buyers As mentioned above.html). Here are some tips on communicating clearly and effectively with your buyers: • Add an FAQs (frequently asked questions) section to your listing. Some buyers are more cautious about the experience. when you list an item for sale on eBay you’re generally expecting someone to purchase a product they have never seen. • If buyers ask you questions about a listing. they are unsure of. Be prepared to answer these questions. • If you do not have a store. add the missing information to your listing/template— and make sure you check the box that will .

the more chances you will have to retain your buyers and increase your sales. The better service you offer. welcome to customer service! The mere fact that you are selling on eBay means you should be aware of customer service principles and ensure you uphold them at all times. . The same is true of eBay sellers—the more choices you give a buyer. . At all times. keep your tone polite and professional. you will one day come across a buyer who is rude and/or unreasonable . you might follow through with the purchase regardless. . but you generally think twice about returning to the store again. the more potential you have to complete a sale—and have them return as loyal customers. this may in fact be against eBay policy (refer to Chapter 10).Providing outstanding customer service 63 automatically add the question and answer to the bottom of the live listing. isn’t it annoying when they don’t accept the payment type you prefer to use? Sure. Like any business. what’s more. it is unwise to state violent objections to a particular payment method and. Payment options When you go to a store. Though you are within your rights to express a preferred option.

000 on qualifying items. Below are some of the advantages of accepting PayPal: • Buyers can pay you without having to share financial information such as credit card or bank account numbers. Buyers tend not to be aware of how difficult it is to reconcile. • Most payments are instant. • Payments received into your PayPal account are easily reconciled with your eBay listings. Buyers may be protected for up to $20. Bank deposit While most eBay buyers are comfortable transferring funds into your bank account. bank account or stored PayPal balance. reconciling payments can be exhausting. • Buyers can pay via credit card. it is not a standard business practice to allow customers to do so. As a business seller. giving them peace of mind when using PayPal. • Both buyers and sellers may be protected under PayPal’s Buyer and Seller Protection. PayPal is the eBay-owned online payment mechanism. and . if you’re selling hundreds of items with the same price point. meaning once a buyer has paid the item should be marked as such within My eBay. one of the disadvantages of having buyers use this option is that often they neglect to adequately label their payments and. and PayPal is fully integrated into the eBay site.64 How to Make Money on eBay PayPal As covered in Chapter 2.

paid for your item and then drove around the back to pick it up only to then be told you have to pay $5 to have the staff member bring the appliance to your van. You do not have to offer cash on pick-up. make sure you clearly communicate that there will be a delay in receiving their items as you will wait for the payment to clear into your bank account. .Providing outstanding customer service 65 any subsequent delays in receiving their products may result in the seller receiving negative feedback. Cheque/money order If you would like to offer your buyers the option of paying ‘the old-fashioned way’. so consider your target market and the likelihood they will use this option. however. There is generally very little protection available to buyers using this form of payment. Some buyers deliberately search for items in their local area. that a small percentage of buyers are not comfortable using credit cards online and this is one method of payment that is easily accessible. Think how you would feel as a buyer if you walked into an appliance store. It is true. Cash on pick-up Some sellers on eBay charge buyers a handling fee for coming to pick up their items. Not every business seller on the site accepts these payment methods. and if you think the hassle of doing so is an inconvenience then choose not to offer it rather than charge for it. so if you don’t offer cash on pick-up you may be limiting your sales.

in which case you can accept the buyer’s credit card details over the phone or online. • extra padding for an additional cost. . Carefully consider your pricing and offer the following options: • overnight or express post (some buyers are prepared to pay a premium). • standard postage. which means the item can be sent for next to nothing. • insurance or registered post (for an extra cost). you may already have credit card facilities in your business. ✔ T i p : Sellers need to be aware of the fact that they cannot actively discourage the use of PayPal on eBay. • dismantling of your products—use this option selectively. and cannot charge additional fees for accepting a particular form of payment. Delivery options Leave it up to your buyer to decide what they would prefer. but in the case of something as simple as CDs or DVDs.66 How to Make Money on eBay Credit cards Credit card payments can be processed on eBay via PayPal. for example. Alternatively. • courier. some sellers offer to send only the disc and the insert. and • pick-up—some buyers love coming to pick up their items.

for offering free postage. There has been a trend to increasingly offer free postage to compete with those stores that bombard television. It is therefore advisable to consider utilising free postage as one of your business tactics. buyers have come to expect it in most cases. the better the price you receive. Australia Post Most people and some businesses assume that Australia Post operates using a ‘one size fits all’ mentality. so it’s wise to conduct a thorough research. sellers are being encouraged. More importantly. You can usually absorb most of the costs in the overall price of your products. You need to check with your local post office about the services they offer. others get access to a priority queue. but don’t fall into the trap of checking with only one branch—not all outlets offer the same services. and rewarded. radio and print with news that they are on sale. And don’t rely on the Australia Post website to give the best information because it . eBay is no exception to this trend. One of the benefits to operating an online business is fewer overheads. which means their items are collected by Australia Post. Some sellers have an account. Increasingly. one of the disadvantages is the growing need to absorb postage costs. e-commerce companies have begun to appreciate that postage was impacting their ability to compete with offline retail. It is not the case.Providing outstanding customer service 67 Free postage In recent years. The more volume you send.

✔ T i p : When you call a courier company for the first time to get quotes. Couriers Most couriers offer fast delivery with reliable tracking. and ask many people. Just like you should get to know your bank manager.68 How to Make Money on eBay is rarely tailored to your specific needs. one that will enhance your reputation. Some products can pass as letters rather than parcels. ask to speak to someone who manages new business accounts. Experiment with your packaging to ensure you are paying the lowest possible amount per item. . and your local postie too! ✔ T i p : Don’t assume you know the most cost-effective way of sending items. Choose a courier company that is professional. don’t speak to the person who answers the phone. others are calculated differently depending on cubic size or weight. Ask many questions. which means you will know where your product is at all times. Some couriers offer discounts simply because you are an eBay seller. Others quote standard price options over the phone but are willing to negotiate once they know what sort of volumes you could potentially be sending their way. get to know your postmaster.

and a few hours to set up all your listing rules. but once you’ve done that the amount of time you spend performing basic post-sales processes is greatly reduced. it tells you when you’re running out of stock.Chapter 7 Managing your inventory with Selling Manager Pro What is Selling Manager Pro? Imagine a program that automates most of the processes on eBay. 69 . Realistically. It might sound too good to be true. and it’s eBay’s sales and inventory management tool. It’s called Selling Manager Pro (SMP). but it isn’t. it automatically emails your buyers for you and even leaves them feedback—all without you having to press a single button. it will take you about an hour or two to dive in and learn how to use it properly. It re-lists items for you when the listing ends.

all of your selling links within My eBay will be replaced with SMP functionality.ebay.html#subscribing.5 or later. etc. Who should use Selling Manager Pro? SMP is really aimed at high-volume sellers on eBay who do not have their own listing or inventory management tools. go to http://pages. • automatic re-list options. sold. • invoices and packing labels.). such as the automated feedback function. Apple Safari 2 or later. Once you subscribe. The only other computer system requirements are an internet connection and one of these browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or later.70 How to Make Money on eBay Features of Selling Manager Pro include: • a display of all listings with their current status (live. How do I subscribe to Selling Manager Pro? Selling Manager Pro can be used on any operating system. Mozilla Firefox 1. • bulk feedback. You do not need to download any special software to use SMP. • bulk re-list • email and feedback default templates. To subscribe. paid. . feedback. it is all available from within eBay. although some sellers who do use external software still use some elements of SMP. and • tracking of any unpaid selling-manager-subscription. bids.

Seller dashboard The ‘seller dashboard’ is also visible in the SMP summary. Selling Manager Pro is free. Given that your seller performance can impact your ability to remain on the site. If you subscribe to a store (see Chapter 8). for example. and highlights possible areas for improvement. From here every link takes you directly to the relevant listings. and also the position your listings appear in within a search result. Selling Manager Pro summary Once you have subscribed to SMP. but it lacks the advanced inventory management features of SMP. but is free for a 30-day trial period. Selling Manager Pro is $9. Your SMP summary is a one-page snapshot showing you all your listings. click on the ‘Selling Manager Pro’ link in the lefthand navigation. eBay’s seller dashboard gives you guidance to your performance as a seller. such as listings awaiting payment and postage. so you will not need to scroll through your entire inventory to see just those listings that currently have bids. within My eBay. recent sales and outstanding actions. it is imperative to ensure your performance is acceptable.Managing your inventory with Selling Manager Pro 71 eBay has a basic version of the tool (Selling Manager) available for free.95 per month. .

or having your account restricted. • Buyer satisfaction: your customer service rating is listed here. It is advisable to check your seller dashboard on a regular basis to ensure you are not in danger of being suspended from the site.72 How to Make Money on eBay Seller dashboard features include: • Detailed seller ratings: here. your DSRs are compared with other eBay sellers over a 30-day or twelve-month period. • Account status: eBay will alert you here to your account payment status. • Policy compliance: check here to see if you have committed any policy violations. . • PowerSeller status: you can check to see whether you can qualify as an eBay PowerSeller.

but assign to that DVD a listing that is auction. a listing that is Buy It Now. and a listing that displays on the UK eBay site. you can also input critical .Managing your inventory with Selling Manager Pro Figure 7. For each product you create. you can create a product for a single DVD. you can create products with multiplelisting templates.1: The seller dashboard 73 Creating products in the inventory Within SMP. For example.

such as books or DVDs. for example. you may wish to group similar products together.2: Create a new product listing All of this information is for your reference only and cannot be viewed by your buyers. To create a new product. If you do not need multiple listings per unique product. click on ‘Inventory’ beneath the ‘Selling Manager Pro’ link from the ‘My eBay views’ options in the left-hand navigation. Figure 7. 2 Enter in your custom label.74 How to Make Money on eBay information such as amount in stock. complete the following steps: 1 Enter in the name of your product. To create a new product. . and you can manage your products within folders. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the ‘Create product’ button. cost price (to help calculate your profit).

7 Enter in the vendor (or supplier) information. Figure 7. 4 Specify the quantity you have available.Managing your inventory with Selling Manager Pro 75 3 Choose to save your new listing in an existing folder or create a new product folder. and your listing design—will be carried over to all of the new duplicates you create. such as how long it takes to ship. 6 Enter your restock information and choose whether to be alerted when you are low on stock. which is how much you pay per item. You will then be taken through to eBay’s ‘Sell your item’ form to create an eBay listing for the product. Now that you have one listing template beneath that product. postage and payment options. it’s easy to create multiple templates and edit them as needed. etc. 9 Click ‘Save and create listing’. all the information you enter—such as start price. This way. 8 Enter any notes. 5 Enter the average unit cost.3: Edit template screen . This will assist you in calculating your profit post-sales. where the item is located in your warehouse. choose the minimum quantity you want to have available before being alerted. If yes.

• ‘Duplicate as’ copies this listing but takes you to the ‘Sell your item’ form to edit the information. postage. • ‘Edit’ allows you to make changes to the actual listing. delete automation rules. In SMP. Editing your listings in bulk eBay makes changes to its policies that sometimes result in sellers needing to change their listings to comply. edit the template name (change it from ‘Template 1’). subtitle. select which information from your templates you would like to edit. If you have 1000 products live at any one time. • ‘Create new’ starts a new listing from scratch. • ‘Edit templates’ allows you to bulk-edit all your listings (see below). • ‘Duplicate’ copies this listing exactly.76 How to Make Money on eBay Here is what you can do with a template by checking the box next to ‘Template 1’: • In the drop-down box. This includes basic information such as title. From within the product folder. you can imagine how time consuming it would be to edit every single one individually. You can make bulk changes to payment options. • ‘Move templates’ lets you move them to another folder. you can assign automation rules (see below). you can edit your listing templates in bulk. etc. policies. check the listing templates you want to edit. or delete the template. then click ‘Edit templates’. On the next page. • ‘Sell again’ sends the item live to eBay. You cannot edit listing descriptions . and so on.

4 Click the ‘Store category’ drop-down box to see products listed in particular store categories. then click ‘Save’.4: Managing product inventory folders . you can manage your product folders in a number of ways: 1 Use the drop-down box to view only products in that folder. 6 Click on the relevant links in this row to sort listings alphabetically. copy or delete product folders. Next. 5 Check the ‘Status’ field to see products that are either low on stock or out of stock. move. Click ‘Continue’. Managing SMP folders From the product inventory. Figure 7. but you can add more information to each description. success ratio. edit. or by quantity in stock. 3 Use the inventory search field to locate items by title. 2 Click the ‘Manage folders’ link to add. custom label or date submitted to eBay for sale. selling price. review your templates. product name or custom label.Managing your inventory with Selling Manager Pro 77 here.

• Product inventory template. scroll down the page until you come to ‘Seller tools’ in the left-hand navigation. related to the product you wish to sell. matching the product code with some basic information about it. like the one covered on page 73. with some basic knowledge you can create thousands of listings quickly and efficiently using Excel. Once in the file management centre. • Catalog template—selected eBay categories import a catalogue of products for you to choose from. • Basic template—only use this for categories that do not have item specifics. as there are no catalogue or item specifics fields for you to fill in. Within My eBay. beneath ‘Upload’ click ‘Select template’ in the left-hand navigation. The first step is to select which type of listing template you want to complete. If using this template. once you have chosen your category you should also download the ‘Item specifics definitions’ data to ensure your fields are accurate. Completing these fields is essential as it helps improve your ranking in search results. There are several templates to choose from. • Item specifics template—choose a category you wish to list in and the template will include a list of ‘Item specifics’ for you to fill in. both in CSV and Excel format. . Click ‘File management centre’.78 How to Make Money on eBay Creating listings quickly in Excel If you prefer not to use eBay’s ‘Sell your item’ form to create listings.

Choose which type of listings you would like downloaded. To do so. It is advisable to test one or two listings first before spending your time creating thousands of listings only to find you have a small error in the input fields. in the file management centre beneath ‘Download’ click ‘Download Files’ in the left-hand navigation. you can fill in the necessary information for each field. and use the ‘Find and replace’ functionality to easily create hundreds. You will be notified via email when the file is available for viewing. you can now copy each line or field. Click ‘Save’. will be able to be uploaded to eBay. of unique listings or edit existing listing templates in bulk. Importing your listing files Be mindful that only those files that are complete and have all relevant information. com.ebay. and the email address you want the downloaded file sent to. refer to the user guide here: http://pages. To ensure you get the right content within each field. or alternatively click ‘Completed downloads’ after a few minutes. Once you have downloaded your blank Excel or CSV template. then download that listing in Excel so you can copy relevant fields. Remember to refer to the user guide . it is advisable to create one listing on eBay. but first read more information about importing files below. and with the right style of text. Within your inventory with Selling Manager Pro 79 ✔ T i p : Before you start using eBay’s file management centre. or thousands.pdf.

pdf) before you start this process. To apply a rule to a listing or product. • schedule your listings. and • re-list continuously whether it sells or doesn’t sell. Now that you have created your product and/or listing templates in SMP. then click ‘Assign’. On the next page. . To import or upload your new listing templates. click ‘Inventory’ under ‘Selling Manager Pro’ in the lefthand navigation of My eBay. select which rule you would like to apply. choose ‘Assign automation rules’ from the drop-down box. To the right-hand side of each of your listings. The rules available enable you to: • keep a minimum number of listings active at all SMP_FMC_User_Guide. Click ‘Browse’ to find the relevant file on your computer. you can assign automatic rules to each listing. you can save an enormous amount of time that you’d normally have to spend managing your listings and inventory.80 How to Make Money on eBay here (http://pages. in the file management centre beneath ‘Upload’ click ‘Upload inventory’ in the left-hand navigation. Listing automation rules By using SMP’s automated listing rules.ebay. then click ‘Upload’. • re-list once if an item does not • re-list continuously until an item sells.

• sell a similar item (pre-populates a listing template with the same information so you can edit it to become another item). Under ‘Selling Manager Pro’ in the left-hand navigation of My eBay. using the drop-down box on the right-hand side you can: • change the format of the listing. Managing active and unsold listings SMP automatically groups together your listings. From your ‘Active’ list.Managing your inventory with Selling Manager Pro Figure 7. Click ‘Apply’. click ‘Active’ or ‘Unsold’. Scroll to the bottom of the page to get to the ‘Listing automation schedule’ then select the dates you would like your automation suspended. depending on their status.5: Automation rules 81 If at any stage you wish to suspend your listing automation rules. simply uncheck the box and click ‘Apply’. To change at any time. • assign new automation rules. under ‘Selling Manager Pro’ in the left-hand navigation of My eBay click ‘Automation preferences’. .

and it’s worth getting to know what each of the time-saving features are. • re-list. 2 Search for sold items within certain store categories. or • re-list as store inventory if your item was auction or fixed price. • add to the description. SMP also allows you to manage your sold items conveniently in one place. Figure 7. From your ‘Unsold’ list. you can also add notes to the listing for your own information. There is a lot of functionality on this page. The ‘Sold items’ screen allows you to do the following: 1 Search for specific buyer email addresses. Often the postsales process can be the more time-consuming aspect of selling on eBay. and • end the listing early.6 shows the ‘sold items’ screen. Managing sold items In a similar way. using the drop-down box on the right-hand side you can: • sell a similar item. so it is important to automate as much of this as possible.82 How to Make Money on eBay • revise your active listing. . Using the buttons at the bottom of your list. or save the listing to your SMP Inventory. Remember that checking multiple listings will allow you to perform a lot of these functions in bulk to all selected listings.

h whether the buyer has completed check-out. After checking the box next to the relevant listing. f sale date. g number of emails sent. f send it to your archived folder. change the item to: a payment received. . d format.Managing your inventory with Selling Manager Pro 83 3 Look for all listings that are awaiting payment. or j add a note. b print packing slips/invoices. g download/export the listing to your computer. or c payment received and posted. b record number. Click on any of the hyperlinked headings or the symbols to change the order of your sold items by: a picture/no picture. Change the time period of sold items to look at. After checking the box next to the relevant listing. b posted. c buyer ID. e re-list the item. e total price. h revise the actual postage cost of the item. 4 5 6 7 awaiting postage or paid and posted. d sell a similar item. i save to your inventory. c leave feedback for the buyer. choose to: a email the buyer. i paid/unpaid.

l feedback left for you by the buyer or not. or g mark posted (if the item has been paid for). c print packing slips/invoices. Click on the item title to see the actual listing. Click on any of the symbols to view the sales status and notes for each listing.84 How to Make Money on eBay j posted/not posted. Click on the price to see transaction details. k whether you’ve left feedback or not. d email the buyer. b view the sales record. 8 Use the drop-down box to: a sell a similar item. or o your custom label. 9 Click on the record number to see the buyer’s details. and when. 10 Click on the buyer ID to see the buyer’s 11 12 13 14 15 feedback profile. Click on the buyer’s email address to send them an email. f send it to your archived folder. n whether a buyer has accepted a second- chance offer or not. transaction details and notes. . e re-list the item. m whether the item has been re-listed or not. Click on the number to see what emails you sent the buyer.

or • the buyer has paid for the item and left you positive feedback.Managing your inventory with Selling Manager Pro Figure 7. and choose to do so when: • the buyer has paid for the item. In essence. ✔ T i p : Being a great seller and providing great service means recognising what a buyer’s obligations are for each sale. . It is therefore advisable that businesses that want to be seen to be providing outstanding service automatically leave positive feedback for buyers on payment. all a buyer is contracted to do once they buy from you is pay for the item.6: Managing sold items 85 Leaving automated feedback for buyers SMP allows you to automatically leave feedback for your buyers when certain conditions are met. You can leave a random comment from a list created by you or eBay.

Check the ‘Automatically leave the following positive feedback’ box. under ‘Selling Manager Pro’ in the left-hand navigation of My eBay click ‘Automation preferences’. as they’re generally off-putting and don’t enhance your business reputation. Don’t use CAPS and don’t use punctuation marks to make images like this. Click ‘Apply’. To automate sending emails to buyers. ✔ T i p : Make sure you brand your feedback with your store name or seller ID. Check which of the automated emails you would like to send. You can store up to ten positive feedback comments. You can change your stored list of comments by clicking the link on this page too. * * * *. under ‘Selling Manager Pro’ in the left-hand navigation of My eBay click ‘Automation preferences’. Bear in mind that some buyers elect to receive automated end-of-item emails from eBay. so be careful not to inundate your buyers with communication. and . The email templates within SMP are fully customisable and can be individualised for your buyers.86 How to Make Money on eBay To automate leaving feedback for buyers. then choose which option you would prefer. Double-check your comments for spelling errors and make sure the message is professional in tone. Sending automated emails to buyers SMP also allows you to send automated emails to buyers—drastically reducing the amount of time and effort required to provide outstanding service.

• payment reminder. • item posted. . Check the boxes if you would like to include payment information and your cross-promotions (highly advisable). Once in the email template. click ‘Apply’. On this page. and • feedback reminder. adding more professionalism to your communications. The auto text insertion box (see page 88) allows you to insert item. you can also edit each of the various email templates by clicking on the ‘Edit xxx template’ link. • payment received.and buyer-specific information into your emails so that each one appears individualised. if you have a store you can choose to include your store header.Managing your inventory with Selling Manager Pro 87 whether you would like to have a copy of the email sent to you. Once you’ve selected which email you’d like to send. Email types include: • winning-buyer notification.

and for your records. click ‘File management centre’ in the left-hand navigation of My . It is therefore advisable to export your sales information and save it to your computer for future reference. To download your sales history or other files from SMP.7: Automated text email Downloading your sales history and other SMP files A successful business should keep track of all sales and buyer information.88 How to Make Money on eBay Figure 7. SMP only stores information in your ‘Archived’ folder for 45 days after a transaction ends.

). ‘Sold’. choose which type of record you would like to download (‘Active’. ‘Archived’.Managing your inventory with Selling Manager Pro 89 eBay. Then beneath the ‘Downloads’ heading. click ‘Create a download request’. etc. On the next page. then click ‘Save’. .

But once there. and visit your store before the other 79? Market your brand to your customer demographic—if you’re selling electronics. On eBay. of other eBay sellers. because eBay spends millions of dollars every year to bring people to the platform. a lot of this hard work is done for you. you will be competing with hundreds. it’s your responsibility to make your listings stand out above and beyond everyone else’s. On eBay. Imagine that eBay is one gigantic shopping mall and you are one of 80 electronics stores. and a great way of doing this is by using an eBay store. 90 . or if selling baby items your image could be tailored to new parents. your image could be a tech-centred one. How will you make customers notice you first. if not thousands.Chapter 8 Branding and marketing All successful businesses spend time and resources creating a brand to attract and retain customers. remember that unless you are the only seller of your type of product. and marketing to get it known.

• Drive buyers to your custom URL.dll?CancelProductSubscr iption& In addition to these benefits each store level is assigned a different fee structure. Basic store ($14. How can I subscribe to a store? To subscribe to a store. buyers can click through to your area of eBay to see everything you have for sale.95 per month) • Showcase all your listings in your storefront. Subscription levels There are currently three different subscription levels for stores. See the Appendix for more information. au/ws/eBayISAPI. 1. ebay. go to: http://cgi3.dll?ChangeProductSubscription& productId=3. promotions and special marketing features. If you need to close your stylish and strongly branded store to attract as many buyers as possible—it’s about making your eBay name as professional as you can. Store owners should take the time to create a dynamic. so it’s important to choose the best one for your business. . in one branded area of the When you open a store.Branding and marketing 91 What is an eBay store? Stores allow you to display all of your listings together. with all of your selling policies. go to: http://cgi3. It’s like having your very own website on eBay.

and one for ‘Manage my store’. Alternatively. under the ‘Account’ tab at the top of My eBay you will find a link to ‘Subscriptions’. you will get access to the design and functionality of the store via My eBay. • Use ‘Merchandising manager’ to cross-sell your inventory on your bid and check-out pages. Designing your eBay store Once you have subscribed to a store. 2. • Prime positioning in the top-level directory pages where you have items listed. Featured store ($99. • Featured placement on the eBay stores home page. Anchor store ($499. plus the fol owing: l • Cross-selling of your store inventory on all your listings pages.95 per month) Get all the ‘Basic’ store benefits. • Premium placement in ‘Related stores’ sections of the ‘Search and browse’ pages. In the left-hand column of My eBay you should see a list of shortcuts down near the bottom of the page. • Priority placement in ‘Related stores’ sections. which will take you to the right page to edit your eBay .95 per month) Get all the ‘Basic’ and ‘Featured’ store benefits. 3. plus the following: • Showcase placement of your logo within the eBay ‘Stores directory’ pages.40 for 30 days.92 How to Make Money on eBay • List in ‘Store inventory’ format for as low as AU$0.

Branding and marketing 93 store. click on ‘Display settings’. find the ‘Manage my store’ link to take you to the ‘Manage my store’ menu. Figure 8. . The following information is for using existing eBay templates to create your store. To begin. jump forward to page 101 to the ‘Custom design your store’ section of this chapter. If you want to create your own eBay store from scratch using HTML (a language used to design web pages).1: ‘Manage my store’ link In the left-hand navigation under ‘Store design’ are the various options you have to change the layout or design of your store. Under ‘Active subscriptions’.

2: ‘Manage my store’ menu .94 How to Make Money on eBay Figure 8.

Store name First of all. The name of your store will influence the URL (or website address) .3: Basic information 1.Branding and marketing 95 Entering the basic information Click on the ‘Change’ link on the right-hand side of ‘Basic information’ to create the basics of your store. create your store name. Figure 8.

✔ T i p : If you go to Google. appliances. 2.’. cutlery. Your keywords should be ones that regularly get used on internet search engines. if you were Aideen you might write a description like the following: ‘Aideen’s Homewares is your one-stop internet shop for buying everything to do with your home—kitchenware. Your store will also influence how people find you when they search for particular products on Google or other internet search engines. Choose from this list the terms that best represent what you sell. google. . Go to www.96 How to Make Money on eBay of your store. . Remember to include any brand names that you sell. you can find a list of the most frequently searched terms by category. but don’t use any that aren’t closely aligned with your products or else you’ll waste the traffic coming to your eBay store via search engines. or the past twelve months. Consider using a name that reflects the kind of products you sell. crockery . For example. Store description The store description also influences internet search results. for example. Imagine you are describing your entire business in one or two sentences and that people will visit your store based on what you tell them. such as ‘Aideen’s Homewares’ or ‘Jeffrey’s Tools’. .au/insights/search/#—you can search over the last 90

Figure 8.4: Theme and display .Branding and marketing 97 3. scroll down to the ‘Theme and display’ section. etc. Once you’re finished. the logo should be pleasing to your target audience and should ideally include your store name and logo and/or branding (colours. and apply design colours. Store theme and display Now you’re back on the ‘Display settings’ page of ‘Manage my store’. Here is where you choose the layout of your store. style. Store logo Finally.). choose an eBay-designed store logo. or add your own (it must be 310 x 90 pixels in size). click ‘Save changes’ at the bottom of the page. Again.

For example. if you want to create your own theme and design from scratch. Store theme Click on the ‘Edit current theme’ or ‘Change to another theme’ link on the right-hand side of the page. eBay gives you twelve colour themes to choose from. For new store subscribers this will say ‘Create theme’. Click ‘Save settings’ at the bottom of the page to return to the ‘Manage my store’ menu.98 How to Make Money on eBay 1. read how to do so under ‘Custom design your store’ on page 101. Remember. • Categories: shows either the categories you have created for your store or the categories you have listed your items in on eBay. Click on the ‘Change’ link on the left-hand side to alter your store settings. Left navigation bar settings Back in the ‘Manage my store’ menu. you can now choose which navigation options you would like buyers to see when they come to your store. Categories allow . giving you the opportunity to create a truly unique looking eBay store. • Search box: enables buyers to search for particular keywords when they come to your store. 2. black may not be the best colour if you’re selling girls’ clothing! Clicking on ‘Edit current theme’ will allow you to slightly alter your chosen template’s default colours. Choose the design that is best aligned to the type of product you are selling.

Branding and marketing 99 buyers to browse all like products in your store without having to conduct a search. By clicking ‘Change’ (see above) you can enter additional text. you may have a sale and want everyone to know that it is 25 per cent off all items. • Buyer display options: allows individual buyers to change the way they view items in your store (changing to ‘Time left’ or ‘View by pictures’. buyers can use a product finder (also known as item specifics) to narrow down their searches within your store by product attributes. etc. you can also choose which eBay header you would like buyers to see at the very top of your store. 3. colour. do you want them to see the full eBay header (which allows buyers to browse the entire eBay site). such as size. Here. • Product finders: if you have a ‘Featured’ or ‘Anchor’ store. For example. type. pictures or navigation buttons to help your buyers find their way around your store. Or you may wish to announce the release of a new product. Store header display At the top of every store page you create is the store header. For example. for example). if you have them within your store (more on this on page 101). or promote certain features. • Store pages: allows buyers to navigate their way to your other custom-made pages. or the minimal header which removes this functionality? .

Buyers will only see these categories once they are in your store. if you list everything at auction.100 How to Make Money on eBay 4. For example. Choose the option that is best aligned with your business model. Store categories From the ‘Manage my store’ menu. Additionally. or eBay’s category structure may not be as comprehensive as you need so you could create ‘Blue T-shirts’. Item display The ‘Item display’ feature lets you choose the default way your buyers will see the listings within your store—a choice between ‘list’ view or ‘gallery’ (picture) view. ‘Newly listed’. in stores you have more flexibility. etc. highest priced. and they are designed to help them navigate through your items more easily. eBay stores allow you to create up to 300 custom categories. you may choose ‘Lowest priced’ or. you can also choose the default sort order of your store listings—ending first. ‘Ending first’ would be the natural default. . to push your latest inventory. click the ‘Store categories’ link beneath ‘Store design’ in the left-hand navigation. While for every item you list on eBay you choose an eBay category. However. ‘White T-shirts’. or newly listed. you may wish to create a category that collects together ‘sales items’. For example. lowest priced. if all your listings are bargain-oriented and fixed price.

Custom design your store From the ‘Manage my store’ menu. or continually change your categories—both will only confuse prospective buyers and likely result in fewer sales. as well as special promotion pages. To add a category. for example). and delete ones you no longer need. rename categories. eBay gives you seven basic custom pages to choose from—including ones that showcase your items. If you’re unfamiliar with HTML there are many books and websites that can help you. you need to know HTML (a language used to create web pages). To do so. without using any of eBay’s predesigned templates. This is also where you can create a new store page from scratch. you can also add selected custom pages to your store. allow additional pictures (perhaps of your warehouse. click the ‘Custom pages’ link beneath ‘Store design’ in the left-hand navigation.Branding and marketing 101 ✔ T i p : Be mindful not to overwhelm your buyers with too much choice. simply click ‘Add category’ in the top right-hand corner of the page. Here you can also reorder your categories (although keeping them alphabetical is highly recommended). Aside from the standard layout and store page that is covered in previous pages. and once you get the hang of it it’s not very difficult. Use store categories to logically arrange your items in a way that buyers will find simple to use and that will guide them to the most relevant products. Most designers and .

You can also edit. every store should create a FAQs page.102 How to Make Money on eBay design agencies know the language and can create a dynamic. enter the code into the ‘1 Text Section/HTML’ field. Consider questions such as: • What are the postage costs? • How can I contact customer support? • How long does it take to receive my items? • Can I pick up my item? You can continue to add to these as more questions are asked by your buyers. easy-to-follow language. To create a unique HTML page. you have the ability to display promotion boxes on various pages. Store promotion boxes Throughout your store. Promotion boxes are an ideal way to keep buyers within your store . The number of custom pages you can create depends on your store subscription level. strongly branded web page for your store. and select which page will be the one buyers first see when they come to your store—known as the store homepage. Enter your questions and answers in simple. Frequently asked questions Finally. Click ‘Apply’ at the bottom of the page to save your designs. These are common among most websites and anticipate your buyers’ frequently asked questions. delete and hide (deactivate) your custom pages within this area of ‘Manage my store’.

You can use ‘Guided setup’ to apply default promotion boxes. or click on the ‘Create new promotion box’ button to design your own. 2 Link to other parts of your store (such as FAQs or trading terms). Next. click ‘Save’ to send your promotion box live. but you can edit these at this step. Click ‘Continue’. 3 Impart general messages to your buyers (such as payment information or links to signing up to your store newsletter—see page 107). And finally. First. From the ‘Manage my store’ menu. The three different types of boxes allow you to: 1 Advertise items (choose products that are newly listed. choose the type of promotion box you would like. Repeat the process to create more. Then decide where your promotion box will be located on the page. This is also where you give the promotion box a title. Remember that retaining your buyers is one of the keys to making money on eBay. click the ‘Promotion boxes’ link beneath ‘Store design’ in the left-hand navigation. define the box’s content and colour. and your store should promote all aspects of your business professionally but let the products remain the true stars of the show. Note that the colours will default to those chosen by you when you created your store. . and which pages it will be visible on.Branding and marketing 103 by showing them more of what you have to offer. or on sale). ending soon.

and select the other elements you would like to include such as logo. And that’s the whole point of listing on eBay. sell more items. The more traffic that comes to your store. Listing frames show up in all your items on eBay—so every time someone views one of your items. the more cost-effective it is to run. click the ‘Listing frame’ link beneath ‘Store marketing’ in the left-hand navigation. build buyer loyalty and.104 How to Make Money on eBay Bring more buyers to your store Listing frame If you have an eBay store. ultimately. . Click ‘Apply’ to add the listing frame instantly to all of your current and future listings. choose which parts of your store you would like to display within your item listings. or ‘traffic’. and the more opportunities you have to extend your brand awareness. From the ‘Marketing tools’ menu. search box and. one of its primary objectives is to keep attracting potential buyers. click the ‘Search engine keywords’ link beneath ‘Store design’ in the left-hand navigation. ‘Add to favourite stores’ link (which allows buyers to find you again easily from within their My eBay Favourites). Search engine keywords From the ‘Manage my store’ menu. they will see your store logo. store header. store categories and links to your other store pages. Then. most importantly. from the ‘Listing page’ options.

For each page of your store. you have the ability to add up to six search engine keywords. It is also advisable to use words that are synonymous. enter up to six terms or phrases and click ‘Save’. Do not repeat the same word. which shows you the most common searches for terms similar to what you’re looking for. as this is viewed as keyword spamming and will be rejected by the search engines. ✔ T i p : A great idea is to check out Google’s ‘Adwords’ feature. HTML builder Create attractive links to your eBay store to use within your eBay listings. that more people search for the term ‘eBay books’ than they do ‘eBay book’? Find the tool at: https:// adwords.Branding and marketing 105 This feature will help buyers outside of eBay find you when they are conducting searches on sites like Google. for example. and refer to Google to find the most popular searches related to your It is imperative that you use only keywords that are specifically related to the products you . or off eBay on sites such as Facebook. and remember that it can take 30 days or more for search engines to find your pages. The importance of this feature cannot be underestimated. Click on the ‘Edit’ link next to each of your store pages. Did you and those sellers who use it most effectively will gain a real competitive edge. My Space or even your own website. Try to be specific about the products you are selling.

they should be able to find the products you have for sale—it’s all about marketing your brand at any given opportunity. From the ‘Manage my store’ menu. and considering all of that exposure is for free you have nothing to lose. listing feeds allow your store to be found and viewed external to eBay.106 How to Make Money on eBay Wherever people can find you online. If you advertise your store on Google or on shopping comparison sites such as http:// au. an advanced link (more attractive design) or an off-eBay link. make your listing feed choices. .au. then click ‘Apply’. that is a small investment to make given the potential increase in traffic to your store. click the ‘HTML builder’ link beneath ‘Store design’ in the left-hand navigation. Though this will take you fifteen minutes or so to set up. then choose whether you would like to link to a particular item. To do so. RSS feeds allow certain buyers to subscribe directly to your store content and see whenever it gets updated. Listing feeds: bring more buyers to your store from outside eBay Like search engine keywords. Next. one of your store pages or a search within your from the ‘Marketing tools’ menu click the ‘Listing feeds’ link beneath ‘Store marketing’ in the left-hand navigation. you will need to provide files that are constantly Choose whether you would like to build a simple

For example. you need to create a mailing list. Just think of the possibilities of sending highly relevant and appealing emails to everyone subscribed to your database. if every one . You get 100 free emails per month. you may create a ‘New release’ mailing list.Branding and marketing 107 Now that you have designed a professional. appealing store and helped to ensure you drive as much traffic to it as possible. For simplicity. Before you can send an email to buyers. Customers who have a positive experience buying from you will want to return. it’s advisable to only create one list and fill it with items that are the most appealing at the time you send the email. or an ‘Items on sale’ list. You can create up to five different mailing lists for your buyers to subscribe to. click the ‘Mailing lists’ link beneath the ‘Email marketing’ link under ‘Store marketing’ in the left-hand navigation. it’s time to turn to other store features which will assist you in retaining customers. with each additional email costing just one cent. As mentioned earlier. this is one of the key levers to eBay success—retaining your customers and keeping them engaged. and it’s a fundamental of business success that retaining loyal customers is cheaper and easier than attracting new customers. From the ‘Marketing tools’ menu. Help secure repeat business Mailing lists eBay stores give you the ability to email your customers free of charge. When you consider just how many sellers there are on eBay.

once a fortnight or once a month is what to aim for. As a general guide. but remember not to inundate your subscribers. Email marketing From the ‘Marketing tools’ menu. Click ‘Create mailing list’. depending on how regularly you change your product offering or prices. It’s best to send irresistible eye-catching offers less frequently than it is to send run-of-the-mill offerings every day or week. You have the opportunity to create up to 100 emails each month.108 How to Make Money on eBay of them had five mailing lists to choose from. . then click ‘Save’. type in your appealing mailing-list name. 2 Ending soonest: orders your items by the time they are due to end. Click the ‘Create email’ button. Step 1: Decide what type of email to send You have the option of creating six types of emails to send to your buyers. 1 Welcome email: may be sent to new subscribers. buyers would be inundated with emails. It is also advisable to hit them with a special offer on sign-up to keep them engaged. click the ‘Email marketing’ link under ‘Store marketing’ in the lefthand navigation. The secret here is to name your mailing list in a way that will attract buyers’ attention and lure them in. ‘Collectable books’ and ‘Hard rock CDs’. If you sell vastly different types of product it is advisable to create a different list for different product types—for example.

• Showcase view: shows only large pictures of items for sale. This is important for brand consistency and building buyer loyalty. Choose from the following layout options: • Showcase and gallery view: shows some large pictures and some smaller pictures of your items for sale. • List view: shows what you have for sale in the same list view as appears on eBay. • Text only: write custom messages to your buyers. 6 Custom email: create an email with any content you desire. • Gallery view: shows smaller pictures of items for sale. click ‘Continue’.Branding and marketing 109 3 Newly listed: orders your items by the time they are listed for sale on eBay. 5 Items on sale: promotes discontinued products. • Custom: use HTML to design an appealing and professional-looking email. . Step 2: Choose the design and layout of the email Remember to keep the design of your email the same as the design (colours. themes) of your store. 4 Previous purchase: sent only to buyers who have purchased a certain number of items recently. Once you have chosen your layout.

Email subject lines generally make or break their success. • Under advanced options. • Choose which items to feature in your showcase (if you have chosen the showcase layout). • Decide whether the email will be sent on a recurring basis and whether to send more than your limit of 100 per month (at an additional cost of one cent each). as per page 107). Learn from some of the emails you receive from other companies. remembering to keep it succinct and professional. You . as buyers tend only to open those with an appealing title. • Choose whether to show your store header (more on this on page 99). • Choose how many (if any) purchases your buyers need to have made in the past 90 days to receive the email. • Enter a personal message to your buyers. ‘Books for sale’ is not as appealing as ‘Massive clearance sale! All books up to 80 per cent off’. you can choose to send to subscribers based on how long they have been on your mailing list (you might want to send a one-year anniversary email to say thank you for their loyalty. for example). and make the tone of your communications consistent with your store’s image. or send to subscribers based on how they have responded to emails in the past. • Enter your subject line.110 How to Make Money on eBay Step 3: Choose who will receive your email and add the content • Check your relevant mailing lists (you will need to have created these earlier. For example.

Branding and marketing 111 can do this manually by adding one item at a time from your current list of items for sale. • Choose how to display your item list and how many items to include—they will be chosen automatically depending on which type of email you send (‘ending soonest’.) • Choose whether to display your seller feedback within the email—a must-do if you have 100 per cent feedback. Pending/sent emails If you have saved an email as a draft. and that your email looks and feels just as professional as any you receive from a large retailer. Make sure you have chosen the best title and the most appealing products. Step 4: Check your email Carefully check your email for spelling and grammatical errors. Click ‘Preview and continue’ or click ‘Save draft’ to come back to the email at another time. or ‘Save draft’ to return to it later. ‘newly listed’. friend or family member check it too—make sure it’s perfect before sending. which can be . ‘Send email’ to send. Click ‘Edit email’ to make changes. Also choose here whether to display them horizontally or vertically. etc. it will appear in your ‘Pending emails’ list. Let a colleague. or have them chosen automatically at random. or an email has been programmed to be sent in the future.

✔ T i p : You should always keep a record of the performance of each email you send. From the ‘Marketing tools’ menu. number of bids/purchases that eventuated as a result of sending the email and number of clicks on the email. Here is where you can also block certain subscribers so that you can retain control over who signs up to receive information about your latest offers. Managing subscriber lists You can view all your mailing-list subscribers in one place. and optimise the title. number of emails opened. click the ‘Subscriber lists’ link under ‘Email marketing’ beneath ‘Store marketing’ in the left-hand navigation. Click the ‘Pending emails’ link under ‘Email marketing’ beneath ‘Store marketing’ in the left-hand navigation. . layout and offering so that each new email outperforms the last one. There is no point spending time creating these emails if you do not intend to monitor the results they bring.112 How to Make Money on eBay accessed from the ‘Marketing tools’ menu. you can easily duplicate messages to create similar ones. Remember. only the ten most recently sent emails are displayed. Once they are visible. and view the results from the emails you’ve sent. Click the subject line of the email to see statistics such as number of recipients. It will take up to a few hours after you send emails for them to appear in your ‘Sent emails’ list. so transfer the results (and examples) of each to your computer before they disappear.

Branding and marketing 113 Promotional flyers When you purchase from a major retailer they might include a promotional flyer in the shopping bag. From the ‘Create flyer’ options. Remember. . • using a border with your store’s colours or one of eBay’s pre-designed themes (make sure you stay consistent with your overall store branding). Next. From the ‘Marketing tools’ menu. ✔ Tip: Only send flyers if you can print them in colour—black-and-white flyers just don’t cut it and are likely to cheapen your brand. as we mentioned earlier—it’s more cost-effective to bring a buyer back than it is to find a buyer who has never purchased from you before. making your items look less appealing and thereby doing more harm than good. click ‘Create promotional flyer’. you have a choice of: • which components of your store’s design to include in the flyer’s header. • current items to display in an item showcase. • including a concise. professional and appealing message. This is also a form of brand awareness and helps businesses build a repeat-buyer base. click the ‘Promotional flyer’ link beneath ‘Store marketing’ in the left-hand navigation. but usually the bag itself and the receipt will include the company’s logo. Promotional flyers can be printed to be included within the package you send to your buyers.

If you have a 300-word returns policy. click ‘Save settings and print flyer’.114 How to Make Money on eBay • current items to display in a list view. Your flyer will be saved in the ‘Promotional flyer’ section of ‘Marketing tools’ for you to print again whenever you need it. such as ‘support a new local business’. • Take them with you wherever you go—you never know who you might meet who you could turn into a new loyal buyer. make sure you check it thoroughly for spelling and grammatical errors. • including one or two of your promotion boxes. and even include a call to action. such as returns policy or payment instructions. When you’ve finished reviewing it. or edit before reprinting. Again. (Only include customer-friendly information here. . • Do your own letterbox drop to generate more local business—make sure your flyer includes the fact that you’re local. you’re likely to turn prospective repeat buyers away. Consider using the flyer in the following ways: • Include one with every item you send to buyers.) Click ‘Preview flyer’. for example. You can print immediately or save it and send it to a professional printer if you do not have a good quality colour printer. • Ask local cafes if you can leave some on the counter. and • including additional information.

• choose a start and end date for the sale. Then click ‘Create sale’. Remember that. and clearly marks them for buyers to see that they have been reduced. • decide which listings the sale will apply to. Sometimes. . and decide whether to include free postage. pointing out your value by way of specifying a percentage off or similar will attract more attention. click the ‘Markdown manager’ link beneath ‘Item promotion’ in the lefthand navigation. medium-sized store on eBay. From the ‘Marketing tools’ menu. Once you have done this you will need to: • create a sale name for your records (buyers do not see this). and • choose to automatically send an email to your subscribers to inform them of the sale. though you may be a small. Markdown manager allows you to reduce the price of your store items. click ‘Create your sale’.Branding and marketing 115 Other marketing tools Markdown manager Perhaps now more than ever. buyers are looking for great value. your price needs to be competitive. so unless you have unique items buyers cannot find anywhere else. you are still effectively competing with every retailer (whether online or not) in Australia. • choose either a percentage or dollar value discount. or select individual items yourself by clicking the ‘Select listings individually’ link. Once you’ve completed all the information fields. You can choose specific categories.

Choose items from one of your own store categories or from the categories they’re listed in on eBay. they may be completely unaware that you also sell phone covers— unless you specifically point it out to them. you should open yourself up to a little bit of healthy competition . Promoting similar items: encouraging healthy business competition If you’re a confident business on eBay. Cross-promoting items Never miss out on an opportunity to cross-promote your items to prospective buyers. if they don’t purchase right away they’ll be missing out on an irresistible bargain that won’t appear again for some time. a selection of your other products. Here. in their minds. Click the ‘Manage’ button to create or change your cross-promotion rules. for example.116 How to Make Money on eBay ✔ T i p : Sales should be used sparingly. If they’re searching for a mobile phone. We’ve all walked past those rug shops or leather stores that permanently display ‘Sale!’ signs. or buyers who bid on or win an item. They tend to lose their ‘call to action’ by permanently appearing to be on sale. click the ‘Crosspromotion’ link beneath ‘Item promotion’ in the left-hand navigation. you can also change the default order of your cross-promotions and delete them. Here. From the ‘Marketing tools’ menu. you can choose whether to show buyers who view one of your items. Sales should create a sense of urgency for buyers so that.

From the ‘Marketing tools’ menu. and how they will be sorted for the buyer. . Favourite seller top picks Some buyers choose to see their favourite sellers’ top picks either within My eBay or via email. Bear in mind that other sellers’ items will also appear on some of your own pages. If automatic. at the bottom of the page click ‘Edit criteria’ to choose whether your items will contain specific keywords. You have the opportunity to promote your items with other sellers’ similar items within certain eBay pages and emails. most appealing products and best service will usually win.Branding and marketing 117 from some other sellers. even better. or those recently listed as sale items. click the ‘Promote similar items’ link beneath ‘Item promotion’ in the left-hand navigation. It’s excellent additional exposure and. Buyers can choose to receive emails weekly. From the ‘Marketing tools’ menu. come from a particular category and be within a certain price range. Those with the strongest branding. or manually select specific items. bi-weekly or monthly. Click ‘Apply’ to save your settings. This is another opportunity to show your buyers your latest and greatest products. click the ‘Favourite seller top picks’ link beneath ‘Item promotion’ in the left-hand navigation. Choose to automatically select from your list of items based on the criteria you specify. it comes for free.

Write your message and choose from the drop-down list of auto-text options. Choose whether to display your store logo and whether to add a custom message. Smart businesses use these to help promote their own brand. These are known as end-of-auction emails. From the ‘Marketing tools’ menu. the item title. which is sent to those who have opted in to receive an email about how to pay for an item. click the ‘Change’ link on the right-hand side of the page. clicking ‘Insert’ each time you want a new field added. click the ‘Customise end of auction emails’ link beneath ‘Logos and branding’ in the left-hand navigation. item price. The body of the email can include a number of auto-text options from eBay. . All these emails sent by eBay are generic and contain general eBay branding.118 How to Make Money on eBay Using your brand on eBay emails Customising end-of-auction emails Some buyers opt in to receive emails from eBay when they have won an auction or purchased an item. such as the buyer’s name. and so on. Customising invoice emails Another type of email sent by eBay to some buyers is the invoice email. Next. What this means is your email will be populated with relevant facts based on the actual listing. The email has a 2000 character limit and is free to send to all buyers who opt in to receive the end-of-auction email—more free exposure for your brand and yet another opportunity to retain customers.

Remember to be professional and concise. Next. Then click ‘Save settings’. Or worse yet. thanking your valued customers for their ongoing support throughout the year. Holiday hold Imagine going to one of your favourite shops only to discover it is closed. you can make your store items unavailable to buyers and/or display a holiday message within your store/in all of your listings. and add your message. then choose where to display your message. and if you plan on being away from your store for an extended length of time you need to let your buyers know.Branding and marketing 119 From the ‘Marketing tools’ menu. . and so on. you buy from an online store and don’t receive your item after three weeks because they’re on a beach somewhere. click the ‘Change’ link on the right-hand side of the page. There is no sign to say why. click the ‘Feature list’ link. From the ‘Manage my store’ menu. then click ‘Holiday hold’. Most businesses close down over a holiday period. Communication is the key to keeping customers happy. the door is just locked. Choose whether to display your store logo and whether to add a custom message. Check the ‘Turn holiday settings on’ box. nominate whether buyers will still be able to purchase your items. During this time. click the ‘Customise invoice’ link beneath ‘Logos and branding’ in the left-hand navigation.

How do I subscribe to Sales Reports Plus? There are two options for subscribing to Sales Reports: 1 The basic Sales Reports program is free to subscribe to. They are an efficient way of summarising your monthly accounts and cross-checking them against your own paperwork to ensure you have captured everything correctly.99 per month (the first 30 days are free) and offers more advanced analysis. including sorting information by category. 2 Sales Reports Plus is $6. and includes 120 .Chapter 9 Optimising your success eBay Sales Reports Plus Sales reports provide you with a basic financial snapshot of your listings and sales on eBay. format and buyer counts.

Once you have subscribed. Note that Sales Reports Plus is free for eBay store subscribers. • average sale price per • number of ended items. . • number of items unpaid for by buyers. To view them click ‘Archived reports’ in the Sales Reports Plus left-hand navigation. • comparison of this month’s sales to the previous three months and percentage growth. • number of ended listings. All of your reports for the past 24 months are automatically archived (both monthly and weekly reports). • number of sold items. To subscribe.Optimising your success 121 the ability to download information. then ‘View my reports’. and • eBay subscriptions you began or cancelled. • summary of eBay and PayPal fees paid.ebay. your reports will be available within My eBay by clicking on ‘Subscriptions’ in the left-hand navigation. What information does Sales Reports Plus show? Sales Reports Plus aggregates your sales history by individual weeks (the most recent four weeks) and by month (two months prior). Information in the sales summary report includes: • total sales in dollars.html. go to: ducation/ e learn-to-sell-sales-reports.

On the next page. click ‘Manage my store’. and what products your buyers are most interested in. . scroll down and on the left-hand navigation under ‘Reports’ click on ‘Traffic reports’. You can also print the report by clicking ‘Print’ in the top right-hand corner. This will help you understand how to optimise your store in search engines. ‘Ending day’. click on ‘Subscriptions’ under ‘My account’ in the left-hand navigation of My eBay. you get access to free reports that show you where your buyers are coming from. then click ‘Continue’ when it is complete. These reports are provided by Omniture and you will need to sign in again (using your eBay user ID and password) to get access to the reports. ‘Ending time’ and ‘Duration’ reports include the same information as above but broken down by each of these differentiators. or click ‘Download’ to export the report to your computer. ‘Sales by format’. and how they are finding your store. On the ‘Manage my store’ page. Traffic reports If you subscribe to an eBay store.122 How to Make Money on eBay Information in the ‘Sales by category’. How do I find traffic reports? To find your traffic reports. Wait for the report to download.

You can choose to see the current month. click on ‘Trended’ in the top right-hand corner of the page. Reports can be printed directly from your screen. click ‘Range’ next to ‘Calendar’ in the top left-hand corner. or downloaded in Word. unique visitors and total visits by day. and which keywords buyers used to search for and find your store. It provides invaluable information around products. • Site traffic: shows total page views. HTML or CSV formats. or use the calendar in the top left-hand corner to see the information correlating to individual days. weeks or months in the past. PDF. which search engines people used to find your store. prices and general trends on eBay. Excel. To view a report covering a range of dates. Marketplace research by Terapeak Terapeak is eBay’s market research tool. Most of this information can be shown by rank. homepage views and most popular pages for the current month. visits. or trended over time. • Finding methods: shows which site people were on immediately prior to visiting your store. It highlights the drivers of buyer demand and helps you determine the most . To see trends.Optimising your success 123 What information do traffic reports show? • My summary: shows total page views.

95 per month to subscribe to Terapeak with optional add-ons. how buyers find them and how their shop is merchandised to optimise sales. The four basic areas it covers are: 1 products.124 How to Make Money on eBay effective way to list your products.ebay. 3 categories. on the other hand. 2 sellers. What information do the reports show? Product reports can help you identify the best way of selling particular products based on keywords in the item In essence. such as ‘Hot searches’. that is what Terapeak can do for you on eBay. can track your competitors’ marketplace_research/. Imagine owning a retail shop and managing to find out your competitor’s best-selling products. . Seller reports. How do I subscribe to Terapeak? It costs $24. To subscribe. Terapeak can help you identify inventory gaps on eBay. this part of the Terapeak tool will prove to be invaluable. every single day! If you want to stay ahead of the competition. go to: http://pages. and 4 hot products. starting at $2.95. stay ahead of the competition on hot products and give you a better insight into what buyers are looking for.

and • the actual listings that match your search criteria. To get started. • total number of listings. choose the relevant eBay site. • percentage sell-through (what percentage of listings ended with a sale). . narrow your search by category (if applicable) and select the date range you wish to cover. • highest priced items. simply enter the relevant keywords at the top of the page. • the most popular format. end price or number of bids. Obsessing about competition will just distract you from the real task at hand—selling as many products as possible. • the most popular time of day to sell these items. • the most popular category. • total successful listings. • average sale price. • total sales (over the time period). • total bids. • bids per listings.Optimising your success 125 ✔ T i p : While it makes a lot of sense to know what your competition looks like. The report shows sales results broken down by: • average start price. • the most popular duration. • average number of sellers per day. • which day of the week had the most sales. which you can order by start price. it is also vital that you balance the amount of time you invest in researching their movements.

searches. It shows: • a list of all items. plus a ranking of how high demand is growing in that category. total listings. What can the category report be used for? This report will help you get a complete overview of the category in which your items are listed. bids and items sold). Enter in the most obvious keywords for your product and the tool will automatically match those words with the most popular terms also used by sellers listing the same product. This is a great opportunity to help narrow your search for what products to sell on eBay. and • top sellers (which can be sorted by total sales. • sales trends. The report highlights: • the category with the highest sell-through rate. successful listings. What is ‘Hot research’? ‘Hot research’ looks at the entire eBay site of your choice and ranks categories. Take the guess work out of using your 55-character spaces in your item title and let the tool do the hard work for you.126 How to Make Money on eBay What is the title builder? Within the product report. products and titles by their success rate. . click the ‘Title builder’ link in the left-hand navigation.

eBay does. This can also be filtered by category and specific keywords. and • a list of the most popular keywords in a title (sorted by their sell-through rate. eBay does not support any particular make sure you change the default eBay site for every search you conduct to ensure you’re researching the correct market. In fact. and there you will .com. bids. grant supporting businesses access to its solutions directory. You can refine this by category. average price and number of items sold). ‘Hot titles’ shows actual listings and the total success of the listing. or by typing in some keywords that appear in your own item titles to see what other sellers use to optimise sales. and any sensible business operator will carefully balance the return on investment with these options. outside of the tools it owns. ✔ T i p : When using Terapeak. average price. globally eBay supports an entire cottage industry dedicated to helping buyers and sellers be more efficient. Most of these tools and services come at a cost. To find out more information. including how many successful items it generated. however. etc. ebay. eBay solutions directory There are literally thousands of tools available to help you optimise your eBay success. go to: http://pages.Optimising your success 127 • a list of the most popular buyer searches on eBay (by category). Generally.

com. • research. • technical services. au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?SolutionsDirectory. and • developers. • listings. • sourcing products.ebay. • inventory management. • category-specific solutions. • merchandising and listing enhancements. • postage. • photo hosting. To see the complete list. • email management. • check-out. • data analysis.128 How to Make Money on eBay find a host of providers in the following subject areas: • complete solutions. go to: http://cgi6. .

It’s a costly and time-consuming exercise. and one that should be avoided at all costs. all bids/watches on those items will be lost and you’ll not only have to contact eBay and take the necessary steps to reinstate your account. all of your listings cancelled or you’re banned from eBay altogether. it is the seller’s responsibility to stay up-to-date with the latest policies and policy changes. legal and eBay policy considerations Twelve eBay rules every seller must know To protect the eBay marketplace from illegal and unfair practices. you’ll also have to go through the process of re-listing every one of your items. As per eBay’s user agreement. If sellers violate any of these rules. If your listings get ended. but below is a list of 129 . eBay has a number of rules in place in regard to listings and sellers. the end result may be that your entire account is suspended.Chapter 10 Tax.

au/help/policies/ keyword-spam.html.html.ebay. au/help/policies/listing-links. 2 You may not include links in your listings to pages that offer to trade or sell goods off eBay or links to subscribe to mailing lists outside eBay. eBay has over 50. is categories worldwide. you may not include dropping cookies. 1 Keyword spamming. are against policy. For a full list see: policies/misleading-titles.html. etc.. For more infor mation see: http://pages. etc. For instance. breaking up the names of common brands like ‘Sass y Dress Bide Now’ for Sass + Bide. 5 Avid miscategorisation of listings. such as when you say a second-hand item is new.ebay. Avoid terms such as ‘like’. 4 Misleading titles. is worth $X at retail when it is For a full list see: http://pages. or using keywords or brand names inappropriately to attract buyers to your listing to artificially improve your ranking in searches. redirects or automatic pop-ups. 3 Limited use only of HTML and JavaScript is permitted in your listings. The simplest way to avoid keyword spamming is to stick to keywords that apply only to your item. ‘similar to’. Examples include ‘like Apple’.com.ebay. so you’re . For a full outline see: is located in Australia when it is not.130 How to Make Money on eBay commonly overlooked policies that every seller must know.

and you cannot use multiple seller IDs to avoid this policy.html. ten black small and ten black medium. Also be aware that you should not allow genuine customers to bid from your own . It currently stands at twenty listings. you can only offer a choice of colour and size. ten red small. For example. 8 Shill bidding occurs when a seller bids on his/ her own auctions. For more information see: http://pages. or has friends do so. ten red 7 There is a limit to how many identical listings a seller can list.html. ‘10’ means you must have in stock ten of both sizes in each colour. eBay does allow similar items to be sold within the one multi-quantity Buy It Now listing.ebay. It is against eBay’s policies to list your item in a category unrelated to it.e.html. For more information see: http://pages. where you list a shirt and advise buyers in your listing that you have matching hats and to contact you for This can be done listing-circumventing. If selling red and black shirts in small and medium (that are otherwise identical) you must specify the minimum quantity you have of each. For more information see: http://pages. 6 Actions that avoid paying eBay fees are prohibited. It is against policy because it artificially inflates prices. which is unfair to genuine buyers. for example.ebay. legal and eBay policy considerations 131 bound to find one that suits your item.

or provides sub-standard transaction-interference. Also.html.html. For more information see: eBay does not allow sellers to surcharge buyers for using selected payment methods. . ebay. au/help/policies/ For more infor mation see: http://pages. The best way to avoid this is to provide as much accurate information in your listing as possible—don’t leave anything to the buyer’s imagination. au/help/policies/ eBay may demote your exposure in search listings and restrict discounts on fees or access to promotions. For more information see: http://pages.html. eBay members are not allowed to interfere with another member’s How to Make Money on eBay 9 10 11 12 computer—eBay has tools in place to monitor bids coming from individual computers. For more information see: http://pages. Seller non-performance is when a seller delivers an item that is not the same as was listed.ebay. For more information see: if your performance drops below an acceptable standard.html. This includes offering to sell an item off eBay or emailing another seller’s buyers to warn them against buying from that seller. Such costs should be built in to the item price. You are not allowed to add GST on top of the item price—all prices must be inclusive of GST.

the ATO will audit eBay sellers and contact eBay directly for a history of sales and the necessary documentation. ✔ T i p : Important changes made to the site that could impact how you sell on eBay will always be made at the ‘Announcements’ section of the There is no avoiding this. for you must ensure that the buyer can receive the item within twenty days of payment. Businesses of a certain sized turnover. From time to time. so the best advice is to ensure you are complying with all tax laws and policies from the outset. located at: http:// www2. if you want to list an item for pre-sale.html. legal and eBay policy considerations 133 For a comprehensive list of selling policies on eBay.Tax.ebay. may be required to register for GST.shtml. or may need to have an Australian Business Number. Further information can be found at the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) website.ebay. . refer to the information and links at this page: http://pages. You should definitely bookmark the page and check it on a weekly basis to ensure you do not miss information that may require you to change your selling practices. Tax implications Any business or individual considering selling a reasonable amount of items on eBay should speak to a professional financial or tax adviser to ensure they are complying with relevant laws and procedures. For example.

• lock-picking devices.134 How to Make Money on eBay Prohibited and restricted items As a seller. can open a whole minefield of legal considerations. Legal advice Establishing your own business. Furthermore. au/help/policies/items-ov. you are ultimately responsible for ensuring that your item is allowed to be sold on the eBay site. consulting a lawyer at the outset could save you considerable time. Among eBay’s restricted and prohibited items are: • Aboriginal art and artefacts. • weapons and knives. For more information go to: http://pages. should a situation arise that . even if you’re starting small from your own garage. • police-related items. Additionally. so seek legal advice on anything you think might be considered questionable. • used clothing. • electronic surveillance equipment. and • wine and alcohol.html.ebay. and contravening its policies may end in your account being suspended. eBay has an extensive list of items that are on its prohibited and restricted Rather than be perturbed by these hurdles. money and stress in the future. illegal items may end in prosecution. you are responsible for ensuring the legality of any item you sell. • food. • human parts.

• contracts for product supply and/or delivery. It is standard business practice . speak to your insurance provider about the best options available for you. and • business law. After all. theft and damage. commitment and money into your eBay business. and • insuring yourself for loss of income. Insurance Before commencing your eBay business. among others: • insuring your stock to protect from loss. which means that if you breach any of them you may be suspended from the site—effectively ending your business overnight. it is advisable to thoroughly read eBay’s user agreement and privacy policy. by becoming an eBay member you have agreed to be bound by eBay’s policies. Some considerations include. • if operating from home. legal and eBay policy considerations 135 may have been avoidable had you known the relevant law or statute. eBay’s user agreement Before you begin investing serious time. but are not limited to: • employment laws. You should seek professional legal advice before undertaking a business venture. • superannuation laws. increasing home and contents insurance to cover your eBay salesrelated assets.Tax. Some things for you to consider.

136 How to Make Money on eBay (and commonsense) to ensure you read. au/help/policies/privacy-policy. The good news is you’re not alone! eBay has a multitude of assistance available and it can all be found by visiting the ‘Contact us’ page at: http://contact.dll?ShowCUPortal&_trksid=m38. Where to get help From time to time. There are links to both at the very bottom of every eBay or keep a lookout for mention of them on eBay’s discussion boards. any user agreement before agreeing to its eBay does not officially endorse any of these groups. you will undoubtedly need some help getting your head around how eBay works. You can find these boards at: http://pages. ebay. but they can be found online. Its privacy policy can be found at: . Some professional and amateur groups of sellers have also formed to help each other.) eBay also has discussion boards where sellers and buyers meet to offer advice and tips and to discuss eBay-related topics. html?_trksid=m38.ebay.html. eBay’s user agreement can be found at: http://pages. (There’s a link at the top of every eBay page. and fully au/ws/eBayISAPI.

In summary. • Compete with other sellers on price. and use the right strategy to lure as many of your buyers back to your listings as you can. The most successful eBay sellers are those who approach selling on the site with a business mindset. 137 . Take a realistic. service and marketing.Summary There are no secrets to being successful on eBay. which means you will achieve the price you need to maintain enough profit to recover all of the costs associated with selling on eBay. • Do your research to ensure there is adequate demand for your product on eBay. • Use all of the marketing levers available on the site to boost your selling profile and make your products appear irresistible to as many buyers as possible. practical approach to selling. here are the main points: • Ensure you can secure supply of your products at the right price.

You could spend hours or days reading through pages on the site. On the other hand. If there is a key to success. it’s knowing what you need to know. Within one year. Learn from other sellers. Be selective and choose those topics that are most applicable to your business. only to find they are not applicable to your business. there could be crucial information you’re missing. . or teaching yourself new things. and knowing what isn’t so important to your business. and that you are abiding by them. learn more about your business by using one of the research tools covered in these pages .000-page manual. you’ll know 50 new things. In the past I have referred to eBay as a 10. Try to teach yourself a new part of eBay each and every week. Try selling overseas. but there is no reason for any seller to understand every single aspect of its operation. . try listing at auction if you never have before.138 How to Make Money on eBay • Make sure you are fully aware of all of eBay’s rules and policies. experiment with different selling strategies on eBay and test your pricing. which could mean the difference between moderate or fantastic success. Take opportunities to meet other sellers and learn their tips for selling success—you’ll be surprised how many view eBay as a community and are willing to help you along the way. • Continually look for ways to improve your business model—source new types of products. . It is a complex site. Look at how they promote themselves and find ways to do it better.

while you’re selling. . and what you make out of eBay will depend on the effort you put in before you start. and after the sale is completed.Summary 139 There’s no need to pay thousands of dollars on courses designed to make you an eBay success. As mentioned in the Introduction there are no guarantees.

99 AU$400. eBay only made changes to its Buy It Now format and retained auction pricing at the same level it has been for longer than the past four years.99 AU$20. go to http:// pages. For a full table of all of eBay’s fees.50 140 .99 AU$1.ebay.00–AU$19. eBay Australia announced that it was changing its fee structure to assist businesses by lowering upfront costs and thereby reducing the risk of listing large quantities on the site.99 AU$50. There are now four different types of pricing on eBay Australia.00–AU$49.00–AU$399.75 AU$ AU$2. 10 day durations Insertion fees based on start price of: AU$0.50 AU$0.30 AU$0.99 AU$100.50 AU$3. 7. and up AU$0.01–AU$0.html Non-store subscribers Auctions—3.Appendix eBay fees In September 2009.00–AU$99.

01 .00) 5.25% of the closing price 5.01–closing) Over AU$1000.00 plus 2.50 Final value fees based on sale price of: AU$0.00AU 5. 10 day durations Insertion fees based on start price of: AU$0.5% of the remaining closing price (AU $1000.00–AU$399.01–AU$1000.50 AU$0. 7.00 plus 2.99 AU$20.01–AU$0.01–AU$75.75% of the remaining closing price (AU$75.00 AU$75.eBay fees 141 Final value fees based on sale price of: AU$0.75% of the remaining closing price (AU$75.01 Buy It Now—3.30 AU$0.5% of the remaining closing price (AU $1000.50 AU$3.01–AU$1000. 5.75 AU$1.99 AU$1.00 5.00 plus 2.01–AU$75.25% of the initial AU$75.00–AU$19.00 and up AU$0.75% of the initial (AU$75.25% of the closing price 5.99 AU$400.00 AU$75.01–AU$1000.01–AU$1000.75% of the initial (AU$75.99 AU$100.50 AU$2.00) 5.00) plus 1.25% of the initial AU$75.25% of the initial AU$75.01–closing) Over AU$1000.01–AU$1000.99 AU$50.00–AU$49.00–AU$99.01–AU$1000.00) plus 1.25% of the initial AU$75.00 plus 2.

Buy It Now—3.10 Insertion fees are charged as a flat single fee.30 Anchor store AU$0.00) Featured store 7. Final value fees are charged per item.9% of the closing price 7. 10.01– AU$1000.01– AU$1000. auctions are charged at the same rate as non-store subscribers (above) but Buy It Now is charged at the following rates. 30 day durations Basic store AU$0. Basic store AU$0.01– AU$75.4% of the closing price 7. 7.01– AU$1000.4% of the initial AU$75. regardless of start price or quantity of items within the listing.40 Featured store AU$0.01– AU$1000.5% of the remaining closing price (AU$75.00 plus 5% of the remaining closing price (AU$75.00) Anchor store 7% of the closing price 7% of the initial AU$75.9% of the initial AU$75. 5.00 plus 3.00) .00 AU$75.142 How to Make Money on eBay Store subscribers For all store subscribers. based on the sale price.00 plus 4% of the remaining closing price (AU$75.00 7.

20 each) and ‘Gallery plus’ for AU$0.5% of the initial (AU$75.01 7.95 7% of the initial AU$75.00 plus 4% of the initial (AU$75.01– closing) AU$499.5% of the remaining closing price (AU$1000.5% of the remaining closing price (AU$1000.49).95 7.01– AU$1000.01– closing) AU$99. normally AU$2.59).00 plus 3.00) plus 3.00) plus 2.95 Subscription fees for stores are charged monthly Store subscribers also get additional fee benefits including ‘Free gallery’ for Buy It Now (add a photo to the search results.00) plus 3% of the remaining closing price (AU$1000. ‘Free additional photos’ in listings (normally AU$0. usually AU$0.01– AU$1000.01– closing) AU$14.9% of the initial AU$75.00 plus 5% of the initial (AU$75.eBay fees 143 Over AU$1000.4% of the initial AU$75. .01– AU$1000.99 (adds a supersize picture to the search results.

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