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About The Horrors of Death

By Adam Weishaupt

3) (fter it Mr fig / Cossn "dey please the me as one of the first, if not as the very first Illu, niinaten in Bavaria to make known to; after the superiors of the Illumina »ten alsGottesverläugner, materialist, Epicurean, Morals and Tugendverder "presented to the: st it seems to me to be very useful that I Publi» cum from my inner conviction of the near teach, and his evidence before our eyes, put on what it "may Thelle judged me, in how far I Be this "apology deserved or youth to a Verderbnlß gemiß needs of manners." My little book on the materialism and Idealisinus without world would indeed be able to do the lumni Ca 'away from me: beygedruck "A" t " ter paper can perhaps serve nähßr, the convict he provisions of this to that principle of this type ln my whole Denllmgsart Seyen intertwined. Dabey can also script the Beschuldl "these conditions by the doctrine of suicide and other implements significant Innzich then, explain the near ten. Also on my political principles, I hope the Pooh "blicum ln a similar writings no less fully valid justification for the" submit inst. Meanwhile, may the advance he provisions of this conjecture for, how far those principles which Cosan, dey including its annex, and the Illuminati as my Grundsäze given by, in a more logical and systematic "Malian head tolerated with each other, towards or in some way be reconciled. On the terror of death. A philosophical question. iL ^ <^ N) of the center of wohlgerathenen Kim countries, on the side of a faithful beloved wife, Bey good forces of the body, free from physical evils, "seen with all NotlMendigkeitenof life, often so "even in haußlichem superfluity,

honored by his friends, he serves well all be protected against "enemies, because he offended no one in the change of a virtuous life and ungekräntten reputation, durchwan" hundred of the honest man this earthly race, "Hahn worry free and cheerful, finds" uf all "his ways flowers sprinkled j finds that the nature of this blessed with condition no such impossible Bedingnisse connected that such is not as good of all if "at least by the majority of the A z Vten " People can advertise achieved if they the voice of passion and imagination less, but the more diligent and faithful to a colder deliberation and reason are inclined to follow the demands. - This is taught to limit his desires and not be impossible "to consume," would the other this way, the day of his journey just as freely decide to care. His whole life through fun would be over, "Weighing 'r arrive in quantity with him, and his state of the enviable status of a" dignified be bliss. But unhappy with the small, quiet domestic pleasures, blinded and deceived by the follies of the well, through the glittering and noisy life of those with which we are at the "walk of others, Wohler eager Every other to excel jealously, insatiable acquisition egg in "it" very expendable Etgenthüms, proud and inflated sense of their own power over baö lusting after the increase of power and Herr Rule, is outraged us Einoilbungs "in virtue", takes the place of it about, stunned and repressed reason pushes us false pictures and ideals among us makes impossible things possible, and very accessible than before, returns to the view from the, what we enjoy the hospitable, "it ends, and our attention there," point / where we still lack so much and brought us through this comparison against our current, permanent, less dazzling goods insurmountable disgust and revulsion. In this way peace will undermine the nsrer days "; discontent and unrest torturing Tretten in her place, in our own designs and create Anstallen which we hand" payments to irritate Thatennnb before us the consequences that gleichgegründelen other claims, " the so experiencing resistance, along with the proper ratio of one way to "create more necessary forces calculated. The dabey prolapsing insurmountable obstacle "Nisse must then necessarily in us the feeling A4 Arouse our sense of weakness, envy and malice to the good will displace natural, violence and "Arglistigteit must be looking for: everything! Good outside us must love his charm, torment and torture us to serve, our enemies have to be in the measure of "several ver, as with the acceptance of our benevolence, and with the rise to" increasing our debts, reduce UNSC friends; Eigcnnuz alone must determine our actions, unwillingness to set up the world created on, and in the end we must Bey so much changed situation and mood of our spirit to our Veeligkeit certain earth as a vale of misery nerscheinen: for we ourselves were the ones by which our conduct the

"pure" they generally enjoy widespread in its first source poisoned Sun - And so is everyone from excessive Lie to «be against even his own Heuke, Pei" Niger and enemy, so he escapes to an un "Ordinary / too much exaggerated, too much about » rampant, unbridled imagination, this Rest of his days, this blessed blissful and patriarchal life, which he by Healing of the reason and expediently » De limit his imagination, and Be " Hordes would inevitably will go. There is more evidence as speaking of "Nsrer perversion and mental deficiency, t "i we bcy such nature of the Sa" 's the only enemy of our peace without us Athens, 'it is evident that we the pros " fights unjustly accused, it is criminal, Barer lack of reverence for God that Mr like mischievous children on the establishment " young grumble de "world that we, at uS 4 "excuse to cover our mistakes and "Nsern desires so as to freely" cover up, all the blame away from us, towards " transferred to an all-wise, allgüliges beings conduct are considered. We, we alone are the ones who so often we receive " en goods hinwegstossen willfully and un " vorbeylassen enjoyed. We are who should believe it? and our worst unversöhy " i A5 Lichens Lichens enemies, for we make us "Mtltelpunct of all beings, for the purpose of all of nature, we exaggerate our research," dcrungen '; we desire, and many un "possible things, and we are by the Vi" genwHrtige to dahingerissen, to look very little attention to the remoter consequences, despised nth the voice of reason, and bequeath "lWgen too much on the increase of our gel," Stes, the insight and conviction of the plan of God and a "wonderful general context of things, consider all dabeu Wellbegebenheiten from a wrong point of view and location, all alone, just in relation to us; fin " the wrong therefore in this Rückficht Freyesque all defective, bad ones inappropriately! therefore need very reason of the author of the whole received the darkest ideas, such as a being before "make us what the misery and the creatures of his gang want to enjoy it, has not loved but feared Will be "Under, and the tyrant of all tyrants, the

b "commands vorsezlich us impossible things to Stoffund opportunity to get unlucky recovery" examination and torture for the future. Upon such notions of the Deity, "on the creation of the world of the future, all of which, necessary consequences of un" Serer exaggerated are self-love, it is surprising not, indeed, if "pleasure misunderstandings and distress among people of the Lord" schenbe state are. of the weaknesses "chung Upper utter destruction of this un" serm pleasure so injurious Vorstellunzen rt depends only whole peace and satisfaction "from the unit. The funds are available, they are unlucky in terms of the amendment, and if they do not recognize but who used "ten: so is our grumbling without cause, then our Leiben freely chosen and wohlver" schulbetes misery.And so far all efforts must be enlightened about the few "ten ways the world's wisdom is even the largest benefactor of the people are regarded as, Yie is what the Men, people practicing "true Vorthelle to" clarify his, and his love unsigned limits the 'net, beyond which the kingdom of Vchmerzens begins. It teaches us the old hereditary enemy of our peace treacherous to stand on guard against this, his treacherous offer to despise him and less power at the expense of reason to gestate "ten. us convinced of the goodness and wisdom of God, of the order and the context and the real working "to create all Vinge. This makes them tear his mask off any evil, and it proves to us that all that action is the best and allervolltommensten cause, just as well and be perfectly ton "ne, that everything exists for our good Sey, that everything on a certain mood of the mind upon certain herrschendgeworde "ne Grundsäze arrive to evils unerschöpfiichen a stock of goods to be found in all. In this way, by his ugliness ugliness robs everyone, and us on the site represents, from which we all Nature Overlook proper care, it multiplies the sources of pleasure, pain ausunsercr banished the soul, and it opens the peace, serenity and joy. Play this torturing of a "bildungetraft Under" are gcwiß the allerenlsezlich sien, the horrors of praise. Before the "phantom of our brain sen bends the philosophy of most people. All the sovereignty of the earth feels a "and the greatest monarch of the world sees spectators' full eyes at the moment to meet with him about his size to separate the" whole territory as a soap bubble away "breathe his, and the Act of Naked remaining people over there versezen to the unknown land in where he is under de "ungehcuern pile Men" between previous like a drop of water in the world "is losing sea, provided it is not such" che accompany acts "that realm of spirits and Plaz outlet, im; dying because there is no king. This, white, and feels he, and returns the look with Disgust

Abhorrence of the subject, whose Et interior, de him from "his dream", "dl" between sovereignty raises. A man who Jammer is contaminated with this die, a thousand, "and a thousand times, niemahls desire to die in the foolish. His whole life is a perpetual death, all the sweets of life to advertise him bitter gall. His fear accelerated, instead of what he fears to be removed. In such a soul can not be a cheerful moment. The terrible image of this tnochichlen Unge "Heuer accompanied him on all the roads and crowded into each of its pleasures. It pillars "Rarely in the air, it rushes in the stream, he finds it his Schäzen Bey, it jumps behind him in his dances, and it depends even on the lips of his beloved. Be "ne soul can never be so pure joy for the way up, that they did not immediately return by the memory of death or poisoned would go out. Such a man is, as long as he lives, the most cowardly and "servant be independent from, incapable of any large great heroic act. Chief who of all that the feared death, has led a life so zufriebners, ge quiet. Sleeping his life more and more common ge Nossen "? who has this fear of the inevitable evils away from? who's there "by courageous, decisive, more? On the contrary, all the major acts from the contempt of death hervorgegan "gen It's even great Bey en Heerlen principle to become a borrowed, temporary right, not as an end but as a means to look at the life, the life right and take care freeman ge "to Niessen. At no time has an excessive "to eng followers of the life of furious flame did stop, innocence beschüzt depressed, for his God, his country, his friends argue, increased Which nth fought for, abysses explores the "bowels of the earth ransacked A , seas, "floating upon, all or part of the world discovered. Not even to excellent Schanbthaten, for highway robbery, he has enough size. Even Even among the animals is his dignity down. The loving nature has them, whether they are with such a fate similar subject matter wohlthälig the stolen property, first to see their destruction, because they're not at the same time Ver "nunft antidote could impart as to reduce the unpleasant impression. You people would have neglected the animals hcrabgesezt among us, if they are in Nothwendigteit rt us "solution to predict, not at the same time this very reason the means dargebo» ten, would have adverse impression to develop "distant it. You indemnify us daben that they are also higher? Prospects dieZutunft in a higher life grants, which they had to hide being, the nature series a Level of of us are in, and that's why they wanted the the Vorhersicht being dissolved rather completely remove animals, as they have anticipating a mist feel let the anger against which they provide no counterweight in the Level of could. could, without the M-tlheilung Ver "nunft through to raise us, and therefore in the great leader of the things a unnölhige and for that

reason, to have an impossible gap. As little disconcerting but after that talk of death in the A> Mn of rational man, has requested so and desires, he must appear to him: (for Wel "cher mortals should not often long for peace?) have so much in contrast "Cheil histerror seizes the most people. Therefore, well philosophy teachers' re the fun and dr is bliss, and without contempt of death this happiness, no one reach can: so ha 'ben all students and the modern age wave "life sen this to a long, ongoing consideration of death made taught us / him boldly in the eyes Tretten not to shy away from his sight, but dealing with it by approaching to make familiar. Even tcmn no one on this high title of a true sage founded "lay claim to pray, as long as he does not whole of B soul is genclgt, nature, and without guilt Mmren chle zurückzuzah "len joyful, and every minute and ready provides hlcsen Stay Cleaning. hieyieben just to read out. sen and Seelig hinüberzuschlum zones "in chambers. From the Leelemuhe, from the Right "bright of mind throughout all n, the true disciple of wisdom are eltannt. And thou that this high name of Christ "in most ways and love to claim makest, you let it be said, as long as you uu" are still quiet / the envy feelest / before the terror of death erzitterst, as long as you tich still angry, and not the art ver seest, from all the incidents of "Le bens draw pleasure: so long as your wisdom Glückseeligteit both weak and incomplete. These are so weak, it still very many, and to the shame of Ver nünft "Weltweieheit must own their prayers," he "despised only teach what so the untrained thinkers, the lowest servant and Scl ^ ve often mtt, such indifference and Unerschrockenhett "bear. Therefore deserves but "also an issue of philosophy, of all the speakers in the world, with more strength and emphasis to be treated as common to us from cowards to firm and unshakable, godlike men To recreate. It looks at the bodhi unstrs mind. From this alone arise our pleasures and our well-being and this will be arranged according to our desires, and we win then no desire what does not and will hint of nature is God, then who is " the we of unfulfilled desires are less stable, and no Lchmerz "this life feel that is not our inseparable and therefore nature is present, from as for the preliminary exercise to Absiuffung> to increase our pleasure to serve let him in, because a very painful Freyes Le" the most disagreeable, disgusting life, therefore, an impossible demand would be. Why are people so afraid because dm Death st) much? Where to like the world's sake nevertheless do herschreiben diest absurd, B, 'his to romp in peace, life "to become his own executioner oblong, not just no joy even the slightest to get growing "to, but even about theenjoyment of the present to lose? an inevitable, moment over, "just for that reason did not or barely perceptible evil so long and

continuing to feel and walking? - No reason, "One of reason zel, terms, scarf» cephalograms erroneous, to a bustling, vibrant, "stretched imagination to make us into murderers on our calm, to murderers of our Freuben. If you lead a life to the shame of mankind, to the prejudice and torment your fellow man, and if you force to quell abuse that was given you for doing good: o! bann Martre and whip you all the same, the Ver "loss of this life and the terrors of the future may cenlnerschwerer load on your soul are with you! Then torment and pel "Nige you least das'finstre valley of the To » of; avenging Furies, the cries of the By ' Oppressed and the blood of the Tinted like you place iebem follow on, and tighten the Irion, Sifyphus and Tan "talus, the fear of devils and hell, what else above the pagans" and Christians "thum always schrecknches of pain and thought the streets, above for the Menfchenquaal he "finderischen spirit of the earth tyrant" borrows completed, nm the place of revenge for crimes "with the images enlsezllchsten auszumahlen, ftllen in every one moment of your life represent your imagination, and the joys annihilate your enjoyment. No sophistry erkichterter of reconciliation with God should "calm down, and no Schäze loskau" fen of the punishment which I myself want your waiting your imagination even more erhizen and images you recorded that from all the terror together "nature of mengesezt are, in What is your soul rückschaudern "to 5 myself, if you have done this, you will prove, bass leash his eye," blickliche, in your situation abgebrungene remorse for half a century of injustices "B z ten destroy ten tons, and I myself will get your error, and the object of your torment all the eloquence vetsiär »ten. with you villain, friend of the injustice activity," oppressor of innocence, if you Bey the thought of death erzitterst, so I think this terror very natural, I think they even necessary. But, ehier father, faithful husband, loyal citizen, philanthropist, father and teacher of thy people, whose whole life in innocence and good will passed you who "niebin here, among all the storms and attacks of the disaster, full of confidence in your God and your ge upright conscience "were fought, endured, you that here below as often and as many bitter" real erlilten Un why you zagest? why do you shy and hesitate, this life of yours to throw the shackles and eternal freedom to jump over one in? why are you afraid to reward it, "keep your will schmerzenfteyer to get closer to your creator, in an already foreseen this better? world over to move to escape your pursuers, and as you fly over to where you reach your oppressors "can not, unless" ne long since earned Tight to find fe? O! do for you, collect yourself, sp> ^ rne of you! This prospect must strengthen you very much as if evil "Every weight anal and the depths of his soul must tlänten in and frighten. He is al Lein it, with the Gianni "gene, which Zernichlung soul desire, and his hope must nlchtck sophistry, because

he has everything to fear. He feels that life and its highest emz'g? R Wunsck, so magic 'he abandoned hundred such, he loses everything with such well, and can therefore he wants nothing more vermuchen, will be in vain eloquent than' whether the tner below were all, nature would be exhausted all their Reichlbun u "d V ^ rr ^ lh«> to fall would be wasted, "Ge m. He wants to persuade themselves and others, as if God had created man to be named here down to quae "B 4 len,Kn, as if God is the torment and suffering, no donor and lender of Freu "one of the would be, as if just Born dignity " to theto the happiness of their lei "of others to increase u, to search for Will "Lühr maltreated advertise from wrong. But all three <vang, Bey ben he is anHut, cries from the deepest innersten, ambush sei»> his "soul a distinctive, no kind of oppressive, worrying, mar», overall consistency to voice out that all this to lie to himself, and desire of the folly of vice and the arrogance happy fey, who begrudge their reward of virtue, and more total offense and destruction would like as the increase of suffering and virtue to see wage. This, so he may doubt, wish that was your oppressor. But you, you have here, and bitter persecution ^ defamation of your enemies out below; lush Glutton you have the dei "Ner withheld wages and work under the Schelnunb borrowed the name of your rightful property withdrawn nechte ^ false friends have to Be, "all ten deceived you, and vain Welttinber ha 'ben distinctions Comrade those but so misunderstood merit the fees. Often the sun over your head never dergegangen "and the first needs of tebens you have been wanting to cover your nakedness, and your hunger. The present and future misery of the little babes that has emerged from thy loins, you often cut your heart, and some "unfortunate with ThrHne have your eye on the helpless trembling in. You implored the assistance of many that once in your sunshine warmed himself, and thou hast VER "doors closed and hard heart gefun" the. jeers and scorn, are of help to you to become part instead. With each day you are too new misery he wakes up ", and the whole sleep" llein was a "l'ge, although not always busy part" Bz participants No one cares participants. In a sick body have you all? Torture of the mind and soul of a patient and drank 'adhesive ertraqen stood.But confidence in the, the clothes the lilies, "no for the birds of the field s ^ gt, ttsiee confidence in your. Lord and God, you never "sen aloud; have when everything you gewlcken of, yet alone DCII e soul calmed down, then you have the full Dring dcmcs heart you turned to him and gcruffen: "God! "My father! you made me bitter accidents "ausgesezc, and I am your" Due to your requirement »» walks on. "I have gelhan good, as far as I tonn, '/ te, and me quite so pul" weak forces suffered mean, before "" rules be your after.Your Güle entitled "I, d" of better life, hope to, "because you can ee> want it: or you hear" to be on God,

and all bridges. "Earth of yours de force would" not be compared with sc 's, for you have, "" read even innocent beings created to ^ 7 '.,' '. vsi < "To give it to favorites pens, the NEN for" retaliation you and your Geseze verte ".,, ^ So you, This, which you will learn everything, why do you dash your benefactor, dei <NEN Savior, the death of you that you either your previous painless nothing in returns., or assimilated into the residence of the blessed? Should it be possible Lich "that you by beyben ge" none would fall? You may, however, one or the other want, there remains the dark valley of death the only way to safely get to it. Upper frightens you, perhaps, the Zutunft because you are one of several principles above your innate religion, faith your not fester "Before could convince sufficient? because you object to doubt ge "dares about, truth, people" can unite so little about their?But you got a copyright in this world believe in: you were ready, well, "nd right to act in particular, because this will be, yours and all, so you have to, builds "-like" is advantage! Your whole life you have virtue, and then lived in the investigation of truth. In order "to go lez Tern on this, you have no means' un tries left: were and still are dabey" oll of willingness, everyone can "better" truth States cleave readily. You have nobody scolded them, laughed at that to see his way to yours is not that he promises and sensual "rer rules require closer to the rules, "ten to follow reason, and quite sheep" fen act. You have so many good and practical institutions even found them at least as a vehicle of reason for weaker than paint the Act of Naked Truth, for the ANBE by 're only thinking and through images and folgsa "Who heap as a pointer and to" legal injunction against the aberrations of an arrogant, left to itself Ve "nunst considered, but in so far think / that they are of divine origin, and when various means to end after the same thing as different susceptibility of humans in the universe that has very wisely given context. - And if you Biesse done, why tremble, then why Why hesitate? What can the world "and more Voltsreligion require all to be true religion and to be called? Why should any faith be, as to the conduct of law's sake? If you already have done what every faith and Tsvet "Follow bens is what every faith and revelation only stronger and more detailed, more" pull motives are, to the conduct of the management approach needs to be? - Handle righteous. It was on this shift, "benheit of opinions, the ove ih" ren trailers with appearances, with equal warmth and conviction vertheibigt vertebral / allow your office, your remaining Which "<en, Bey all this lack of necessary aids, in any way the judges to do, od 'contradictions against "standing on uniting, which is trading" to deln but who is indifferent to Glückseeligteit human behavior, perhaps such a completely and for that reason is not contrary to existing and

different origin. After your, not dabey interessirler people reason, "would see, opinions and convictions and God will judge you judge, after what you with this from him you Ver" Hirers forces with this hunger and desire for truth was msglich. So confusing in any way the God of the schools with the God, the Father of the nature of love is all, but people of more than one God of the least and revenge is presented "Schreber, in order then as a mediator between him and his raise creatures, souls of the dependent poor, and the earth achieve their often very secular AK sight to make the Submissive. If you do not fully detailed and positive verse ise think, if indeed your faith 'be, your ideas of God and nothing is pure, your trust in his goodness "Nbe" is boundless: so you must beme on this "solution so few seem terrible, but they hope that you wish Verlan 'complish. Every minute of delay, all good Sun Häl closer united to promote the source, you must torture, be lost. Sckrecken your own, your fear of death are your big "ter and culpable unbelief. It appears that you are still much the oaths hang on, that you God unwerch, and your faith and trust in him shall not lively Sey that your life not to blame and label frey passed by thee, when thou bass even you do not 'd inwardly conscious, more a "stand against the punishment and rejection as a reward desi God to be. Upper where else should this hesitation, fear and Furch »ten occur in areas where you all at a better life Hofnung entitled else? in a state to go over that and just Bffenbahrung only be Tönnes glütlich reason? Why should the Ver 'good on, virtuous man in mind to one left to live, which is full of turbid salen, because it is a foretaste, a preliminary exercise to higher scenes examination of the patient and Beharrlichteit, and opportunity to be on earnings, courts? Would MCHT who would be this life that you so reluctant to see and so want to leave love, only in some tolerable? Or tell me who has not mehrmahls abhors the hour of his birth? How many have even MCHT gezwei, felt, whether life is a Sey Well, if ga "not FTYN would not be better? How many over here not to many incidents de «living the death "ls herreygeruffen their Savior? And yet we find hence distinguish Bebenken of? - Either our incessant complaints about this life are unfair, "who just does not deserve this life that we are about his loss entsezen us, and the tear that on the previous peoples of our friends fall mound should kei »» e tear of compassion, they should be a tear of joy, congratulations on her freedom to save her, l 'm excluded " fought " disputed fight seyw - Seelig and dreyi times blessed derienige> the change of these things> the> "to be missing ngerecht to be a risk of acting unkind to / to be angry, unb other human ailments Sun frühzei" missed important! Everything here is unsteady, and the next day can lahrelanges fortune and glory with the Hrößte eiuemmal destroy "ten: How shark a day too much And this is why his happiness and his honor to survive many? What man is a tiebling so much of that, at the würtlicher Nausea also against all future ge

"guarantees would want happiness? That is the highest happiness Üni the greatest happiness) that they fear so much, so much to lose, and hope to have iveniß. Crown helfeil not a headache, "and the nagging worry is not over the palaces of the Great: If you like sizt with them on the throne, be she glides to rest, and umfiattert their sleeping places, and in their Trsü" men flutters. She gets up with them / and never deviates from her side, for all their LeoM is insatiable in receivables, which are gratified least, full of ore, "miserly designs, intentions, and fruit," loose, failed, dubious, ge "extremely dangerous experiments. Your senses are dull and abgenüzt, and their joy are so rare for us, "they often like" derhohlt for.Therefore, this weariness and disgust, so impotent to ever higher and ledhaftere pleasure to VER "create, so the resulting emptinessof the heart and the head, and the mar ", overall consistency of all state, this earthly hell of the rich and famous - the boredom.Discontented marriages, broken families circumstances of "love affair, fear of poison and snares, grumbling and discontent," satisfaction of the people, the inability to overcome together, are just some of the frequent "gene highly unpleasant incidents, the bright days of our earth gods darken" siern which she Gram verzeh "inward through Ren, and instead to arouse our envy them the object of her compassion for" our . Absezen "Bsezen. All she remembers, she Bass Men "are between, on the nature and benefits would rise up", perhaps some day and "! So hard to fall and more sensitive. Of any one human misfortune, nature has acquitted beakers. What is the most miserable beggar can happen, can the greatest of the earth just as well, "went against. Which monarch has Bliz commanded:" fatal myself, "and the fire did not say:" Burn me not.. "There are even more evil than this general accidents which are peculiar to their stand alone, and the highest and most sensitive degree of human misery seems, therefore, only the higher Menschenclaffen reserved for "ten to us to obedience and thanks," bility inclined, and their stand to make less begehrungswerth. There is Un " Falls, the king feel can one only, and also about an ordinary, for us, located less sensitive evils stronger, more lively and zweyfach to feel our in,. all the tortures of the imagination often "CH z 'yd persistent and insistent to lead "len And This information is a higher level, one requires Kror.e. None of us can thus fall deeply, his case so much sensation " the / With such sadness to remember its previous size, case so often this fear, often and easily foresee so / so much distrust and mat "learn with suspicion, many dissatisfied and misunderstandings," Whole families make so very much with our own and other Se-laden rgen so: so that it truly to Glückseeligteit of ge "hears life, not a monarch, not the Big Earth to be / that admiration Ver 'is more, it wellness h still people there who undergo this burden, and

another good pass away to their rest. Only the private beach alone may impose such Gefoh "ren accidents and save. If a Nero and change monster like him the snares of the malcontents unterlte "gene, and from fear to be killed Pygmalion, Confuses ee night his sleeping place: so that it may well still be" -. sreii attack, and partly as a deserved punishment look, "But if against the life of Titus, the delightof the existing and different sex attack man who liked " the one where Henry IV, France's ornament and pride, of sacrifice is one, must bann life has the best Prince of torment, and be an unsteady life . Hetuba and Priam, and the Croesus mafedonische Perseus, even the usually happy "tion Caesar, the conqueror of Deulschen in the swamps of Minturnum, and Mumpf of Pompljus on the coasts of Africa, Mauritius and Eonradin, the first Carl and Mary of Scotland, and as usual always army of contaminated "succeeded ancient and modern monarch hot like countless that were all from the higher man," classs and have the fate of lead mortals to know everyone. Such serious calamities occur not only in history of Asia and the Byzantine Kaiserchum, but also in ieder € "European Länbergeschichte too often before, when Cz that bass are not the best ruler "to draw attention to their fate and rest of her days were to undermine ^ To Glückseeligteit heard anything more, "Is he high level and exterior of the superfluity of" political goods. For it is an inner state.ability to enjoy, is one of their Grunderferdernisse. TASS all goods and power on earth you gathered be around, but fear and anxiety to eat daben you, your Projecte how invincible fleet of Philip cuffs those women and children perish at your stone, gout, and shooting pains torment others, a hectic fever shall devour thee, and all these pleasures are for you the charm of novelty of losing, and you shall see higher pleasures "new to NEN, and all the power and money can not get with, was to face hearing or" your, reduce to a fall from the horse cause a contusion, a lost limb, or trephine posited to promote "the what help you then ^ ll" .. . these these rich objects of pleasure? If a Socrates to have to drink Gifldccher, s "lost a Cato to the dagger reaches for, and the iüngcre Brutus before he falls within the swath, the Tug.nd doubts whether they Keitt mere name and a paramour" rin of happiness Sey bann: truly life must not be so irritating, then the causes must be available enough that the death in the circumstances Gluck begchrungewerth äusseriichen do best. Then you have ieder his dying on the banks remaining foreigners, even before he the boat in Eharons posits foot, the make order, Aesculap a cock the zuopfern, himself lucky that he developed the all 'is received, and subsequent transportation to them Beyme LAST Handeschlag ask and wish that they experienced a similar soon. In one life, the far greater part of the vast majority of people between the Be, complaints of childhood and the age, the dangerous Aueschweifungen of Iu. gender and the CADALEN of Al male "C 4 Lerse

ters, disease, and passions in eternal alternation of envy, anger <sadness, fear, and agonizing Unge "wtßheit between, between slander and erlit" tenem wrong, between boredom and, then, is a dangerous activity, and lived getheill, in a world where the such large fortunes wait even where mantag "Lich Hauchtet from the pestilential air, the raging of the sea, by. Storms and Ocean, to the fury of the flame, ^ the thunder of the sky /, the crack and Spätren the earth and the raging fear has elements of all, where anbey worst implacable enemy of the people of the man himself, all the poll of snares, Freyhrit so rare / and pressure and prevailing condition of servitude, where despotism and intolerance Re "ligionskriege and civil unrest, and Sicilian Vespers Bartholomzusnächte spawning, and the Prust of the mother not to protect infants, opin "tz? n. with. Fire and SHwerd forced, '^' '' - ^ and, and Crime advertise thoughts in a world where, the professors of the truth, for the friends of virtue chains and prison, for life singing "niff for, scaffold ready see" , Metallgru "ben, galleys, and Bastilles Inquisitlonstnbunalien rip open her throat allverschlingenden Latomiae: because, in that life has apparently every one of the departing before enduring the preference. In such a world it is high time to not hesitate, is frank gates to a port secure against the storms of life, looking back, to this end to the death if it comes, as his Savior, mn "thig, comforted and unafraid to throw in the arms, so as to before, "greater evils at a time to avoid standing far when nature calls from ourselves and from a distance shows the crown, which they intended only the courageous fighter, who among so wiedcrhohlten An. not make it from his body vanished in need and against all dangers steadfastly endured. C 5, or Chief to what end, live guest insatiable begging you to even more distant te "bensjahre? Do you think that the "fen daily with diminishing life forces so rare pleasures of life still catching for you have to advertise that they "had so far? Look at it again this unbehülfsamen old man, this ideal of your desires and Begierben, this mockery of the frivolous youth, the burden of himself NND of all who are around, this Älterthum in a ^ rejuvenated him very heterogeneous world, the sad remnant of a feu < rigen youth, this shadow of a Le "BCnden, these living raving. Look at his watery eyes / in which all the fire of the L bens extinguished, no object differ, these toothless mouth, with the assistance of others just enjoy. Look at how his bent, ailing body of the pit zuwankt, which he should rot in. Did this fool lost Gebächtniß this, swnigkeit of mind, the loss of all body and Secienträfte, diesezweyte child " unit because so very much Charming, passable "rungswerthes for you? Or scy always "out still with good strength, you will, your sole previous world nor the corpses henceforth accompany your new

friends? Turn your eyes to where you want: the former participator your pleasures more are not, you alone are still, your world is no more, she has renewed itself, "expected before the companions of your Iu 'gender, the assistant of your attacks, before" about are your joys, your ability to enjoy is over, you stranger among the people. Go forth, your role is complete. Why do you want to in your place, expect successor, you keep throwing scanty and moments calculated those of you befreuen him completely? and a life of this kind is the object of your wishes? If you now fearful mortal! in this life, nothing to lose, nothing to fear in the future have, here to escape the evil, what is yours to lose to there Hort win everything, if death universal, unchanging, essential Gesez of nature itself, this hesitation is not alone the death on his way from you remove 'net, but perhaps even accelerated, the enjoyment of all pleasures you u "" delicious about and is bitter, too violent Lie "be the life you all, depending on un "sham delay, cht on the lives alone dlch free and independent, and master of nature, to the yacht and when they fear a temporary ^ nothwenbigen just as quickly , general of the nebula. Smallness of your mind, your one ", sharpened mind, of your ungeorb, Neten will and dispirited heart shows from, and if this overwhelming love of life, fair Gotlesverehrung there is pure no, faith and reason is too weak and powerless contribute dabey, thereby man approaching his glorification and union with God widersezt criminal to stay down here, so do tzuf all goods of reason in the future. and and a better world foolish lhut waiver because he does not believe this either, or uncertain about it, too much of the current property known to him the heir is, or perhaps the future as a time and place of torment, and God as even a tyrants and torturers of Ge "represents the right, and if, moreover, that Tob, this evil moment so many much weaker with such serenity and equality of theanticipated disposition, ge "Pray, can tolerate and even challenged," Ken! why man hesitates then that of A "is challenging, reason, by certified law sheep, senheit unb virtue? reason why people seems less and less bright than ambition, melancholy / Vaterlandslie "be, fanaticism) Distress? Why is the soul against all the best as sensitive / irritable of the people against such a "cold UNV chief Vetherrlichungsmittel not merely indifferent, why they shudder even before belil Built"! of death return? We fear the death, not because he is in the reason terrible and grooving "terlich's eyes: we fear him because he us from our most tender youth uon even timid, inexperienced or dabey inleres" Sirte educators, and instructors under false "between terrible images were presented. These paintings are uneducated and untrained soul of our early and too profoundly impressed, they are our skills, to become a

necessity. With these images, reason has now our fight. You have our soul by frequent how "to derhohlung seized much as that it the later arrivals, the reason such a long and quiet bestsse "nes property so willingly abtretten should the reasons. Alone, through long, sustained, often wlederhohltes, years wiederhohltes thinking of counterarguments come long as our spirit to his rule, and in this way ton 'new first impressions weakened those who « the. the first year, our first '' He screwdriver are Our the true author of so un " "He" reasonable torment; with others better, us in our youth beygebrachten reason, "we would face sazen Ren Bey adolescent Jah" death with such great determination, when we marry green with the mere name. In the most tender youth, when the heart and head are still unspoiled, and "the good as well as bad impression are open, should the courageous, steadfast detractors of death advertise formed. From this most tender youth to advertise more about their own experience and through "plug saving of instances with the mere sound of the death of ideas associated unpleasant, the only torture the living are, of Wel "respond to all the dying person feels nothing, which he had just by the escape death itself. The "picture of this ses ienem or dying, the friend of our heart, her fear, her prayers and entreaties, and Handeringen; this dissatisfaction, we felt her death bey, the emptiness of the soul, which, through the so plözlich under" break " ruptured habit to live with her, talk ZII, managing to draw pleasure from her, we were in, our stay) you ignore> the loneliness of Oerterj where they now lack, and not come back / this weeping and wailing of the returned ^ Army pool; The former gloomy tone of the funeral bells) together with the cold, stiff body, the so its residents lost even, and the pitiful corpse song, and sent down "ken the dead body in the Finfterniß of Grabher and the dull, echoing shovel throwing the first earth / in the grave prevail ^ de solitude, and the roar of un; srer imagination borrowed fear HÜlssosen reawakening soul goes inun with together suddenly oeh the very name of deathproceeds with all these things that we Bey our Hinschel " the will feel ever> we darken our Heitersien days from these Forms ", and the imagination we posit hideous monstrosity together The former, which we in the death imagine, before this picture our" Brain Brain and our imagination, we shiver and tremble. The reason is the unwillingness and shy from, "with which we leave this life Ver," no other than with which we move to a foreign country, above our former, long-lived, though left us even unpleasant Heymath. It is the indignation and disgust, with wave "chem, the Lapps and Greenlanders by his reindeer from his dim and cold sky, and separated from his eternal night, and sees vetsezt in beautiful and

wonneoollere parts of the world under one mil <bern clime. It is the abhorrence with which we old, ingrained prejudices, and he Grundsäzen "of even the most misidentified innate" NEN renounce religion of our ancestors and we are committed to improve.Once taken, the human mind a certain course, to go through a certain number of specific ideas used: so we decide to improve themselves not without D without disgust and abhorrence. So long habit the evil reconciled with and make familiar, and pleasantly displeases that if the transition is striking. Only the passage of time and how frequent "derhohlung including a familiarity with the new object reconcile us with such a build a new ability to make us the forgotten age, and we can easily foresee that we will one day this subject from our displeasure with the same aversion would remove. In this way we are evil rt even necessity to advertise, and a better Znstand to torment. Habits "living unit to bind us with the Eklaventetten nn unfortunate life, and" we have so reluctant Ver such as the galleys "stlav of Richelieu his oar. We have the stable life, it's not nearly at the thought of death. We have forgotten that we wanderer on the earth find that Hnser stay down here is short and temporary. We consider rt our goods, "as external parts of ourselves that accompany us everywhere. We know that without it the enjoyment of the sorrowful and miserable life is, and suspect the death that separates us from eternal, who "cause misery de same one. From this forgetfulness of our mortality to review designs and manufactures our plan, which will remain unfinished, because they "rei's over our years to come, and more difficult," Ren the transition into a life where our forces occupy higher things here, "and all the bustle of the heir child's play to herabsezen. This concern is still left behind for our rejoice "en and children. Grief that nothing nüzt to both parts of the separation more difficult than this, is sapping our soul. We forget that we find it again soon; bass all the way to walk yet, have thesame vorauegehen ft we, that God will provide for them, that they can no evil happen that is not God in the merger "D" han » hang this universe arranged for their own good. . This little known even Urs ««'s are us about it, what are the departure from this earth more difficult. This we abhor the death. But this revulsion is not an effect of reason, he is the child of prejudice, of passion, Ge "and habit of unreason. Yes! dear friend, if you clean up in the realms of eternal peace sleep over will, then you will most certainly your wife, child, "parents, friends" at a time; your irbischen major title, rank, wealth, your palace, manor houses and gardens , leckerhaften meals and soft resting place, along with political influence in your losing your eternal. Your client and your followers are still bcy Leb 'times, when all doubt how "dergenesen disappears over your, your

housed" rising sun to turn back, and to gather your successor, who rises from your ruins. The illusion will disappear, and jump for 'nes pass the happiness, and you will feel that you are a Sole hülfioser leave, art and people. From dem.ll n what you here about other levied " the, follow you, nothing of your wide Länderbefizungen to visit the sites you are no longer part is when your body is necessary in order to decompose it, and your frequent attendants can give you to nothing further "ter serve as your funeral VER" beautiful to. - A vanity, the more you feel will not soon be one of the larger, more cheerful appearance will surpass that your are only a few days long in the memory of the people he "will keep most, if not you have your good deeds and benevolent continuing to "a lasting Denimal organizer in the Ge "Müther your contemporaries and descendants built men", or even completely icder earth soil centnerschwere curses of the unfortunate people by you descend gently down on your corpse with .Yes, certainly, D 3 This, This, all zucück remains, just as you nakt and weak from the womb of your mother's side "taken, so from everything just left, stripped and robbed of what people think of you made, you will be in the mother earth zurük "the return lap . But are these the last lez. States and highest good of the people? Why do you need of them, if with you to "just need the dies, which makes them worthy and necessary geworten you? When the curtain falls for you and your fabulous, below is completed here, at least let the scenic splendor of the new actors borrowed it back, the fate that now your on stage calls Staite. Instead take your good deeds and the tears of the nobles with. Piping to be alone with you your new Heymath facilitate the inclusion in, and a sol "'s guest, with such a retinue to be happy forever the gates of itself create a. Unternimm something forever yours, what and eternity away from you can not allot. And what is so much of you, than you do, than the outer ments "and Enlwitlungen your powers, when the inner perfection that you bought down here? Let those at your back "due envelope, along with the trinkets, which they versialtet, the maternal inheritance and the army of fools, all the better Verken" the NEN. That is your spirit soar ousglbilde "ter in Engeltleid to the heights up where no virtue is misunderstood, unb ieder camphor obtained his reward. To "sen, the price can and will you keep it there all," what new requirements for "your countries, what you goods of the earth corresponding" sable and makes disgusting. But if you can seriously believe that without this all Hierseyn with the whole miserable scy future, if you can believe, though very limited deme glory down here whether of Zoeck you but the creation "telpunct With i" o! I built you a lot.Stay at least your own tormentor, and

It would be great injustice if you do not torture for punishment with all your "on your own gicngsi of damage to your v-rderbten imagination hence. But you collect, return to yourself: what holds you back in the shackles of life? "The preparation for Tob" is preparing to Frcyheit, and he who has learned to die ', "has forgotten how to be a slave. "What's stopping you with death to make you acquainted? Why are you there yet? Or is this all you people so unexpected and unavoidable Worfall new? What is on the whole wide legacy that was to remind should not you? Every moment you can think of what happened to you must once. No time, no place, no class and no age insure you against. The death hides behind like roses, and he lurks without mercy from iebem angle on his prey. The whole story is to say, a dictionary. tionary of names of people who wa " reu, REN, and no more. We ourselves are dying daily, hourly, that is not what we were. You die for every moment that comes, and death only reached the value of your Ge "of birth. The pleasures of youth are unlucky and we are divorced from them. lan "ges long life is death. Look around you! Where are the big and white, men sen of the older world? Where are your parents, benefactors and friends? where DCME children? where the friend of your "heart? - preceded, dahinüber" gone where no one comes back / all waiting for yours. You miss them, but still, you, what you mourn. There you'll get at one time in the company of all the great, noble man , with the "te your previous favorites, see. These are the existence of their new guest welcome, you with the "wedge Herrlich and this new life be" make known delights and will be with you later friends he left behind Antunfcoemer, D 5, wait Wait to you watch over them, "perceive as their suffering audit" Supposed Fung, preparation for future Herrlich. Sey part, they will rejoice with you that they will be called part misfortune to the future to make vivid their desire to teach them that for being higher origin down here no continuing Statte Sey, implying for higher " heee Ecensn are created, because God knows nothing of favorites, he unjust, its value with all the harmony and order would be very imperfect, w? nn righteous to eternal misery of a single achievement. tion of the purpose nöthwcndigcs highest credits, it would because no one against drive can "Uebcl, from the non Besserseyn and greater happiness for the apparent "germinates suffering, because in God's creation, no one is created to the black one to be countries with" and then vcr forever to go. Not man alone, all that is around you must, do to your own mortality he " . Remember Everything is with you and all of us the same fate Subjected. Even your goods have grown old with you and approach you with tcr frailty. Again, this shady tree, the boy as you ge <Sow,

under whose shade you young 'ling than loved, and as a man rested, is no longer what it was. Only a few years, and the tired hikers shelter has lost that which it against the burning Mitlagshize, and against the Ungestümm the sky so willingly ge magically anonymize <. , You I, bst in a new city, a new human race under: for the men of your youth are gone, replaced human figures are getretten new, and the companions of your youth are with you grown to be men. The most beautiful, most prosperous cities of the "peculiar times are vo left upper destroyed, and the farmer driving the plow through the plains, where Troy stood. Hardly a trace is left of it. The power of Assyria and the size of Alexander's are here, " out, all the kingdoms of the ancient world are ver disappeared, the whole surface of the earth is changed, nothing is of particular in its previous location. And thou, pale moon, and thy starry, and even you, life, nature, allerquickende sun. " Although it goes under, and appears again in rejuvenated form, and never finds the "selfsame nature again, and you also never see me once again, but never quite come ye back when sameness! You will even know that you too should take the "once fate. That the" lloerzehrenbe time you tear from out your fishing that your shining disc publishers. Will see if the whole material Na. ture goes to pieces. - And you alone, miserable mortal. " you alone you wonder if the Herbey autumn comes, and herabstürmt your leaves? You alone are proud enough for you, you're so dermal like to request an exception to the general fate of all beings? Even these so frail build your body, together with along with the everyday experience, and from it so universal and immutable ago, "vorleuchtenden Gesez nature should the lack of higher reasoning in del" ne mortality remember. But habit of living "diese.Ge this to every one man. sons so natural self-love, including the present "from emerging granzenlosen, unnaturally" accounts receivable, these seductive images of a by Tobengeprang em "psrten imagination we posit to ourselves in conflict, natural make as bright and loud calling voice is not audible and inaudible, tear our reason with him gone, and we narrowed the vast magnificent view. Knew the people with confidence, the glory, so that their life is waiting for, the earth would soon be without inhabitants, and instead dje Men, "people with their inevitable fate of this close-known, would have a lot. more eloquence her art and strength, "ke use, and to ra 'between curb zeal to do the impatience, and by the Be ' acceleration of their dermal Sun Ver "hated death hold back. Have you, timid "mortal, forgotten, or never considered, including the" ses life, why is this death? - Did you forget that this life down here before "preparation, court, to taste dcr" tunft Sey? Have you forgotten

that it is in ie "the people living situations are certain - even in the greatest arrogance of the happiness they are rare one not, and each may own heart question be whether, and how often they experienced them, and how he daben be "Fund-layer, where, to our displeasure, all united, where all views on welfare disappear, where real or imaginary misfortunes strike blow comes on, when the whole Thatigkeit our soul falters, where friends and against" standing in front of us flee, and we as an island in the world are themselves immense, and only by storms, accidents, contempt "and failed device designs, through the bitterest, most lively grief and Verbruß nor the rest of the world together "with menhängcn where rt animal nature with such a deafening roar calls that Ver nunft" and completely verstum »men Wellweisheit? There, in these situations, the idea of a God and avenger of his "were oppressed balm into the bleeding wound, where death is the herveygcruffen and languishing longing looks forward, where he appears as a sleep as calm for the by the torments of life fatigue "pray wanderer, as Frey place against the oppression, hope for the poor, healing for thesick, the transition to a better life, Introduction to higher world knowledge, approach to its author, a tribute to mankind that necessarily "diges, purpose Fortrücken on the large heads of all beings, Stillesiehen apparent saving, deliverance from the prison "NISS, gate of freedom, returning to his Heymath, sealing the triumph of life and nature. What is he to you there, in this situation seems, he is in fact also except 64 »»»»»»»»»» ' except them. But the frenzy of thy happiness you crazy the Sehepunct, and has forgotten that in you, and Basic "estimate of the higher goods that he" endures ge, for he Giebl more than he takes. - O man! you are part of high doses become! But unable Hofnung, or the means to keep in fear, and you alone certainly reason to be leading by one, you abuse it shamefully. You are all wisdom and bliss, geschafftn Teit, and your whole life is folly, unrecognized advantage, and homemade torment. Know then, and remind yourself often, very often because: Sterben.heißt Gescz meet it, to which we are all born, to die is large, broad walk the street on which incessantly ge "urges" crowd, since it is living beings, and giedt distinction of classes, the High on the side of the lowly, the rich man in the company of and Untertrü "cker arms at the side of the Uncerdrückten, without pride and contempt for the place of their Be " Determination to go. Death is, worse nature against better changed "a one countries, earthly shell of himself throwing his, transfigure to a higher life her" in action. Dying to say, society fools Wohllüstlingen, slanderers, unjust judges, haughty, ambitious, eigennüzigen people read out "the sen, to deal with all noble souls, great minds,

with the race in an inseparable connection "to unite our worthiest dung. - He, "caused derTobver that our life is not to torment and punishment, and he is us as the greatest benefit to the complaints of the "given life and he gives to the patients' health unit, and the sufferer strength. He is the prisoner from his chains "takes the one that repealed balance like" Her, manufactures and sovereignty and differences of class hinwegschafft all, he "take care that we children of the same father to us as subjects of a single master feel like. He is the corresponding nor no mortal, "E gan" received, which the greatest men of the so indifferent Älterthums bear, so many wanted, some faster, so many people too weak, yet only yesterday your servant, your maid, so maiestatisch despised. No appearance of the immense nature of Maiestat and size to compare with him. My whole nature fall into currency movement and fight, all the powers of my body working to its destruction. - Now tear at once all the bonds of this life, and this body is still there, fühlloß and cold, but I'm away-. I am going away, leave everything behind, can dispense with all that what the world hates himself, envied, pursued. I will search everywhere and - "measured ver; will only recognized by my absence for the one I was, am still ge 'presence by my deeds. It wants me back, and wants it to "What else Würbe in this outlet! - And entrancing, only if God descends on the storm, or orders the south wind, evil evil to collect vapors and entire Erb, dashes to distribute! - Every flower must wither at once the life to bow iebcr pride, weak feel strong Each and Every great descend and shake, Every crown! There broods a Mon "arch in sleepless nights over the fate of entire nations and Tob sneaks to his resting place, a small vein rizt in the brain, and are out of the draft, an entire world destroyed upper part is saved. This softens no beauty, no Reichlhum rescues here and here magically anonymize no power, there's no use whining and pleading. Sey who you want your tent has come, and complete your role. So - away from this earth, and across the country, where all living together for thousands of years, where only a gentleman, and - the Lord is God. There is no love "refugees, not an exception to the eternal equation "posit the world and nature. God calls IEB? M is to promote born Beyme first entrance into the life of: E 2 "Come "Come out of life" s the place "of the one who is just abgetretten so, to" make room for you. These parts, from "which I design your earthly shell," were before that part of the "before" you were. I had that abgeruffen, "to let you auftretten. These parts, "this case leiheich you to" play the role to which of the context of the "whole, the latter of purpose and the welfare of all beings require. Sey no evil "debtor, who denied his guilt," the time will come when the Gette "hene" back to

demand. Consider "Do not be a part of a more un '" uncanny as a whole, under the order "and laws you have to add you. "Do not make demands Unmöglichkelten of" me, nothing better, and what other "nobler before you and after you, in virtue of my I" "Ner eternal laws, and communicate tonn! E. Mas "ssge" therefore your claims, because they "who "the Tönnes and not appeased "who "the. Will you sign these m "Yuen Ver" "Sure "Sure, it st .. not write on my account that the stay down there" will not pass so pleasant, "as he would have been to you also. Ver "love" Do not be too much in this life: "for it is only forecourt. Faith ia "not that all my wealth Seyen already" wasted here. Langer hesitate to stay here, "this earth, this figure to leave and enter your case zmückzu", "would mean the laws of Naturaufhal" ten, and do all future higher Eeelig "" some sacrifice. It would dabey betrayed the "weakness and lowliness of your mind", which in the present "so much in love that he had nothing further improved," "conjectured, and I can even" denying, the people are preparing a higher sea "to" brightness . Action'm not about "my bass, I have a hard, relentless" creditors, I claim only that "shape, which I have given you, u" "your mind to serve in this life. "This life of your mind I leave you: E 3 'will "It'll also get away, however," kingdoms fall, hen continents verge <", d, e heritage is even destroy themselves. "These kingdoms I annihilate this world," destroy "part, and lay waste, and ve" "I change to you, as long as you down here" are not to tired to your "He" kenntnlßoermögen manifold and continuously objects darzubieten , "and if you once saved the wrapper" You have to show themselves in this destruction, "! that I am not a god of destruction, that I" am a God of order and harmony, "that I constantly for being your kind" and arbnte build, and superb build "when I destroy, that by the" legacy divides, the sea is raging, and devours all the "regions of the earth in itself, all this to" because of you happen to sen all We '", and also for them who who suffer "most by it. Every birth is death, death is iedcr birth, just as it "an end to the other begins. "I can not destroy one without immediately "Else "else make. You have no choice. "Here there is no remedy. Either you have to "make up your mind," see same thing to ever listen to, to feel, hence "fatigue, and nausea and Uederdruß" saw "edge", or, if your mind I substance "to Erlenntniß, new objects and ideas because ideas about present and "these fundamental impulse to satisfy your soul" is: I must at the expense of the "existing forms to do so. This, calls "Every creature of your kind of me, and I could not Dimit able to come," I could even wish "not to satisfy your own, if I am a" wanted to save every one. So I must also "Form your attack one day because I have no 'party God, am, and no love" refugees "have, because I love them all. And because "I have to a God of goodness and without the"

lack am: I can not do anything to "Worse, I have everything for the better. . Alter My apparent hardness "goodness and mercy, and my apparently" E 4>, the "the highest error wisdom. I would "you never this down by" degrees "through the territory of Schmerjens led "have you to have prepared Tob: I would "all Beyme first decision," "are to the highest degree of happiness Seelig, in part created are like you if this kind of "» Mückseeligkeit been possible, unb "light" but you for all the torment and em, "" would pfindllchstes misery. So I have done, "which alone was still possible: I have" you made small and weak, because "with her .. and should grow to be strong," I have given you imperfections / "but also ability and strength to them to reduce ", I told you ge ',' type defects, but also the horror of Each / "all the more against his own, imperfection. planted to tempt your strength and,. to reduce these defects in Be '. motion to set.Comparing you not, with false ideals, compares you with "the end of the world and their werbet" find that you mangle anything that you "Everything "all are you, what this requires, and" dits requires your gradual better "be". And better "be" requires stuff as this, their bass is not already i "" beginning are you, what later "advertise you shall: and first shall be later, because" it is impossible for me, my same here, "put forward", because it also in nature "of a finite being is that it is" not even be upon, what can it be, "because he always has something lacking," and this defect is the driving force "by which it improves. These "I lead by illness to moderation," a contempt for others by VER "," good on Selbstschäzung and acquisition of "major achievements; one third by" lack of diligence, by Unforeseen "" sightedness of wisdom, and persistent "," border on the evils of wisdom, patience, "to surrender to my will. I have "people, those I have" thrown all the abundance and power. Other "re", which in this piece I less concerned, it "believe" believe ", these were my favorites. "I have others which I by accident" draw me closer to. All the evils that "you sent me are, desist, angry warnings against crime, to" 'demands for self-knowledge, to develop, "" Winding your forces, M memory of "me. Under these nebulae I have you, "even the death given to you by force, "" sam stay of a tear, in "which I foresaw, that ye may" lack of better, there schon.unmöglich "mitzutheilenver insight, too much love from" would. "If I but also factions" God, a God would be alone for you: "let it be remembered once, and be cheap: how many," "Les I had not to others, because in" that my work does not change "is one-sided. Take a single grain of sand "in this universe, and you have a new" world, and the previous annihilated. "And then, how unjust I would han," "your, if I am not one other equal . Ge " grant "would? Or shall I just lhun "but what I refuse unequal ameliorating" "? I? - Which I did not alone, your, but of all, Father of all

I?"How much would you be content yourself with this" my complaisance! With at ", nem arrogance would your debts. higher and higher sieigen. You were "still at the end of vicious enough to scold me," I do not at the same time "the Lord made the world and all the" rest of your subordinate. But Lord, "" rule would be the target of your desires. "What did you have probably gained by it? "Do you think then your Under" "specified would not seek to get rid of your" rule, and wanted to try a little, "" at least make one immortal "" despot's ineffective? "Lord, these are without any feeling of" everything you willing to sign every one? "Miserable fool! What would you disgust at the "end this puppenmäßige, mechanical" willingness of you so dissimilar "With" , Milgeschspfe cause! How much dignity ". De resistance of this lack of everything" your mental powers and activities de "" limit! This, all you with "" Ner bliss ask too, I "would do if I were your enemy, you," sleep punish, wanted to annihilate. "A deathlike sleep would be the goal, your wishes and desires? This does not mean I, you own yourself lobest by you of eternal life ask me here below. "Since you left, then, yourself, Bey thsrichten" so and have promoted conflicting desires, "" schlN, not your happiness, but your "misery, not your life, your" death would: so "I could, which I not your misfortune, your "death, but your true happiness, your" life will, Bey of the arrangement of this "universe, your voice and Fordernn" gcn "impossible to bring into account. "This, after I have therefore wiser Gesezen" all arranged, you dabey certainly not forget. I have instead of you ge. "Like, "Want, and I'm ahead of the insured," that you'll thank me one day that "I beg No, weak, finally, versn" "quired, made mortal. I told you to "end this foolish, even these desires," "left tion, have allowed you, your" "In tercsse misunderstand;'ve unzuftie" "the grumbling and had created against me, "so that one day you received Hellern" insights to understand shalt know that I am there "was most worried about you, you" have the most tender love, where I seemed harsh and unjust ", that your supposition" "tes Unfortunately your greatest happiness," the only possible way had not seen it, to "do to make that of which you do. so much of his time to enjoy going; that., I with my blessings tissue sparing "" sen, not all at once communicated "to you, and often, longer and be notified to" "share more: that, finally, the wisdom of the Men," " between the wisdom of God is not. "Listen then on to take foolish wishes"; add you as a part of the "Ord . Gestze order and the whole; hear myself asking for, "I hate you," to love others more than you. No "insect, much less a man ha" "I be punished so sensitive as I you" own desire miehandeln "your will on. You are dearer to me than you yourself "Schlieffen rather from the fact that I," Father of all being am a father, because I have strength,

enough have, you refuse this. There, "in ienem corner of this earth, I had" ordered the death, the heirs of this "Empire in its attempt to obtain any single flower. "Do not have power, no glory dazzled," all of this kingdom are Schäze me to the "ransom offered, and they have been" I want to judge me as their bribe."Hundreds of thousands of people have" fallen on their knees and have recalls, "that I have her heart," bw, which gives the life "and takes. The lives of many Tau ", send, has this single life iab>" hung; Vermchtung war and a "half part of the world were the unvermeidli" - .. "Che cheFolge "of which I have and I '" do not ask. The relation "of the whole, the fading of this "flower too loud, too irresistible deep-frozen", bert. I have no will to as "this, and this will is unchangeable," is eternal, for with me has no Ueberei "" lung instead. No plea, no Handeringen "can move me, wilttührliche Off" took "the course of nature to make," and to an individual being's sake, "to his own harm, the "world to worse to change the gear, or" I would not be God if I only "the prayers of the people of the better be "" Teaching / and my institutions' "lack of device should remember. Therefore, "my will! because it takes the will of all ".Therefore, die, because you "are born! . ' This is the contract of life, these are the prospects that we are opening up. Beautiful is this Treaty: comforting, "rich, these prospects. Because it is this world a whole, maintaining a dignity of man, everything is a provision that the fog has a purpose, and God appears as a god, as the author of nature. I know what I'm here, I know why I body. Everything has its purpose. It is in the "under God merhin Would be to imagine the purpose of: yet are those purposes and expectations in the world, they can be seen from this that the world itself is replaced by a new and better shape, they set the context, they behave as würkende causes which determine the actions of rational beings, are the source of their pleasure, and their happiness, seeligteit directed accordingly. Without purpose, no whole world is this: it is by everyone what he is. If once the herbeykommt hours, where I make my resolution is the number, and the death of me, when his prey is to burst in, and when the doctor shrugged his shoulders, and in the eyes of my friends some anxious furtive i. . Tear Thrsne is visible when live "from them with the look of and mourning for me looks down compassion, and moments calculated, where this figure, which still, though weak from 'pressure of life from the presence of him living in and fer to leave "tigcn Spirit shows pale, coldly, rigid and unfeeling as strands of which is desolate, like an apartment, the" st briefly lost their inhabitants: then, O 'Her! let me Grunbsaze not forget this, then do not let me appear weak, my teaching at the liar, and my life are untrue: then commanding the pain a little while to mention still up, so I still gather Kmder mean, they live as my Beysplel one, leave as their best inheritance, it virtue to "make demands on, and they say that I did

indeed go from here, but that you, O Lord! they will provide. Then let me be still "before the noble, faithful companion of my" just "to thank for their tenderness, courage award, they assert - that I am eternally lost it for not, let me bann among the afflicted to be more cheerful, let this spirit of mine.standing around on my friend, "hinüberge serenity. hen they thereby learn unb understand, bass this cheerfulness and equality of themind to de "death-alone follow a wohlverbtachten life se", that virtue, at least in this ft decisive moment on the border of this life never oeriasse, vbaiejch her " Confess faithful "in" run of the life itself with a very bitter accidents kämpftn ha "hay. And because a death education "by bette supports, with his own Beyhiel" uf the souls of those around uuverlckschli, mqchl's impression: "ft / to let de 'virtue's sake I" this "few Stnn> the one for me. 're Given och, into teaching, many conversations OVR "dak happiness and the power of virtue, on the Unglüclj de« LnfterS over the Verkh of goods, lib Allsßchten "Zin is in the" ir ^ closer soon Mer future dahinbringen öffriinde. And then, if everything I Biesse with "stand on and have completed construction: then let me be the heir off to you, which I sewed a Stuss räcten will soon" turn up to collect lczlen kebenstnifte, by the abundance my heart, call me with the strongest possible expression of my trust in you still call, '/' Lord! the days of my journey i, are completed on earth! Once it is now to judge whether I have done or not ^ lvohl her if I "deserve your mercy or rejection. "I have eagerly sought the truth, they z.weil that you all are, truth" you. "Impossible to dislike tanm time I have all the" "after my Grundsilzen Urber and 'acted' conviction, with complete willingness" 4 willigkeil ieder better acknowledged truth -,. eager to indulge. Have I done, "what I was on. Have I erred, "was this error unfreywtllig. My "nothing better suit odir" Mitmcn "F to between 2 .. "between Freyesque have my mind "Restrain and me, as much truth" intrude »want healing, only what they "Seemed to prove. You have given me so "For reasons that only they, not for "I was convincing / my recovery" , Announced Fung. But I know it, "Lord! that the judgments of people "Are not the legged. Then see "Rather to my deeds. Did I "Not your rules followed: o! so "Think inexperience, youthful Hize "And I have to Leibenschaften "Very much, and mastered for so long that I "Only in later years by repeated "Missteps and bad experiences

"Strongly been informed that you, "Lord! We have command nothing, nothing we "Forbid, what man can not ieder ", Would do themselves, even prohibit, "When bright," eineVernunft always the one " "Zige leader of his actions was, '. "But then, as my experience rei" "Fer now: Did I also dannnoch "Your ^ Misused your gifts? "Vin a," "ne, wishes and opinions l> ir not always willing subject? Did I ^ iemahls under all bitter fate "of thetebens grumbled about your care? "I was drinking, because you wanted it," "I was poor, because you have willed it," and I was happy and drank "to be poor. I was being nice, "and contempt: and they were my will" come "because I knew that this" will was yours. I am wrong "suffered bitter, but I have faith in you, because you know, why me this all" or refused. I knew that I here good or evil against "" can not go, "not by the "Closed" context of the whole ge "necessaries" was. But I also knew that "this relationship is not always and forever my misfortune requires. - "Do you love me, oHerr! with my "state seen dissatisfied? Upper "When I was tleinmüthig, and I have not F s" Do you vertrmtt "? I was! always ready, "W belly all that you had pleased," and I still am. your slightest, WMe for me is sacred, inviolable, "> Liches Geftz> You want the" uN, that I, the " weary life above not "this" "so wonderful spectacle of abt tte," and I am coming "soon, and thank you tauftnd "" m "l> that I am worthy of your kindness gl," "finds, to take" let me share it values ^ me to your big zsi "" gen, and before my eyes, this astonishing, "" tion order and wisdom , according to the "measure of my feeble strength, zumTheil. "To develop, with which you" control this universe. - And now open "to the bosom of the earth", "receive at least this my remaining" shell, and join me closer with i. "You, being of all beings! V ^ Misused your gifts? "Vin a," "ne, wishes and opinions l> ir not always willing subject? Did I ^ iemahls under all bitter fate "of thetebens grumbled about your care? "I was drinking, because you wanted it," "I was poor, because you have willed it," and I was happy and drank "to be poor. I was being nice, "and contempt: and they were my will" come "because I knew that this" will was yours. I am wrong "suffered bitter, but I have faith in you, because you know, why me this all" or refused. I knew that I here good or evil against "" can not go, "not by the "Closed" context of the whole ge "necessaries" was. But I also knew that "this relationship is not always and forever my misfortune requires. - "Do you love me, oHerr! with my "state seen dissatisfied? Upper "When I was tleinmüthig, and I have not F s" Do you vertrmtt "? I was! always ready, "W belly all that you had pleased," and I still am. your slightest, WMe for me is sacred, inviolable, "> Liches Geftz> You want the" uN, that I, the " weary life above not "this" "so wonderful spectacle of abt tte," and I am coming

"soon, and thank you tauftnd "" m "l> that I am worthy of your kindness gl," "finds, to take" let me share it values ^ me to your big zsi "" gen, and before my eyes, this astonishing, "" tion order and wisdom , according to the "measure of my feeble strength, zumTheil. "To develop, with which you" control this universe. - And now open "to the bosom of the earth", "receive at least this my remaining" shell, and join me closer with i. "You, being of all beings! v

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