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AUSTRIA - 2nd FORM – AGE 12 years

Austria is small Austria is small, cool Is small, cool, handsum Cool, small, handsum, mountainous Neukirchen

Spain is hot Spain is hot, big Is hot, big, nice Hot, big, nice, cool Almeria

Football is cool Football is cool, expensive Is cool, expensive, funny Cool, expensive, funny, round
Spain is cool Spain is cool, beautiful Is cool, beautiful, sunny Cool, beautiful, sunny, hot

Adrian 12 years

SUMMER Julia, 12 years

Spain Spain is great Spain is great, big Is great, big, cool Great, big, cool, hot Students exchange Austria Austia is mountainous Austria is mountainous, small Is mountainous, small, great Mountainous, small, great, beautiful Neukirchen Elena, 12 years

AUSTRIA - 3rdFORM – AGE: 13 years

• Theresa

Spring Spring is wonderful Spring is wonderful, nice Is wonderful, nice, cold Wonderful, nice, cold, foggy Flowers Holidays Holidays are wonderful

Holidays are wonderful, interesting Are wonderful, interesting,funny Wonderful, interesting, funny, happy Freetime School School is interesting School is interesting, funny Is interesting, funny, beautiful Interesting, funny, beautiful, happy Break Sunrise Sunrise is wonderful Sunrise is wonderful, beautiful Is wonderful, beautiful, pretty Wonderful, beautiful, pretty, great Morning • Elisabeth Freetime Freetime is wonderful Freetime is wonderful, nice Is wonderful, nice, interesting Wonderful, nice, interesting, happy Friends

Winter Winter is cold Winter is cold, snowy Is cold, snowy, funny Cold, snowy, funny, foggy Snow


Schoolbag is big Schoolbag is big, heavy Is big, heavy, stable Big, heavy, stable, beautiful Books

Teacher Teachers are friendly Teachers are friendly, happy Are friendly, happy, interesting Friendly, happy, interesting, beautiful Young persons

English English is interesting English is interesting, nice Is interesting, nice, national Interesting, nice, national, important Language Pupils Pupils are noisy Pupils are noisy, friendly Are noisy, friendly, happy Noisy, friendly, happy, excited Teenagers • Phillip (age 13) Wales Wales are fat Wales are fat, funny Are fat, funny, happy Fat, funny, happy, wonderful Mammals

Monsters Monsters are scary Monsters are scary, cruel Are scary, cruel, angry Scary, cruel, angry, furious Dangerous animals • Markus Easter Easter is wonderful Easter is wonderful, happy Is wonderful, happy, surprising Wonderful, happy, surprising, great Easter Rabbit Freetime Freetime is great Freetime is great, funny Is great, funny, wonderful Great, funny, wonderful, nice Friends

Spring Spring is warm Spring is warm, bloomy Is warm, bloomy, great Warm, bloomy, great, fantastic Easter

Sun Sun is hot Sun is hot,. bright Is hot, bright, beautiful Hot, bright, beautiful, wonderful

Sunshine Holidays Holidays are happy Holidays are happy, great Are happy, great, cool Happy, great, cool, wonderful Fun

Katharina Sun Sun is beautiful Sun is beautiful, hot Is beautiful, hot, necessary Beautiful, hot, necessary, wonderful Summer Friends Friends are important Friends are important, nice Are important, nice, wonderful Important, nice, wonderful, cool Life Music Music is funny Music is funny, wonderful Is funny, wonderful, crazy Funny, wonderful, crazy, exciting Hobby Words Words are lovely Words are lovely, exciting Are lovely, exciting, boring Lovely, exciting, boring, funny

Languages Illness Illness is awful Illness is awful, hot Is awful, hot, cold Awful, hot, cold, sad Flu

Daniel Grandmother Grandmother is happy Grandmother is happy, funny Is happy, funny, friendly Happy, funny, friendly, wonderful Family Motocross Motocross is funny Motocross is funny, cool Is funny, cool, noisy Funny, cool, noisy, dangerous Explorer

Tamara / Isabella Holidays Holidays are wonderful Holidays are wonderful, funny Are wonderful, funny, hot Wonderful, funny, hot, exciting School Spring Spring is cool Spring is cool, boring Is cool, boring, tired

Cool, boring, tired, friendly Summer Parents Parents are old Parents are old, boring Are old, boring, angry Old, boring, angry, sad Children Flowers Flowers are beautiful Flowers are beautiful, nice Are beautiful, nice,colourful Beautiful, nice, colourful, important Summer • Carina Summer Summer is hot Summer is hot, wonderful Is hot, wonderful, funny Hot, wonderful, funny, beautiful Holidays Freetime Freetime is funny Freetime is funny, chilly Is funny, chilly, cool Funny, chilly, cool, happy Weekend Winter Winter is snowy Winter is snowy, cold Is snowy, cold, foggy Snowy, cold´, foggy, boring Snowball

Manuel Teachers Teachers are boring Teachers are boring, friendly Are boring, friendly, angry Boring, friendly, angry, helpful School Grandmother Grandmother is helpful Grandmother is helpful, nice Is helpful, nice, friendly Helpful, nice, friendly, old Age

10. Thorsten School School is useful School is useful, interesting Is useful, interesting, funny Useful, interesting, funny, boring Homework

11. Stefan Gamble Gambel is funny Gamble is funny, nice Is funny, nice, cool Funny, nice, cool, exciting Game AUSTRIA – 4th FORM – AGE: 14 years
Dogs Dogs are cute Dogs are cute, cuddly

Are cute, cuddly, sweet Cute, cuddly, sweet and true Animals Anna (13)

Holidays. Holidays are sunny Holidays are sunny, hot. Are sunny, hot, relaxing. Sunny, hot, relaxing and interesting. Summer.
Bernadette, 14 years.

Dustbin Dustbin is big Dustbin is big, full is big, full, dirty big, full, dirty, smelly garbage can

Christina, 13 years old Cats Cats are cute Cats are cute, cuddly Are cute,cuddly, gross Cute, cuddly, gross and sensitive Animals

Music Music is relaxing Music is relaxing, touching Is relaxing, touching and interesting Relaxing, touching, interasting and exciting Metal
School School is important School is important, boring Is important, boring, stressful Important, boring, stressful, interesting Education
Johanna, 14 years

Balls Balls are round Balls are round, colorful are round, colorful, hard round, colorful, hard, small throwing device
Music Music is beautiful Music is beautiful, important Music is beautiful, important, inspiring Beautiful, important, inspiring & touching Songs

Kitties are cute. Kitties are cute, playful. Are cute, playful, soft. Cute, playful, soft and lovely. Cats Lena 14
Holidays Holidays are hot

Holidays are hot ,long are hot, long, relaxing hot, long, relaxing and fun Summer
Lukas (14)

Spring Spring is colourful Spring is colourful, sunny Is colourful, sunny, green Colourful, sunny, green, warm Flowers
Magdalena, 14 Years

Internet Internet is important Internet is important , fun Is important , fun and communicative Important , fun , communicativ and informative World Wide Web

Marlena Moosleitner 14 J.

Xbox Xbox is great Xbox is great, powerful Is great, powerful, amusing great, powerful, amusing and awsome Gaming Michael 14 J.
Siblings Siblings are helpful Siblings are helpful, annoying Are helpful, annoying, loud Helpful, annoying, loud and nice

Idols Nicole, 14 J.

strawberry ice- cream strawberry ice-cream is tasty strawberry ice- cream is tasty ,sweet Is tasty ,sweet,red tasty,sweet,red and cold summer Reinhard Eizinger
Holidays. Holidays are relaxing. Holidays are relaxing, fun. Are relaxing, fun, hot. Relaxing, fun, hot and interesting. Summer. Sarah, 14 years
Flowers Flowers are colored Flowers are colored, beautiful Are colored, beautiful and good smelling Colored, beautiful, good smelling and growing Plants

Simone,14 Jahre Spring Spring is sunny Spring is sunny, cold

Is sunny, cold, green Sunny, cold, green, fresh Seasons
Animals Animals are cute Animals are cute and cuddly Animals are cute, cuddly and friendly Cute, cuddly, friendly and stressful Pets Theresa P, 13
Music Music makes happy Music makes happy, relaxed Makes happy, relaxed, content Happy, relaxed, content, good mood

Entertainment Vera, 14 y
Motocross Motocross is dirty Motocross is dirty , fast Is dirty, fast, loud Dirty, fast, loud and fun Race

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