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Classroom Policies: By the time students reach the middle school level, they are quite familiar with

what is expected of them as far as acceptable school and classroom behavior. Students will be held liable for any inappropriate behavior in class. Attached is a brochure describing the Middle School Challenge, a competition surrounding student conduct and participation. Students will be rewarded for excellent behavior and conduct while also being penalized for any unacceptable behavior or classroom conduct. This challenge is a method of implementing responsibility, respectfulness, and classroom engagement among students while holding them accountable for their own actions. Students will learn that they must work together as reliable citizens of our Islamic community in producing a warm learning environment that not only learns together, but reaches goals together. *It is worth mentioning that the following actions will not be tolerated and will result in being sent to the Principals office and parental contact: Continuous use of inappropriate language Vandalism of school/classroom property Physical violence (against self/others) BULLYING-I am a no tolerance teacher when it comes to bullying. Action will be taken.

**Teachers reserve the right to change the criteria of the Middle School Challenge at any time. ***Students are required to always have a novel to read in class. If they do not have one then they may borrow one from the class library.

Tardy Policy: Students will follow the schools tardy policy in my class. They are allowed two tardies before having to report to the principals office. Excessive tardiness may also affect the outcome of the Middle School Challenge.

Homework Policy: Students will be assigned homework on a regular basis. All homework will be due at the beginning of the following class day unless otherwise stated. If a student is absent, he or she has as many days they missed to turn in homework. For example, if a student was absent for two days then they have two days (at the most) once they return to school to have that work turned in. NO late work is ever accepted under any circumstances as long as the student was present. Failure to turn in a homework assignment will result in a zero (0). Again, homework must be turned in at the beginning of class. Students may not work on homework during class time of the day its due.

Grading Policy: All grades will weigh as follows: Homework/Daily work: 50% Quizes: Tests: 20% 30%

The teacher will go over every test with the class in order to give students an opportunity to look over any mistakes and correct their errors. Students will be allowed to correct any mistakes made on the test in an attempt to earn no more than half of the points they missed. For example, if a student makes an 80 on a test, they can correct all of the missed questions and earn back 10 points (half of the missed 20 points) making their new test grade an A. Of course, this is as long as all of the questions made up are answered correctly. Test corrections are optional, and it is up to the student to decide whether they would like to correct their test or not. Corrections are always due at the beginning of the following class time. If a student chooses not to correct their test, the original grade will remain as is. Also, if a student does not turn in his or her corrections on time, the original test grade will remain as is. *Homework, Daily Work, and Quizes cannot be made up under any circumstances. All grades remain as is. If students require extra assistance on certain topics they are more than welcome to attend morning tutoring sessions at 7:40 in my classroom. Students should notify the teacher the day before if they wish to attend tutorials. Students can use tutorial time for homework help as well. If a student is having a difficult time with specific material, they are encouraged to attend tutorials to obtain one-on-one assistance. **I do not take any completion grades. All work, unless otherwise stated, will be graded on quality.

Extra Credit: The only way of earning extra credit in my class is by reading one of the Middle School Monthly Page Turners or MSMPTs. The MSMPTs are a monthly selection of award-winning ageappropriate novels that are posted in the classroom. Every month, students will be allowed to read as many of the MSMPTs as they can before filling out one of the Summarizer sheets and turning it in. The Summarizer sheets are due at the end of every month and display students understanding and reaction to the literature. Specific dates along with this months book list will go out soon.

Uniform Policy: Please refer to the Parent Handbook on the school uniform policy. Boys: navy pants, white polo shirts; Girls: Long-sleeve white shirts, plaid jumper; Both: black shoes, navy school sweater