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Thank you for showing interest in contributing to, UPF Lunds Web-magazine.

Our meetings will be held every Tuesday at 18.15 in the UPF Office inside the AF Building. We aim to publish articles which further knowledge and debate about international issues, and which give a nuanced picture of complex topics in world affairs. Our articles are written in English. We are a student-driven committee and the topics covered will be decided by your own interests. You will receive support throughout the writing of your articles in the form of coaching and discussion, as well as proof-reading by native-English speakers. An important goal of the web-magazine is that our writers improve not only their understanding of foreign affairs, but also their written English and general writing skills. We work in the following way: By attending our meetings you will get the chance to discuss your writing ideas with others. You will then be assigned a writing coach and proof-reader. You will also receive a first-draft date and a final publishing deadline. You can also help other writers when you yourself are not writing an article. Overleaf you will find some guidelines regarding what we consider to be key elements of well-written articles. Contact details: Editors-in-chief Scott Sutherland: Rasmus Kjulin:

Writing Guidelines
An important goal of is to present a nuanced picture of topics in world affairs and to make readers aware of the complexity of the issues. Our articles are to be informative and should reference facts. You should not write about your own particular personal views and language such as I think that... etc. will not be allowed. However, nothing in the world, and much less so foreign affairs, is entirely subjective. In all of the areas that will be covered, a debate will exist. A good article will highlight these areas of debate, and may even focus on a particular side, but it is crucial that the writer does so in an impersonal and stylistically correct manner. RIGHT = SupportersoftheAffordableCareactclaimitisaneffectivereformthatreducescosts and improves access to affordable health care for families and small businesses. WRONG = I believe that Obamas healthcare bill will put an end to the evil tyranny of insurancecompanieswhodontcareaboutanythingexceptmoney A good way to express different views and nuances in a debate is to write, for example: According to a United Nations report, the situation in... and Paul Krugman has strongly argued that... etc. This is a much better and more informative way to make a point than to write I think that... The structure of the article should be logical and progress smoothly from one paragraph to the next. Try to hold the reader's hand and lead him or her through the text. When you talk about something different, begin a new paragraph. Articles should be 800 words long. Dont underestimate the power of short sentences. An important skill you will use and develop is the ability to express complex ideas and issues in a concise and readable way. This is a fun challenge. Good luck!

Rasmus & Scott