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The Love Police – UK Branch "The Love Police » Blog", The Love Police celebrated its 3 year anniversary on the 1st May 2012: 3 years of learning, of winning, of failing, of a lot of love, fear and the mirror – hate. I am grateful for every experience I have had with this mission, this group, this idea, this thought-complex. Seeing as these three years represent under 50% of the time I spent in finance, there is a superficial desire to carry on with this beast I have created. I call it a beast with full affection. I do not denigrate a way of life that has shown me the best, and worst of humanity. This beast cannot be tamed, and nor should it.

An untamed beast lives naturally. It eats, fights, mates, and shelters where it chooses. It understands that the only rules upon it are the rules of nature, of life, of death, of accident. No one tells the beast how to live. It is entirely a note in the symphony of harmony. Its very natural essence lights a flame in us; its a priori rebellion to the artificial ignites that fire.

5 days have passed since the anniversary, and I have been thinking. I have thought about my life, what it might mean, and how I can best be of use to the super-organism, or collective consciousness if you prefer a more Jungian approach. The inescapable conclusion is that I must push my agenda of freedom. I must encourage people to stop obeying. I must help deprogram lifetimes of conditioning to state, to organised religion, and to banking. In doing so I learn; by helping others I help myself, my selflessness ending up being the most selfish of acts. But unified consciousness theory dissolves any ability to be selfish when helping others. There is no “others”.

What is the mission statement of the Love Police? To lower fear, and raise love. It is that simple. How is this achieved? Through a light-hearted ridicule of power. It is achieved by spreading chaos. There is a stunning symmetry to apparently chaotic systems when viewed from far away enough. The perception of chaos is a notion of super-locality. Such chaos is a beautiful pattern from afar. We call it fractal. Reality is fractal, it follows the golden ratio. Our geometries are

It is my current belief that we are holographic manifestations of the totality brought into subjectivity. and so we are all necessary components. and how best to organise things. abortion. they are infected. By holographic I mean that each small part contains all the information of the whole. So he will poison the people around him with fantastic narratives and falsepromises…people who are yearning for their own WHY. . Whereas we may yearn for a “why” and then simply go to bed. because I do not believe this state-corporate order is anything worth keeping. He will be poisoned by rage because all his power. and he will do more and more outrageous things to try and find out WHY. It is my strong belief that not even the universe (or God if you prefer). For the last few thousand years men have been able to brainwash entire armies of uniformed and obedient humans to sacrifice themselves upon the altar of the mega-artifice. To put it simply. Nature is not organised. But as I say. in the way that compulsory taxation may be an illusion. Theories plague the world as to 9/11. and those who push the artifice. So in effect. empire. and they are hurting the natural harmony of the planet. Our daily trials and difficulties are essential for the greater evolution. The advent of the internet has been a fantastic moment for peace loving and mystery-accepting people.sacred because they are most definitely here. There is accuracy in chaos. I do not believe men and women will ever co-exist in perfect peace and a lack of war. anarchy. The mathematics of the “all that is” does not allow for anything to exist outside of the equation. and a decimation of the natural environment. torture. They are not illusions. We can never know WHY. Witness the precision of the flight of a dragonfly. I believe the artifice. As long as human beings disagree and make mistakes. will lead him no closer to WHY. there will be quarrels. A tribe may attack another tribe. We are starting to see how a lack of organisation is the purest organisation at the highest levels. knows WHY it is perceiving itself. this will be a local event. The super-organism is processing vast amounts of memes in the greatest eumetic experiment in the history of man. are misguided and mentally ill human beings desperate for meaning. This is due to a particular flaw (also our greatest asset) in the human condition. The result is always slavery. there are those who yearn for the big “why” and build empires and hoard possessions and power and people like trophies. there will be impassioned outbursts. Worse than that. Academic empires are built. The industrial way of living always leads to the industrial way of dying. statism. And give a man a lot of power. there may even be localised violence. I find it morally repugnant and reprehensible. all his control. we are holo-fractal. The role of the Love Police is to create “chaos out of order”. and destroyed in a day. These people are toxic.

We voluntarily come together for festivals of enlightenment. which is the nothingness or void. but something tells me that scientists will sometimes shed a tear of awe at the infinite and beautiful complexity of it all. you will see spirals of colour alongside absolute black. and that she actually prefers Atheists.My intuition tells me that we are the event horizon of information either expanding infinitely into more complexity. of joining the military. So there you go. organised religion. We are waging a full-spectrum propaganda campaign aimed at preventing the payment of taxes. and we voluntarily sever any bonds that we do not wish to carry on. or as something banal and bleak. nor with the corporatocracy of the military-industrialpharmaceutical-educational complex. Our propaganda is one of liberation. body. he tells me that he spoke to God. They are ideas that don’t even exist in the atomic physical realm. This is a liberty that is not compatible with state. and spirit. that we are a people free from interference of mind. Our fight is one of love. It is dangerous lie: any free-thinking person sees that there are “system interests” and “state interests”. There are no such things are groups. You can take a spiritual approach or a purely scientific one. transparently. and legally. The only authority we recognise is that of nature and of love. with full sincerity and glowing hearts. The economy will not recover because enough of us are finding that greed is simply not very economical to the mind. and aimed at the peaceful and effective dismantling of statist government and organised religion. We state. We declare ourselves fully independent from state. Consciousness is an infinite mathematical anomaly at the event horizon between the all that is and the all that is NOT. Atheists do seem to want to deny their own greatness. But having spoken to Danny Shine. or contracting and devouring itself towards zero. Of removing repressions so that human beings can act as if they were indeed the sacred manifestations of an infinitely-complex universe striving for meaning. To try and conceive as 60 million people having an “interest” is ridiculous. This idea is unstoppable. If you look at a fractal pattern. for example the Mandelbrot set. of any support for the corporatocracy. What is the Love Police going to do now? We are going to organise and create a super-structure. Our lives are our own. The Love Police will carry the torch of individual liberty. Atheists could be God playing hide and seek with themselves. We are going to do this in the light. Within this theoretical area we are somehow self-aware. . We do not believe that any secrets should be kept from the people – and we laugh at the idea of doing so in the interest of national security. This could be construed as something divine.

insults. But don’t let the truth stand in the way of a $20 million a year Tshirt. on one hand. or at worst. He tells a good story. Of course. . and on the other he must sell advertising space on his show. Rather than react in a knee jerk fashion. it is an over-inflated and ultimately fatty story. Well. pay big taxes to a gang of murderers (after all. nor do we recognise the authority of any court that acts against us – we find all agents of the state to be responsible for themselves and for the structure of control that they help keep. That way lie monsters and the mentally ill – people who will vampire off you whilst promising the truth – people who will fill your mind with paranoia to keep you consuming the fear that is spread. Alex Jones is driven obese by the spiritual baggage he carries each day. We ask these agents to stand down and ensure they are on the winning side of history. neither is true. We will offer support and protection to those who take up consciousness arms and join us in our revolutionary and evolutionary struggle. keep his flock sufficiently angry and terrified. those whose voluntary aims match the aims of the Love Police. I ask anyone listening to me now to beware that man. I am simply going to state that he is an enemy of universal truth – he is clouded by Christian mysticism and driven by anger and paranoia. He struggles with his weight and greed because he secretly hates himself. This is why he had to attack me in such spectacular fashion after I changed my mind about controlled demolition on 9/11. We will do all this in the light. He detests that he may.Government has no moral defence. and a swallowing up of Charles Veitch by the new conspiracy theory: that is a paid shill of the BBC. and radio business. an agent of the state. genuinely want to save the world. and view the world through a myopic filter of good old fashioned bible belt Christianity. Any dissent from the conspiranoid world-view was met with hatred. We will recruit and publically name our agents. DVD. I ask all of you who are listening to my words to beware any form of prophet or charismatic leader. he runs a business). You do not need to look very far to see evidence of his disharmony. Just under a year ago such a man named Alex Jones called me a “psychopath” and said that I had psychopath eyes. But like his physical body.

but to create. Agitate. But he fails spectacularly in both a philosophical sense and a moral one. and now organise phase 2. this is currently not an option. Who am I to appoint advisers? Who am I to choose people capable of resistance? You know who I am. and to advise. educate. If you want to see evidence of how The Love Police has helped people around the world. I have had to accept donations to ensure that I can travel and eat. inspire. So please do fund us.Please see the conspiracy theory world for what it is. I need your help with getting phase 2 off the ground. who will have no power except their own natural powers of inspiration. Having thought long and hard about this – I did the video as a reaction to the mounting criticism and personal insults aimed at my chosen method of fund raising. Please spread news of our work to organisations. This is a man literally funding murderers of children for the sake of an ego-satisfying radio show. I’m that man who has been communicating with you for over three years. and who will advise those on the ground in terms of tactics and propaganda. He has said on his show that he pays taxes to the government in America (the most war like government in the history of man?) because he must choose his fights and must carry on the show to wake up more people. let us be your film-making artistic muses. It is a perceptive interpretation of reality. But you know what – funding must come from somewhere and the model I have proven to work is the one where those who can afford to spend money and support a revolutionary group do so to ensure that all those who cannot afford to can still fully participate. individuals. What we may at times theorize as groups of assassins or agents carrying out an atrocity may in fact be a global manifestation of hate playing itself out in the collective consciousness. if you can afford to. financially or strategically. who will be responsible to report from protests and riots during the coming insurrection. help fund the deconstruction of the system in a legal and peaceful manner. False leaders such as Alex Jones are indeed an impediment to the awakening of people away from statism. I am happy to announce that I have never taken government benefits during my time with the Love Police. I do not ask for profit. Funding. I recently made a video asking people to not donate. We are appointing a Front-Line Operations Officer (UK branch). We are appointing various Cyber-Operations . At the very most. I will open up my various inboxes in the future to show the letters from those who have been inspired and jostled to a higher state of consciousness by the work we have done. I do not wish to have blood money on my hands. At the very least. but simply funding to be able to do what I believe I do very well. I am appointing a series of freelance advisers to the resistance. That is what we all have. I have had to rely on funding from private individuals to ensure that all films are free. Whereas I would absolutely love to pay for food and travel with good vibrations. The great and critical issue of any revolutionary group. I do not wish to be polluted and paid off by a slave-system. or businesses who you feel may be able to help.

I can predict there are negative and hateful things being written in the comments section of this video. or impeding The Love Police will change sides. warfare. or Britain. and join the resistance. They are involved in counter-revolutionary activities. I am not naïve enough to think that most people can simply wake up tomorrow and exist in a state free society. It is as simple as that. nor put off by this. Good deeds are done in the light. Alongside these we will select and appoint Directors of Operations who will act as overseers in their local areas and advise the Operational Officers in their areas. It has allowed me to believe in something much bigger than myself. Governments are crumbling. The dead children. editing. We as a group will act in the greatest interests of humanity and of love. . The old world order is dying away. who will advise the resistance on films. Many of these angry souls inadvertently are unofficial agents of the corpo-state. and those that once led great empires. the abused women. and as such. State Surveillance will be rendered ineffective by the most simple fact that all our movements will be legal and out in the open. Those very dependent on state and on their job will create a consciousness paradigm of how they NEED the system. like the USA. We will find that many agents engaged in discrediting. but this dream can only become a reality once we expose the horrors of a dependency on state. slavery. They simply do not understand. and to meet like-minded souls around the world who share a vision of a simpler world free of the grand parasite of state. and of defending resistance cyber-assets from surveillance or take-down by governments or corporations. Right now. and in doing so.Officers. monitoring. will usher forth the New Enlightenment. and genetic control. and various agents have been hired by governments around the world to infect activist blogs and websites and spread disaffection. the bombed hospitals. they will fall away from the state like ripened apples falling on a young Newton’s head. and rather than submit to a New World Order of fascism. Once ordinary agents of the state realise that there is only one authority. Simple people are terrorists to the state. that of love and brotherhood. This is truly the most wonderful time to be alive. the powers of the state to monitor us will be no greater than those of a girl sat in the next house with an internet connection. Others spread the hate out of a personal drive to “warn” the world against me or “The Love Police”. The Love Police has given my life a narrative. are beginning to turn their hate towards domestic populations. I can dream of this. Anger is the birth pang of love. I do not believe the world will end in 2012. That is fine. Their incorrect maxims and poor logic may even lead them to fight you. They are the low-grade imps in the overall Kingdom of Fear. websites. because the state is terrified of ordinary people making the state redundant. I firmly believe it is merely a check-point in the great race towards freedom. Do not be alarmed. people will submit only to themselves!!! As JFK said. This is a sign that you are right. “We as a people find the very word secrecy repugnant”. nor trust me.

my mood can often yo-yo. I cannot wait for charlatans to sell me another DVD of how bad it is. And when my children ask me “Daddy. Most of all. I do not stop myself from doing the RIGHT thing just because this path is very challenging. and I am committed to stopping it at any costs. the active phase. On the one hand. and in total love. I was a whore involved in pushing investments upon people like you – financial adviser – which also meant I was a front-line propagandist to the neocapitalist death urge to consume the whole fucking planet.What makes me think that this group. Albeit I have cast off the neck-tie noose and any pretensions that success in the rat-race is any success at all. though. I had to go there to get to where I am now. What this does. Someone should do something. I do not withdraw myself from the candidacy of doing something for the world because others have tried and then were defeated by ego. Invest in the machine. In service to you. Because I so often veer from a stance of debonair nihilism to a profound and pathological hatred of the established “system”. I am one of them. of the Love Police is born. I must be able to look proudly in their eyes and say will full conviction “Everything I could”. I cannot wait for others anymore. carrying a briefcase. Yes. what did you do to help the world”. In summary then. And so Phase 2. this way of thinking will not be infected by the will to power. On the other. I simply discovered that that someone is me. But as they say. Most of’re still a rat. is allow me moments of deep empathy with those who walk past me on a London street wearing an expensive suit. Lockheed Martin is showing strong growth (perhaps after another Census contract with Her Majesty’s British Government?) this year. I do not judge the righteousness of an act on the many men who have attempted and failed the same thing. I cannot sit idly by anymore. be a drone. I am ashamed. I believe that the current system of government colluding with big corporations is destroying humanity and the natural world. and infighting? What makes me so sure that this time it will be any different? Well. and I deeply love the people around me. just sign the dotted line. I know this techno-human. greed. I do this for shallow as well as deep reasons. . I am going to be a father in 4 months. I need narrative and something to do. will full prejudice against all who wish to control men.” As my internet haters tirelessly point out. be a cog. I deeply love my experience here. As Banksy puts it: “If you win the rat-race…. I’d promise you great returns. and a steely-eyed determination to “succeed” in the ratrace.

an urge to destroy life PREMISE ELEVEN: From the beginning. It is far easier to tell ourselves that the machinations of statist-imperialism are not atavistic. and protects us from terrorists. It is so easy to support a system which feeds and waters us. My argument is that we are all domesticated techno-humans suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. nor fucking insane. and actively get yourself involved in the battle for the protection of what beautiful planet we still have left.How many of you can honestly look in the mirror and say that you’ve never whored for this system? There are only a few pockets of true humans left on the planet. As popular war advances. Waco Slaughter). most people vote and substantiate their dependence on the government through turning up at the ballot-box. It is a common occurrence. Derrick is right. Endgame: PREMISE TEN: The culture as a whole and most of its members are insane. I quote from Derrick Jensen’s fantastic work. In fact. The culture is driven by a death urge. Deep Water Horizon BP Explosion. is to stop paying your taxes. . We can see this all around us. My strong advice to any of you reading my tortured words today. Look it up on the internet. hidden tribes in Papua New Guinea and the Amazon – the last free people on Earth – and our civilisation’s consumption addiction is at the verges of encapsulating the entire globe – indigenous “barbarians” be damned. if we can overcome our psychological shackles which so easily allow to feel sympathy for our “dear leaders”. But they are. Just today the EU is drawing up plans to send a ground invasion force of 1. peace is closer. this culture – civilization – has been a culture of occupation. hold tight.000 NATO soldiers into Libya. which allegedly educates our children. I used to suffer from it too. SS is when we begin to empathise with our captors. they say. And deep in our wounded hearts we know this. on the 19th April (the occult Blood Sacrifice To The Beast day in the calendar – notable events – Oklahoma City Bombing.

and annihilation of natural forces. And it’s a beautiful sight. For example. With love.000 year old wounds. Charlie Veitch . airlines merely re-connect our fractured families and allow us to experience exotic places because we are so removed from nature at “home”. Because I am rubbing my third-eye clean of the indoctrination I suffered since birth. I can see the sunshine peering through contrails left by planes burning the blood (oil) of mother nature. and from its demented operators. The one thing we can do is walk away from the machine. rape.Corporations are amoral machines – they are driven by profit – nature be damned. All civilisations have been built on slavery. I challenge anyone reading this to find me an example of technology which hasn’t simply been a band-aid to other ills caused by technology. the government – and slowly de-program ourselves from 10. Try this mind-game for yourself. Towards a return to indigenous living – by whatever means – and may our spirits fly the stars like our ancestors once managed.

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