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Trinity School English Department

Sixth Form Reading List.

A selection of high quality works ofof prose fiction. fiction to stimulate students' minds, increase the fluency of students' own writing and to enjoy!

Amis, Martin. Time's arrow.(1991) Time's Arrow. (1991) Atwood, Margaret. The robber bride.(1993) The Robber Bride. (1993) Atwood, Margaret. The handmaid's tale.(1986) The Handmaid's Tale. (1986) Austen, Jane. Pride and prejudice.(1813) Pride And Prejudice. (1813) Austen, Jane. Sense and sensibility.(1811) Sense And Sensibility. (1811) Banks, Iain. The crow road.(1992) The Crow Road. (1992) Banks, Iain. The wasp factory.(1984) The Wasp Factory. (1984) Banks, Iain.M. Use ofOf Weapons. (1990) Use weapons.(1990) Barker, Pat. Another world.(1998) Another World. (1998) Barker, Pat. Regeneration.(1991) Bronte, Charlotte. Jane Eyre.(1847) Bronte, Emily. Wuthering heights.(1847) Wuthering Heights. (1847) Burgess, Anthony. A clockwork orange.(1962) A Clockwork Orange. (1962) Byatt, A.S. Possession.(1990) Card, Orson Scott. Ender's game.(1977) Ender's Game. (1977) Card, Orson Scott. Speaker for the dead.(1986) Speaker For The Dead. (1986) Collins, Wilkie. The woman in white.(1859) The Woman In White. (1859) DeBerniere, Louis. Captain Correlli's mandolin.(1994) Captain Correlli's Mandolin. (1994) Dickens, Charles. Great expectations.(1861) Great Expectations. (1861) Doyle, Roddy. The snapper.(1990) The Snapper. (1990) DuMaurier, Daphne. Rebecca.(1938) Easton Ellis, Brett. American Psycho.(1991) Eliot, George. Middlemarch.(1871) Faulks, Sebastian. Birdsong.(1993) Frazier, Charles. Cold mountain.(1997) Cold Mountain. (1997) Garland, Alex. The beach.(1996) The Beach. (1996) Golding, William. Lord of the flies.(1954) Lord Of The Flies. (1954) Green, Graham. Brighton rock.(1938) Brighton Rock. (1938) Guterson, David. Snow falling on cedars.(1995) Snow Falling On Cedars. (1995) Hardy, Thomas. Tess of the D'Urbervilles.(1891) Tess Of The D'Urbervilles. (1891) Hardy, Thomas. The return of Of The Native. (1878) The Return the native.(1878) Harris, Joanna. Chocolat.(1991) Hartley, L.P. The go-between.(1953) The Go Between.(1953) Heller, Joseph. Catch 22.(1962) Hemingway, Ernest. A farewell toTo Arms. (1929) A Farewell arms.(1929) Hoeg, Peter. Miss Smilla's feeling for snow.(1993) Miss Smilla's Feeling For Snow. (1993) Irving, John. AA Prayer For Owen Meany. (1989) prayer for Owen Meany.(1989) Irving, John. The cider house rules.(1985) The Cider House Rules. (1985) Ishiguro, Kazuo. The remains of Of The Day. (1989) The Remains the day.(1989) Jackson, Mick. The underground man.(1998) The Underground Man. (1998) Joyce, James. Ulysses.(1922) Kerouac, Jack. On the road.(1955) On The Road. (1955) Kesey, Ken. One flew over theThe Cuckoo's Nest. (1962) One Flew Over cuckoo's nest.(1962) Lawrence, D.H. Women inIn Love. (1920) Women love.(1920) Lee, Harper. To kill a mockingbird.(1960) To Kill A Mockingbird. (1960) Martel, Yann. Life of Of Pi. (2001) Life Pi.(2001) McCullers, Carson. The heart isIs A Lonely Hunter. (1940) The Heart a lonely hunter.(1940) McEwan, Ian. Atonement.(2001) Mitchell, David. Ghostwritten.(1999) Mitchell, David. Number nine dream.(2001) Number Nine Dream. (2001)

Morrison, Toni Beloved.(1987) Niffenegger, Audrey. The Time Traveler's Wife. (2005) Orwell, George. 1984.(1948) 1984. (1948) Paton-Walsh, Jill. Knowledge ofOf Angels. (1994) Knowledge angels.(1994) Salinger, J.D. The catcher in In The Rye. (1951) The Catcher the rhye. Steinbeck, John. Of mice and men.(1937)(1939) The Grapes Of Wrath. Steinbeck, John. The Mice And Men. (1937) Of grapes of wrath.(1939) Tartt, Donna. The secret history.(1992) The Secret History. (1992) Walker, Alice. The colour purple.(1983) The Colour Purple. (1983) Wharton, William. Birdy.(1978) Birdy. (1978)