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Megan Gibson, in the The Church of England Votes Against Women Bishops article, mentioned one of the most important problems of The Church of England, absence of “women bishops”. According to the article, a large number of clergy supports existence of women bishops contrary to the non-ordained members of the Church. According to the article of Megan Gibson, the Church of England does not allow women bishops to ordination, yet allows priestesses since 1992. Nevertheless, women bishops are common amongst the Anglican Church in Canada, the States, and England. After long debates, the Church of England decided to vote for allowing women to become bishops; however, unlike the predictions, some of the lay-members of the Church prevented women becoming bishops. In the article, it is stated that an Angelican priest whose name is George Pitcher said that women’s prevention from being bishops can cause “chaos in the Church of England”. Plenty of Church members got shocked when the vote passed over. The long supporter of the cause of women’s being bishops, Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, took quite a damage from the results of the great vote, as well as the future successor of the Archbishop, Justin Welby, whose first declaration in the chair was to endorse female bishops to the Church, and he called all clergy to support his cause. Although the liberal minds of the Church of England tries to modernize the Church scripture, conservatives and traditionalists believes that male members should maintain their uniqueness in their being bishops. They state that Church should not be “mainstream, liberal

and Episcopal – as in the States’ – type of church. Writer of the article conveys a message from Jane Patterson, a member of conservative Church clergy, claims that “church needs to
guard against placing society’s views over what we see as God’s views, as expressed in his written word, the Bible.”. It is a direct quotation from the very source of the Church of England, yet it is quite shocking and of course, traditional. The writing of the article is an embodiment of perfection. Literally, it hasn’t got any room for a mistake within form nor grammar. The filter of the argument has been perfectly constructed through a very formal writing style. The chain of expression of arguments and facts are perfectly wellembedded within the entire structure. There are lots of well-chosen quotations, statistics and transitions that helps the reading of this article much more fluent. So it comes to pass, the article does a great job to inform readers with quite a satisfying experience. One cannot think of an additional facility to make it greater and more decent. It might have been the most important bit of information, yet you would have the exact experience reading it through. Mostly, it is not the fact, yet it becomes greater and greater with every line of reading.

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