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University College Palmouth

|nterim Peport
Por the period 0l April 20l0 - xx August 20l0
s n o m m o C e v i t a e r C
sharin is ood
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Operational highlights
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User highlights from April 20l0 - August 20l0
l,344 visits came from 5l countries/territories . l,023 (76.l2%) were new visitors
and 32l (23.88%) were returning visitors.
visitors were predominantly Lnglish speaking, accounting for
l,260 (93.75%) of the overall visits.
On average, visitors spent an average of 4 minutes, viewing an average
of 4 pages. 9% had visits of more than 6 minutes.
29.76% of traffic came via a direct link, 59.23% from referring sites and
9.30% from search engine results.
l83 users have become members, accessing the full suite of features
within the repository
Traffic from OLP Pepositories (e.g. OLP Commons) has largely driven
traffic from North America (49%), followed by Northern Lurope (32%),
Lastern Lurope (4%), Southern Asia (2.5%), and South Last Asia (2.5%).
Our podcast platform has rapidly overtaken our OLP repository and
search engine results as a medium for accessing University College
Palmouth's open education resources.
"Pushing content directly correlates with increases in traffic to the
repository and usage of OLPs. Unprompted "Pulling remains weak.

There has been greater usage of our repository and OLPs in

North America and the UK. This is most likely due to the OLP sub|ect
matter (Lnglish-centric writing, requirement for high level of Lnglish

Putting information about OLPs into the public domain via Twitter, Digg,
Pacebook, etc. has resulted in higher rates of access and use.

Social network marketing to OLP sub|ect related industries,

professionals, websites, bloggers, academics, etc has resulted in
positive reviews and higher levels of access and use.

93% of users had access to broadband connectivity. <l% used dial up


9.5% growth
l8.4% growth
26.5% growth
l5.3% growth
openSpace |nterim Peport - August 20l0
`Since podcast launch in 1une 20l0
Unique website visitors
l5.3% growth
`` Kaltura media player, podcasting and repositories since April 20l0

August 20l0 April 2009
Treating our OLPs as publicly consumable content, and the use of
web 2.0 technologies and social networking, has enhanced the
discoverability and engagement with of our OLPs

Our ongoing search engine optimisation (SLO) and online marketing

activities will enhance the discoverability of our OLPs via search
engine results in line with marketing best practices.

Our OLPs are as much for public consumption as they are for
scholarly activity by students and supplemental teaching
materials for academics. we viewed our OLPs as commodities
or consumables and promoted them online using a methodology
deployed by the music and film industries. Paising public awareness
about the availability of our OLPs was a standard challenge.
Creating an awareness of what could be done and achieved with the
OLPs - and getting the general online public excited about them
and what could be achieved through open education - was the
challenge that really excited us. Using 'fun' web 2.0 technologies,
generating an organic and viral online social engagement and
awareness, and framing our proposition in a manner that minimized
perception barriers were determining factors.
Using a "push-pull process, we understood that momentum would
come from us "pusing our OLPs to a content hungry public rather
than hoping internet users would pull our OLPs to wards
themselves under their own steam. Our rationale was based on the
assumption that there is a current shortfall in the online public's
knowledge and perception of OLPs. |n short, it's a case of the online
public not knowing they wanted something until it's put in front
of them, especially in an online space, platform or arena they are
already familiar with and feel they have a measure of control.
Hence our decision to create a traditional podcast.
Podcasting (including listing our podcast in all of the ma|or online
podcast directories) has been the fastest area of growth in terms of
engagement with our OLPs. Podomatic, a successful entertainment
podcast platform, was chosen due to its overall popularity, metrics
and fit with our identified demographic.
Current traffic and usage analytics would indicate that this has been a sound
approach in enhancing and promoting the discoverability of our OLPs.
Geographic diversity
Our policy of placing our OLPs directly in traditional online entertainment
spaces has resulted in a growing geographical diversity in those accessing
our OLPs. There has been a slow but steady increase in the number of
people from Asia, South Last Asia, the Par Last, The Middle Last and Africa
engaging with our OLPs. However, a significant investment of time is
required to further our international OLP engagement programme for
levels of usage in these regions to match those from North America and
the UK.
Our OLP programme is still within a relative infancy. The burgeoning
geographical diversity we've experienced is promising and exciting.
|t provides a glimmer of the potential and popularity of our OLPs, and
the UK OP programme, among international internet users.
while it is difficult for us to gauge the performance of our OLPs and
repository against other OLP pro|ects, we feel the future of openSpace is
promising. while individuals may not be posting their work in any
significant numbers, a growing diversity of cultures and countries are
accessing and engaging with our OLPs.
Adopting a push-pull promotional dynamic has yielded the best results
in terms of OLP discoverability. This dynamic has yielded traffic
that is significantly greater than a traditional, passive, reliance on search
engine results and links on other websites. Push-pull promotional campaigns
within specific international regions and sub|ect related industries is planned
to further diversify those accessing our OLPs.
visits to April 20l0 to August20l0
2 openSpace |nterim Peport - August 20l0
Apr 5 Apr 18 May 1 May 14 May 27 Jun 9 Jun 22 Jul 5 Jul 18 Jul 31 Aug 13
Aug 20
1 956
Country/Territory Visits Pages/Visit % New Visits Bounce Rate
United Kingdom 956 4.12 75.94% 48.43%
United States 139 2.75 82.01% 55.40%
Pakistan 44 1.95 59.09% 65.91%
Germany 31 4.26 64.52% 54.84%
China 12 7.83 33.33% 25.00%
Canada 12 2.42 50.00% 75.00%
Australia 11 2.91 72.73% 27.27%
Spain 10 5.10 70.00% 20.00%
Netherlands 9 1.22 100.00% 77.78%
A narrow range of sub|ect specific OLPs has enabled thorough marketing activity
and performance analytics

Our prospects with regions outside the UK, Lurope and North America
remains positive. we are slowly increasing users from Asia, South Last Asia
Africa, The Middle Last and the Par Last.
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Greece 8 3.50 100.00% 37.50%
Poland 8 3.88 75.00% 75.00%