Neurological Physiotherapy Rehabilitation

Egypt - June 2012 Egypt 18-20 December 2012 3 By . Dr Emma Richards PresentedDays Practical course 15-16-17 June

COURSE OUTLIN E / DESCRIPTI ON IF YOU WORK IN THE FIELD OF NEUROLOGICAL REHABILITATION AND WANT TO INVEST IN YOURSELF! THEN THIS IS MUST ATTEND COURSE .THIS COURSE IS VERY POPULAR IN THE UNITED KIGDOM FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE MIDDLE EAST. This course will provide an update for physiotherapists working in the fields of neurological rehabilitation with regards to assessment, current evidence for practice through advanced MOVEMENT ANALYISIS and CLINICAL REASONING with HANDS ON CLINCIAL TREATMENT TECHNIQUES and exercise as key treatment modalities. Course Objectives: By the end of course, preceptors should be able to:  ASSESSMENT AND TREATMENT of neurological patients using clinical reasoning skills supported by evidence base (Researched literature) to identify appropriate physiotherapy interventions.  Discuss current trends of practice in the acute and chronic care neurological rehabilitation setting.  USE OF OUTCOME MEASURES to assess quality of treatment.  ADVANCED MOVEMENT ANALYSIS- Locomotion (single leg stance) sit-stand/stand-sit, Functional task analysis and facilitatory hands on techniques.

Delivery method: Presentations, group discussion and practical sessions (real patient’s treatment) Who should attend?  Physiotherapists working in areas of neurology.  Physiotherapists with an interest in the assessment and treatment of neurological patients.  Any physiotherapist wishing to update their knowledge in neurological rehabilitation.

TUTOR Emma Richards, MSc, GDip, MCSP, HPC, THE, Senior Lecturer Sheffield Hallam University
Emma Richards. Emma is an experienced and well known name in the field of Neuro physiotherapy in the UK .has worked in the field of Neuro-rehabilitation for many years, an advanced Bobath trained clinician and a special interest with Strokes, Head Injuries and Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal cord injury. Working as a Clinical Specialist in Stroke for many years, she has a specific interest in Bobath and Normal Movement/ movement analysis, she now works as a Senior lecturer running Post graduate and under graduate courses and has a clinical case load in a Private clinical practice. Emma has run a range of courses, based in University, Hospitals, and community settings. Post graduate Neurological Physiotherapy Practice. E.g. 10 days post Graduate module in the Management/Theories of Tone, Advanced movement analysis. Techniques for treatment of various neurological diseases. Patient treatment Demonstrations.

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