Year 13 Production Project

AV/Sound Country in Whole -Film, empty eerie hospital corridors, Mourning group horror film feel (flashes of still images?) Hospital Scene Whole -Busy hospital corridors group Twins ½ -Twitter feeds/FB updates between Group twins -Filming of the two twins (shay and Ryan) Bad Twin Small -Twitter feeds between twins and also Group Shay and ‘bad’ group -social media, friend requests, retweets, events organised from cult group etc -ending with quote/speech from Osama Bin laden (you tube clip) How the country deals with another terrorist attack Mourning the loss of hundreds of Brits.... We see the aftermath of a terrorist attack Small scenes scattered across the stage, patients, doctors, nurses, families Audience do not know that it is the result of a terrorist attack Scene ends with doctors rushing towards the bed of the good twin in a panic. Introduction to the twins Follow them as they grow up Begins humorous and playful Introduce social media, tv, internet, laptops, ipad, i phone, bbm – show how both twins use it in different ways. They get split into different tutor groups at school and have different set of friends/follow different paths Follows the bad twin through late teens early twenties. Is enticed and encouraged to join an anti royalist/cult/ extremist group. Drawn in by social media – becomes “friends” with anti royalist facebook. Obsession which leads to terrorism

Good Twin Small -Twitter feeds between twins group -social media, friend requests, events organised relating to graduation party, studying at uni, joining police force etc Build a Bomb Muslim Police Small -live projection filmed from above group -abstract film footage, close ups of substances, liquids, bottles being used. Small n/a group ½ -Texts between police, family and Group friends warning that something may happen....undercover knowledge of a terrorist attack.


Follows the good twin through late teens early twenties Graduates from university Stable group of friends Joins police academy – passing out ceremony Preparation of suicide bombings


Exploration of the Muslim faith and their beliefs. Look at why you would sacrifice your life for religion. Undercover metropolitan police Explores what the police know but don’t/cant disclose Detectives Preparing and planning One officer contacts a friend to tell them not to go into central London tomorrow but doesn’t say why. Positive Royal media coverage which turns negative throughout the piece Lots of media coverage of Kate & Wills possibly a baby? Street party celebrating jubilee or birth of Kate & Wills baby. We see the effects of a terrorist attack Chaos/running/screaming/injured/trapped/bleeding/bungee/ sirens Audience is unsure if Kate & Wills have been effected Flashes of bad twin and his involvement in the attack Good twin is seriously injured and rushed to hospital

Royal Whole -All royal footage, as well as tweets, christening group updates etc, to fit to typically ‘British’ /attack music (1-1 ½ mins, playing underneath the news footage) -News bulletin of the terror attack in central London -Muslim cult/youth group montage of still images


Whole -Repeat busy hospital corridors group


Repeat of opening scene – audience will now become aware that opening hospital scene was a result of the terrorist attack Piece starts with doctors rushing to good twin’s bed. Cardiac arrest. Flatline. Good twin dies as a result of terrorist attack which bad twin was involved in.

Bad twin remorse Family

Small group Small group


Bad twin remorseful tries to come to terms with death of his brother. - Reaction to death and monologue explain what he has been involved with and his regeret/remorse. - Family response to death of one son knowing that the other was involved in the attack - Ending with response to Shay Rewind What if? Twins stay together, same friendship groups, same life etc Both graduating, both police officers etc Repeat police line and both dead at the end.



Select -Twitter feeds/FB updates group Good twin Select (and bad group twin) Royal Select REPEAT of some royal footage, as well christening group as tweets, updates etc. /attack News bulletin of the terror attack in central London Family Small Busy hospital corridors, repeat from group earlier but slow motion.


Family response to death of both sons. Ending with response to both sons being dead.

Britain unite

Whole group

-Happy ‘we love being British’ film footage to play at the end to uplift the mood (?!!)

People unite and stand up against terrorism – it won’t stop them using the tube/bus/being in central London. Continue to celebrate the royals They refuse to stay refuge in their own homes Piece ends with reciting of names of those who died in the attack. (similar to 9/11 memorial service) Pictures of those who died in the attack fall to the floor.

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