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1. What is Devine Mind?

– GOD the Creator of Universe, the Devine Ideas, form, substance and everything in which is through the imagination or the spiritual man. E.g the strength, power, deep reservoir of knowledge. Devine Mind is man awareness or the consciousness. 2. 2. What is man, how is he connecting with divine ideas? Man is God Devine creation – he connected by his awareness that he is one with GOD. Once man has realised that he is spiritual being living in a body, God is Holy- and is omnipresent. 3. What great change in methods of production and distribution seems about to be made? How will it affect our prosperity? Humanity’s daily need will meet through the service of each individual. People who learn how serve and produce the service that which benefits and add value to people life will result in prosperity. 4. What science and metaphysic what are it possibility. Light + energy = spirit. Science discovers something, which is practical and logical for man to understand e.g atom through mathematical formula discover electronic energy, also say air is alive with dynamic force that await man graphs to utilize. 5. What did Jesus demonstrate regarding the kingdom of ether? All source are from the invisible. All around us. Jesus was the substance the bread that came from Heaves. 6. What is the source of all Material, according to science? According to Jesus? According to science ether charged with electricity, magnesim, light ray, cosmic ray and other dynamic radiation. Jesus – the Kingdom from God clothed and fed his children. 7. What is the simplest and surest way to lay hold of substance? To lay hold of it subconsciousness, to hold it’s thought that God is their supply, to have the mind of Christ, the Lord is my shepherd I’ll shall not want, he make me lies in down in green pasture. Jesus’s Say, “ Whoever… shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that what he said come to pass and he shall have it. When we know that certain potent idea exists in the invisible mind expression. We can practice by putting the law into action through thought and word and deed. 8. How substance can never be depleted? Substance is first given form in the mind, an idea, imagination, and thought. It cannot be seen, touched or smelled . it is an unfailing resource And God is holy the. Spiritual Substance from which comes all visible therefore it can never depleted. Energy + light = substance

After recognizing the existence. they were not aware of their connection to God the infinite source.9. What connection exist between ideas in Devine Mind? 11. and word. potentiality. to all equally? 10. What is the I AM identity How dose this differ from Devine Mind? 9. Lesson II 1. Decree. so is he” We must seek the kingdom of God and appropriate it aright before things will be added to us in fullness. Why dose God give to just and unjust alike. If substance is omnipresent and man can control its manifestation. Explain the teaching of Jesus that it hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heavens? 15. as pure being or spirit? 11. 5. 2. supplier. . “ As he thinked within himself. 14. Why is spirutal Gained? 10. What is implied in the fact that man can conceive of an ideal world? 7. We need to have faith in it. What is the threefold activity through substance must go on its way to becoming manifest as material? Laying hold of substance in the mind and bring it into manifestation. How dose this truth of the ether help us understand the nature of God. why are ideas the most important in life? What is desire in origine . What is symbolised by gold and silver? Why are they precious? 12. 3. 4. purpose and result? What is the different “is-ness” and existence? What is the different between “being” and “appearance” What is the relation of figure to the problem they help solve? How dose this illustrate spiritual reality and material phenomena? 6. Should we deny the existence of material things? Can we do so successfully? What should we deny about the thing outter? 8. and availability 18. What are some of the “ greatest possessions” that must be unloaded before we can enter the kingdom of consciousness? 17. 13. thought. why dose man suffers from lack and limitation? It is because they haven’t learn how to appropriate their lack. What is mean by “Property rights” and the right to wealth? What error is implied in this doctrine? To whom do ideas belong? 16.