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Mission: To operate our business to excel in 4 areas, shareholders value, customers’ satisfaction, employees’ satisfaction and Corporate Social Responsibility. Objectives: To foster a greater understanding of Japan and to contribute to international society and local communities throughout the world. To achieve these objectives, TIFO supports and holds symposia and seminars, and supports various activities* that contribute to global societies.

Policies: Data Protection Declaration TOSHIBA of Europe Ltd places great importance on respecting the personal rights of all visitors to its websites. Please find below our data protection declaration, informing you of the nature and extent of the personal data collected via these websites, as well as the purposes for which this data is processed and used. Webserver - Protocols When you visit our website, as is usual on almost all websites, our server automatically collects personal information such as your IP address (including the domain name associated with the IP address, i.e. using reverse look-up), the date and time of your visit to our website, the pages you visited on our website and the browser you are using etc. It also stores, where this is available, the country from which you are accessing our website (only the ending is saved (e.g. de), since this indicates the relevant country) the language of the browser you are using, the website from which you are accessing our website, the search word used (if our site is accessed via a search engine), as well as the type of connection and operating system. We use this information to improve constantly your website experience. Personal data you provide In general, you do not need to provide personalised information to access our websites. Your personal data, for example your name, address, telephone number, email address, etc., are stored only if you provide us with this information in order to use one of the services on our website (e.g. registering warranties/service, registering for a personalised web experience, signing up for the newsletter (e-mail only) or taking part in competitions). This data is then processed and used to perform the requested services. In addition, this data is only processed and used for other purposes (e.g. sending additional information about our company and products) if you have given us your advance consent to do so. Your consent is also required to transmit your personal data to third parties outside the legally permitted circumstances. On some sites we use a “double opt-in system”. This means that when you first register with us, you are sent a confirmation email containing your login details. You then need to use these details to access our website. Your registration is not activated until you have logged in with your user name and password. Right of access to personal data and withdrawing consent You have the right to receive a copy of your stored personal data at any time. In addition, you are entitled to withdraw your consent with future effect at any time. Please use the address provided under Contacts to do so. Protecting the privacy of minors Our websites are not addressed to children and young people under the age of 14. Children and young people under

How to Request for Written Disclosure This document describes the procedures by which Toshiba. You can still use some of our website even if you do not want cookies to be created on your computer. Please note that your browser must support encryption protection. (2) Request for notification of the intended use of the personal data.0 or a higher version and most other browsers. Please write on the envelope. cessation of use. above. You can find this. Whenever your browser displays a closed padlock symbol at the bottom of the screen. deletion. In areas where you enter data we work with the “Secure Socket Layer” (SSL) standard encryption system." Documents to be submitted concerning Requests for Disclosure When making requests for disclosure. Toshiba's prescribed request form 1) For requests for disclosure of personal data or notification of intended use 2) For requests for correction. They are used for navigation and increase the user friendliness of a website. click the link below to download the request form (1). Data is stored in databases which are protected against unauthorized access by security firewalls and software. ((1) to (6) are hereinafter collectively referred to as "Requests for Disclosure.") Postal Address for Requests for Disclosure Please post Requests for Disclosure to the address shown below after attaching the necessary documents to the prescribed request form. "Personal Data Request enclosed. complies with the following requests for response in writing from customers or their agents concerning the customer's personal data: (1) Request for disclosure. addition. or another method enabling confirmation of delivery. We ensure that we do not knowingly store any personal data relating to minors. For details. this indicates that your data is being transmitted in an encrypted format. simplified registered mail. and post the documents to the postal address indicated in 1. (3) Request for correction. Be sure to confirm the current procedures when making requests for disclosure of personal data and others. or a similar icon/highlighted web address in a different browser. Cookies are small files which are stored temporarily on your hard disk (session-based cookies). in Internet Explorer version 3. complete all prescribed fields. please use delivery-certified mail. 1. Users’ personal information is stored in our secure networks and access is restricted to those employees and partners who are entitled to access our systems. Procedures:. and (6) Request for cessation of use or cessation of disclosing to third parties. you can prevent this by setting your browser to block all cookies. However. enclose the identity confirmation document (2). Most browsers accept cookies automatically. Cookies Some of our websites use cookies to track users’ preferences and structure the website optimally. (5) Request for deletion. If the SSL system is not available for technical reasons. acting in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information. for example.the age of 14 may not transmit any personal data over the Internet without the consent of their parent or guardian. please note that some functions may be restricted and/or some websites will not be available. Revisions Toshiba may from time to time revise these procedures to better protect personal data or to comply with changes in applicable laws or regulations. When posting the request form to Toshiba. Security Toshiba has implemented technical and organisational security measures to guarantee the security of your personal information. (4) Request for addition. These cookies exist only until the end of the Internet session. please refer to the instructions provided by your browser manufacturer. However. or cessation of disclosing to third parties . an error page is displayed to ensure that under no circumstances can your data be transmitted without encryption.

When the agent is a person with parental authority or other legal representative. If payment is not made within a certain period of time. Toshiba will not be able to comply with Requests for Disclosure of personal information. 3) passport. or 6) duplicate of original alien registration (Original document required for 6) Note: After confirming receipt of the prescribed documents and the fee. Note: In cases where the fee is insufficient or where the fee is not included with the documents for submission. After a request for personal data has been answered. and attach a seal registration certificate. Identity confirmation document A copy of one of the following documents: 1) driver's license. above. Agent identity confirmation document A copy of one of the following documents: 1) driver's license. Requests for Disclosure through Agent When your agent is making a Request for Disclosure on your behalf. Toshiba will notify the person making the request to that effect and give the reason. Fee for Requests for Disclosure or Notification of Intended Use Toshiba charges a fee for requests for disclosure or notification of intended use. 5) resident registry. the person making the request may submit a copy or an abridged copy of the family register or a certificate of residence indicating the relationship with the person to whom the personal data refers instead of a power of attorney. 3.  When the principal's identity cannot be confirmed. Toshiba will maintains and dispose of the documents in an appropriate manner. Toshiba will notify the person making the request to that effect. In cases where Toshiba decides not to respond to inquiries as requested.0KB) 2. Even in cases where Toshiba does not disclose the personal data or provide notification of intended use. Matters Concerning the Agent (PDF:76. No fee is charged for correction.0KB) (The person to whom the personal data refers should stamp a power of attorney with his or her seal. or cessation of disclosing to third parties. Method of Responding to Requests for Disclosure Toshiba will respond in writing to the address written on the request form you submitted . Toshiba will deem that no request for disclosure or notification of intended use has been made. 5) resident registry. 3) passport. Toshiba will not return submitted documents. The person making the request bears the cost of purchasing the postal money order and of postage to Toshiba. the address on the completed documents for confirming the identity of the person to whom the personal data refers. 2) health insurance card.) 3. addition. and the address registered at Toshiba do not match    When it cannot be confirmed that the agent has duly authorized power of attorney When there is a deficiency in the prescribed documents for submission When Toshiba cannot identity the personal data on the basis of the information contained in the request . Toshiba will send a confirmation notice of the receipt to you. Use of Personal Data Obtained in Connection with Requests for Disclosure Toshiba will handle personal data obtained in connection with Requests for Disclosure only for the purpose of complying with Requests for Disclosure . 4) pension booklet. such as when the address on the completed request form.2. 2) health insurance card. Note: Reasons for Not Disclosing Personal Data In the cases indicated below. include the following documents in addition to (1) and (2) in 2. Note: A fee applies only for disclosure of personal data or notification of intended use. 4) pension booklet. Toshiba will retain the prescribed fee. 1. cessation of use. Fee for each request: ¥800 (tax included) Please include a postal money order in the amount of ¥800 with the documents for submission. deletion. or 6) duplicate of original alien registration (Original document required for 6) Power of Attorney (PDF:52.

Paragraph 5 of the Personal Data Protection Law. or property of the person to whom the personal data refers or to a third party When there is a risk of considerable obstruction to the appropriate operation of Toshiba's business When disclosure would constitute a violation of another law or regulation .    When the information subject to the request does not come within the scope of "retained personal data" as defined in Article 2. body. When there is a risk of harm to the life.

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