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F-6101-01 Rev. 0 Effective: 9/7/2011 Owner(s): HR Director

Senior Siebel Primary Support Engineer

Rimini Street delivers proven exceptional value in third-party support for enterprise software. The innovative, ultra-responsive support program allows Oracle and SAP licensees to save at least 50 percent in annual support fees, and to receive premium services that are not part of standard vendor support. Hundreds of global, Fortune 500, mid-market, and public sector organizations from virtually all industries depend on Rimini Street as their trusted, expert, independent provider of enterprise software support, so they can apply more of their IT budgets to strategic business initiatives. Position Summary Rimini Street, Inc. is seeking experienced Siebel professionals with backgrounds in Siebel implementation and production support, to service our rapidly growing client base on their long term Siebel software investments. Rimini Street is dedicated to helping clients maximize the ROI on their existing Siebel release at a considerable cost savings, by pairing the most experienced Siebel professionals with Clients, in order to realize the full capabilities of their Siebel implementation. Rimini Street is looking for individuals with deep Siebel knowledge and a passion to deliver superior support. Come join the team of highly skilled professionals who will revolutionize the way Enterprise Software Support is delivered. Essential Duties & Responsibilities  Ensure the success of Rimini Street Client accounts through ownership of a Client account. Build a long-term service relationship that will drive client loyalty and fuel growth opportunities.  Serve as a trusted technical advisor to clients seeking a successful deployment of Siebel applications.  Assist clients with the optimum utilization of their Siebel application through best practices implementation advice.  Understand customer business requirements, in order to provide expert analysis and recommendations for a successful product implementation.  Provide technical guidance for Siebel architecture design and application configuration.  Solve complex customer issues using diagnostic tools and troubleshooting methodologies based on expert knowledge of Siebel applications.  Collaborate with team members in a virtual team environment to extend field experience to different client situations.  Contribute to the development and management of knowledge-sharing methodologies, diagnostic tools, and creative processes, to improve the client

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Views. Excellent interpersonal.1. Menus. Page 2 of 2 . and communication skills. etc…) and SQL programming. Desired Qualifications  Expertise with Siebel Marketing. SQL Server.  Exhibit poise during pressure situations. CTI. Attention to detail and excellent listening skills. Education  Bachelor and/or Masters Degree in Computer Science or related field. Minimal Qualifications     Strong understanding of the Siebel Application functionality (Navigation. Skills  Siebel Application and System Administration: Server Configuration. etc…  Siebel Tools Configuration: Business Objects. Siebel VB. Screens.  Experience with various browser technologies and browser security. Unix.Job Description F-6101-01 Rev. For internal use only. DB2. Communications. Siebel Development Methodology & Life Cycle. Rimini Street is an Equal Opportunity Employer © 2011 Rimini Street. etc…). and OS390)  Familiarity with different databases (Oracle. Assignment Manager. Solaris. Ability to provide hands-on assistance on client development/test environments using proprietary remote client connectivity tools. Applets. Web application development experience is a plus. BIP. Linux.  Database performance and tuning experience. Server Management. eScript. Workflow. Assignment Manager. Siebel Architecture. Experience  Minimum 5 years experience with the Siebel application and architecture. and Siebel Best Practices. presentation. Business Component. Actuate. Data. Demonstrated ability to work independently and as part of a team. etc…  Familiarity with Operating Systems (Windows. Browser Script. Inc. 3+ years of hands-on consulting or technical support experience across core application modules and vertical applications highly preferred. or EAI highly preferred. Superb trouble-shooting skills and tenacious attitude for problem solving. Siebel 8. 0 Effective: 9/7/2011 Owner(s): HR Director  interaction experience with Rimini Street. Business Process.

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