Report by – Madhumita Sharma (Y09UC245) Ritika Sharma(Y09UC272) Ruchi Bhatnagar(Y09UC276) Ruchita Jain (Y09UC277)

ABSTRACT This report is written with the aim of reporting the test results of the various webapplication tests performed on the online shopping store .com . .inficom.www. We have performed Functionality. Performance. Usability and Compatibility Testing on the targeted web-application to test its performance from different perspectives and under different situations.

infibeam.A snapshot of the homepage of www. This user experience must be presented across a variety of platforms including a myriad of web browsers and mobile devices. A software that does not work as expected can lead to a lot of problems like loss of money. The modern website is a complex mix of technologies designed to provide a streamlined user experience. functionality. various web application testing methodologies should be incorporated to find weaknesses in .com . loss of time and loss of reputation to name a few. Web-Application under Test – INFIBEAM. This becomes even more important for a web-application.INTRODUCTION Software testing is a critical component of the software development Figure 1 .infibeam. Further sections include the various tests performed on the website – www. performance. results and their analysis. and browser compatibility. To help ensure that a website is of a high caliber on all levels.

FUNCTIONALITY TESTING The quality of a website is vital to ensure that visitors browsing the site are able to find the information they are looking for and convert to become prospects or customers. analysis and the tools used. . Combo Gifts and much more. brand. Each and every functionality of the website is tested by providing appropriate input. Infibeam. Health Equipments. finish your order procedure in just 4 steps and get the product delivered at your door. TESTS PERFORMED The following text mentions the various tests that have been performed on the webapplication. The team Infibeam claims to make your online shopping easy & fun with a user-friendly shopping interface. color and other product specific features. price. We performed functionality testing on Infibeam using Badboy. is an online shopping destination in India that claims to make your shopping an unforgettable one. Cameras. They claim to make it easy to search products by city. Badboy is an application which makes testing Web applications easier by combining a capture/replay style testing tool with live diagnostics on the activities your browser is performing while you navigate through a website. verifying the output and comparing the actual results with the expected results. Following are the results for various actions done during the navigation of the site by Badboy.Infibeam. Mobile phones. stores a range of products like Books. it is but lets first test if the website is efficient enough to do what the enterprise claims by applying some standard tests by using various Software Testing Tools. Select products. 1. Isn`t that an easy way to bask in the envious stares of your neighbors? Yes. their results. Computers and Accessories.

1 – Response time filling details to buy .Figure 2 – Response time for opening Figure 3 – Response time for for opening login page Figure 4.1 – Response time for search result Figure 4.

Average response time for 5 concurrent connections . and data transfer speeds. Results of the tests are mentioned in the further text. We have performed performance testing through various online testing tools. website. On testing Infibeam on Cloud Assault the following results were obtained. Figure 5 . Stress Testing and Scalability Testing. errors. Performance Testing covers Load Testing. and technology infrastructure testing that uses cloud resources. Cloud Assault provides information on response times. Cloud Assault is a platform for API. PERFORMANCE TESTING Performance testing is in general testing performed to determine how a website performs in terms of responsiveness and stability under a particular workload.2. requests.

Pingdom monitors websites from multiple locations globally so that it can distinguish genuine downtime from routing and access problems. Figure 6 – Average performance grading of Infibeam by Pingdom. downtime and performance of websites.Pingdom tracks the Figure 7 – Page Sizes and their response times .

It recommends speed improvements based on best practices for usability and performance testing. Figure 8 – Snapshot of the Web Page Speed Report generated by the tester Figure 9 – Response time for various page objects .com tests page size. and download speed.WebSiteOptimization. composition.

The rules and regulations regarding purchase are not very clear which creates a confusion for the users.Figure 10 – Recommendations and warnings generated 3. COMPATIBILITY TESTING Compatibility of the website was tested by running it on various web browsers like Google Chrome. USABILITY TESTING Usability testing tests the general user-friendliness of the website. Safari and Internet Explorer. Mozilla in general is a moderately user-friendly website based on manual testing done by us. Majority of the services provided were clear except a few. . 4. Infibeam.

We used Selenium to generate a script to conduct automation testing. and other test control and test reporting functions.Figure 11 – Snapshots of Infibeam running in Mozilla Firefox. the comparison of actual outcomes to predicted outcomes.Commonly. the setting up of test preconditions. . Internet Explorer and Safari clockwise from top left Automation Testing Test automation is the use of special software to control the execution of tests. test automation involves automating a manual process already in place that uses a formalized testing process. Google Chrome.

It offers suggestions for improving the page's performance. . Summarizes the page's components. There were various aspects on which it was graded. Avoid URL redirects. Yslow graded the website B (range being A to F) and an overall performance score of 82. etc. We performed a similar analysis on the web-application Infibeam. Use cookie free domain. Feature highlights: Grades web page based on one of three predefined ruleset or a user-defined ruleset.Use content delivery network. The following snapshot shows the grade report generated for the site. Displays statistics about the page. Do not scale images in HTML. Avoid HTTP 404 (not found) error.Figure 12 – Snapshot of the script generated Overall Quality grading of Infibeam by YSlow YSlow analyzes web pages and suggests ways to improve their performance based on a set     of rules for high performance web pages. Some of the parameters of the ruleset are .

Figure 13 – Grade report generated by Yslow Figure – 14 Weight Graph .

Figure 14 – List of errors reported . non-profit organizations. or anyone with a website. For more information. We have tested the source code of Infibeam on CSE HTML Validator. Validation rules can also verify the amount of time it takes a request to finish. webmasters. students. or attributes on the page returned by a web request. corporations. etc. see Using Validation and Extraction Rules in Web Performance Tests. HTML Validator CSE HTML Validator is for web professionals. individuals. teachers.Validation Validation rules help verify that a web application is working correctly by validating the existence of text. It gave results regarding any errors in the code. tags. The following screenshot displays the errors that were reported by the tool. and the existence of form fields and their values. government agencies. It performed linkcheck. standard complaint check.

Figure 15 – List errors and warnings in link checking W3C Link Validator It checks all the URLs of the webpage to check their working and navigation. Figure 15 – Result showing the count of URLs having robot exclusion and server web problem . and suggest action by HTTP Status Code.

hardware. the response time of the website is found satisfactory. . OS. adding to cart.  The website easy to use except a few inconsistencies like insufficient information and limited resources.  The functionality (login.  Except for a few glitches.  Considering the various factors like internet connection. forms. etc) can be easily carried out. etc.Conclusion  The overall performance of the web-application as inferred from the various results given by the different testing tools used is good. the website has a consistent navigation. buying.

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