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IMPORTANT ABBREVIATIONS Computers IMPORTANT ABBREVIATIONS - Computers CDAC : Centre for Development of Advanced Parallel Computing.

. C-DOT : Center for Development of Telematrics. HTTP : Hyper Text Transfer Protocol ROM : Read Only Memory RAM : Random Access Memory BIOS : Basic Input- Output System. MODEM : Modulation Demodulation. CAD : Computer Aided Design. PSTN : Public Switched Public Data Network. PSPDN : Pocket Switched Public. RABAN : Remote Area Business Message Network. LAN : Local Area Network WAN : Wide Area Network . MAN : Metropolitan Area Network. CDMA : Code Division Multiple Access. GAIS : Gateway Internet Access Service E-Mail : Electronic Mail. CD : Compact Disc. LDU : Liquid Display Unit. CPU : Central Processing Unit. CAM : Computer Aided Manufacturing. CATScan : Computerized Axial Tomography Scan . COBOL : Common Business Oriented Language. COMAL : Common Algorithmic Language. DOS : Disk Operating System. DTS : Desk Top System DTP : Desk Top Publishing. E-Commerce : Electronic Commerce. ENIAC : Electronic Numerical Integrator And Calculator FAX : Far Away Xerox. FLOPS : Floating Operations Per Second. FORTRAN : Formula Translation. HLL : High Level Language. HTML : Hyper Text Markup Language. IBM : International Business Machine. IC : Integrated Circuit ISH : International Super Highway. LISP : List Processing. LLL : Low Level Language MICR : Magnetic Ink Character Recognizer. MIPS : Millions of Instructions Per Second. MOPS : Millions of Operations Per Second. MPU : Micro Processor Unit. NICNET : National Information Center Network. OMR : Optical Mark Reader. PC-DOT : Personal Computer Disk Operation System. PROM : Programmable Read Only Memory. SNOBOL : String Oriented Symbolic Language. UPS : Uninterpretable Power Supply.

IMPORTANT ABBREVIATIONS Computers VDU : Visual Display Unit. VLSI : Very Large Scale Integrated. WWW : World Wide Web. WLAN : Wireless Local Area Network. Wi-fi : Wireless Fidelity TIFF : Tagged Image File Format e-SATA : External Serial Advanced Technology Attachment WiMAX : Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access JPEG : Joint Photographic Experts Group GIF : Graphics Interchange Format ATX : Advanced Technology Extended UATX : Ultra Advanced Technology Extended FATX : Flex Advanced Technology Extended MATX : Micro Advanced Technology Extended EEATX : Enhanced Extended Advanced Technology Extended DDR SDRAM : Double-Data-Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory DDR RAM : Double-Data-Rate Random Access Memory GUI : Graphical User Interfaces CUI : Command User Interfaces