1. Leukocytes involved in anaphylactic hypersensitivity and inflammatory reaction a. Basophiles b. Monocyts c. Lymphocytes d. Neutrophils e. Eosinophils.

2.The person should not have donated blood within the previous a. 3 month. b. 5month. c. 2 month. d. 1year. 3.OOcysts found in a. Entamoeba histolytica b. Giardia lamblia c. Trypanosoma sp. d. Plasmodium malaria e. Toxoplasma gondii 4.Acidic skin Burn neutralized by a. 5% acetic acid b. Boric acid powder c. Magnesium hydroxide d. Milk e. Sodium bicarbonate powder. 5.Gram negative bacteria stained a. Dark purple b. Yellow c. Green d. Red

6.Test differentiate staphylococci from streptococci a. Catalase b. Coagulase c. Citrate d. Bile solubility 7.elevated sodium level is known as a. Hypernatraemia b. Hyponatraemia c. Hypercholestremia d. Hyperkalaemia 8. vaginal swab is required for the most successful isolation from women’s a. Trichomonas vaginalis b. N.gonorrhoea c. S.hematobium d. Ascaris lumbercoid 9.Immunoglobin consists of five parts of Antibodies (Pentamoric). a. IgG b. IgM c. IgD d. IgA e. IgE 10.Normal plasma Prothrombin time (PT) a. 36 – 50 Sec. b. 8 – 10 Sec. c. 13 – 2 Sec. d. Non Of above 11.The general blood donor is : a. A blood group. b. B blood group. c. O blood group. d. AB blood group.

12.Which of the following does not used in ziehl-nelsen stain? a. Carbon fuchsine b. Acid alcohol c. Methylene blue d. Crystal violet 13.Philadelphia chromosome is a specific chromosomal abnormality that is associated with. a. ALL b. AML c. CML d. None. 14.Hormones from cortex a. Thyroxin b. Oxytocin c. Prolactin d. Cortesol 15.ANA , AMA , ASMA test is :a. .. ‫وهللا ماوي متذكز االجابات لكه االجابة الصحيحة اعزفها‬ b. ‫االجابة هي‬Autoimmune Diseases 16.Which of the following immunoglobulins is present normally in plasma at the highest concentration? a. IgG b. IgM c. IgA d. IgD e. IgE -------} unflexxbile 17.Which immunoglobulin is the principal one found in secretions such as milk? a. IgG b. IgM c. IgA d. IgD e. IgE

18.Albert stain is used to diagnose a. Mycobacterium tuberculosis b. Mycoplasma c. Enterobacteriacae d. Coryenbacterium diphtheria

19.Normal reticulocyte in adult is a. 0.2 – 0.5 % b. 2 – 5 % c. 0.2 – 2 % d. 1 – 2 % 20.All of the following test use in myocardial except a. Creatinin b. Creatinin clearance c. sGPT d. sGOT 21.Eosinphil raised in the following except? a. Allergic b. Parasitic disease c. Hodgkin disease d. Bacterial disease 22.Biochemistry test used sample except a. Urine. b. Whole blood c. Serum d. Stool 23.The Normal range of HDL a. 45- 70 mg\dl b. 70-100 c. 100-150

24.Yellow brown barrel-shaped egg, colorless producing plug polar a. Ascaris b. Tenia soliom c. Trichuris trichiura d. Entamoeba hcaistolyti

25.The main site of production of ATP in the cell is the a. Cell wall b. Cell membrane c. Cytoplasm d. Mitochondria

26.Bordetalla pertussis is the cause of a. Scarlet fever a. Whopping chough b. Rheumatic fever c. Pneumonia 27.Which from the following NOT include in cell wall of bacteria: a. Pilli. b. Cell membrane. c. Flagella. d. Definite nucleus 28.Enterbactericea can infection in: a. Urinary tract only b. Steam blood-urinary tract- chest c. Gastrointestinal disease only d. Steam blood-Urinary tract - Gastrointestinal disease 29.Hypocalcaemia in patient occur if the level of calcium is: a. 16 b. 12

c. 10 d. 7.5

30.Hormone replication of RBCs: a. Erythropoietin b. Creatin kinas c. Amylase d. Progesterone 31.Storage temperature of platelets a. 37 C b. 35 – 40 c. 20 – 22 d. -4 32.Hot air oven temp. a. 121 C° for 15 min b. 180 C° for 30 min c. 160 C° for 30 min d. ALL 33.Chinese litter sees in:a. C. diphtheria b. S.pyogenes c. Staph aureus d. E.coli 34.In blood group use:a. Known cell with unknown serum b. Unknown cell with known serum c. Know cell with unknown cell d. Unknown cell with unknown serum 35.Hb used in:a. Utilize therapy anemia b. Diagnosis anemia c. Utilize therapy of jaundice d. ALL

36.The antibody of blood group is: a. Anti A and B b. Anti A and C c. Anti A and O d. All of the above 37.We can differentiate from gram (-)and gram (+) by: a. Cell wall b. Cell membrane c. Nucleus d. Cytoplasm 38.The following microorganism will not take the gram stain: a. E.coli b. Streptococcus c. Staphylococci d. Mycobacterium sp 39.When the micro invades, the body B-cell will secret and it will transfer to a. Memory cell b. Plasma cell c. Phygocytic cell d. Cytotoxic 40.TORCH means a- Toxoplasma , Roubella , Cytomegalovirus,AIDS b- Toxoplasma ,Roubella , Cytomegalovirus , Hepatitis c- Toxoplasma ,Cytomegalovirus , Herps virus d- ALL 41.Arterial blood for a. Blood chemical b. Hormones c. Blood gases d. Enzyme

42.All of the following bacteria cell components except a. Cell wall b. Cell membrane c. Cytoplasm d. Pilli e. Mitochondria 43.Eye swab cultur in a. MaCconky b. CLED c. Chocolate d. Blood + chocolate agar

44.Heprenized syringe use to collect __________ sample a. Synovial b. CSF c. Venous d. Arterial 45.Safety in the Lab include vaccination of stuff against a. HAV b. HCV c. HBV d. ALL 46.Reject Blood donor if:a. Temperature more than 38.5 b. Blood pressure120/80 c. Heart pulse rate 72/min 47. AML different from ALL in Bleeding and Purpura a. More Increased WBCs b. Granule neutrophile c. Auer rods

48.Zile-Neelsen stain for staining a. Mycobacteria b. E.coli c. Corynebacterium diphteria d. Salmonella

49.Lactos (+ ) , Indol (+) , MR (+ ) , VP (-) , citrate (-) are a. Escherichia b. Klebsiella c. Salmonella d. Nessiria

50.The media can growth some bacteria and inhibition another bacteria is a. Basic media b. Diffrentioal media c. Sellective media d. Enriched media 51.One is not true about acid: a. Proton donor b. Turn litmus paper to blue c. Sour taste d. React with alkaline to give water and salt

‫‪52.Amoeba stained by‬‬ ‫‪a. Gram stain‬‬ ‫‪b. Geisma‬‬ ‫‪c. Iodine eosin stain‬‬ ‫‪d. Leishman‬‬

‫‪53.False in OGGT because‬‬ ‫وهللا ما اذكر الخيارات النها كانت طويلة .. لكن كان اغلبها صحيح واللي كانت خطأو اضحه‬ ‫هذي ..‬ ‫‪a. The patient restrict carbohydrate intake in the days or weeks‬‬ ‫‪before the test‬‬ ‫.الي معىاها ان المزيض يحزم وفسه مه الكزبىهيدرات قبل االختبار بأيام ..‬ ‫‪54.Monospot test is done to diagnose‬‬ ‫‪a. Infectious mononucleosis‬‬ ‫‪b. Scarlet fever‬‬ ‫‪c. Reumatic fever‬‬ ‫‪d. AIDs‬‬

‫3‬ ‫6‬ ‫21‬ ‫22‬ ‫62‬ ‫72‬ ‫64‬ ‫05‬ ‫هذي االسئلة اللي جاتني في اختبار الهيئة .. وان شاء هللا فالكم النجاح والتوفيق ..‬ ‫االختبار يبي له شوية تركيز فقط .. وبإذن هللا تحل اللي ينجحك وزيادة بإذن هللا ..‬ ‫دعواتكم لي بالتوفيق‬ ‫اخووكم شادي ..‬

‫مختبرات العرب‬

1- A case conjunctivitis has been suspected to be trachoma . wich of the following organisms is MOST likely to be the causative agent :      Ricketsia species Boreerlia vincenti Clamydia species Treponema pallidum Borrelia duttoni

2- All of the following are samples used in the biochemistry lap except :     Serum Plasma Urine Bone marrow aspirate

3- Thromobocytosis is a common finding in which of the following diseases :     Von willebrand disease Immune thromobocytosis purpura Iron deficiency anemia Sickle cell anemia ) ‫( مو متأكدة من اجلواب‬

 Glanzmann's thrombasthenia 4- When parasite eggs are few in number in feces , which of the following techniques are recommended .. ?  Direct smear test  Ezamination od duodenal aspirate

 Rectal biopsy  Formol ether quantitative technique  Abdomainal ultrasonography

5- Poikilocytosis means :     Variation in shape Variation in size Variation in shape and size All of the above

6- Paul – bunnel test is positive in :      Infectious mononucleosis Toxoplasma Viral hepatitis AIDS None of the above

7- Which of the following is seen in hemophilia A ?     Decreased factor VIII Decreased vWF Normal factor VIII : C Decreased factor IX

8- A blood sample stored overnight before being sent to the laboratory may show a falsely high level of :      Potassium Phosphate Alkaline phoshatase GPT Cholesterol

9- Which of the following is motile gram – negative rod ?      Bacillus anthracis Heamofilus infuenzae Brodetella pertussis Psedomomas aeruginosa Yersinia pestis


Spectrophotometry is based on the following  The amount of the light absorbed is proportional to the amount of the substance that is present ) ‫( مو متأكدة من اجلواب‬  Transmission is equal to absorbance  Rasbsorptive constant is equal for all substances  Ion change

principle (s) :


The cocci bacteria that cause abscesses , pustules ,

pimples and boils are :  Staphylococci ) ‫( مو متأكدة من اجلواب‬  Streptococci  Diplococcic  Pnumococci 12     13in : The serum antibodies that can be found in Anti – A abd B Anti – B only Anti – A only None of the above All of the above The total leukocytic count > 4,000 / cu.mm is found

individuals tn the O group is\are :

     14     15-

Bactreial infection Inflammation Malignancies Hepresplenism None of the above Which of the following glands secretes the Thyroid Parathyroid Adrenal ( cortex ) Adrenal ( medulla ) Pituitary

parathyroid hormone :

In Glanzmann's thromobasthenia , the defect in :  Thrombosis ) ‫( مو متأكدة من اجلواب‬     Aggregation Adhesion Coagulation Both B , C Bacteria that can cause pharyngitis include all the     Corynebaterium Nesseria gomorrhoea Chlamydophilia pneumonia Staphylococcus Aureus Mycobacterium tuberculosis is best cultivated on :     Chocolate agar Blood agar TCBS agar Loeffler serum


following EXCEPT :


 Lowenstein Jensen acid medium 18Colors produced on reacting 2 chemical substances  Spectrophotometers  Flam photometers  Avometers 19    20     21do a :      22Platelet count Coagulation Factor assay Fibrinogen Thrombin time The best anticoagulant used for determination of  Na citrate Another term for adaptive immunity is : Anitigenic immunity Acquired immunity Lymphocyte reactive immunity Phagocytosis Which of the following organism is catalase negative S.pyogens S.aureus S.fecalis S.pnemoniae S.viridans To differentiate between Heamophilia A and B we

can be measured by the use of :

and sensitive to optochin ?

erythrocytes sedimentation rate is:

 EDTA  Heparin  None of the above ) ‫( مو متأكدة من اجلواب‬ 23     A Heamplyzed sample will cause falsely increased Sodium Phosphate Potassium Magnesium Total protein ) ‫( مو متأكدة من اجلواب‬

level of each of the following EXCEPT :

24    25     26-

All of the following are classified as streptococci S. Agalactiae S. pyogenes S. mutants S. Aureus A heamocytometer cannot be used for the counting Red blood cells Sperm Total white blood cells Lymphocytes Platelets Artificial or biologic barriers can be eusd in an  Latex particles


which of the following :

agglutination reaction include :

 Colloidal charcoal  Erythrocytes coated with antigen in a constant amount (  All of the above 27    28     29     A disease marked by inflammation of the live is : Aids Tuberculosis Hepatits Herpes The most commonly used methods for quantitative Thin layer chromatography ( TLC ) Two Dimensional ( 2-D ) paper chromatography Ion selective electrodes (ISEs ) electrophoresis high performance liquied chromatography ( HPLC ) schistosoma haematobium infestation can be finding characteristic eggs in the urine with terminal spine finding characteristic oval eggs containing larva in the feces finding larva in the segments finding gravid segments in the feces testing serum for antibodies produced in response to infection when parasite eggs are few in number in feces ,  Direct smear test  Examination of duodenal aspirate ) ‫( مو متأكدة من اجلواب‬  Rectal biopsy  Formal ether quantitative technique

analysis for electrolytes is :

diagnosed by :


which of the following rechniques are recommended ?

 Abdominal ultrasonography 31Which of the following statements is true regarding  People who have the A antigen normally would not produce the anti –A antibody  People who are type AB normally produce both anti-A and anti-B antibodies  The only ABO type blood that normally dose not have rather A or B antigens is AB  All of the above 32The number of the light chains in each antibody is :  1  2 "5" ‫ = اجلواب‬heavy chins ‫ولو كان يف السؤال‬  3  4  5

the ABO blood system?

33     34-

The most critical distinction between Staph . aureus Phosphatase production DNA production Coagulase production Hemolysis Indole production When parasite eggs are few in number in feces .  Direct smear test  Examination of duodenal aspirate

and the other Staph. Species is :

whoch of the following techniques are recommended ?

 Rectal biopsy  Formol ether quantitative technique  Abdominal ultrasonography 35     36Which of the following parameters is NOT related Alanine aminotransferase Aspartate aminotransferase Alkaline phoshphatase Bilirubin Creatinine In a diagnostic of acute leukemia :     37     38    Sudan black stain is common positive with ALL Common ALL antigen ( CD10 ) is usually present T – cell receptor gene rearrangement is rarely found More than 20 % blasts are in B.M.

to the live ?

Which of the following are NOT eukaryotic Bacteria Entameba histolytica Giardia lamblia Fingi None of the above All of the following are types of the labeled ELISA Radioimmunoassay Immunoprecipitation Immunofluorescence

microorganisms ?

immunoassay EXCEPT :

39     40    41-

A carbon dioxide enriched atmosphere is required Bacillus anthracis Heamophilus influnzae Brodetella pertussis Pseudomonas aeruginosa Yersinia pestis Forward grouping is defined as : Unknown red cells that are tested against known anti sera Serum typing Unknown serum that is tested against known red cells B&C When cross-matcing blood types , what test is used  Direct coombs test  Indirect coombs test  Positive heterophilie

for the culture of :

to determine when cell are coating :

42     43is :

The majority of the causative organism of urinary Soil Air Normal flora of skin Normal mouth flora Normal bowel flora The antibody which four domains in its heavy chains  IgH  IgD  IgE

tract infection can be acquired from :

 IgM 44    45to :     46?      47Amino Fatty Nucleic Organic Weak Which of the following blood types would be Measure the analyte of interest and not other substances Detect low concentration of an analyte Detect high concentration of an analyte Be closer to the actual value Which of the following acids is essential in heredity B cell maturation occurs in the : Thymus Bone marrow Lymph nodes Spleen Sensitive of a test relates to the ability of the test

considered a universal ecipient dose not contain any antibodies against blood types?     O+ OAB+ AB-

48     49     50-

Flourometry use (S) _________ as source of light . Deuterium lamp Mercury-arc lamps Halogen lamp Hallow high energy cathode lamp ( HCL ) Tungsten lamp What lab study is done initially in the evaluation of Activated partial thromboplastin time ( aPTT ) ( PT ) vWD and XIII assay fibrinogen CBC Chinese letters appearance on gram staining is a  Lactobacilli  Mycobacterium liprae  Cornybacterium diphtheria

bleeding disorders ?

character of :

51    52   

Which of the following requies an intrinsic factor to Vitamin B12 Iron Folic acid Vitamin K Neonatal physiological Jaundice is : Permanent Transient Incorrectable Progressive

bind and be absorbed ?

 Unresponsive to therapy


Mother – fetus incompatibility problem result from :  The mother's antibodies agglutinating the fetus RH-postive red blood cell  The fetus antibodies agglutinating its own red blood cell  The fetus antibodies agglutinating its mother red blood cell  None of the above

* differential test for : a- erythrocyte b- leukocyte c- platelets b- blast cell * safety in the lab include vaccination of stuff against : a- HAV b- HCV c- HBV d- ALL * one of the following is kidney function : a- sGPT b- LDH c- Acid phosphates d- Creatinin * largest cells in blood film : a- monocyte b- lymphocyte c- neutrophil d- eosinophil * for lipid investigation measure : a- LDL, GT and HDL and triglyceride b- Albumen

c- LDH d- ALL * normal person , with healthy condition but ketone bodies appear in his urine dut to : a- drugs b- prolonged fast c- none restricted food d UTI * CPDA anticoagulant to store blood for : a- 45 b- 21 c- 10 d- 35 * during reaction of 2 chemical substances , the color produced asses by : a- spectrophotometer b- flame photometer c- ELISA d- PCR

* HIV and Hepatitis transmited by : a- blood b- urine c- body fluid d- all of the above * media use of differentiate between L.F and N.L.F ? a- MacConkey agar b- chocolate c- blood agar d- XLD e- TCBS * scotch-tap test for : a- ascaris lumbricoides b- ancylostoma duodenal c-trichuris tricura d- enterobius vermicularis e- taenia saginata

* we can different gram –ve bacteria and gram +ve bacteria by : a- capsule b- cytoplasm c- cell wall d- cell membrain * in o blood group the AB in serum is a- anti A and B b- anti A c- anti B d- NON A and B e – ALL of the above * gram positive chain : a- streptococci b- staphylcocci c- gonococci d- meningococci * Lamp used in spectrophotometer : a- Halogen b- laser c- lons d- light

* which of following organs participate in bilirubin : a- heart b- kidney c- pancrease d- liver * deficiency in folate & vitamin B12 cause : a- anemia b- liver cirrhosis c- kidney failer d- kala azer

* which of the following organism are capsulated : a- E-coli b- salmonella c- klebsiella * in pregnancy test we measure : a- LDH b- Estrogen c- alpha-HCG d- beta-HCG * infective stage of S.mansoni : a- embrynoated egg b- larva c- cercaria d- Oocyst * Eosinphil raised in the following except : a- Allergic b- parasitic disease c- Hodgkin disease d- Bacterial disease * Biochemistry test used sample except : a- urine b- whole blood c- serum d- stool * best media for sputum culture : a- blood agar and chocolate b- MaCconky c- CLED d- Manitol salt agar

* HBA1C ( glycated ) for : a- 1-2 weeks b- 2-4 weeks c- 4-6 weeks d- 6-8 weeks

e- 8-12 weeks f- 12-18 weeks * A chronic carrier state may occur in : a- HBV b- AIDS c- E.coli d- mumps e- rubella * the gram stains use for : aa- mycobacteruim b- borrela c- dipheteria d- E.coli * ESR measured : a- millimeter b- centimeter c- milligram d- dl * staph aureus can be differentiate form sterpto pyogenes because : a- contain catalase enzyme b- contain coagulase enzyme c- contain urease enzyme d- contain citrate enzyme * which of the following of immunoglobulin inflexible : a- IgG b- IgM c- IgA d- IgD e- IgE * the miximum store of the platelet is ? a- 35 days b- 7 days c- 5 days d- 120 days * The Ag in ABO system : a- A.B.O

b- A.B.C c- A.B.H * patient comes to the lab . After take meal since tow tours the normal level of his glucose is : a- 100 - 150 mg/dl b- 70 – 110 mg/dl c- 50 – 90 mg/dl d- 100 – 150 mg/l * hemophilus influenza grow well in : a- Chocolate agar b- MaConky c- blood agar d- manitol salt agar * hepatitis virus infect : a- kidney b- liver c- stomach d- pancreases * human scabies diagnosed by : a- skin scraping of lesion b- thin blood film c- radiological test d-thin stool film e- serological test of all above * which the following catheters collect urine specimen in prolonged period : a- hard b- soft c- italian d- foley * uric acid normal rang : a- 3 – 7 mg/dl * S.pneumonia is : a- alpha hemolytic

maad nutrient agar is : # basic media 6- albert stain is used to stain: # coryenbacterium diphtheria 7- which of the following organism oxidase positive : # pseudomonas & neisseria 9- which of the following produced by staph.auerus & not produced byother staph: # coagulase

XLD media is: # differential media the urease test done to diagnostic of: # proteus

which of the following bacteria can growth on choclate agar: # haemophilus influenza 19- gas gangrene cause by : # clo.prefringers growth hormone secretion by ; # pituitary gland

for mean cell volume(MCV) measured: # fi

which of the following transport by blood transfusion: a- HIV b- hepatitis c- herpis d- #all of the above 36- normal range of uric acid: # 3-7

which of the following of immunoglobulin un flexible # Ig A

- gram positive bacteria irregular in cluster; # staphylococci

the cause of chagas diseases : # trypansoma cruzi teania saginata diagnosis by; # egg in stool 61- ascaris lumbrcoid infection stage: # embrgonated egg

When focusing a stained smear under oil immersion field the used magnification is [A] 10 X [B] 20 X [C] 40 X

[D] 100 X Answer [D]

One of the following is capsulated bacteria [A] Klibsiella [B] E.coli [C] Streptococcus [D] Staphylococcus aureus Answer [C infectious mononucleosis is caused by: a- echo virus b- coxsaki virus c- Epstein Barr virus EBV d- Cytomegalo virus

monospot test is done to diagnose: a- Acute myeloid leukemia b- Acute lymphoblastic leukemia c- Infectious mononucleosis d- Infectious lymphocytosis Test for platelet function: a- Clot retraction b- Platelet aggregation c- Platelet adhesion d- all of the above

Normal coagulation time (CT): a- 3-9 min b- 3-9 sec c- 30-40 sec d- 30-40 min to diagnose syphilis: a- RPR b- VDRL c- Wasserman d- all of the above

Leukocytes normal rang ? 4000 – 11000 T-lymphocyte thymus 2- CPD-A 35 day 3- malaria cause cerebral plasmodium falciparum 4- diagnosis stage of hookworms egg in faeces 5- rate of retiulocyte 0.2-2% 6- largest of wbcs monocyte 7- smallest of wbcs basophil 8- all this eosinophil except parasitic allergic reaction hodking disease bacterial infection ‫هذا الجىاب‬ 9- temperature storage of platelets 20-22 10- Lactos (+ ) , Indol (+) , MR (+ ) , VP (-) , citrate (-) are E.COLI 11- Acidic skin Burn neutralized by sodium bicarbonat powder 12- different between staph an strept catalase 13- different between staph aerues and other staph

coagulase 14- color of gram negative pale , dark red 15- stain use in microbiology lab gram stain 16- bile esculin ENTEROBACTER 17- media for hemophils choclate media 18- becteria capsule klebsiella 19- media selective foe c.diphteria serum tellurite 20- antibody with HDN disease IGG 21- antibody pentameric IGM 22- antibody monomeric IGM ‫خماسي‬ IGA ‫ثنائي‬ IGH ‫االكيد انه ليس احادي‬ IGG ‫هذا الجىاب‬ 23- hromone of adrenal cortex cortisol 24- hormonr of pituitary gland TSH 25- klebsiela small mucoid large mucoid ‫هذا الجىاب‬ 26- swalling acid or alkali chemical . the first measur

wash in runing water 27- function of capsule virulence 28- deficency of vit b megaloblastic anemia 29- gram negative cluster staph strept meningcocci gonococci ‫انا حطيت هذا الجىاب والظاهر هى االصح فيهم‬ 30- cause of gout disease increase of uric acid 31- urea in blood test for kidney 32- normal in urine chloride 33- hemophilia a and b are x_linked recessive 34- in 1923 , alexander faming discovered the penicillin from penecillium sp 35- cause of pharyngs sterpt. pyogens 36- normal range of HDL 40-70 37- tube of cbc EDTA 38- in pregnancy test we measure BETA HCG 39- unit of pregnancy test positivr or negative

40- lamp used in spectrophotometer halogen 41- gram negative non motile shieglla 42- clostridium botulinum cause botulism 43- selective meadia for L.F and non L.F macconkey 44- cellular immunity T - lymphocyte 45- problem in rh group hemolytic disease of new born 46- intermediate of malaria female mosquito 47- diagnosis stage of scistosome haematobium egg in urine 48- infection stage of entamoeba histplytica mature cyst

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