Oracle E-Business Suite from 11i to R12

Integration & Data Migration Do it yourself

FLOAUG Annual Tech Event September 17-18 17Copyright ©2009 by Facesys

Agenda       Main Challenges Business Objectives Technical Improvements The S l ti Th Solution: C Conviface if Videos Q&A Copyright ©2009 by Facesys .

Reimplementation ? R12 Upgrade is not 100% automatic Cost & Time Limitations with Current Processes Data migration is complex New regulations (SOX.Main Challenges       R12 Upgrade vs. HIPAA others) (SOX HIPAA. Copyright ©2009 by Facesys .

HIPAA Compliance)  Decentralize the Interfaces and Data Maintenance  Approval Management with Web Option (Workflow) Copyright ©2009 by Facesys .Business Objectives  Reduce the time and efforts for Upgrades Reimplementation  Reduce iterations and Mapping Effort for Data Conversions  Enable rapid and secure integration with other systems  Give full control over the Conversions & Interfaces to the business users  History and audit trial over data changes y g (SOX .

Business Objectives  Al t N tifi ti Alert Notification with i t iti ith intuitive e-mails il (out-of-the-box)  Improve data integrity  Process Integration (one place)  To save management time and costs:  Flexibility on Data and Mapping Maintenance y pp g  Reduce training requirements  Adequate error handling and correction  Total control over the Transfer Flow  Capacity to manage changes in Batch. Manually or Automatically Copyright ©2009 by Facesys .

API’s and Programs  Define a strong Conversion Strategy  Simple and secure Data fixes (Minimizing risks)  Eliminate additional learning time on new development languages or tools Copyright ©2009 by Facesys . Adapters.Technical Improvements  Reduce user support needs  Minimize technical issues  Provide greater control over the data to the business o de g ea e co o o e e da a o e bus ess users. SQL Loader or other tools in the user PC’s  Look for: Pre-built Templates. analysts or BA’s  Avoid to install unnecessary tools like: FTP.

Transfer Error Handle. Mapping. Handle Alert Copyright ©2009 by Facesys . Forms and API’s  Build interfaces without development  Use of Metadata to reduce development p  Interface Standardization:  Generic Programs.. Transfer. Alert. Validations. Forms and Reports  Generic Objects to: Upload. Validate. p  Generic Set of Tables.Technical Improvements  Ad t D Adopt Development “B t Practices”: l t “Best P ti ”  More setup or predefine logic instead of development  Generic: Programs. Adapters and API’s g .

The Solution: Conviface Copyright ©2009 by Facesys .

The Solution: Conviface  Conversion & Interface System that maximize your investment in Oracle E-Business Suite  Reduces dramatically time. effort & costs for:  System implementation. System integration  Upgrade to R12  Reimplementation of Oracle APPS to R12  Staging data for y g g your regression testing p g g process  Minimum end-user training  Full-compliance with Oracle On Demand standards Copyright ©2009 by Facesys .

l bl d SOX and HIPAA compliance  100% Integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite  No Additional Hardware or new technology are required  Multi-Languages & UTF8 Enabled  Enable for high volume data processing Copyright ©2009 by Facesys . A dit/A bl Audit/Approval enabled.The Solution: Conviface  More that 40 Adapters for common Interfaces & Conversions  100% T Traceable.

Fix Values = “Traceability” Generic I G i Insert/Update t/U d t Copyright ©2009 by Facesys . Errors. Details. Multi-Stages WF Approval & WAF (Web Approval) Alerts. Events and E-mails  INV Transactions: (Automatic Interface)      Execute Interface & Schedule Automatic T ansfe A tomatic Transfer / Logs (SOX) Automatic Upload Mapping.Videos  INV Item Master: ( It M t (Manual Interface) l f )      Templates and Adapters Manual Upload Monitor.

All Errors Generate Data File Automatic Transfer / Logs (SOX) Copyright ©2009 by Facesys .Demo Videos  FND Concurrent Programs: (Outbound)      Execute Interface & Schedule Get Data from DB (view or table) Monitor. Details. Errors.

net  More information:  Copyright ©2009 by Facesys .net  Victor Nenclares / Facesys vnenclares@facesys.Q&A  Presented by:  Nicolas Sulla / Facesys or  www.conviface.

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