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Press release

Mobile World Congress 2013 announcement
Insert and Tigerlily are proud to introduce a “SoLoMo” experience combining the best of the offline world and social web.

and classic SMS+. This is an effective way to leverage a business's offline visibility and dramatically increase conversion. presents its first interactive advertising offering creating a new way for brands to start conversations with people on the go.Insert. allowing marketers to engage with passersby on a deeper level via smartphone. QR codes.  Putting a twist on traditional poster advertising. in partnership with Tigerlily. we have integrated NFC technology. . bringing them into a mobile web-app experience.

At the POS. for iOS Passbook users. the offer is scanned for Redeem redemption. Geo-localization . SMS. or Passbook). Thanks to geolocation functionality.Passbook integration GO GO By accessing the mobile web app. customers get their offers/rewards instantly (via email. receive a notification as they approach a participating location. users can simply find the closest locations to redeem their offers and.

The mobile web application leverages major Facebook features including Open Graph to increase a business's visibility online and integrates smoothly with iPhone’s Passbook to drive in-store traffic. a museum. . City quests Provide special experiences to your community using the geolocation and mobile coupons to organize treasure quests in order to discover a city.. This new offering is available on the Tigerlily “Social Marketing Platform” and is currently featured by Facebook on its Facebook Marketing Page. Products available Shop rewards Offer exclusive promotions to drive traffic to POS. Event rewards Unlock special offers during events such as festivals. a concert hall... exhibitions. product launches..

Manage your social marketing "All in one": Conversation. the Company has operations in France and Belgium. Contact: Damien Fischetti . We help you optimize interactions with your fans and maximize their lifetime social / +33 1 82 83 36 24 . thanks to the NFC Technology. as it highlights our increasing commitment to lead social marketing innovations both online and offline.” Matthieu Chéreau. Insert has generated revenues of €26 million. CEO Insert “With more than 100. Working with more than 80 iconic brands.damien. In 2012.000 boards targeting over 15 millions urban walkers per day. Insert has the ability to reach more than 13 million people every day. Insert is backed on the interactive banners for a long term.fischetti@tigerlilyapps. Tigerlily Tigerlily is an intelligent social media marketing platform.  Employing a total of 350 people. CEO Tigerlily “We are proud to partner with Insert on the Orange booth at the Mobile World Congress." Insert Insert is a major player in city centers outdoor advertising specialized in billboard and field marketing. holds the promise of making Insert the first social outdoor advertiser. the company has run campaigns across 60 countries and serving 72 million people. With its network of 120 000+ advertising panels. This is a key milestone for Tigerlily. The frictionless between interactive banners and smartphones owners.Sébastien Romelot. Application & Insights. classic QR codes/SMS+ and social application developed by Tigerlily.