Digital High Street 2013 | Dean Clough Mill, Halifax Day One: Monday 13th May 2013

9.30 | #digihighst

Welcome & Introduction Alistair Johnston, Producer, Digital High Street Opening view from towns: the confusion and uncertainty facing the high street • So many companies selling answers, but what are the right questions? • Current research on how consumers really use their high streets. Who they are, what they're doing and how things are changing. Chris Wade, Chief Executive, Action for Market Towns WHAT DOES GOOD DIGITAL STRATEGY LOOK LIKE?


How the “virtual high street” is allowing independent UK shops to compete with global online stores • How diverse independent retailers become a community on the online high street: case studies from what’s working • If you can’t compete on price, compete on community: How small traders can benefit from communal branding • How your high street can plan for the growing importance of a virtual presence Loaye Agabani, Founder, MyHigh.St



Regeneration through digital empowerment: the view from Manchester • Democratising technology: How do we create a digital city, enhancing skills and employment prospects? • Co-ordinating digital policy for the Manchester region • Using 'hands-on' work with the local community: developing transferable skills through making   • Launching in June: bringing a digital workshop and hackspace to the heart of the Northern Quarter • Demonstrating what digital technologies can achieve Dave Carter, Head, Manchester DIgital Development Agency (MDDA) Manchester City Council Rachel Turner, Director, MadLab (Manchester Digital Laboratory) 

LUNCH: Breakouts in all rooms. Take your lunch and join in, or put your feet up and reflect on the morning! BREAKOUT: Digital Masterclasses Innovators and technologists invite you to take 45 minute Masterclasses. Subjects will include: • Social media marketing for local government Beth Ward, Special Advisor, Town Teams in the North East & Humber, Tippey Marketing • Promoting retail with hyperlocal media Gemma Collins, Project Manager, Centre for Hyperlocal Media, University of Wales • How Google’s Streetview technology can increase footfall to your business and high street Dan Root, Google Trusted Photographer, ManchesterBusinessPhotos COMING SOON TO A HIGH STREET NEAR YOU Chair: Martin Blackwell, CEO, Association of Town and City Management



KEYNOTE: How Dartford Portas Pilot is trialling new technologies to increase footfall and high street spending • Developing a community commerce model to get smaller local businesses online, mobile and social • Assessing the impact of technologies: digital signage, touchscreen kiosks, mobile POS and e-marketing • Elements of a scalable model for other towns in the UK Dr. Gopal Kutwaroo, VP, Marketing, Europe, NCR Corporation A senior representative, Dartford Council


CASE STUDY from Reading: How smartcards and smartphones are connecting retailers and shoppers

• • •



How we used existing infrastructure to connect 22,500 residents to MoLo contactless rewards Empowering independents retailers through omni­ channel marketing - the impact on local business How we reached out to involve the community in our technology pilot, and what’s next for Reading

Guy Douglas, Project Manager, ATCM­MoLo Project
15.00 15.30


How online marketplaces can empower the creators and makers the high street ignores • Offering easy e-commerce and a communal brand to reach a mass audience • Why marketplaces offer a better strategy for makers and indie retailers • Where the High Street can still be effective James Boardwell, Founder, Folksy, the UK’s biggest online marketplace for handmade work

Coffee and Ideas Exchange What’s being trialled in towns right now, and how will these technologies change your high street? Mini presentations from projects, followed by Q&A: • How augmented reality can enrich town centres and take customers into stores Sarah Hartley, Managing Director, Talk About Local, Journalist, The Guardian Northerner • Connecting independent Herefordshire retailers through e-commerce and online deliveries Richard Garnett, Founder, OpenHighStreet • How and why we crowdfunded free wifi for the whole of our town Chris Campbell, Strategy Director, SpaceHive


CASE STUDY from Crouch End: Getting your town centre noticed through collective marketing online • Using the potential of the internet: How UK towns are gaining national attention with very small budgets • Finding a common identity and voice for local traders • Facing the challenge of involving the whole community • What we’d do differently if we were to do it all again Clare Richmond, Founder, The Crouch End Project

16.30 17.15

End of Day One Drinks reception with interactive demonstrations of the latest technologies

Digital High Street 2013 | Dean Clough Mill, Halifax Day Two: Tuesday 14th May 2013
9.30 | #digihighst

Welcome & Introduction Alistair Johnston, Producer, Digital High Street PLANNING FOR A RADICALLY NEW HIGH STREET

BREAKOUT: Digital Masterclasses Innovators and technologists invite you to take 45 minute Masterclasses. Subjects will include: • Running an “agile” marketing strategy Dan Thompson, Author, Pop-up Business for Dummies, Founder, #WeWillGather • Developing a voice to communicate your message Chris Sands, Co-founder, Totally Locally • Using the internet as a retail incubator Jane Johnston, Director, Redlab WHEN THE CHAINS LEAVE... HOW TO PUT THE HEART BACK IN THE HIGH STREET Chair: Nigel Goddard, Co-founder, Totally Locally


Essential elements of strategy where retail is past its prime • Thinking beyond retail: The essentials of digital policy for the reality of our towns • Strategy for high streets the other side of 'peak' retail: considerations and compromises. Should we just 'get out of the way'? • Dull, sensible digital policy? Why local government should give business and creative sectors the limelight • Co-ordination of strategies at local and national level Neil McInroy, CEO, Centre for Local Economic Strategies


Consumer analysis: what changing retail behaviours mean for your high street strategy • Examining current trends in retail, footfall and multichannel customer behaviour • Towards a more coherent understanding of the high street: what every retailer and policy maker should now know • Game-changers on the horizon for UK retail, and how to keep pace with the change Analyst presentation: speaker TBC BEATING AMAZON AT A DIFFERENT GAME: HOW TO COMPETE WITH THE ONLINE GIANTS


CASE STUDY: “Nobody really wants to have the Council as their mate” How Doncaster Council is successfully using social media to enhance the town's reputation, counteract negativity and promote retail • What many local authorities still “don't get” about social media - addressing those misunderstandings • Why personality is the key to developing an audience - just who is “Donny Towncentre”? • Being positive: how to to develop a real sense of community and genuine enthusiasm for your town • Setting objectives, selecting content, the discipline of managing social media 365 days a year Roy Dean, Town Centre Manager, Doncaster Council, 14,000+ social media followers


KEYNOTE: How we integrated digital and non-retail activities into the UK's major new shopping centre (Presentation content TBC) David Laycock, Centre Director, Trinity Leeds
15.00 15.30

Coffee and Ideas Exchange INSPIRATION: How digital innovation can be used to strengthen communities and increase the social capital of our towns Mini-presentations from inspirational projects, followed by panel Q&A: • How social media can quickly and simply bring people together to solve problems Dan Thompson, Author, Pop-up Business for Dummies, Founder, #WeWillGather • Bringing digital making and building to the high street                Christopher Jarratt, Founder, Assemble & Join, micro-manufacturing in Waterloo, London • How we made an online neighbourhood, fostered community and brought down vacancy rates Euan Mills, urban designer, Chair, Chatsworth Road Traders and Residents Association • Mobilising cash mobs for the benefit of independent shops Karen Mercer, Co-Founder, My Coffee Stop, winner of Archant London Business Innovation Award

11.00 11.30

Coffee and Ideas Exchange EXPERIENCE from FOUR INDEPENDENT RETAILERS: How innovative indie retailers are growing bricks & mortar business with new digital ideas • Lesson learned from UK’s most innovative retailers: keeping stores relevant in a digital age • Examples of what’s working now: big screens instore, staff tablets, websites • How customers are really using your store’s website • Understanding the growing importance of next day delivery and click and collect • Sharing what’s behind those buzz words: Creating an “immersive experience”, “being the brand” • Building a business on return customers • Creating a community, not just a shop Presentations by:

Paul Turner #digihighst |Mitchell, Director, 25 Ten Boutique, retail columnist, Drapers and The Guardian Jo Davies, Founder, Black White Denim, Everywoman Retail Leader of the Year 2012 Jared Myland, Owner, OK Comics, Best Independent Retailer, Retail Therapy Awards
12.15 12.45


End of Digital High Street 2013

Q&A LUNCH: Breakouts in all rooms. Take your lunch and join in, or put your feet up and reflect on the morning! Breakouts scheduled via #WeWillGather

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