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Philosopher’s Stone
Harry Potter and the
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Journalism Across

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The Myth of the Cold-Hearted Palestinian Mother åe1Uð Àu¹ò ‰« Y¹bŠ

…—ËUM*« 5Ð WOMOD0KH « W Ëb «
oO³D² «  UO½UJ+≈Ë WOJ¹d+_«
¨WOMODKH« VUD*« l Íbł qJAÐ qUF²« WOJ¹d_« …—«œù« i— s qU ÂUŽ bFÐ

¨s?Ðù« ‘u?Р×u?ł w?J¹d_« fOzd« UMFL¹ ¨WOMODKH« WËbUÐ oKF²¹ ULO WUš

WC¹dF« ◊uD)« sL{ …œułu ULz«œ X½U WOMODKH« WËb« Ê√ U¼œUH ¨WM¾LD WUÝ—

ÆW³UF²*« WOJ¹d_«  «—«œù« WÝUO

Ê√ —U?³?²?Ž« vKŽ ¨«dA³²Ë U³Šd UOÐdŽË UOMODK Èb `¹dB²« «c¼ wI bI

ÊuŁuF³*« UNKLŠ U*UÞ w²« WOÐdF« VUD*« `U w UÐöI½« ÊuJ¹ b sKF*« nu*« «c¼

ÁU?M?³?ð U?*U?Þ Íc?« `?{«u?« e?O?×?²« rž— ¨Âö« WOKLF wJ¹d_« wŽ«d« v≈ œuu«Ë


W?łU?Š W?U?šË ¨W?−?O?²?M?« Ác?¼ v?≈  œ√ w²« À«bŠ_« WFÐU² Ê–≈ Í—ËdC« sL

ô n?U?×?²?« «c?¼ Ê«Ë ¨»U?¼—ù« W?×?U?J w ¨5LK*«Ë »dF« rC¹ nU% v≈ UJ¹d√

r u `−MO ‚«dF« b{ oÐU« wJ¹d_« nUײ« ÊUJSÐ sJ¹ r UL ¨`−M¹ Ê√ tMJ1

w?K?Oz«dÝù« ¡«—“u« fOz— Ê≈ v²Š ¨WOMODKH« WOCI« `U w  «u√ ŸULÝ≈ r²¹

Æ¢÷ËUH²K qÐU ¡wý q¢ Ê√  «d …bŽ sKŽ√ b ©dOUý o×Ý≈® „«c½¬

By Saed Atshan U q Ê√Ë ¨ÊuŽËb rN½√ »dF« b−¹ v²Š ¨WKL(« Ë√ ©…—ËUM*«® wN²Mð Ê« U sJË
for decades, forcing them to fight for has had a negative effect on the qual-
TYT Reporter v?K?Ž  U?Þu?G?{ s? ”—u? U? q?Ë ¨Êu?O?F?« w? œUdK «—– ô≈ sJ¹ r ¨tÐ ÕdË qO
what is theirs by right whilst continu- ity of their education and led to wide-

s a Palestinian, I am very ing to be persecuted, not only for their spread ignorance. I, for example, WOÐdF« ‰Ëb« œuFð rŁ ¨ «cUÐ »dF« l  ôUBðô« s ·bN« ÕU$ù ÊU U/≈ qOz«dÝ≈
disturbed by the fact that attempts to do so, but also for merely thanks to the fact that I was lucky Æ…—UG« ¡UN²½« bFÐ ©»U¼—û WOŽ«—® wJ¹d_« nOMB²« VŠ ©»U¼—û WOŽ«d«®
over and over again, the being Palestinian! Should they really enough to receive a decent education
Ê√Ë b?Ð ô ¨U?¼b?Ž q?N??¹ ô b? Èd?š√ …d? W?Žb?)« Ác¼ q¦ w »dF« lI¹ ô wJË
Western media has persisted in con- be condemned for attempting to put know that there are several non-vio-
demning Palestinian mothers for so an end to their suffering? Of course, lent ways in which I can express my UNöš s X³¦ð ¨l«u« ÷—√ vKŽ WOKLŽ  «¡«dł≈ l ©b¹b'«® wJ¹d_« nu*« o«d²¹
“cold-heartedly” allowing their chil- they shouldn’t, and yet they are. anger and indignation, the Internet ‚u?I?(U?Ð ·d?²Fð Ê√Ë ¨bÐ_« v≈ XHuð b 5UOJ0 qOJ« WÝUOÝ Ê√ WOJ¹d_« …—«œù«
dren to participate in clashes. The It comes as no surprise that most being a good example. Consequently,
r? «–S? ÆW?O?Ëb« ·«dŽ_«Ë 5½«uI« WU UN²ML{ w²«Ë ¨wMODKH« VFAK WŽËdA*«
fact is, it is not our mothers who of the young Palestinians who take I personally do not feel a need to par-
should be condemned but the Israeli part in the demonstrations are refu- ticipate in demonstrations, but I am UbMŽ ¨VF —U³²š« ÂU√ rN½√ »dF« ¡ULŽe«Ë …œUI« b−OÝ ¨WI¹dD« ÁcNÐ p– oIײ¹
soldiers who threaten their children gees, deprived not only of their homes the exception rather than the rule and Áu?F?œ U? r?ž— ¨Á—b?B? «u?«“ U? r?N?½√Ë ¨»U?¼—ù« W?L?N?²?Ð 5?b?N² rNH½√ ÊËb−¹
on the street, at roadblocks, and even and land, but also of enjoying any- what applies to me cannot apply to a
Æ»U¼—ù« b{ WOJ¹d_« …d¼UE*« Ác¼ w t½uFbOÝË
whilst they are sitting or sleeping in thing resembling a ‘normal’ exist- fatherless child in a refugee camp
their homes! ence. Allow me, however, to make who was deprived of his or her father W¹b½ d¦_« WOÐdF« n«u*«Ë ¨WOÐU−¹ù«  U×¹dB²« Ác¼ rž— t½√ d_« w b¹b'«
Yes, it is true that some Pales- something clear. These young people by Israel’s excessive use of violence. 5?ËR??*« q?³? s?  U?×?¹d?B?²?« Ê√ ô≈ ¨W?O?«d?F?« »d?(« W?³?I?Š w? t?O?K?Ž X½U U2
tinian children were killed whilst did not ‘choose’ to resort to throwing I ask you. How can we expect chil-
¨»dF« b{ pc sJð r UN½_ fO ¨…bײ*«  U¹ôu« ÁU& UdDð d¦√ X½U 5OKOz«dÝù«
participating in dem- stones as a means dren to believe that peace is just
onstrations - not that of expressing their around the corner or that one day in W?u?J?(« ‘u?A?ð ô w? ¨„U?M?¼ Èd?š√Ë U?M?¼ W?*U?J?0 …bײ*«  U¹ôu« wH²Jð p– lË
that justifies their Our mothers are not anger and frustra- the not-too-distant future, they will be «uKł√ ∫‰uIð 5OKOz«dÝû WOJ¹d_« WUÝd« ÊQË ¨W¹—U'« UNðôUBð« vKŽ WOKOz«dÝù«
deaths! - but what
cold, heartless crea- tion just as their able to return to their towns and vil-
ÆqLF½ ULO U½u−Žeð ôË ¨öOK rJH«u
about the ones who parents and grand- lages?
were killed whilst tures ! parents did not The reality of our situation is as r?U?F« w WOÐU¼—ù«  UOKLF« nB½ ÊQÐ ÍdB*« fOzd« `¹dBð U×{«Ë ÊU bI
going to school or to ‘choose’ to leave follows. Israeli soldiers have for dec- d³Ž wMODKH« VFA« …U½UF b¼UA¹ s Ê_ ¨5DKH wKOz«dÝù« ‰ö²Šô« UN³³Ý ÊU
the store? How, I wonder, does Is- their homes and submit themselves to ades now resorted to the use of ex-
WŽËdA*« VOUÝ_UÐ tMŽ d³F¹ Ê√ tMJ1 ô ¨U ¡wý tO „dײ¹ Ê√Ë bÐ ô ¨ÊUe« s Êd
rael hope to justify what happened an uncertain future characterized by cessive violence against Palestinians
to them and the way in which they, poverty and suffering. They were regardless of their age, which is why ÆULz«œ
in their innocence, suddenly became forced to fight, just as their families we find that approximately half of s? d?O?¦?J?« t? `?K?B?¹ ¨U?L?zU?Ž q?E?¹ W?O?M?O?D?KH« WËb« ‰uŠ wJ¹d_« `¹dB²«
targets for Israeli bullets and rock- were forced to leave. those who were killed or injured in
 UOF³ðË ¨WKI²*« WËb« Ác¼ WO¼U ‰uŠ WUš ¨WK¾Ý_« s dO¦J« tł«u¹Ë ¨ UO½UJù«
ets? One has to remember that as a re- the recent clashes were below 18
Perhaps those who rush to par- sult of the presence of Israeli settlers years of age and shot above the waist. l?I?¹ ¨U?N²¹«bÐ q³ UNЫdš —ËcÐ qL% WËœ w tH½ wMODKH« b−¹ ô wJË ÆUN²U≈
ticipate in the verbal attack against in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, the Now tell me, what mother in the  U?Þu?G?C?« W?Ý—U?2Ë f?Ý_« l?{Ë ¨·Ëd?E« Ác¼ qþ w ¨WOÐdF« ‰Ëb« oðUŽ vKŽ
our noble mothers need to sit back Palestinians living there - in what is, world would willingly expose her
w²« Èdš_« ‚uI(«Ë WLUŽ ”bI«Ë WËb« w WOMODKH« ‚uI(« qł√ s ¨W“ö«
and think about why the Palestinians after all, their own territory - are pro- child to that kind of terror? Our moth-
are protesting in the first place. Per- hibited from traveling freely between ers are not cold, heartless creatures. °r¼—U¹œ v≈ 5¾łö« …œuF ¨W√ Ë√ VFý UNOKŽ nK²¹ ô

haps they should remember, for ex- one city and the next and are deprived They, like all Palestinians, are inno-
ample, how the Palestinians are tired of free access to such basic necessi- cent victims and it is this fact more —UDO« UO'UT
and frustrated due to the fact that ties as water and electricity. In addi- than any other that the world needs dd$« W!Oz—
their homeland has been occupied tion, the occupation of their homeland to remember.
w!Ozd« dI*« Hania Bitar Editor-in-Chief
—UDO³« UO½U¼ ∫d¹dײ« WOz—
±≤r:— WI ¨l«d« oUD« ¨w'ôu'« …—UL ¨Â«d«
Hamdi Hamamreh Managing Editor & Layout
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¨rOKF²«Ë WOÐd²« …—«“Ë ¨n¹dA« ÊULF½ l ‰UBðô« ∫…ež ±ππ∏ ÂUŽ XÝQð Mufeed Hamaad Arabic Language Editor
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∞µ≤≠π∑∞µ¥∂ ∫ÊuHKÐ ∞≤≠≤∑∑≤¥≤∑ ∫ÊuHKð —uŠUÝ ÂU¹_« lÐUD w l³Dð
≥ UMFL>0 w" ≤∞∞± ‰Ë√ sdA Ø ‰uK√ e1U Àu ‰«

Salesmen, åqJOý nBMÐò …—U−O0 «

Leave Me Alone! ÆWI¹dD«

lL¹ r ¨ÊUb« VŠU ¨bOFÝ œUL6 bOH0 ∫ddI

ÊUšb« lOÐ lM9 w²« 5½«uI« sŽ UbMK: rO;0
By Nisreen Abu-Ata haps I know them?” as if ∫‰u?I?¹Ë ¨W?MOF sÝ s q√ r¼ s*
TYT Reporter your answers - should you s??¹c??« —U??−??²??« Èb??F??²??¹ d??_« Ê≈ ÍœR¹ b —U−²« iFÐ lAł
decide to answer him at all W??K??O??K?? m??U??³?? `?З s?Ž Êu?¦?×?³?¹ œu?N?'« s? d?O?¦?J?« i¹uIð v≈
- have any relevance what- ÊËd?łU?²¹ s¹c« p¾Ë√ l W½—UI*UÐ ¨Ÿ«Ë q?O?ł o?K?š v?≈ ·b?N?ð w²«

he weekend for soever in regard to your fi-
ôË ¨ö?F? »U?³?A?« vKŽ wCI¹ U0 …QÞË UMzUMÐ√ sŽ nHð Ê√ ‰ËU%Ë
which you have nal choice of dress! Yep,
Æ©qH½® dzU−Ý lOÐ bMŽ d_« nu²¹ Íc« Xu« wH ÆWM¼«d« À«bŠ_«
been waiting the welcome to shopping Arab
vKŽ Í—«d≈ bOFÝ »dG²¹Ë ”dž  UÝR*« iFÐ tO ‰ËU%
whole week has finally ar- style!
t?M?J?Ë ¨Ÿu{u*« «c¼ ‰uŠ WÐU²J«  «—U??N?? W??O?L?M?ðË ¨W?O?ö?š√ r?O?
rived! There is a party com- Of course, the problem
¨‰U?H?Þ_U?Ð t?K?FH¹ U* nÝ_UÐ dFA¹ s¼– w 5šb²« Ê√ Ëb³¹Ë Ær¼bŠË s 5šb²« t³³¹ U ·dF¹ ÊU Ê≈ iFÐ ÂuI¹ ¨Èdš√ qIË ¨…b¹bł
ing up, and you still have to mentioned above is not re-
X½Q ¨gOF½ Ê√ b¹d½ ∫‰uI¹ p– lË ŸuMUÐ fOË ¨ÃuCMUÐ j³ðd ‰ôœ b???B???I???ð X???M??? Ê≈ ∫‰U??? ¨÷«d???√  «œU?Ž v?K?Ž r?N?F?O?−?A?²Ð —U−²«
find a dress to suit the oc- stricted to shopping for
V?²?Jð Ê√ V−¹ UNMŽ ¨·ËdE« Èdð ÆwM'« f??½U?? ¨W?zd?« ÷«d?√Ë ÊU?Þd??« ÆU¼c³½ lL²:« ‰ËU×¹
casion so, armed with some clothes. It seems that wher-
Æ5U*« —U−²« sŽ ô ÊU? Íc?« d?łU?²K W³MUÐ U√ c??M?? s??šb??¹ t??½≈ ‰u?I?¹ w?Ð√ ¨d?_« ULMOÐË ¨Wb i× p– q
money, you set out for the ever and for whatever you
UN³³¹ w²« —«d{_UÐ tðd– rŁ —U???G???B???« Y???¹b??Š v??≈ l??L??²????¹ Í√ t?³?B?¹ r?Ë U?U?Ž d?A?Ž W??Lš qšœ ¨÷«dž_« iFÐ Èd²ý√ XM
shops. shop, merchants assume
q?L?²?J?¹ r? ‰UHÞ_ WUš ¨5šb²« ¨U¼UMF eOO9 Ê√ sJ1 ô WU²ÐUÐ d?L?Ž t?I?¹b?  u?B?Ð «–≈Ë ÆÁËdJ b?Š√ d?L?F?« s? m?K?³¹ Íc« ¨‚—UÞ
So there you are, head- that it is quite acceptable for
Ê√ V−¹ ô ÂuK« Ê≈ ‰U ¨bFÐ r¼u/ œd?− t½√ vKŽ d_« v≈ dEM¹ uN ÊU?? «–≈ ∫ÊU??b?« ×U?š s? l?H?ðd?¹ dG√ «bÐ Ê≈Ë ¨‰uI¹ UL UUŽ dAŽ
ing for the stores along with them to ask you question
‰U?H?Þ_« w?U?¼√ v?K?Ž q?Ð ¨tOKŽ lI¹ s dzU−« W³KŽ Ê_ ªW×Ы— …—U& «dC ÊU «–≈Ë ¨tMšb½ s×M ¨«bOH ·U?B?½√ W?Łö?¦?Ð Áb?¹ b? ¨p?– s?
your friend, thinking about after question as if they’re
WU(« ôuË ¨rNU√ ÊuMšb¹ s¹c« s? Ád?Ož Ë√ ÂUÝË Ë√ ‰U¹d³≈ Ÿu½ rNð«u√ XFHð—«Ë Æ©«ud×MÐ UM¹œ√® dzU−Ý ÀöŁ ∫lzU³K ‰UË ¨q«uý
the kind of dress you want all aspiring journalists. Of
U* tð—U& UNÐ d9 w²« W¹œUB²ô« v?²?Š ŸU?³?ð w?²?« ¨W?O?K?;« Ÿ«u½_« Æp×CUÐ ÆpKC s ‰U¹d³≈
to buy. Finally, you see a course, one can always ig-
t½√ WUÐË ¨‰UHÞú dzU−« ŸUÐ ô UN×З ¨W³KFK q«uý WF³Ý dFÝ U??ÝU??O??I?? 5??šb??²??« ÊU? «–≈Ë Á—UE²½« w ÊUË ¨tO≈  dE½
store that takes your fancy nore the questions or else
Æsšb¹ ô tH½ u¼ ¨ «—u?ž√ l?³?Ý Ë√ q?I?OA« “ËU−²¹ w?²?« ‰ôœ ÊS? ¨‚—UÞ bMŽ WułdK Ê≈ t?²?QÝË ¨ÊUI¹b q;« ×Uš
and go inside, your one and say, with a frown, “I’m
only intention being to find sorry, I don’t think that’s d?³?²?F?¹ wײK*« dłU²« ¨bOFÝ W³KF« sLŁ ÊS ©qH½® UNŽUÐ «–≈ ULMOÐ p–  d³²Ž« …bŠ«Ë …—U−OÝ  d²ý« d??F??A?¹ u?¼Ë »U?łQ? ¨s?šb?¹ ÊU?

the dress you have been any of your business”, but œ«d_« Ê≈ ‰uI¹ tMJË ¨UM¹b² tH½ sJ1 ô pcË ¨q«uý …dAŽ ÊuJOÝ  «u??M????« X??M?Ð Ê_ ¨U?ž—U? U?ö? ‚—U?Þ ÆwzUb√Ë U½√ ¨rF½ ∫u¼eÐ

dreaming of for the past few then the chances are that the V??−??¹ ôË ¨b??Š_ …Ëb? Êu?K?J?A?¹ ô Íc?«Ë ¨œ—u?²??*« ÊU?šb?« lO³¹ Ê√ w?U?²?U?ÐË ¨s?šb?ð UN√ Èdð l²« t? `?L¹ dLŽ w —U t½√ d³²Ž«

weeks. At Æœ«d_« tKFH¹ U vKŽ s¹b« W³ÝU× fHMÐ q«uý …dAF« tMLŁ “ËU−²¹ ‰U?łd?« v?K?Ž «d?J?Š f?O? 5šb²« t²QÝ UbMŽË ¨qł— ÍQ 5šb²UÐ
first, the now in-
salesman “let us spend our s u l t e d ,
m i g h t hard-earned money on will feign
leave you the things we like complete u H Þ
rather than drive us out i n n o -
of your shops” cence,
even al- saying
lowing things
you to try on a couple of such as “What’s the matter,
W u H Þ
dresses while you give your did I say something
friend a headache as you ask wrong?” prolonging the un- °ÆÆÆ
her, time and time again, welcome conversation even
WHOD u√ lO— ∫duB

“What about this one?” In further.

some cases, he might even Salesmen, take it from W0ö nO"—
offer to help you, making me. Interrogating your cus- X“dO WF0UW
suggestions that are suppos- tomers does not put them at
edly designed to help you in ease; on the contrary, in the
5ÝU¹Ë ¡ULÝ√ XKÐU UbMŽ wMMJË s???? 5???ÝU???¹ œd???& ÆÆÈd???š√ …d??? o??K?D?½ Ê√ `?B?¹ ÊU? Ê≈ ·d?Ž√ ôË ¨W??O??I?O?I?Š ÆÆ’u??A?« Ác?¼
making a choice (well, majority of cases, it ensures
s??L??Ž d?O?¦?J?« ·d?Ž√ ô w?½√ X?d?Ž t²š√ sŽ Àb% ÆÆtH½ sË tBý «uO ¡ôRN °°ÆÆƉUHÞ√ VI rNOKŽ l?M? s? XO ÆÆÆW¹UJ(« Ác¼Ë
okay, the chances are he’s that they leave your shop,
Êü« w?M?I?«d?ð 5?ÝU¹ UMOŽ ÆÆwuŠ W??¹«Ë— w? Êö?D?Ð U?L?N?½Q? ÆÆt?O?Ð√Ë ÆÆÆôUHÞ√ u??¼ Ê˃d??I??²?Ý U? q?Ë ¨‰U?O?)«
as bored as your friend and never to return. If you re-
w?? ÆÆÊu??K??L?F?¹ r?¼ ÆÆX?³?¼– U?L?M?¹√ ÆUNuý bŠ√ fO ÂuIð Íc« —Ëb« sŽ Àb%√ sË wMMJ ÆÆ dB Â√ XUÞ WHË œd−
simply wants to get you out ally want to help them, then
ô w?²« rNðdÝ√ «ËbŽU¹Ë «uLŽb¹ r ¢ÆÆÆÆÆÆ¢ qLŠ√ Ê√ œË√ ∫w ‰U  U???????ÝR???*«Ë W???¹U???Žd???« —Ëœ t???Ð ÆÆÆwðUOŠ Èd− U¼bMŽ XHË√
of the shop as soon as pos- stick to questions that are
w?? t??²??¹√— U?? Èu??Ý U??N?M?Ž ·d?Ž√ ¨rKJ²¹ ¡wý Í√ sŽ W¹«b³« w ·dŽ√ ¡ôR??N?? ÆÆÆÍœ«u??M?«Ë W?O?ŽU?L?²?łô« v?≈ X?³?¼– ÆÆÆÂU¹√ WFCÐ q³
sible, but hey, let’s give him relevant and leave their pri-
ÆrN½uOŽ Ÿ«u???½√ s??? t???½≈ r???¼b???Š√ w??? ‰U??? ÆÆÆrNMŽ Y¹b(« w Vž—√ s «uO Èb?Š≈ w? X?½d?²?½ù« w?¼U?I? bŠ√
the benefit of the doubt!). vate lives alone. Shopping
ÆÆÆÕö« Æ¡ULÝ√Ë 5ÝU¹ sŽ Àb%QÝ qÐ V³Ý s sJ¹ r ¨tK« «—  «—ULŽ
Unfortunately, however, is supposed to be fun, es- ¨ÊU?1≈Ë ¨…—U?ÝË ¨…—b?« b?L×
Î s¹dAŽ dLF« s mKÐ√ U½√ ÷d??? s??? w???½U???F???ð ¡U???L???Ý√ b???¹d???³???« b???I??H??ð Èu??Ý w??ÐU??¼c??
there are also those sales- pecially these days when ÆÆ¡ULÝ√Ë 5ÝU¹Ë rýU¼ rŁ ¨”—UË
¨W¦U¦« WOFU'« w²MÝ w ”—œ√Ë w?¼Ë ¨Íb?K?ł ÷d? u¼Ë ©W³KF¦«® l«u*« iFÐ `HBðË w½Ëd²Jù«
men who seem to believe money is so scarce and we Ë√ U?N?½u??M?ð b? ¡ULÝ√ ô≈ Ác¼ U
l?L?Ý√ w?²?« vË_« …d*« w¼ Ác¼Ë w? X?M?ž b?Ë ¨W?{Ëd?« w? ”—b?ð ÆÆÆ Uýœ—œ ¡«dł≈Ë
that ‘helping’ a customer rarely get the chance to l{u«  UOC²I VŠ UN½uÝUM²ð
ÆÆÕö« «c¼ sŽ UNÐ ◊dH UNðULK eOO9 lD²Ý√ r WOMž√ d?E?²?½√ Xłdš Xžd UbFÐË
necessitates delving into shop, especially for luxu- w? n?I?ð ¡ULÝ√ UNMJ ÆÆÆ·ËdE«Ë
Æ¢œuNO« q aÞ√Ë UNKLŠ√ ÍbТ Ê«d?šü« Àb?% U?L?M?O?ÐË ÆÆÆU?N?K−š vKŽ ÆÆÆ Èdš_« w¼ ⁄dH² w²I¹b
their private life far more ries. So, please, let us spend ÆZNM« fH½ vKŽË ¨‚bM)« fH½
ÆÆ5ÝU¹ ‰U «cJ¼ dE½√Ë dJ√ ¨s¼c« …œ—Uý XM wF ‰U??H??Þ√ W??Łö??Ł n??Ë v?N?I?*« »U?Ð
than is called for. You know our hard-earned money on Ê≈Ë ¨bŠ«Ë ËbF …bŠ«Ë WO×{
q ôË öł— qHD« `³B¹ 5Š 5ÝU¹ »d²« ÆÆÆwŽË ÊËœ ¡ULÝ√ v≈ 5?ÝU?¹ ¢W?J?K?F?«¢ ÊU?³?K?« Êu?F?O³¹
what I mean. They start by the things we like rather
r?¼Ë ÆÆÆ U?³?³??*«Ë ‚dD« XHK²š«
suggesting a certain dress, than drive us out of your VI qL×¹ Ê√ id¹ 5Š °ÆÆƉUłd« ±π∂∑ ÂUŽ œuNO« ÂU bI ∫özU wM w??¦?¹b?Š  √b?Ð ÆÆr?ýU?¼Ë ¡U?L?Ý√Ë
ÆÆÆruM¹ s «bÐ√
and then take it upon them- shops and straight into the w?M?×?½√Ë w?H½ s q−š√ ÆÆqHD« ÆÆÁdBÐ bI v²Š 5ðd UNOÐ√ f¼bÐ w t³J¹ ULŽ rýU¼ ‰«RÐ rNF
lOC½ ÆÆÆvK²M X½d²½ù« —Ëe½
selves to ask totally inap- nearest pharmacy, hunting ¨¡U?L?Ý√Ë r?ýU?¼Ë 5?ÝU?O U«d²Š« »d??F??« s??¹b?F?ÐË ¨5?ðd? Áu??Žœ¢ W³KF« Íd²A¹ t½≈ wMÐUłQ ÆÂuO«
ÆÆÆU½œuI½Ë UM²Ë s dO¹ dOž «¡eł
Î X?M? b?I? ¨U?N?K?³?√ r? w?²?« ¡U?LÝ√ ÆÆÆ¢dšü« vKŽ t½uOŽ tuÐdš U?N?F?O?³?¹Ë ¨q?«u?ý …d?A?F?Ð WKU
propriate questions such as, for something to take away
w ÎöU r¼dLŽ ÊuFOC¹ r¼ ULMOÐ ÆÆU¹bF UN{d X³Š ¨WHzUš ÆÆÆb?Š_  U?U?N?ðô« q?O?√ X? w? t?×?З U Ê√Ë ÆöUý s¹dAFÐ
“And where, exactly, is the the headache brought on by
party going to be held?” your endless - and totally U?? ÆÆÆr??¼d??Ý√ V??½U??ł v??≈ «u??H??I?¹ q??J??Ð W??¾??O?K? W?d?ž w? X?A?Ž f?O? ô ÆÆq?H?D?« p?– t?U? U «c¼ ¨qUý WzU s d¦√ ÊU bŠ«Ë Âu¹

and, “A wedding, how nice! unnecessary - interroga- ‰«RÝ øqFH½ Ê√ V−¹ «–UË øøøU½—Ëœ ‰U??J??ý_«Ë Ê«u?_« q? s? »U?F?_« X?L? °°5ÝU¹ tU U «c¼ ÆÆÆöHÞ ≠Ád?O?³?Fð bŠ vKŽ≠¢Âu¹ q√ w¢Ë

Who’s getting married, per- tions. Êü« W×K X׳√ t²ÐUł≈ Ê√  bQð ¨X???K???I???M???ðË  d???U??Ý ÆÆÂU??−??Š_«Ë q?F?H?¹ «–U? X?½√Ë t?²?Q?Ý r?Ł ÆöOK °°nB½Ë q«uý WŁöŁ

Æw{U*« w tOKŽ X½U U2 d¦√ ÆÆw??K??¦?? ‰U?H?Þ_« q? Ê√  b?I?²?Ž«Ë XLË ÆÆw²š√ UN½≈ ∫wMÐUłQ ø„uÐ√ ¨‰UHÞ_« WULŽ sŽ Àb%√ s
¥ ¡uC« X% ≤∞∞± ‰Ë√ sdA Ø ‰uK√ e1U Àu ‰«

…eOL²+ WOMOD0K5 W9—UA+ ÆÆÆ …bײ*« 3ú WO+uLF « WOFL−K WU)« W0K'«

 U????ÝR?? s??Ž Êu??K?¦?2 „U?M?¼Ë ¨5?K?H?Þ
ƉU?HÞ√ WLš rNML{ s ¨w½b*« lL²:« g6 rOKË ÍdLM« UO«œ ∫¡UIK« ÈdW√
w?½b?*« lL²:« —Ëœ WOL¼√ vKŽ UM¼ bƒ√Ë åe1U Àuò ‰« ö«d0
W?O?Þ«d?I?1b?« …dJ —uK³ð Èb dNE¹ Íc«
d?³?²?F?ð Y?O?Š ¨w?M?O?D??K?H?« l?L?²?:« w? ÂUŽ d¹bË fÝR ¨…b³ uÐ√ sŠ Æœ
s? W?O?M?O?D??K?H« w½b*« lL²:«  ULEM ¨w?M?O?D??K?H?« ¡U?B?Šû? Íed*« fK:«
ÆwÐdF« sÞu« w WOK¼_«  ULEM*« jA½√ w?M?O?DKH« ÍœUB²ô« fK:« fÝRË
Wł—œ vKŽ qUŠ ¨©—«bJЮ —ULŽù«Ë WOLM²K
w ‰UHÞ_«Ë »U³A« —Ëœ w rJ¹√— u¼ U W?U?{ùU?Ð Æw?³?D« ¡UBŠù« w …«—u²b«
øhB²*« wÐU³A« ÂöŽù« Íc« wMODKH« bu« fOz— uN p– v≈
•µ≥ t²³½ U »U³A«Ë ‰UHÞ_« qJA¹ w? W?O?M?O?DKH« WOMÞu« WDK« q¦LOÝ
„«dý≈ wHJ¹ ô «c ¨wMODKH« lL²:« s 3ú WOuLF« WOFL−K WU)« WK'«
 U??½U??łd??N??*«Ë  U??ŽU??L?²?łô« w? ‰U?H?Þ_« ÷ËdH*« s ÊU w²« WuHD« ‰uŠ …bײ*«
c?šQ?¹ Ê√ r?N?*« s? q?Ð ¨W?u?HDUÐ WU)« ¨„—u?¹u?OMÐ …bײ*« 3_« dI w bIFð Ê√

U?2 ¨—«dI« lM WOKLŽ w UFu ‰UHÞ_« V?³??Ð X?K?ł√ UNMJË Æ‰uK¹√ ≤±Ë ±π 5?Ð

l?L?²?:«  UŽUD WU 5Ð q«u²« wMF¹ Æ…b?×?²?*«  U?¹ôu« U¼bNAð w²« ŸU{Ëô«

ÂöŽù« w WKJA*« Æ»U³A«Ë ‰UHÞ_« ŸUDË ÂU?F?« «c?¼ W?O?M?O?D??KH« W—UA*« ÊuJ²Ý

¨—U?³? l?L?²?− ‰«“ U lL²:« Ê√ wÐU³A« W??U? s?Ž 5?K?¦?2 „U?M?¼ Ê√ Y?O?Š ¨…e?O?2

 U??¾??O??N??  «—«b?≈ v?K?Ž d?_« d?B?²?I?¹Ë W?O?u?J?(« w?M?O?D??KH« lL²:«  UŽUD

b??u??« „—U??A??O??Ý U??L?? ¨W??O??u??J?Š d?O?žË
W?O?Ðd?ð v?≈ ÃU²×¹ d_« «c¼Ë ¨ UÝRË
¨W?OU²)« WIOŁu« WžUO w wMODKH«
ÆW??O??U?I?ŁË W?¹u?L?M?ðË W?¹u?Ðd?ðË W?O?ÝU?O?Ý
g6 rOKË ÍdLM« UO«œ åe1U Àuò ‰« ö«d0 ju …b u√ s!6Æœ W?U? dOC% w bu« bNł bI wU²UÐË
jI UNłu ÊuJ¹ ô√ V−¹ wÐU³A« ÂöŽùU
W?u?H?D?« l?{u?Ð W?I?KF²*« ‚«—Ë_«Ë œ«u*«
ÂöŽù« gUM¹ Ê√ V−¹ qÐ ¨ŸUDI« «c¼ v≈
Êu?J½ «cNÐË Æ‰ö²Šô« X% ÊuAOF¹ s¹c« ølÝË√ U¹UC qLAOÝ »UD)« Ê√ Â√ øjI w??²??« …u?Žb?« Ê√ w? ·ö?²?šô« s?L?J?¹ l«u« sŽ WKBH …—u dAM ¨WOMODKH«
«c¼Ë Æ¢—U³J«¢ VÞU¹ Ê√Ë ¨»U³A« U¹UC
Æ—«dI« wF½U ÂUL²¼« …—UŁ≈ vKŽ UMKLŽ b U?N³½«uł ÈbŠ≈ w WUÝd« Ác¼ qL% WNłu sJð r «uŽ√ …dAŽ q³ UMO≈ XNłË ‰U??H??Þ√ ‰U??¬Ë  U?Šu?L?ÞË ¨w?M?O?D??K?H?«
U?N?½_ ¨»U?³?A?« …—«“Ë q?L?Ž d¹uDð VKD²¹
v?K?Ž w?M?O?D??K?H?« q?H?D?K WOuO« …U½UF*« X?u?« p?– w? ¨W?OuJŠ W¾O¼ Ë√ WËœ v≈ ÆwËb« lL²:« v≈ UNKI½Ë ¨5DK
ÆwMODKH« q³I²*« …—«“Ë
wMODKH« bu« w 5—UA*« ‰UHÞ_« œbŽ  U?U?N?²?½ô« “«d?Ð≈ d?³Ž ¨wÝUO« Èu²*« UN«e²« WOMODKH« d¹dײ« WLEM XMKŽ√

u?¼ U? ¨5?O??M'« ö s WF³Ý v≈ qB¹ q??H?D?« Ê√ v?K?Ž b?O?Q?²?« l? ÆW?O?K?O?z«d?Ýù« Íc?« …bײ*« 3ú w*UF« d9R*«  «—«dIÐ Ác?¼ v?K?Ž vKŽ ¡uC « s+ b¹e*« ¡UI ùË
w? »U?³?A?«Ë ‰U?H?Þú? r?J?²?U?Ý— w?¼ U?
øWU)« WK'« w W¾H« Ác¼ —Ëœ U?L? Ær?U?F?« ‰U?H?Þ√ w?U?Ð q?¦? wMODKH« W?M?' q?O?J?A?ð p– bFÐ -Ë ¨±ππ∞ w? b?IŽ ∫w U² « ¡UIK « UM ÊU9 ª…—U¹e «
ø¢e1Uð Àu¹¢‡« WHO× d³Ž 5DK
s? Êu?G?K?³?¹ s?¹c?« ‰U?H?Þ_« Àb?×?²OÝ w? X?Łb?Š w?²?«  «“U?$ù« v?≈ ‚d?D?²OÝ W?F?ÐU?²?* »U?−?M?« ÊU?L?O?KÝ ÂuŠd*« WÝUzdÐ
r¼ 5DK ‰UHÞ√ Ê√ v≈ ÂU—_« dOAð W?ŠU??« v?K?Ž  «—u?D?²?«Ë d?9R?*«  «—«d
 U?ŽU?L?²?ł« w? ¨WMÝ ±µ≠±≤ 5?Ð U? d?LF« W?¹d?AF« WD)«Ë ¨…dOš_« dAF«  «uM« q?³? 5?D?K w ‰UHÞ_« l{Ë rOIð nO
s? d?¦?√ Êu?K?JA¹ rN½√ U0 q³I²*« …«u½ …bMł_« l qUF²« vKŽ edMÝ UL ÆWK³I*« ÆWOËb«
…UOŠ w Âu¹ sŽ WU)« WK'«  ôË«bË øUNLCš wË WO½U¦« W{UH²½ô«
W?¹«b?Ð l? X?³¦½ Ê√ UMOKŽË ÆÊUJ« nB½ l?L?²?:« r?N?H?²?¹ w? ¨W?u?H?D?K WOŽUL²łô« W???O???M??Þu??« W??D??K????« ÂU??O?? b??F??Ð U??√ WOuBš „UM¼ Ê√ v≈ t¹uM²« —b−¹
‰U?I?²Žô«Ë ¨œUNA²Ýô«Ë ¨wMODKH« qHD«
¨¡U?I?³?« o?×?²??¹ VFý UM½√ b¹b'« ÊdI« q??H??D??«Ë ¨W??O??½U????½≈ U??M??²??O?C?I?ÆU?¼d?O?žË ÆUMUHÞQÐ WU)«  UłUO²Šô« wËb« W?H?K?²?? ÊU?' q?OJAð - bI ¨WOMODKH« •µ≥ W?³½ ÊuKJA¹ rN½_ ¨5DK ‰UHÞ_
Ÿ«b??Ðù« v??≈ 5??D???K? ‰U?H?Þ√ u?Žœ√ p?c? Æ—«dI²Ýô«Ë s_« sŽ Y׳¹ wMODKH« ‰Ë√ Ác??¼Ë ¨W??—U??A??*« Èu??²????0 ¡U?I?ð—ö? V?łu?²??¹ U?2 ¨w?M?O?D??K?H?« VFA« s
o??Š »U??×??√ r??N??½Q?Ð r?K?F?« l? ¨o?K?D?*« øWK'« Ác¼ s rJðUFuð w¼ U wMF¹ «c¼Ë ¨WOMÞu« WDKK WOLÝ— W—UA s?J? ÆUNðUłUŠ WO³KðË W¾H« ÁcNÐ ÂUL²¼ô«
r?N?u?I?Š v?K?Ž «udF²¹ Ê√ V−O ¨WOCË  U????ÝR??*« s?? ‰U??H??Þ_«—U??O??²??š« - b??I?? b???u??« Ê√ v??≈ U??M??¼ t??¹u??M??²??« —b??−??¹ W?O?IÐ l …dýU³ wMODKH« bu« „UJ²Š« q?H?D?« v?K?Ž d?ŁR?ð W?OKOz«dÝù«  UÝ—UL*«
Ær?N?²¹dŠ qł√ s ‰UCM« w «uLN¹ w U? ¨w?½b?*« l?L?²?:«  U??ÝRË WOuJ(« WUÝ— Ë– tMJË ¨œbF« dO³ fO wMODKH« d????9R????*«  ôË«b??? l???O???L???ł w??? œu???u???« ÷uNM«  ôËU× q lM9Ë ¨dýU³ qJAÐ
q??Ð ¨V????×?? q??H??D??K?? X???O? w?²?U?Ý—Ë ø—UO²šô« «c¼ ¡«—Ë s ·bN« ‰Ëb« WFUł d³Ž oOM²« - bË ÆWOCË v?K?Ž U?ÐU?−?¹≈ p?– f?JFMOÝË ÆtðUŽUL²ł«Ë ŸU?D? ÊQ?Ð Èd?½ Ê√ l?O?D?²??½ ÆW?¾H« ÁcNÐ

Ê√ V−¹ qHD« Ê_ ¨UC¹√ —«dI« wF½UBË w??L??Ýd?« w?M?O?D?K??H?« b?u?« n?Q?²?¹ ©YU¦« rUF« ‰Ëœ® ∑∑‡« WŽuL−Ë WOÐdF« b?OF vKŽ …ułd*« WOMÞu« Z«d³« cOHMð r?O?K?F?²?U?Ð «b?¹b?ý U?ÞU³ð—« j³ðd ‰UHÞ_«

Æ—«dI« »U×√ ÂUL²¼« VK w ÊuJ¹ v?≈ W?U?{≈ 5?ËR?*« s œbŽ s WDKK ‰UHÞ_«Ë 5¾łö« ‰UHÞ_« l{Ë vKŽ eOd²K ÆWuHD« W???O???H??????F???²???«  «¡«d???łù«Ë ¨W???×???B???«Ë
Ác¼ W¹—«dL²Ý« vKŽ U³KÝ dŁRð WOKOz«dÝù«
fOzd« v≈ …uŽb« WUÝ— ÊUMŽ wu tłË ¡U?/Ë —u?Dð l¹—UA oOF¹ U2  UŽUDI«
Mr.® fOzd« …œUOÐ W½uMF  UdŽ dÝU¹ ÊS? w?U?²?U?Ð Æ5?D??K? w ‰UHÞ_« ¡UIÐË
…eOL²*« WOÐU³A « UNðUÞUA½ d³Ž …d+ ‰Ë_ 5D0K5 rÝ« oI% «—ôUOÐ X½U w{U*« w t½QÐ rKF« l ¨© President  U??ÞU??A?M?« s? b?×?¹ w?ÝU?O??« l?{u?«
d?¹d?×?²?« W?L?E?M? f?O?zd? t?²?³?ÞU?? r?²?ð ƉUHÞú WONOd²«Ë WOUI¦«
w Mr. Chairman Arafat ªWOMODKH« ¨WOMODKH« WOMÞu« WDK« ÂUO bFÐ
The State of World’s Children »U????²???? ødOOG²« «c¼ VłË√ Íc« U „dE½ 5?ŽU?D?I?« s …œUł  ôËU× pUM¼ X½U
WuHDK …bײ*« 3_« WLEM Á—bBð Íc« Report …œUOÝ¢ ‡ W½uMF ÂUF« «c¼ …uŽb« wðQð tuIŠË ¨qHD« —Ëœ …—uK³ ’U)«Ë ÂUF«

r?Ý« a?¹—U?²?« w? …d? ‰Ë_ s?L?C²OÝ ¨¢nO½u¹¢ —U???Þ≈ s???L???{ ¨¢ U???d???Ž d???ÝU???¹ f???O??zd??« d?³?Ž ¨w?M?O?D??K?H« lL²:« w tðU³ł«ËË
W?O?M?O?D??K?H?« W—UA*«  U³Łù ¨wuuðËdÐ œ—«u?*« h?O?B??ð U?N?O? r?²?¹ ¨qLŽ  UO¬
‰U?H?Þ_«Ë »U?³?A?« W?¹U?Žd?Ð W?L?²?N WËb 5DK
Ác?¼ Êu?J?ð Ê√ r?N?*« s? t½√ YOŠ ¨WOLÝd« Æ5DK ‰UHÞQÐ ¡UIð—ô« qł√ s W“ö«
s?Ž U?¼d?A?½ r?²?O?Ý W?B? d?³?Ž ¨r?N?u?I?Š ‚U?I?Š≈Ë
s? œb?Ž d?O?C?% - b?I? ¨WOIOIŠ W—UA*« q?H?D?« `³√ ¨WOU(« W{UH²½ô« w
—Ëœ q?O?F?H?ðË …œU?OIK WOMODKH« W¾ON«  «“U$≈
—uD²« «c¼ q¦1Ë ÆUNË«b²  UHK*«Ë ‚«—Ë_« u?N? Ɖö?²?Šô« œu?M?ł q?³? s? U?b?N?²
Æ«—ôUOÐ ≠ »U³A«
V?F?A?K? W?F?œ w?u?u?ðËd?³?« bOFB« vKŽ ¨U?O?ŽU?L?²?ł«Ë U?¹œU?B²« ÂËd×Ë dU×
q??C??√ s?? …b??Š«u?? «—ôU??O?Ð —U?O?²?š« - b?I?
WOCI« Ê√ u¼ ¨ôË√ ∫5U− w wMODKH« »U?¼—ù« v?≈ W?U?{ùU?Ð ¨…œËb?× t²dŠË
»U³AK «eOL² «—Ëœ `M9 w²« rUF« w  ULEM*«
l?L?²?−?Ë ¨V?F?ý W?O?C? w?¼ W?O?M?ODKH« s? Ê√ d?F?ý√ w?M?J?Ë Æw??HM«Ë Íb'«
Æ U“_«  UË√ w ÆWOMODKH« W¹uN« —uCŠ ”dJð ¨WÝUOÝË s?¹c?« U?M?U?H?Þ_ W?O?×?²« ÍœR½ Ê√ UM³ł«Ë
W?O?{U? wN ¨“U$ù« «cNÐ dHð –≈ «—ôUOÐ Ê≈ qLŽ ZU½dÐ WOLÝd« W—UA*« rÝdð ¨UO½UŁË ¨n?B?I?K? Êu?{dF²¹Ë  UÐUÐb« ÊuNł«u¹
‰U?H?Þ√ n?K?²??  u? ‰U?B¹≈ vKŽ ÂeŽË —«dSÐ UMeK¹ wF¹dAð —UÞ≈ sL{ ¨5OMODKH UM «u??K?L?J?¹ Ê√ s?¹b?¼U?ł Êu?ËU?×?¹ p?– l?Ë
w²«  UFL−²«Ë sU_« WU v≈ ¨UNÐU³ýË 5DK »UDš oŁuOÝ YOŠ ÆUMUHÞ√ qł√ s qLFUÐ Æ…√dłË …¡«d³Ð rNðUOŠ
Æo(« WOC `O{u² ¨UNO≈ ‰uu« sJ1 ¨…b?×?²?*« 3_«  UHK w wMODKH« bu« …—u?D?)« Ê√ v?≈ t?¹u?M?²?« s? bÐ ôË

W?³UD« ¨`KB UMO ÊuJ²Ý ‚UO« «c¼ wË …b?M?ł_U?Ð WOMÞu« WDK« Âe²K²Ý 5Š w t?U?e?Ð p??LOÝ Íc« q³I²*« w sLJð
ÂbIð oOIײ qLF« UMOKŽ ÊuJOÝË ¨WOËb« dzU)« sLŁ ÊuFbOÝ s¹c« rN ¨‰UHÞ_«
…dOHÝ ¨—uŠUÝ XOÐ ≠ pOuŁUJ« ÂËd« WÝ—b w
‰ö??š w??Ëb??« l??L??²??:« V?d?Ð ‚U?×?²?ö? l?L?²?:« W?O?M?Ð w? q?Oz«dÝ≈ UNŁb% w²«
‰u?Š …b?×?²?*« 3ú? W?U?)« W??K?'« w «—ôUOÐ
ÆWœUI« dAF«  «uM« pKð Êu2dOÝ s¹c« r¼Ë ¨UOUŠ wMODKH«
dNý w „—u¹uO½ w U¼bIŽ «—dI ÊU w²« WuHD«
Æ U¼uA²«
 U?O?K?L?F?« V?³??Ð U?N?K?O?łQ?ð - s?JË ¨‰Ë√ Êu½U
b??u??« U??N??N??łu?O?Ý w?²?« W?U?Ýd?« w?¼ U?
„—u??¹u??O??½ s?? q?? U??N?? X??{d??F?ð w?²?« W?H?ÝR?*«
W??K?'« Ác?¼ d?³?Ž ¨r?U?F?« v≈ wMODKH« WOMODKH« W—UA*« 5Ð ·ö²š« „UM¼ q¼
„—uuO' w" …b$*« 3_« dI0 ÆsDMý«ËË
‰uŠ —u×L²²Ý q¼Ë ø…bײ*« 3ú WU)« u¼ UË øWOU(« WM«Ë «uŽ√ …dAŽ q³
UM³Fý ¡UMÐ√ UNÐ d1 w²« WOÝUO« ŸU{Ë_« øbłË Ê≈ ·ö²šô« «c¼ w V³«
µ °°° bK U Á¬ ≤∞∞± ‰Ë√ sdA Ø ‰uK√ e1U Àu ‰«

Looking w{U*« v ≈ WKŠ—

Death in the Eye
Ò  U.dÝË ÆÆÆ…d−N+ Èdš√Ë ÆÆÆ…d+b+ WOÐdŽ Èd.
By Marianne Albina
TYT Reporter

any of us tend to forget some of
the experiences that the Israeli oc-
cupiers have put us through. I
guess we have suffered so much that from time
to time, our memories stop functioning, our
capacity to register all the suffering having
been exhausted. If it’s true that the human
mind has a tendency to erase the catastrophic
moments of one’s life, then I for one am glad.
I was sitting the other day at a friend’s
house, thinking about all the cities and vil-
lages that Israel occupied in 1948, the same
cities and villages that Israel subsequently de-
stroyed or else used as the foundation for its
state. Being a realistic person, I am well aware
of the fact that they will never again be a part
of Palestine, if for no other reason than the
existence of the State of Israel. Unfortunately,
I live in a world where no other kind of justi-
W?O?H?O?Ë ¨Êu?½U?I?« «c¼ WO¼U sŽ t«RÝ v≈ UMFœ U2 «u½U s¹c« W¹dI« ÊUJÝ d¦√ Ê√Ë ¨ÊUJ« œbŽ ·UF{√
fication works except the kind that works for —u6œ r‡d0 ∫ddI
V?zU?G« Êu½U ∫UMÐUłQ ÆoO³D²« lM²1 v²Ë ¨tIO³Dð t?−?²?Mð UË ¨WŽ«—e«Ë WŠöH« vKŽ rN“— w ÊËbL²F¹
the benefit of the strongest - in this case, Is- åe1U Àuò ‰« WK«d0
¨q?O?z«dÝ≈ UN²Ždý w²« …dzU'« 5½«uI« s bŠ«Ë u¼ ‰ËU?% r?Ë ¨r?N?“— —b?B «ËbI b ¨‰öG« s ÷—_«
rael - which means that the villages and cities
q?J?A?Ð W?O?M?O?D??K?H?« w?{«—_« vKŽ ¡öO²Ýô« qł√ s `Lð ô 5Š w ¨5¹ËdIK W³ÝUM*« qz«b³« œU−¹≈ WËb«
to which I refer will never again have a com-
«u?d?F?²?ð v?²?Š tB½ v≈ «uN³²Mð Ê√ uł—√Ë ¨©w½u½U® W?O?Ž«—“ W?¹d Í√ w V¹d²K tFÐU√ b1 ÊQÐ ÊU Í_ rŠœe*« wOzd« Ÿ—UA« w ozUb UMHË Ê√ bFÐ
pletely Palestinian identity or serve as home
to Palestinians enjoying their own sovereignty. ∫w{«—_« vKŽ ¡öO²Ýô« UNÐ - w²« WOHOJ« vKŽ U¼œ«bŽ√ s b¹eðË ¨ÂUF« —«b vKŽ ÁUO*UÐ U¼b9Ë ¨W¹œuN¹ U?M?K?Oœ ¨rO¼«dÐ≈ ‰öÐ bOK Ϋ—U?E?²½« ¨…dUM« WM¹b0

I appreciate the fact that we Palestinians b?ł«u²¹ ô hý q¢ Ê√ vKŽ VzUG« Êu½U hM¹ U?−?²?M?² tK« VO³Š nOC¹Ë ÆUNM rzUI«  UŠUË ÈdI« vKŽ ·dF²M WKU(« UMÐ XIKD½« ¨WKŠd« Ác¼ w
have to compromise and that it is useless for ±± …b?* d?š¬ —U?I?Ž Í√ Ë√ ¨ u?O?Ð Ë√ ÷«—√ s tJK w w²«  U³JM« q ”UÝ√ w¼ ¨÷—_UÐ WIKF²*« qUA*« Ê√ W¾ON« UMEŠô dO*« ¡UMŁ√Ë ¨WM¹b*« jO× w …d−N*«
us to expect to ever see those villages and cit- ¨Xu«  «– wË ¨¢pK*« …—œUB r²ðË ÎU³zUž d³²F¹ ¨«dNý
Î ÆW¹dI« q¼√ vKŽ lÐU²²ð Wł—b ¨WI¹dF« WM¹b*« Ác¼ w  uO³« UNO rŠœeð w²«
ies in Palestinian hands. Nevertheless, it w qLF« s ÈdI« wU¼√ WOKOz«dÝù«  UDK« XFM ÂU?Šœ“ô« «c¼ Ê≈ ∫‰uI¹ ‰öÐ ÊUË ¨WIö² U¼UM³Š
breaks my heart to know that they are now ôË ¨W?I?K?G? W¹dJŽ WIDM w{«—_« Ê√ W−×Ð rNö√ X+bNð  uOР«u9√ W?O?K?O?z«d?Ýù« W?u?J?(« ÕULÝ ÂbF W−O²½ u¼ b¹bA«
considered ‘Israeli’, regardless of the fact that vKŽ «d?Ný
Î ±± b?F?ÐË Æ5?O?½b?L?K? U?NO bł«u²UÐ `L¹ s?J?9 W?ł—b?Ð ¨W?¹b?K?³?K? W?O?K?J?O?N?« W?D?¹d?)« lOÝu²Ð
this implies that the Palestinians who once vKŽ qL²A¹ r Íc« ¨oÐU« Êu½UI« oO³Dð - ¨UNöž≈ w?²« WOMJ«  UFL−²« bŠ√ v≈ UMIKD½« p– bFÐ Æ¡UM³«Ë lÝu²« s 5OMODKH«
lived there never existed. Who knows, in the ÆWO×O*« fzUMJ«Ë …d¹œ_« …—œUB lL:« «c¼ vKŽ oKD¹Ë ¨ÈdI« ÈbŠ≈ s …d−N« UN²ŁbŠ√ W?I?DM w UMH½√ U½błË ¨ozUœ ÀöŁ s q√ w
years to come, the Israelis might even claim sŽ qš«b« uOMODK dÒ³Ž ±π∑∂Ø≥Ø≥∞ a¹—Uð wË V?— ÆW?¹—u?H? W?¹d? v?≈ W³½ ¨…dUHB« WIDM rÝ« ozUœ ÀöŁ q³I ¨ÎUU9 UNO UM w²« pKð sŽ WHK²
that they never did! XHKš bI ÆWOKOz«dÝù«  «uIK rN¹bBð ‰öš s rNDÝ ¨W¹dI« ¡UMÐ√ s u¼Ë ¨wOЫu œU¹“ bO« UMF WKU(« …dUM« w Êü« s×½ U¼Ë ¨WOÐdF« …dUM« w UM jI
Already, the story of the former Palestin- bOL& v≈  œ√Ë ¨5OMODK ¡«bNý W²Ý WNł«u*« Ác¼ ¨wU(« Xu« w …—u−N*« t²¹dIÐ UMH¹dFð vu²¹ wJ UNO U UMŽ«— YOŠ ¨œuNOUÐ WUš WM¹b w¼Ë ¨UOKF«
ian villages and cities is fading into history - v??K??Ž ¡ö??O??²?Ýô«  ôËU?×? X?½U? Ê≈Ë Æ…—œU?B?*« —«d? eOO9 vKŽ Ϋ—œU `³√ v²Š ¨ÁdG w t²MC²Š« w²«Ë W?O?Ýb?M?N?« ‰U?J?ý_«Ë ¨W?Ðö?)« W?O?F?O?³D« dþUM*« s
a story of an expelled nation, people whose l?z«—c?Ð ¨a?¹—U?²?« p?– c?M? …d?L?²?? W?OÐdF« w{«—_« q?O?L?'« w?{U?*« v≈ ÁbOF¹ Íc« ¨wIM« UNz«u¼ W×z«— qł√ s p– q ¨WFÝ«u« W¹—U−²«  UFL:«Ë ¨WЫc'«
homes were occupied by total strangers who d?ÐU?Ž v?L??¹ U? ŸËd?A? U?¼d?š¬ ÊU? ¨W?H?K² Z−ŠË s? «u?√ ô≈ U?¼—U?Ł¬ s? o?³?¹ r? w?²?«Ë ¨U?N½UCŠ√ w l?Ið WUN« e«d*« Ê√ ÎU?C¹√ UMEŠô UL ÆUN½UJÝ WŠ«—
humiliated them and took away their dignity, ¢Æ÷—_« Âu¹¢ ‡Ð ·dF¹ ÂuO« «c¼ `³√Ë ÆqOz«dÝ≈ ÍËd¹ ÊU Íc« ¡U*« l³½Ë ¨XbNð w²«  uO³« …—U−Š ÎUEŠ q√ UO½b« …dUM« Ê√ U½dFA ¨UOKF« …dUM« w
who forced them to acquire a new identity, ÊU?JK ÕUL« ÂbŽ ¨ÎU?C¹√ …dzU'« 5½«uI« sË dOž wU(« Xu« w ÍËd¹ ô 5Š w ¨s¹dÐUF« gDŽ …—b?I?«Ë ¨¡U?M³K …—dI*« w{«—_« WŠU ∫¡wý q s
that of refugees with no legal status, refugees 5Š w ¨WO½UJ« rNðUFL& œbŽ …œU¹eÐ 5OOMODKH« ÆtuŠ s X/ w²« »UAŽ_« qł√ s ÊU½ù« WłU²×¹ U qË ¨WŠ«d«Ë gOF« vKŽ
whose homes were destroyed by Israel, whose b?¹b?ł w?½UJÝ lL& ∂∞∞ W?O?K?Oz«dÝù« WuJ(« XU√ s dšü« ·dD« vKŽ ÊU ¨vKŽ√ v≈ ÁbOÐ œU¹“ —Uý√ ÆWOFO³Þ …—uBÐ gOF«
loved ones were imprisoned, beaten or even q?ł√ s? ¨5?O?M?ODKH« vKŽ oOOC²« WËU× ¨œuNOK p?– ¨”d?³?O?Ð d?¼U?E?« d?B? Y?O?Š ¨©W?¹d?I?« q?³?ł® Áb¹ q?I?½ d?³?Ž ¨a?¹—U?²?« d?¹Ëe?²? W?ËU?× pc UM*Ë
killed by the Israeli aggressors, whose land
ÆrNMÞËË rNO{«—√ „dðË qOŠd« vKŽ r¼—U³ł≈ Íc« gO'« ¨—U²²« nŠ“ nË√ Íc« wuKL*« ÊUDK« rOKù WLUŽ X½U w²« …dUM« s W¹—«œù« WOL¼_«
was stolen and whose children were exposed
t½√ v≈ ¨…dUM« WM¹b* WOK³I²*«  UFu²« dOAðË w¹—Uð rKF s dBI« q¹u% - bË ÆtMOŠ w dNI¹ ô X?³?U?F?ð w?²« WO¹—U²« —uBF« d³Ž wM¹œË w¹—Uð
to violence from the moment they were born.
w? »«u?Ð_« o?K?G?ð ·uÝ ¨Êü« s  «uMÝ fLš ‰öš v²Š ¨W¹œuNO« “udUÐ ’Uš nײ v≈ ¨wöÝ≈ wÐdŽ ¨Wz—UÞ Èdš√ …dU½ v≈ ¨wU(« UM²Ë v²Š `O*« cM
Imagine this. You’re sitting in your home,
…dÝ√ s¹uJðË Ã«Ëe« v≈ ÊUOF¹ ¨…U²Ë »Uý Í√ tłË v?K?Ž `{«Ë qOb ¨t²ÐËdŽ vKŽ ‰b¹ dŁ√ Í√ tO bF¹ r q? ÆW?O?¹—U²« WD¹d)« vKŽ ÂU¹_« s Âu¹ w sJð r
listening to the radio, when strangers come
‰b?¹ U2 ¨b¹bł ¡UM³ WŠU pUM¼ ÊuJ¹ s –≈ ¨…b¹bł WIDM*« w UN qF& v²Š ¨a¹—U²« d¹Ëeð qOz«dÝ≈ bLFð ¨WOMJ« rNðUFL& qš«œ 5OMODKH« ‰eŽ qł√ s p–
through your door and proceed to kill all the
v??K??Ž o??O??O??C??²??K?? ¨W??O??H?š W?O?K?O?z«d?Ý≈ W?ÝU?O?Ý v?K?Ž ÆtOKŽ U¹dŁ√ öOœ «Ëb−¹ r UO¹—Uð «œułË W??G? Êu?d?F?¹ ô 5?H?þu?  U?O?ł«e?* W?{d?Ž r?N?zU?I?ÐË
members of your family, even the children,
◊UÝË_« w ·dF¹ ULO ¨r¼dŁUJð ·UI¹≈Ë ¨5OMODKH« ¨W¹dI« WÐËdŽ vKŽ UOŠ
Î ÎöOœ qþ Íc« bOŠu« ¡wA« Æ…dzU'« WËb« 5½«uIË ¨…dUM«
and then - and this is perhaps the most despi-
l?ÐU?D?« œb?N?ð w?²?« W?O?«d?G?1b?« WK³MIUÐ WOKOz«dÝù« r¼Uðu …—U¹“ wU¼ú ÎUŠuL sJ¹ r w²« ¨…d³I*« ÊU
cable part of the whole story - present them-
ÆW¹d³F« WËbK ÍœuNO« Èd– ·œUB¹ Íc«Ë ¨ÂUŽ q s ∂Ø≥∞ Âu¹ w ô≈ ¨UNO
selves as ‘victims’ to the rest of the world. b¹bN² « X% Èd.
Why massacre students, laborers, farmers, t²Mð r …UÝQ*« sJË ¨w{U*« v≈ WKŠd« Ác¼ XN²½« U¹¢ ∫œU¹“ ‰uI¹ ¨5DK W³J½ Èd–Ë ¨qOz«dÝ≈ ‰öI²Ý«

women and children? Why? Did the Israeli ‰U?Þ Íc?« ¨wKOz«dÝù« rKE« v≈ X{dFð ÷—√ q w Æ¢UM²³J½ Âu¹ u¼ vðu*« …—U¹“ Âu¹ ªo«uð s t ÊU? ¨q?¼U? 5?Ž vLð …dOG W¹d ·—UA vKŽ
murderers not once spare a thought for the W?ËU?×? w? ·d& w²« ÷—_«Ë ¨…db*« ÈdI« wU¼√ o?Š Ÿ«e?²½« s ÊUJ« sJ9 ¨ «uMÝ fLš q³Ë f?O?z— ¨t?K?« V?O?³?Š s??Š b?L?Š√ b?O« U½—UE²½« w
mothers comforting their children as they ¨÷—_« s?ÞU?Ð s? U?¼—Ëc?ł ÀU?¦?²?ł«Ë U?N?K?√ d?O?O?G² ÆÊ˃UA¹ XË Í√ w r¼Uðu …—U¹“ U?NðUbš ÂbIð w²« ¨5−«Ë qI²F*« ¡Ub√ WOFLł
stared death in the face, or for the families W?O?C?I?« Ê√ u?¼ ÷—_« ¡U?M?Ð√ œu?L?B? Èu?_« l«b«Ë
d??¹œ v??Žb??¹ d??¹œ œu??łË v?≈ r?O?¼«d?Ð≈ ‰ö?Ð —U?ý√Ë ÆWOKOz«dÝù« Êu−« w »dF«Ë 5OMODKH« ¡UM−K
they slaughtered in front of their neighbors, lM9Ë ¨‰ö²Šù«  UDKÝ q³ s oKG u¼Ë ¨WMŠ W¹bI« W?dŠ w Áb¹ tK« VO³Š b ¨WdA WKð vKŽ sË
rŁ ¨dO−N²« XË «u½UŽ s¹c« ”UM« ‰öš s …dL²
giving them a taste of what they could expect t?ð—œU?B lD²ð r qOz«dÝ≈ Ê√ UL ÆtO …œU³F« ÂUO  U¹UM³«Ë ¨W¹dI« WŠU qLA¹ Ê√ ‰ËU×O ¨WO«—u½UÐ
s??¹c??« ¨r??¼œU??H??Š√Ë r?¼œôË√ v?≈ a?¹—U?²?« «c?¼ «u?Ł—Ë√
to happen to them? I wonder. What rushes into l?ÐU?ð …œU?³?Ž lu t½√ —U³²Ž« vKŽ ¨ÂU— v≈ tK¹u% Ë√ Ê√ t?K« VO³Š b√Ë ÆUNO{«—√ XLN²« w²«  «—ULF«Ë
one’s mind as one realizes that one is about to Æ5M« —«b vKŽ WOŠ WIOI(« wI³ðË ¨W¹UJ(« ÊuKLJOÝ
ÆWMOF WOÐË—Ë√ WOMJ U?N?½UJÝ œbŽ ÊUË ¨+Ëœ n√ ±∂ X?½U? W¹dI« WŠU
die? I wonder. w?U?¼√Ë ¨÷—_« »U?×?√ tO½UF¹ U* ÎU?ł–u?/ UM¹√— bË
·ô¬ ¥ ÷—_« W?ŠU??L ¨Êü« U√ ¨WL½ ∏∞∞ „«c?MOŠ
If merely wondering gives me the shiv- T?H?DMð ô w²« …œ«—ù«Ë ¨±π¥∏ ÂU?Ž  d?−?¼ w²« ÈdI«
W*UE « 5½«uI « WOŽËdA+  UOzUBŠù« dOAðË ¨WL½ ·ô¬ ±∞ UN½UJÝ œbŽË ¨+Ëœ
ers, just imagine what actually knowing that 5?L?L?B? «u?I?³?¹ w? ¨wU¼_« »uK w Íbײ« dO¦ðË U2 ¨•≤∞ v?≈ X?K?Ë W?¹dI« w WUD³« W³½ Ê√ v≈
one is about to die must feel like. Æ5DK ÷—√ s »«dð …—– qJÐ pL²« vKŽ ¨¢5³zUG« „ö√ Êu½U¢ v≈ …d s d¦√ UMKOœ —Uý√ …d?A?Ž h??ð W?O?K?_« ÷—_« W?ŠU?? l?З Ê√ wMF¹
∂ vIOu0Ë s" ≤∞∞± ‰Ë√ sdA Ø ‰uK√ e1U Àu ‰«

∫¢e1Uð Àu¹¢ q uB*« b Uš ÊUMH «

WŽuM²+ WOM5 —U³š√
WO0½uð WOBsý ∫dOM+ bL×+ …b¹bł WOzUMž WKŠ w5 ∫d¼U0 « rþU9 WL0³ « È—√ U+bMŽ wJÐ√
d??O??M?? b?L?×? »d?D?*« Âu?I?¹
‰UHÞ_« ÁułË vKŽ r0ðdð
q?Š«d?« w?½U?*_« ÊU?M?H?« W?I?«d0
r???¼√ s??? u???¼Ë ¨w???u???J???O??d??O??¼ `KB0 UMOË ÷u ”UO≈ ∫Á—ËU6
UOM U−NM błË√ Íc« 5OKOJA²« —u6U XO / pOukUJ« ÂËd«
Ë√ ©”ËU???¼U???³???√® r??ÝU??Ð ·d??F??¹
w ‘UŽ Íc«Ë ¨Ê«u_« WO−¹—bð qO¦L²« ”—œË ¨±π∑± ÂUŽ ”bI« w uB*« nÝu¹ bUš ÊUMH« bË

ÊdI« s  UOMOL)« w f½uð ‰Ëœ Èb?Š≈ w?K?O?A?ð w?  ôUBðô« ÂuKŽË ÊuMH« WFUł w wŠd*«

Ê«u??√ W??ö?Ž n?A?²?«Ë ¨w?{U?*« ÂuI¹ UL ¨Õd*«Ë U«—bK ULKFË ö¦2 UOUŠ qLF¹Ë ¨WOMOðö« UJ¹d√

Æ¡«d×BUÐ  uO³« WKHD »√Ë ÃËe² ÆÊu¹eHK²«Ë WŽ«–ù« w ‰UHÞú Z«dÐ .bIðË œ«bŽSÐ
Á—UO²š« - Íc« ¨dOM bL× v?M?ž ¨…b?¹b?ł W?½«uDÝ« ¢d¼U« rþU¢ w«dF« ÊUMHK «dšR —b Æ—uNý W²Ý dLF« s mK³ð
w?K?O?−?²« rKOH« w —Ëb« «cN U?N?M?( w?²?« ¢p?M?Ž Y?×?Ð√¢ WOMž√ UNM Æ¡«dFA« —U³ bzUB qLł√ UNO
q?E?« w? U?FÐU t½u s ULz«œ w½UF¹ wMODKH« ÊUMH« ÊU U*Ë
t?O½Už_ Uöš ¨¡«œ_«Ë ÂöJ«Ë s×K« ªUF¹dÝ UNO ¡wý q «bÐË ¨tHMÐ
 U?½U?łd?N?*«Ë W?OzUMG« tðöŠ— V³Ð tOKŽ lË —UO)« Ê√ d³²Ž« ¨w½U*_« qHDUÐ h²<« ÊUMH« ÊU U*Ë ¨tIðUŽ vKŽ vIK¹ Íc« dO³J« —Ëb« rž—
¢d?D?*«Ë w?²?³?O?³?Š¢ W½«uDÝ« s( 5Ð W×{«Ë …u− dNþ√ U2 ÆWIÐU«
»d?D? v?≈ ÃU?²×¹ u¹—UMO« Ê√ v≈ WU{ùUÐ ¨UNO „—Uý w²« …œbF²*« bŠ√ vKŽ ¡uC« jK½ Ê√ UM¹Qð—« ª5½UMH« WOIÐ 5Ð s …U½UF d¦_«
Æ…b¹b'« …bOBI« s(Ë
Æ¡UMG«Ë qO¦L²« 5Ð lL−¹ ÆuB*« bUš ÊUMH« l ¡UIK« «c¼ ÊUJ ¨Õd*« «c¼ œ«Ë—
wÐdF« UNzUMž w …—œU½  ¡Uł ¨wuý bLŠ_ …bOB ¢V−²Š«Ë ‰U¢
¨WO½U*_« rÐ WM¹b w wN²M¹Ë ¨f½uð »uMł w rKOH« d¹uBð √b³OÝ ÆwMH« „—«uA sŽ UMŁbŠ
UM½UM ŸUD²Ý« Æ·UHł Í√ s «uKšË ¡«œ√Ë UM( d¼U« UNMIð√ ¨dUF*«
 u?B?« W−KÐœ r²ð rŁ ¨W¹eOK$ù« WGKUÐ Á—Ëœ wÐdF« ÊUMH« ÍœR¹ YOŠ W—UA*« ‰öš s ¨WU)« sÝ w XM UbMŽ sHUÐ wUL²¼« “dÐ
V?U?Ë …b?OBI« VU 5Ð ÃË«e¹ Ê√ ¨…œbF²*« tðUu³√ w d¼U« rþU
ÆWO½U*_« v≈ W?—U?A?*«Ë ¨W?UAJ«Ë ÍœUM«Ë WÝ—b*« w WOMH«  UOUFH« lOLł w
Ác?¼ s?( w? .b?I?« 5?Ð e?OOL²« lOD²¹ ö ªlU« —U²×O ¨`ýu*«
5?L?K?O? w? t?²?—U?A? ‰ö?š s? W?Ðd?−?²?« ÷U?š Ê√ d?OM* o³Ý bË q?J?AÐ qO¦L²« u×½ wuO V³ÐË ÆWOHOB«  ULO<« s dO¦J« w
Æb¹b'«Ë WOMž_«
Æ5O*UŽ 5OKO−ð ¨ ôU?B?ðô« Âu?K?ŽË W?K?O?L?'« Êu?M?H?K? w?UF« bNF*UÐ XIײ« ¨’Uš
b?N?F?*« w? w?²Ý«—œ XON½√Ë ¨wŠd*« qO¦L²« ‰U− w XBBðË
ÊUM³ w5 sJÝQÝË wÐdŽ rNHÐ U+ ∫”dDÐ UO uł w U² « ÊUO³ « U½¡Uł ∫ÍbOMN « bL×+ q?ł√ s? w³¼«uË wðUUÞ qG²Ý√ wJ sÞu« v≈  bŽ rŁ ¨±ππ≥ ÂUŽ
dEMð w²«Ë UMFL²− w WOUI¦« eł«u(« wDð s XMJ9 nO
UOuł WO½UM³K« WÐdD*« lCð
øWO½Ëœ …dE½ qO¦L²« v≈
v??K?Ž …d?O?š_«  U??L?K?« ”d?D?Ð
¨W×OBMUÐ wKŽ «uK³¹ r s¹c« wzUb√ lO−Að s t²OI U Ê≈
q??L?×?¹ Íc?«Ë ¨b?¹b?'« U?N?u?³?√
¨ U¹«uN«Ë ‰uO*« UMO ÊË“eF¹ «u½U U*UÞ s¹c« wK¼√ rNHð s pcË
sLC²¹Ë ¨©wÐdŽ rNHÐ U® Ê«uMŽ
ÆÕd*« WÝ«—œË qO¦L²« ‰U− w —«dL²Ýô« v≈ wMFœ p– q
uÐ√ qO³½  ULK s  UOMž√ w½ULŁ
w²« »U³Ý_« w¼ UL ¨t ôU− qHD« Õd uB*« bUš ÊUMH« —U²š«
Æ”dDÐ œU¹“ UNOš√ ÊU(√Ë Ëb³Ž
øp– v≈ t²Fœ
‚«u?Ý_« w? ÕdDOÝ Âu³_«
v??≈ W??łU??×??Ð u??¼Ë ¨t??²?u?H?Þ s? ÂËd?×? w?M?O?D??K?H?« q?H?D?«
d¹uBð s W½UMH« wN²Mð Ê√ bFÐ
·d?F?²?« t? `?O?²?¹Ë ¨w?«d?« sH« t ÊubI¹Ë ¨t½uLNH¹ 5OUB²š«
w²« WŠ«dBÐ WOMž_ VOK u¹bO
W?UšË ¨tOd²« l ÍuMF*« rŽb« t ÂbI¹Ë ¨ÊuMH« Ÿ«u½√ v²ý vKŽ
ÆÂu³_« UNMLC²¹
v?K?Ž …d?O?³ …dNý “«dŠ≈ ¢ÍbOMN« bL×¢ ÍbOuJ« ÊUMH« ŸUD²Ý« w?M?½≈ U?L? Æw?U?(« X?u?« w? UNAOF¹ w²« W³FB« ·ËdE« qþ w
Íu????M????ð ”d????D????Ð U????O???u???ł
w? ÍbOM¼ ƉuIFUÐ UUH²Ý« Ád³²F¹ ô Íc« ¨ÍbOuJ« rKOH« Èu² U?C?¹√ u?¼ q?Ð ¨W?O?K??²?«Ë tOd²K WKOÝË jI fO Õd*« ÊQÐ sR
Ê√ bFÐ ¨UOzUN½ ÊUM³ w —«dI²Ýô«
W½UMH« ∫t³½Uł v≈ U¼błË ¨5√ bL× UN³² …b¹bł W¹bOu WOBý ÆWF²2 WI¹dDÐ qHDK WuKF*« qIMð ¨WLN WOLOKFð WKOÝË
wN²M²Ý YOŠ ¨„UM¼ ôeM  d²ý«
rKO À«bŠ√ —Ëbð ÆbUŠ bOFÝ Ã«dš≈ s rKOH«Ë ¨d³MŽ ‰UN½Ë ¨„dð ÊUMŠ øœUMŽ Õd sŽ uB*« bUš ‰uI¹ «–U
ÆU³¹d t¦OŁQð s
‰Uł— s `³B¹ Ê√ w tðUŠuLÞ oI×¹ »Uý ‰uŠ ¨¢wU²« ÊUO³« U½¡Uł¢ u?L?M?ð U?¼«—√ w²« …dOGB« w²MÐU u¼Ë ¨wðUOŠ u¼ œUMŽ Õd
5ËR ◊—uð sŽ nAJ« v≈ tÐ ÍœRð oz«uŽË  UIA bFÐ ¨WOzd*« WLKJ« WŽuL− q¼U vKŽ œUMŽ Õd fÝQð bI ÆÍdþU½ ÂU√ Âu¹ q ŸdŽd²ðË
ÆlL²:« w …dOD)« U¹UCI« s dO¦ w ¨—U³
s?H?K? 5??L?×?²?*« »U?³?A?« w?zU?b?√ s œbŽ r¼Ë ¨Õd*« …«u¼ s
rŁ ¨rUF« s WHK² ‰Ëœ w qO¦L²« WÝ«—bÐ UML rŁ sË ¨qO¦L²«Ë

…ež w5 ÷dFð © ÁULB²F+«Ë ® WOŠd0+ ∫UMŠd UNb w²« ‰ULŽ_« r¼√ sË ÆWOŠd*« UM²d fOÝQ² U½bŽ
WOŠdË ¨w½UHM ÊUž bONA« nOQð s ©bÐ_« v≈ dł® WOŠd

…√d?« ¡«b?½ v?³? b? ¨tKUÐ rB²F*« w?²?« W?OUI¦«  UOUFH« sL{ ©X¹d³J« WFzUÐ®Ë ©ÍbOÝË U½√®Ë ¨bL× U¹de ©‰«Ëe« bFÐ WU)«®
U??L??M??O??Ð ¨¡«b??Ž_« U??N??½U??¼√ W??O?Ðd?Ž W?D?A?½ú? W?U?F?« …—«œù« U?N?Ð ÂuIð q?H?D?« l?{Ë sŽ Àbײð w²« ©s¹bFÐË® WOŠd «dOš√Ë ÆwHOQð s
¨öU wMODKH« VFA« dO−²¹ …—«“Ë w? W?³?K?D« ÊËRýË W¹uÐd²«
Æs¼«d« l{u« w wMODKH«
ÆVO− s UË l? ÊËU?F?²?U?ÐË ¨r?O?K?F?²?«Ë W?OÐd²«
ÂU?√ q?O?¦?L²« s qNÝ√ ‰UHÞ_« ÂU√ qO¦L²« Ê√ bI²F¹ s „UM¼
”dž v≈ WOŠd*« Xb¼ bË v?K?Ž X{dŽ ¨Õd*« ÂU¹√ WÝR
Íc?« q?¦LLK …¡UHJ« ÂbFÐ UUNð« ÊuNłu¹ rN½QË ¨—U³J« s —uNLł
”u??H??½ w?? U??O?K?F?« q?¦?*«Ë r?O?I?« W¹bK³ lÐU²« Xu¼ Õd W³Aš
ørNOKŽ œdð «–U0 ÆqHD« Õd u×½ t−²¹
w??ŽËË „u??K??Ý W??O??L??M??ðË ¨»ö?D?« ¨‰UHÞú ÁULB²F«Ë WOŠd ¨…ež
qO¦L²« s WÐuF d¦√ ‰UHÞ_« ÂU√ qO¦L²« ¨UU9 fJF« vKŽ
v≈ WU{ùUÐ ¨rNÝuH½ w 5OÐU−¹≈ ¨W?³?U?ÞË U?³?UÞ dAŽ wMŁ« „«d²ýUÐ
dL²ð …dO¦  «dOC% v≈ ÃU²×¹ qHD« Õd Ê_ ª—U³J« Õd w
q???þ w??? ¨‰U???H??Þ_« s??Ž `??¹Ëd??²??« W??O??ÝU??Ý_« Êu?²?¹e?« w?²?Ý—b? s?
Æ»öDK WOÝUÝ_« bHË ¨ U³UDK ·d?F?¹ ôË ‚œU?Ë b?U?½ —u?N?L?ł u?¼ ‰U?HÞ_« —uNLł Ê_ ¨WK¹uÞ …b*
f?J?F?M?ð w?²?«Ë ¨W?M¼«d« ·ËdE«
ÆrNðUOH½ vKŽ U³KÝ u??×??½ r??N??³??¹—b??ð d??L??²?Ý« b?Ë Æ‚UHM«

V?ðUJK hM« Ê√ dc½ Ê√ wIÐ ÆdL²*« nBI« rž— ¨s¹dNý ¨Õd??*« s? 5?F? Ÿu½ bMŽ nI¹ ô Íc« u¼ d¹bI« ÊUMH« pcË

ëdš≈ s WOŠd*«Ë ¨d¹“u« VUž q??? W??O??Šd????*« Œd??B??²????ðË WOŠd w Í—Ëœ ö¦ UNM ¨—U³J« Õd w …b¹bŽ «—«Ëœ√ XK¦ bË
r fOz— ¨Í—UG*« Íd¹ —u²b« ¨WOÐdF« »uFA«Ë ¨WO(« dzULC« ŸU?²?≈ q?Ž t?ð—b? u?¼ ÊU?M? Í_ ÕU?−?M?« ”U?OI w¹√— w ÆrUÝ d¹e«
Æ…—«“u« w wÝ—b*« Õd*« w??ÝU??³??F??« W??H??O?K?)« Ê√ r?¼d?c?ðË Ÿb?³?¹Ë ¨q?H?D?« Õd? w 5K¦L*« —U³ s dO¦J« qAH¹ bË ¨‰UHÞ_«
Æ—U³J« ÂU√ qO¦L²« w qHD« Õd0 ÊuBB²*« ÊuK¦L*«
l «c¼ s«e²¹ YOŠ ÆW¾O½œ ÷«dž_
—uB½ Õ  uJÝ øqLF« w X%—«  UÝR*« s Í√ l
q «dž w UNŽuËË WMÐô« »«c$«
s? b?¹b?F?« w?MODKH« Õd*«Ë Xb WK¹uÞ  «uMÝ Èb vKŽ
ÆÂUL²¼ô« Íb³¹ s
w“ wÐË—Ë ¨VOD)« …błU ¨ÊU³Fý w?×?B?« l?{u?« —u?¼b?ð rž— t XbË ¨wMODKH« qHD« dŽUA0 XOMŽ w²«Ë ¨WœUN«  UOŠd*«
W?Ž«d?³?Ð r?¼—«Ëœ√ W?Łö?¦?« VF
w?J?×?¹ Y?O?Š Æ»U?¼u?« b?³?Ž s?ðU?Ë —«d??J??ðË 5?¼U?ý n?Ýu?¹ Ãd??L?K? b¹bF« l ÊËUF²UÐ ÊU p– qË ¨tOd²« v≈ WU{ùUÐ U¹—uFý ULŽœ
Ãd?<« »u?K?Ý√ s?Ž p?O?¼U½ ¨…b¹bý
ÊËu?M?¹ ’U??ý√ WŁöŁ WB rKOH« ¨b?¹b?'« tLKO w d¹uB²« nuð
WOMH« tðU*Ë ¨5¼Uý nÝu¹ dO³J«
Save the children,® ∫q?¦? ¨W?u?H?D?U?Ð v?M?F?ð w?²?«  U??ÝR?*« s
U?N? `?³?B?ð Y?O?×?Ð ¨r?NðUOŠ dOOGð v?≈¢ —u?B?½ Õ  u?J?Ý¢ r?KO Ãdš
r?Žb?« …œU?¹e?  U??ÝR?*« s b¹bF« v≈ WU{ùUÐ Æ ©YMCA, DCI
Æ«bł WIOb« tKOUHðË —Ëœ w??? U???F??u?? ö??²??×?? ¨—u??M??«
s? WHOD UN¹œRð w²« w½Už_« Âu?I?¹ ÆW?O?*U?F?«Ë W?OÐdF« ULMO«
…bŠuUÐ dFAð w²« WIKD*« WÐdD*«
ø‰UHÞ_« ÁułË vKŽ WL³« rÝdð X½√Ë „—uFý u¼ U
¡UM¦²ÝUÐ ¨ dOš dLŽ ÊU(√Ë  ULK VFK¹ 5Š w Æ WI¼«d …U²H Â√ w¼Ë ¨W??H?O?D? W?Ðd?D?*« r?K?O?H?« W?u?D?³?Ð
¨‰UHÞ_« ÁułË vKŽ rðdð w¼Ë WL³« È—√ UbMŽ WŠdH« s wJÐ√
nÝu¹ Ãd<« UNM(Ë UNH√ ¨…bŠ«Ë Íc??« Í“U??N??²??½ô« —Ëœ o?O?— b?L?Š√ b?L?Š√Ë ¨o?O?— bLŠ√ v≈ WU{ùUÐ
ÆrN «bOH U¾Oý Xb wM½QÐ dFý√Ë
ÆÆÆ5¼Uý W?H?O?D? d?ŽU?A?Ë n?Þ«u?FÐ VŽö²¹ v?H?DB ∫…b¹b'« Áułu«Ë ¨d¹bÐ
∑ WU d9¬ ≤∞∞± ‰Ë√ sdA Ø ‰uK√ e1U Àu ‰«

Durban is the Beginning Not the end

by Palestinians such as Rana to respond intelligently with- Palestinians, all of them were Palestinian cause. “We dis-
and Rami at the summit was out becoming too emotional.” in total agreement concerning covered at Durban that emo-
that it was impossible to at- Rami continued, saying, the proposals to request Israel tions are not enough,” said
tend all the activities of inter- The Arab teams had obviously to stop its armed and warlike Rami, who added that it was
est to NGOs, such as panels done their homework as they aggression against the Pales- the wealth of information
and debates, many of which came up with a large amount tinian people. By the time gathered by the participants
pertained to the Palestinian of information to combat the Mary Robinson, United Na- that really helped them to en-
cause. Eventually, however, Israelis’ false information and tion High Commissioner for sure that the summit had such
the Palestinian attendees, in lies. Nevertheless, it’s really Human Rights, who was a happy conclusion.
cooperation with Arab solidar- no surprise that many of the clearly not pleased with the We at PYALARA believe
ity groups and the South Afri- Palestinian attendees felt as if results, had no choice but to that it is vitally important that
cans divided their tasks; some their emotions were undergo- read out the final resolution, we work hand in hand with
would attend panels, ask ques- ing a very severe test, espe- the hearts of all the Palestin- all South Africans and those
tions, take notes, debate, and cially in light of the attempts ian attendees were beating of other nations who have ex-
even, in some cases, partici- to falsify facts concerning the rapidly due to an unprec- pressed interest in maintain-
pate in the panels, while oth- situation in Palestine.” edented sense of victory, ing contact with Palestinian
ers would distribute brochures whilst the whole assembly youth in order to ensure the
and flyers. In all cases, they Victory clapped and cheered.” That
success of campaigns and
made every effort to stand firm moment, without any doubt,
programs with the potential
in the face of the attempts on During the final moments was the climax of it all,” said
to positively affect the Pales-
the part of the various Zion- of the NGO conference when Rami.
tinian cause. Now, more than
ist/Israeli/Jewish groups to the final declaration was an- Rami and Rana told
marginalize and trivialize the nounced, it seemed as if the PYALARA that they have a ever before, we are convinced
plight of the Palestinians, Palestinians were literally message for our Palestinian that through international
partly by claiming that the about to dance with joy. Fi- youth and that their message economic sanctions and glo-
summit needed to discuss rac- nally, for the first time ever, is that they want us to work bal support we can end the Is-
By Saleem Habash, Intifada)! “Pancie Israeli oc- ism not politics, whilst ignor- the countries of the world had harder, to learn as much as we raeli occupation. As Rami
Ghadeer Yaser, cupation” (Down with the Is- ing the fact that Israeli poli- united in saying that Israel is can about our history and to said, Durban was the begin-
& Dima Yaser raeli occupation). The streets cies towards Palestinians are a racist country and that Zi- record all the important events ning not the end. “All we
TYT Reporters literally roared with the pro- racist politics. onism is a racist ideology; accurately and then use what have to do now is to keep go-
test cries of more than 30,000 pledging their support to the we know in the name of the ing.”

A High Spirit
t the heart of the people who had come from all
cosmopolitan over the world to support the ÊUЗ˜ w5 dB²Mð WOMOD0KH « WOCI «
South African city Palestinians and their cause. “The great thing was,”

‰« W b √
uò U d dW
U À d UIK« È
W¹UNM« w

K« n
of Durban, a first-of-its-kind said Rana, “ that our spirits

U????½— X????³???U???Þ

international summit on rac- were high, despite the at-
ism took place earlier this tempts of some to frustrate  U?????????ÝR????*«

month, embracing 150 coun- “The most amazing thing and intimidate and the speak- W???O???F???L???²???:«

tries from all over the world. I witnessed at Durban was the ers and ourselves with their W???O???ÐU???³???A??«Ë

The goal of the summit was level of solidarity we enjoyed provocative questions and W??O??M?O?D??K?H?«
÷u????N????M????U???Ð W?????d?????F?????*
to find ways that would al- on the part of the South Afri- false information concerning
W?????U????I????¦????U????Ð s???????Ž b??????¹e??????*«
low the nations of the world cans, many of whom made a the situation in Palestine,
W??O??M?O?D??K?H?« W???????—U???????A???????*«
to work together to fight and huge effort to travel to the city partly because we knew we
v??K??Ž q??L??F?«Ë w WOMODKH«
eventually eliminate the rac- from all over the area, with were speaking with a united
w???????ŽË …œU??????¹“ ¨ÊU??Зœ d??9R??
ism and hate that has contin- those coming from Cape Palestinian/Arab voice whilst
»U????????³???????A???????« U?½— l? U?MŁb%
ued to cause tragedies Town spending something enjoying uncompromising Af-
w??M??O??D???K?H?« w??³??O??ýU??A??M??«
throughout the history of like 12 hours in a train simply rican support.”
t?????²????O????C????I????Ð Èb?????????????????????????????Š≈
mankind. to show their support. They “Fortunately, we always
have felt the pain of inequal- succeeded in remaining calm, t?????????????¹—U??????ðË  U??????—U?????A?????*«
vKŽ  “UŠ w²« WOMODKH« WOCI« d?9R*« w  «“—U³«  UOMODKH«
Injustice ity, they know what it means even though the Zionist/Is- «c¼ dAM œU'« tłu²«Ë tð—UCŠË
v?K?Ž e?O?2 —u?C?Š UN ÊU w²«Ë
to be oppressed, and they raeli/Jewish groups provoked W???O??Ðd??F??« »u??F??A??« 5??Ð w??Žu??« n?ÞU?F?²?«Ë W?O?L?¼_« s? d?O?³? —b?

The still segregated wanted to support us in any us in many ways, such as by ·u??H?? w?? W??U??šË W??O??*U??F?«Ë ¢ÆwËb« X?Łb?% ÆWOK¼_«  ULEM*« Èu²

streets of Durban, which way they could.” These are the giving us flowers in an attempt v??K??ŽË Æq??³??I?²??*« …œU? ¨»U?³?A?« U??L??O? d?9R?*« Z?zU?²?½ s?Ž U?√ w? U?N?²?Ðd?& s?Ž w?³OýUAM« U½—

lived, until only very re- words of Rana Malki, the per- to show themselves in a bet- W?O?ËR? lIð ¨U½— ‰uI𠨻U³A« ‰uI² ¨WOMODKH« WOCIUÐ h²¹ r??{ b??I?? ¢∫X??U??Ë ÊU??Зœ d??9R?

cently, under the tyranny of sonal aide of Hanan Ashrawi ter light,” said Rana, who w? w?Žu?« d?A?½ r?N?O?K?Ž –≈ …d?O?³? …bŽ s …“U²2 ZzU²M« X½U bI¢ U½— „—U???A??? µ∞∞∞ w???«u???Š d???9R???*«

apartheid, reminded the par- and one of the participants in added, “They would take ta- ÁcNÐ pL²«Ë ¨rN²OC ‰uŠ rUF« v?K?Ž X?¹u?B?²« - t½√ UNL¼√ Õ«u½ ÆWOK¼_«  ULEM*« s «œbŽ ÊuK¦1

ticipants in the summit of the the NGO forum held in Dur- bles and tents without permis- o?O?I?% q?ł√ s ‰UCM«Ë WOCI« ÊuOMODKH« UNb w²« œuM³« q t?½√ u?¼ d?9R?*« «c¼ eO1 U r¼√Ë

injustice that sometimes el- ban. sion for their displays, and Ê√  U??????ÝR???*« v??K??ŽË U??N??«b??¼√ ¥≤ Ÿu??L??−??0 W??I??ŠU??Ý W??O??³??K??žQ??Ð ‰U?:« `??« Íc« tŽu½ s ‰Ë_«

evates one nation over an- “Even though South Af- they would ask Palestinians to r?Žb?« duðË U¼œuNł s nŽUCð X???½U???Ë Æ¥≥ q??√ s?? W??Žu??L??−?? X?½UŽ w²«Ë …bNDC*« ‰Ëb« ÂU√

other simply because it rica had toppled the apartheid come to a negotiating table, Æ»U³A« W¾H …b?O?Šu?« w?¼ W?¹œu?N?O?« WŽuL:« ¨Íd?B?M?F?« r?KE«Ë —ULF²Ýô« s

boasts a certain racial and regime through the continuous claiming that they were civi- w?? Àb??Š U??* W??³????M??U?Ð U?√ ÆW?O?M?O?D??KH« W—u« X{—UŽ w²«  U?Žu?L?:« s? b¹bF« v≈ WU{≈

ethnic background. On one effort of its natives, there still lized people who had the an- ¨U½— lÐU²ð ¨«dšR …bײ*«  U¹ôu«  U?³?Ł≈ s? Êu?O?MODKH« sJ9 bË V³Ð lLI« s w½UF𠉫eð ô w²«

side, one sees the homes of remains a significant amount swers to everything. This, of œU??'« q??L??F??« …—Ëd??{ b?¹e?¹ u?N? …—Ëd?{Ë d?O?B?*« d?¹d?I?ð w? rNIŠ w?²?«Ë U?N?M?¹œ Ë√ U?N?d?Ž Ë√ U?N?½u

the rich white colonialists, of tension between Africans course, caused some of the Íc?« w?M?O?D??KH« nu*« ÕUC¹ù v?K?Ž r?zU?I?« ‰ö²Šô« s hK²« …d?*« w¼ ÁcN Æ UC¹uF²Ð VUDð

while on the other, one sees and their white former Palestinian Israeli citizens wKOz«dÝù«Ë wÐdG« ÂöŽù« ‰ËU×¹ d9R*« d√ bË ÆW¹dBMF« fÝ_« d?9R?*« U?N?O? g?U?M¹ w²« vË_«

those of the poor working colonialists,” said Rami who took part in the summit X?{d?Ž Ê√ b?F?Ð W?U?š t?M? qOM« w¼ WO½uONB« WËb«  UÝ—U2 Ê√ e??O??O?L?²?« ∫q?¦? W?ÝU??Š U?¹U?C?

blacks. Now that apartheid is Batheesh, who is also a mem- to loudly protest their claim, W?Þd?ý√ W?O?*U?F?« …e?H?K?²?«  UýUý »uMł ÂUE½ U¼UM³ð w²« pK² WNO³ý w d−G« WOC ¨bMN« w wI³D«

officially over, the streets re- ber of MIFTAH’s staff and no doubt because of the way Êu?Ž“u?¹ r?¼Ë 5OMODKH« —uBð ∫w? W?K?¦?L?²?*«Ë Íd?B?M?F« UOI¹d≈ w?²?«  U?C?¹u?F?²?« WOC ¨UÐË—Ë√

main as a constant reminder who, like Rana, was present in which they are discrimi- »U√ U* UŠd Ÿ—«uA« w ÈuK(« `??¹—U??B??ð v??K?Ž ‰u?B?(« …—Ëd?{ —U?L?F?²?Ýô« s W—U_« UNÐ VUD¹

of just how cruel human be- at the summit. nated against as Arab citizens r?U?F?K? b?R?½ Ê√ U?MOKŽ Æ5OJ¹d_« W?U?{≈ ‚dFK …eO2  UUDÐ ¨—Ëd  U?¹ôu?« w? W¹œu³F«Ë ¨wÐË—Ëô«

ings can be in their dealings of Israel. Of course, we had »U???¼—û??? U??M??C??— s??Ž t??ö??ŽùË œU?B?²ô«Ë ÁUO*« vKŽ …dDO« v≈ 5?OKô« ÊUJ« WOCË ¨…bײ*«
with others. Amandla Intifada! expected this kind of attitude V?−¹¢ ÆWœUF« UM²OCIÐ UMJ9Ë q?O?z«d?Ý≈ d9R*« VUÞË ÆrOKF²«Ë Y??¹b?(« —U?L?F?²?Ýô« ‰ËU?Š s?¹c?«
“Amandla Intifada from the Israelis and, being d?9 ÊQ?Ð q?O?U?Hð Í_ `L½ ô Ê√ 5OMODKH« vKŽ UNð«¡«b²Ž« nuÐ UO«d²Ý√ ÊUJÝ q¦ rNOKŽ ¡UCI«
amandla” (Power to the One of the problems faced well prepared, we were able Æ¢UNOKŽ VIF½ Ê√ ÊËœ ¢ÆrNMŽ …U½UF*« l—Ë «d?O?š√Ë ¨«b?M?Ë …bײ*«  U¹ôu«Ë
∏ —«u6Ë ¡UI ≤∞∞± ‰Ë√ sdA Ø ‰uK√ e1U Àu ‰«

∫¢e1Uð Àu¹¢ q m¹U qOAO+

 «—b<« wÞUF²+ W³0½ XKK.Ë q+_«  œUŽ√ W{UH²½ô«

t??H?M?Ð t?²?I?Ł …œU?¹“ ‰ö?š s? p–Ë t½Uœ≈ l? W?½—UI ”bI« w dO³ qJAÐ  «—b<«
¨Íd?L?M?« d?0U?∫¡U?I?K?« ÈdW√
ÆtF Y¹b×K tM …dÝ_« œ«d√ »d√ —UO²š«Ë øWOMODKH« Êb*« wUÐ
œUL6 bOH0 Ë ”U:u: dL
W?O?ŽU?L?²?łô«Ë W?O?ÝUO« ·ËdEK ÊU
"e1U Àu" ‡« uK«d0
w? h?I?½ s? w?M?O?D??K?H?« V?FA« w½UF¹ v« WU{≈ ”bI« UNAOFð w²« W¹œUB²ô«Ë q?L?F¹ ¨UUŽ ≥π ¨m?¹U? œ«R qOAO

Âu?Ið ô U¼b&  błË Ê≈Ë tOłöF« e«d*« dO³J« dŁ_« wÝUO« UNK³I² Õu{Ë ÂbŽ b?¹e?¹ U? c?M?  «—b?<« W×UJ ‰U− w

øV³« UL ÆÆÆ U¼—ËbÐ o?K?I«Ë dðu²«Ë ◊U³Šù« s WUŠ oKš w «c?¼ w? t?U?L?²?¼« √b?Ð Æ «u?MÝ dAŽ vKŽ

W?'U?F? W?³??½ Ê√ v?≈ …—U?ýù« —b& …dýU³ …—uBÐ fJF½« Íc«Ë ¨…dÝ_« qš«œ w Á¡Ub√ s œbŽ È√— Ê√ bFÐ Ÿu{u*«

U?* ¨ •∏ Èb?F?²?ð ô r?U?F?« ‰Ëœ w? 5?Mb*« W??O??M??³?« w?¼ …d?Ý_U? ÆœôË_« W?O?Ðd?ð v?K?Ž dšü« uKð bŠ«u« ÊuDU²¹ W1bI« …bK³«

WOBA ¡UMÐ …œUŽ≈ s WOKLF« Ác¼ t³KD²ð WOÐdð UNIðUŽ vKŽ lIðË lL²−LK WOÝUÝ_« w? W?Ý«—œ ‰Ë√ —b?√ Æ «—b?<« rUŽ w
…d0UL6 ÍbL6 ∫duB

U½bMŽ e«d*UÐ oKF²¹ ULO U√ Æsb*« WOH½Ë t?½S? w?×? d?Ož UF«Ë XýUŽ «–S ¨œôË_« w???²??«Ë ±ππ∞ ÂU???Ž  «—b???<« Ÿu???{u??

W?U?{≈ `?{«Ë jODð ÊËœ qLFð U¼b−² UL ÆœôË_« vKŽ …dýU³ …—uBÐ fJFMOÝ Æ”bI« w s¹ËdON« wÞUFð ‰uŠ  —u×9

Íc?« d?_« U?NMOÐ ULO oOM²« nF{ v≈ œu?NO«Ë »dF« 5Ð dýU³*« ◊ö²šô« bŽUÝ …d?¼U?þ ‰u?Š U?ÐU?² —b√ ≤∞∞∞ ÂUŽ wË
mU% qOAO0 ÆÕU−M« W³½ s qKI¹ Y?׳¹ ‰ö²ŠôU Æ…d¼UE« Ác¼ oOLFð vKŽ l? ÊËU?F²UÐ ”bI« w  «—b<« wÞUFð

d_«Ë ÆtuLÝ Y³ W³B)« WÐd²« sŽ UËœ sŽ b¹e*« WdF*Ë ÆwÐdF« ÍdJH« vI²K*«

V³ð ÂUŽ qJAÐ  özUF« lOLł sJË ÊU?œ≈ W?K?zU?F?« w? s?b? œu?łË w?M?F¹ q¼ …d?¼U?E?« Ác?¼ —UA²½« w bŽUÝ Íc« dšü« ÊU? ¨t?ÐU?²? sŽË  «—b<« …d¼Uþ —UA²½«
 U?B?B?<« l?b?ð W?B?²?<« W?OKOz«dÝù«

Æ…uAMUÐ «—uFý ødš¬ hý Æ»U³AK …du²*« qLF« ’d WK u¼ ÆqOAO l wU²« ¡UIK« UM
ÆÊUœù« s ÃöF« w √bÐ ÍœuN¹ qJ WOU*«

«–≈ ªf?J?F?U? w?Ðd?F« jÝuK W³MUÐ U√ UNÐ XL w²« WÝ«—b« ‰öš s  błË

w??²??« W?¹œU?*«  «¡«d?žù« ÊQ?Ð œU?I?²?Ž« „U?M?¼ œułË W−O²½ rN½Uœ≈ ÊU ¨WMOF« s •∂∞ Ê√ ø «—b<« —UA²½« WŽdÝ vKŽ bŽU¹ Íc« U ±π∏∑ v??≈ ±π∏≤ s?? «u??Ž_« Ê√ k??Šö??½
 U?B?B?<« t? l?b?ð ¨UMb ÊU½ù« ÊU
5?O?Ýb?I?L?K? W?O?K?O?z«dÝù« WuJ(« UNbIð v≈ ÊuF¹ ¡UMÐ_U ¨…dÝ_« w dš¬ ◊UF² …dýU³ …—uBÐ WIÐU« q«uF«  dŁ√ w? 5?Mb*« W³½ w ŸUHð—« d³√  bNý
p?c? ¨ÂU?D?H« √b³¹ UbMŽ UNFDIðË ¨WOU*«
U? ¨…d?O?D)« Wü« Ác¼ —UA²½« w XL¼UÝ ÆUMÝ rNM d³_«Ë ¡UÐü« bOKIð U?½U??½≈ t?M? X?K?F?−? »U?A?« W?OBý w p– v≈  œ√ w²« »U³Ý_« w¼ U ¨”bI«
WłËe …œUŽ ·dBð 5Q²«  UBB ÊS
øœUI²Žô« «c¼ W× Èb q?L?% v?K?Ž «—œU? d?O?žË ¨«d?ðu?²?Ë UHOF{ øp¹√— w
s?b?L?K? …d?ýU?³? ·d?B?ð U?N?M?JË ¨sb*«

 U??D?K??« ÊS? w?ðU?u?K?F? v?K?Ž ¡U?M?Ð øWü« Ác¼ s ”—«b*« W³KÞ dŁQð Èb U ¨W?³?F? WOH½ ·Ëdþ w ‘UF ¨VŽUB*« »U³A« qOz«dÝ≈ XFM ±π∏≤ ÂUŽ w
•≥∞ t²³½ U Ê√ WÝ«—b« ‰öš s 5³ð b?łu? ¨W?F?¹d?Ý ‰u?KŠ sŽ Y׳K tFœ U2 sË ¨Ã—U)« w rN²Ý«—œ ‰ULù dH« s

5?Ð U? W?¹d?L?F?« W?¾?H« s r¼ 5Mb*« s ÊUœù« W³½ Ê√ b$Ë Æ «—b<« w t²U{ tł«Ë ¨dH« s sJ9Ë UþuE× rNM ÊU
 «—b<« s+ ‰Uš lL²:  U0L¼ »U??³??A??« Ê√ v??K??Ž ‰b??¹ «c?¼Ë W?M?Ý ±π≠±∑ WOKOz«dÝù«  UFL−²« s UMÐd²« ULK œ«œeð —U³ł≈ v≈ WU{≈ «c¼ Æ…œuF« w  UÐuF

d W??K??Šd?? w??  «—b??<« d??D??) Êu?{d?F?²?¹ ÆU½bF²Ð« ULK qIðË ÊU? w?²?«Ë ¨W?O?M?ODKH« d¹dײ« WLEM
 UNK UW „dð vKŽ ¨…dO¦ ôU¬ UNOKŽ ÊuIKF¹ ”UM«
OK 0 w?¼ U?½«u?ž—U?*« …œU? Ê√ k?Šö?¹Ë ÆW?Ý«—b?« d???Ý_« w??? œ«œe???ð W??³????M??« Ê√ b??$Ë
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g X“dO »U³AK Ϋbł WUš W UÝ— ÆrNMOÐ «—UA²½« d¦_« Y?O?Š W?¹Ëd?I?« o?ÞU?M?*« w? q?IðË ÆW¹ËuM«  UÞuGC« s ŸU{Ë_« Ác¼  œ«“ ÆÊUM³

W?¾H« Ác¼ w —UA²½ô« «c¼ V³Ý œuF¹ bË  «œUF«Ë s¹bUÐ pL²ð w²« …b²L*« WKzUF« s?Ž Y?×?³?« v?≈ r?N?²?F?œË »U?³?A« vKŽ
u?Ë v?²Š ¨ «dUG*« q ÷u¹ Ê√ œu¹ ¨ULOEŽ U¹bײ UM bŠ«Ë q w Ê√ ·dŽ√
¨W?I?¼«d?*« W?K?Šd w ÊËd1 rN½u  «cUÐ bŠ√ »UOžË ÍdÝ_« pJH²« ÍœR¹Ë ÆbOUI²«Ë b¹bF« s ÊU UL ¨rO_« l«u« s Ãd
q¼Ë ÆÆÆ ULKF*«Ë ÊuLKF*«Ë  UN_«Ë ¡UÐü« UNM¹ w²« 5½«uI« WU d v≈ p– Èœ√
eOL²ð ¨ÊU½ù« …UOŠ w WOUI²½« …d² w¼Ë …d?Ý_« w? s?b? h?ý œułËË s¹b«u« s?J?Ë Æ «—b?<« a? w? l?Ë Ê√ ô≈ r?NM
°°ÆÆÆô ÊuJ²Ý WÐUłù« Ê√ sE« VKž√ ÆÆÆdDK ÷dF²« ÊËœ …dUG ÷uš sJL*« s
w????H??M??«Ë w??ŽU??L??²?łô« —«d?I?²?Ýô« Âb?F?Ð Æ «—b<« wÞUF² W³Bš WÐdð oKš v« q?_«  œU?Ž√ W?O³FA« UN½U−KÐ W{UH²½ô«
÷d?F?ð w?N? ¨¡d?*« U?N?O?« Q?−?K¹ b w²«  «dUG*« dDš√ s  «—b<« wÞUFð Ê≈
W“ö« W¹UŽd« »UA« b−¹ r ÊS ¨wHÞUF«Ë W?³??½ s? q?O?K?I?²?« w?  b?ŽU?ÝË ”U?MK
vKŽ UNd²ð w²« WOŽUL²łô«Ë WOHM« —UŁü« sŽ pO¼U½ ¨WLł —UDš_ UM½U¼–√Ë UMUł√
Æ·«d×½ôUÐ «œbN ÊuJ¹ ø”bI« q p¦×Ð qLý q¼ Æ5ÞUF²*«
¨U?Ýu?ÝU?ł Ë√ ¨U?B? `?³?B?¹ ÊU?O?Š_« VKž√ w wÞUF²*«Ë ¨tFL²−Ë tðdÝ√Ë wÞUF²*«
X??O?ÐË ¨W?1b?I?« …b?K?³?« Y?×?³?« q?L?ý
Æ u*« v≈ wÞUF²« ÍœR¹ bË ÆÆÆË√ÆÆÆË√
W??¹ËU??¼ w?? ◊u??I????« V??M??& s??J?1 n?O? ¨d³J*« q³łË ¨d¼UÐ —uË ¨UÐuÞ Â√Ë ¨UUH WOIÐ vKŽ ”bI« WUŠ fOI½ Ê√ sJ1 q¼
ÆUNLN√ ô ÎUOBý U½√ ÂU—_ d– Ë√ ‚öš_« ‰uŠ …d{U×  ULKJ« Ác¼ ·b¼ fO
ø «—b<« ”«—Ë ¨Ê«u??K??ÝË ¨Í—u??¦??«Ë ¨…d??Š«u???«Ë øWOMODKH« Êb*«
ÆÆÆ »U³A« q³I² vKŽ bOQ²«u¼ —uD« Ác¼ s ·bN« Ê≈
v??K??ŽË Æ”U??Ý_« w??¼ W?O?Ðd?²?« W?O?K?L?Ž ¨ÕU?O?A?«Ë ¨f?¹œ uÐ√Ë ¨W¹—eOF«Ë ¨œuUF« W?×?{«Ë  U?Ý«—œ b?łu?ð ô Êü« v²Š
∫dc²ð Ê√ pOKŽ W²OL*« WÐd−²« Ác¼ ÷uš w »UA« Íe¹eŽ dJHð Ê√ q³
W?I?¹d?D?Ð r?N?ž«d? X?Ë «u?C?I?¹ Ê√ »U?³A« X?O?ÐË ¨◊U?H?F?ýË ¨Õ«d?ł a?O?A?«Ë ¨—uD«Ë W?O?Ðd?G?« W?H?C?« w? 5?Mb*« W³½ ‰uŠ
s? Êu?³?×?¹ ôË  «—b?<« Êu?ÞU?F?²?¹ ô r?N?³?% s?¹c?«Ë pzUb√Ë pÐU×√ rEF ™
W?O?Žu?D?ð ‰U?L?ŽQÐ ÊuuI¹ YO×Ð ªWOÐU−¹≈ dOÐË ¨VIŽ dHË ¨Â«d«Ë ¨WOŠUC«Ë ¨UMOMŠ w?«uŠ „UM¼ Ê√ bI²F¹ sJË ¨…ež ŸUDË
ÆpzUb√ eŽ√ s v²Š «–u³M `³B²Ý  «—b<« pOÞUF²Ð «c ¨U¼UÞUF²¹
Ê√ r?N?O?K?ŽË W?O?{U?¹—Ë W?O?U?I?Ł  U?ÞU?A?½Ë ÆôU³½ w?? s??b? µ∞∞∞Ë …e??ž w?? s??b? µ∞∞∞
d?O?ŁQ?²?« s?Ž p?O?¼U?½ ¨p?M?¼–Ë p?L??ł W?ö?Ý vKŽ w³KÝ dOŁQð UN  «—b<« …uA½ ™
ÆrNzUb√ —UO²š« w 5B¹dŠ «u½uJ¹ w? 5?M?b?*« œb?Ž s?Ž U√ ÆWOÐdG« WHC«
ÆpO≈ 5ÐdI*« ¨pzUb√ ¨p²KzUŽ ∫lL²:« l p²öF w³K«
øÊUœù« ÷«dŽ√ w¼ U  UzUBŠù« VŠ r¼œbF ¨WOÐdF« ”bI«
ÆWOHM«Ë WO½b³« p²öÝ vKŽ WOÐU−¹≈ —UŁ¬ t  «—b<« wÞUFð ÂbŽ ¨rF½ ™
Ác?¼ —U?A?²?½« w —Ëœ …dÝ_« œ«d√ œbF q¼ WOBý vKŽ dOOGð Àb×¹ WUŽ …—uBÐ Í√ ¨sb ∂∞∞∞ v≈ qË b WOKOz«dÝù«
ÆW³zU  «—«d. –Usð« vKŽ —œU.Ë ¨QD)«Ë »«uB « 5Ð eOOL² « vKŽ —œU. »Uý U½√ ø…d¼UE« w²Ý«—œ U√ ÆÊUJ« œbŽ s •≤ t²³½ U
gOF¹ `³B¹Ë ¨tzUb√ dOOG²Ð √b³O ¨œdH«

¨…dÝ_« œ«d√ œbŽ œ«“ ULK WUŽ …—uBÐ ‰eM*« sŽ dšQ²« w √b³¹Ë ¨’U)« t*UŽ w Æ·ô¬ …dAŽ w«uŠ u¼ r¼œbŽ Ê√ XMOÐ bI
 UN+_«Ë ¡UÐü« v ≈ W UÝ— q?J?Ð ÂU?L?²?¼ô« v?KŽ …—œU dOž …dÝ_« X½U ¨t²¾O¼Ë tH½ ‰UL¼SÐ √b³¹Ë tËdB œ«œe¹Ë

s? b?Q?²?«Ë d?E?M?« ÊU?F?≈ s rJFM1 ©XO³« qš«œ Ë√ ×Uš ¡«uÝ® qLF« ÊU «–≈ l?b?¹ U?2 Ær?N?ðU?łU?O?²?Š« W?O?³?K?ðË U?¼œ«d?√ Ê«b?I? v?≈ W?U?{≈ W?d??« v?≈ Q?−?K¹ bË …b?K?³?« w? …d?A?²?M? W?ü« «c¼ Ê√ UMEŠô

w? q?šb?²?K? …œËbF ozUœ UM×M0 rJOKŽ ¨ «—b<« wÞUFð s rJðUMÐË rJzUMÐ√ WöÝ ÆwÞUF²« UNMË qz«bÐ sŽ Y׳« v≈ U¼œ«d√ ÆWOÝUÝ_« tðUłUO²Š«Ë tðU¹«uNÐ tUL²¼« UL ÆÆÆj?O?;« s d¦√ ”bI« s W1bI«

∫wð_UÐ rdOcðË ¨rJðUOŠ W?¹ËU?¼ w?  U?O?²?H?« j?I??ð Ê√ s?J?1 n?O w rNMJ  UöF« Ác¼ q¼_« kŠö¹ b øp¹√— w V³«

…¡U?M?Ð  U?O?U?F? w? rNðUË√ ÊuCI¹ rJ²MЫØrJMЫ ÊU «–≈ WdF* bN'« ‰cÐ rJOKŽ ™ økU;« lL²:« w  «—b<« Íc« d_« UUL²¼« UN½ËdOF¹ ô ÊUOŠ_« VKž√ w …dA²M  «—b<« …d¼Uþ Ê√ pý ô

w²« ® WO−NMö«  UÞUAM« w W—UA*«Ë ¨W¹b½_« v≈ »U¼c«Ë ¨qLF«Ë ¨W{U¹d« ∫q¦ d?Ý√ s? 5?ðQ?¹  U?Mb*«  UO²H« VKž√ ÆWKJA*« rUHð s b¹e¹ w?M?O?D??K?H?« l?L?²:«Ë ªrUF« ‰Ëœ WU

r?E?F? w?C?I?¹ r?J?MЫ ÊU «–≈ U√ ¨WOM¹œ WDA½QÐ ‚Uײô«Ë ¨©wÝ—b*« «Ëb« bFÐ ÊuJð …u?š_« Ë√ s?¹b?«u?« b?Š√ Êu?J¹ bË ¨WJJH Æ UFL²:« s ÁdOG Wü« Ác¼ s w½UF¹

¡U?O?ý√ w? t?²Ë wCI¹ Ê√Ë WOÝ—b*« tðU³ł«Ë wNM¹ Ê√ vKŽ «udŠU ¨XO³« w t²Ë ÆUMb l? q?U?F?²?« w WO³K«  UÝ—UL*« w¼ U l???L???²???:« 5???Ð W??½—U??I??  b??I??Ž U?? «–≈Ë

Æ…bOH t?F? qUF²ð Ê√ WKzUFK sJ1 nOË øsb*« W?O?Ðd?G?« ”b?I?« w? s?ÞU?I?« w?KOz«dÝô«

¨r?N?ðU?Ë√ Êu?C?I?¹ s? l?Ë ¨r?J?zU?M?Ð√ ÊU?J? «udFð Ê√ V−¹ ¨ UË_«Ë  ôU(« qJÐ ™ w?²?« W?O?×?B?«Ë WOL'« »U³Ý_« w¼ U øÁd√ ·UA²« bFÐ ”b?I?« w? s?ÞU?I« wMODKH« lL²:«Ë

ÆrN ‰uu« WOHOË ø—«dL²ÝUÐ —b<« vKŽ ‰uB×K sb*« lbð n?A?²?J?ð U?bMF ¨”UÝ_« w¼ WKzUF« «–≈ d³√ U½bMŽ W³M« Ê√ U½błu ¨WOdA«
p–Ë ¨—UNM« s …œb× bOŽ«u w rJzUMÐ√ 5ÐË rJMOÐ ‰UBðô« r²¹ Ê√ vKŽ «udŠ« ™ t???ð«d???ŁR??? t???  «—b??<« s?? Ÿu??½ q?? gOFð U¼b& ¨sb U¼œ«d√ bŠ√ Ê√ WKzUF« Æ—U??³??²??Žô« 5??F?Ð ÊU?J??« œb?Ž U?½c?š√ U?
s? «uMJL²O wHðUN« ‰UBðô«  UUDÐ Ë√ «œuI½ rNzUDŽS ¨rJÐ ‰UBðù« qzUÝË dOu²Ð ∫ «—b<« s  özUŽ lЗ√ „UM¼Ë ¨WU)« ·d?F?ð ôË »«d?D?{ô«Ë o?K?I?« s WUŠ w v??K??Ž ÊU??œù« ‰u??Š —Ëb?¹ U?M?¼ Y?¹b?(«Ë
ÆÆW³ÝUM UN½Ëdð Èdš√ WKOÝË Í√ Ë√ ¨WOuLF« nð«uN« s rJÐ ‰UBðù« «b?z«“ U?ÞU?A?½ V?³??ð ∫v?Ë_« W?K?zU?F?« ÊU?O?Š_« V?K?ž√ w Q−Kð UNMJ ÆqFH²Ý «–U ‡Ð ·dF¹ U Ë√ s¹ËdNU WKOI¦«  «—b<«
ÆUNO ÊËbł«u²¹ rN½QÐ rJ «uU w²« WMJ_« w rƒUMÐ√ ÊU Ê≈ «ËbIHð ¨ÎUOz«uAŽ ™ Æw³BF« “UN−K b? Æt?O?KŽ »dCUÐ ‰UNMðË ¨d_« ¡UHš≈ v≈ W?³??½ 5?³?ð r? W?Ý«—b?« s?J?Ë Æ©„u?J?«®
ÆÆÆbOŽ«u*« iFÐ ¡UG≈ v≈ -—dD{√ uË v²Š ¨rJzUMÐ√ l ÀbײK Wd Í√ «uLM²ž√ ™ Ær_« q¹eð ∫WO½U¦« WKzUF« tO« qË Íc« ‰U×K WKzUF« vKŽ ÂuK« lI¹ w²« WOŽUL²łô« ·ËdE« V³Ð  UMb*«
Æ»uÝU(« vKŽ t½u×HB²¹ UË ¨“UHK²« d³Ž rƒUMÐ√ Áb¼UA¹ U WFÐU² vKŽ «udŠ« ™ ÆsNO≈ ‰uu« s b%
ÆÂuM« V³ð∫ W¦U¦« WKzUF« rNUGA½ô Ë√ t²OÐdð w rNð¡UÝù p–Ë rNMЫ

W?d?5  œ«“ ¨»U³A «Ë ‰UHÞú WLO.  «–  UÞUA½ lL²:«Ë q¼_« d5Ë ULK9 t½QÐ «Ëd9cð W??Ýu??K??N??« V??³????ð ∫W?F?Ыd?« W?K?zU?F?« ôb?ÐË Ær?N?ðU?ÐU?Š WFł«d rNOKŽ «c ÆtMŽ

ÆqIF« »«dD{«Ë v?KŽ VKG²« w tðbŽU rNOKŽ ¨tÐd{ s w??ÞU??F??ð …d?¼U?þ —U?A?²?½« »U?³?Ý√ w?¼ U?
ÆÆ «—b<« …d¼Uþ vKŽ ¡UCI «
π dN:« X% ≤∞∞± ‰Ë√ sdA Ø ‰uK√ e1U Àu ‰«

Book Review
The Phenomenon of Drug Abuse in Jerusalem
contains several appendices, cover a wide range of issues re- The main three approaches the study suggests in order to
lated to drug abuse, especially among Arab Jerusalemite men. combat drug abuse are as follows:
Examples include the types of drugs used and suggestions con- 1. Prevention, which necessitates establishing a center spe-
cerning different approaches to preventing the spread of what cialized in prevention and imitating other successful local and
the writer, Micheal Sayegh, describes as “this social plague”, international (cure) projects, carrying out campaigns to raise
as well as ways of curing those who have fallen victim to it. awareness among youth concerning drugs and the impact of
The data of the study was gathered through a series of ques- drug abuse, creating a regular magazine evolving around the
tionnaire surveys, which targeted three different groups: 1) A topic and holding forums and awareness raising conferences
random sample of 250 male drug users (women were excluded that involve families and youth, as well as creating special pro-
due to the insignificance of the number of women addicts to the grams for schools and universities.
study and the social factors and traditions that would have made 2. Curing and rehabilitation, to be done through activating
reaching them almost impossible); 2) Five private and three gov- rehabilitation and curative centers by developing the current
ernmental institutions involved in confronting the drug prob- strategic plans to accommodate the needs of the society. This
lem; and 3) The three Arab hospitals in Jerusalem. The ques- involves networking with the different centers and institutions
tionnaires were filled with the help of a trained field social whilst involving the families of drug users in the process and
worker and a group of former drug addicts and clean individu- creating active plans that cater to both the physical and psy-
als, while the gathered information underwent a computerized chological needs of patients. This plan also involves creating
data analysis test called SPSS, which was then used to create second chances for cured patients in their communities through
relationship charts and to prove the validity of the study’s pro- job training and the provision of job opportunities.
posed hypotheses. 3. Combating drug possession, which necessitates that the
Some of the results most worthy of mention are as follows. PNA pass and enforce strict and clear laws relating to the grow-
Firstly, there are approximately 5,000 Arab drug addicts in Je- ing of drugs and their manufacturing, as well as the trading in
rusalem, whose ages average between 18 and 25 (the age group and consumption of drugs, in order to limit their distribution
accounting for 44 percent of the Arab youth population in Jeru- and circulation.
salem), which means they form 2.4 percent of the total Arab After reading this research, one is left feeling extremely
population in Jerusalem. Secondly, approximately 69 percent concerned due to the size of the drug problem in Jerusalem
of the addicts are addicted to one of the most dangerous drugs and the underlying factors that contribute to its exacerbation.
in existence, heroin. Thirdly, most of the drug addicts surveyed It is possible, however, that the layperson would find it diffi-
blamed family and social problems for their joining the world cult to understand the SPSS results on which all the results
of drugs. and suggestions were based and I personally would have pre-
Reviewed by: The final results of the study revealed a strong connection ferred to see some kind of background note explaining the
Ghadeer Yaser between the 15 initial hypotheses and the facts on the ground. testing method. Another problem is the fact that studies that
TYT Reporter For example, it was confirmed that, as initially believed, drug are based on questionnaires similar to the ones used for the
abuse is more prevalent amongst men from larger families. Also purposes of this particular study run the risk of being some-
confirmed was the fact that men from dysfunctional families what inaccurate due to the state of mind of those surveyed,
The Phenomenon of Drug Abuse in Jerusalem, published are more likely to turn to drugs than those from a stable family which, in some cases, could stop them from being completely
by the Arab Thought Forum in March of 2001, is the most environment. Not surprisingly, the study emphasizes the role honest and objective. Overall, however, the study provides the
recent study on drug abuse in Jerusalem; its dissemination, its of family and upbringing in creating awareness concerning the reader with a good amount of useful information that could
underlying factors and its impact on society. The nine chapters dangers associated with drugs and their negative impact on the certainly be put to good use by those involved in future projects
of the study, which takes the form of a 135-page report and lives of both individuals and their societies as a whole. connected to drug abuse.

WOŽUL²łô« ÷«d+_«Ë W1d'« s+ q+UJ²+ r UŽ ∫ «—b<«

¨W³F UN²ËUI WOKLŽ qF& w²« »U³Ý_« s? d?HM¹ Áb−² ¨U³Ž— fOЫuJ« vB√ w

ÆWKOײ sJð r Ê≈ ¨t²KzUŽ qË ¨ÁUš√Ë ÁUÐ√ ·U¹ ¨tuŠ s q

”U:u: dL
»U³Ý√ s WOð«c« lUM*« iFÐ ÊuJð b ÍœR¹ U2 ªt³K v≈ ¡Ub_« »d√ vA¹Ë ”bI« WF0UW
q? U?NNł«uð w²« WÐuFB«Ë ¨Wü« —UA²½« gOF¹Ë ¨s¹dšüUÐË tHMÐ WI¦« bIH¹ Ê√ v≈

i?F?Ð Ê√ X?³?Ł b?I? ªU?N?M? b?(«  ôËU?×? sŽ tO Y׳¹ ¨WO½U½_«Ë WeF« s rUŽ w ô ¨t?A?O?F?½ Íc?« d?BF«  U¬ s W¬

e«d »U×√Ë ¨rNËœ w s¹cHM²*« œ«d_« ÆU¼œU−¹≈ vKŽ …—bI« —b<« ÁbI√  «– U??¼d??ý s?? r??K??¹ ôË ¨W?Ëœ U?N?M? u?K??ð

w²« dUMF« r¼√ s ¨rNðUFL²− w UOKŽ lL²− vKŽ  «—b<« eOdð k×K½ bË Íc« ÊËUF²«Ë ¨œuN'« WU rž—Ë ÆlL²−

5?łËd*« W¹ULŠË ¨5Mb*« b¹«eð v≈ ÍœRð ¨Ád?O?ž ÊËœ w½UJÝ lL& vKŽË ¨dšü« ÊËœ ô o_« Ê√ ô≈ ¨¡«bŽ_« 5Ð v²Š ¨t qO¦ ô

‰Ëœ œU?B?²?« Ê√ sŽ pO¼U½ ¨—U³J« —U−²«Ë ¨U???¼—Ëœ W???O???ÝU???O??????« W???U??×??K?? Ê√ p??–Ë ÆU¼—UA²½« …dOðu ¡UDÐ≈ Ë√ q×Ð ÕuK¹

ª «—b<« d¹bBð vKŽ wM³ rUF« w …dO¦ d?³?J?ð ‰ö?²?Šô« X% lIð w²«  UFL²:U ¨‰uIFUÐ V¼cð w²«  «—b<« w¼ pKð

—œU??B?*U?Ð W?¹d?¦?« ‰Ëb?« Ë√ ¨Íu?I?«Ë d?(« —U¼œ“« wMF¹ ¨œ«u*« Ác¼ ë˗ ÊS wU²UÐË Ê√ b?$ ¨U?M?²?U?Š w?Ë ¨5?Mb*« W³½ UNO X??F??L??ł√ w??²??« W?¹d?A?³?« f?H?M?« d?b?ðË
t??d??F??ð ¨w??K??H??Ý r??U??Ž W??Ëœ q?? w??
l? ¨œd?H?« ¡«dŁ vKŽ fJFM¹ U2 ¨WOFO³D« ÆUNÐ —U&ô« lO−Að v≈ lb¹ U2 ¨‰Ëb« pKð s W³¹dI«Ë ¨dCš_« jK WLšU²*« oÞUM*« ¨WOF{u« 5½«uI« q³ ¨W¹ËUL«  U½U¹b«
t??M??Ž 5??ËR????*« ·d??F??ðË ¨U??N??ðU??ÝR?
q?J?A?ð ‰Ëb« Ác¼Ë Æq¹uÞ ⁄«d XË œułË W?Łö?Ł v?≈ W?öF«  «– ‰Ëb« nMBðË ¨WbN²*« oÞUM*«Ë ¨WOKOz«dÝô«  UFL−²« W?U?{≈ Æ U?Ýb?I?*« q s ”b√ UN½√ vKŽ
Ãö??F??« n??O??U??J?ð Ê√ l?Ë ¨t? s?¹œU?ðd?*«Ë
Ê_ ¨¡w??D??³??«  u??*« —U??−??²? ·«b?N?*« V?K? o?³?Ý w?²?« p?K?ð w?¼Ë ¨W?−?²M ‰Ëœ ∫ÂU√ v?ÞU?F?²?¹ s? Ê_ ¨W?ü« Ác?N?Ð …¡u?Ðu?*« w?¼ U?N?³?³??ð w?²?« W?O?ŽU?L²łô« ÷«d_« v≈
Ác?¼ Ê« ô≈ ¨‰Ëb?« q?¼U? o?¼d?ð  öL(«Ë
UN²ÐU—Ë ¨«bł W½d ÊuJð U …œUŽ UNMO½«u Ác?¼ X??O?Ë ª—u?³?F« ‰ËœË ÆUNMŽ Y¹b(« w²« WI¹dD« dOž ¡wý sŽ Y׳¹ ô  «—b<« v?²?ŠË …d?O?G?B?« r?z«d?'« s? ¨ «—b?<«
¨»uKD*« Èu²*UÐ XO U¼b{  öL(«
ÆWKzUÞ UN«u√Ë ¨œdH« vKŽ WHOF{ s??J??Ë ¨v??Ë_« W??ł—b?U?Ð W?b?N?²?? ‰Ëb?« ¨U¼—bB ÊU ULN t²łUŠ vKŽ UNÐ qB×¹ p?J?H?ðË W?A?ŠU?H?U?Ð «—Ëd? U?N?M? W?LOEF«
v?K?Ž Æd?c?ð Z?zU?²?½ v?≈ ÍœRð s wU²UÐË
v?K?Ž l?I?¹ ‰Ë_« ÂU?I*« w ÂuK« Ê√ dOž «b??²?Ýô 5?Ðd?N?L?K WOð«u UNO ·ËdE« Ác?¼ w?Ë ¨U?N?Ð œËe?*« W?OMł X½U ULNË ÆdÝ_«
«c?¼ b?ŽU??¹ U? u¼ p– Ê_ ¨UU9 fJF«
X?×?K? `?K? u —cł WKzUF« Ê_ ªwU¼_« ¨ÂUŽ qJAÐ  UŽuML*« —u³F dLL UNO{«—√ qC√ »dŠ q ¨rK« s ¡wý dA²M¹ WU(« U?¼U?ÞU?F?²?¹ s? Èb?  «—b?<« V?³ð
 «u_« iFÐ Ê√ rž—Ë ÆœbL²« vKŽ rUF«
ÆU??¼d?O?ž b??H?ð …b?ÝU?H?« …d?L?¦?«Ë ¨W?²?³?M?« ‰Ëœ v?≈ UNUB¹ù ¨’Uš qJAÐ  «—b<«Ë ÆUNM Íc?« ¨wHM« »«dD{ô«Ë oKI« s WUŠ
¨ «—b<« `O³ð 5½«u —«dSÐ ÍœUMð  cš√ ¨—b???<« v???≈ W??ÝU??*« W??łU??(« v??≈ Áœd??
ôË ¨U?N?zU?M?Ð√ W?ÐU?— s?Ž qHGð w²« WKzUF«Ë Ë√ ¨W?Žœ«— d?O?ž U?N?M?O?½«u ÊuJð ÊQ ªÈdš√ bI²F¹ sË Æ «—b<« —«d{√ nK²ð ôË
Ê√ ô≈ ¨¢»u?žd? ŸuM2 q¢ Ê√ —U³²Ž« vKŽ ÁU&« w wKIF« dOJH²« —UB×½« wU²UÐË
r?N?ðU?¹«u?¼Ë r?N?ðU?d?B?ð Êu?J?ð ÊQ?Ð w?M²Fð ô Y?O?×Ð ¨wÝUOÝ »«dD{« WUŠ w ÊuJð s?? W??B??K????²????*« …—b??<« œ«u?*« p?K?ð Ê√
ô W³FKÐ ÂuI¹ ¨p– vKŽ WI«u*UÐ dUG¹ s v?K?Ž Ë√ ¨d?Cð ô WOFO³D« œ«u*«Ë  UðU³M« dOuð s UNÐ sJL²¹ w²« WI¹dD« u¼ ªbŠ«Ë
Ÿ«u½√ q UNMOÐ b& Ê√Ë bÐ ô ¨…¡UMÐ rNuOË Æ»uKD*« ršeUÐ Wü« Ác¼ WËUI ÊuJð
b?O?Šu« q(« sLJ¹ pcË ¨UN−zU²½ ·dFð ¨b?O?U?I?²?«Ë  «œU?F«Ë s¹b« vKŽ 5ł—U)« ×bM¹ U q Ê_ ªr¼«Ë uN ¨«—d{ q√ q_« o??O?F?ð w?¼Ë Æ—b?<« s? W?O?U?²?« W?Žd?'«
¨WbN²*« ‰Ëb« uN YU¦« ŸuM« U√
 UuJ(« »dŠ UNKFłË ¨WKJA*« q¹Ëbð w √b³¹ UM¼Ë ÆlL²:« ¡UMÐ w dMð WÝuÝ qË q?J?AðË ¨«dO¦  «—b<« UNO dA²Mð w²«Ë v??²??Š ¨ÊU??œù« v?≈ ÍœR?¹ —b?<« —U?Þ≈ w? WUŠ v≈ ÍœR¹ U2 ¨Íu« dOJH²«  UOKLŽ

WOÝUO« WU(« sŽ dEM« iGÐ ¨‰Ëb«Ë vKŽ ªs¹dšü« vKŽ WOËR*« ¡UISÐ lOL'« Êu?J?ð U …œUŽË ¨ÂuL« —U−² vMž —bB Ÿ«u½√ œbFð ÊuJ¹ bË ÆUNM WO³D« dOUIF« r?U?Ž w U¼UÞUF²¹ s lCð ¨WÝuKN« s

ÆUNMOÐ ‚dHð Ë√ lL& w²« ÆWOËR*« s «bŠ√ wHF¹ ô p– Ê√ œUB²ô«  «–Ë ¨Èd³J« ‰Ëb« s ‰Ëb« Ác¼ s? «b?Š«Ë W?O³D« dOUIF« v²Š ¨ «—b<« v²Š Àb% ô ¡UOý√ —uB²¹Ë ¨rUF« dOž
±Æ U"d6 wMLK s0 ≤∞∞± ‰Ë√ sdA Ø ‰uK√ e1U Àu ‰«

Book review
UO5«dG'« –U²Ý√
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
U?Nöš s ÊuKD¹ w²« …cUM« pK²Ð t³ý√
gles” Harry is a nobody, treated ant called Hagrid, arrives, saying, UNULłË U¼dË UNðuIÐ …UO(« »—œ vKŽ

like dirt by his aunt and uncle “We are pleased to inform you that ÆUNŽ«bÐ≈Ë

who inherited him when the evil nB« v≈ rKF*« qšœ ¨ÂU¹_« bŠ√ wË
you have been accepted at
»ö?D?« t?K?³?I?²?ÝU? ¨r?U?F« WD¹dš ÁbOÐË
Voldemort killed his parents. In Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and
«c??¼ Ê√ ô≈ ¨p?×?C?«Ë W?Šd?H?« s? Z?¹e?0
the world of wizards, however, Wizardry”. Uncle Vernon, of …dO(«Ë WA¼b« v≈ ‰u% U ÊUŽdÝ Z¹e*«
small, skinny Harry course, refuses to allow Harry to at- ÎU³UÞ …dOG lD v≈ WD¹d)« ‚e1 u¼Ë
is famous because tend the school, but Harry goes any- ¨ o?ÐU?« UNKJý v≈ WD¹d)« …œUŽ≈ rNM
he manages to way, along with his owl Hedwig, Èe?G? r?N?H?ð Ê√ …d?O?GB« rNuIŽ XËUŠ
survive after a and here’s where the fun really be- √b?Ð ¨d?_« c?O?H?M?ð rNOKŽ sJË ÆÂuO« ”—œ

Voldemort at- gins. Slowly, Harry discovers his «—«d? U?N?½u?³?ðd¹Ë lDI« ÊuFL−¹ »öD«

tempts to kill him, rNðôËU× q  ¡UÐ Ë ¨ÈËbł ÊËœ «—«dJðË

true talent, the reason behind his
v?« W?D?¹d)« œUŽ√ bI rKF*« U√ ÆqAHUÐ
his only souvenirs a parents mysterious death, and who
 «u?√ X?U?F?ð Æ¡U?M?Ž ÊËœ U?¼b?N?Ž o?ÐUÝ
lightning-bolt scar on his is out to kill him, and then, he un- `KB0 5M6
ÆrN½uOŽ  bNý U* WA¼œ »öD«
forehead and a host of myste- covers the most amazing secret of —u6U XO/ pOukUJ« ÂËd«
s? U?NOKŽ dNE ¨WD¹d)« rKF*« VK
rious powers. Amongst other all time; the fabled Philosopher’s …—u  bł ¨ÊU½≈ rł …—u nK)«
things, these powers remind Stone. ÆÁ—UD√Ë tU³łË ¨Á—U׳РlÝ«u« rUF« «c¼ T??«b??« t??ðu??Ë ¨ W??K??¹u??D?« t?ðd?³?š

him that he’s quite, quite dif- As for the brilliant author of the «c¼ VOðdð bOF½ Ê√ U½œ—√ «–≈¢ ∫ rKF*« Œd X?KFł ¨…cH« WFö« t²OBýË ¨ÊuM(«

ferent from his aunt, Petu- lMB½ Ê√Ë ¨‰uN:« w dO¹ Íc« rUF« v≈ u½dð ¨tÐöÞ ÊuOŽ w «bz«— ULKF tM
Harry Potter books, her name is J.
Ê√ UMOKF qUJ²*«Ë qUJ²*« rUF« p– tM ¨rNOKŽ t²öÞSÐ UŠd hdð rNÐuKË ¨tzUI
nia?, a thin woman with an K. (Joanne Kathleen) Rowling.
s √b³¹ q ÆÆÆÊU½ù« rUŽ ÂUE½ ¡UMÐ bOF½ t?L?K?ŽË Ád?J? d?×?Ð v?« gDF²ð rNÝuH½Ë
extremely long neck that Whilst still a tiny child, Rowling,
t?M?ÞË v?« q?B?¹ Ê√ v≈ tðdÝ√ sË tH½ Æ…UO(« w WFÝ«u« t²Ðd&Ë
helps her in spying on her who grew up in Chipping, Gwent,
r?U?F?U? ¨ÁdÝQÐ rUF« v≈ oKDM¹ rŁ sË v?K?Ž «dB²I –U²Ýô« «c¼ —Ëœ sJ¹ r
neighbors, his uncle decided that she wanted to become Èu?√ t?ÐöDÐ tDÐd¹ UË ¨UO«dG'« rOKFð
ÊËœ s??Ë ÊU???½ù« d?¼u?ł f?J?F?ð …—u?
Veron, a fat man with- a writer and by the age of seven, Æ¢√bÐ√ rUF« ÊuJ¹ ô ÊU½ù« v?L?Ý√ Á—Ëœ ÊU qÐ ¨ ULKJ« tHBð Ê√ s
out any neck at all, she had written her first book. Later,
and the couple’s she came up with the Harry Potter
spoiled son idea while traveling on a Manches- ëËe « ¢…UÝQ+¢
Dudley. ter-London train and before long,
Harry’s life, she was spending her lunchtimes 5D0K5 w5
as you can imag- sitting in cafes writing the book. By
ine, is not an easy
WK;' bL6√ vN
the time she had moved to Portugal
Wu'Us« 5O W—b0
one, especially as he to teach English, got married and
has to live with his unbear- had a baby, the first book was al- …dÝ√ s¹uJð w …√d*«Ë qłd«  U³žd VO−²ð WOŽUL²ł« …—Ëd{ ëËe« Ê√ pý ô

able cousin who delights in hitting s? d?O?¦?J?U?Ð Âb?D?B?ð W?łU?(« Ác?¼ sJË ¨p– vKŽ —U³ž ô ¨…UO(« 4Ý s WMÝ Ác¼ ÆÆ
Reviewed by: ready one-quarter finished.
Nadine Abu Ata ÆWOU³« WOŽUL²łô«  «œUF« s dO¦J«Ë ¨ U³IF«
him every day, although strangely, Whilst reading the first in the
Rosary Sisters’ School w? V?žd?¹ s? ”√— v?K?Ž q¼_« UNÐ ‰UNM¹ w²« ¨…—d³*« dOž VUD*« s dO¦J« „UM¼
whenever anyone attempts to hit Harry Potter series, I realized very
Jerusalem s? Êu?Jð Ê√ V−¹ »UO¦« ¨Î«b?ł UFHðd qÐ ¨ÎU?F?H?ðd? Êu?J¹ Ê√ V−¹ dN*U ¨rN²MЫ W³Dš
Harry, something happens to save quickly that Rowling has a most ex- ¨WŽUI« ¨WO³¼c«  UžuB*« s dO³J« rJ« vKŽ ΫuKŽ ¨ÎUMLŁ U¼öž√Ë WO*UF«  U—U*« dNý√
him. To make matters worse, when- traordinary style. Along with her ¢WOłËe« gŽ¢ ÊubN¹ pcÐ rN½√ Êu—b¹ ô ”ËdF« q¼√ Ê√ V¹dG«Ë ÆÆÆ WOIOÝu*« WdH«

ave you heard about the
ever anything out of the ordinary ability to attract the reader’s atten-  ö?J?A? U?L?N? Êu³³OÝ pcÐ rN½√Ë ¨tzUMÐ vKŽ rN²MЫ WIdÐ f¹dF« «c¼ qLF¹ Íc«
Harry Potter books,
happens, Harry is always the prime tion to the point where he/she is un- ÆÆ ÂËbðË ÂËbð W¹œU
which, so I have been
suspect, which means he is con- d¦√ `³BOÝ UM¼ d_« ÆÆ pc sJ¹ r Ê≈ pUÐ UL ¨ÎUMJ pK1 »UA« ÊU «–≈ «c¼
told, are amongst the leading sell- able to put the book down, she uses
«–≈ U?L?O?Ý ô ¨¢WB¹uŽ¢ WQ ¨‰U¦*« qO³Ý vKŽ ¨WIý „ö²« WQ Ê√ ULOÝ ô ¨«bOIFð
stantly being punished for things he descriptions so vivid that one al-
ers of recent years? Frankly, I’m ¨UNÐ qLF¹ w²« WM¹b*« w ‰eM —U−¹≈ lœ s sJL²¹ œUJUÐ uN ¨ÎUHþu »UA« «c¼ ÊU
has nothing to do with! most feels as if one is actually liv-
not a great reader and usually put „UM¼ Ê√ V¹dG«Ë ÆÆ Îö?U?Ž —UNMUÐ qOK« jÐd¹ qÐ ¨bŠ«Ë qLŽ vKŽ dB²I¹ ô ÊU «–≈ «c¼
Eventually, a mysterious letter, ing the story oneself. At times, the
a book down after reading only a U¼dFÝ vKŽ kU% „«–Ë «c¼ rž—Ë ¨UNMJ ¨UNMJ¹ s b& ô w²«Ë ¨Wž—UH« oIA« ·ô¬
which is delivered by a friendly gi- book made me laugh, but at others Æk¼U³«
few pages, but when someone
gave me the first in the four-part - especially when Harry was about d?_« ¨f?¹d?F?« …dÝ√ l sJ« v≈ œb'« ÊUÝdF« s b¹bF« XFœ¢WKCF*«¢ Ác¼

to be caught and punished it left ¨wU²UÐË ÆÆ ¢WMJ«Ë …UL(«¢ 5Ð WËdF*« qUA*« s b¹bF« w V³²¹ Ê√ t½Qý s Íc«
Harry Potter series as a gift, I fin-
me feeling anxious and as if I Æ‚öD« v≈ d_« wN²M¹ ¨ ôU(« s dO¦ wË
ished the whole thing in four days. s?Ž W?I?ÐU??« »U?³?Ýú?Ë ¨»U³A« s dO¦J« ·ËeŽ w¼ WOCI« ÁcN dšü« V½U'«
Imagine! wanted to yell out to Harry that he
bMŽ WOŽUL²łô« ÷«d_« s dO¦J« …bŠ s b¹e¹ Ë√ oK¹ Ê√ t½Qý s Íc« d_« ¨Ã«Ëe«
What’s it all about? Well, had to hurry and escape.
—UA²½« vKŽ ΫuKŽ ¨WK¹–d« —UA²½«Ë ¨ UOu×J« Ë√  «—b<« vKŽ ÊUœù« UNMË ¨5M'«
Harry spends the first ten years of The Harry Potter books cost ÆÆ W1d'«

his life sleeping under the stairs around 50 NIS each, which isn’t W?łU?×?Ð d?_U ¨WuN« ÁcNÐ XO WOCI« Ê≈ ÆÆ ø qLF« U ∫iF³« ‰¡U²¹ bË
v²Š Ë√ ÁbŠË »UA« q¼U vKŽ lIð ô W'UF*«Ë ¨Wzd²N t³ý WOŽUL²ł« WuEM W'UF*
of a family that detests him and that cheap. It would be a really good
s? b?¹b?F?« Ê√ U?L?O?Ý ô ¨WJzUA« WOCI« Ác¼ q( WËb« qšb²ð Ê√ bÐ ô –≈ ¨q¼_« vKŽ
then suddenly finds himself sur- idea, therefore, if they were made s?Ž ¨»U?³?A?« b?M?Ž ëËe?« WLN qONð w ¨dšPÐ Ë√ qJAÐ ¨XL¼UÝ WOÐdF«  UuJ(«
rounded by wizards, a caged
available in school libraries, mean- YO×Ð —U−¾²Ýô«Ë —U−¹û 5½«u sÝË ¨œËb;« qšb« ÍËc WOMJÝ  UFL− ¡UMÐ o¹dÞ
snowy owl, a phoenix-feather w UN²LN dB×Mð ¨ÊUJÝû ·—UB fOÝQð vKŽ qLF« pcË ¨5dD« ‚uIŠ sLCð
ing that students would be able to
wand, and jellybeans. Not only ƉU:« «c¼
that, but he discovers that he him- enjoy the whole series. I know that Ác?¼ q¦ q( …dL²*« UNðôËU× rž—Ë ¨WOMODKH« WOMÞu« WDK« Ê√ WIOI(«Ë

self is a wizard! In the non-magic I, for one, am already looking for- s? b?¹e?0Ë ¨o?¹d?D?«  «– w? d?O??« Ê√ ô≈ ¨o?¹dD« W¹«bÐ w X«“ U UN½√ ô≈ ¨qUA*«

human world - the world of “Mug- b& ÊQÐ ¨Xu« l WKOHJ«Ë ¨WOÐU−¹ù« ZzU²M« s dO¦J« “dH¹ Ê√ bÐ ô ¨…dÐU¦*«Ë —«dù«
ward to reading book number two.
Æ5DK w UM¼ ¨Ã«Ëe« ¢…UÝQ¢‡ U öŠ
±± »U …UO6 ≤∞∞± ‰Ë√ sdA Ø ‰uK√ e1U Àu ‰«

Who Wants to be eM¹—U+ ÆÆÆ »uð  ö5 ÆÆÆ wAðUÝd5

a Millionaire? p??³??×??Ð W??L?K? Ë√ U?N?L?Ý« s? ·d?Š ‰Ë√ Ë√
 «—U???F???A??«Ë  U??I??O??K??F??²??« s?? U??¼d??O??žË
Æ «—Uýù«Ë
bOKI²« u¼  UBI« Ác¼ —UA²½« V³ÝË
Âö_« …b¼UA d³Ž ¨wÐdž u¼ U qJ vLŽ_«
d?³?²?F?ðË ÆW?H?K?²?<« ÂöŽù« qzUÝË WFÐU²Ë
d?F?ýË d?O?U??Ë »u?ð  ö?Ë wAðUÝdH«
d?F?A?«  UB d¦√ WŽud*« …dG«Ë ¨dOB
ÆÂU¹_« Ác¼ UŽuOý
WI³Þ ¡UMÐ√ vKŽ dB²Ið ô  UBI« Ác¼Ë
W?¹d?I?« s?Ы U?N?³?K?D?¹ q?Ð ¨W?M?O?F WOŽUL²ł«
UN½Ëd³²F¹Ë ¨WM¹b*« sЫ UN³KD¹ UL rO<«Ë
Ê√ ÊËd?³?²?F?¹Ë ÆÕU?²?H½ô«Ë W{u*« s «¡eł
Ê√ UL ÆUNU¹√ XË b W³½c«Ë bÝ_«  UB
©n«u«® w ÊuMMH²¹ «Ëcš√ ÂuO« »U³ý
ÆX« VF vLð WB d³Ž
Ê√ œ«—√ «–≈ »U?³?A?« r?E?F Ê√ kŠö½Ë
 U?½u?U?B?« b?Š√ v?≈ t?łu²¹ ¨ÁdFý hI¹
w?³?M?ł√ s?G? Ë√ q?¦?L?* …—u? t?F? ö?U?Š
m³Ë ÆtÝ√— vKŽ UNLÝ— w 4H²O —uNA

everyone - it represents an entirely ÆWHK²<« Ê«u_UÐ dFA«

By Haneen Musleh w?Ë Âu?O?« U?M?ÐU?³?ý Èd?½ Ê√ v?M?L²½ ô
Greek Catholic Patriarchate School
new learning experience and one
qUŠ bŠ«Ë¢ WuI*« b{ UM½_ ¨oK(« rN½«–¬ ¨‚eL*« ‰UDM³«Ë oKŠ uÐ√ »UA«Ë WK¹b'U
Beit Sahour that they find stimulating and re-
Ác?¼ X?½U? «–≈Ë ¨¢t?O? V?KG² w½U¦«Ë tM– ¨d?O?U??Ë p?¹œË wAðUÝdË ”dH« V½–Ë œuL$0 »uIF bL$0
warding. s?Ž d?³?F?ð UN½S ¨U ¡wý sŽ d³Fð …d¼UE« d?F?A?«  U?B?I? ¡U?L?Ý_« Ác?¼ s? U?¼d?OžË r( XOÐ / dC)«

he well-known TV show, Perhaps the best thing about ¨UMÐU³ý ŸuLł tAOFð Íc« ⁄«dH« s WUŠ ÆÂuO« »U³ý ”˃— XK²Š«
“Who Wants to be a Mil ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’ WNU²« —u_« w »dG« bOKIð ô≈ ÊËb−¹ ö »U³A« s •µµ w«uŠ Ê√ dc½ UMKFË ÊUMH« U¼œœ— …—U³Ž ¢W³KIA« s“ U¹ Á¬¢
lionaire,” which is based is that even people who dislike WUI¦« 5—Uð ªtÐ rNž«d  UË√ «Ëú1 w Ê√ b$ ªp– sŽ «bŽ ÆWBI« WFO³Þ ÊËœb×¹ v?K?Ž Âu?O?« X?×?³√Ë ¨œ«uŽ uÐ√ w½œ—_«

on answering a series of multiple- Ær¼—uNþ ¡«—Ë ÂuKF«Ë r¼ ¡ôR¼ lOLłË ¨WBI« ÊuHB¹ dš¬ «¡eł
Î W?³?K?I?A?« s?“ ¨U?½œö?Ð w? d?O³ q ÊU
reading or going to libraries are W?O?M?O?D??K? W?M?¹bË W¹d q w Áb¼UA½
choice questions for ever-increas- W??O?Ðd?Ž W?U?I?Ł o?¹u??ð Ê–≈ »u?K?D?*«Ë ¨UUŽ ≤µË±µ 5Ð U WF«u« W¹dLF« W¾H« s
happy to sit in front of the televi- b?O?U?I?²?«Ë  «œUF« vKŽ kU% ¨WOMODK b²F½ r W³¹džË W³O−Ž d¼UE gOF½ s×M
ÆdOBI« dFAUÐ Êu³ždO ÊuU³« U√
ing amounts of money, is now so sion and watch - not to mention Èb?? Ë√ ¨Âö??_« w?? ô≈ U?N?ðb?¼U?A? v?K?Ž
·U?I?¹≈ v?K?Ž …—œU qzUÝË ‰öš s ¨rOI«Ë q?C?H?¹ »U?³?A?« s? «dO¦ Ê√ nOC½Ë
popular that it is currently being learn from - the program. Without ÆWOÐdG« WUI¦« nŠ“ V?×¹ s rÝ« V²J¹ bI ªtÝ√— vKŽ WÐU²J« ªW?O?Ðd?G?«  UFL²:« s 5œU ’Uý√
broadcast in 61 countries around doubt, the program appears to be
the world in a variety of different empowering a great number of in-
languages. Here in Palestine the
show is no less popular than it is
dividuals with a genuine desire to “Do your best for the good of the group”
pursue knowledge, thereby serving
elsewhere, and one of the reasons as an antidote against ignorance
I chose to write about it is that I and helping us to develop as a so-
have seen for myself the positive By Firas Al-Jamal
ciety by spreading awareness con- Terra Santa School
effect it has had on people’s lives. cerning the importance of improv- Bethlehem
Originally, many of my rela- ing one’s general knowledge.
tives and friends would watch the If anyone wishes to have a go

show simply to pass the time but eing a member of the Terra
at winning a million riyals, they Santa School Scouts, I
these days they seem to be watch- should phone this number +23 94 have gradually come to ap-
ing it for an entirely different rea- 44 44 44 - answer some pre-re- preciate the enormous benefits as-

Photo: Ayed Salem

son, namely, to improve their gen- corded questions and leave their sociated with being a scout. To be-
eral knowledge. Now obviously, personal details. If you are lucky gin with, scouting means much
this is a positive development and more than merely playing the bag-
enough answer correctly and be
I believe that Palestine TV should pipes or drums and putting on the
selected by the computer, you will special uniform, scarf and waggle
air similar programs, thereby pro- be notified by telephone, mail or are given an opportunity to help ciated with working as one of a
that characterizes each group. No,
viding those watching with not both and then flown to Paris with a the importance of scouting has a build their characters and to de- team. In regard to the ‘fun’ side
only an opportunity to test them- companion and taken to the MBC lot more to do with the way in velop characteristics such as cour- of scouting, it should be remem-
selves and improve their knowl- studios with all expenses being which it affects one‘s personality, age, good will, obedience, and an bered that being part of a group
edge but also with some good covered by MBC. helping to develop it and assisting appreciation of the importance of means that every scout is able to
family entertainment. in making one a better citizen more always telling the truth. They also, make many friends and to enjoy
Many would say, no doubt, that capable of making a valuable con-
Upon looking through a through scouting, find themselves a social life that, were it not for
the success of the show is due to tribution to his or her society. Af-
lounge window at the time when able to do their fair share in help- scouting, could very well be far
the high amounts of money to be ter all, scouts abide by the princi-
the show, which is hosted by ing other members of their com- from interesting. How else, for
won and they could be right. The ple, “Do your best for the rest of
George Kurdahi, is being aired, munity, which is something that example, could one possibly learn
the group,” and in doing this, they
point is, if the prospect of becom- every decent citizen enjoys doing. so much about wildlife and na-
one will usually find family mem- bear responsibility for the well be-
ing rich is enough to encourage ing of others and learn not to be Of course, scouting as a system ture, amongst numerous other
bers of different ages sitting in
people to learn more about the self centered and to keep in touch has certain principles that every things?
front of the TV excitedly await-
world around them and put their with other people’s feelings and scout should attempt to uphold. Scouting is truly a wonderful
ing the next answer. At first, I
knowledge to the test, then so be needs. Amongst other things, a scout must experience. Why not try it for
found the fact that even small chil-
The nice thing about scouting be committed to following the rules yourself - if you haven’t already
dren seem to enjoy the show it! As far as I am concerned, money,
is that it is accessible to girls as well of his or her group and to cooper- - and enjoy what is has to offer?
rather surprising, but then I real- in this particular instance, has been
as boys, which means that they, ating with his or her fellow scouts I‘m sure that you won’t be disap-
ized that for them - indeed, for put to good use. along with their male counterparts, in order to enjoy the benefits asso- pointed.
≤∞∞± ‰Ë√ sdA Ø ‰uK√ e1U Àu ‰«

œuð ”bI «
wMO0(« qBO5 bOIH « WOBsý vKŽ ¡«u{√
Í—U?B?'_« œu?L?$?0∫¡U?IK« ÈdW√
W?O?ÐU?³?ý  U??ÝR? ¡U?A?½≈ V?K?D²ð  «—b<« W×UJ ÆWMÝ …dAŽ XÝ
—u6œ r‡d0 Ë ¨VN_« UO'uË
»U³A« VDI²ð w²«  U¹b²M*«Ë ¨WO{U¹d« Íœ«uMU s? …d?AŽ WMU¦« v²Š dB w ‘UŽ
åe1U Àuò ‰« uK«d0
Æ «—b?<« d?ý w? Ÿu?u?« s rNOIð …bOH ‰ULŽ√ w „U?M?¼Ë ¨œ«b?G?Ð w? WÝ«—bK qI²½« rŁ ¨ÁdLŽ
ÃöF« .bIð w bŽU¹Ë ¨Íœ«uM« ÁcN rŽb« ÂbI¹ ÊUJ ÂuKF« WÝ«—b qI²½U ¨…œbN tðUOŠ ÊQÐ dFý
≠ b?³?F?« wÐ_ hB½ Ê√ «dO¦ fO
ÆœbB« «c¼ w W¹uMÝ  UÞUA½ …bŽ vŽ—Ë ¨5MbLK ÆU¹—uÝ w W¹dJF«
vKŽ WF{«u²*« WŠU*« Ác¼ ≠sÞu« bOI
¨‚d?A?« XOÐ w »U³A« WOLMð r fOÝQð -Ë ¨d?B w  UdŽ dÝU¹ fOzdUÐ vI²«
Ê√ U?M³³Š√ UMMJË ¨¢e1Uð Àu¹¢‡«  U×H
o?K?F?²?¹ U?L?O? W?U?š ¨ U?ÞU?AM« WUSÐ vMF¹ Íc«Ë w? W?L?K? Ë√ …b?O?B? wIK¹ UMKŠ«— ÊU 5Š
UNOKŽ eOdð ÊËœ WOHš XKþ V½«uł ‰ËUM²½
Æ…œËb;«  U½UJù« rž— ª…œUI« V¹—b²Ð —œUI« b³Ž bONAK W¹uM« 5ÐQ²«  ôUH²Š«
ôË …dOG „d²¹ r Íc« WU×B« rUŽ w
œ«bF²Ý« vKŽ p½≈ XK p½√ ÂöŽù« qzUÝË iFÐ  d– œU?%« w? U?³??²?M «uCŽ ÊUË ÆwMO(«
ôË ÆW?O?ÝU?O??« q?Š«d?« …U?O?Š s? …d?O?³?
WOMODKH« WOMÞu« WDK« X{dŽ «–≈ „b«Ë Wö) Æ5DK W³KÞ
qŠ«d …bFÐ d WKÐUI*« ŸËdA Ê√ rJOH½
øpOKŽ p– ‰ËR??? V?B?M? q?G?ý ±π∂¥ ÂU?Ž w?
Èdc« q³ UNz«dłù vF½ UM bI ¨- v²Š
Èb?Š≈ u?K?Ý«d? w?M?Q?Ý …U?u?« Âu¹ w t½√ d–√ d??¹d??×??²??« W?L?E?M? w? w?³?F?A?« r?O?E?M?²?«
U?2 ‚d?A?« X?O?Ð ‚ö?ž≈ ¡U?ł r?Ł ¨5FЗ_«
Æb?³?F?« U?Ð√ n?K??O?Ý s?LŽ WOÐdF« WOzUCH«  «uMI« wË Æ»dF« 5OuI« WdŠ sŽ WOMODKH«
sJË ¨Èdš√ …d ¡UIK« qOłQð vKŽ U½d³ł√
X?M? Ê≈ w?½u?Q?? ÆY?×?³?« b?O? d_« «c¼ Ê√ X³łQ ÆÍ—u« gO'« w UDÐU{ ÊU ±π∂∑ »dŠ
q?F?ł ¨«—ôU?O?Ð w? Ÿu?D²*« »U³A« —«d≈
œuMł UM½QÐ rN²³łQ ÆwKŽ d_« ÷dŽ WUŠ w o«ËQÝ ¨s?Þu« v≈ ±π∂∏ ≠ ±π∂∑ ÂU?Ž öK² œUŽ
ÆÊUJ*« «c¼ w «u½uJ¹ Ê√ rNM VKÞ «–≈ sÞuK ÊU?? Íc??«  U??d?Ž d?ÝU?¹ f?O?zd?« v?I?²?«Ë
…b?K?Ð w? W?K?zU?F?« ‰e?M? w ¡UIK« -
ÆWLN w öK²
sÐô« —œUI« b³Ž U½błËË ¨WOÝbI*« ◊UHFý
w? w?M?O?DK V¹—bð dJF ‰Ë√ ÂU√
wMO!(« —œUI« bF rNzUI ¡UMk√ åe1U Àuò ‰« uK«d0 VN_« UO'uË ¨—u6œ r‡d0 ¨ Í—UB'_« œuL$0 5LO« v≈ —U!O« s0 wMO(« qBO —œUI« b³ŽË ÆUMU³I²Ý« w
³½ ∫‚dA « XOÐ —d?Ë ö?K??² sÞu« v≈ œUŽ ÆÊUM³ »uMł
X¹“dOÐ WFUł w ‰ULŽ_« …—«œ≈ ”—œ ¨»Uý
¨bŠ«Ë ÂUF qI²Ž« Æ`² WdŠ v≈ ÂULC½ô«
Šd*« tJU b¹ vKŽ ±∏π∑ ÂUŽ ‚dA« XOÐ wMÐ a¹UA ¡«—¬ cšQ¹ ÊU UL 5O×O*« s¹b« ø…œbN tðUOŠ W¹UN½ dO²łU*« w Ãd²« pýË vKŽ u¼Ë
ÂU??√ ±π∑π ÂU?Ž w?Ë Æt?łËd?š b?F?Ð ÃËe?ðË
« WIDM w qO_« Í—ULF*« sH« v≈ lOd« ‚Ëc« Æ5LK*« ¨UIÐUÝ XK UL sJË ÆoKI½ UM bOU²UÐ ÆwU(« qBH«
C ‚dA« XOÐ s qFł ¨wMO(« WKzUF o¹dF« v?K?Ž ÊU? b?³?F?« U?Ð√ Ê√ U?C¹√ ·ËdF*« s g¹UF²¹ Ê√ ÊU½ù« lOD²¹ se« —Ëd l WFU'« w XÝ—œ UC¹√ ÈËb t²IOIý
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±π≥∑ ≠ ±π≥∂ ÂUŽ UOÐuOŁ√ sŽ r¼œUFÐSÐ wUD¹ù« ¨w?M?O?D??K?H?« w?M?Þu?« f?K:« w «uCŽ
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ô«Ë wÝUO« ‰uײ«Ë ¨±π∂∑ ÂUŽ WJ½ bFÐ
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s??Ž ÁU??M??Q??Ý …d? Í√
¨»U?³?A?« W?¾? Íb?«Ë —UCŠ≈ …—Ëd{ u¼ U½√b¼ Ê√ bFÐ tÐ
U?M?½√ d?–√ s?J?Ë ¨p–
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b? W?O?ÝU?O?Ý ¡«—¬ U?M
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¨U?¼—U?A?²?½«Ë 5OMODKH« WÝU« s ÁdOž sŽ wMO(«
w? r?N?H²½ UM UMMJË
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q?J?A?Ð q?LFð sLJð wMODKH« VFA« …u Ê√ d³²F¹ ÊU …d?????O???????? q???? ”√—
q??³?? s? d?Š k?U?×¹ ÊU tKLŽ wË ÆWOMÞu« …bŠu« w
W?N?ł«u?Ë …d?¼U?E?Ë
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Ê√ rKF¹ ÊUË ‰U?ł— ¡«—¬ c?šQ?¹ ÊU?Ë ÆwMODKH« Ÿ—UA«
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wMÞu« UNÞUAM ÊUË ¨U½U½≈Ë WOCË U{—√ wMODKH« VFAUÐ oKF²¹ U q oOŁuð vKŽ v?K?Ž k?UŠ√ Ê√ wMO(« qBOH sÐU wMLN¹ U
w0UD! œ«d0Ë ”U:u: dL ¡UIK« ÈdW√
¨ «uMÝ lЗ√ …b* UNöžSÐ ‰ö²Šô«  UDKÝ ÂUO w —Ëœ ±ππ∞ ÂUŽ v≈ ±π∏∞ cM “—U³« l?{√ Ê√Ë ¨Á—UJ√ dA½ w bŽUÝ√ Ê√Ë ¨t¹—UðË tŁ«dð
åe1U Àuò ‰« ö«d0
s dO¦J« pUM¼ Ê√ ·dŽ√ Æ ”bI« WOC w ÍbNł q
Ê√ w¼ ‚dA« XO³Ð UNDÐdð w²« WöF«Ë ÆwKOz«dÝù« s_« ŸeŽeð ‰ULŽQÐ UNUO ÈuŽbÐ
w³ł«Ë s Ê√ bł√Ë ¨UNIO³Dð w Vžd¹ ÊU w²« —UJ_«
dO¦JUÐ ‚dA« XOÐ œËeð w¼Ë ¨‚dA« XOÐ ‰ËR ÊU wMO(« qBO ÂuŠd*« UNOz—
U?N?ł«d?š≈Ë U¼d¹uDð w r¼UÝ√ Ê√ t sÐU wBA«
Æ”bI« w wÝUO« lÐUD« cšQ¹ ‚dA« XOÐ qLŽ Ê_ ¨ÀU×Ð_« s
Æ—uM« v≈
oKF²¹ ULO WK²× WM¹b w WOMODK WÝRL ‚dA« XOÐ t³FK¹ Íc« —Ëb« u¼ U
Àd² „dCŠ b b«u« ÊU Ê≈ UM«RÝ s ÁU½bB U
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U?N?M?J?Ë ¨‚d?A?« X?O?Ð w W{U¹d«Ë »U³A« …dz«œ fOÝQ²Ð UML ¨Â«uŽ√ WO½ULŁ q³ V??F??A??« Ê_ ¨À—u??ð ô —u??_« Ác??¼ Ê√ w?¹√— w?
w? qLFUÐ UN `L¹ ô w²« ¨WOMÞu« WDKK WFÐUð UN½√ W−×Ð ‰ö²Šô« q³ s XIKž√ ÆœUN'«Ë ‰UCM« qł√ s bu¹ wMODKH«
UNMJË ¨‚dA« XOÐ l³²ð …dz«œ „UM¼ ÊuJð Ê√ …dJ  “d³ ÆuKÝË√  UOUHðô UIË ”bI« U?M?²?L?N?Ë ¨s?¹b?« Âu?¹ v≈ œUNł w ”bI« q¼Q

 U??ÝR?*« l? …d?z«b?« Ác?¼  U?ö?Ž X?I?Łu?ð bË ¨WOMÞu« WDK«  UÝR* WFÐUð dOž ·dA« w ÊU bI ÆWOUC½ W¹œUNł ª5OMODKH« s×½

 UNłu²« l o«u²UÐ UN²OöI²Ý« vKŽ bOQ²« l ¨5DK ¡U×½√ nK² w WOÐU³A« o?K?D?M? s? ¨ U?D?;« s? d?O¦ w Íb«Ë WI«d w
p– Ê√ sJ1 Æ»d sŽ À«bŠ_« vKŽ ·dF²UÐ ÂUL²¼ô«
WM¹b*« w »U³A« —Ëœ d¹uD²Ð UOKF ÊuL²N s×½ wU²UÐË ÆwMODKH« lL²−LK WUF«
«c¼ sJË ªWOÝUO« ¡«uł_« sL{ ¡UI³« w U½bŽUÝ
d?¹u?DðË ¨ UbšË W¹UŽ— v≈ WłU×Ð r¼ pcË ¨q³I²*« œULŽ rN½√ —U³²Ž« vKŽ ¨WÝbI*«
ÆÆ5F ÍœUO —Ëœ cš_ ÊËe¼Uł UM½√ wMF¹ ô
sJË ¨UFMB wM³¹ Ê√ ÊU½ù« vKŽ qN« s ÆULOKÝ ¡UMÐ rNuIŽ ¡UMÐË ¨wÐU³A« dJH«

»U?³?A?« W?O?L?M?ð …d?z«œ ‰ö?š s? q?L?F?¹ ‚d?A?« X?O?ÐË ÆÊU??½≈ ¡U?MÐ ÊUJ0 WÐuFB« s

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 U?L?O?<« W?U?≈ bOF vKŽ WUšË ¨Á—Ëœ VŠ q …—œU³*UÐ Êu³UD r¼Ë ¨tÐ ◊uM*«
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WÝR*« d¹uDð rŁ sË ¨ «—b<U …dOD)«  Ux ÍbB²«  öLŠ v≈ …—œU³*«Ë ¨WOÐU³A«
¢e1Uð ÀuO «¢‡ ”bI « w5 WOÐdF «  UÝ«—b « W0ÝR+ ÂUŽ d¹b+ Íd¹b³ « o×Ý« bO0 « s UFÐUÞ vH{√ YOŠ ¨wMO(« vÝu qOŽULÝ« ÂuŠ

ÆrNMÞË d¹uD² »U³A« WLN w¼Ë ªWOMODKH« WOÐU³A« wŽUL²łô« Èu²*« v≈ WU{ùUÐ ¨V³« «c¼Ë Æ”bI
U?½«uMŽ ‚dA « XOÐ s+ lM s+ u¼Ë wMO0(« qBO5 bO0 « q×+ qŠ√ r ÆV½Uł_« ·uOC«  U¹u² vKŽ_ WUC
øwMODKH« »U³A« v≈ WUÝ— «uNłuð Ê√ ÊËœuð q¼

v?K?ŽË wŠ«uM« q s ◊U³Š≈ „UMN ªW*RË …d¼U VFA« UNÐ d1 w²« ·ËdE« Ê≈
5OMOD0KHK UOÝUOÝ —u?Þ«d?³?ù« ·d?ý v?K?Ž ‰U?³?I²Ýô« qHŠ UNM ¨WO*UF
…U?uÐ Í“UF²« b¹“ dO_«Ë 5(« sÐ wKŽ pK*« q³Ið
ô√ »U?³?A?« v?K?Ž s?J?Ë ÆWOHM« Ë√ W¹œUB²ô« Ë√ WOÝUO« X½U ¡«uÝ ¨bFB« lOLł
Èb? U? ¨‚d?A?« X?OÐ d¹bË WOÐdF«  UÝ«—b« WÝR ÂUŽ d¹b Íd¹b³« o×Ý« –U²Ýô«
Ʊπ≥∞ ÂUŽ n¹dA« Âd(
U*UÞË Æ”QO« l …UOŠ ôË …UO(« l ”Q¹ ô ∫qU vHDB* …—uNA WuI pUM¼ Æ”QO¹
øwMO(« qBO qŠ«d« ÊUJ rJKGý ‰uŠ ¡U³½_« W×
‰ö²Šô« WuJŠ XU Ê« bFÐ Q−K ÊUMO …—uÞ«d³ù
w «ËdL²Ý« U*UÞË ¨rNÝuH½ v≈ UI¹dÞ ”QO« ·dF¹ s ¨rNOKŽ Vłu²¹ U0 »U³A« ÂuI¹
U?M?¼ œu?łu? U½√Ë ¨‚dA« XOÐ w tK« tLŠ— wMO(« qBO bO« q× qŠ√ r U½√ Æ
rJÐ jO% w²« ŸU{Ë_« «uÝ—œ« ∫rN ‰u√ «c ÆrNMOÐ ÊUJ ”QOK ÊuJ¹ sK rN³Fý Wbš
Æ‚dA« XO³ ÂUŽ d¹bL UÐb²MË WOÐdF«  UÝ«—b« WÝR* UUŽ «d¹b w²HBÐ XR dI v≈ tuŠ Íc« ¨rO¼«dÐ≈ tMЫ v≈ WOJK*« XK
«c?N?Ð j?O?;« rUF« vKŽ «udFð rŁ ¨«bOł rJMÞË vKŽ «udFðË ¨dÞULK «uN³MðË ¨«bOł
øwMO(« qBO ÂuŠd*« tdð Íc« ⁄«dH« u¼ U Ʊπµ∞ ÂUŽ v²Š pc dL²Ý
ÆWFd«Ë ÂbI²« qł√ s WU¼ WOKLŽ jOD²« Ê_ ªrJH½QÐ rJK³I² jDš «uF{Ë ÆsÞu«
v?K?Ž q?Ð ¨V??×? ‚d?A?« X?OÐ Èu² vKŽ fO Už«d „dð b bOIH« Ê√ ‰uI« sJ1 »U×½« bFÐ ”bI« w XLO√ w²« vË_« ‚œUMH« s
d²H½ Ê√ UMMJ1 o¹dŽ a¹—Uð UM¹b ªdHB« s √b³½ ô s×½Ë ¨q³I²*« œULŽ »U³A«
Íc« ¨W³FB«  ULN*« qł— qBO ÊU bI ÆÂUŽ qJAÐ WOMODKH« WOCI«Ë ”bI« Èu² t?O? qŠ YOŠ Æ¢b¹b'« ‚dA« XOÐ ‚bM¢ rÝ« qL×¹
¨W?O?M?ž W?Ðd?& ÂU?√ n?I?½ U?M?K?F?−?¹ p– q sJË Æ UÝUJ²½ô«Ë rz«eN«Ë  «d¦F« rž— ¨tÐ
l?  U?ö?Ž W?J?³?ý s?¹u?J?ð ‰öš s ¨WÝbI*« WM¹b*« WÐËdŽ sŽ UF«b 5OKOz«dÝù« tł«Ë
w? U?½bŽUðË ¨Èdš_« »uFA« sË ¨WOÐdF« W_« »uFý sË ¨VFA UMð«– s UMLKFð ¨…—œU?½ WOŠUO« Wd(« X׳√ ¨TłUH*« ÍœUB²ô
«c¼ w UF 5²LN0 ÂuI¹ tK« tLŠ— ÊUË ÆrUF« ‰Ëœ nK²Ë wöÝù«Ë wÐdF« rUF«
ÆtK« Ê–SÐ dBM«Ë W¹d(« u×½ o¹dD« vKŽ —«dL²Ýô« v?M?³?*« «c?¼ q?¦? v?K?Ž ÿU?H?(« ·Ëd?þ Ê_Ë ÆÈd?š√ …
ÕdýË ¨‰ö²Šô« tłË w WOÝbI*«  UÝR*« œuL rŽb  «bŽU vKŽ ‰uB(« ªœbB«
ÆWOËb« 5¾Šö«  ôUË ÈbŠù ÍuKF« oÐUD« dOłQð
b¹uNð w ÊuOKOz«dÝù« `$ ‰UŠ w Àb×¹ Ê√ sJ1 UË ¨”bI« UN ÷dF²ð w²« dÞU<«
v?K?ŽË ¨W?O?ł—U?)« ¡«—“ËË ‰Ëb?« ¡U?݃— Èu² vKŽË ¨…œbF²*« tðôuł ‰öš s ¨”bI«
s? r?? —U?−?¾?²ÝUÐ wMO(« qBO ÂuŠd*« ÂU v²
ÆWOÐdF« »uFA« Èu²
—U−¾²ÝUÐ WOFL'« XU rŁ ¨±π∏≥ ÂUŽ w UNÝ√ w
ø‚dA« XOÐ vKŽ UNdð w²«  ULK« w¼ U
ÆtULłË WFzUC« t²½UJ ‚dA« XO³  œUŽ ¨
Æ”bI« w 5DKH UOÝUOÝ U½«uMŽ ÊUJ*« «c¼ s qF−¹ Ê√ ŸUD²Ý« t½√ `{«u« s

uKÝË√  UOUHð« bFÐË Æ÷ËUH*« wMODKH« buK «dI ÊuJO ÊUJ*« —ULŽ≈ œUŽ√ Íc« u¼Ë

w? W?ÝU«Ë ¡ULŽe« tO q³I²¹ ¨”bI« w UOMODK UOÝUOÝ U½«uMŽ ÊUJ*« «c¼ ‰u%

5OKOz«dÝù«  ôËU; ÍbB²K ‚öD½ô« ÊUJ `³√ t½√ v≈ WU{ùUÐ ÆWOLÝ—  UŽUL²ł«

 öL(« ÁcN ÍbB²K —œU³*« tH½ u¼ ÊU œbB« «c¼ wË ÆWÝbI*« WM¹b*« b¹uNð

œuUF« ”√— w ÀbŠ UL ¨lIð X½U w²«  UœUB*« ”√— vKŽ ÊUË ¨…—uF*«

WOö²Šô« jD)« WËUI* ◊UA½ Í√ WFOKÞ w ULz«œ ÊU bI ÆrOMž uÐ√ q³łË


ª”b?I?« w? t?²?Ðd?Š ”√—Ë ÊË—Uý wKOz«dÝù« ¡«—“u« fOz— WÝUOÝ qþ w

 u?O?³?« Âb?¼ o?¹d?Þ s?Ž ¨W?Ýb?I?*« W?M¹b*« b¹uNð v≈ WœUN«Ë ¨ d*Ë√ œuN¹≈

d?L?²??¹ Ê√ ‚dA« XO³ sJ1 q¼ Æ‚uI(«Ë w{«—_« …—œUBË WOMODKH«

øiÐUM« t³KË tÝR qOŠ— bFÐ WUš ¨WNł«u*« w

¨W?ÝU?O??« Ác?¼ b?{  öL×Ð ÂUOI« v≈ —œU³*« u¼ ‚dA« XOÐ ÊuJ¹ b

d¹cײ«Ë ÕdAUÐ ÂuI¹ ‚dA« XOÐ Æ «e−F*« lMB¹ Ê√ ÁbŠË lOD²¹ ô tMJË

WO½UDO²Ýô« —R³« WU≈Ë ÊUDO²Ýô«  ôËU; ÍbB²«Ë ¨WO½Ë—UA« dÞU<« s

Ê√ l?O?D?²??¹ ô t?M?J?Ë ¨ U?{ËU?H*« tO lHMð ô UF«Ë ”bI« vKŽ ÷dH¹ w

Ê√ UuBš 5OÝbI*«Ë ¨UFOLł 5DK ¡UMÐ√ w ÷d²H¹ «cË ¨ÁbŠË qLF¹

Æw½uONB« ‰ö²Šô« WNł«u w ‚dA« XOÐ l «u½uJ¹

s? ”b?I?« w? w?MÞu« œuLB« “u— s e— w¼ WOÐdF«  UÝ«—b« WOFLł

w?²?« W?IOŁu« WöF« sŽ UMŁb% Ê√ p q¼ ÆWUIŁË dJ s tMLC²ð U ‰öš

ø‚dA« XOÐ l UNDÐdð

¨±π∑π ÂU?Ž X??ÝQ?ð ¨W¹dJ WOLKŽ WOFLł w¼ WOÐdF«  UÝ«—b« WOFLł

w? W?O?F?L?'« q?L?FðË ÆUNOÝR bŠ√ tK« tLŠ— wMO(« qBO Œ_« ÊUË

UC¹√ qLFðË ¨W¹œUB²ô«Ë WOŽUL²łô«Ë WOÝUO«Ë WO¹—U²« ¨ÀU×Ð_« ‰U−

±¥ rN0ö:Q ≤∞∞± ‰Ë√ sdA Ø ‰uK√ e1U Àu ‰«

The Lost Dreams of ÷—_« ¡«b½

Palestinian Children
The dreams of Palestinian children are differ- ¨t¼UO WÐËcŽ qQð√ XKł ¨‰Ëbł s W³¹d tKð vKŽ

ent to those of children elsewhere in the world. vHDB+ wKŽ wÐ√ ÕË— v ≈  Ušd w WKU½ wFLÝ ‚d²ðË VNð `¹d«  UL½ «–S

That should really come as no surprise, bear- w??³?F?ý ∫÷—_« w? X?U? ÆU?N?ð«¡«b?½Ë W?³?O?D?« U?M?{—√

ing in mind that our children are being deprived ¨V?zU?BË À—«u s wÐ q×¹ U XL¾Ý bI °VO³(«

of such basic rights as being able to play freely v?K?Ž «œ«b?Š ¨’«d?²?ð Ê√  U?L?KJ« vÐQðË ¨pÐUA²ð Ê√ qL'« idð wKÐ bI ¨œËbK« ÍËbŽ ÂU√ œuLB« vKŽ …—œU bŽ√ r

in the streets or sleep soundly in their beds. bIH¹Ë ¨w²×H ú9 ¡«œuÝ UÞuDš ·Ëd(« lL−²ðË ¨WLKJ« bOI ÕË— w? f?O?Ë ¨÷«d?_« Ÿ«u?½√ l?O?L?ł t?²MJÝË Íbł

Thanks to the occupation of our homes and b?I?²?Ž√ ¨¡U?C?O?Ð W?DI½ vKŽ wI³² ¨«œ«uÝ Ê«u_« bײðË ¨Áu¼“ iOÐ_« t?łË w? Êu?H?I?²Ý s¹c« r²½√ Ær²½√ ô≈ UNM ’öš

land, the innocent smiles of our children have ¨¡U?LÝ_« s W1eF«  cš√ bË ¨œ«b(« WC«— °W×HB« vKŽ√ w UN½√ w? Êu?³?F?²²Ý ªrd√ vKŽ «u³KGð sË ¨—«b'« «c¼

been replaced with fear and anger. °œ«b×K qOK« œ«uÝ wHJ¹ ∫XF«œË ¨»UI_« s WËUI*«Ë ‰UCM«Ë v?K?Ž «u?K?D?ð w? ¨W?L?I?« Êu?K?B?²?Ý rJMJË tIKð

Many Palestinian children, also not sur- ·Ëd?(«  d?ŁU?M?ðË ¨n?u?*« “U:« vÐ√Ë ¨ÍbMŽ dO³F²« W¬ XKDFð ¨ ‰ö?I?²?Ýô«Ë q_«Ë W¹d(« V½Uł ªdšü« V½U'«

prisingly, have chosen to emulate the older °ÁUHÝ√ U¹ ∫◊UIM« XÐb½Ë ¨…dJM² w²Hý vKŽ dJ²ð ‰ö?I?²?Ýô« »U?Ð ÕU?²?H? q?_«Ë —«d?ô« «u?K?FłU

boys by throwing stones at the Israelis and, d− s U¹ °UNðu qÐUMI« tðcš√Ë ¨UNLÝô …œUNA« t²HD« s U¹ ”Q??O??« «u??K?F?& ô ¨q?_« «Ëb?I?H?ð ôË ¨ W?¹d?(«Ë

in some cases, they have paid dearly for this °tU— sŽ WbI*« w tH½ l{ËË ¨tðuBÐ ÊUJ*« se« tIKD¹ rNÝ e−FU ¨rJOKŽ Ê«dDO¹ e−F«Ë

decision. Meanwhile, the Israeli army con- ∫Ub ÆrJ³B¹ ÁuKF& ô¨—«bG«

tinues to wage a mental war against all Pal- ¢—c²Fð pOMOŽ  dBÐ√ u œUJð  u¼ 5Š —bG«  UIKÞ UNMEð¢ ô ö¹uÞ
Î ÎU?Зœ pK¹ b:« ‰«e¹ ô ° wzUMÐ√ U¹

estinians, hoping to wear them down and cšQðË ¨UNIײ¹ ô s UO½bK „d²ð ¨ÊUe« «c¼ w —«b_« W¹d U¹ r?J?³?U?D?ð t?K?zU?Ý— X«“ UË ¨ÎU?u?¹ w?N?²?M?¹ Ê√ bÐ

force them to submit to its demands. Of Æ«—«uŁ ÷—_« w «u½U s rJOu¹Ë ¨dBM« v²Š rJUC½Ë rœUNł WK«u0

course, it never will, but that’s beside the ô ÂU?¹_«Ë ¨Ád?ŁP? Âö?_« q?−??ðË ¨n«u*« vKŽ bNA¹ a¹—U²« qF ‰uD¹ tI¹dÞ «uKF& ö ¨o¹dD« ”√— vKŽ tðUö0

point... Æ«dzUŁ UNO ÊU s vM𠨡U?¹u?√ r?²?½Q ¨XË q√ w tðUö* «uŽ—UÝ ªd¦√

Some have accused Palestinian mothers X½√Ë ¨÷—_« X% pUEŽ Ÿœuð w¼Ë V×Mð ¨ UE×K …UO(« XHuð rJ¹b¹√ wË rJðb¼Uý ¨WŽU−A« rJ²HË  b¼Uý bI

of sending their young children to their ¨p?F?³?D? «—«d?L?Š« ÷—_« Êu?H?ł w? X?d?ðË ¨ÂU?EF« s UNu ÊU s wKHÞ u¼ U¼ ∫XKI ÆWU² W×KÝ√ ÊuNł«uð ª—U−Š_«

deaths. The truth is, in the majority of cases, b?O?N?ý ¨W?Š—U?³?«Ë b?G?«Ë Âu?O« bONý WFOKD« w ÊuJð Ê√ ô≈ XC—Ë ÆW¹d(« ÎU¹œUM ŒdB¹Ë Ád−Š ·cI¹

the mothers involved didn’t even realize that ÆpÐUOGÐ wIA« sÞu«Ë ed« a?¹—«u?B?« t?łË w? n?I?¹ s? d?−(« Ê√ ·dŽ√

their children have been forced to play a role v?I?³?²?ÝË ¨Êu?O?F?« WFb« tO ‚—UHð ô ¨U³OBŽ p«d Âu¹ vI³OÝ w? q?_« …u?Ë —«d?ùU?Ð ∫W?¹d?(« X?U? Æ U?ÐU?Ðb«Ë

on the battlefield rather than enjoy themselves Æ«bÐ√ WLKJ« bzU ÆÊËb¹d¹ U ÊuII×OÝ rNÐuK

in the playground! Of course, I know that’s not UNÐ ÊuÝËbð rJ«b√  «uDš V×¹ Íbł° wzUMÐ√
WIö(« sb« ¡ö
what the Israelis would like to have the world ¨t?ðU?ÐU?Ðœ d?¹“U?M?łË ¨Ëb?F«  «uDš Ád rË ¨w1œ√ vKŽ
believe - but it’s the truth. qHÞ wJ³¹ UL rƒ«bŽ√ vJ³ U¼ôu w²« ªWU²H« t²×KÝ√Ë
ô ¡U?H?F?{ Êu?½u?J?¹ U?N?½Ëœ s? Æ…d?b*« t²³F Áb¹ s Ÿe²Mð
Hadeel Dalool
Al-Ahliyyeh College
Ramallah rMð ô dLý wÐdF« UN¹√

o¹dD « vKŽ  U0L¼ UU b:« ÊS e−F« iH½«Ë

‰Ë_« T?U?E?« w?³?Š s? s?ł√ r? ÆÆÆU?N?O?C?¼U?M? b?OÐ ◊U??Ð v?K?Ž W?M?¾LD WM¬ WÐU׫ XU½
…—uM Í—U0
°°dOO« —cM« ô≈ wU²Ð«Ë W?³?O?ð— j?³?N?ðË u?K?F?ð U?N?ÝU?H?½√ X½U ¡UL«
pOukUJ« ÂËd« W—b0
»öD « …UOŠ s+ X?F?D ÆΫb?Ð√ ÂU?Łü«Ë —Ëd?A?« Í«b?¹ ·d?²Ið r qJAÐ VÞd« –«–d« UNuŠ dŁUMð bË ¨WzœU¼
—u6U XO
°U?O?³ž XM r ªUNÐ w½ucI rNI¹dÞ s UN«uý√ V½b0 t³ý√ UN²KFł WMO WU¼ öJA ÍuHŽ
Ê√ s? r?N?« —u?O?Þ l?M?9 Ê√ l?OD²ð ô p½≈¢ °ÊULŁ_« fÐUÐ w½uŽUÐ U?N?LKŠ s XEIO²Ý« °rUŠ Vu s jIÝ
Ê√ s? U?NFM9 Ê√ lOD²ð pMJ pÝ√— ‚u oK% ¨t?O?²?H?ý W?L??Ð X?K?ŽË Ϋb?O?F?Ð W?M?¼c?Ð ÕdÝ W?O?K?L?? W?K?ð X?D?³?¼ ¨q?zU?H?²*« Íœ—Ë“ö«
Æ¢tO gAFð U?N?²?—– w?²?«  U?F?b?« `??9 U?N?KU½√ XŠ«d ‰U?³?« W?L?ŽU?½ ◊U??³« WÐdð ¨WLI« ¡«dCš
dš¬ w —uM« Èd½ Ê√ UMËUŠ ¨UM×UË UMO½UŽ
w? w?ÝUOI« rd« UMLDŠ ÆlD²½ r UMMJ ¨oHM«
ƉuN:« u×½ WŽdÐ uDð  cš√ rŁ ¨ÁUMOŽ
s??¹c??« w??zU??³??Š√ l?? X??F??ð— „U??M?¼ °°ÆÆÆÁ¬ XL¼ ÆUzœU¼
ƉôœË f½QÐ WOUž
«–«–—  d¦FÐ
If Only...
…c?Ë qLF« w U½dOž tLDŠ ULMOÐ ”QO«Ë ÁU½UF*« W?L? v?K?Ž «uFÐdðË ¨a¹—U²« —Ëcł w «uÝdG½« w?½«d?ð v?²? ∫…d??H?²?? w{—_« ◊U³K
5?ÝËu?N? U?M׳Q bG« ÊUײUÐ UMLKŠ Æ…UO(« r?N??¹—U?ð ÍËd?ð r?¼—U?Ł¬ „U?¼ °Íd?E?½« Æw?ýd?Ž øqOK'« sU« UN¹√ X¾ł
Escape was on his mind
ÎU?ÝË—œ U?½c?š√ ¨Âu?M?« w?  U?½U?×?²?ô« sŽ Àbײ½ Ídd*« wýdŽ o½UFO œuF¹ t²O °°dÐUG« ·dA*« X???³???Ž«œ ÆÆÆl??L????« ◊U????³??« n??¼—√
He needed to get out
U WöF« XO «uUI ÆUMð¡UH …œU¹e WOuBš °°°Èdš√ …d œ—Ë ¨…d?−?ý Ÿc?ł s? W?u?K?J?*« ÊU?B?ž_«
He was captured
ÆUMLN¹ U?¹ œuFOÝ ∫‚UHý≈Ë odÐ WÐU׫ XL²9 X?? ∫U?N?O?M?H?ł Âu?M« qIŁ√ bË »UC²UÐ
Tortured and restrained
¨‰U?L?Ž_« ‰U?łd? w?Ëb?« d?9R?*« w? U?M?—Uý «b√ o_« w È—√ °°«uÐ√ Ê≈Ë «ËƒUý Ê≈ wðdOG °øÍ—œ√
Everything was a prison
Ê√ UMKË rN²×OBMÐ U½cš√ ¨5LKF*« lO«uð UMFLł d??{U??M??« p??³??A??Ž v??K??Ž l??ðd??ð ¡«d?C?š —U?G? ¨W?*U?Š W?zœU?¼ WU²Ð« sŽ U¼dGŁ d²«
Was he to be held captive
U?M?K?A? U?MMJ ¨WÐd−²« UMCš ¨WLN dOž  UöF« ÆVOB)« b?I? ªÍ—œ√ ô ∫◊U??³« »UłQ ønO ∫XUË
By his own life?
∫i¹dF« j)UÐ UM «u³²J ◊U³« ÊU ÊU ÆWÐU׫ XdB½«Ë ¨UI½UFð ¡U?ý «–≈ 5?K?¹ ÃuL² d¼œ vKŽ wMOŽ Xײ
How could he break free
‘you could do better’ ¨ÊU??¼√ s?? U??N??M?O?Š ÆÆ°°Êu?J?¹ t?²?O? ∫ö?zU? r?²?L?²?¹ X????L??G??½«Ë Âö?Š_« X?×?U? Æ¡U?ý v?²?Ë
When freedom was his
w?J? W?O?³?D?«  «—U?E?M« UMF{ËË ‚—_« UMO½UŽ œuF² ¨dO)« rFOÝË ·—UšeUÐ wÞUÐ w²JOÝË ÆÂU¹_« wÐ  —«b ªw½U_« l XA¹UFðË ‰UüUÐ
W?O??H?½ qUA s w½UF½ UM׳√ ¨…¡«dI« s×½ d?ÐU?G?« U?¼b?− ÊU(√  ôü« ·eFðË ¨UL²Š Õ«d_« w?U?¬ XFOÐË wöŠ√ XdÝ Î∫ö?L?J bNMð rŁ
Was he to be forever a slave
ÊËb¹d¹ ¨qC_« ÊËb¹d¹ rN½≈ UM «uU ¨WOŽUL²ł«Ë °°œb−²*« d{U(« »uKÝQÐ w?½U?_« X?I?M²š« ∫WO*UF« W—u³« ‚«uÝ√ w
Of his past, present and
°øWLN dOž WöF« sJË —uD²«
Í—uO œUF future?
øW?MOH« ‚dž q³ ¡U*« w UMH½QÐ wIK½ «–U* qOK)« If only he could stop
W?Š—U?³?«Ë ¨ÊËe?łU?F?« t?J?K?¹ qNÝ o¹dÞ ”QOU existing,
w?J? d?O?¦?J?UÐ bF½ s×½Ë ¨tLKŠ bG«Ë ¨ÂuO« Èd– WD¹dš Then...
ÆW³OB*« qLײ½ ô√ W³OBË ÆqOKI« .bIð sŽ —c²F½
Nisreen Abu-Ata
‘«d UMOK²Ž« ¨UMOMž U½dNÝ ¨‰uN:« v≈ U½dÝ ÆÆÆ¢wM—UýË qCHð ÆÆÆ…¡«dIK bOł ëe w X½√ q¼¢ TYT Reporter
UMKLŽË ÆUMH½√ sŽ bG« ÊUײ« `³ý œUFÐù ÷d*« w?¼ …d?O?¦?Ë ÆÆÆ°W?D?³?×Ë qÐ WI¹UC² ÆÆÆWKFHM ÆÆÆW³{Už
…œUF« ¡uÝ Ê√ UMdŽË ¨©»užd ŸuM2 q® …bŽUIÐ ÆÆÆ¥∏‡?« »dŽ ÆÆUNMŽ d³Fð  U×KDB v²Š bł√ ô w²« dŽUA*«
ÆUMÐ —džË U½d³ł√ UMMJ ¨sR¹ ô 5L …d?¦? w?M?e?9 °Êu?O?M?ODK UMK ÆÆÆ∂∑‡?« »d?Ž ÆÆƉU?LA« »dŽ
U?M?ðU?Ý«u sJË ¨VF rN ”QOUÐ UMÝUŠ« °°°WdD Êü« ÍbOÐ p√ wM²OË ÆÆWÐd−²« wMK²IðË  «¡UL²½ô«
¨W?L?K?E?*« W?dG« w —uM« UM×M9 UMOLKF q³ s u¼ °øpÐ U ø°ÎöOK nKK lłdð „«—√ °øZŽeM øøønzUš X½√ q¼
ÆÊUM²ô«Ë ¡UDFUÐ —uFA« UM×M9 ÆWOUIðdÐ qLŠ√ U½√ ÆÆÆ¡«dCš W¹u¼ qL% w¼ ÆÆ¡U—“ W¹u¼ qL×¹

rU ÷u W0ö nO"—

±µ rN0ö:Q ≤∞∞± ‰Ë√ sdA Ø ‰uK√ e1U Àu ‰«

nOs+ ¡wý q9
W¹—U−² «  U½öŽù« l9—√ s …œuF« o¹dÞ w …dł√ …—UOÝ ÎöI² XM
wMLNH¹ dš¬ VK sŽ w³K U¹ w¦×Ð w½UM{√ U?½d?O?Ý ¡U?M?Ł√ w?Ë r?( XOÐ v≈ tK« «— s
W?ýU?ý v?K?Ž W?K?C?H?*« UM−«dÐ lÐU²½ s×½Ë
wMÞË w „UMOŽ X½U ¨sÞË öÐ Êü«  ËbžË rOÝU;« bŠ√ vKŽ wKOz«dÝ« ÍbMł UM{—UŽ
w²« ¨ U½öŽù« l …dOB WHË s bÐ ô ¨“UHK²«
wMIAF¹ hý sŽ rUF« w ΫdO¦ X¦×ÐË v?K?Ž «u?e?M?¹ WžUO« w s mOLł® ∫‰UË
w²«  U−²M*« s «dO³ «œbŽ UNöš s b¼UA½
wM¾b¹ qOK« wMOðQ¹ VŠ sŽ «dO¦ X¦×ÐË Ê√ b?F?Ð Ÿu?{u?*« «c?¼ w? r?N*« Æ©iž_«
v?≈ b?¼U?A?*« l?b?¹ »«cł VU w UM ‚uð
wMd²¹ qO sŽ Y×Ð√ ¨ÍdFý U¹ «dO¦ X³FðË b?L??® 5? ÍœU?M?¹ c?š√ W?¹u?N?« h?×?
w½dU¹ qOKUÐ qOË X³³Š√ s“ s U½Q w??M??L??K??J??¹ √b?ÐË ¨t?O?≈ X?³?¼c? ©»u?I?F?¹
b?Š√ —U?O?²?š« r?²?¹ ÊU?OŠ_« s dO¦ wË
w½—ËU×¹ ÆÆpHOÞ wMOðQ¹ ÆÆÍbŠË fKł√ WOÐdF« ô≈ sIð« ô w½√ rKŽ U*Ë ¨W¹d³FUÐ
ª5F Z²M o¹u² W¹UŽœ qO¦L² sH« Âu$
wMLLC¹ Ê«uŁ lCÐ vI³O tK wK√Ë Æ©W¹d³FUÐ VKO X½√® ∫ÕUË ¨«bł VCž
Ær?N?Ð ”U?M?« oKFðË rNðdNý s s¹bOH²
wM³Ž«bð `¹— vKŽ wu½ s kIO²Ý√ wMJ t? X?K? ÆU?šU? ∫»U?łQ? ø©U?ô® ∫t?²Q
5?J?K?N?²??*« V?O?B?ð W?O?½öŽù« WKO(« Ác¼
wMFHM¹ ΫdO¦ dLIU ÆÆÆÊe% ô w³KI ‰u√Ë ªw?{—√ v?K?ŽË w?M?ÞË w? g?O?Ž√ wM½≈¢
—bIÐ ¨WFK« …œuł v≈ ÊuFKD²¹ ö ¨vLFUÐ
wMFL¹ v²Š oAŽ√ Ê√ ÆÆdł√ Ê√ ÍdL wMLKŽ Àbײ¹ w²« WGKUÐ fOË w²G Àb%√
ÎUöD½«Ë ÆUNbI¹ Íc« hAUÐ ÊuL²N¹ U
wMK²IO oAF« ÊU U tMJ wÐd{ œ«—√Ë Áb¹ l— ¢ÆÍËbŽ UNO
¨ŸU?M?ù« s? u?¼ Êö?Žù« ÊQÐ bOHð WuI s
wM“ w³Š U¹ p½Ue ÆÆÆÍ—b s ÎUu¹ »d¼√ s ‰U?Ë W?¹u?N?« w½UDŽ√Ë ¨p– sŽ lł«dð
WOHM« q«uF« ‰öG²Ý« v≈ ÊuMKF*« bLF¹
wMIAFð p½uOŽ Ê_  —œUž Ê√ ÎUu¹ wJÐ√ s q?Ë X?½√ …dB« pKð bMŽ nË V¼–«
W?O?K?š«b?« t?ðU?³ž— sŽ ÊuA²H¹Ë ¨pKN²LK
wMÐcF¹  UÐ VK w VŠ sŽ Y׳ð wðQ²ÝË dAŽ WŁö¦« »—UI¹ œbF« ÊUË ¨pF s
ÆUNIOI% sŽ e−F¹ w²«
w½bFO qOK« ÊU U Ê√ v?≈ 5?²?ŽU?Ý w?«uŠ UMHË ÆU?M?Þ«u
d?OŁQð W¹—U−²«  U½öŽû ÊuJ¹ Ê√ bÐ ô
w«—Ë√ „bMŽ „dðQÝË V?O?K?B?K? U?N?O?K?Ž …—U?O?Ý ÊU?J?*« X?KË
s? n?K?²??¹ d?O?ŁQ?²?« «c?¼ s?JË ¨UM q vKŽ
w«dH wJ³ð U¼ƒdIð ÆÆÆÆÆ ‚ö?Þ≈ s? U?N?O? s? s?J?9 w?²« ¨dLŠ_«
…œUŽ W¹UŽb« Ê√ iF³« Èd¹ Ædš¬ v≈ hý
p³Š VKÞ√ s wMJ wM“ „dð√ s wMJÆÆÆ ÆUMŠ«dÝ
Ê√ ÊËd?š¬ Èd?¹Ë ÆU?N?O? U?G?U?³?Ë W?ЖU? Êu?Jð
wMIAFð w l—√ s v?K?Ž U?M?½u?H?u?¹ s?¹c?« œu?M?'« r?EF
…b?O?ł d?O?ž  U½öŽù« d³Ž ‚uð w²«  U−²M*«
ÆÆÆ—œUžË wMdðU r?¼Ë ¨W?O?Ðd?F« ÊuMI²¹ Ë√ »dŽ U≈ eł«u(«
ÊËbIH¹ WU(« Ác¼ wË ¨UNz«dý vKŽ q³I¹ bŠ√ ôË
»Ëd(« ÂUË ÆwMdð«Ë qŠ—« Êü« ¨r??N??¼U??&U??Ð ÂœU?? q? s? Êu?U??¹ w?U?²?U?Ð
ÆZ²M*« w WI¦«
œ«u'« b UOK qOK)«/X0U dœ W?J?×?C?« Êu?U??¹ r?N?½√ ‚—U?H?«Ë ¨t?½Ë—c?×?¹Ë
»öJ« v²Š ÊuU¹ rN½√ XHA²« «dOš√Ë ¨W²JM«Ë
»uIF bL$0
r( XO / dC)«

Fools Lost in the Darkness

Fools - that’s what we are
When we fall in love My mind is uneasy œuIH+ sŽ ÊöŽ≈
Fools - that’s what we’ll be My soul is ill
w t²OÐ s Ãdš Íc« wÐdF« dOLC« bI sŽ sKF½
If we don’t ever love My tears run like streams
—u?O?ž ∫t?ðUH«u Æt¹—Uð W¹UG bF¹ rË ±π¥∏ ÂUŽ
Lina Musleh That never stand still
Greek Catholic School ¨W?KO_« WOÐdF« …uM« tO ¨WÐËdF«Ë »dF« vKŽ

Beit Sahour ƉU(« dOž ‰U(«  dOG² «œułu ÊU uË

What should I do?
¥∏∂∑ ∏≤ ∏∑ ≤∞∞∞ r— nðUNÐ ‰UBðô« Áb−¹ s vKŽ
What should I say?
dJA« q¹ełË W³OÞ …QUJ tË
With no other choice WIö6 ¡ö
I kneel and pray X“dO WF0UW
ÆÆÆÆ  «d5“ I feel so bitter
ÆÆÆÆÆ …dHA+ W UÝ— I feel so angry
UJ¹d√ ŸuЗ w W¹dI³F« uM¹d½ v≈ I am looking for happiness
ô ÆÆÆU?J?¹d?√ w? v?²?Š p?ð—UDAÐ ”UM« ÍbIFð wJOKŽ «dŠË ÆÆtK«Ë pUMI²ý« I am looking for mercy
UO½œ U¹ 5LKFð ô√
dH s¹b« w VBF²« ÊQÐ UO½œ U¹ 5LKFð ô√
Up on the mountains
ÆÆÆwýULKŽ  UEŠö+ d− W¹d(« w ◊«dù«Ë
And under the trees
rNLJ%Ë rN²×KÝQÐ 5O¼U³²*« œuM'U¼ WON−MŽË rOÝU;« ·d wHJOÐ U wMF¹ ÊU½ù« W¹UN½ Ê√Ë
I continue to look
“ô ÆÆÆwHJOÐ U «c¼ q ÆÆÆ…d³G«Ë ‚dF«Ë »uA« wHJOÐ U wMF¹Ë ÆÆÆtK« oKÐ d³I« …u−
But nobody cares
rN²KLŽË rN²KGý  —U »U³ý s WLK sL√ UNKFLð Âu;UŽ ‚dL²Ð XMÐ q d¼b« U¹UMŁ w w³²ð ÂU¹_« VzUB

°°VOŽ tK«Ë ÆÆÆW¹U'«Ë W×¹«d« vKŽ w{UH« oOKF²«Ë rOÝU;« vKŽ lJ²« —bË ¡UC fHM« q²Ë
War is all around us
dN« vŽbð qOK«  öHŠË
Justice is asleep
Children are dying
h½ bFÐ XO³« w ld¹ q{ wK« ÊuHK²«  u vKŽ wu½ s WŽËeH XO× dD*« X% ÊuK−¹
And mothers weep
W?K?B?²?*«Ë U?J?¹d?√ s? W*UJ X½U ÆUJ¹d√ w  «dO−H²«  —U U Âu¹ qOK« dE²M*« `O*« ÊËdE²M¹

ÆWOJ¹d_« WFU'« w wF ”—bð X½U wK« w²³ŠU dLI« vKŽ gOF½ w w²³O³Š U¹ wUF²
There is so much fear
U?½√Ë w?ðu? `?³½« „UM¼ UN²OC wK« 5M« qË UJ¹d√ w XÝ—œ U½√ ö√ —œ«uM« V² w o(«Ë
Even the birds are afraid!
ÆÆW?³?B²G UM{—√Ë UMuIŠ t½≈Ë ÆÆÆ5œ¬ wMÐ 5OMODKH« u½≈ rUFKN Õdý√ —œUO³« w »cJ«Ë
Homes are destroyed
ÆÆ5*Uþ g 5uKE UM½≈Ë dŽUý ôË U³ðU Êu√ Ê√ b¹—√ ô d¼œ U¹
And only ruins remain
ÆÆÆÍeOK$ùUÐ ÕdBðË wJ³ð w²³ŠU  u w½Uł√ j)UŽ dzU²« ¡«—Ë U nA²JM w²³O³Š U¹ wUF²

“Why are you people dancing in the streets“ ‰U*« f¹bJð Ê√ 5LKFð ô√
But still, in spite of all this
UNLN√ ÍbÐ nO ·—UŽ g ÆÆÆqOK« h½ bFÐ …b¹bł …d{U× ÆÆÆwF XFË U½√ —«dI²Ý« WDš
We will never give up
ÆÆÆWBIU¼ w dBI g tK« ¡Uý U ÂöŽù«Ë ÆÆÆWł—bUN WKFHM w¼Ë WIOI(« —«b« qšb¹ ô ‰ö(«Ë
For we seek peace
r?¼Ë b?O?« p?? 5?OKOz«dÝ≈ fLš uJ rN½≈ n×BUÐ  √d 5uOÐ U¼bFÐ —UGB« ·ËdB «d(«Ë
And are prepared to wait
ÆÆÆ„—u¹uO½ w w½U³*«  bN½« U* «uHeÐË «uBdOÐ —ULF« s Ê√Ë

°°’uB)UNÐ wý  √d «–≈ UNQÝ√Ë w²³ŠUBÐ qBð√ Õ«— —Ub«Ë VJK  UÐ
Rawan Haddad
Denmark Æ—«b'« «c¼ sŽ bF²³M w²³O³Š U¹ wUF²
Í—UB'_« œuL$0
s=uUT s0 ”bI«
±∂ ≤∞∞± ‰Ë√ sdA Ø ‰uK√ e1U Àu ‰«

w Ëb « w½U0½ù« Êu½UI « ‰uŠ …—Ëœ

rN½«d.√ v ≈ rNð«d³š ÊuKIM¹ «—ôUOÐ uŽuD²+
W?? ?:ö?? F? ?« X?? "d?? 
2U?‰?O?N?« Èb?6≈ v?K? w?"dF «dOs* 2—d bI dL6_« ‰öN« 5
v?K? »Ëd?(« 2ö?Ë s0 nH; w« WO'U!'ù« ¨d?L?6_« VOKB«Ë
5 WO0U WO'U!'≈ ∆œU0 dAM vF! Ë ¨dA« q?? H? D? « ‚u??I? 6Ë
Æ»uFA« v?K? X?"d?F? U?L?* Æ2U?0u?J?(« q: s0 UTdO"u VW«u«
fKÐU½ ¨U+UŽ ±∂ ÍbMN « bL×+
Æ«—ôUO W!R0
◊UHFý ¨U+UŽ ±¥ w½U¼ œUNł
d?L?6_« ‰ö?N?« W?O?F?L?WË d?L?6_« VOKBK WOËb« WM>K
¨5?U?B?*« W?'UF* „—UF*« 2U6U v≈ ‰u9b« w" o(«
ÆdD;K ÷dF« ÊËœ ¨»d(« ÈdQ ÂULTô«Ë ¨d?L?6_« V?O?K?B?« s? U?N?"d?√ s?*√ r? ¡UO√ vK X"dF
vK pc* X"dF Ë ¨Á—UO9« v≈ 2œ√ w« …dJH«Ë e0dU*
fKÐU½ ¨U+UŽ ±µ ÍdB*« —U0¹ ÆUN WFU« 2U!R*«Ë WOËb« WM>K« 5 ‚dH«
tK « «— ¨U+UŽ ±∂ —œUI « b³Ž 5MŠ
w" bU! ¨W0UF« W"UIs« wMG 2U0uKF0 X!*« bI
ÆWOzUA'ù« lO{«u*«Ë 2ôUI*« WU* d??F? VOKB«Ë ‰öNU* W0b;!*« “u0d« Ê√ bI√ XM*
p– Ê√ ◊UAM« bF XHA*« wMMJË ¨WOMœ 2«bIF0 s
fKÐU½ ¨U+UŽ ±µ ÍdB(« Õd+ ö?* U?N?O?K? X?0U?: w??« —U?J"_« Ê√Ë ¨bO6u« V!« sJ r
Æ…b6«Ë 5OFL'«
v?≈ ÊU?>?K?« W?"U?* o?? b?: sb« ÊQ œUIô« Íb “eF ”bI « ¨U+UŽ ±∂ ŒËdO½ …—UÝ
W?K?0U?F?0 V?U?= U?0b?M? W%U9Ë ¨ÊU!'ù« ‚uI6 œUL« pcË ¨WO0uO« UM UO6 w" Àb% …dOs* «—u0√ Ê√ w 5
Æ5Ë o"d ¡«b_« s0 Èd_« ÆUM UW«ËË UM:uI6 W"dF0 UMOK
fKÐU½ ¨U+UŽ ±∑ ÊU½bŽ dÝU¹
…d0UL6 ÍbL6 ∫duB

UO½u²OÐ ¨U+UŽ ±∂ —UH « ö¼

V?O?K?B?U? W%U)« ÊU>K« qL WO¬ s …cM 2œËe 2«—Ëb ‚U$ô« vK wMF>A ¡UIK« ‰ö9 s0 t"d U0
ÆdL6_« ‰ö?N?« ÊU?' w" 5uD*« b6√ Êu*√ w* ¨wË_« ·UFù«
fKÐU½ ¨U+UŽ ±∑ W³¹U³Š d+UŽ ÆdL6_«
…dO³ « ¨U+UŽ ±∑ bLŠ√ bL×+
WO—b« 2«¡UIK« Èb6≈ w" dL6ô« VOKB« s0 UOk—Ëœ
t??u??I??×??ÐË ¨w??Ëb??« w??½U????½ù« Êu??½U??I?« ÆWHK²<« sÞu«  UEU× w
W?O?6U?' s?0 b?b?W v?K? 2U?0uKF*« 2u6« u vM9√ XM* 2U??*U??N? ? '« 2ö??Ë s??0 w??'U??F?  w?M?O?D?!?K?H?« V?F?A?« Ê_ Æ¢tðU³ł«ËË
wuD0Ë wHu* UO0u Àb% w« 2U*UN'ô«Ë —uB« t?O?K? V?>O" ¨l—_« nOMW 2UO:UH « UN d:√ w« t:uI6 œUL6 bOH0 V*
ÆWO'U!'ù« 2U‰ON« ÆUNM ŸU"b«Ë t:uI6 vK ·dF« 59—UA*« iFÐ  UIOKFð —œUJ « —UO²š«
fKÐU½ ¨U+UŽ ±∑ WO²ý W³¼
»ö?D?« s? 5?Зb?²?*« —U?O?²?š« - b?I¢ W?O?Ëb?« W?M?−?K?« l? ÊËUF²UÐ XN²½«
fKÐU½ ¨U+UŽ ±µ ` U qBO5 Ÿ«e?' W?I?D?M?0 w?" g?OF ÊU!'S* w:uI6 ·d√ X$%√
…bU!0 vK dBI dL6_« VOKB« —Ëœ Ê√ bI√ XM* Êu?Ý—b?¹ s?¹c?« p?¾?Ë√ W?U?š ¨5?OFU'« d?L?Š_« ‰ö?N?« W?O?F?L?łË dLŠ_« VOKBK
q??O? z«d??≈ b??L? F? ? w??? « ¨ÊU?!?'ù« ‚u?I?6 5?'«u?: V?!?6
s?0 d?O?!? ¡e?W p?– Ê√ 5?? s?J?Ë ¨5?KIF*«Ë ¡UM>!« ÆUN*UN'« ‰u?I?𠨢W?U×B«Ë ŸUL²łô« rKŽË Êu½UI« s? W?O?½U?¦?« W?K?Šd?*«  U?OUF wMODKH«
d?L?6_« V?O?K?B?K? W?O?Ëb?« W?M?>?K?« ÂuI w« 2«bU!*« UðUMŽ ¨U+UŽ ±¥ r‡½Už 50Š
U??N?  U??'œËe?? r?? 2U??0u??K? F? 0 U??'u??9œË“ b??I? ¨r?J? «d?J? bI¢ ∫nOCðË ÆŸËdA*« WIM ª◊UOš …b¹d  U?Ë√ w? w?Ëb« w½U½ù« Êu½UI« …—Ëœ
ÆWO«—b« ZTUM*« Ë√ ”—«b*« ÆUN1bI r?N?Ð W?U?š j?D?š l?{u ‰U:« rN ` W?M?−?K?« t?Ð l?KDCð Íc« —Ëb«Ë ¨ U“_«
fKÐU½ ¨U+UŽ ±µ n¹U½—UM+ W"U{ùU ¨dL6_« VOKB« `KDB0 tOMF U0 vK X"dF
¨r?N?½«d?√ v≈  UuKF*« ‰UB¹≈ WOHO ‰uŠ ‰ö?N?« W?O?F?L?łË d?LŠ_« VOKBK WOËb«
fKÐU½ ¨U+UŽ ±µ pA9 uÐ√ `+UÝ v?≈ ÃU?$ s0 …bU!0 Ê√Ë Æl—_« nOMW 2UO:UH « v≈
»U?F?_« »u?K?Ý« v?≈ ¡u?−K« dŁ¬ s rNML ƉU:« «c¼ w wMODKH« dLŠ_«
Ê√ wK V> ¨w:uI6 vK ÊËd9ü« k"U$ Ê√ b—√ UL* b??U??!? ' b??: U??/≈Ë ¨·d??F? ' s??0 v??K?  d?B??I? ô …b?U?!?*«
Êu?'U?I?« w?" U?N?M?0 œ—Ë U0 W%U9Ë ÆrN:uI6 vK k"U6√ ÆrNU%≈ WU6 w" U'¡«b√ d?šü« i?F?³?«Ë ¨q?O?¦?L?²?« q?C rNCFÐË w?²?« l?¹—U?A*« bŠ√ ŸËdA*« «c¼ bF¹
2U?O?:U?H ô« l0 q0UF« w" vKs*« WIdD« vK UM"dF
ÆwËb« w'U!'ù« UðUMŽ ¨U+UŽ ±∂ ÊUOKŽ bL×+ w?²?«  UuÝd«Ë —uB« v« ¡u−K« qC qOFHðË …œUOIK WOMODKH« W¾ON« UN²M³ð
ÆnOMW 2U:UH « W%U9Ë ¨WOËb«
fKÐU½ ¨U+UŽ ±π —œUI « b³Ž «—u½ WU{ùUÐ ¨Ÿu{u*UÐ ◊U³ð—« UN UBB dO¦ð »U??³??A?« n?¹d?F?²? «—ôU?O?Ð ≠»U?³?A?« —Ëœ
fKÐU½ ¨U+UŽ ±∏ W¹bM¼ d¼U+ ¨d??L? 6_« V??O? K? B? « f??R??0 ¨ÊU??'Ëœ Íd??M? T v??K?  X??"d?F?
Æ¢wM¼c« nBF«Ë  UýUIM« v≈ 5?½«uIUÐ rNH¹dFðË rNðU³ł«ËË rNuI×Ð
¡UMk√ WO'U!'ù« 2U‰ON« t lL Ê√ V> U0 vK X"dF ‰U?L?_«Ë ÆW?O?FL'« UNOK X0U: w« WO!Ozd« …dJH«Ë
¡U?M?Ł√ X?F?³?ð« w?²?«  U?ÞU?A?M« sŽ U√ bI Æ‚uI(« Ác¼ rN sLCð w²« WOËb«
¨2U?‰?O?N?« Ác?T q?L?F? f?9 w??« 2U?*U?N??'ô«Ë ¨2U?«eM« ÆWOËb« 5'«uI« ‰U>0 w" UN ÂuI w«
2U?‰?O?N?« Èb?6≈ u?T dL6_« VOKB« ÊQ ŸUD'« Íb ÊU* - bI¢ ∫◊UOš …b¹d …bO« ‰uI² ¨V¹—b²« U?³?U?Þ s?¹d?A?ŽË 5?MŁ« v‡KŽ —UO²šô« lË
2«b??U??!? *« .b??I? ¡U?D?n X?% U?M?O?K? f?!?>?? w??« ÆUNO" 5uD*« vK «dD9 qJA Ë ◊UHFý ¨U+UŽ ±µ aOA « œuL×+
 U??×??K??D??B??*« Õd??ýË  U?u?K?F?*« ‰U?B?¹≈ XOÐË ÕU−M«Ë X¹“dOÐ  UFUł s W³UÞË
U?0U?9 U?O?«Ë X?$??%√ Ê√ b?F?Ë ¨Êü« w?M?M?JË ¨WO'U!'ù« fKÐU½ ¨U+UŽ ±∑ pA9 uÐ√ k5UŠ
 «d?{U?;« U?N?M? ¨…b?¹b?Ž ‚d?D?Ð W?H?K²<« …—Ëb? «u?F?C??O? W?Šu²H*« ”bI«Ë r(
ƉË_« wW«Ë UNM ŸU"b« `%√ ¨WO'U!'ù« UNzœU* r?O?TU?H?*« W?"d?F?0 w?" U?L?N?0 «—Ëœ »U??A?« v?K? Ê√ X?L?KF
d?OOGðË Âö_« ÷dF WHK²<«  UÞUAM«Ë W?¾? v?« Áu?L?K?F?ð U? q?I½Ë WH¦J WO³¹—bð
iFË dL6_« VOKBK WOËb« WM>K« ÂUN0 vK X"dF v?? ≈ U?? N? ?K? I? ' t??O? K?  V??>?  ¨ÊU??!? 'ù« ‚u??I? $?  W??I? K? F? ? *«
fKÐU½ ¨U+UŽ ±∑ q¹u Ë rOKÝ ÆÊU!'ù« ‚uI6 Æsd9ü« v?≈ W?U?{ùUÐ ¨»UF_«Ë ¨UNBLIðË —«Ëœ_« Ë√ ¨W?O?H?O?B?«  ULO<« w ¡«uÝ »U³A«
◊UHFý ¨U+UŽ ±¥ qOKš uÐ√ ”«d5
fKÐU½ ¨U+UŽ ±∑ ·U0Ž qÝUРƢ‰UBðô«  «—UN rNLOKFð X½U√ ¡«uÝ ¨”—«b*« Ë√ WOÐU³A« e«d*«
WO½U¦ « WKŠd*«
ŸËdA*« …dJ5
q?I?M?Ð —œU?J?« √b?Ð ¨V?¹—b?²« ¡UN²½« bFÐ
s? r?¼d?O?ž v?≈ U?¼u?³??²?« w?²«  «d³)« bI¢ ∫«—ôUOÐ …d¹b —UDO³« UO½U¼ ‰uIð

5Ð U W¹dLF« W¾H« s ¨wMODKH« »U³A« »U???³???A??« W??łU??Š …b??O??Ë …d??J??H??« X??½U??

W¾H« Ác¼ vKŽ eOd²« - bË ÆUUŽ ±∏Ë ±≥ Êu?½U?I?« v?K?Ž d?¦?√ ·d?F?²?K? w?M?ODKH«

ÆWOU(« ŸU{Ë_UÐ «dŁQð d¦_« UN½u v≈ ¡w¹ b U ÍœUHðË wËb« w½U½ù«

b?I? ¨t?«b¼√ oIŠ b ◊UAM« Ê√ Ëb³¹Ë q?ł√ s q{UM¹ VFA UM²FLÝË UMð—u

◊UAM« «c¼ q¦ ÂUI¹ ÊQÐ W³UD pUM¼ X½U «—ôUOÐ ·«b¼√ Ê√ —UDO³« ÈdðËÆ¢tuIŠ qO½

sNzUMÐ√ v≈ tKI½ sN½UJSÐ Ê_  uO³«  UÐd wËb« dLŠ_« VOKB« ·«b¼√ l o«u²ð

ÆrNF sNUJ²Š«Ë ¨WOuO« WOÐd²« s ¡e− ÕUHJ« WOŽËdA vKŽ bRð w²« pKð WUš

d?³?Ž b?I? ¨WbN²*« W¾HK W³MUÐ U√ w? s?J?Ë ª‰ö?²?Šô« s hK²« qł√ s

o?O?³?D?ð Âb?F? t?zU?O?²?Ý« s?Ž r?N?M? d?O?¦?J?« W?O?½U??½ù« 5?½«u?I?« v?K?Ž W?E?U;« —UÞ≈

¨ÊU??½ù« ‚uI×Ð WU)« WOËb« 5½«uI« Æ¢WOËb«

tzUO²Ý«Ë ¨◊UAM« ‰öš UNOKŽ «udFð w²« —Ëœ ¡UDŽ≈ v≈ vFð «—ôUOÐ Ê√ U0Ë

ÆWOËb« W«bF« »UOž s ÊQÐ ÈdðË ¨wMODKH« »U³A« ŸUDI qŽU

W?O½U½ù« ∆œU³*« qIMÐ —bł_« r¼ »U³A«
WOK³I²0*« WFÐU²*« l? o?O??M?²?U?Ð X?U? b?I? ¨r?N?½«d?√ v≈
…d0UL6 ÍbL6 ∫duB

j??D??)« ‰u??Š —U??D??O??³?« U?O?½U?¼ ‰u?I?ð s WŽuL− —UO²šô WOMODKH«  UFU'«

o?×?²??ð W?Ðd?& Ác?¼ X?½U?¢ ∫W?O?K?³?I?²?*« …—Ëœ w «uÞd½« s¹c« ¨5OFU'« W³KD«

«c?¼ v?K?Ž ¡U?M?ÐË ¨U?N?L?O?OIð r²OÝË ¨…—œU³*« r?¼—Ëb?Ð «u?U? s?¹c«Ë ÂU¹√ W² WO³¹—bð

¨U¼—«dL²Ý« ÊUJùUÐ ÊU Ê≈ —dI²OÝ rOOI²« rNKOł ¡UMÐ√ v≈ U¼uLKFð w²« rO¼UH*« qIMÐ
fKU'/ W=ö rO;0 w" 2bI w« WOIOD« 2U—u« Èb6≈ s0 V'UW ∆œU?³?0 »U?³A« qOł WOŽuð WOL¼_ WUš ”—«b?*« s? œb?ŽË W?O?HOB«  ULO<« w
±∑ WA"d" ≤∞∞± ‰Ë√ sdA Ø ‰uK√ e1U Àu ‰«

Remember Those Who Serve You

Âu−M «Ë X½√
lways remember those ble and the waitress was growing im-
who serve you. In the patient. “Thirty-five cents,” she v?K?Ž Æ…d?O?ðu?« n?O?H??ðË —c?(«Ë W?D?O(« –Uð« v≈ dNA« «c¼ „uŽb¹

days when an ice cream brusquely replied. The little boy WOKzUŽ lO{«u …—UŁ≈Ë WKzUF« l ¡UI³« w W³ždUÐ dFAð wKzUF« bOFB«

sundae cost much less, a ten year again counted his coins. “I’ll have the q?L?²?% ô p?K?F?−?¹ b? n?¼d?*« pÝUŠ≈ Æ UöF« bOÞuðË ‰uKŠ œU−¹ù
l?u?²?Ý w?H?ÞU?F?« b?OFB« vKŽ Æ·«dÝù«Ë „U¹≈ Æ UEŠö*«Ë  «œUI²½ô«
old boy entered a hotel coffee plain ice cream,” he said. The wait-
·dF²Ý UГUŽ XM «–≈Ë ¨p¹dAUÐ ‰UBðô«Ë V(« »UF√Ë  «dUG*UÐ pH½
shop and sat at a table. A ress brought the ice cream, put the
Æ…dO¦ …eO2  «¡UI
waitress put a glass of wa- bill on the table and walked away.
ter in front of him. “How The boy finished the ice cream, paid ld¹Ë «—«dI²Ý« d¦« pKF−¹Ë ¨…bF_« WU vKŽ …bOł —uQÐ k(« „bF¹
much is an ice cream sundae?” the cashier and left. When the wait- ·«b¼√ oOI% WOGÐ  «uDÐ ÂuIðË ¨sײ²Ý W¹œU*« p«uŠ√ ÆpðU¹uMF

—u¦ «
he asked. “Fifty cents,” replied the ress came back, she began to cry as ¨WÐcŽ ¡«uł√ gOF²Ý wHÞUF« bOFB« vKŽ ÆWŽdÐ ÂbI²ðË ¨WOŽ«ËË W²ÐUŁ
waitress. The little boy pulled his she wiped down the table. There, X?M? «–≈Ë ¨¡U?M?N?«Ë V?(« ÂU?¹√ t?ö?š b?O?F²ð ¨oO—Ë eO2 ¡UI „UM¼Ë
hand out of his pocket and stud- placed neatly beside the empty dish, ÂU?¹√ œu?F?² UD³ðd XM «–≈ U√ ¨W¹—cł WI¹dDÐ pðUOŠ dOG²²Ý «bOŠË
ied the coins in it. were two nickels and five pennies. ÆpHÞ«uŽ ¡«—Ë —«d$ô« —c% Ê√ pOKŽ sJË ¨WO½UËd«
Chosen by: “Well, how much is a plain dish You see, he couldn’t have the sun-
Saleem Habbash ÕU²²Ý pKLF W³MUÐ Æ UœUB*« iF³ «bOFÝ ÊuJðË k(« p r²³¹
of ice cream?” he inquired. By now dae, because he wanted enough left

TYT reporter UOHÞUŽ Æv{uH« bFÐ UN½UJ v≈ œuFð ¡UOý_« Ê√ dFAðË ¨…dO¦ ’d p
more people were waiting for a ta- to leave her a tip.
¡ËbNUÐ Ue²K vI³ð Ê√ pOKŽ sJË ¨pðUOŠ v≈ —«dI²Ýô«Ë Âö« œuFOÝ
Æ¡«uł_« WzbNð qC_«Ë ¨UNNł«uð b WÐd& s ”QOð ô Ɖ«b²Žô«Ë

Definitions of Man and Woman dO¼UA*« hB. s+

∫ÊUÞd0 «
o?K?I?« sË ¨WI¦« v≈ œœd²« s qI²M²ÝË ¨qË b dO³J« dNA« u¼ U¼
ö ¨‰U*« s UGK³ `Ðdð U0—Ë ¨’dH« p du²²ÝË ¨WKOL'« œuŽu« v≈
mind, I’ll do it myself,” and he

man is a person who, if …eF« rO'— ∫rJ UN —U9« XM «–≈ dšü« pHB½ ¡UIK pd œ«œe²Ý ¨UOHÞUŽ Ærײ« qÐ UłdH² nIð
a woman says, “Never lets her and she get mad, says, ”bI« Æ…b¹bł …UOŠ v≈ ‚öD½ô«Ë ¨Ã«Ëe« Ë√ WÐuDK W³ÝUM …d²H« Ác¼Ë ¨UOUš

mind, I’ll do it myself,” “Now what are you mad about?” ÆUEIO² vI³ð Ê√ pOKŽ sJË ¨…Q− V(« lI¹ U0—

A woman is a person who, if WUš n«u ¨bzUË dŽUýË VðU qJ

lets her.
she says to a man, “Never mind, `?³?B?¹ Ê√ q?³? ¨ÁU?³?Ë t?ÐU³ý w UNýUŽ
A woman is a person who, if  U?ö?F?«Ë d?ŽU?A?*«Ë W?O?HÞUF« ŸU{Ë_« vKŽ ¡«u{_« jK¹ dNA« «c¼
b? w?²« n«u*« iFÐ wK¹ ULOË ÆÆÆULOEŽ
I’ll do it myself,” and he lets her

she says to a man, “Never mind, œb?N?ð W?O?zU?−  UÐöI½UÐ —cM¹ «c¼ Ê√ ô≈ Æ…uKŠ UðUË√ gOF² ¨WO½U½ù«
UbMŽ »U²J« Ê√ u¼ UM¼ rN*« ¨WOAU¼ ÊuJð
I’ll do it myself,” and he lets her, and she get mad, and he says, pð«—b “d³ðË ¨…dO¦ ’d p ÕU²ð wMN*« bOFB« vKŽ Æ—cŠU ¨WFODIUÐ
…d?O?Ý V²J¹ s Ë√ ¨WOð«c« r¼dOÝ Êu³²J¹
gets mad. “Now what are mad about?” says ÆŸU?{Ë_« e?¹e?FðË …—U−²«Ë ‰ULŽú W³ÝUM …d² Ác¼Ë ¨W¹dJH«Ë WOMH«
n?«u?*« s? b?¹b?F?« v??M?¹ b? t?½S? ¨ÁdOž ÆW×B« bOF vKŽ WOÝU  «d²HÐ dL²Ý p½_ ‚U¼—ù« sŽ bF²Ð«
A man is a person who, if a “If you don’t know I’m not going
W?L?N? Êu?J?²?? U?N?³?²? Ê≈Ë ÆÆÆW?O?½U?O³B«
woman says to him, “Never to tell you.”
U? q? s?Ž U?O?K??²? ÂU?_« v?≈ d?EMðË ¨ U×HB« VKIð wJ Xu« ÊUŠ

¡«—cF «
sJË ¨ ôU:« WU w k(« dNA« «c¼ pO≈ qL×¹ Æ «uD)« p qdF¹
w?z«Ë—Ë ’U? ¢«d?³?ł r?O?¼«d?Ð≈ «d?³?ł¢
iFÐ ·dFð ¨WKzUF« bOF vKŽ ÆöIF² sË ¨ U“U:« s —c% Ê√ pOKŽ
ÆÆÁU³ sŽ WOð«c« tðdOÝ w V² wMODK
w{U*« s VO³Š œuF¹ U0— ¨UOHÞUŽ Æ»UOž bFÐ —uNEK œuFð w²« qUA*«
You’re an l? ÂU?¹_« s? Âu?¹ w? w?I?Ð t½√ Ádc¹ U2Ë
 b??Ž√ b?? t??√ X??½U??Ë ÆƉe??M?*« w? t?ðb?ł
ÆV(« —u√ w …b¹bł WöD½ô ULN ¡UIK« ÊuJ¹Ë

W?F?zUÐ s VOK(«  d²ý« YOŠ ¨¢WOKDON«¢

Arab When.... ¡«dý vKŽ UM …—b ô¢ ∫‰uIð X½UË ¨Wu−²
U?ö?Š√ q?L?×¹ Íc« qOL'« dNA« «c¼ w dðu²« ‰Ëe¹Ë ÂuOG« lAIMð

dOJH²«Ë Ÿ«bÐù«Ë oK)« vKŽ pð—b nþuð Ê√ pOKŽ qLF« bOF vKŽ Æ…dO¦
Æ¢…—Ëd?C?« b?M?ŽË  U³ÝUM*« w ô≈ VOK(«
p qL×¹ b UA¼b U{dŽ vIK²ð ¨pF¹—UAË pULŽ_ UN³²M sË ¨rOK«
U?N?²??³?Þ d?O?C?% s? Â_« X?N?²½« UbMŽË
 dFý «–≈ Æ5ГUF« iF³ ë˓ ¡«uł_« w dNE¹ ¨UOHÞUŽ Æ…dO³ Wd
¨WMšUÝ w¼Ë UNM qQ¹ ô√ t²Ë√ ¨…c¹cK« ÆpMŽ ¡U³Ž_« nOHðË d³BUÐ wKײ« pOKF ‚U¼—ùUÐ
s? UNðœuŽ bMŽ Ϋd?N?þ U?NM tLFDð ·uÝË
UL Æo³D« «c¼ V×¹ ÎUC¹√ »_« Ê_ ¨‚u«
¨ U?O?D?F?*« i?F?Ð U?N?O? d?OG²ð …b¹bł W¹«bÐ p– d³²FðË sײUÐ dFAð
V?F?K?O? V?¼– Ê√ ô≈ wIA« w³B« s ÊU ¨WI¦Ð pULŽ√ v≈ vF² ¨ÕU−MUÐ pOŽU qKJ²ðË ¨WIÐU« ¡U³Ž_« ‰ËeðË

»dIF «
t?√ ÊQ?Ð Ád?³?š√Ë t?I?¹b błu ¨œôË_« l Ë√ Ÿ«d? l?I?¹ b?Ë ¨W?J?zU?ý lO{«u —U¦ð b ÆÕUЗ√Ë  «—UB²½« oI%Ë
s¹c« ¨œôË_« WOI³Ð «uI²« rŁ ÆWOKDO¼ X³Þ pO≈ qL×¹ ¨eO2 dNA« «c¼ ¨UOHÞUŽ ÆUNM ÈQM0 qE²Ý pMJË ¨WNł«u
wJË ¨ÁuÐcJ ¨W³D« dQÐ tI¹b r¼d³š√ Ë√ WOBA« pðUOŠ w qšbð Í√ s —cŠ« sJË ¨ÕU−M«Ë V(«  «—Uý≈

l?Ë ÆX?O?³?« v?≈ r?¼c?š√ ¨t?b rN X³¦¹ ÆWOMN*«

U?¹U?I?Ð Êu?I?F?K?¹ ‰U?H?Þ_« ÊU? ¨…b?«u« …œuŽ

ÆÊu×B« p?M?Ž n??ð ÆW?“ö?« ’u?×?H?« ¡«d?ł≈Ë p?²?×?B?Ð ÂUL²¼ö `½UÝ Xu«
ÆsŠ√ l{Ë w Ëb³ðË ¨qC√ WKŠd pUM¼ ÊuJðË ¨ U³ł«u«Ë ◊uGC«

WBI« ¢d¹uÝ Âuð¢ VŠU ¢s¹uð „—U¢

lË ¨ dNA« «c¼ pH½ vKŽ ÍuDMð b wHÞUF«Ë wBA« bOFB« vKŽ
”uI «
W?O?M?ž W?O?ŽU?L?²?łô« p?ðU?O?Š Êu?J?ðË ¨WKOLłË WÐcŽ  «¡UI p ÊuJ²Ý p–
W?F?U'« w WÝ«—bK V¼– UbMŽ ¨…dONA«
V¼– UbMŽË ¨tÐ t²Ë√Ë ¨qO$ù« t√ t²DŽ√
- You make Turkish coffee before leaving
YFÐ ¨tð“u×Ð w²« œuIM« XN²½«Ë WFU−K
home, when getting in the office, after lunch, s «œ— t√ t X³²J ÆÆΫœuI½ VKD¹ tK¼√ v≈
`³B¹Ë ¨dšü« pHB½ l rN ¡UI qB×OÝË ¨V(« u¼ dNA« «cN p½«uMŽ
when having guests, before the guests leave,

t½QÐ U¼d³¹ UN V²J ÆÆÆqO$ù« √d« ∫5²LK WOBA« ª…bF_« q vKŽ ëdH½ôUÐ dFAðË ¨öNÝ s¹dšü« l r¼UH²«
after the quests leave and before going to bed Á√dI¹ Ê√ tM W³UÞ tO≈ XKÝ—Q Æ5ðd Á√d w ◊—u²« Ë√ ¨·«dÝù«Ë d¹c³²« v≈ Íu qO s pKH« „—c×¹ ÆWOMN*«Ë
- You call an older person you’ve never met t?ł«—œ√ œU?Ž Ê√ ô≈ t?M? ÊU? UL ÆÈdš√ …d ÆÊ–≈ —cŠU ¨…dO³ …—Uš lu¹ b wUOš ŸËdA
before “Ammo” or “Khalto.” t??√ X??³?K?Þ v?²?Š q?Ë Ê√ U?Ë ¨t?K?¼√ v?≈
- Getting a visa to Europe or the States is like t√ X½U ÆÆÆœuIM« tO «–S ¨t²×²Ë qO$ù«
having a baby; everybody tells you “Mabrook” 5?Ð W?F?U?'U?Ð t?U?×?²?« q?³? U?N?²?F{Ë b pOKŽ sJ ¨U³F² Ëb³ðË ¨bOŽ«u*«Ë  UÞUAM« nŽUC²ðË ·ËdE« sײð
u b «

- You look for universities as far from home ÆqO$ù«  U×H ¨…¡U?M?Ð l?¹—U?A? w? p?ðU?UÞ nþË ¨◊uGC« rž— …dO*« vKŽ kU% Ê√
Æp?ÐU?B?Ž√ ‚U?¼—≈ Âb?ŽË …d?O?ðu?« n?O?H?ðË WŠ«d²Ýô« s ¡wý l sJË
as possible.
v?K?Ž Êu?J¹ ô b oAFU ¨ÍœUO²Žô« „uł w …œUF« sŽ Y×Ы ¨UOHÞUŽ
- Your relatives alone could populate a small a?¹—U?²?« «c?¼ t? Êu?J?¹ Ê√ q?³? ¢d?K?²?¼ ¢
ÆdHÝË Õ«d√Ë ÕdË WOKð ¡«uł√ gOFð dNA« dš«Ë√ w ÆpF bŽu
city. UbMŽ UFU¹

- You feel uncomfortable saying the word ‰ULŽ_« s dO¦J« sN²« ¨5dÐ WLUF« —«“
 U?³?K?I?²?« q? r?ž— Íb??'«Ë w??H?M?« pz«œ√ vKŽ kU% Ê√ pÐ s×¹
‘tease’ in English u¼ tdF½ ô UË ÆgOF« WLI tHM sRO

UŠU$ oI%Ë …bOFÝ «—U³š√ vIK²ðË pðU¹uMF lHðdð ÆpuŠ s  «dOG²«Ë

œuIM« sRO —UNM« ‰«uÞ bJ¹Ë qLF¹ ÊU t½√
- Your aunt is always asking when she can p?O?K?Ž —b?¹ ö?L?Ž qGAð Ë√ ¨U³BM √u³²ð bË ¨—UE½_« j× pKF−¹ «dO³
qFË ¨tÐdýË tK_ r²N¹ r ¨V²J« Íd²A¹ w
dance at your wedding b? ÆW?¹dOB …uDš vKŽ ÂbIðË ¨VO³(« s d¦√ »d²Ið ¨UOHÞUŽ ÆÕUЗ_«
s? q?OKIÐ uË tžUœ wI²ð X½U tðbF
ÆVO³(« Ë√ p¹dA« l WŠ—UB v≈ ÃU²%
±∏ X'd'«Ë ÆÆÆ d uOL* ≤∞∞± ‰Ë√ sdA Ø ‰uK√ e1U Àu ‰«

Proton Power Batteries

By Issa Fuad Stephan recombine with incoming electrons giving the proton polymer battery
Terra Santa College forming hydrogen atoms and bind- a life of tens of thousands of cy-
Bethlehem ing to the anode material. Recharg- cles, instead of the hundreds asso-
廫Ëò ‰«
ing the battery reverses the proc- ciated with conventional recharge-

new type of battery that ess. able batteries. NEC believes that a w? ‚d?D?²?M?Ý «c? ¨WKOK tHzUþË sŽË tMŽ s¹dO¦J« WdF sJ ¨»«u« sŽ lL½ UMK

relies on a proton ÆÎöOBHðË WKLł »«u« v≈ Y¹b(«

The tiny protons speed through virtually limitless cycle life,
traveling between its »«u« vMF
the electrolyte quicker than the amongst other things, makes the
poles will hopefully soon be avail- u¼ ¨WOJKÝö«  UIO³D²« ‰uuðËdÐ Wap Wireless Application Protocol »«u«
complex molecules that carry new battery ideal for the recently
‰uuðËd³« «c¼ ¨ÎUOJKÝô …eNł_« 5Ð UN{«dF²Ý«Ë töš s  U½UO³« qI½ r²¹ Íc« ”UOI*«
able. Not only does the new bat- charges in conventional batteries. introduced Blue-tooth short-range
W?łu?*« s? d?u?¹Ë k?H?×?¹ t?½√ t?ðe?O? s?J? ¨X?½d?²?½ù« w? …œu?łu*«  ôuuðËd³K tÐUA
tery recharge more quickly; in ad- This means that a 12-volt proton radio technology, which wirelessly http:// —u? »«Ë W?d?ý X?U bË ÆWOJKÝö« …eNłú ÎU?B?O?Bš ŸuMBË ÀœËb½U³«Ë
dition, it can be recharged an un- polymer battery recharges in just links notebook PCs, mobile s ΫdO¦ duð w²« WOMI²« Ác¼ w qCH« W³ŠU w¼Ë Ád¹uD²Ð
limited number of times, with ob- five minutes. The battery also gen- phones, and other portable gadg- ÆX½d²½ù« ÍœUðd s dO¦J ‰U*«Ë Xu«Ë bN'«
vious benefits. erates more power in a shorter pe- ets. ∫»«u« qLŽ WOHO
The new proton polymer bat- riod of time. In addition, the cap- NEC is currently introducing bË ¨Èdš√ —u√Ë  UuKF s ¡d*« t³KD¹ U q vKŽ Íu²×¹ X½d²½ù« Ê√ ·ËdF*« s
tery, developed by NEC Corp., ture and release of electrons also the battery to other manufacturers. v≈ ‰ušb« VKD²¹ U2 ¨œ«d_«  U«e²«  b¹«eð UL ¨ÂU¹_« Ác¼ w X½d²½ù« WOL¼√  œ«œ“«
works more like a capacitor causes less degradation of the elec- It is still too early, however, to tell w ÎU?u?B?š ¨d?ðu?O?³?L?J?«Ë X?½d?²?½ù«  öË UNO du²ð ô sU√Ë  UË√ w X½d²½ù«

(which stores an electrical charge) trodes than the electrochemical re- when large-scale production will X?½d?²?½ù« s?  U?uKF*« qIM ¨sU_« s U¼dOžË  «—«“u«Ë  «—UD*U ¨WLŠœe*« sU_«

than a conventional pK² …dO³  UýUý Ë√ W'UF …uIÐ Î…œUŽ l²L²ð ô w²«Ë ¨…dOGB« WuL;« …eNł_« v≈
action of conventional batteries, begin.
electrochemical battery. When the  U?½U?O?³?« q?I?M? h?B?? u?N? «c¼ q ‚uË ÆWO³²J*« Ë√ WOeM*« …eNł_« vKŽ …œułu*«
ÆÎUOUŠ Wb²*« X½d²½ù« fO¹UI WUJ t²IÐUD v≈ WU{≈ ¨UOJKÝô
battery is fully charged, hydrogen X½d²½ù«Ë ¡U0M « nðUN« v≈ WÐuKD*«  UuKF*« ‰uË qNOË ¨ÎUC¹√ »«u« błË UC¹√ V³« «cN
atoms, each of which has one elec-
∫UL¼ ¨ÊU²I¹dÞ UNË ÆqŠ«d …bŽ d³Ž UN²'UF r²¹ YO×Ð ¨…dOGB« WýUA« Í– ‰UIM«
tron and one proton, are bound 5Lš Ê√ 5³ð ¨Í√d«  UŽöD²Ýô e−M²¹d²O½ ÊuKO½ WÝR UNðdł√ WÝ«—œ w
sHK²¹ ô  U¹uOÝü« ¡UM« Ê√Ë ¨¡UM« s r¼ UJ¹d√ w X½d²½ù« w×HB² s WzU*UÐ
Wireless Markup ¢ W?×?H?B? U?³KÞ »«u« nðU¼ qÝd¹ SMS W?UÝ— ‰öš s Ʊ
within the cathode material. When
Æ UOJ¹d_« sNð«dOE½ sŽ «dO¦
“WML” Language
W?U?Ýd?« ‰U?Ý—≈ ¡U?M?Ł√Ë ¨W?Ðu?K?D?*«  U?u?KF*« vKŽ Íu²% w²«
an electrical circuit is opened, the Á—Ëb?Ð Íc« short message service center SMSC v?≈ U?N?uËË SMS …d?O?BI«
wb² Ê√ UMEŠô bI¢ ∫UOݬ »uMł w WdAK »b²M*« uCF« 5ý Íu¼ ‰UË
electrons split from the atoms and UNK¹u%Ë X½d²½ù« s  UuKF*« VK−Ð ÎU³Už ÂuI¹ Íc« ¨»«u« wËdÐ qšb v≈ tKÝd¹
s?N?½√Ë ¨—u?c?« s? q?OUH²UÐ UUL²¼« d¦√ ¨w*UF« bOFB« vKŽ ¡UM« s WJ³A«
flow through the circuit towards ƉUIM« nðUN« UNLNH¹ w WML v≈ HTML WGO s
tOCI¹ U2 q√ `HB²« w tMOCI¹ Íc« Xu« Ê√ 5Š w ¨Â«b²Ýô« w …¡UH d¦√
an anode, giving off electricity. w  UuKF*« tO VKD¹ ‰UBð« ÊUOÐ »«u« nðU¼ YF³¹ ¨‰UBðô«  U½UOÐ ‰öš s Æ≤
œd?−?0 W?J?³?A« s słd¹Ë ¨tMŽ s¦×³¹ U sdF¹ sN½√ wMF¹ U2 ¨…œUF« w ‰Ułd«
The protons flow through an elec- Ƣʜd¹ U vKŽ sNuBŠ
trolyte to the anode, where they DCS‰«
WÐuKD*«  UuKF*« lłdð ªVKD« vKŽ ΫœUL²Ž«Ë ¨»«u« wËdÐ qšb s …dýU³
v≈  UuKF*« DCS ‰« qÝd¹Ë wml v≈ html o½ s UNK¹u% r²¹Ë X½d²½ù« s U³Už
... tes et

ÆWb)UÐ ‰uu*« nðUN«

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Si ern

WML: WG w¼ U
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VÝUMð w²« …dOGB«  U×HB« ÷dF Âb²ðË HTML WGKРΫbł WNO³ý WG w¼


X½d²½ô« XML Extensible W?G? s? o?O?³?Dð w¼Ë ¨dðuO³LJ«Ë WUIM« nð«uN«  UýUý ÂU−Š√
Ÿu{u w UNO≈ ‚dD²MÝ w²« ¨œ«b²ö WKÐUI« hM« rOKFð WG Markup Language WGK« wU²UÐË ¢≤œuJO½u¹¢ ”UOI rŽbð w²« UNd× WŠu fH½ Âb²ðË ¨UIŠô qBH ‰« 5ÐË UNMOÐ ‚dH«Ë xml WG vKŽ r²²Ý WOK³I²  UU{≈ Í√ rŽb²Ý UN½√ UL WOÐdF«
w? ”ËU?Ë `OðUH WŠu pK1 ô Âb²*« Ê√ rKFð YO×Ð WLLB …dOš_« Ê√ w¼ wml
w²« “ud« s WŽuL− v≈ WLI wN ¨ÍœUF« dðuO³LJUÐ WF¹dÝ WI¹dDÐ tKLFÐ ÂuI¹
A ‘must’ for anyone with an inter- ÆÂb²*« ‰UF√ q¦9

If you want to see your favorite  «—«b?Ï≈ Àb?ŠQ?Ð h?B??²? w?Ðd?Ž lu
est in sports. Football fans in par- ∫»«u« q³I²

Disney character, play various w?½U?ž_« s? b?¹b?F?« tO ¨WOÐdF« vIOÝu*«
ticular are bound to love it as, ¨…b?¹b?ł W?O?M?Ið sŽ lL½ Ê√ œd−L³ ¨Î«b?ł q?¼c? w?u¹ —uDð w »uÝU(« rUŽ Ê≈

games with Winnie the Pooh or Íu²×¹ ¨p– v≈ WU{ùUÐ ÆW1bI«Ë …b¹b'«
amongst other things, if offers w WbI²*« UOłuuMJ²«Ë qzUN« ÕU²H½ô« qþ w ULOÝ ô ¨ «bł dOB XË w Èdš√ dNEð

Mickey Mouse, or simply catch up r?OLB²« Æ»dF« 5½UMHK —u vKŽ lu*«
news about all the major football s «dOG «¡eł ÊuJOÝ »«u« ø»«u« q³I² u¼ U ¨iF³« ‰¡U²¹ U0—Ë Æse« «c¼

on the latest news concerning Dis- l?u?*« «c?¼ w? ‰«u?−?²?«Ë ¨q?O?LłË ¡ÈœU¼
matches. …dOB u¹œ«d«  Ułu q¹bFð vKŽ bL²Fð w²« ÀuðuK³« WOMIð „UM¼ ¨q³I²*« UOłuuMJð

ney productions, then this is your w??½U??ž_« ŸU??L??Ý …«u??N?? t?Ð `?B?M?½ Æl?²?2
ÆX½d²½ù«Ë …eNł_« Ác¼ 5ÐË ¨ UJ³A«Ë …eNł_« 5Ð q«u²«Ë jÐd« WOKLŽ jO³² ªÈb*«

site. Enjoy! ÆWOÐdF«

rÝ« VKÞ Âb²*« ÊuJ¹ b U½UOŠ√Ë Æ—bB*« vKŽ Íu²% Internet Explorer  «—«b≈ w? W?K?J?A? “d?³?ð ÊU?O?Š_« iFÐ w

Ê«u?M?F« ‰UšœSÐ ÂU tMJË ¨U×O× lu*« Æ…b¹b'«  UÞU³ð—ô« Ác¼ s b¹bF« ¨WOÐdF« WGKUÐ WŁœU;« l«u iFÐ
VO& PalnetË ‰Q0ð X½√

d?N?E?²? ¨q?_« v?K?Ž bŠ«Ë ·dŠ w U¾D n?O? ÆW?Ðu?K?I?  U?LKJ« dNEð YO×Ð

ÆWUÝd« Ác¼ øt²HOþË UË ¨wËd³« u¼ U øp– W'UF sJ1

t?²?HOþË ¨Cache Machine s?Ž …—U?³Ž u¼ «b²Ý« o¹dÞ sŽ p– W'UF sJ1

s? d?¦?√ ôU?³?≈ w?ö?ð w?²« l«u*« s¹eð Z?U?½dÐ Í√ Ë√ ¨Internet Explorer
WUÝ— vKŽ dýR½ UbMŽ ÊUOŠ_« iFÐ w
q?ł√ s? ¨q?zU?¼ q?J?A?Ð W?Ðu?K?D?*«Ë ¨U?¼d?O?ž ÃU²×¹ bË ¨WOÐdF« WGK« rŽb¹ `HBð
ô≈ ¨ block sender‡Ð hotmail lu w
s? ôb?ÐË ¨d?³√ WŽdÐ Âb²LK U¼dOuð WGK« v≈ Encoding q¹u% v≈ p–
nOË øV³« UL ¨—uNE« w dL²ð UN½√
w??Ëd?³?« Âu?I?¹ ¨—b?B?*« s? l?u*« VKÞ Æpc sJð r «–≈ WOÐdF«
ø…œuF« s UNFM/
¡U?M?Ž Âb??²??*« b?³?J?²?¹ ô p?cÐË ªÁdOu²Ð
Block W?ö?F?Ð W?U?Ý— v?K?Ž d?O?ýQ?²?« bMŽ —bB*« s lu*« —UCŠ≈Ë ÃËd)UÐ WIA*« v?K?Ž ·d?F?²?K? W?I?¹d?Þ Ÿd?Ý√ w?¼ U?
sJ ¨UIKD —uNE« œËUFð ô UN½S ¨Sender ø5F Ÿu{u ‰uŠ …œbF² l«u
ÆwËd³« vKŽ ÁœułË ÂbŽ WUŠ w ô≈
«b²Ý« sJ1 ¨Èdš√ …d U¼—uNþ ‰UŠ w v?L??¹ U? Y?×?³?« l?«u? w błu¹

sJ1 U¼bMŽË ¨Junk Mail w¼ Èdš√ WI¹dÞ dNEðË ¨qLFð ô UN½S ¨l«u*« iFÐ `² bMŽ U??N??ö??š s?? r??²?¹ ¨Related Links
Junk Mail Ë√ Junk Mail Filter q???L???Ž øV³« UL ¨ © page not found® WUÝ— UM Z??U??F??ð w??²?« l?«u?*« i?F?Ð ÷d?Ž

Èb? …d?u?²? d?O?ž W?Ðu?K?D*« W×HB« ÊuJð Ê√ v????M??½ ôË ¨ÕËd??D??*« Ÿu??{u??*«

l ÊËUF²UÐ W×HB« Ác¼ —bBð This page was produced in cooperation with Palnet

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±π W{U—Ë W$% ≤∞∞± ‰Ë√ sdA Ø ‰uK√ e1U Àu ‰«

WO×B « W¹Ë«e «
wÐdF « r UF « w5 …bz«— …dJ5 WO×B « W¹Ë«e «
WOMOD0KH « W{U¹dK ÃËd¹ X½d²½ù« vKŽ ¢ —u³Ý ‰UТ l.u+ WO×B « W¹Ë«e «
ÍuK9 qA5 Ω  U½uK+´ UNJM+´ U½u+d¼
¨¡«cG« o¹dÞ sŽ qšbð w²« ÂuL« Ê√ 5¹dB 5¦ŠU³ WÝ«—œ Xœ
¨b?³?J?« —u?B?Ë Íu?K?J?« q?A?H?«  ôU?Š ŸU?H?ð—ô w?Ozd« V³« qJAð
 «uMÝ bFÐ ô≈ dNE¹ ô ¨wL«dð dOŁQð  «– WOŽUM œ«u vKŽ UNz«u²Šô
Êu?Šö?H?« Âu?I?¹ w?²?«  U?½udN« «b²Ý« s WÝ«—b«  —cŠË ¨WK¹uÞ
U?Nb²ð ô W²³M« Ê√ –≈ ¨ÕUH²«Ë VMF«Ë Œu)U t«uH« vKŽ UNýdÐ
Ær'« v≈ …dýU³ qB² ¨wzuC« qO¦L²« WOKLŽ w

VKI « ÷«d+√Ë U9UJ «Ë ÕUH² «

Íu?²?% U?UJ« Ê√ Ê«d¾H« vKŽ X¹dł√ w²« WOË_« »—U−²« X²³Ł√
iHðË 5¹«dA« œ«b½« lM9 w²« ÂuOOMG*«Ë ”U×M«Ë b¹b(« vKŽ
s?Ž ‰Ëd?²??O?u?J?« r?«dð ÊËœ ‰u% Ê√ UNMJ1 UL ¨VKI« i³½ WŽdÝ
ÆW¹uA½Ë W¹dJÝ œ«u v≈ Êu¼b« q¹u% o¹dÞ
s d¦√ UUJ« —uA w du²ð WIÐU« œ«u*« Ê√ Y׳« s `Cð«Ë
W³MÐ œ«u*« Ác¼ vKŽ Íu²% U¼—ËbÐ w¼Ë ¨UNH½ WNUH« w U¼d«uð
…d0UL6 ÍbL6 ∫duB

w?IÐ ÆWNUH« Ÿ«u½√ WOIÐ vKŽ ‚uH²¹ Íc« ¨ÕUH²« w tOKŽ w¼ U2 d³√
b?−?¹ Ê√ q?√ v?KŽ ¨Ê«d¾H« l ÎU?ŠU?$ X?I?I?Š »—U?−²« Ác¼ Ê√ dc½ Ê√
ÆÊU½ù« vKŽ Íd¹dÝ Y׳ Îö¹u9 Êu¦ŠU³«

Pal Sport l:u0 ÊU{dF! ©jË® w!OI« ”«d"Ë ©—U!® Í—U;« bL6√

–U??ð« W?O?K?LŽ w w{U¹d« lL²:« v??L???ð W?×?H? U?C?¹√ p?U?M?¼Ë ¨W?O?Ëb?« W?{U¹d«  UŠUÝ sŽ tÐUOž vIOÝu+ s+ …d9«–
g6 rOK ∫ ¡UIK« ÈdW√
W???{U???¹d???U???Ð W???I??K??F??²??*«  «—«d??I??« v??K??Ž Íu??²?% Y?O?Š ¨V?Žö?*« …d?«–  UuKF*UÐ ÁœËe¹ «—bB b−¹ sJ¹ rË
Œ—R?ðË ¨W?O?M?ODKH« W{U¹d« a¹—Uð Æ5³Žö« sŽ WOUJ«
œUL6 bOH0 Ë ÍdLM« d0UË
b?«d?« q?J?A?¹ t?½u? ¨W?O?M?O?D??K?H?« WŽuL−  bŽUÝ vIOÝu*« Ê√ ¡ULKFK 5³ð ¨ «u_« Ÿ«u½√ q 5Ð s
Àb??Š Í√ w?? ¨—u??N??L?'«Ë r?Ž«b?«Ë w? dO³ —Ëœ rN ÊU s¹c« ¨UNu$ s¹œUðd*« b¹Ëeð v≈ lu*« ·bN¹Ë
—bIÐ rNðUOŠ s qOUHð dcð vKŽ ·d)« s Êu½UF¹ s¹c« 5M*« s
Æw{U¹— U?½U?d?Ž ¨W?O?MODKH« W{U¹d« ¡UA½≈ l?{u?« s?Ž  U?u?²?F?0 l?u?*« «c?N d?O?¦?JK UNðœU¹dÐ 5DK d²Hð
ƉUHÞ_«  «u√ Ë√ ZO−CK rNC¹dFð Ë√ ¡ËbN« s d³√
ÆrNÐ UH¹dFðË ¨qOL'UÐ jOKðË ¨5DK w rzUI« w{U¹d« U?¼Ë ¨U?N?O?≈ X?I?³Ý w²«  ôU:« s
w lu ‰Ë√ ¡UA½SÐ UC¹√ d²Hð w¼ s2 U?M
Î ≤≥ W?Ý«—b?Ð «u?U? ¨Êu?O?½UD¹dÐ ¡ULKŽ Y׳« «c¼ Èdł√
WOzU0M « W{U¹d « l??u?*« v?K?Ž Êu?L?zU?I?« √b?Ð U?L? ¨”—U9 w²«  U{U¹d« vKŽ ¡«u{_«
W??{U??¹d??U??Ð ’U??š w??Ðd??F??« r?U?F?« ¨WHK² WOHÞUŽË WOH½ qUAË ¨…d«c« w tËdF  öJA s Êu½UF¹
¨w?{U?¹d?« ”u?U?I?« W?×H ¡UA½SÐ À«b??Š_« W??O?D?G?ð W?³??½ Ê√Ë W?U?š
W?O?{U?¹d?«  U?×?K?D?B?*U?Ð n?¹d?F?²K q?O?9 ¨WOK;« n×B« w WO{U¹d« Ác¼ vKŽ ¡uC« ¡UIùË ÆWOMODKH« Ëb?³?¹ –≈ ¨d³√ …—uBÐ ÁU³²½ô«Ë eOd²« vKŽ vIOÝu*« rNðbŽUÝ s¹c«Ë
v?K?Ž 5?L?zU?I?«  ôËU?×? rž—Ë
W?O?{U?¹d?« V?½«u?'« W?ODG² lu*« d?O?ðU?J?¹—U?J?K? W?¹Ë«“ „UM¼Ë ¨WHK²<« - «–≈Ë ¨ÂbI« …d `UB •π∞ W³MÐ r?????U????Ž w???? …d????O????³????J????« …u????D????)« ÆWO³BF« U¹ö)« 5Ð …œuIH*«  öu« qOJAð bOFð vIOÝu*« Ê√
Âu??$ s??Ž  U??u??K??F??Ë Æw??{U??¹d?« ô p?– ÊS? Èd?š_«  U?O?UFH« WODGð Í—U³« bLŠ√ bO« UMOI²« ¨W{U¹d«
W{U¹d« Ê√ ô≈ ¨5DK w WHK²<«
v?K?Ž d?O?³? —b? UN sJ¹ r WOzUM« —UO²š« r²¹ YOŠ ¨WOMODKH« W{U¹d« s W¹Ë«“ w «dOG «d³š t½u ËbF¹ Íc« ¨“U$ù« «c¼ bz«—Ë …dJH« VŠU

Í—U???³?« Ëe?F?¹Ë ¨l?u?*«  U?×?H? Æ…d q w WIDM q s bŠ«Ë b?$ «cNË ªWO{U¹d« W×HB« U¹«Ë“ w??O? ”«d? b?O« W³×BÐ U½QłU °UÞUDÐ s+ …d9«–
s?? W??Žu??L??: W??O??D??G??ð l??u??*« w?? Ælu*« rLB
 U??{U?¹d?« Ê√ v?≈ p?– w? V?³??«
Í—U????³??« —œU??I??« b??³??Ž b?L?Š√Ë s?« —U³ …d«– vKŽ WLFÞ_« dOŁQð Y×Ð ¡«dłSÐ Êu¹bM ¡ULKŽ ÂU
 U?{U?¹d?« w?¼ ¨W?×?łU?M« WOzUM« Í√d «  UŽöD²Ý« ©scrabble® ‡« q¦ WHK²<«  U{U¹d«
W?OFLł w ’Uš qJAÐ ”—U9 w²« ¨w??{U??¹d??« Âö??Žù« w?? h??B??²? UÞUD³« s ÎUÐu Ê√ «Ëbłu ¨…d«c« w nF{ s Êu½UF¹ s¹c« WUšË
W?O?K?¼_«  U??ÝR?*« ‚d?Ë ¨W?¹œd?H«
pUM¼ ÊuJ¹ 5DK w …d ‰Ë_ ÆWOKIŽ W{U¹— w¼Ë ¨WO×O*« ÊU³A« Âö?Žù« W?M−K W¹—«œù« W¾ON« uCŽË b?(« nI¹ r Æ•≥∞≠±∞ t?²?³??½ U0 WbN²*« W¾H« …d«– l— WÝËdN*«
Ë√ W??O??ŽU??L??'«  U?{U?¹d?« X??O?Ë
ÆWOMÞu« WDK«  UÝR* WFÐU²« W?G?K?U?Ð W?J?³A« vKŽ ¡«—x ŸöD²Ý« W?¹œd?H?«  U{U¹d« s b¹bFK WU{≈ ÆwMODKH« s?¹c?« p?¾?Ë√ W?U?šË ‡ W?¾?H?« Ác?¼ W?O?KÐU Ê√ ¡ULKF« kŠô qÐ ¨p– bMŽ

t?łu?ð t?½√ v?≈ Í—U?³« ÁuM¹Ë  —u???³???Ý ‰U???Ð ÂU??√ b??I?? ¨W??O??Ðd??F??« ÆW¹uM«Ë WOÝ—b*« W{U¹d«Ë d???O???³???š Ê√ v???≈ …—U??ýù« —b??& q?J?A?Ð X?M% b …b¹bł  UuKF »U²ô≠…d«c« nF{ s Êu½UF¹
w?e?Ž …œu?Ž ‰u?Š Í√d?K? U?Žö?D?²Ý« œU??−??¹≈ v??≈ l??u??*« ·b??N?¹ U?L? Âu?I?¹ s u¼ wOI« ”«d X½d²½ô«
 U???O???{U???¹d??« s?? W??Žu??L??−?? v??≈ Æÿu×K
s?N?FO{«u dA½ qł√ s  UЗb*«Ë w??M??Þu??« V????²??M??*« V?¹—b?²? —U?B?½ W??{U??¹d??« s??Ž  U??u??K??F?L?K? —b?B? l tDÐ—Ë tŁ«b×²Ý«Ë lu*« rOLB²Ð
ÆUÞUD³UÐ pOKŽË ¨oKIð ô ¨nFC« s pðd«– vKŽ vAð XM «–S
s??N?½√ ô≈ ¨l?u?*« v?K?Ž s?N?ð«“U?$≈Ë Y?U?¦?« 5?Ð ¨Âb?I?« …d?J? w?MODKH«  U×H hOBð d³Ž ¨WOMODKH« WOÐdF«  UÝR*«Ë l«u*« s dO¦J«
p?– sJOK ¢UÞUDÐ s …d«–¢ v≈ ¢b¹bŠ s …d«–¢ qzUI« q¦*« dOGð «–≈Ë
Ê«d??¹e??Š s?? 5??Łö??¦?«Ë s?¹d?A?F?«Ë w? W?O??O?zd?« W?O?{U?¹d?« s?¹ËU?M?FK U??M??²??{U??¹d??Ð n??¹d??F??²??K?? W??O??Ëb??«Ë
Íu²×¹ lu*« sJË ÆtðuŽœ sK¼U&
Æp «d
¨W??¹u????½ W??O??{U??¹— l?O?{«u? v?K?Ž W??L?š s? d?¦?√ t?O? „—Uý ¨w{U*« ¨WO³uË_« WM−K«Ë …—«“uU 5DK ÆWOMODKH«

 U????O????{U???¹d???« s???Ž  U???u???K???F???Ë ÂU?I½« ŸöD²Ýô« dNþ√Ë ¨dz«“ ·ô¬ ÆWOMODKH« WO{U¹d«  «œU%ô«Ë W½«bÐ •∂∞ ΩnOHš »ËdA+
d?L?Ý W?ŠU?³??« q?¦?  U?O?MODKH« ª÷—UFË b¹R 5Ð w{U¹d« Ÿ—UA« fOÝQ² « …dJ5
œUO³*Ë√ w 5DK XK¦ w²« —UB½ 5Š w ¨Õ«d²ô« •µ¥ w«uŠ b¹√ bI l.u*« ÂU0.√ t?ËU?M²¹ Íc« ÂUFDUÐ UN WöŽ ô W½«b³« Ê√  UÝ«—b« dš¬  dNþ√
Æw½bÝ ö?Ð •∑ w?«u?Š  uË ¨•≥π t?{—UŽ …d?J?H?« Ê≈ Í—U?³« bLŠ√ ‰uI¹
 UÐËdA*« …œU¹eÐ ÆÆÆU/≈Ë ¨tO “UHK²« ÊËb¼UA¹ Íc« Xu« Ë√ ¨‰UHÞ_«
ÆÍ—œ√  U??×??H? v?K?Ž l?u?*« Íu?²?×?¹ qUF²«  U¹b−Ð√ rKFð cM tKIŽ X³Ž«œ
v≈ ¡«b½ Í—U³« bLŠ√ tłu¹Ë q? Ê√Ë ¨w?z«cG« Ê“«u²« ÊuŽ«d¹ ô ”UM« Ê√ Êu¦ŠU³« b√ –≈ ¨WHOH)«
l???u???*« …—U??¹e??  «c??U??Ð  U??ÐU??A??« W????Ðd????& l????u????*« ÷U???š U???L??? w?{U¹— œU%« qJK ¨WŽuM² WO{U¹— s?¹ËU?M?F?« Ê√Ë WUš ¨»uÝU(« l
ÆWDI½ ±∏[∞ l«uÐ r'« WK² ‰bF b¹eð nOHš »ËdA W³KŽ
s??¼—Ëœ q??O??F??H?ðË ¨t?O? W?L?¼U??*«Ë VŽô qC√ ‰uŠ w{U¹d« ¡U²H²Ýô« WO³uË_« WM−K«Ë …—«“uKË ¨W×H ¨W?O?M?O?D??K?H?« W?{U?¹d?K? W?O??O?zd«
√b?ÐU? ¨W?H?O?H)«  UÐËdALK WŠu²H*« WONA« »U×√ s XM «–S
YOŠ ¨wMODKH« V²M*« ·uH w w?²?« ¨l?u?*« W?³?²?J? p?U?M?¼Ë ¨p?c? W?M?−?K?«Ë ¨W?{U?¹d«Ë »U³A« …—«“u
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W??O??ÝU??Ý_« W??šd??H??*« w??¼ W??Ý—b??*«
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…—U¹“ rJMJ1 ∫W{U¹d « ‚UAŽ v ≈  U?????Žö????D????²????Ýô« Ác????¼ q????¦???? s???? ”b??M??N?? Ÿ«d??²??š« q??¦? ¨W?O?{U?¹d?« s?Ž V?½U?ł_« Êu?OU×B« tQ¹ ÊU „U?¹≈Ë ¨t?Р«e?²?ô« p?O?K?F? ¨5?F? w?z«c?ž ÂUE½ vKŽ «œU²F XM «–≈
w U² « Ê«uMF « vKŽ l.u*« v??K??Ž d??O??ŁQ?²?« f?O?  «¡U?²?H?²?Ýô«Ë ¨—U?M?« …d? U¼ULÝ W{U¹d wMODK w? „—U?A?¹ Íc?« w?M?O?D??K?H« bu« WKŠ— w UF²2 U²Ë wCIð XM u v²Š ¨WLÝœ W³łË ‰ËUM² jOD²«Ë

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Y?O?Š ¨W?×?B?U?Ð —U?{ wz«cG« jLM« dOOGð Ê√ ÀU×Ð_«  dNþ√ bI
d?O?ž W?L?Ýœ W?³?łË ‰ËU?M?ð b?M?Ž W?O?³?KI«  U“_UÐ WÐUù« W³½ Ê√ 5³ð
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al le

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r S Sa

`O×B « Ê«uMF « v ≈ XKË

in Ramallah, Beit Hanina and Kufr Aqab ŸU??H??ð—« s? w?½U?F?¹ ¡d?*« ÊU? «–≈ W?U?š ¨÷d?L?K? ÷d?F?²?K? h??A?«
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≤∞ Letters from the Heart ≤∞∞± ‰Ë√ sdA Ø ‰uK√ e1U Àu ‰«

From Palestine to the American People

Away from all
Political Slogans
By Rabie Abu Latifah
TYT reporter that America produces the M16’s
with which Israeli soldiers shoot

way from all the political young Palestinians on their way to
slogans and emotional school or to their homes. They know
speeches that have over- too that it supplies Israel with F16
whelmed the world, I am writing warplanes, Cobra’s and Apaches,
this message to the American peo- which Israel uses to blow up their
ple in general and my American homes and partially destroy their
friends in particular. In doing so, towns and villages. They know too,
I intend to adopt an analytical ap- of course, that death means the same
proach toward the current situa-
tion, knowing as I do that diplo-
thing, regardless of whether it was
brought about by an American-
animosity due to their government’s
position in regard to the Arab-Israeli On the Edge ...
matic efforts have already made F16 warplane or a civilian conflict. This fact alone is an indi-

achieved more than enough in ex- Boeing jet, filled with passengers cation of the Palestinians’ ability to am glad that we talked the other night. I have not gone out to work or
tending condolences and deepest and destroyed by a suicide bomber make a distinction between Ameri- to check my e-mail because of the situation. Everything is closed off
sympathy to the United States and whose sole intention was to strike a cans as individuals and Americans and the trip is becoming more impossible every day as road blocks
in making it clear that the disaster blow against the American Govern- as supporters of their government. increase and as more check points are installed by the Israeli government,
that befell it is, without any doubt ment. A similar awareness on the part of to fortify their security. It used to take me ten minutes to get to work, now
whatsoever, a crime against hu- Just as the hijackers responsible the Americans, however, was clearly it takes at least forty five minutes, to which you can add the walking and
manity. for the attacks in the States saw only lacking when, following the attacks, the harrassment from Israeli soldiers. Let me tell you, I have been in a
The fact is there has been George Bush and his administration the American street started yelling wirlwind of emotions, not knowing how to respond to this crazy world of
much misunderstanding and exag- in the people they killed, Americans for revenge, in some cases threat- ours. And between what is happening in the US and what is happening
geration concerning the response and Westerners are now seeing an ening or even attacking innocent Ar- here, I am finding myself tired of worrying about what is going to happen
of Arabs and Muslims, and espe- Usama Ben Laden in every single abs and Muslims, expecting them to next; war and more bloodshed is not what we need, retaliation is not enough,
cially the Palestinians, to what Muslim or Arab who crosses their pay for the acts of a group of terror- and my head is tired...
happened in the US. This I blame path. This being the case, why ists whose identities were still not Just seeing what war has done to my nation I can surely say that it is
should they be surprised that Pales- clear. the lousiest thing that man has ever attempted in order to get where he
on the fact that during the first few
tinians reacted with joy in the ini- wanted. You see, there exists an Israel now, after many years of bloodshed.
hours that followed the attacks, The American Government is
Its foundations were built on rivers of Palestinian blood and now struggles
certain television channels con- tial moments that followed the at- claiming that those who attacked the
to pull itself together with weak threads of security, occasionally penetrated
tinuously ran footage showing tacks on America, which, in their US were motivated by a desire to by desperate palestinians who resort to blowing up themselves and other
Palestinians handing out sweets in eyes, was not so much a multi-eth- strike not at any one religion, race, Israeli citizens, in protest to the inhumane conditions imposed onto them
the streets in order to ‘celebrate’ nic and culturally diverse nation as or belief system, but at the unique by Israeli occupation. Those, whose human dignity was raped continuouisly
the vicious attacks on the States. a single person and government that American ‘freedom’ and ‘democ- through the building of an alien state on their homeland will never forget,
Admittedly, there were Palestin- blindly supports those who occupy racy’. If this were truly the case, why but how I hope that one day they would be able to forgive...
ians - just as there were millions them economically, militarily and then did the hijackers not direct the It is never right to lose respect of our humanity and the sanctity of each
of people of other nationalities all politically? planes at the ultimate symbol of other’s lives, but human beings constantly do it violently, economically, or
over the world - whose initial re- One has to realize that it was in many other ways, but the question is: do people have to revenge? Why
American democracy, the Statue of
action to the attacks was joy, but only natural that Palestinians whose can’t we leave it up to God? Or do we have to succumb to our human pride
Liberty, which is only a short dis-
their joy was derived from what towns were surrounded by tanks at and punish each other. Think about what the crazy terrorists did in the
tance away from what remains of
they perceived as an attack on the the same time as downtown New States; it was supposedly an act of revenge against the States and its for-
the World Trade Center and its two
American Government, and not - York was burning took their time, eign policy vis-a-vis the Middle East, or perhaps even elsewhere, but what
so to speak, in relating to the pain ill-fated towers? I personally be-
and I repeat not - on American in- did they actually achieve? Now, all of America is angry and the American
dividuals. Unfortunately, their and misery of those Americans lieve that the motive of the attack-
Government is launching a war; can we say, therefore, that the terrorist
much-publicized reaction served whose loved ones were killed in the ers was very different, namely, to
attacks were a success? An even more terrifying question, of course, is
no one except those who oppose attacks in the States. In the final strike a blow at the three major sym-
what kind of ‘beings’ were responsible for the attacks and what kind of
the Palestinian liberation move- analysis, what really matters is the bols of American ‘power’: the humanity did they represent? Were they genuinely hurting, or were they
ment and who seek to portray the fact that the Palestinians, regardless World Trade Center, which repre- merely crazy individuals full of hate who sought to create enmity between
Palestinians as bloodthirsty, rac- of their initial reactions, identified, sents the American economic nations due to their evil natures?
ist extremists who despise the eventually, with the pain of the power; the Pentagon, which repre- And oh the pain in the hearts of millions!!! what were they thinking????
‘Western civilization’ in its en- American people. Moreover, they sents the American military power, I am tired of war, and scared of it. With nuclear weapons spread all
tirety, with no exceptions. As I see realized, albeit belatedly, that the and the White House, which repre- over the Middle East I find it very difficult to think of a bright future. I
it, before pointing accusatory fin- innocent people who were killed sents the American power in terms literally sometimes laugh at myself for considering the option of even, life.
gers, one has to consider exactly were not ‘America the government’, of political policy making. And I am finding that human beings and mostly political leaders, are whom
why the Palestinians reacted as which in their eyes is responsible for Now, as always, it is vitally im- I fear most. When I remember what nuckear bombs did to the Japanese
they did and why rather than inflicting so much pain on peoples portant that we concentrate on the people, I start pleading with my mind to ignore the idea that the same fate
showing sympathy, they initially all around the world. This, in spite roots of the problem rather than re- awaits us here. When I think of the WTC towers and how as they exploded
expressed happiness. of the fact that, by not objecting to venge and bloodshed. thousands of lives where lost, my body just quivers in pain. And finally
To answer this question, one their government’s policies, the vic- Finally, it is important that the when I hear Israeli missiles hitting homes near my home, and hear the late
first has to ask, what exactly do tims, in many respects, could be US, in looking to its own pain, rather night cries of frightened palestnian babies I start doubting my own sanity!
Palestinians know about America considered partly responsible for than be tricked into falling for Is- Then amidst all of this I realize that I can only close my eyes and lay it
besides the fact that it is the lead- America’s crimes against humanity. raeli attempts to use that pain for its all down in the hands of the Maker of life, that He may have mercy on us
ing producer of Hamburgers and For many years now, Americans own purposes, look also to that of and that His justice may prevail in the end.
Coca Cola, particularly those chil- have worked and lived amongst the the Palestinians, whose leader cer- Please take care, and pray for mercy and grace to overwhelm the na-
dren who were filmed rejoicing in Palestinians or come to Palestine as tions of our world
tain Israelis now unjustifiably refer Sincerely yours,
the streets of Ramallah and Jeru- tourists, yet never have their lives to as the ‘the Ben Laden of Pales- Ghadeer Yaser
salem? To begin with, they know been threatened or have they felt any tine’. Ramallah/ Palestine
≤± ≤∞∞± ‰Ë√ sdA Ø ‰uK√ e1U Àu ‰«

The Need to Practice J Partner Organizations in the

What One Preaches ‘Journalism Across Boundaries’ Project
By Mirjam van den Berg
O Palestinian Youth Association for Leadership And Rights Activation
U from all walks of life and all regions.
The core of PYALARA is ‘acti-
* To give a voice to Palestinian
youth via media;
vation’. Our main objective is to pre-
R vent our youth from becoming ut-
terly frustrated as a result of the harsh
* To raise awareness among youth
concerning their rights and the ben-
efits of living a healthy lifestyle, as

N PYALARA stands for

conditions that surround them; con-
ditions that threaten to silence them,
isolate and marginalize them, and
well as to help motivate and em-
power them so that they can hope-
fully both obtain and enjoy all the
A Palestinian Youth Association
for Leadership And Rights
lead them into a state of stagnation
and boredom. We consequently en-
courage Palestinian youth to express
rights to which they are entitled;
* To expand awareness amongst

L PYALARA is a commu-
nication- and media-oriented
organization established for
themselves through writing, speak-
ing and other methods of communi-
cation in order to strengthen their re-
Palestinian youth concerning their
roots and identity and their envi-
ronment and culture, as well as

I Palestinian youth. Being both

bold and innovative, it is con-
lationship with their local commu-
nities on the one hand and their level
those of other peoples;
* To create a lively Palestinian
stantly on the lookout for new youth culture;
S and interesting ways to tackle
issues of relevance to youth.
of awareness on the international
level and communication on the
* To encourage young Palestinians
to help in the development of their

o the great dissatisfaction of many Palestinians, the Western me
dia appear to be far too pro-Israeli. On top of that, they seem to
care little for information concerning everyday life in Palestine,
M PYALARA is for Pales-
tinian youth, boys and girls, lows:
Our other objectives are as fol- community, their society, and their

concentrating, instead, on merely reporting the number of dead and in-

jured. Interchurch Peace Council
Salam Ahmad Musleh, a 23-year-old journalism student at Birzeit
University, is one Palestinian who believes that the Palestinian media
are also guilty of not doing their job properly in terms of failing to re-
A IKV, or Interchurch
Peace Council, is a peace
logue from Below (EAD), is oriented
towards promoting grassroots social
movement in the Nether- relations between the Netherlands
veal the reality of life in the region. Said Musleh, “The Palestinian me-
dia have a lot to answer for. Journalists have power and can contribute to
C lands with connections to
various church denomina-
and the Arab World, with a focus on
educational issues, youth, women’s
mutual understanding with good reports, but the Palestinian media sim-
ply aren’t doing this. Before they criticize the Western media, therefore,
they should put their own house in order, something which can only
R tions in the country. For
many years it has been ac-
tive regarding issues of war
affairs, exchanges between munici-
palities, general politics and the me-
dia. PYALARA is one of EAD’s
Amongst other things, EAD works
in the Netherlands with students and
staff at the Utrecht School for Jour-
happen once they acknowledge the fact that they aren’t doing such a
good job themselves.”
O and peace both in Europe
and elsewhere. One of its
projects, the Euro-Arab Dia-
partners in Palestine and both or-
ganizations cooperate on a variety of
journalistic projects for youth.
nalism, where the Middle East is an
important topic of discussion and
Musleh, who is specializing in television journalism, has so far pre-
pared reports on Birzeit University, child labor, and the Intifada. “We
Palestinians must be as good as, if not better than, the Israelis, who are
S The Arab Cultural Association
far ahead of us when it comes to facilities and knowledge concerning
effective reporting techniques,” said Musleh. “It’s really no surprise that
S cal activists, community leaders and cultural identity development, and
the Western media use Israeli images and statements. For a start, the intellectuals who are dedicated to the democracy building. Accordingly,
overall development of the Palestin- the organization strives to promote
Israelis have far more material than we have, on top of which they ex-
ian society in Israel. democratic ideals, including the
press themselves better and can thereby manipulate the Western press.
The Palestinian media ask for pity, which is a mistake as it will inevita-
bly work against them.”
B The ACA is a politically
independent, secular, non-
profit organization, registered
The ACA’s mission is to combat
the exclusion and marginalization of
Israel’s Palestinian citizens by sup-
building of a civil society within the
State of Israel, and to counteract
traditional ideologies of tribalism
Although she is critical of the Palestinian media, Musleh said that
she understands the difficulties they are facing. “I am easily recognized O under Israeli Law. Founded in
1998, it is made up of politi-
porting community-based, educa-
tional projects in the fields of history,
and political and religious funda-
as a Muslim because I wear hijab, which in some way has ‘labeled’ me,”
continued Musleh. “The same goes for many Palestinians whose ‘la-
bels’ have determined that they can’t move around freely. If, for exam-
U German-Palestinian Association
ple, something happens in Gaza, I can’t drive there to prepare a report.
Another problem is that there are hardly any Israeli sources for Palestin- N In 1986, the German-Pal-
estinian Association
tinian soil, based on the principles
of democracy and pluralism and
ians, which means that when we are looking for information, we take it
from CNN. So much for objective reporting.
“Unfortunately, the problems associated with the limited nature of
D (Deutsch-Palaestinensische
Gesellschaft, DPG) was
founded in Germany, affiliat-
secularism and capable of living in
peace and mutuality with its neigh-
bours, including the State of Israel.
tories, fully accepting the principle
of land for peace;
the areas in which we work are made worse by the fact that, even in
those areas, we don’t perform as well as we should do. For example, in A ing individuals, as well as ac-
tion groups and institutions.
It is structured into one um-
It believes, however, that a per-
manent and just peace agreement for
the whole Middle East, can only be
* after a decent solution to the
cause of the Palestinian refugees of
and those expelled in 1948 and
the same way as the Israeli media, we have fallen into the trap of em-
phasizing our own losses and playing down those of the other side. I, for
one, do not approve of this colored reporting. Here at Birzeit, we attend
R brella organisation, which
produces a quarterly (Majalat
Falestin) in German and dis-
* after the creation and expan-
sion of settlements, which is a huge
1967 has been found;
* after the question of the dis-
tribution of natural resources, es-
special classes dealing with objective reporting, although obviously, it’s
not always easy to keep one’s personal feelings out of things. Without
I tributes it to around 20-30 lo-
cal branches and action
violation of International Law, has
been stopped and the damage done
pecially water, complies with the
needs of all those involved in
groups and regional contact through settling activities acknowl- achieving a permanent peace agree-
being objective, however, one simply isn’t qualified to call oneself a
Musleh concluded by saying, “Only when the day arrives when our
E persons all over Germany.
The German-Palestinian
edged and repaired;
* after Israel ends its ongoing oc-
* after Jerusalem, the Holy City
papers give equal coverage to the casualties on both sides will peace
stand a chance of prevailing.”
S Association strongly supports
the establishment of a Pales-
tinian state, rooted in Pales-
cupation of large parts of the Gaza
Strip and the West Bank and with-
draws completely from these terri-
of Jews, Christians, and Muslims,
has become the capital of two
states, Israel and Palestine.
≤≤ ≤∞∞± ‰Ë√ sdA Ø ‰uK√ e1U Àu ‰«

Objectivity vs. A Question of Identity

Biased Coverage Palestinians Inside the Green Line
By Christian Meier
Germany about Palestinian nationalism,” one problem,” one boy said. Asked how
of them said. “But it’s not true that he would define himself, another
we lead a better life here. We don’t boy answered, “I am an Arab who
lives in Israel. Nothing else. Not a

n comparison to the Palestinians have a war with guns, but we do have
who live in the occupied areas, a war with emotions.” Muslim, not a Christian.” Another
very little has been written con- The point of the matter is that girl gave a different response, say-
cerning those Palestinians living in for many years now, the Israeli Gov- ing, “We don’t know who we are. I
Israel. As a result, it wasn’t until Is- ernment has tried to separate its Pal- don’t know who I am”. I asked her,
raeli police killed 13 Palestinians estinian citizens from the Palestin- “But surely, you know that you are
from inside Israel during demonstra- ians of the occupied territories and a Palestinian?” “No,” she replied, I
tions in support of the Intifada last of the Diaspora in terms of their iden- don’t”. “That’s because she is be-
October that many Europeans even tity. One of the ways in which it has traying her nationality,” said an-
realized that there are Palestinians tried to do this is though its educa- other youngster. “She is acting stu-
holding Israeli citizenship and living tion policy. For example, school- pidly by believing what she is told
inside Israel’s borders. That they are books for Arab children in Israel are by the Israelis and because of peo-
still something of an unknown fac- characterized by the “absence of any- ple like her, we don’t have a state”.
tor with an uncertain identity is con- thing relating to Palestinian history”, However they define them-
firmed by the fact that one is still not as a member of a youth organization selves, the vast majority of Israeli-
sure how to label this group of ap- in Nazareth put it. “They try to edu- Arabs feel that they are treated like
proximately one million people: cate the younger generation hoping second-class-citizens by the Jewish
Arab-Israelis? Israeli-Arabs? Pales- to make them forget about their own citizens of Israel: “I feel discrimi-
tinian-Israelis? Arabs living in Is- identity. At school, we only learn nation every time I leave the vil-
rael? about Jewish history,” a girl from lage,” said one youngster. Coopera-
In order to know more about Ibillin confirmed. Still, in most cases tion, they believe, should only start
young Israeli Arabs’ perceptions of parents and other relatives pass down after the Jews teach their own
the feelings of hate and anger that the Intifada, I spoke with several what they know about the Palestin- youngsters what happened to the
By Anna Rosa Meerbach both sides harbor in relation to the young people from a high school in ian history said one teacher, which Palestinians. “No peace process can
Holland other by providing information that the Arab village Ibillin near Haifa. means that, for the time being at work until the Israeli Government
is inaccurate and incomplete. “I don’t care about all this. I live least, it is not being forgotten. changes many things and we have

n order to create more under When I interviewed the Jerusa- here, I have a good life,” one girl an- The question of their own iden- equal rights,” said one youth. As for
standing between Israelis and lem Post’s correspondent in Jerusa- swered upon being asked how im- tity seems to rate as highly impor- their connection with Palestinians
Palestinians the international lem, I asked him why he had only portant the Intifada is to her. Others, tant for many young people. “On TV in the occupied territories, as one
media must change the way in quoted the Israeli side when Pales- however, were quick to repudiate they showed a 22-year-old from girl put it, “Their case is our case. I
which it handles the Palestinian-Is- tinians fired at Gilo at the same time what she had said. “There are many Nazareth who didn’t know what the can’t clap my hands with only one
raeli conflict. I came to this conclu- as the Israeli army was bombarding young people here who don’t care Nakba was. People like him are our hand. We have to be united”.
sion during the time I spent as a Beit Jala. His answer was that Beit
member of the Dutch delegation
taking part in the ‘Journalism
Jala had nothing to do with him, as
it was an area in which he wasn’t al- In Search of Truth
Across Boundaries’ project, during lowed to work since the paper had

which I was lucky enough to be able another correspondent there. He then ay 23rd marked the be the Westerners had fallen prey to the
By Ahmad Ayyash
to take a closer look at how the con- added, as an afterthought, “Besides, ginning of one of the tendency to engage in some serious
Birzeit University
flict has an influence on people in our side is suffering so much”. most wonderful weeks of Palestine stereotyping, so much so, for exam-
general and the media in particular. Hardly what one would refer to as my life. It was on that day that I met ple, that they all seemed to think
During the week I was in the fair and unbiased coverage and a per- some very special people - people that Ramallah was nothing but a
region, I tried to imagine myself as fect example of what I am talking who came to be united in their search whilst listening to what the Germans hotbed of political activity and a
a Palestinian journalist , living in about. for ‘the truth’ - namely, the members had to say, how sad it is that people filthy, almost uninhabitable dump!
Palestine under circumstances char- Both the Palestinians and the Is- of the German, Dutch and Palestin- are often far too eager to believe what Imagine their surprise - and in some
acterized by hate, terror, fear and hu- raelis are complaining a lot these ian delegations that participated in they hear without really taking the cases, embarrassment - when we
miliation. I realized, within a very days about the way in which the for- the ‘Journalism Across Boundaries’ time to consider all the different fac- visited the city and they realized
short time, that the life of any Pal- eign media covers the situation here project organized by PYALARA and tors. Fortunately, however, it didn’t that it is a thriving modern city
estinian journalist must be a hard with the Israelis accusing it of not funded by the European Union. take long for the Germans to realize whose inhabitants are doing every-
one, especially because of the diffi- supporting the Jewish state and the My personal goal during the that they had made an awful mistake thing within their power to make it
culties associated with gaining ac- Palestinians accusing it of being pro- project was to do whatever I could in being ‘brainwashed’ by the Israeli a city that any country, Western or
cess to accurate information, be it Israel. The fact is, both sides are both to help reveal to the participating and Zionist media and that the Pal- Eastern, would be proud to call its
from the Palestinian Authority or the right and wrong at the same time, foreigners the terrible truth concern- estinians are far from being blood- own.
Israeli Government, not to mention, bearing in mind that the foreign me- ing the way in which Israel is treat- thirsty hooligans. I know, mainly from the e-mails
of course, the problems that local dia cannot possibly be expected to ing the Palestinian people and to help By the time the delegations re- I have received from our European
journalists face in terms of being draw an objective picture if the Is- convince them that Israel, along with turned home, I had noticed an amaz- friends since they returned to their
able to move around. Because of raeli and the Palestinian media are the Zionist media institutions, is con- ing difference in their way of think- native countries, that what they saw
these and other serious problems, incapable of doing it themselves! tinuing to hide any evidence that ing. One girl, for example, had said here in Palestine had a terrific ef-
what we often see in both Israeli and As I see it, a solution could be points to its crimes. Like many other at the first meeting that she was to- fect on their personal beliefs con-
Palestinian newspapers is a biased found to this problem in the estab- Palestinian youth, I simply wasn’t tally convinced that the Israelis were cerning the rights and wrongs of the
rather than objective version of the lishment of a well-organized, inde- able to sit back and watch all this “innocent” of any crime, yet only a
Israeli occupation. I also know that
truth, which, in many cases, is based pendent, information agency hiring happening without doing my bit to few days later, following a visit to
on information that is far from com- they have not been idle and rather
only foreign journalists. Why foreign prove that contrary to the Israeli the home of a martyr from the
plete. Of course, it is only to be than sit back and keep their
journalists only? Because, being for- claims, it is we, the Palestinians, who Qalandia refugee camp, she clearly
expected that both Israeli and Pal- eigners, they will be far less involved are really the victims. had doubts concerning her original thoughts to themselves, have been
estinian journalists will bring a cer- and have a more balanced view of It was interesting to discover, opinion. It’s a fact - when forced to active in spreading the truth about
tain amount of bias into their writ- the situation unlike their Jewish and upon meeting the German and Dutch confront the suffering of others head the situation here. For this reason,
ing; after all, they are only human. Palestinian counterparts whose emo- delegations for the first time, that the on, it is extremely difficult to keep amongst others, I feel very grateful
This does not mean to say, however, tional and national bonds with Israel/ Germans in particular had extremely one’s eyes closed. to have had the opportunity not only
that they should add to an already Palestine are simply too strong to al- distorted images concerning the Pal- Something else worth mention- to meet them, but also to be able to
explosive situation by intensifying low them to be objective. estinians. I remember thinking, ing is the fact that initially, most of call them my friends.
≤≥ ≤∞∞± ‰Ë√ sdA Ø ‰uK√ e1U Àu ‰«

What They Wrote

Stereotyping vs. Reality
rael, who have lived there all their tions of the Palestinians have yet trip from Ramallah to Jerusalem
lives, who own land and property to be Westernized and that the way could possibly take up to three
there, are expected to join foreign in which they express their sadness hours to complete, depending on
tourists and businessmen in the and grief does not necessarily how thorough the soldiers are in
queues intended for foreigners. Just match with the way things are done doing their ‘jobs’!
imagine how they must feel, if you in the West; that doesn’t mean, Look, I would never take it
can. however, that they should be con- upon myself to judge the demo-
But hold on a second, I’m for- demned for their different attitude cratic Israeli Government - ahem
getting, the Palestinians are noth- towards death and martyrdom. - but excuse me for asking,
By Christian Hinze ing but fanatics and, this being the I always say to people that if haven’t I noticed just a ‘tiny’
Germany case, shouldn’t object to being they really want a taste of the ‘Pal- amount of arbitrary injustice? It’s
treated in such a way, right? In Eu- estinian experience’, then they sad when you think about it, the
rope, the Palestinians have cer- should pass through an Israeli idea of those who were so op-
which they had been living for gen- tainly come to be known as fanat- checkpoint. It doesn’t matter where pressed in the past now doing such
erations was actually promised to ics, although when one visits them it is, they’re all basically the same, a wonderful job of oppressing oth-
the Jews. So, if the people living in their natural surroundings, they just as the teenage soldiers with ers but that is what’s clearly hap-

learly, the Jews needed there - i.e., the Palestinians - were come across as being anything but machineguns and smug expres- pening. According to the Israeli
their own state. After all, expected to vacate it or else subju- ‘dangerous’. Of course, if putting sions manning them and checking perspective, the Palestinians
they had been persecuted gate themselves to the new ‘own- everything you have in the kitchen the credentials of all suspicious might actually be right when they
all throughout history, most nota- ers’ of the land, then tough luck! on the table in front of your guests persons - which means all Pales- say that they have certain rights
bly at the hands of the Nazi re- Right? Hmmm... makes you a fanatic then, I stand tinians, regardless of their age or as far as the ‘Land of Israel’ is
gime, and so it was only fair, af- Today, upon arriving at Ben corrected, the Palestinians are sex - are basically the same in terms concerned but they, the Israelis,
ter all, that they be given a home, Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, one no- guilty as charged! Many would say of their arrogant and aggressive are ‘righter’ and that, at the end
destination Middle East. Of tices that there are two kinds of that merely putting up posters of attitude. Really, it’s quite an expe- of the day, is what determines not
course, there were already people queues at immigration control, one their martyrs and praising them rience, and you could learn a lot only how they think but also how
living there, people with their own for Israelis, and one for foreigners. constantly on television makes the about Palestinian ‘fanaticism’, as- they act when dealing with the
customs and culture, but one has What I find so incredibly strange Palestinians fanatics. The thing is, suming, of course, that you don’t Palestinian ‘fanatics’ under their
to remember that the land in is that Palestinians who were in Is- one has to remember that the emo- mind the fact that the 20-minute control.

Blind Fury
By Philip Le Clercq Imagine the panic on the night
Holland of 19 February. It’s seven o’clock
and the younger children have just

n the evening of Monday, gone to sleep, when suddenly, all
19 February, the Israeli hell lets loose as the first shell
army shelled The Na- slams into the building causing the
tional School for the Blind for the roof to collapse. Meanwhile, doz-
first time. The school is located ens of bullets hit the building,

Photo: Rabie Abu Latifah

in Al-Bireh at the foot of a hill which results in the glass of the
upon which the Israeli settlement bedroom windows being shattered.
of Pisgott is situated. Due to its The children, obviously, are petri-
strategic position, Pisgott is being fied and start running around help-
used as a base from which heavy lessly, having no idea where to go.
weaponry is being directed at Al- Eventually, the teachers succeed in
Pupils at National School of the Blind
Bireh on a regular basis, with two gathering the children together and,
Israeli tanks appearing on the ho- because there is no shelter, hide Apart from being the school’s my deepest admiration and respect, ment of the Palestinian people, the
rizon like clockwork at approxi- them under the stairs where they chairman, Al-Idrisi is also a judge not least of all due to the humility Israeli Government has gone way
mately eight every evening. start singing songs in order to dis- at the High Court of Justice Con- he displayed, such as when he said beyond the bounds of what is mor-
The shelling of the school was tract them. Only after several hours cerning Palestinian Affairs in Je- to me, referring to his endeavors ally and legally acceptable. As for
not an isolated incident; during does the shelling come to an end. rusalem and a muezzin at the Al- at the school, “It’s every righteous the Palestinians themselves, many
the past months, it has been “Many of the children’s fami- Aqsa Mosque. In spite of his other man’s duty, inspired by God’s jus- of them now feel that, with noth-
shelled several times, the most re- lies have lost their homes and this, responsibilities, however, he tice.” ing to lose, they are ready to die
cent attack taking place two unfortunately, has created a lot of spends the greater part of his time Unfortunately, there is far too for the sake of Palestine. The sad-
weeks ago. As a result, any claims animosity toward the Jews,” said helping at the school, such as by little righteousness in the world of dest thing of all, however, is that
that the first shelling episode was Sheikh Hayyan Al-Idrisi, the chair- picking up students from their Palestinian children, which is why in some instances, they have no
a ‘mistake’ can no longer be taken man of the school. Al-Idrisi con- homes and taking them to school we see them continuing to suffer choice...just ask any one of the
seriously. One can only wonder tinued, saying, “We cannot hide and building practical equipment, due to Israeli policies that, simply children from the National School
how any human being could con- reality from the children, especially such as tables, for their use. In put, are designed to destroy the Pal- for the Blind who on the night of
done the terrorizing of children as they ask so many questions. short, Al-Idrisi is a versatile man estinian society, the settlement 19 February must have surely
whose handicap makes them to- Besides, they begin every day by with a very kind heart, someone policy being a good example. In- thought that their lives were about
tally innocent and harmless. reading the newspapers in braille”. who easily succeeded in earning deed, when it comes to its treat- to come to an end.
≤∞∞± ‰Ë√ sdA Ø ‰uK√ e1U Àu ‰«
TYT Supplement: Journalism Across Boundaries
Sponsored by The European Union

ÒIssue 19 A Palestinian Youth Monthly September / October 2001

Photo: Hamdi Hamamreh

The delegation listening to a briefing about Qalandia camp during their visit to the camp

By Rabie Abu Latifah visit Israel and occupied Palestine suffering of the Jews, but rather, of According to UN resolutions, the completely ignore International
Qalandia Camp feel obliged to visit “Yad Vashem”, the way in which they have used that memorial itself is built on occupied Law as well as international reso-
Palestine land that should be returned to its lutions would be further legiti-
upset me a great deal. suffering to justify their attempts to
rightful owners. What this means, in mized.
It is not that we refuse to listen humiliate us, slaughter us, and rob

errorists, stone throwers, sui We should never ignore the im-
cide bombers, religious fun to opinions with which we might not us of both our land and our freedom. effect, is that Israel was able, though
portance of information and the way
damentalists, killers”... agree or because we in some way The majority of Jews give the im- its construction, to kill two birds with
in which it affects certain positions
“Their women, who are always want to limit awareness concerning pression that any massacres or war one stone. First, they were able to
concerning causes that are just but
treated badly, have to veil them- the terrible massacres that were com- crimes committed against another raise awareness concerning the suf- whose validity is often not fully ap-
selves and are forced to marry mitted by the Nazis against the Jews. people are far less significant than fering of the Jews during World War preciated. This being the case, what
early”... “They do not believe in de- On the contrary, we, the Palestinians, those committed against them and II and of brainwashing huge numbers we need to do now is to enlarge the
mocracy and rely on their ‘connec- perhaps more than anyone else, can that they believe they have the right of people into believing that any experience we had as young Pales-
tions’ when it comes to obtaining understand the latter’s suffering be- to do anything they want in order to other kind of suffering, including that tinian, German and Dutch journal-
work” It was things such as these cause it was similar to that to which guarantee their ‘security’ and prevent of the Palestinians, is of secondary - ists in order to further the causes of
that the young journalists from Hol- we are now being subjected under a what happened during the war from if any - importance. Two, they were mutual understanding and fairness
land and Germany who visited Pal- brutal military occupation. ever happening again. This, I believe, able to ensure that with every visit and objectivity, especially in rela-
estine in May this year told us when For us, the Palestinians, however, is an extremely unjust and selfish at- to the memorial, their existence on tion to the Palestinian-Israeli con-
asked what stereotypes they hold Yad Vashem reminds us not of the titude. occupied land and their attempts to flict.
about the Palestinians. It should not
have come as much of a surprise.
After all, the Palestinians have long
been stereotyped in this way by peo-
Friendship Across Boundaries
ple who do not know them, as evi- By Saleem Al-Habash
denced by what we often read in the Ramallah The central goal of the ‘Journal-
foreign press. To make matters Palestine ism Across Boundariesß project was
worse, some of us apparently be- to facilitate the dissemination of

lieve that the tendency of foreign- n recent years, a large number knowledge concerning both the per-
ers to resort to stereotyping when of exchange programs have spective and actual situation of the
dealing with us as people is so been implemented amongst dif- various participating groups and to
Photo: Hamdi Hamamreh

strong that there is no point at all in ferent peoples, cultures and civili- build on this knowledge for the ben-
even attempting to influence their zations, in order to increase the efit of all those involved. This we
way of thinking. awareness of one ‘sideß concerning found easy to do, for we soon dis-
During the days my Palestinian the ‘otherß. Motivated by our hu- covered that we, the participants
colleagues and I spent with our Eu- manity, many of us have willingly were more than willing to open up
ropean friends, we were gradually shared in the stories and the pain and to one another in our search for the
able to convince them that the un- anxiety of various peoples from all Oriental evening at Qalandi camp truth and in order to understand and
swerving support for Israel dis- over the world in an attempt to learn try to improve the reality of youth
played by the West is mainly the re- more about their way of life and to I myself was involved in other things, they show us that we in general and Palestinian youth in
sult of the dissemination of false in- refrain from stereotyping in order PYALARA’s ‘Journalism Across are not alone, that people from dif- particular. Naturally, there were
formation, which reaches it via vari- to diminish the gap that exists be- Boundariesß project, which took ferent backgrounds and with differ- times when we disagreed over cer-
ous foreign media agencies. We ex- tween certain nations and enrich the place here in Palestine and involved ent opinions and beliefs are still ca- tain opinions, notions and concepts,
plained, of course, that there are concept of ‘global brotherhoodß. the participation of groups of young pable of understanding our plight and but this fact, rather than having a
other factors to be taken into con- The Palestinians, having a journalists from Germany and Hol- supporting our cause, that they are negative effect on our relationships,
sideration in this respect, including unique identity that is an integral land, Palestine, and Israel’s Palestin- ready to listen to our voices and to merely added a new dimension and
the Zionist movement and its activi- part of their national cause, value ian Citizens. For over a week, we become our friends, that they are even, in some way, made them
ties as well as the power of Jewish the exchange projects that involve interacted and exchanged ideas and eager to learn from our experience, stronger. Indeed, by the end of the
capital, which can not only buy po- people from different countries, opinions concerning various issues, as well as to share theirs. Moreover, program, we have all agreed that we
litical positions but also create new such as those of the European Un- and by the time we said our good- through learning about the situation had, in the space of a little more than
ones. ion. However, although we are keen byes, not one of the Palestinians in- of youth in all other countries and a week, succeeded in adding
In order to clarify what I mean, to share out story with the rest of volved in the project was left with hearing the stories about their vari- ‘friendship across boundariesß to
I will take the example of “Yad the world, we often found in the past any doubt concerning the importance ous achievements within their re- ‘journalism across boundariesß and
Vashem”; the memorial built for all that the international community of such projects and the way in which spective societies, we are provided I for one am confident that the
the Jews who were killed by the simply ignored us. Not surprisingly, they contribute to creating hope for with extra confidence in terms of our friendships that emerged and flour-
Nazi regime in World War II. The this resulted in our feeling ex- Palestinian youngsters. But why do ability to make a difference in terms ished here in Palestine will last for
fact that 99 percent of people who tremely isolated. they create hope? Well, amongst of the situation of youth in Palestine. many years to come.