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My work in fives
Level: B1+, suitable for people in employment, although can be adapted for people with work experience not currently employed, e.g. business students at university. Aims: 1. To discuss elements of participants’ jobs and compare these with other people in the class 2. To identify the correct English terminology for language related to individuals’ work 3. To get to know each other in a first class Class time: 45 minutes + Preparation time: none Resources: one copy of the five categories per person, or this could be projected onto a screen or dictated at the beginning of the class. Procedure: 1. The teacher writes one piece of information for each of the following categories:      Places which are/have been significant to your job Pieces of ‘equipment’ which are important for your job Dates/times with a special importance for your job, work or career Special words/expressions used in your job on a daily basis Skills which are needed in your job

2. Participants can discuss together what the information represents. When they have decided, they can check how accurate their guesses were with the teacher. (10 minutes) 3. The five categories can be displayed via a projector or recorded on a flipchart. The categories could even be dictated as part of a listening exercise. 4. Participants should now make notes. Their objective is to think of, and record, five examples for each of the five categories, regarding their own work and career. The teacher monitors to help with vocabulary where necessary (5 to 10 minutes) 5. Once they have completed this, put the learners in pairs to discuss their responses to each category. (10 minutes) 6. As a final task, learners can present another participant to the whole group. (10 minutes) 7. The teacher can now provide feedback on language use and can discuss new lexis which has been identified during the class. (5 to 10 minutes)