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Education In Europe

Traveled Alone To Rome Madrid In May 1882

Continued His Studies In Medicine At The Universidad Central De Madrid Degree Of Licentiate In Medicine In 1884

Degree Of Philosophy And Letters In 1885

Studies In Europe

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Spain As A Realization
It was a venue for realizing Rizals dreams. He finished his studies in Madrid and this to him was the realization of the bigger part of his ambition. His vision broadened to the point of awakening in him an understanding of human nature, sparking in him the realization that his people needed him.

It must have been this sentiment that prompted him to pursue, during the re-organizational meeting of the Circulo-Hispano-Filipino, to be one of its activities, the publication of a book to which all the members would contribute papers on the various aspects and conditions of Philippines life

The proposal for the book was unanimously approved.

But afterwards, difficulties and objections were raised, and a number of gentlemen stood up and refused to discuss the matter any further in 1884.

Rizal decided not to press the issue any longer.

Although the book was never written, the next year, Pedro Paterno published his Ninay, a novel sub-titled Costumbres filipinas (Philippines Customs), thus partly fulfilling the original purpose of Rizals plan.

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Noli Me Tangere

The idea of writing a novel grew on him, and later he decided to write and worked hard for Noli Me Tangere He never told anyone about it until it was finished, though some of his companions knew what he was doing He wrote half of the novel in Madrid, a quarter of it in Paris and the rest in Germany

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Education In Europe

University of Paris (France)

University of Heidelberg (Germany)

Earned a second doctorate

Inducted as a member of the Berlin Ethnological Society and the Berlin Anthropological Society under the patronage of the famous pathologist Rudolf Virchow

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University Of Heidelberg

DR. OTTO BECKER 1858 1890 HEIDELBERG 25-year-old Rizal completed in 1887 his eye specialization under the renowned Prof. Otto Becker in Heidelberg Left Heidelberg a poem, A las flores del Heidelberg; both an evocation and a prayer for the welfare of his native land and the unification of common values between East and West

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A Las Flores Del Heidelberg

Go to my country, go foreign flowers, Planted by the traveler on his way, And there beneath that sky of blue That over my beloved towers, Speak for this traveler to say What faith in his homeland he breathes to you. Go and say.... Say that when the dawn First brew your calyx open there Beside the River Necker chill, You saw him standing by you, very still, Reflecting on the primrose flush you wear. Say that when the morning light Her toll of perfume from you wrung, While playfully she whispered, "How I love you! He too murmured here above you Tender love songs in his native tongue. That when the rising sun the height Of Koenigsthul in early morn first spies, And with its tepid light Is pouring life in valley, wood, and grove, He greets the sun as it begins to rise, This in his native land is blazing straight above. And tell them of that day he staid And plucked you from the border of the path, Amid the ruins of the feudal castle, By the River Neckar, and in the sylvan shade. Tell them what he told you As tenderly he took Your pliant leaves and pressed them in a book, Where now its well-worn pages close enfold you. Carry, carry, flowers of Rhine, Love to every love of mine, Peace to my country and her fertile loam, Virtue to her women, courage to her men, Salute those darling ones again, Who formed the sacred circle of our home. And when you reach that shore, Each kiss I press upon you now, Deposit on the pinions of the wind, And those I love and honor and adore Will feel my kisses carried to their brow. Ah, flowers, you may fare through, Conserving still, perhaps, your native hue; Yet, far from Fatherland, heroic loam To which you owe your life, The perfume will be gone from you; For aroma is your soul; it cannot roam Beyond the skies which saw it born, nor ever forget.

Rizals Life In Europe

Jose Rizal lived in Europe for 10 years. He could converse in more than 10 different tongues. Excelled at martial arts, fencing, sculpture, painting, teaching, anthropology, and journalism, among other things. During his European sojourn, he also began to write novels. Rizal finished his first book, Noli Me Tangere, while living in Wilhemsfeld with the Reverend Karl Ullmer. Studies In Europe Page 6


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