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What are transmission lines used for?

Signal transmission Energy transmission Information transmission Name the typical variables that characterise an electromagnetic wave! Electrical field strength Frequency Loss factor Directivity Quality factor Magnetic field strength What causes a wave to reverse propagation direction in a waveguide? Termination of the line with its characteristic impedance Short-circuit at the end of the transmission line An open-ended transmission line Termination of the waveguide line with an impedance that differs from the characteristic impedance of the line. Score all of the correct statements regarding the standing wave ratio. The standing wave ratio describes the ratio of waves propagating in the forward and reverse direction in the waveguide. The standing wave ratio is described by the reflection factor r. The standing wave ratio is described by the parameter S. When the line is matched the standing wave ratio is 1 When the line is not matched the standing wave ratio is less than 1 When the line is not matched the standing wave ratio is greater than 1 What is the slotted measuring line for? To determine the wavelength in the waveguide.

A Gunn oscillator can be used to set the attenuation of a microwave signal. How is oscillation excited in a Gunn oscillator? By means of a feedback circuit as in classical oscillators . For the amplitude modulation of the microwaves generated by the Gunn oscillator in the waveguide system.To set the attenuation using the micrometer screw. A Gunn oscillator can be used to set the frequency of a microwave signal. A Gunn oscillator generates high-frequency electromagnetic waves. What is a Gunn oscillator used for? The standing wave ratio (SWR) can be determined using a Gunn oscillator. Microwaves can only propagate in microstructures. To generate high-frequency electromagnetic waves. What kind of transmission lines are suitable for the transmission of high-frequency signals in the GHz range? Unshielded lines Coaxial lines Waveguides Microstrip lines The type of line is irrelevant. A Gunn oscillator determines the attenuation in a waveguide. High frequency signals can be transported via any kind of line. Microwaves are high-frequency electromagnetic waves with short wavelengths. To determine the standing wave ratio (SWR) and to test matching. How would you classify or define "microwaves"? Microwaves are electromagnetic waves with very small amplitudes.

Very sensitive to electrostatic discharge. A conventional pn-rectifier diode.Via a component with a negative dynamic characteristic Which of the following statements describes a Gunn diode? A varicap diode for tuning the oscillator. A component with a negative dynamic characteristic. . Very sensitive with respect to excess voltage.