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Condition Monitoring

How to transfer an OMNITREND® database into Microsoft SQL format using Microsoft Access
A. Requirements
Operating system Windows 98 / NT / 2000 / XP PC software OMNITREND ver. 1.90 Microsoft XP office package MS- Access 2002SP3 2000, standard edition

C. Transfer to SQL format
1. Open the database with Microsoft Access 2002 SP3 or newer. 2. Click on <Tools / Database Utilities / Upsizing Wizard>:

SQL server

The following setup procedures should be installed by the network / database administrator!

B. Preparation
1. Install OMNITREND on your computer. 2. Update OMNITREND to the latest version (1.90). 3. Open the database in OMNITREND in order to convert it to the latest version. 4. Close OMNITREND. 5. Open the database with Microsoft Access 2002 (part of Microsoft XP Office package) or with Microsoft Access 2003 (part of Microsoft 2003 office package). 6. Upgrade the database format from Microsoft Access 97 to Microsoft Access 2000 as follows: • Click on <Tools / Database Utilities /Convert database - to Access 2000> (see screen shot of step C.2.). • Enter the new database name.

3. Select Create new database. Click on <Next>:

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Click on <Next>: 7. Select No application changes. Select the attributes as shown below. Select your database connection / login and enter a database name. Select all available tables and move them into the Export to SQL Server field. 6.PRÜFTECHNIK Condition Monitoring OMNITREND® TechNote #CM6 -Page 2 of 5 4. Click on <Next>: 5. Click on <Finish>. Click on <Next>: Continued on next page >> . The database will be transferred. Click on <Next>: 8.

Enter the required data for the new data source. Click on <Next>: Continued on next page >> . Click on <Next>: 4. Select the default database.Under Windows 2000 / XP. Select the authentication mode and enter login data if required.PRÜFTECHNIK Condition Monitoring OMNITREND® TechNote #CM6 -Page 3 of 5 D. Select SQL Server and click on <Finish>: 7.Under Windows 98 click on: <START / Settings / ControlPanel / DataSources ODBC> . click on: <START / Settings / Control panel / Administrative Tools / Data Sources ODBC> 2. Click on <Add…> 5. Set up the ODBC driver 1. Select System DSN 3. Open the ODBC data source administrator: . Click on <Next>: 6.

Click on <Next>: The new data source appears in the list: 9. Click on <OK>. If the connection to the server is successfully created. 10. Select the following options as required.PRÜFTECHNIK Condition Monitoring OMNITREND® TechNote #CM6 -Page 4 of 5 8. Click on <OK>. the screen shown above should appear. Click on Test data source to test the connection to the server: 11. Continued on next page >> . Problems can occur if the ODBC driver version for Microsoft SQL does not match the requirements and if the authentication mode is not set up correctly.

Germany Phone: (+49) 89 99 61 60 Fax: (+49) 89 99 61 63 00 www. Start OMNITREND. Select Open Oracle / SQL Server Database and click on the <…> button: Productive maintenance technology .PRÜFTECHNIK Condition Monitoring OMNITREND® TechNote #CM6 -Page 5 of 5 E. Click on <OK> to open the SQL database in OMNITREND: 3. Open the SQL database in OMNITREND 1.pruftechnik. Box 12 63 D-85730 Ismaning.O. Select the ODBC data source created in section D. Click on <OK>: The name of the current database appears in the program caption: PRÜFTECHNIK Condition Monitoring P. 2.