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FIRMS RFP 13-088

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Request for Proposal (RFP)

RFP Number: Description: Release Date: Deadline for Questions: Due Date: For: Contracting Entity: Funded by:

RFP No 13-088 Procurement of Services for ISO 9000 Certification Audit, 2013 Sunday, March 25, 2013 5:00 PM local Lahore time on March 29, 2013 5:00 PM local Lahore time on April 8, 2013 USAID Firms Project Chemonics International Inc. United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Contract No. EEM-I-00-07-00008-00 No. 7 Faisalabad and Daska (District Faisalabad), Pakistan

Place of Performance: Contents of RFP:

Section 1: Instructions to Offerors Section 2: Scope of Work (SOW) and Deliverables Section 3: Fixed Price Subcontract Terms and Conditions Attachment A: Letter of Transmittal Attachment B: Required Certifications Annex 1: List of Agricultural Implements Manufacturing Units to be certified Annex 2: Template of Cost Proposal

RFP No. FIRMS RFP 13-088

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The objective of the USAID Firms Project (the ‗Project‘) is to improve government service delivery and develop dynamic, internationally competitive firms to accelerate sales, investment, and job growth to undercut the basis of extremism. 1.2 Offer Deadline

Offers must be received by courier and e-mail no later than 5.00 PM local Lahore time on April 8, 2013. Late offers will be considered only at the discretion of the evaluation team. 1.3 Protocol for Submission of Offers and Required Documents

Offerors are responsible for ensuring that their offers are received in accordance with the instructions stated herein. Offerors must prepare four hard copies of the technical proposal and one hard copy of the cost proposals, and submitting separate sealed envelopes to the attention of ‗The Procurement Department‘ at 44 -C1, Gulberg III, Lahore by the deadline stated in Section 1.2 above. The envelopes must state ‗Proposal – RFP 13-088- ISO 9000 Certification‘ as the subject content. Offers can also be e-mailed to by the deadline stated in Section 1.2 above. The following text must appear in the subject line of the email: ―Proposal - RFP 13-088 - ISO 9000 Certification‖. Receipt will be acknowledged. Hard copies must still be submitted nonetheless. All offers must be prepared in English. Each offer must be composed of a Technical Volume and Cost Volume as described in Sections 1.5 and 1.6 below. Each offeror may submit only one proposal, either individually or as a partner in a joint venture. An offeror, who submits or participates in more than one proposal, shall cause all the proposals with that offeror‘s participation to be disqualified. If the offer is in partnership or joint venture, the offeror must submit a copy of the partnership/joint venture agreement between the parties. The agreement must include a full disclosure of the relationship between the parties, including identification of the party which will be responsible for negotiating the award and the express agreement of the principals thereto to be held jointly and severally liable for the acts or omissions of the other. 1.4 Questions and Clarifications

All questions and/or clarifications regarding this RFP must be submitted via email to no later than 5:00PM local time on March 29, 2013. All correspondence and/or inquiries regarding this solicitation must reference the RFP number. No phone calls or in-person inquiries will be entertained; all questions and inquiries must be in writing. Questions and requests for clarification—and the responses thereto—will be circulated to all RFP recipients who have indicated an interest in bidding by 5:00PM on April 2, 2013. Only the written answers will be considered official and carry weight in the RFP process and subsequent evaluation. Any verbal information received from a Chemonics or the P roject‘s employee or other entity should not be considered as an official response to any questions regarding this RFP. 1.5 Technical Volume

The Technical Volume must be specific, complete, and concise, describing the offeror‘s proposed plan to complete scope of work (SOW) and deliverables found in Section 2. It should demonstrate a clear

Provide the timeline (Gantt Chart) for the completion of each milestone / output / activity as well as the entire assignment. especially in agriculture implements manufacturing sector. 4 Qualification Professionals and Experience of Key b. We will encourage including detailed CVs and these would not count towards the 10 pages limit of proposal. Details of offices in Pakistan Registration with Chamber of Commerce (if registered) Pakistan National Accreditation Council (PNAC) accredited – Copy of PNAC accreditation certificate (if registered) Provide the detail of affiliation with the international accreditation board / bodies Total years of experience of the company / organization in ISO 9000 certification in Pakistan 1 Corporate Capability & Repute b. who will execute the assignment. to whom ISO 9000 2 Previous Experience certification services were offered (mention the name and complete address of client and its nature of business and the services provided) Provide the list of clients in light engineering sector. e. organizational organogram. Scope of Work given in this RFP highlights the necessary tasks. font size: 12 for electronic submissions) and must include the following information: Sr. No Criteria Descriptions a. d. . Provide a complete profile of certification body A profile of the certification body (offeror) including primary and secondary services. training courses and experience. a. All the description must have year wise details Provide the list of ISO 9000 audit. you are proposing for this assignment c. FIRMS RFP 13-088 Page 3 of 24 understanding of the work to be undertaken and the responsibilities of all parties involved. size. year of inception. and activities to be undertaken and process to be followed. List of Auditors. total number of permanent employees. b. Provide the list of all clients.RFP No. with respect to ISO 9000 certification. c. 3 Technical Plan / Understanding of Assignment & Approach/ Ability to Meet Time Line b. Suggestions and insights are required for the fine tuning and improvement of the mentioned methodology / process. a. The Technical Volume must not exceed ten (10) pages (excluding annexes) (in Microsoft Word format. it will help determine the service provider‘s understanding of assignment and clarity of suggested methodology /process. Early completion will be acknowledged. along with description of their academic qualification. so far undertaken by the auditors. core specialization. Moreover. font: Times New Roman. expertise. nature of operations. a.

Preference will be given to companies based in Lahore or close to our beneficiary units (Gujranwala / Sialkot / Gujrat) in order to have better interaction and communication. Do mention whether auditors. Quality Management System Courses (QMS) LAC approved by IRCA UK. Chemonics will not refuse a proposal based upon the use of subcontractors. Chemonics‘ reserves the right to ask for originals if the need so arises. Chemonics retains the right to approve or reject the specific subcontractors selected. Vendor must have at least five years of experience of auditing in the light engineering sector of Pakistan.6 Cost Volume The Cost Volume is used to establish the best value among proposals. and official email addresses of the same. landline phone number.    All offers must be accompanied by a profile of the company describing the organization. and the work they will perform. 1. appointed for this assignment is permanent employee or has short term engagement The applicants must tailor proposals directly in reference to the various segments of this evaluation criterion and also note:    Company / Partnership / Sole proprietorship will be eligible to submit its bid A certificate/affidavit that the firm is not blacklisted by any Government/Autonomous Body Development Agency / Donor is to be furnished with the proposal Provide copies of appropriate certificates / dealership certificate if any. names of CEO.     Bank statement for a period of 6months Tax return statements for the last 2 years 3 confirmed positive references for past project of similar nature to verify on time delivery and performance 3 confirmed positive references for past project of any nature to verify on time delivery and performance Subcontracting arrangements: If the execution of work to be performed by the offeror requires the hiring of subcontractors. COO. the proposal must clearly identify the subcontractor(s). Organization / Company Registration Certificate The RFP is open for all the ISO 9000 certification bodies / agencies that are registered / affiliated with international certification board(s). The Cost Volume must include a detailed budget. contact information of subcontractor(s). Technical volumes must be presented as complete. Organization / Company‘s NTN Certificate ii. as well as a budget narrative which explains the basis for the estimate of each budget element. Copies of the following documents must also be submitted. Any taxes or fees are not to be added later. FIRMS RFP 13-088 Page 4 of 24 c. including i. .RFP No. Particularly mention the auditors experience in light engineering sector and agriculture implements manufacturing sector d. or any other body (if attended any such courses) e. and serves as a basis of negotiation for the signing of the subcontract. however. its nature of business and indicating the physical address of the company. and operating in Pakistan. CFO and authorized representatives. Incomplete proposals will not be considered except at the discretion of Chemonics. Supporting information should be provided in sufficient detail to allow a complete analysis of each cost element.

ADS Chapter 260. Cuba. ―Protecting the Government‘s Interest When Subcontracting with Contractors Debarred. the bidder shall be responsible for all the expenses to be incurred on the travelling. boarding. or Proposed for Debarment. 1. if it is in the best interest of the Project. meals. in the performance of the requirement of this activity. suspended. FIRMS RFP 13-088 Page 5 of 24 Any taxes or fees are not to be added later and should be included in the original cost submission. 1. Code 937 consists of the United States.11 Basis for Award Chemonics intends to award a subcontract or subcontracts resulting from this solicitation to the responsible offeror(s) whose proposal(s) represents the best value to Firms Project after evaluation of the following criteria. Chemonics will not award a subcontract to any firm or firms‘ principals who are debarred. North Sudan or Syria. items with components from. auditing. Chemonics reserves the right to make multiple awards. and communications expenses). Iran. 1. It is anticipated that awards will be made solely on the basis of these original proposals. whatsoever it may be. suspended. fuel. stationery. The name and contact details of the units to be audited have been attached as Annexure so that bidder can calculate the financial bid exactly and accurately. Previous Experience 10% 25% .‖ (SEP 2006). However. or proposed for debarment. remuneration etc. Related services include incidental services pertaining to any/all aspects of this subcontract (including transportation.8 Eligibility of Offerors In accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation Clause 52. and a list of ―developing countries‖ described in ADS Chapter 310. No items. Suspended. Chemonics reserves the right to conduct negotiations and/or request clarifications prior to awarding a subcontract. Quotations must be a firm fixed price. The anticipated contract type for this procurement will be a Fixed Price Subcontract. 22 CFR §228 and the Automated Directives System (ADS). the cooperating country.7 Authorized USAID Geographic Code All goods and services offered under this order must meet USAID Geographic Code 937.209-6. Corporate Capability & Repute 2. Payment to the successful offeror(s) will be made in Pakistani Rupees only. expressed in Pakistani rupees. re-auditing and completion. North Korea.. of its staff / auditors and USAID Firms Project will make no extra arrangement / payment. suspended. Such goods and services must meet the source and nationality requirements detailed in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). 1.RFP No. 1. lodging. or related services may be offered from the following countries: Burma. all offerors must certify that they are not debarred.9 Validity Period Offers must remain valid for at least sixty (60) calendar days after the offer deadline. or proposed for debarment. During all the stages of this assignment including inception. with the weights applied accordingly: 1.10 Negotiations Best offer proposals are requested. certificate cost. lodging. or who proposes to do business with firms (including subcontractors) or firms‘ principals who are debarred. or proposed for debarment.

nor does it commit Chemonics or USAID to pay for costs incurred in the preparation and submission of a proposal. at its sole discretion. 1. . . Any resultant award will be governed by these terms and conditions. will make a final decision on the protest for this procurement. Cost 30% Cost must be submitted on the given format prescribed in Annex 2. order. all associated costs with each activity and line item involved for each activity.12 Terms and Conditions of Subcontract Issuance of this solicitation does not in any way obligate Chemonics or USAID to award a subcontract. Technical Plan/Understanding of Assignment & Approach/Ability to meet timeline 10% 4. and numbering of the provisions in the actual subcontract document prior to execution by Chemonics and the selected awardee. the offeror understands that USAID is not a party to this solicitation and the offeror agrees that any protest hereunder must be presented—in writing with full explanations—to Chemonics International for consideration. as USAID will not consider protests made to it under USAID-financed subcontracts. FIRMS RFP 13-088 Page 6 of 24 3.RFP No. Chemonics. Qualification and Experience of Key Professionals 25% 5. Please note that in submitting a response to this solicitation.Must include clear break down of budget for personnel and other cost i. This solicitation is subject to the Fixed Price Subcontract Terms and Conditions detailed in Section 3. Chemonics reserves the right to make revisions to the content.e.

culminated at the final audit of ISO 9000 by the certification body. That is why in Pakistan and abroad. Firms Project hired the services of two consultants. provision of technical and financial assistance to these units was incorporated in the work plan of the agricultural implements sector. and in turn certify them. including but not limited to. For the sector development of ―Agricultural Implements Manufacturing Sector‖. the term “Subcontractor” means the successful offeror who is awarded the subcontract as a result of this RFP. where some certification agency / body should come on board for final audit of the beneficiary units and in turn issuance of certification after completing all formalities. The first phase has been started and is ongoing. USAID Firms Project brought two short term consultants on board to assist the manufacturing units in developing systems and documentation.RFP No. 2. where beneficiary units are currently lagging. the stage has come. the quality conscious companies always strive hard to attain this certification. and many of them have the potential to export their products. This activity is being implemented in two phases. For product and process standardization and for quality improvement. housekeeping. With this aim. which are prime determinants to improve the local and export sales. This TPAR is for the implementation of Phase 2. In view of this. and necessary changes in layout. to assess the compliance of ISO 9000 requirements. USAID Firms Project is working with some units of Faisalabad and Daska. That is why. While the preparatory work is ongoing. In the first phase. one for each cluster.2 Scope of Work ISO 9000 certification is considered the symbol of product and process standardization across the globe and conveys the image of quality product. in Pakistan. USAID Firms Project intends to hire the services of a certification body through this RFP to conduct the final audit of ten units. 2. the Value Chain Development Component has designed a holistic program comprising of various interventions in many operational areas. The certification will help manufacturing units to place systems at their facility. rework and customer complaints. . For this RFP. At present. to comply with the requirements of ISO certification. investment. 1) to hire consultants to assist the manufacturing units prepare for an audit preparatory to an audit. record keeping. Product and process standardization is one of the means/ tools to improve the cost competitiveness of the manufacturing units as well as to enhance their products quality. and internal audits. and 2) the engagement of an audit firm to conduct the ISO audit leading to the manufacturing units‘ ISO 9000 certification. to steer through the process of developing and implementing all the pre-requisites. leading to standardized manufacturing processes and products that would help improvement in quality with less rejection. and ultimately for an ISO registration. developing and documenting the systems. internationally competitive firms to accelerate sales. ISO 9000 certification is considered a prerequisite worldwide. FIRMS RFP 13-088 Page 7 of 24 SECTION 2: SCOPE OF WORK (SOW) AND DELIVERABLES SCHEDULE Below is the SOW for the RFP. hardly any agricultural implements manufacturing unit has ISO 9000 or any other quality control / assurance certification. customers / organizations prefer to have business with ISO 9000 certified firms. Some of them are even indirectly exporting their products through intermediaries (exporters). In the second phase.1 Program Overview The objective of the USAID Firms Project (the ‗Project‘) is to improve government service delivery and develop dynamic. and job growth.

FIRMS RFP 13-088 Page 8 of 24 2. . and in turn report the major and minor non compliances along with his / her recommendations to the management of units.RFP No. Task 4: Re-Audit (if required) In case of any major non-compliance.Action plan. the bidder will undertake preassessment audit of one unit in Daska and Faisalabad cluster each (detail mentioned in Annex 1 as attached). the bidder must exercise extreme caution in the selection of the team at the proposal submission stage. containing the following: . In light of their inputs. for each audited units. During all the phases of the assignment. Without prior permission of the USAID Firms Project.4 Deliverables The following are considered to be the key deliverables for this assignment: Deliverable 1: Inception Report Within seven days of signing the contract. Therefore. the bidder shall re-audit(s) the facility(s) / records. already working with the project. if required so. the parent body of the bidder (certification agency) will issue ISO 9000 certification. The bidder is supposed to bring on board the auditors who‘s CVs should be attached with the proposal. along with timeline. to be submitted in response to the RFP. the bidder shall prepare a comprehensive and logical action plan for submission to the Team Lead of Value Chain Development (VCD) of USAID Firms Project including the Gantt chart and methodology used for certification audit. the bidder will execute all the tasks/activities/deliverables in line with the agreed and approved action plan. the bidder shall submit an inception report. at least two weeks before the final audit to assess the readiness of the units for final audit. the following specific tasks: Task 1: Action Plan & Meeting with USAID Firms Staff Bidder shall hold meetings with the respective professionals of USAID Firms Project and the two short term consultants. which demands re-auditing of manufacturing unit(s). The bidder is supposed to convey the deficiencies to concerned professionals of USAID Firms project and management of units for necessary corrective measures. 2. Task 2: Pre-assessment Audit In consultation with short term consultants of USAID Firms Project. After the approval. the bidder is required to keep close contact with the respective team members of USAID Firms Project to keep them abreast of the work progress. short term consultants and professionals of USAID Firms Project. Task 5: Issuance of certificates Once the compliance to the given set of requirements is ascertained by auditor(s). but not be limited to. methodology and schedule of activities / tasks / deliverables. The proposed professionals for audit must be certified auditor(s) by any well reputed certification agency / board. the bidder shall undertake. Task 3: Final Certification Audit Auditor(s) shall perform the certification audit of each beneficiary unit (in total ten) to assess its compliance with ISO 9000 requirements. the bidder shall not be allowed to change auditor(s) during the execution of the assignment.3 Specific Tasks: In the completion of the assignment.

6 Period of Performance This assignment is planned to take place between May. 2. However.RFP No. Deliverable 2: Pre-assessment Audit Report The auditor(s) or their designee (s) will undertake the pre-assessment audit of one unit of Daska and Faisalabad each.3): Deliverables Deliverable 1 Deliverable 2 Deliverable 3 Deliverable 4 Date of submission Within 7 days of signing of contract Within 12 days of signing of contract Within 40 days of signing of contract Within 50 days of signing of contract The Payment Schedule will be as follows: Deliverable number Deliverable 1 Deliverable 2 Deliverable 3 Deliverable 4 Payment % 20% of total contract amount 30% of total contract amount 30% of total contract amount 20% of total contract amount *Deliverable numbers and names refer to those fully described in Section 2. . FIRMS RFP 13-088 Page 9 of 24 - Checklist to assist the manufacturing units to cross verify their readiness / arrangements on subject matter. 2013. once the units rectify the identified major non-compliances. auditor (s) is supposed to re-audit(s) the unit(s). and will report the deficiencies. The period of performance and deliverable timelines under this assignment are subject to change with approval from USAID. 2013 and July. Deliverable 4: Issuance of Certificate After verification of compliance of ISO 9000 systems. Deliverable 3: Final Audit & Non-Compliance Report The auditor(s) will undertake the final audit of ten units as per agreed timeline and action plan and will submit the detailed major and minor non-compliance report of each unit along with corrective measures. for meeting with professionals of USAID Firms Project. the bidder will have to visit 44-C-1 Gulberg III Lahore.7 Location of Performance The assignment will take place in Faisalabad and Daska (District Faisalabad). 2. bidder (certification body) will issue the internationally recognized certificates to each unit. 2.5 Deliverable Schedule The Subcontractor shall submit the deliverables described in 2. If need is felt.3 above. duly approved by its parent body.3 in accordance with the following Deliverables Schedule stated therein (in accordance with those mentioned in 2.

Sc. from the list of persons provided by the subcontractor for the positions required to effectively complete the scope of work. Professional experience of at least five years as lead auditor for ISO 9000 certification. the Subcontractor shall immediately notify Chemonics reasonably in advance and shall submit written justification (including proposed substitutions) in sufficient detail to permit evaluation of the impact on the work to be performed. 2. Higher qualification would be preferred. 2. Wattoo. Qualification and Experience of Auditor(s) Bachelor Degree preferably B. Khalid S. or any other body.9 Key Personnel Chemonics will. No replacement of key personnel shall be made by the Subcontractor without the written consent of Chemonics. preferably in light engineering sector of Pakistan. Prior to replacing key personnel. select the positions that are to be considered Key Personnel for this subcontract and those positions will be considered to be essential to the work being performed hereunder. 1. Management System Courses (QMS) LAC approved by IRCA UK.8 Supervision and Reporting The Subcontractor will report on technical matters to the USAID Firms Project Workforce Development Specialist. . FIRMS RFP 13-088 Page 10 of 24 2.Tech Honor / Industrial Engineering / TQM.RFP No. Engineering / B.10 Qualification of Key Personnel The Subcontractor shall ensure that key personnel are sufficiently qualified for effectively completing the scope of work.

and shall not be effective until the consent of USAID. or because of the Subcontractor's failure to properly estimate or accurately predict the cost or difficulty of achieving the results required. equipment or labor. SUBCONTRACT TYPE This is a firm fixed-price subcontract payable entirely in the currency indicated in the cover page. including any modification to the scope of work. Each Party shall give due notice and consideration to any proposals for modification made by the other Party. ARTICLE 5. ARTICLE 4. MODIFICATIONS Modifications to the terms and conditions of this Subcontract. Chemonics will not adjust the subcontract price due to fluctuations in currency exchange rates. Chemonics will only make changes in the subcontract price or time to complete due to changes made by Chemonics in the work to be performed. notice. BACKGROUND FOR DETAIL SEE SECTION 2. No additional sums will be payable for any escalation in the cost of materials. The Subcontractor shall address all contractual-related inquiries and correspondence to the Procurement Advisor. SUBCONTRACT SCOPE OF WORK FOR DETAIL SEE SECTION 2. The Subcontractor shall submit all reports. modification. FIRMS RFP 13-088 Page 11 of 24 SECTION 3: FIXED PRICE SUBCONTRACT In the event of a subcontract award resulting from an offer submitted in response to this RFP. may only be made by written agreement between authorized personnel of both Parties. REPORTING AND COMMUNICATIONS The Subcontractor shall render the services and produce the deliverables stipulated in Task Orders. Wattoo. or by delays caused by Chemonics. request. The Subcontractor shall not communicate directly with USAID during the performance of this fixed price subcontract. AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVES Any action. Contractual guidance shall be provided by the Procurement Advisor.2 ARTICLE 3. has been obtained. The authorized CTA for this subcontract is Khalid S.1 ARTICLE 2. ARTICLE 6. the following terms and conditions will apply: ARTICLE 1. USAID Firms Project . or consent required to be given or made pursuant to this subcontract must be in writing and may only be made by the authorized officials specified below or their designee: Procurement Advisor.RFP No. under the supervision and acceptance by the USAID Firms Project Workforce Development Specialist. deliverables to the attention of the CTAs and invoices to the attention of the Procurement Advisor. if applicable. The USAID Firms Project Workforce Development Specialist will be responsible for monitoring the Subcontractor‘s performance under this fixed price subcontract with the assistance of the following individuals: Technical direction during the performance of the subcontract shall be provided by the Chemonics Technical Advisors (CTAs).

be exempt from payment of any taxes. The Subcontractor shall immediately notify Chemonics if any such taxes are assessed against the Subcontractor or its Subcontractors at any tier. Lahore. In the event that the Subcontractor fails to make progress so as to endanger performance of this Fixed Price Subcontract. 3. . or because of the Subcontractor's failure to properly estimate or accurately predict the cost or difficulty of achieving the results required. equipment or labor. 4. fees.RFP No. SUBCONTRACT FUNDING AND TYPE Chemonics International Inc. on behalf of USAID and in cooperation with the Government of Pakistan. No additional sums will be payable for any escalation in the cost of materials.. levies. Scope of Work. Chemonics will not adjust the subcontract price due to fluctuations in currency exchange rates. Bank account information to which payment shall be sent and method of payment. NTN number. or by delays caused by Chemonics. INVOICING Upon the CTA‘s acceptance of the Task Order deliverables described in Section A. This information will assist Chemonics in making timely payments to the Subcontractor: 1. The invoice shall be sent to the following address: Chemonics International Inc. Deliverable(s) number. as prescribed under the applicable laws. the Subcontractor shall submit an original invoice to Chemonics/Firms Project for payment. Chemonics will only make changes in the subcontract price or time to complete due to changes made by Chemonics in the work to be performed. ARTICLE 9. and invoice number. associated with suppliers/wages/salaries/compensation for services rendered by individuals employed by the Subcontractor and who are directed to work as required under this Subcontract. and corresponding fixed price(s). the Subcontractor‘s invoice must include the following information and/or attached documentation. ARTICLE 10. EEM-I-00-07-00008-00. The services performed under this Subcontract are funded by the United States Government and shall. Subcontractor legal name. during the period of performance of this subcontract. funded by the USAID. is authorized to fund this subcontract under the authority of Chemonics‘ prime USAID Contract No. Procurement Department FIRMS Project 44-C1. duties. b. description of approved deliverable(s). therefore. To constitute a proper invoice. Gulberg 3. PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE The effective anticipated date of this Fixed Price Subcontract is May 10. or is unable to fulfill the terms of this Fixed Price Subcontract by the completion date. invoice date. Deliverables and Deliverables Schedule. Background. FIRMS RFP 13-088 Page 12 of 24 ARTICLE 7. 2. This is a firm fixed-price subcontract payable entirely in the currency indicated in the cover page. ARTICLE 8. subcontract number. 2013.. and any other impositions for which Chemonics is exempt. The Subcontractor would be responsible to withhold all applicable taxes and timely deposit the withheld taxes in Government treasury. TAXES & DUTIES a. the Subcontractor shall notify Chemonics forthwith and Chemonics shall have the right to summary termination of this Fixed Price Subcontract upon written notice to the Subcontractor.

RFP No. . Firms Project would be withholding applicable taxes from the invoice of subcontractors as per prevailing applicable withholding tax clauses of Income Tax Ordinance 2001 as and when amended. FIRMS RFP 13-088 Page 13 of 24 c.

CVs of key personnel. and complete. as called for in the RFP. Please find attached our detailed Technical Volume (including past performance information. special provisions. We further certify that (insert name of company) . __________________________________ Company Name ___________________________________ Name and title of authorized representative ___________________________________ Signature ___________________________________ Date . and other statements are accurate. current.RFP No. FIRMS RFP 13-088 Page 14 of 24 ATTACHMENT A: LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL The following letter must be completed and submitted with any offer: To: Chemonics International Inc. 13-088 (insert date) Reference: Date: (Insert name of company) hereby proposes the attached offer to perform all work required as described in the above referenced RFP. Firms Project Attention: Procurement & Subcontracts RFP no. and instructions included in the above referenced RFP. and a company profile) and Cost Volume. and required certifications and licenses. certifications. We hereby certify that the enclosed representations. We hereby acknowledge and agree to all of the terms and conditions. as a firm—as well as the firm‘s principal officers and all commodities and services offered in response to this RFP—are eligible to participate in this procurement under the terms and conditions of this solicitation and under USAID regulations.

or (2)(i) Has been authorized. directly or indirectly. communication. and will not participate. (2) The prices in this offer have not been and will not be knowingly disclosed by the offeror. for the purpose of restricting competition.RFP No. (ii) As an authorized agent. any consultation. or agreement with any other offeror or competitor relating to— (i) Those prices. and that the signatory has not participated and will not participate in any action contrary to paragraphs (a)(1) through (a)(3) of this provision. does certify that the principals named in subdivision (b)(2)(i) of this provision have not participated. FIRMS RFP 13-088 Page 15 of 24 ATTACHMENT B: REQUIRED CERTIFICATIONS The following certifications must be completed and submitted with any offer: 52. the offeror must furnish with its offer a signed statement setting forth in detail the circumstances of the disclosure. to act as agent for the following principals in certifying that those principals have not participated. without. (c) If the offeror deletes or modifies paragraph (a) (2) of this provision. in any action contrary to paragraphs (a)(1) through (a)(3) of this provision. and will not participate. has not personally participated. and (iii) As an agent. (ii) The intention to submit an offer. to any other offeror or competitor before bid opening (in the case of a sealed bid solicitation) or contract award (in the case of a negotiated solicitation) unless otherwise required by law. (b) Each signature on the offer is considered to be a certification by the signatory that the signatory— (1) Is the person in the offeror‘s organization responsible for determining the prices be ing offered in this bid or proposal. ___________________________________ (Applicant) BY (Signature) ___________________ TITLE _____________________ TYPED NAME ____________________ DATE _____________________ .203-2 CERTIFICATE OF INDEPENDENT PRICE DETERMINATION (APR 1985) _________________________(hereinafter called the "offeror") (Name of Offeror) (a) The offeror certifies that— (1) The prices in this offer have been arrived at independently. and the title of his or her position in the offeror’s organization]. and will not participate in any action contrary to paragraphs (a)(1) through (a)(3) of this provision ____________________ [insert full name of person(s) in the offeror’s organization responsible for determining the prices offered in this bid or proposal. or (iii) The methods or factors used to calculate the prices offered. and (3) No attempt has been made or will be made by the offeror to induce any other concern to submit or not to submit an offer for the purpose of restricting competition. in writing. in any action contrary to paragraphs (a)(1) through (a)(3) of this provision.

for each such failure. by signing its offer.C. Submission of this certification and disclosure is a prerequisite for making or entering into this contract imposed by 31 U. the Offeror will notify Buyer immediately. ___________________________________ BY (Signature) ___________________ TITLE _____________________ TYPED NAME ____________________ DATE _____________________ . (f) Should the Offeror‘s circumstances change during the life of any resulting subcontract with respect to the above. an officer or employee of Congress. or an employee of a Member of Congress on its behalf in connection with the awarding of this contract.‖ and ―regularly employed‖ are defined in the FAR clause of this solicitation entitled ―Limitation on Payments to Influence Certain Federal Transactions‖ ( 52. and not more than $100.RFP No.C. The prohibition and exceptions contained in the FAR clause of this solicitation entitled ―Limitation on Payments to Influence Certain Federal Transactions‖ (52.20312). (b) Prohibition.‖ ―influencing or attempting to influence. 1352. shall be subject to a civil penalty of not less than $10.‖ ―reasonable compensation. The terms ―agency. Disclosure of Lobbying Activities.203-12) are hereby incorporated by reference in this provision. the Offeror shall complete and submit. The Offeror. 1602(8). (c) Certification. (e) Penalty.S.203-11 CERTIFICATION AND DISCLOSURE REGARDING PAYMENTS TO INFLUENCE CERTAIN FEDERAL TRANSACTIONS (SEPT 2007) _________________________(hereinafter called the "offeror") (Name of Offeror) (a) Definitions.000. with its offer.‖ ―person. to provide the name of the registrants. Any person who makes an expenditure prohibited under this provision or who fails to file or amend the disclosure required to be filed or amended by this provision. (d) Disclosure. If any registrants under the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995 have made a lobbying contact on behalf of the Offeror with respect to this contract. OMB Standard Form LLL.‖ ―officer or employee of an agency. The Offeror need not report regularly employed officers or employees of the Offeror to whom payments of reasonable compensation were made. a Member of Congress. hereby certifies to the best of its knowledge and belief that no Federal appropriated funds have been paid or will be paid to any person for influencing or attempting to influence an officer or employee of any agency. FIRMS RFP 13-088 Page 16 of 24 52.000. As used in this provision—―Lobbying contact‖ has the meaning provided at 2 U.S.

C. had one or more contracts terminated for default by any Federal agency.C. division. (2) ―Principal. the taxpayer is entitled to contest the underlying tax liability because the taxpayer has had no prior opportunity to contest the liability. This is not a delinquent tax because it is not a final tax liability. or Fraudulent Certification May Render the Maker Subject to Prosecution Under Section 1001. means an officer. § 6159.R. which entitles the taxpayer to seek Tax Court review of a proposed tax deficiency. The taxpayer is not delinquent because enforced collection action is stayed under 11 U.209-5 CERTIFICATION REGARDING RESPONSIBILITY MATTERS (MAY 2008) (a)(1) The Offeror certifies. partner.S. director. or local) contract or subcontract. (i) The taxpayer has received a statutory notice of deficiency. violating Federal criminal tax laws. (ii) The IRS has filed a notice of Federal tax lien with respect to an assessed tax liability. or declared ineligible for the award of contracts by any Federal agency.R. to the best of its knowledge and belief. forgery. Should the taxpayer seek tax court review. making false statements. (ii) The Offeror has o has not o.C.R. United States Code.. Should the taxpayer seek Tax Court review.C. been notified of any delinquent Federal taxes in an amount that exceeds $3. plant manager. (1) Federal taxes are considered delinquent if both of the following criteria apply: (i) The tax liability is finally determined. owner. within a three-year period preceding this offer. and the taxpayer has been issued a notice under I. A taxpayer is not delinquent in cases where enforced collection action is precluded. have not □. violation of Federal or state antitrust statutes relating to the submission of offers. this will not be a final tax liability until the taxpayer has exercised all judicial appeal rights. head of a subsidiary. bribery. The taxpayer is not delinquent because the taxpayer is not currently required to make full payment. § 6212. § 6320 entitling the taxpayer to request a hearing with the IRS Office of Appeals contesting the lien filing. proposed for debarment.000 for which the liability remains unsatisfied. or a person having primary management or supervisory responsibilities within a business entity (e. and similar positions). or business segment. state. A taxpayer is delinquent if the taxpayer has failed to pay the tax liability when full payment was due and required. Title 18. In the course of the hearing. attempting to obtain. In the case of a judicial challenge to the liability. This is not a delinquent tax because it is not a final tax liability. within a three-year period preceding this offer. suspended. and to further appeal to the Tax Court if the IRS determines to sustain the lien filing. A liability is not finally determined if there is a pending administrative or judicial challenge. this will not be a final tax liability until the taxpayer has exercised all judicial appeal rights. or otherwise criminally or civilly charged by a governmental entity with. or receiving stolen property. (D) Have □.‖ for the purposes of this certification. that— (i) The Offeror and/or any of its Principals— (A) Are □ are not □ presently debarred. This Certification Concerns a Matter Within the Jurisdiction of an Agency of the United States and the Making of a False. been convicted of or had a civil judgment rendered against them for: commission of fraud or a criminal offense in connection with obtaining. or performing a public (Federal. FIRMS RFP 13-088 Page 17 of 24 52. (2) Examples. under I. (ii) The taxpayer is delinquent in making payment. (iv) The taxpayer has filed for bankruptcy protection. (C) Are □ are not □ presently indicted for. tax evasion. or commission of embezzlement. The taxpayer is making timely payments and is in full compliance with the agreement terms. . theft. (iii) The taxpayer has entered into an installment agreement pursuant to I. within a three-year period preceding this offer. falsification or destruction of records. Fictitious. general manager.g. commission of any of the offenses enumerated in paragraph (a)(1)(i)(B) of this provision.RFP No. the liability is not finally determined until all judicial appeal rights have been exhausted. The liability is finally determined if it has been assessed. (B) Have □ have not □. 362 (the Bankruptcy Code).

PLEASE SIGN AND RETURN Company Name___________________________ Signature ___________________________ Printed Name _____________________________ Title ____________________________ Date _____________________________ . the certification will be considered in connection with a determination of the Offeror‘s responsibility. the Offeror learns that its certification was erroneous when submitted or has become erroneous by reason of changed circumstances. If it is later determined that the Offeror knowingly rendered an erroneous certification.RFP No. However. at any time prior to contract award. Failure of the Offeror to furnish a certification or provide such additional information as requested by the Contracting Officer may render the Offeror non-responsible. (d) Nothing contained in the foregoing shall be construed to require establishment of a system of records in order to render. The knowledge and information of an Offeror is not required to exceed that which is normally possessed by a prudent person in the ordinary course of business dealings. c) A certification that any of the items in paragraph (a) of this provision exists will not necessarily result in withholding of an award under this solicitation. in addition to other remedies available to the Government. in good faith. FIRMS RFP 13-088 Page 18 of 24 (b) The Offeror shall provide immediate written notice to the Contracting Officer if. the certification required by paragraph (a) of this provision. (e) The certification in paragraph (a) of this provision is a material representation of fact upon which reliance was placed when making award. the Contracting Officer may terminate the contract resulting from this solicitation for default.

State if a procurement/purchasing manual is in place. 13-088 may be discussed with any of the following individuals. We have no allegations of lack of integrity or of questionable business ethics. and Technical Skills (Subcontractor should explain which department will be managing the contract. 13-088 List Names of Authorized signatories These individuals can be reached at Company Name office: Address Telephone/Fax Email address 2. 3. etc. Accounting and Operational Controls. contained in the Technical Volume. Integrity. Adequate Financial Resources Company Name has adequate financial resources to manage this contract. commercial as well as governmental. 4. These individuals are authorized to represent Company Name in negotiation of this offer in response to RFP No. Organization. Annex. This section could be deleted if the subcontractor doesn‘t have this capacity or if subcontract will not include procurement) . Our integrity can be confirmed by our references in our Past Performance References. etc. and Business Ethics Company Name record of integrity is outstanding. as shown in the Representations and Certifications. Record of Performance. Commodity Procurement (Subcontractor will explain its procurement policies and practice. as established by our audited financial statements submitted in this proposal. Experience. Eligibility to Receive Award (Subcontractor should state that they are qualified and eligible to receive an award under applicable laws and regulation and if they have performed work of similar nature under similar mechanisms for USAID. 5. FIRMS RFP 13-088 Page 19 of 24 EVIDENCE OF RESPONSIBILITY STATEMENT 1.RFP No. They should provide their DUNS number here if applicable. Ability to Comply Company Name is able to comply with the proposed delivery of performance schedule having taken into consideration all existing business commitments. Authorized Negotiators Company Name proposal for USAID Firms Project RFP No. Equipment and Facilities (Subcontractor should state and explain that they have necessary facilities and equipment to carry out the contract) 7.) 8. type of accounting and control procedure they have to accommodate the type of subcontract that is being considered) 6.

Organization of Firm (Subcontractor should explain how their firm is organized for example regionally or by technical practice) Date: Name: Signature: ___________________________ . Recovery of Vacation.RFP No. Holiday and Sick Pay (Subcontractor should explain how they recover the vacation. Cognizant Government Audit Agency (Subcontractor should provide Name. phone of their auditors – whether it is DCAA or independent CPA) 10. Acceptability of Contract Terms (Subcontractor should state its acceptance of the proposed subcontract terms) 11. address. and sick leave) 12. FIRMS RFP 13-088 Page 20 of 24 9. holiday.

request for price adjustment. *** Insert the day. complete. ** Insert the day.RFP No. This certification includes the cost or pricing data supporting any advance agreements and forward pricing rate agreements between the offeror and the Government that are part of the proposal. and year when price negotiations were concluded and price agreement was reached or. . the cost or pricing data (as defined in section 2. RFP No.101 of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and required under FAR subsection 15. and year of signing. or other submission involved.403-4) submitted. FIRMS RFP 13-088 Page 21 of 24 15. which should be as close as practicable to the date when the price negotiations were concluded and the contract price was agreed to..g. giving the appropriate identifying number (e. month.). either actually or by specific identification in writing.406-2 CERTIFICATE OF CURRENT COST OR PRICING DATA _________________________(hereinafter called the "offeror") (Name of Offeror) This is to certify that. to the Contracting Officer or to the Contracting Officer's representative in support of ________* are accurate. and current as of ________**. month. Firm _____________________________________________ Signature _________________________________________ Name ____________________________________________ Title _____________________________________________ Date of execution***________________________________ * Identify the proposal. an earlier date agreed upon between the parties that is as close as practicable to the date of agreement on price. to the best of my knowledge and belief. if applicable.

2. any law or regulation of the United States or any country concerning narcotic or psychotropic drugs or other controlled substances. or a conspiracy to violate. criminal prosecution under 18 U. 2. or colluder with others in the illicit trafficking in any such drug or substance. I am not and have not been an illicit trafficker in any such drug or controlled substance.C.RFP No. If you make a false Certification you are subject to U. I have not been convicted of a violation of. FIRMS RFP 13-088 Page 22 of 24 KEY INDIVIDUAL CERTIFICATION NARCOTICS OFFENSES AND DRUG TRAFFICKING I hereby certify that within the last ten years: 1. I am not and have not been a knowing assistor.S. Prohibition on Assistance to Drug Traffickers. These regulations were issued by the Department of State and require that certain key individuals of organizations must sign this Certification. 1001.S. conspirator. abettor. __________________________________ Date: . 3. You are required to sign this Certification under the provisions of 22 CFR Part 140. Signature: Name: Title/Position: Organization: Address: Date of Birth: NOTICE: 1.

No. Circular Road Circular Road Circular Road Civil Hospital Crossing.RFP No. Gujranwala Road Civil Hospital Crossing. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Contact Person Muhammad Alam Irfan Iqbal Muhammad Arif Muhammad Babar Muhammad Afzal Raza Muhammad Sajid Amjad Ali Amjad Javed Babar Abbas Ali Noorani Muhammad Shahjahan Company Name Naz Industries Greenland Engineers Hamdard Agro Engineers United Agro Engineers Afzal Agro Center Supreme Agri Implements Amjad Brothers Seth Muhammad Tufail and Sons Noorani Industries Bashir Engineering Works Address Near Lari Adda. Circular Road LMC Street. Samundri Road Samundri Road Samundri Road City Daska (District Sialkot) Daska (District Sialkot) Daska (District Sialkot) Daska (District Sialkot) Daska (District Sialkot) Faisalabad Faisalabad Faisalabad Faisalabad Faisalabad . Samundri Road Samundri Road 189. FIRMS RFP 13-088 Page 23 of 24 Annex 1 List of Agricultural Implements Manufacturing Units to be Certified Sr.

RFP No. Resources no. Total Travelling Sr. FIRMS RFP 13-088 Page 24 of 24 Annexure 2 Cost Proposal Auditors Remuneration Sr. Travel (from – to) Cost of One Night (Rs) Number of Days Stayed Total Amount Total Overhead / Certification Cost / Miscellaneous Sr. Estimated LOE (days) Per Day Rate (Rs) Total Amount Rs. Cost Element Unit Price no. Expert no. Travel (from – to) Cost of One Trip (Rs) Frequency Total Amount Total Lodging & Boarding Sr. Total Amount Total Grand Total . Resources no.