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GENERAL WEBSITES – ESL MATERIALS – the online repository and community for ESL and FSL professional across

Canada; you can access and share teacher-made resources and assessment materials that are benchmarked; can create an account as a TESL student – the revised CLBs, the new CLB support kit (orientation to the revised CLBs and info on using them for classroom planning; info on CLB and grammar, pronunciation, pragmatics, EAP and English for the workplace; info on teaching multilevel classes; Can Do checklists) - all skills, all levels, grammar, test prep, business writing - oral English activities – all skills, grammar, all levels, surveys, games – speaking activities – lesson plans, various skills and levels, worksheets – writing, listening, speaking activities – games, crossword puzzles, bingo – worksheets, games, lesson plans, songs, survival English, Bus. Engl. – self-study materials – worksheets, forums, jobs, articles - lesson plans, flashcards - complete lessons based on CBC archives – activities (for pay) – online TESL journal, archive since 1995, lessons, techniques, activities, games, only archived materials – activities for learners and teachers, all levels - one of the oldest ESL websites; activities for teachers and learners, idea banks, job board - University of Victoria EAP materials - Purdue University Online Writing Lab + ESL activities – material (for a small fee), reading and listening activities, lesson plans - free, ready-to-print EFL/ESL lesson plans based on current events / English news lessons – adult literacy resources, lesson plans, and gov’t publications - National Adult Literacy Framework - repository of materials related to adult literacy: lessons, research, gov’t publications