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Copyright Q 1975 by William Swygard

Printed in the United States of America Printed by AWARENESS TECHNIQUES sub. THEATRE UNIVERSITY, INC . P.O. Box 49, Wellesley Hills, Mass. 02181

There are two ways to read this book. One, as ordinary reading matter. Much can be learned. The other way is to be integrated while you read it. You will see new meaning in each sentence. Each statement in this book can be, and has been, verified directly from the source through the Awareness Techniques.



Introduction Book 2 What You Can See When Integrated Why So Many Cats? Subspecies Migration Inheriting Plants and Animals From Filaria Inheriting Life From The Moon and Mars All About Flying Saucers How do Flying Saucers Run? Soulmates Suicides Baird Spaulding Exercises In Awareness Edited by Diane Swygard

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That proves quite a bit in favor of integration. Besides being integrated. and still finds time to help with these books. She still has seven of her children at home. and other office work. or often called Diane. She has been integrated for quite a few years and has had a lot of practice at it. So. Besides being the most integrated person in this creation. always ready for a good laugh. She does all the bookkeeping. scarcely a day or two goes by that she does not find a new use for it. For the many years she has been integrated. The Communication Technique is just as simple to do as the Awareness Techniques. the most integrated person in the world. she brought to this creation her own method which she calls the Communication Technique. She is always a joy to have around. we are very happy to have Ama-Ita-Anda.Ama-Ita-Anda Ama-Ita-Anda is. without a doubt. much of the correspondence. and always a wonderful person. 6    . she is the mother and step-mother of eleven children. Five of these are her own.

and I think you will find note of that in the answers.INTRODUCTION This book is taken from several years of lecture work in the Awareness Techniques. So. Massachusetts William Swygard January 1975 7    . These too are answered in a composite manner. questions were asked with more frequency. You can see these answers and many. The questions found here cover many years. Wellesley Hills. So. This is a composite of those answers. as there were more and more popular sightings from time to time. Hardly a period of a few months would go by that someone would not ask about the author Baird Spalding and his adventures in Tibet. This business of nature and migration came up many times in over twenty years of lecturing. as you read on. Don't be too harsh with the answers that Waldara gives you in these books to the many. The question of suicide is asked as often as any. Our answer may not correspond with the type of saucer noted in that particular flap or place in the world. The answers may have varied a little bit from group to group because they were asked in a different way. There are probably aspects found in these answers that have never occurred to you before. The question of soul mates comes up many times each year. many questions asked over a long period of time. without number in fact. the answer to the questions "what are flying saucers and how do they fly?" These questions have come periodically since 1950. you will see. This too is a composite of answers. say. then they may die out for a year or two only to reappear during another flap. the answer you will find is more of a composite of maybe dozens of answers to very simple questions. This answer is also a composite. for example. This is because these are some very popular questions that have been asked from time to time. Usually at the height of these flaps. many more. should you integrate and inquire into these subjects heretofore unknown to man. that we are trying to bring you as much information as possible in these books.

You were an elemental grade spirit doing only the most elemental things. devas. How do animals and plants know what to be. Then when you have finished your work as mineral and someone has taken your place to keep up the mineral activity. This is a little hard to explain to people who have read all the books and articles written about nature. you know. in that order. Here you have the potential of being a son. but really. They form many more shapes. all the little particles of all these mineral things are made by elementals. everything in between. they are mineral. nothing is more cohesive and more important in the creation. You start out making atoms. knowing the creation from the bottom. that great potential. and will not be surprised. Way down deep in your consciousness. the movies and television. You start as an elemental by making the simplest form of atom: The mineral elements. and a little bit beyond. learning. or plant atoms. Minerals. fairies. That is something to think about. the gases and liquids (rare and common). and the plan. (There is a technical point here about some clothing and books being something else. You make the components of the simplest plant to the most complex one. These four things then. are more complicated than the mineral forms. and the precious stones that man covets so much. are elementals. and the pens and pencils we write with.) Yes. This is another unknown subject about which much is written. They are iron and all the heavy metals.BOOK 2 It looks like a nice group here tonight. Plant elementals. And yet. Nature is fulfilled through four things. That ought to partly fill the evening. But people who are integrated with all of their consciousness. This is a subject about which much is written. but nothing is known. you are starting out. the books we read. and what to do? We will talk about how the various species reproduce themselves. so to speak. An elemental grade spirit is the first thing that you were when you were released from the creator. and yet. can see these things. you must have some questions about Nature. really. we will tell you a few things about nature. are everything from water to diamonds. you start in the plant kingdom. making the lowest thing in the creation: The atom. We will mention migration. They can have many more ideas. They can take many more forms and even reproduce 8    . the things we ride in. Let us talk about elementals for a while. Here you are. Nothing is smaller or simpler. these entities. practicing. So. All of our clothing and shelter. they are all minerals. anyway. They have many more purposes than do minerals. They are the very building blocks of the creation.

They make nests and reproduce themselves in a different way. whether it is so-called dead or alive. This is all possible because they form more complex chemical compounds. and in doing so.themselves. think a lot more. when they know how to arrange themselves in good cohesion in this more complicated way. They. they move on to the plant kingdom. Then. Now we seem to be getting somewhere. but they are very real. or the string in the shoe has a fairy over it. Well. a function. they are free to go on to the next stage of spirit development. and has a fairy over it. its meaning. whether it be an eyeball or the ear function. First. Animals have mobility. because of necessity. Maybe we have heard in some lore about fairies. You see. that is the primary business in the creation.the fairy. 9    . Animals do many. so it calls for a fairy. the leaves. And it is all laid upon the elemental grade spirit. Every plant you see. you start the animal kingdom. When they have made a good representation in the plant kingdom. That fairy gives that has a fairy over it. its destiny. Now we are talking about your left shoe . and the whole has a function. spirit must always improve its being by growing in consciousness. After completing these three sub-grades of elemental. when the plant formations are finished. they move on to the animal kingdom. they make the minerals. the branches. The buckle or the eyes in the shoe. it finds itself capable of becoming the second grade of spirit . the trunk. its cohesion. the roots. We are talking about the organs of the body. They can arrange themselves in more complicated ways than do minerals. it becomes larger physically. it has a fairy over it. Everything that we come in contact with has form. When they have had the experience of making many kinds of minerals. the fruit. This responsibility is put upon the elemental grade spirit. The responsibility of the animal kingdom is next put upon the elemental grade spirit. at any rate. We are talking about the foot that wears the shoe. After making the atoms in the bodies of a good representative of animals. many things that plants do not and cannot do. some degree of permanency. even has a bigger fairy over the whole group. They take a much more important position in the make-up of things than we at first realize. its activity. Each and every part. and someone replaces you in doing this work.

plant. shape or form. Even more if it's a smaller town. by comparison. For instance. It has a tremendous responsibility to fulfill. plant or animal their meaning. the ecology of the area. It brings fairies together. It is in the center of his body and it administers to the fairies of the body who in turn administer to the elementals of the body. keeps them balanced and functioning together in what we call the ecology. Then we come to the next grade of the life of spirit. It is cognizant of what kind of energy is needed for each process of life in each of these kingdoms. its permanency to a degree. The deva is the nature that brings all the mineral. but in a way different than the usual.Every little animal like a mouse and every big animal like an elephant has a fairy over it. If a building is very. say. it may cover six or eight city blocks. D. and animal life man comes in contact with is all sponsored by the deva. he comes under the jurisdiction of quite a few devas. because however remote it may be. These fairies give the mineral. in your neighborhood. would have a deva exclusively for it. So man is an independent agent. the mineral. So we go on and on. Even more if it is in open country. And that is the deva. And so it goes. for millions of years. and its function. If you live in the city. Fairies are larger. and animal kingdoms. and each phase within the three kingdoms. it would have a deva assigned to it. he has a third plane permanent body of consciousness that acts as a deva. We have had. very busy. So we have man standing with nature. the Capitol Building in Washington. Do not think personally that the planet will go to pieces? There are many 10    . the ecology of the planet. hands energy to the fairy. You can see the spirit form and the projected humanoid form. Out in the country. That is.C. plant. Devas are beautiful. a lake or a mountain side may have a deva. is quite large. How many here have seen a deva? None of you. Well. The deva. This fact is what makes him more different from the animals than anything in the creation. But when it comes to man. When man travels just a few miles. in the right amount at the right time. Just integrate and look at one. It's up to the deva to provide a balance of nature. then. Elementals are very small. here goes my say-so that takes care of the ecology situation in a nutshell. A section of a river or some remote area. well beyond recorded history. A deva. there is always life. A deva is a graduate fairy so it remembers everything that a fairy did in the mineral. so to speak. plant. and animal forms together.

But what happens in the spiritual part? What determines if the offspring will be the same species? It is certainly not the physical part. These discs have many colors on them so that they transmit colored light. I do not have such a bad outlook for the future. via color. not the DNA. The deva can also communicate with the fairy any idea. These colors are known as communication colors. even in the adverse conditions. They are given to the deva by the lord of the planet. You are familiar in this day and age with the IBM card. smeared. And we find now. These discs can be reproduced and supported by the deva. and they come in all shades of these colors. something else is in the disc. or we have the asexual part where the cells divide and in so doing brings about the species of the same kind. This means that the fairy can communicate with the elemental. that there comes a point where new things are happening. Many areas of the earth show that the population growth is in serious decline. no problem of species dying out. the DNA.unspoiled areas. The genes. All colors and shapes have a standard meaning to the fairy. is only afterthought. It happens afterwards. We have the sexual part where mama and papa get together. And so life goes on. goes through this little disc. or variations of the old are catching up with life in these conditions. What really makes the cockroach look today as it did millions of years ago? What really causes species to maintain their characteristics that carries the plan? The plan is on a disc. The physical came as an afterthought really. Either of these happens every moment of every day. reproduced 11    . Many lesser populated areas where there is no smog. The lights on the discs come in every color of the rainbow. It is circular in shape and wafer thin. As the species reproduce. Let's look now at a species reproducing itself. and the species remain true to its being. There are less men being born. Instead of a card being just punched full of holes in various patterns and numbers to transmit certain information. That. I said. The spiritual part happens first and the physical part happens second. The discs are manufactured first by the technician in the central universe. Not the genes. or polution. and the energy fed to the deva. and the true characteristics of the species are due to the disc. The planet is no longer in an upsurge of population. and shaped and arranged so that there is not a color or design that you could not imagine. then the energy fed to the fairy. not the physical part of the species happens first. These points will certainly carry the planet through. So. New species.

the fairy and his disc have already been at work for some time. sea life. It must turn. Very slowly. You can see that an elephant disc will turn much slower than a cockroach disc. Let's go over that again so all of it is understood. Every plant has its form of species. pine tree. billions of times if necessary. and even having a deva. and a kind of permeability or lifetime. A disc of the sequoia tree turns so slowly it is just about perpetual. A disc must turn very slowly because one turn and the animal or plant has lived its life. Even minerals. Every animal has its own way. Generation after generation. The deva has poured its energy to the fairy who has in turn transmitted it downward through the disc to the cockroach and given it a form. at a later time. Nature does not form millions and millions of new species every time it reproduces. We will talk about the familiar cockroach. on and on through the thousands and thousands of insects and animals. I think it is everywhere. The point of beginning as well as the points that follow in the place where the fairy shows his energy through. So it goes with nature. everyone has seen them. including our machines. Just being a disc. the concept material. millions. are formed that way. This function does not vary at all. fairies exactly as they are. This same thing is true with a shepherd dog. The deva has held each new disc over the fairy of each little beginning cockroach. When the seed or egg starts to form into a more adult stage. This gives each color a chance to turn past a point. a function. and sent out of the planets when called for. Each mineral has its own crystal formation. Over each cockroach egg case. the disc starts to turn. so we will use it as an example. the same thing takes place. but the disc turns so slowly that it remains about the same year after year. Their shine is invisible to you because this is twelfth plane material. and primitive plants. It gives each configuration and each pattern among the colors to pass the point. The deva hands the pattern (disc) down and a fairy shines its little energy in the form of light through the disc and it reproduces the same animal. Always the same species. So turn it does. 12    . The electronic pulse goes through a point to give the tree form and function and life. They shine over the cockroach's body.. Thousands. does not make the disc work with all of its color or communication magic. So it goes on. When it came time to reproduce again.

You can see many. We see one squirrel of a species and we have seen all of that species. I knew nothing about plants. All of your geologists have studied these mineral forms. and so on. almost to the day. they came to organize if in a certain degree of recognizability. I HAVE WATCHED ANIMALS GROW. In different periods down through history. and in every case. OF COURSE: I HAVE HAD MY FAVORITE LITTLE PLANTS AROUND. some over a long period of time . It is there to be fulfilled if necessary. It depends very much on sunlight. many things happening to the calf as he becomes a bull. It is quite an amazing thing to see a calf. They are a more simple form of life. I HAVE NEVER HEARD AN EXPLANATION LIKE THAT. However. But I dare say. availability of water. but it is there. You can easily see that all of these things that I tell you are being performed by each member. It is a rare occasion to see them fulfill the entire life pattern. You can easily watch what they are doing. It happens on schedule. If all are given the same amount of sunlight. Some of them happen very rapidly. I'VE NEVER HAD IT EXPLAINED TO ME THAT WAY BEFORE.months and years. and right soil. sedimentation. Nothing about animals. half way to maturity. it has been a matter of you being blind without being integrated. begin to grow horns. all plants of the same species will achieve the same amount of maturity. So there is some good order about this. So. DO YOU REALLY MEAN WHAT YOU SAY? ANSWER : When I was younger. They are crystals. Pardon me for saying even more things that will startle you. breathing. You see only the players and the stage. Plants grow very much in order. and well ordered in form. I speak very much from experience. richness of soil. Never considered the mineral kingdom as living. There is a perfect degree of order in its life plan. 13    . BUT IT'S HARD TO BELIEVE. but each species has that basic pattern. You cannot see "behind the scenes. it is easy to converse with the elementals and the devas. it is all true. Of course there are not enough bulls that die of old age. this really has not done much for the scientific community.QUESTION: I HEAR WHAT YOU ARE SAYING. while some of them take a long time." You see the play without the curtains or props. When you become integrated. I felt exactly as you do. water. You can integrate and tune into all of these things as I have spent thousands of hours doing. The actions of all of them are very much identical in every stage of their life.

A whole 14    . AND SO ON AND SO FORTH. So as time went by. found the need. And so. the horse. new species were developed. each species moved in its own direction. The deva can change his plan also. First in a few ways and then in many different ways. today we have a variety of cats which consists of thousands. into the dry arid area. and even in the home. much larger than the original. by the grace of the deva and the fairy and the plane lord. sometimes leading the way. and even into the very. good climbers. some quite large and some quite small. to express itself. We have other exceptions too. THE LEOPARD. they came on this planet as the old original species. Such species as the elephant. So.too hot or too cold or too barren or too rainy. WHY IS IT NECESSARY TO HAVE SO MANY SPECIES? ANSWER: This is where we find. So. When Filaria blew up. They come to a point where they are more or less perfected to the best of the ability of the deva and plane lord and they can go no further. THE PUMA. there was no part of them to be known in the reproduction of species of cats. and all kinds of protective coloring. In that manner we have had a few species of elephants. THE TIGER. They were found in need due to the adverse weather conditions of the planet . very cold areas. the plane lords designed and redesigned more cats. They all spring from the original saber-tooth tiger which came here from Filaria when it blew up. the saber-toothed tiger. It was not to be known anywhere else in the creation that cats were being made here due to the fact that this was an experimental planet. the tropics. They found the need. They spread out into the jungle. good swimmers. many. and so forth. When they came into our atmosphere. With the help of the deva and from the plane lord. But you must remember. there we have an exception. different species of cats. They were designed for that planet. generation by generation. and several other of the bigger animals. Cats are indigenous to Filaria. good runners. or within the makeup of things. and short hair. They had here a large number of prey. the hippopotamus. It was made to the pattern with the help of the cats themselves. This was left up to the plane lord to decide how many species are needed and the general function and habitat of each species.QUESTION: WE HAVE ON THIS PLANET HUNDREDS OF KINDS OF CATS. So we had a very diverse design of cats with long hair. So. there was only one species of cat. the deva and the plane lord are not technicians. more simple species. many forms of cat were to be found. everything from man to the most primitive plants came here to live. These bigger animals originated from smaller species. Even though the technicians made the original cat. a growth of species on a planet. THE LION. So. EVERYTHING FROM THE HOUSE CAT. One species of cat.

We could do without. made necessary changes to keep up with the planet's weather changes. all the insects except the honeybee and he himself could do without his stinger. and some to occupy the lands and the air. If you looked around on the other planets in the universe. The only thing that we can say is that they are green and man has come to learn to appreciate plants. Still it is within a hundred or so. We have so many plants here that are useless to man. many cats sprung up from one species. they only sting or prick him or do some harm to him. Many. It would not have to be if our sun gave the proper light and was harmless to us. you would find that this planet has far more species than any other planet. 15    . Others are very dangerous to him. Some to occupy the waters. should he eat their fruits or the sap of the tree. Still others are there for what we have learned to call beauty and give us shade from the sun. A number of plants on this planet are directly useful to man. A normal planet in this creation may have a dozen plants and a like number of animals on it. They cause abrasions or puffed up and swelled places on his skin. The plants may be all utilitarian. We could do very well without all the other plants on this planet. If he gets near them. of horses in the history of the world and a few species of hippopotami. We could do very well without a large number of animals. So that planet may come to us someday in the future.

The fairy is a very alive thing. some males and a limited number of queens to sustain the colony. some guards. Maybe he will even grow larger than the rest. You see this is in coordination with the fairy. some soldiers. more workers than anything else. The pattern there of a warrior ant exist and he calls to the others to feed him. she can only reproduce according to the discs. WHERE CERTAIN ANTS OR CERTAIN BEES ARE GIVEN CERTAIN DUTIES ABOUT THE HILL OR HIVE. the queen workers. QUESTION: I AM THINKING NOW OF AN ANT HILL OR A BEEHIVE. So that is the way it is. but this is due to the disc pattern. This is so in the ant hill. Your spirit was once a fairy grade spirit and perhaps it made some of these plants or insects or animals or something very similar to it. soldiers. each insect in the hill. male. You can look back in your beginning and see when you were these things and it would certainly give your mind a little refresher course. Now of course they can only come through the body of a queen. The discs are given slightly different patterns which require the keepers of the hill or hive to feed them certain things certain materials which aid and make the body formation different. OR WHAT ARE THEY? ANSWER: They are subspecies. 16    . ARE THEY SUBSPECIES. Perhaps a warrior ant will be given a large head and large pinchers. workers.. but when she is given so many worker discs by the deva. be it the queen. or the drone. all exist and it gives them very much a duty just to be. yes. in the beehive. So.

or are about to. and did not have to migrate. The ground will soon be frozen and the worms cannot crawl in the ground. He has a certain diet of worms and insects. THE SUBJECT OF MIGRATION. BUT WHY IS IT THAT A FAIRLY GOOD NUMBER OF HIGHLY MOBILE ANIMALS. 17    . Not the robin. those fruits. But that is really very simple. to leave on a particular day and travel thousands and thousands of miles with very little food and arrive at their destination. that allows for its very shape and form. I CAN SEE ANIMALS MOVING FROM VARIOUS PARTS OF THE COUNTRY OR EVEN THE WORLD TO FIND FOOD. The bird. The material to be found for his nest is no longer available and so his whole environment is falling apart. and at a certain time of the year. everything around him begins dying off. on the ground. those things he finds in the bushes. that is a very good question. The ideas that follow the category of migration fall very well within the function. It is the fairy of that robin that senses all those things. MOVE ALMOST FROM ONE END OF THE PLANET TO THE OTHER? HOW ARE THEY GUIDED? HOW DO THEY FIND THEIR WAY? ANSWER: Well. flying bugs. Perhaps one or two of them survived. He may have been a snake or some domestic animal. THAT IS. in the trees. Others say they are guided by some unknown force that is contained within their little bodies. and raised three or four young. Let's look at it from the practical point of view. Some say they are guided by the sun. He has lived all summer. and gives it function. You probably read some of the answers that the books provide. Some say that they are guided by magnetic waves. made a nest in the old apple tree. The newborn robins of that season have never needed to be a robin before. and lived on a different diet and raised his young in a different way. have all lost themselves from the trees or have matured. They found there is a place that they go to and come from and return to. where they were exactly last year . AS YOU MENTIONED BEFORE. ESPECIALLY BIRDS. Insects migrate. and carry on life there for a few months and then at a given date band together and fly back to an area where they were the very summer before. When you realize that each animal has a main fairy over it that allows for its very existence. There are some signs within the annual plants and the perennial plants that they are beginning to lose their leaves.QUESTION: A VERY INTERESTING THING IS ON MY MIND. He soon begins to understand that at this time of year the crawling worms. Various species that they did not know before migrated. He may have been a bird that stayed there all season. man has found that some whales migrate. Let's take the familiar robin for instance. Even more recently.

but not cold enough to kill them. hears. swarms of them. Now isn't that really simple. and so is his every action. on by the devas south where the sun shines now. So. the same plant grows there. the grass. the robin has learned very quickly that food will be provided by those fairies that are moving south. The fairy that possesses the body of the robin. millions and billions of them. hibernates. These fairies go to the same areas each winter. all the things that give this robin a livelihood. there are clouds of them. Some learned to stay back and rest. making in the north and in the south of the planet the seasonal growth of this tree and that tree. senses. and they have the same disc. so all the fairies did not migrate south. many insects can grow.the city block. All these little fairies. on which the larva or the worms of the beetle and many. There was a time when this planet also was not seasonal. season after season. they can harbor over a few months at a time. or some of the other birds. and held them here. the same species of worm and beetle. We have a situation that is unique to this planet. They were passed on by the devas. Incidentally. that provide a meaning for his existence. who is not able to get around as well as the robin. Migration trails are the same trails taken by the fairies of the plants that are going to provide the food for them over the coming months. and they did not migrate at their own volition. are being passed north and south and north and south again. He just goes with the crowd. north to south and south to north. The same deva is lined up with the same fairies in their entourage. go to a certain place and rest during the winter season. and so on. the country side. The bear. But an increasing number of fairies began migrating.So. He goes into seclusion. So these swarms of fairies that migrate. and so on and so forth. The devas showed them that. So. we were pretty tropical all year round. knows all his activities and just flies with the bunch that will be supporting him these coming months. Some even have a better habitat in the colder weather and migrate in an opposite flow of the robin. If they find a situation like some mountain retreat where it is cooler. and this grass and that grass. when you stop to think about it? Migration does not happen on other planets. Let us examine the planet. When a plant dies. sees. Other planets are not seasonal. begin to be passed on to the devas over the various areas . the weeds. his 18    . They can see those fairies. The thing that man does not realize is that the robin is guided by a fairy. so to speak. They are being passed. there is more land north than south to accommodate these fairies. the lady beetle is another. He finds and goes into a dry cave. to become a source of livelihood and a source of existence for this robin. Some insects. it is a diet more or less that causes a function that causes them to migrate. So it is with the plankton in the ocean. the fairy leaves it. I think the monarch butterfly is one of them.

If man could just waken to the fact that there are elementals. 19    . That is the little secret of migration. So. They cannot see those stages of development around them. and devas he could waken very easily to these secrets because he was once each of those three stages before he became a man. there is no room for looking at things while guessing at them. So. They cannot see when they are in those stages of development. supposing. They cannot say what is true because they cannot see what is true. at least partially. They are guessing.heart beat and respiratory system become almost dormant because there is no food for him. cannot provide all year round for them. they are doing the best they can. who is quite blinded to reality. fairies. There is no room for speculation. there are all kinds of hibernation and migration going on among our animals because this planet. He is better off than the scientist who cannot see at all. in its present situation. He can see from one moment to the next. When you are integrated you see things as they are. but it is not two and two at all. The scientist is really speculating. and putting two and two together. We can look perhaps to the primitive man who knows more about these things.

This was some relief to Luciferana because he participated in the experimentation of the two planets. And all the time we have spent scratching a mosquito bite. A large number of technicians were dispatched to Filaria and Kalarana. The ape which is probably the most advanced animal in this creation so far was first brought forth on this planet.had you been dwelling on spirit for that same amount of time. They were all mushed over before leaving these planets and were taken back to their destination where they had well forgotten all of their hard work. but very limited on each planet. and so on and so forth. communicating with spirit. in a few minutes it is gone. plant. we can say. These are a few exceptions. grasp with. It is referred to as the duckbill platypus. There were a few planetary leaders who offered to do the job. They spent a long time working on the mineral. a good thing for us. and animals were in after such a blowup. when he needed. and it was the animal that man decended from. swatting flies. Filaria and this one here. The animal such as the elephant was invented here. We look at the sunset and marvel as its color and yet. we could have been thinking of spirit and maybe be several steps 20    . and it is just kind of a cross between everything. They have really been a diversion and a means of keeping us away. and animal life. but none wanted the job after realizing the state of consciousness that the man. Then a number of lords came to these planets and checked them all out to see if they were feasible. They are not. and so forth. many. in all fairness. They were set aside as experimental planets and all these species of plants and animals were made for these planets especially. to incarnate. has hair on it and webbed feet. So. we would be much further along. Kalarana. They were held in abeyance for a while because there was no planet for them to perform or grow on. many years later. It has a strange looking nose that it can drink through. or diverting our attention from the creator. that some of the funniest ideas among animals were invented especially for this planet. It lays eggs and acts like a mammal. and Luciferana wanted to see the job through. the plants. Most other animals found here. SPREAD OUT A BIT? ANSWER: It was not a matter of at first inheriting them. you may be a little further along than you are now. have been found throughout the creation. we have learned to live with them. or something very similar to them. If all that time was spent dwelling on spirit. WE INHERITED ALL THE PLANTS AND ANIMAL LIFE FROM FILARIA WHEN IT BLEW UP. WHY DID WE DO THAT? COULDN'T IT HAVE GONE SOMEWHERE ELSE.QUESTION: YOU SAID A MOMENT AGO. We have an animal here on the planet that has a duck's bill. All the times you stooped over and petted a dog in your lifetime . and has a great deal of strength within it. Just in passing.

the most time consuming. fairies. instead of still being minerals. We learn very little from the plants.ahead than where we are now. 21    . and animals. but these are counted among the real ones. and justly so. they too would have developed and would have been way down the line now. and most definite ones. So we look at this whole business sometimes as a diversion instead of anything. and devas could have been more ahead. Development is so slow here where the principle of elementals. If all the elementals. we learn very little from the animals. fairies. and justly so. So. There are many other diversions of course on the planet. Also. plants. and the devas had been allowed to progress instead of having to go through this abominable maze of plants and animals. Because we are beyond animals and plants. we should be doing other things. these things are diversions from the creator. in actuality.

you are right. We did not gain any human life from the moon at that time. Of course they have been developed into hundreds of species. crocus. here on the planet Kalarana. The cows and the goats were pretty well separated. narcissus. Those things came from planets other than Filaria. We did gain a few people and quite a few varieties of tulips and other bulb plants. They live in elongated underground cities. AND PLANTS FROM FILARIA AT THE TIME OF IT’S BLOWING UP. I UNDERSTAND THAT THERE WAS A LOT OF DEVASTATION ON OUR MOON AND THE PLANET MARS AT THIS TIME BECAUSE THEY WERE IN CONJUNCTION WITH US. but they found their origin there. We also got our apples and pears from Mars. OR ANIMAL LIFE AT THIS TIME FROM THESE TWO PLACES? ANSWER: Yes. Pears and apples. and that which is now familiar to us as bamboo. came from the moon. Mars is a little different story. These were in the form of small bulb life such as the lilly of the valley which came to us in several varieties. the planet Mars was in conjunction at the time of explosion of the planet Filaria. Again. We gained quite a bit of plant life from Mars such as the larger bulb like plants including our tulips. We did gain some plant life from the moon. a couple million or more. probably less than three million. and live on various planets. Smaller bulb plants such as the lilly of the valley and the plant bamboo. ANIMALS. goats and cows. but other cleft hooved animals such as the mountain goat and sheep and many. and so forth came from Mars. but not the pig (it came from Filaria). about twenty-three million of those have scattered throughout the solar system. are cows and bulls (they always seem to be together). however.QUESTION: YOU SPOKE A WHILE AGO OF GAINING MEN. however. there were not as many species as there are now. The animals. including a few. etc. Many of the men. speaking of an original population of about twenty-five million on Mars. which we have derived many species of. DID WE GAIN ANY MEN. The remaining. 22    . that includes the various species here of other Ecleft hooved animals. from the third universe originally. So. people on Mars have gone underground where you still find some water and atmosphere. OR PLANT LIFE. These plants came. that came pretty much as a group. the goats. many others arose out of those animals. from the planet Monsa.

and they have become quite large in some cases. if we will. They were rather early to appear in the creation. Let us say. we want the walls of the flying saucer to have certain properties. but they have had many refinements. our 23    . and then through the third plane being. there is a third plane permanent body of consciousness that in some cases acts as a deva. They are acting with elementals. fairies. We mentioned before this evening. to be impenetrable. calling on the elementals and fairies. For instance. They are brought together with some planning. the thing or part of the thing is formed by the third plane permanent body of consciousness. Let me begin by saying that the flying saucer is attached to the spirit and the third plane consciousness and sometimes the various other plane consciousnesses of an individual. of course. All an individual has to do is to devise in his mind or picture to himself what a part of this flying saucer would be. So. the ones we see here are brought into being by precipitation. it can bring into being from what appears to be nothing. of the mineral kingdom. in a sense. BUT COULD YOU TELL US WHAT THESE FLYING SAUCERS ARE AND WHAT THEY ARE DOING HERE. the walls. We would say we precipitate out of the area or region that a deva would normally handle. We would want them to be invisible at times. it was not a matter of the flying saucers you see nowadays being the first ones. that is a strange word to some of you. The flying saucers are. and project. So. Flying saucers nowadays are pretty complicated things. It is very similar to the questions that have been asked previously this evening. We want the walls. and animals do. They had a metamorphosis. Well. down through the period of this creation. developments. It can call within an area elementals and the fairies. instead of the deva developing an animal and using the little disc or the plan. let's begin somewhere. Now. fairies. plants. Nothing else in the flying saucer has been developed yet or brought about. These flying saucers are very much alive. or animal kingdoms. for instance. and to others it means the organization of elementals. and bringing about this thing into a material relationship with the individual.QUESTION: I DO NOT LIKE TO CHANGE THE SUBJECT. It has a picture or forms a plan for the flying saucers. We would want them to give us the light. plant. But in this case. HOW THEY ARE MADE AND JUST TELL US ALL ABOUT THEM? ANSWER: You are not changing the subject very much at all. It is quite a loaded question. and acting as the deva. And so. This is a stage by stage thing. and devas. of course. we will take those three properties. and they follow a pattern or a plan just as the mineral. and devas just as they were in the mineral.

or we may want that built into the walls. layer by layer. as carrying that property. seats. for there are many times that we want to see beyond the walls and still have them impenetrable and light or dark. and then a little latter we do not want to see through the walls. nor move the craft without being inside it. for instance. And now we would want an escape hatch. forty. So we build them. you would want some kind of top on it. These would all be built in sections. at our mind's desire. We are not turned on. and maybe at the same time think light. temporarily. that one-way invisibility of the walls would be so that you could not see in from the outside through those walls. and that gives us invisibility. we think invisibility. acid we would build into those walls. We would begin to project these walls. we can build a top and it may have the same impenetrability. When we do not want light. Maybe we would want a substance similar to the walls. whether we would want to sit down or lay down. The fixtures or furnishings of the craft are next. So. but instead of being invisible. We would picture them functioning and they would come out and function. could penetrate them. There would have to be toilet facilities and bathing facilities. They are rather small craft that we are talking about right now. Then we would build into those walls the property of transparency. for instance. but you could see out from the inside. outside the craft. in the floors or walls of the craft. We may want to go to sleep or somehow rest in the bed. or our third plane permanent body of consciousness would plan those walls to have those three properties. the light is off. They would be in little stalls in which the individual could make 24    . Then. They would be precipitated too. We have a neat little wall. even if this craft were thirty. So. That eleminates windows. It is entirely up to the designer or originator of this craft.third plane permanent body of consciousness acting as a deva. We want some kind of way to remove ourselves from the ship. or we would want it to lay itself over to one side. we need an escape hatch. or beds. when we are without the craft. We would survey them to be very strong. or fifty feet or more in diameter. and they would spring forth whenever we would want them. We really think that! We want to see through the walls. incidentally. we could not have the lights on. and we do not want it all cluttered with seats. So we would build those devices. And. when we put those layers on. now we would want it to remove itself. and the same ability to radiate light. and using our third plane permanent body of consciousness as the plan. In that manner. nothing known to man. Some way. temporarily. Then we would put a few layers on to give us light when we want light. whatever they are. So it goes. layer upon layer. We may want beds in it.

25    . They come from the center of every planet. In every sense.his toilet and the matter would cling to a button device and then the button device would. The whole business from creator to universe lord to sector lord to galactic lord to constellation lord to sun lord to the planetary lord. so far in this creation. in no sense are they perfectly still. at the thought. where we are. from the center of every sun. But no man or son that travels that distance. They take their time travelling from the central universe to the outer part of the seventh universe. It. from the center of every constellation. Electronic bathing would be the same way. Let us now talk about the motor. It is really a nickname. to design. if we are using these lines to travel on. probably in a matter of two or three days. Gforce is a short cut for God-force. We would leave our clothes on and this little thing would attract the dead cells on your body or whatever we are releasing from ourselves. if we can call it that. and so forth. theoretically. and universe and hence from the creator. they are slow. were actually built in tanks. and sector. directly. They were filled with minerals. But because we call them lines.development. A step upward would come from the center of the sun. The most sophisticated and the more recent. Still. But still that was a very primitive way of precipitating. Now they have developed quite well in precipitation and can make the craft in a more direct manner. having the third plane body of consciousness to think it out. Each one then. eons of time ago. anyway. and galaxy. we could come from the center of the creation out to here in the most split part of a second. to have the essence of whatever part of the craft it is. they handle the craft very well. So. that were indigenous we might say. Elementals and fairies were over this material and they were transferred to the piece by mind control. The most elemental forms come from a planet. Man has learned to fly on these lines. use G-force lines to control the craft. and the control of the craft. next on up to the sector. these are built in parts. The more primitive craft. and the universe and the most potent of all. and the galaxy. Even at their amount of . and the center of the constellation would be more powerful. We may have picked up a little dirt here or there and it would be all attracted to a little button and the button would release the dirt at the thought of being released. but they feel much more at ease travelling at that speed. has used that amount of energy or travelled that fast. dissolve or release the substance to nothing. But good times are coming.depends on where a flying saucer is and on what kind of energy it uses. should we say. would be the G-force lines of the creator. and all the way back up again takes just a split part of a second. So it goes for the conveniences or features of the flying saucer.

the sun. clear out to the outer seventh universe. the galaxy. and the other fellows. Rarely does anything happen to it or is damaged.QUESTION: HOW DO THESE THINGS RUN. There is very little difference in the potency of these two different kinds of lines. the solar systems. but by an auric or consciousness level in coordination with the hand movement. so. across the wind. the sector lines. and he wishes to look something over carefully. come from the lord of that universe and come down the universe lines. and so forth. It can travel under water. They can be set. It is a very simple thing. Now. 26    . There are two kinds of lines: Those that come down the phalanx from the central universe. but the sail itself is not a moving part. it itself moves just as the sail on a boat does. it can go where there is atmosphere or no atmosphere. he may guide it with his hands. against the wind. should we say. Since it is following these G-force lines. These sail-like apparatus are usually enclosed in a facility looking somewhat like a cell. in accounting for this travel. you might say. and so forth. the lines coming from the center of the planets. then it will be easy for you to understand how flying saucers work. how a sailboat moves into the wind. These things are guided or controlled by any number of ways or a combination of them. if you know how a sailboat operates. it is the utmost in simplicity. ANYWAY? WHAT KIND OF MOTOR DO THEY USE? YOU SAID SOMETHING ABOUT WORKING ON THE G-FORCE LINES? ANSWER: Yes. so to speak. the only difference between these things. are a bit more strong. In some cases. But either one does quite well. and they can be controlled by moving the hands over the cover of the cells. in the phalanx. come from the creator's consciousness and those that come down the phalanx. the constellation. and the kind that come from the center of the planets. So. you might say. They use the G-force lines. the solar system. Now they are moving from the creation center outward. and so forth. we have the motor. the galaxy lines. nothing ever going wrong with it. But as a rule. And. the constellation. the lords. the constellation. and galaxy. it has been able to go through solid material. it has no moving parts. That is not done by the hands alone. Then they have a means of transportation or a device that so utilizes these G-force lines as a means of locomotion. do not have quite that ability to have such potency. The ones that come from the center of the planet. If a person is guiding his space craft. It can turn in any direction. Now the device or the sail is a permanent thing. and so forth. so it does not matter which you connect to. is who operates it. They are the creator lines. such as our earth.

They are attracted towards metal things. They are computerized to carry the craft in the desired direction. They are seen for a short time only. they will vere off to one side or the other and go straight up and disappear. That was on the continent of South America. or a temperature inversion. It was located on the bottom of Lake Maracaibo. that most of them are projections. They are seeing real craft here. we will talk for a little bit about those apparatuses we have seen. very seldom longer than that. usually Venus. They have no real purpose in existing except for the very distraction of man. and are projections of craft. They need no hands for further attention. they have been released through machines. they were in great danger of being discovered and so they obliterated their sight and got off the planet. and they fly around.if we are going off a long way. Those craft are in the class of illusion. So. The one on the North American continent was near Denver. Besides the group located in the mountain region near Denver. a few minutes. But it can be done. or (B) he does not know the manufacturing aspect or the precipitation of these things. The people are not seeing a cloud. They do have magnetic attraction. Man cannot manufacture or bring these things about here on the third plane because (A) he does not have enough intelligence yet. That is ferric metal only. The Venusians were here for quite some time. We could say thousands of years. there were other places on the planet where Venusian space craft were based. There is nothing in them or about them to get excited about. or a fog. They are craft that have come from a machine or device that projects a picture of a craft or visions of a craft. But as civilizations increased and more people came. They did not exist. Incidentally. and yet they will not touch it. for instance. Another kind of being has been here from time to time and they came from nearby planets. Down under the earth. 27    . as funny as that might seem to you. These so called flaps we have here on earth every few years. They can be set for a very far distance. They were always located in the higher places (this made breathing easier for them) around the globe. I can tell you here and now. or Venus. They may chase an automobile for a few miles and when they get close. cover pretty much the whole globe. and it may be a while before he so learns. No doubt in my mind. with one exception. straight or on a curved course. some of the craft that have been noticed here on the earth. there was another group located in the Appalachian Mountains. I suppose that is enough to satisfy your curiosity. They contain no pilot.

This went on from about 200 B. a report was sent to the home planet. Good communications and transportation held those on the continental perimeter safely. Now there is a group that has come here and were sent by the creator. So. we have had many. The goal was to send a large expedition force to earth from Venus. and the space craft were the best for communications and excellent places to camp. So they would run expeditions. Then a trip south put you in the mountains of New Zealand. from the older universes in the 28    . using their craft as bases. many things. noted. to 1940 A.There was a group in the Andes Mountains near Cuzco. Soon after. no spot in Africa was more than minutes away. much time was spent looking at the oceans and seas. As soon as an area was surveyed. They have millions of tons of supplies and they come from the inner universes. But what I am trying to say is almost everyone that has been here with flying saucers has had very little experience. The mid Asian group was found in the Himalayas and the east Asian group settled in Japan on Mount Fujiyama. a very good story was made of various areas of the planet.C. and described quite in detail. The last Venusian outpost abandoned was the Maracaibo Lake bottom in 1940. From all of these points. camp out like campers. Now it must be noted that a central base often supported craft for weeks or months at a time on the continent. Namely. Their number runs in the millions. This way the entire continent could be explored. about the continental vicinity of the base. other more intelligent members of the creation became much too numerous for their comfort. Remember. how to get off this planet. The European area was covered by groups in the Alps mountains. The entire project was given up. many visitors here from time to time.D. As reports were added onto. They cannot teach us much and we are more or less better off if we did not meet them. and the islands thereof. the third plane of earth became more and more populated. They have millions of craft standing by. They are under the direction of a very able man and one day presently we will get to meet them because they have been assigned to this planet to teach the people many. This could not be carried out because down through the years. This happened in Africa from Mount Kilimanjaro.

Everyone is creator oriented and does not do a thing. Another thing they do quite well without is money. bring chairs for the people and then the person can know for himself how many people are there and bring enough chairs for them. We cannot get off the planet with the wheel and so the wheel will be done away with. and so on and so forth. progress in the universe and can do anything in the universe without numbers. to get along with. to integrate. how many people suffer pain by fire. Well. bring six chairs for them. We do not have the myriad of numbers that completely keep us bound and distracted from what we are doing. and they can justly do a good job of teaching us all the things we need to know. we do not count the people. but that is seldom used. as if they ever had arms to begin with. and working with the creator. They come completely unarmed. Just look up the statistics every year of how many people are killed by fire. and even more important. That is very distracting. we have to count the chairs. without being in accord with. and many things that man will find most enjoyable. But. other than this one. Many planets have sort of a voucher system or credit system so the population does not get too greedy.creation. so religion is not needed. along with the wheel. As an example. So. even the simplest thing. They are only a distraction. we have to make sure that there are six people in the room. That means doing without many things we understand and seem to get along with. the most up to date materials. But that. Many of our electronic things are quite primitive and can only do part of the job because we only use one half of the electronic potential or electronic force. get to know the creator better with. From among those who have the most modern. So we are going to welcome them with open arms and listen to them carefully. throughout the creation. It will be done away with. Fire is not needed to run a civilization. when we say to someone walking in the room. there are many things that we will learn to progress with. They are not warriors. Another thing they do not have on any planets. We should say. maybe you will come to understand that more. is fire. it is funny to say that man can run the universe. later on. keeps us stuck to the planet. know ourselves. This is the only planet where mathematics is used. The first thing that we will learn from them is that there are no religions out there among the planets. 29    . We only use the negative part and so they can teach us many fundamental things about our technology to begin with. Fire is a very devastating thing. They will teach us what we need to know in order to get off the planet.

a few at first. They see us in our day to day lives. and they will be segregated with those that learn more slowly. many ideas. So. They can tell the surface temperature. all functions of craft. three-quarters of a mile long. these people that are coming here with ideas. and then many. They have such sophisticated instruments in their craft that they can tell what temperature the blood is in your body. courses that can teach us in a short time thousands of things. and yet is so nimble and so swift that it can be out of our solar system in a few minutes. that it takes many small craft to fly within it. many better things. So they come to us. many will learn quickly and they will be associated with those who do learn quickly. So large is this craft. There are those on this planet that will take some time to learn but they will all be associated together and taught in a different way. They can understand where all of our supplies are and see how clumsily we move them about with our transportation systems. many people. They will also teach. And so. These people on the average are hundreds of years old and yet they look young and very vibrant to us. we can see in the near future much progress here on the planet. So it will go with man. They will be of populations of hundreds instead of millions. Progress that we have not the slightest inkling of now. with the population that we have. and yet are adequate enough to bring peace and progress to our planet. maybe thirty feet in diameter.So. They can level mountains. many. So. actually to fly from one place to another. to have flying saucers like we had on this planet just a short time ago. old ideas to them. so inept in running our lives. This is really a very small planet and does not give us the proper room to live on. They are warehouse craft. each person has a teacher among this group and a very willing teacher at that. All sizes. but they will not be large cities. and don't laugh. They are very desirous to be among us. They can build new cities almost overnight. 30    . Ideas of education. And some will learn more slowly. You will see small ones. They are bringing with them millions of space craft. You will see big ones. On this planet. Do not laugh when you are told that they can remove a good share of the water from the planet. in a much better way and thousands of things that we are missing. He can demonstrate many things. we will soon be living where deep waters now run. many things that will help you progress even faster than your realization. The largest one will be nearly three thousand miles long.

BUT I DON'T QUITE UNDERSTAND HOW IT GOT STARTED. The karma board worked under a group in this solar system called the heirarchal board. over a period of time. true. Why didn't he create one soul twice as big if that is the governing factor? Remember a soul is a record. OR WHO MY SOULMATE IS NOW. then he has a very bad attitude about his own creation. there have been many books about soulmates. I cannot find the subject of soulmates in my memory bank. and they were aided and abetted by several planetary teachers and several lords and rulers of the universe. ANSWER: Yes. There would be no need to have two souls doing the very same thing. that because of various incarnations. There is such a wide variety of 31    . If he is going to have two individuals thinking and doing the same thing. First. many personal investigations into incidents where an individual was led to say this is a soulmate working with me. But. many thousands of hours of observation. It was thought over for a period of time and finally called soulmate. and there have been many beliefs about soulmates. Not a single word spoken from the platform is true and certainly nothing that I have been led to believe about soulmates is. That is not the creator's idea of a creation. I am not here to persuade anyone from believing anything. because any thinking man would know that a soulmate would have a very similar. They had to think up a very fancy name for it. if not identical. the idea was begun by a group called the karma board. and many. This is ridiculous from the very beginning.QUESTION: WHAT IS THIS ABOUT SOULMATES? I HAVE HEARD A LOT ABOUT THEM. there have been many words from the platform about soulmates. Let us look at the records and see where the ideas of soulmates came in. they do certain things and perform in certain ways to aid and abet each other. A very few believe that they will go into any activity just as long as the two of them are together. many thousands of lifetimes that we have run. Some believe that soulmates can only be man or woman. for the life of me. soul to another individual. and I am not here to persuade you to have one belief or another. Very few believe that soulmates can be of any relationship to each other or. So. I have come to believe that not a single word written about them is true. the intention was to get you to believe that this was a universal idea and that this was an accepted idea everywhere. It shows your performance. 1 THOROUGHLY BELIEVED IN SUCH A MATTER. in anyway. I can say from many.

And believe me. But take the patron of the arts and the artisan. usually one person . The artisan is trying to satisfy certain internal urges to be creative. Maybe through a half a dozen to twenty incarnations you appeared together. Soul means record. different constellations.always being the man and the other the wife and 32    . a businessman and his partner. Now. If you really want to clinch it. With that he can buy a place for the artisan to do his work. buy materials. and apparently it was not. and in the next incarnation. is that the creator created you as an individual and gave you an individual name. We have different universes. individual enough. so that it does not allow for the idea of soulmates to happen between them. the names are different enough. they are not really. All during these last few million years here on the planet. or somehow get into the scene of his artistic ability. but usually the relationship was different. Each has an individual name which means how he is going to know that creation and return it to him. you approached it in another way. the next time maybe a mother and son. Let us take the word soul. But. Those are all to give a wide variety of experiences. In no sense of the word are you soulmates. or somehow makes you believe that you are soulmates.experience in the creation. when you find the cycle that you were together with a certain individual. and it sometimes appears to be that. different sectors. That would not allow two individuals to do this in the same manner. the only thing I can say as a clincher against this idea of soulmates. Are they working out the same problem? No. and that is helping or solving the problems of the artisan. He told you to go and know the creation and return it to him. that makes it appear that you are doing the same things. if it were not finished out. the next time you were father and daughter. as you begin to run these incarnations one after another. usually through money. or something of that nature. then you will see that at one time you were brothers. One time in one incarnation you approached the problem in one way. different galaxies. trying to solve the dilemma put to you by the karma board. Take the situation where the person believes strongly that you can only be man and wife. and certainly not reason enough to satisfy me. the next time in the cycle of incarnations you were man and wife. sponsor and artisan. the karma board has given you things to do. The patron has an entirely different problem on his hands. pay for models. through cycles of incarnations. for instance. and solar systems are made up of different planets. That would mean that the two of you are working on the same problem. of course you know that is not reason enough. which is part of the word soulmate. and so on. because the artisan is learning and studying art. Soul is the record we make going through the creation.

next time mother and daughter. blue. green. are no longer here. That is the way your creator wants it. The creator of your creation has a negative and positive aspect to his being. gold and silver. Again. he will find that from time to time. But. or could not possibly be made to be true.are. who is femininely oriented. these books of answers will reveal from time to time how you have been very badly hoaxed. from incarnation to incarnation. and all those problems that a man has. we can think of a dozen more reasons that there are no soulmates. and that has to do with the creator aspect. These are represented by various colors. next time father and daughter. regarding day to day activity? Well. yellow. 33    . how can you compensate for two different kinds of color. Now husbands certainly have different problems than the wives. Their bosses. or thinks he has. How on earth can you orient yourself. that it is going to be contributing to a common goal regarding soul. his problems are masculine oriented. crystal and opalescent. The karma board is no longer here on earth. How can you make soulmates out of that? How do you believe each is contributing to a common couse? You have the person who believes that soulmates may change from life to life. cannot be coupled to the problems that the woman. or the creator aspect is represented by the communication colors which are red. Man is free to go his way. we say. Their desires and teachings are no longer valid. So. The spirit and the creation substance material. First. that are not in the slightest way true. Much of this misinformation could be correctly understood if the individual sat down and used good common sense regarding the subject. believes she has. as more and more knowledge comes to man on earth. very badly fooled regarding various things brought to your attention and strongly ingrained in your very being. the communication colors and the creation material colors? So. soulmates. and so forth. therefore. but probably one more example would suffice. or two things making an identical record. one time you have them father and son. The creation substance aspect is represented by black and white. we want you to believe and think what you are comfortable with believing. always finding new things to believe. always expanding. that while you might appear to be soulmates. That shows very strongly. next time mother and son. The creator. purple. Those are things that you believe. it is no longer comfortable thinking these thoughts. the hierarch al board. and orange. after a little common thinking.

QUESTION: ARE YOU FAMILIAR WITH BAIRD SPALDING'S BOOKS? WHAT IS THE BACKGROUND OF THESE PEOPLE HE WROTE ABOUT? ANSWER: Baird Spalding. wherever we have a war. of Los Angeles. Like the destructive spring flood that happens because we have mismanaged the ecology. They destroy their environment gradually. some thousands of comets and other assorted debris found in the solar area. you find that these Tibetan "masters" as encountered by Spalding. Like when a huge bomb goes off. The French manuscript was never published and he died feeling wasted. did it all over again and was published by DeVorss and Co. in a previous incarnation. The remnants of the planet is the astroid belt. In the French incarnation he made a trip to Tibet and encountered this same type of individual and had many similar experiences as those he wrote about in Life and Teachings of the Masters in the Far East in his American incarnation. there are three factions. The pundits tell us it is such a waste and the person must do it all over again. He came back again as an American. I guess the only time we notice and wonder is when it happens all at once. animal and human life had to go elsewhere to progress. was a Frenchman who did almost the same thing as he did in this latest incarnation. or more correctly Luciferana picked your planet on which to continue their war. (Maybe "teacher" is another loose term. according to our planetary records. Getting away from spirit seems to promote suicidal tendencies. I guess you realize he is not now among the living. is located in Japan and Latin America as one faction and China as the other faction.) The planetary teacher named Lucifer.) They are obviously doing that now. they over expressed and wiped their planet out. In trying to settle their difficulties with atomic energy. plant. The neutrals are centered in Tibet. were the more experienced consciousnesses of this blownup planet that used to orbit between Mars and Jupiter. They blew apart all of the planes so the spirits of everything. anyway. the side that opposes war. BILL? ANSWER: Spirit plans those just as it plans all "death. everybody is doing it all over again. Well. But all factions have become scattered all over 34    . As you read the records of this solar system.QUESTION: WHAT ABOUT SUICIDES. Or like when a human body suddenly lies inert." There is so much consternation and damning the suicide. Well. They destroy their bodies piecemeal. And the third are the neutrals. Most people on this planet are committing suicide by inches. (Sometimes I do get loose with my descriptions. Anyway. the bulk of the displaced population. These are now called the Tibetans.

As they lead Spalding through the burning forest they helped him (nearly unrealized) to raise his consciousness to the fourth plane or mind level so he is untouched by 'smoke or flame. and even at times integrating them. Some of our group work involves individuals. the individual has projected an image of the physical body and its activities to the mind consciousness of Spalding. Obviously this entire group is not progressing very fast. then observes a duplicate Tibetan body standing and speaking to him. this kind of activity done as an end in itself is not a healthy. moving in this direction. In the Awareness Techniques such activity is sponsored as a form of understanding certain energy levels and the function of the consciousness as integrated for awareness purposes. When he views the physical body of one of the Tibetans asleep under a tree. These neutrals cannot progress too far ahead. and in the light of strictly spiritual terms. have concentrated on the increased awareness in their third and fourth plane bodies of consciousness. while integrated. changing direction.the planet. progressive thing to do. so they are reverting to dissipation. All of our modern dictators are of these warring factions. By coordinating the activities of these bodies. Contrary to popular belief. These people. They do however have some vague glimpses of their past. then left behind. who in turn. but again have difficulty in controlling what they desire to see. but we have already decided that things are rough all over on this planet. project their consciousness as if they were walking about the room. can follow the projected form of 35    . Other group members. As I say. perhaps standing in the corner or near the door. incarnating in the Himalayan area for the last twenty-five thousand years or so. These Tibetans are not well integrated and do not have clarity of purpose. The animal life from this shattered planet is here playing havoc with our animal life. It helps a lot to have the physical body in trance and immobile during this exercise although I understand that some can have both the physical body and the projected body in motion simultaneously. then pausing. minor concentrations in the East and West Indies and the Arab countries. they do not mind showing off to foreigners who are sincere enough to spend some time with them because I believe they are a little bored showing off to each other. A smattering in just about every country. they do a lot of fooling around. they have become able to produce phenomena that seem rather miraculous and unusual to the rest of earth's population.

and the face rearranged itself to the unmistakable high cheeks and lower forehead. When the running of the Indian life was concluded the individual resumed his present appearance. the skin tone lightened somewhat and a pink glow shown forth from the cheeks. Even should the demonstrator suddenly desire and be aware of themself in different clothing. straight black hair. thus continuing an antagonism that began eons ago on another planet. India. The Tibetans have since been driven from their homeland by the Chinese. These color. This is noticed by the other individuals in the room. Many individuals project such a form during sleeping hours. The two basic 36    . The nose diminished considerably in size and the chin and mouth. but it is readily recognized in wonderful detail. as one friend of mine went to the kitchen in this projected form each night to cook an identical breakfast she had in mind for the ensuing morning . This same body incidentally is the "ghost" viewed long after the physical body form has departed the plane. their home in exile.complete to projected skillet of frying eggs and a pot of coffee and bubbling oatmeal in an enameled pan. I have corresponded with the leaders at Dalhousie. The hair changed little because the individual already had thick. the observer is equally aware of the projected being in different garb. Usually the form is slightly smaller than the original physical form. Their response to the Awareness Techniques is most gracious. I have seen the whole panorama of human forms of all eras and epochs these past few years as they were projected around prostrately relaxed physical bodies. Soon the light skin of the individual seemed to take on a darker hue. As an individual is running or viewing the records of a past incarnation. usually during first hours of sleep. The face looked more serene than that face of a moment ago. moving pictures appeared in thin air over the head. We picked up the action in the twentieth year of the lifetime. also stated that they saw the same pictures as received by the person running. One individual recently was re-experiencing a life as an American Indian for realization purposes. As we ask to see the life sequence in the third year. who observed this activity. At this time several of the group. often the third plane consciousness will project a detailed form of the body inhabited during that incarnation. Sometimes they rehearse coming events.consciousness accurately. They move about rehearsing and doing things they enjoy. You can now better understand what Spalding experienced among these people.

As for Baird Spalding. Ask for Ansonia.tenets of the religion for which they are world leaders and authorities are based on reincarnation and karma. He has returned to that planet. his consiousness was originally from Jupiter. I was told. 37    . call him there. When you become integrated and learn the communication techniques which we will publish before too long. his constant name. they can understand these tenets much better. By utilizing these techniques.

We can designate the people who are watching. The main thing here is the fact that you can recognize the person even though he may be wearing different clothes and be two 38    . to do some travelling while being in an integrated state. through the room. First. They can see his physical body still sitting in its original position as well. on a chair or a davenport. There are sometimes one or two little things that the inexperienced sender will not be aware that he is doing. or as we said. you were not integrated. Now. there may be three or four or even fifteen people watching him while sitting in the same room with him. The individual. while integrated. and finally standing near the door. Here's how it is done. keep their eyes open. This is rather easy to do. to keep running the integration. he may not be wearing the same clothes that he came to class with. The person. Let's get back to the sender. He is standing or feels himself standing by the front door. will utilize the integrated state in moving himself. You may see him in his pajamas or in other clothes more comfortable than the ones he has on. closes his eyes so that he can pay close attention to his activities. and he will let the light in and become integrated. a person has to have a question or a desire. A person will find a comfortable seat. His desire is. This is an experiment we often do during the course of a class to find out how well the individuals participating in the class are integrated. moving his center of consciousness. At the same time. The second thing is that the person standing near the front door (the sender) will seem slightly smaller than he normally is. who we will designate as the sender. These things shouldn't concern you. if you will. at this point. of course. I WAS IN ONE OF YOUR CLASSES AND YOU TOLD ABOUT HOW SOME ESP OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT HAD A PERSON GO OUT OF THEIR BODY WHILE THEY WERE INTEGRATED AND OTHER INTEGRATED PEOPLE FOLLOWED THEM AROUND OR SOMETHING. the receivers. In other words. there is only one reason why I will tell you what this is all about again. around the room. while integrated. that last year at that particular time. I BELIEVE IT WAS LAST YEAR. We have not made a big thing of it in Awareness Technique classes but it is a good initial experiment to do. The people who are going to watch this experiment. shift his center of consciousness until he had performed some activity within the room. So. He feels himself going toward the door. The receivers are now looking at the sender by the front door. Remember. CAN YOU TELL ME ONE MORE TIME WHAT THAT WAS ALL ABOUT? ANSWER: Well. as a rule.QUESTION: SOME TIME AGO. you did not have a chance to really follow through with the demonstration.

The observers will follow him and call out in turn that they in fact see him (the sender) laying down in the middle of the room. you will see that they will finally agree that the sender is in fact laying down in the middle of the room. the sender will do something different. while integrated. ESP is a very uncertain thing. He will find an open place. to describe his movements in the room and where he is standing now. You may want to add variety-to this experiment as well as participation. Now. He can move about the room. The sender is now one of the observers and is experiencing the other side of the coin so to speak. and he will lay down. his back leaning against the chair. he can wear any number of outfits or be taller or shorter. as he can if he wants to be there instantly. He is now. be one hundred per cent correct. Next. taking his time. moving rather slowly. the sender will ask the receivers. have the observers report what is going on near the chair.or three inches shorter than he normally appears to be. let's have the sender get up and go next to a chair and sit on the floor in front of the chair. It demonstrates that an integrated person can perform as the sender as well as observe as the receiver and with a little practice. As the sender becomes more proficient at moving about. All that is required to accomplish this is that the sender feels the clothes on him or feels himself to be shorter or taller. If he moves too fast. have the sender come and sit on the chair or davenport. He can move to some similar object within the room where he can clearly be seen by the receivers. This will throw some of the receivers at first and they may not be one hundred per cent sure but as the vote is taken. This is a very interesting experiment to describe ESP. A few of the receivers may be fooled momentarily but by and large they will see this correctly. to continue our experiment. You can perform any movement that you may want to in the room. It is important to move slowly so that all the receivers can observe the sender throughout the movement and finally to his destination. Let's have the sender change his position now. the observers will not see his movements but will see him appear near the chair rather than move toward it. as he wishes. It is undefinable. changing his position and is standing near a big chair. The receivers will begin to see the sender clearer and clearer now as their confidence builds up and they will report the movements correctly as they are happening. Finally. so that all can see him from all angles. Now. in turn. I always ask people where the other twenty three letters of the alphabet went. Again. although I feel that ESP is very incomplete. unmanagable but it can be demonstrated through integration and this little experiment. in the middle of the room. 39    . These things do not hinder the experiment in any way. Just stay integrated and have one of the observers change place with the sender. next to his own physical body.

You can think of many variations of this. This could also be done in the afore mentioned exercises. if you have practiced inside the house first. both inside or outside the house. It is preferable to have the inside of the house experiment first because once the sender is outside. He may trot over to the other side of the yard and it may be difficult for the receivers to follow his movements. This will give our newly integrated students additional material with which to exercise right away. but I think you will find the explanation given is pretty much the same as was told you a year ago. Or.These exercises may be extended by having the sender go outside of the house and pick up something and lay it down again. It is possible to do. of course. So. My memory is not always the best. 40    . the space involved becomes a little hard to manage. have him bring the object in the house. This adds to the excitement somewhat. if you have a group of six or seven people. Or. you may have two senders and the rest of you act as observers. thanks again for bringing up the question. There is an exercise mentioned in Book 1 which is done for movement.