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National Seminar

on Ethics and Ethos in Management
27-28 July, 2013 (Saturday and Sunday)

Call for Papers, Articles & Case Studies on Spirituality, Worklife, Corporate Governance in Management

Pacific Hills, Pratap Nagar Extn., Airport Road, Udaipur -313003 (Rajasthan), India Mobile No.:+91 9672978034, 9950493503, 9950634172 Phone.+91 294-2494506-7, FAX No. +91 294-2494512 E mail:, Web :

independent from revenue & profit considerations. It offers the best stepping stone into the corporate world and also trains one to become an entrepreneur. The ancient scriptures of Bharat consisting of the four Vedas. in the ancient scriptures is very scanty and scattered.BACKGROUND Ethics constitute core of all considerations in most of the personal as well as institutional decisions in a civilized society. ethics need to be made the cornerstone for all managerial decisions. This necessitates detailed and meticulous deliberations on these issues. the Brahmin granths (like Shatpath Brahman. (iii) Facilitate deliberation on the present status of ethics in management and corporate governance and evolve ways to promote ethics. training and practice of management. Ever since it's humble beginning in the 1997. all of them have a rich treasure of guiding principles on several ethical & doctrinal aspects of modern management. About Faculty of Management Studies It is a milestone that helps an individual to go beyond his/her stream of education. Ethics in Management 3. with the establishment of Pacific Institute of Management & Pacific Commerce College. Pacific University in group efforts with Shiksha Sanskrati Utthan Nyas.000 plus students. Dharma sutras etc. In addition to this. The deliberation in the seminar shall be divided in following tracks: 1.). Spiritual Values and Work Life 4. The ethical standards of any society. The campus is spread over an area of 100 acres with beautiful landscape. Upnishads. Aaranaykas. Sutras (Grihya sutras. The Ethos are often based upon the civilizational history. The available literature on these doctrines of management enshrined. religious & spiritual beliefs and the doctrine enshrined in the ancient scriptures. Ethical Standards and Corporate Governance 5 Road Map for Implementation 2. 500 plus faculty members and 700 non teaching staff. This requires inculcation of a value system conducive for promoting ethics in education. Most of the departments in the constituent colleges in the University stand out in their field and hold leading ranks in the country. largely depends upon the National ethos and the social & spiritual values. New Delhi endeavors to provide a podium through this national seminar. The proposed seminar aims to bring into light the national ethos depicted in the ancient scriptures and reinforce ethics in all affairs of human decision making for a very high level of ethical standards in management & corporate governance. But. Our management programmes at the undergraduate and post graduate levels are recognized world wide and are considered to be a major step towards a successful business management career. (ii) Evolve ways to integrate management and all other decisions with ethics. Smritis. The proposed seminar has the broad objectives to (i) Endeavour to codify literature on ethics. . In this direction National Working Group. Today the group has a composite strength of 15. it is striving to make its bench mark in education field. Practical Experiences and Examples About Pacific University The Pacific University has come into existence by virtue of a special Act of Rajasthan State Assembly and is sponsored by the Pacific Academy of Higher Education & Research Society. Aiteraiy Brahman etc) and epics (Like Ramayan & Mahabharat etc). All these ancient scriptures have almost infinite expanse and varied deliberations. lush green campus and large playgrounds.

Financing of Companies with little or no commitment to Social Responsibility. Banking and Usurious Practices. Self management as the source of all power  2. the elderly) Excluding potential customers from the market (e. Indian Model of corporate development. Ethics in human Resource Management               Resolutions of ethical Dilemmas Increased workforce diversity and ethnic conflicts Selecting and hiring of employees Ethnic sharing of information Promoting employee security by the ethical way Cross cultural ethos Sustaining ethics in an unethical environment Discrimination among Employees Disparagement in an Organisation Bribery and undue influence for Jobs. Environmental ethics.g. Liberalization Privatization and business ethics. Conflicts of Interests among employees. Ethics in General Management  Applicability of ethics in Indian management. and sponsorships contrary to the good of the family. Finance and Insurance  Role of Market Regulators (SEBI. Financing. Banks' Involvement in social enterprise. Harmonizing ethics & ethos among global economies. Measuring Ethical Performance Ethical Audit of Employee's Behavior Work Ethos is based on holistic vision of life . Price collusion (agreeing with other competitors to set prices in a market to the detriment of competition and consumers) Issues over Truth and Honesty Issues with Violence and Profanity Taste and Controversy Negative Advertising Stereotyping – drawing unfair or inappropriate conclusions Targeting the Vulnerable (e.  Ethical Conformity in Marketing  Green Marketing for Sustainable Development in Competitive World  Reputation as a Marketing Asset  Ethical Leadership in Marketing  Use of ethical practices in marketing strategies challenges. donations.g. discouraging demand from undesirable market sectors or simply refusing to sell to certain customers) Price wars High Pressure Sales Techniques 4. Falsifying Financial Figures Credit Privacy Deceptive information Speculative banking: Unethical treatment with customer Money Financing Arms Manufacturing and Trade: Banking Dilemma Financing and Supporting Autocratic States Conditions Apply* . Globalization. Marketing ethics  Ethics and Consumer Protection in the competitive market era.  Changing Business environment and ethical       3. IRDA etc) in                          safeguarding Ethics Accounting Ethics Ethics in Taxation. Professional ethical issues. Banking and Ecological Impact. children.A question mark on Insurer's Transparency Portfolio management without transparency Multiple Companies Account handling   formulation and implementation for long term profitability of organization. Speculative Banking: Issues and Challenges Financing and supporting Totalitarian Regimes.SUB TRACKS The Proposed sub tracks are as under Track 1 : Ethics in Management 1. Ethics in Banking.

Analyses of various corporate Scams Pioneers in Good corporate practices Controlled Experiments of Ethics & Ethos. Real Life situational Business Anecdotes. treatment of solid Waste and Gases Health and Safety Uses of Pesticides in Food Industry Cruelty of Animals for luxury Goods Patent Evasion or Breach 6. Ethics in Information and Technology Management          Software Patent and Copyright infringement Cyber. Track 5 : Road Map for Implementation . Attitudes and Values at work place Meditation and spiritual exercise at work place Application of values to professional Life Goals Quantitative and Qualitative Results from Implementing spiritual Values at work place Training for spiritual awareness Role of spiritual leaders in unification of Spirituality with work life Accountability versus responsibility of corporates Creating Shareholders wealth legally and ethically Ethics across different levels of Management Legal and Ethical Compliance Mechanisms Corporate strategy and non economic goals Personal values and ethical aspirations of the company leaders Whistle Blowing mechanism across levels of management.5. Epics (Mahabharat. Case studies-on Ethics & Ethos. Work life Balance. stress management Yogic Science Management in Vedic literature Contemporary thinkers on ethics. Completeness of legal compliance mechanisms Corporate social Responsibilities Family Ownership structure and exercise of control rights Rights and Equitable Treatment of Shareholders Roles and responsibilities of Board Disclosures and transparency Practices Fairness in Executive Compensation Outdated Business Laws: Too much on ethics less on implementation Corporate Governance : Evolution from Ethical to Unethical or vice Versa Ethical issues confined with mergers and acquisition Political issues in corporate governance Obligations to Investors. Reviews on various Committee Reports.Crimes Ethical issues in Social Networking Unsolicited emails Hackers accessing online databases Websites installing Cookies or spyware to monitor a user's online activities Burnout in information Technology Sector Reliability of IT Solutions and Services Ethical Hacking Track 2 : Spiritual Values & Work Life  Spiritualism in the coming era. Safety and Environmental Standards Environmental Effects through Production Treatment Plants for water. and rituals among various religion. Ethics in Production and Operation Management          Track 3 : Ethical Standards & Corporate Governance                 Use of Child Labour and forced Labour Violation of the basic rights of Workers Ignoring Health.                 Harmonizing common belief. Institutes/Organization working for cultivating & developing ethical values. Gita) and management. Employees and Customers Role of various agencies in ensuring good corporate governance Track 4 : Practical Experiences/ Cases. Experiments & Examples          Practices prevailing in corporate world Practical experiences observed.

The author/s name should not appear elsewhere except cover page. mailing address . 500 Research Scholars and Students Rs. no. : 12 pt. Entrepreneurs. Arial. The papers can be mailed in Manuscript should have APA referencing. Manuscripts should contain original research work of author/s. Manuscripts should be electronically submitted to Paper submission guidelines for Authors 1 The cover page should contain Paper title: 18 point Arial. followed by full paper. Manuscript should be typed in MS Word. 1. 2013 10th.2013 30th. Important Dates Last date for submission of Abstract Notification of short listed Abstracts Full Paper submission Early Bird Registration with full paper Last date of Registration Date of Seminar 20th May. Research Scholars and Students are invited to submit research papers and share their experiences in the mentioned tracks. Break fast. 2013 Registration Fee Details Faculty Members Rs. Registration fee includes Accommodation (Sharing Basis) Conference Kit. 500 per person Co-authors desirous to contribute paper and/ or participation are required to pay full registration fee. June. 300 Corporates and Professionals Rs.shall be paid per paper. Author(s) name: 14 pt. Margin of 1 inch on all sides should be maintained. justified aligned. Lunch and Dinner. * For travel/accomodation plan. figures and diagrams should be titled properly. Bold The text. Management 15th April.Call for Papers Academicians. Corporates. Tables. mob. In addition to this all the accepted papers will also be further reviewed by the Journal Review Committee and will be published in the International Journal Pacific Business Review (ISSN: 0974-438X) for which an honorarium of INR 3000/. Hindi and Sanskrit at ethosnational@conferencepacific. 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Publication Best Paper Award The 4 best papers in each of the 4 tracks shall be awarded a cash denomination of ` 1000 All the selected papers will be published in ISBN numbered edited book. 500 Accompanying Person(s) Rs. Bold centered.5 spacing with 12 points Times New Roman font. July. institution/organization name. *Early Bird Registration will get a discount of 20% on Registration fees.2013 30th May. designation. which has not been published elsewhere in any form nor sent for publication elsewhere. please mail the details at : For further query contact Manoj Kumawat-9950493503/Yukti Sharma-9950634172 . suitably divided under headings and sub-headings to elucidate the text and to emphasize points. Second page should contain abstract of about 100-300 words with 4-5 keywords. Bold Centered. 2013 27th and 28th July.

PAHER Organizers Director Seminar Prof. P. Nidhi Maheswari Mr. A. Chandresh Soni (+91-9602963358) . Akhilesh Jain Mr. Abhinav Sharma Mr. R. Gaurav Joshi Mr. Harshita Shrimali Organizing Secretary Dr. Rahul Vyas Mr. Shivoham Singh Dr.K. Sharma (Pro-President. Asha Galundia Ms. Pushpkant Shakdwipee (+91 9672978034) Technical Publication Communication Prof. B. Mahima Birla Ms. mystic mountains. Rajesh Kanja Mr. Sudha Rani Naidu Food Mr. Vijay Joshi Mr. Pacific University) Chief-Coordinator Mr. Kshmendra Shrimali Ms. PAHER Shri Ashish Agrawal Finance Secretary. Ved Prakash Dr. Saraswat Convener Prof. broad and sturdy education platforms is located in the state of Rajasthan in north-west India. P. Yukti Sharma Ms. Deepak Vaishnav Registration Mr. Jaya Sharma Ms. Shikha Bhargava Mr.About Udaipur Udaipur .also acclaimed as the Venice of the East. Manoj Kumawat Ms. Devendra Shrimali (+91-7568751887) Mr. Jitendra Singh Mr. B. Khushboo Agrawal Ms. Archana Agrawal Media Accommodation Logistics Ms. proud histories. Patrons Shri B. Khushboo Agarwal Invitation Prof. Dharmesh Motwani Ms. Atul Kothari Coordinator Prof. NIdhi Vyas Dr. Scented with a strong fragrance of historical lineage Udaipur has an air of royalty and presents to its visitors a platter sizzling with heroic stories of its founding Maharanas and the breathtaking beauty that envelopes the city and its warm hearted dwellers. Agrawal Patron & Founder Chairman Shri Rahul Agrawal Secretary. the city that cradles seven lakes. Merchant Dr. Devendra Shrimali Dr. Disha Fattawat Awards & Certificate Technical & Infra-Support Ms. Pradeep Sharma Mr.