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to shorten, abridge



You can abbreviate the Scholastic Aptitude Test to SAT. 2 abstinence not doing a pleasurable activity, 禁制 especially eating or drinking high or excessive praise 奉承 Noun

Sexual abstinence protects you from disease and pregnancy. 3 adulation Noun The adulation made him blush. adversity misfortune, an unfavorable turn of 厄運 events having to do with beauty or the 美學 arts friendly, agreeable 友善的 Noun


Many people have overcome adversity to achieve greatness. 5 aesthetic Adjective

The painting was aesthetically pleasing. 6 amicable Chairlady is an amicable person. anachronistic out-of-date, not attributed to the 時代錯 Adjective 誤的 correct historical period short, usually funny account of an event


Some people find the word “shall” anachronistic. 8 anecdote 趣聞 Noun

When I get old I can tell my children many anecdotes about my time at CMA. anonymous 9 nameless, without a disclosed 佚名的 Adjective identity

During summer training, I tried to stay an anonymous face in the crowd and avoid attention. antagonist foe, opponent, adversary 對手 Noun

10 In the movie Tuxedo, the hero is a taxi driver and the antagonist wants to poison the water.

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able to 洞察力 Adjective foresee the future 的 16 17 18 Our teacher is clairvoyant and he sees success in all our futures. censure circuitous to criticize harshly indirect. shelter. persistent. hard-working sanctuary. They don’t understand our situation Page: 4 . camaraderie 15 trust. 迂曲的 Adjective Since he was enjoying his time with his date. he took a circuitous route home clairvoyant 有過人 exceptionally insightful. benevolent friendly and helpful assistance. 19 20 collaborate compassion to cooperate. taking the longest route 責備 Verb The freshman was censured for spilling his food on a senior. asylum 13 Noun Government mistreatment often causes people to leave in search of political asylum. tending to do good 仁慈的 Adjective 14 The rich man gave a benevolent donation to the hospital. helpfulness or mercy 合作 同情 Verb Noun We will all collaborate and help one another through this. camaraderie was high among the students. I guess it must be true. Our teachers have no compassion for us. place to get away from problems CMA’s TOEFL students are focused and assiduous. bond amongst friends 朋友間 的信任 Noun After going through the hardships of TOEFL class together. work together sympathy.11 12 arid assiduous extremely dry or boring 乾燥的 Adjective 勤奮的 Adjective 政治庇 護 A poor teacher can lead to an arid class.

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usually appealing emotion or prejudice to Noun 26 We will never have a convergence of ideas. condescending 22 possessing an attitude superiority. conditional depending on a condition 有條件 Adjective 的 遵奉習 俗者 集合 23 Studying in America is conditional on my test performance. patronizing of 屈尊的 Adjective He can be so condescending sometimes. He thinks being a sophomore makes him special. 29 digression the act of turning aside. demagogue 煽動者 Noun 28 Our commander is quite the demagogue. We are just too far apart. 30 diligent 勤奮的 Adjective TOEFL students are so diligent they practice English in their sleep. 25 congregation Noun The preacher spoke to the congregation. destructive. 24 conformist person who complies with accepted rules and customs a crowd of people. Page: 7 . straying 脫軌 from the main point careful and hard-working Noun Sometimes digression is helpful to help relax. convergence the state of separate elements 聚集 joining or coming together harmful. detrimental leader. an assembly Noun I have never been a conformist so the military life doesn’t fit me. 27 deleterious 有害的 Adjective Doubting your own abilities is deleterious.21 compromise to settle a dispute by terms agreeable to both sides 妥協 Verb In a compromise no one wins and no one loses.

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but studying English can be enervating. bring to a greater level 增加 of intensity momentary. transient. Pride is forever. It wastes study time. devitalize Verb I am a diligent student. moving in different directions from a particular point identification with the feelings of others Verb We disdain sleep. evanescent quickly fading. emulate to imitate. divergent 分歧的 Adjective 33 Divergent is the opposite of convergent. We will succeed. dishonor 使丟臉 or disgrace 鄙視 Verb It only takes one lie to discredit a person. follow an example 盡力趕 上 使衰弱 的 Verb 35 I try to emulate her dedication. Page: 10 . 32 disdain to regard with scorn or contempt separating. short-lived 39 Thoughts of quitting were evanescent. frustration I am approaching exasperation with silly example sentences.31 discredit to harm the reputation of. 40 exasperation irritation. 38 ephemeral 短暫的 Adjective 逐漸消 Adjective 失的 惱怒 Noun Pain is ephemeral. fleeting Verb Every hour I study enhances my chances of a good score. 36 enervate weaken. empathy 34 移情 Noun Studying English helps me have empathy for my teacher’s problems studying Chinese. 37 enhance to improve.

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hackneyed 46 陳腐的 Adjective After listening to our teacher all this time. Page: 13 .41 exemplary outstanding. impulsive. 50 impetuous 衝動的 Adjective His decision to leave was impetuous and she regretted it later. cheap made into a cliché (overused expression). worn out by overuse These words appearing often on the test will be fortuitous for us. 42 extenuate excuse. 49 hypothesis 假說 Noun My hypothesis about SAT scores was correct. fortunate thrifty. The old lay was wealthy but frugal. They all did well. make less serious Verb She recognized the extenuating circumstances and forgave me. “practice makes perfect” has become hackneyed. theory requiring proof rash. ornate 氣色好 Adjective 的 偶然的 Adjective 儉約的 Adjective The decorations were too florid for my tastes. 43 florid flushed. She even tried to bargain on the price of milk. 44 45 fortuitous frugal happening by luck. acting without thinking Noun 47 48 Hedonists do only what makes them feel good. gaudy. hedonist person who pursues pleasure as a 快樂主 義者 goal assumption. haughty arrogant and condescending 高傲的 Adjective The haughty speaker treated us all like little kids. an example to others 模範的 Adjective 情有可 原的 General Dai was an exemplary CMA graduate.

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unavoidable decency. lobbyist person who seeks to influence 陳情者 political events length of life 壽命 Noun 59 The company employed lobbyists to help get the law passed. untaught joy. 大膽的 Adjective 直覺的 Adjective 歡慶 Noun The soldier was intrepid as he faced his enemy. trivial The details are inconsequential. 53 inconsequential unimportant. honesty. not able to live 矛盾的 Adjective or work together 不合理 Adjective 的 必然的 Adjective 正直的 Noun We can never be together because she and I are just incompatible. No one doubted her integrity. celebration. The day after the test is a time for jubilation.51 impute to attribute an action to particular person or group 歸咎 於… Verb The evidence imputed him as the killer. wholeness fearless. The knowledge of how to breathe is intuitive. exultation Putting it off is just delaying the inevitable. 52 incompatible opposed in nature. Page: 16 . 54 55 56 57 58 inevitable integrity intrepid intuitive jubilation certain. 60 longevity Noun The longevity of your stay on this Earth depends on your actions. adventurous instinctive.

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but also ostentatious. we are just diligent students. beginner Wealthy lecturer. Really. 69 precocious unusually advanced or talented at 早熟的 Adjective an early age pretending to be important. disloyal. Now we are experts. displaying wealth dried up. Page: 19 . The orator wouldn’t stop talking. 63 64 65 66 67 novice opulent orator ostentatious parched apprentice. intelligent or cultured The students’ studies showed him to be precocious. commonplace 世俗的 Adjective 61 It is a mundane sight to see a TOEFL student studying while others are playing games. speaker showy. casual.mundane ordinary. untrustworthy 68 Anyone lacking integrity is perfidious. perfidious faithless. pretentious 70 矯飾的 Adjective The other students sometimes see our constant use of English as pretentious. 富裕的 Adjective 演說者 Noun The opulent man bought his wife a car for her birthday. shriveled In August. seeming unexcited 漠不關 Adjective 心的 新手 Noun He approached the challenge in a nonchalant way. we were novice English speakers. 62 nonchalant calm. Eating without anything to drink left me parched. 鋪張的 Adjective 乾枯的 Adjective 不誠實 Adjective 的 The man was opulent.

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cautious 謹慎的 Adjective 愛發牢 Adjective 騷的 滿懷恨 Adjective 意的 遁隱的 Adjective The man’s investment decisions were prudent and well researched. the resolution of a dispute 恢復 Noun 活力 Noun 79 Will we ever see reconciliation between those two? renovation repair. querulous complaining. irritable 散文式 Adjective 的 繁盛 挑撥 Adjective 性的 Noun Seeing the same words again and again makes the prosaic but helps you learn. reconciliation the act of agreement after a 和解 quarrel. 78 reclusive preferring to live in isolation The writer was so reclusive he moved into a cabin in the woods. dull. 75 prudent careful. postpone. put off 耽擱 Verb To procrastinate is just to delay the inevitable. provocative 74 76 The old man became querulous when you mentioned the war. 72 prosaic relating to prose. Page: 22 . hateful Working too hard can make someone into a rancorous person.71 procrastinate to unnecessarily delay. commonplace wealth or success tending to provoke a response. making something new again 80 Some barracks on campus are undergoing renovation. 73 prosperity She hid her prosperity so others wouldn’t think her opulent. 77 rancorous bitter. examples are anger or disagreement His arguments were provocative.

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scrutinize to observe carefully Verb 85 He scrutinized the scene for a clue. substantiated his story. 微妙的 Adjective Sometimes her hints were too subtle even for me to catch. People of Taiwan have great reverence for Dr. but he was resilient. Sun Yat Sen. submissive tending to meekness. confirm. He impressed us with his sagacity.81 resilient quick to recover. who was also there. to submit to 順從的 Adjective the will of others to verify. unplanned 自發性 Noun His spontaneity kept us on our toes. repressed. bounce back 有彈力 Adjective 的 限制的 Adjective Noun 睿智 仔細檢 查 noun The boxer was not fast or strong. Page: 25 . 82 83 84 restrained reverence sagacity controlled. supporting evidence hard to detect perceptive or provide 88 Her submissive nature drove the guys crazy. 89 substantiate 證實 Verb His friend. 87 spurious lacking authenticity. false 假的 Adjective The story was spurious. but the cops never found out. 90 subtle describe. 86 spontaneity impulsive events action. restricted worship. profound respect wisdom Young people are often socially restrained by their parents.

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cautious 小心翼 Adjective 翼的 I am a wary traveler. 95 tactful considerate. only a couple scrapes and a bruise. 92 superfluous extra. suppress to end an activity. 100 wary careful. 99 vindicate to clear from blame or suspicion Verb He was vindicated from the charges against him. especially to prevent the dissemination of information 壓制 Verb 93 Communist governments suppress their people. fleeting 短暫的 Adjective 令人敬 Adjective 重的 證明無 辜 Sleep is our transient escape from speaking English. venerable respected because of age 97 98 The venerable professor impressed the students with her knowledge of languages. short-lived. skillful in acting to 圓融的 Adjective avoid offense to others determined. lacking in depth 表面的 Adjective The wounds were superficial. 偷偷 94 surreptitious secret. more redundant than enough.91 superficial shallow. tenacious 96 The TOEFL student’s tenacious studying was almost to the point of being superfluous. preparing for everything. stealthy 摸摸的 The teacher's methods of getting us to speak English weren’t exactly surreptitious. Page: 28 . transient temporary. 過剩的 Adjective Hearing the same thing from each person was superfluous. keeping a firm grip 緊握的 Adjective on Adjective The cadet was tactful and never hurt anyone’s feelings.

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