1. What is ASAP methodology? 2. Who will give you the requirement? 3.

What are the activities we will perform in Final Preparation, Go Live & Support? 4. What’s your current day to day activities in support project?Who will create the ticket? 5. What is functional specifications and technical specifications? Who will prepare these? 6. What are the infoobjects you are used in the master data chain? 7. Have you loaded hierarchies from r/3 source system? 8. For user issues who will create a ticket? 9. Who is the project manager for your current project? 10.In which location it is happening? Area details as well? 11.In which business your client is involved? 12.How can you make an infopackage to select a file from application server randomly? 13.Will infoset supports transitive attributes? 14.What are the source systems you have used in your projects? 15.What is your BW team size? 16.What is your total SAP team size? 17.What is ur system client number? 18.What is the difference between reference characteristic and template characteristic? 19.What is compounding? Give me example? 20.Can we create Hierarchy using BI7.0 Datasource? 21.Where do we use 3.X infosources in BI 7.0? 22.Whats the difference in the infopackge of BW3.5 and BI 7.0? 23.What is the difference between Display attribute and Navigational attribute?

How you are loading master data in your project? 45.When did you communicate with user? 41.How many reports you have developed? 31.No.If it is fresh implementation what is the first activity we will perform in BI system before loading the data? 43.Steps to create a hierarchy? 29.While developing a report what are the requirements that you gathered? 35.What are rule groups? Scenario for rules groups? 46.When we will do the transport of new changes? 33. 34.When do we go for cube and ODS in Staging? 44.How extended star schema works? 30. 36.What are the types of attributes? 25. 32. 38.What is the max and min time taken to generate your reports. Of fields in your report.What level of communication you are involved in to business? 40.If it is a process chain data load issue who will raise the incident.What is the estimation that you give for reports.What is the setting we will do in the transfer rules to get the fields in the data selection tab of Infopacakge? 28. 39.24.Which Infoprovider supports transitive attributes? Example for transitive attributes? 27.In support project there will be process chain monitoring and some incidents coming up and what are other activities apart from these two are.What is attribute change run? .Can we add an exclusive attribute to an infocube and ODS? 26. 42.How many hierarchies 0gl_account is having? How this hierarchy is uploading.How many Kf’s in that? 37.

What are the types of DTP’s? Where have you used them? 64.What is compounding? What will be the impact on P table if we add an infoobject as compounding? 68. Attributes. Hierarchy? .What is deamon? 65.How to get the filter options in DTP if not available? 53. in the DTP do we get filter? What should be load mode to bypass PSA? 52.What is the technical name of active table ODS if my ODS name PCP_COST? 63.Where have you used Direct update ODS and Write optimized ods? Data flow for them? 58.How many ways we can activate the master data? 48.What is golden client? 66.Can write optimized ODS will be used to load delta data to cube? 59.What is the best practice of installing business content? 54.Can we bypass PSA? 51.How many tables will be there in infocube? 62.When we activate master data using attribute change run which master data will be activated among Texts.What is the use of Semantic groups? When defining semantic group is significant? 56.Where you are using attribute change run? 50.What is the purpose of change log table? 61.47.What is the use match/copy check box in the business content screen? 55.What is the business advantage users will get with the navigational attributes? 67.What is the major difference between the three types of ODS? 57.If we bypass PSA while loading the data to the cube.How the attribute change run considers an infoobject? 49.When do we use Overwrite property and Summation property of a keyfigure in ODS? Provide an example? 60.

What is the line item dimension? When we will go for it? 72.What is the high cardinality dimension? When we will go for it? 73.What is the best practice to follow while designing the dimension? 71.69.Do we need to activate text master data? 70.What are the source systems RDA supports? .

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