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Jinzoningen Juuhachigou(#18) by Big Eli OMG ELI MAED A DBZ CHAR OMEGWTFBBQ!

Secrets Overview__________________________________________________________ Silver Mode - Bu Yu Retsudan Mode============================================== This mode gives her moves reminiscent of her Bu Yu Retsudan appearance. This mod e relies more on quickness and deception that her original mode, due to the lack of an anti-air. Most of her attacks will force your opponent to either guard hi gh or low, so the key to winning is to play mind games with your opponent. To select, pick her Silver palette. (Start + Y) Special Moves__________________________________________________________ (GC)Dodon Ray - B,F,punch (can be done while air) -Shoots a laser from her finger. Weak and easily ducked, but FAST! Energy Jet- F,B,F,punch -Another fireball. But this one hits low! Triple Ball - Hold D,DB,B,punch -Like her Normal mode fireball, except she throws three of them. Be careful, you 're a sitting duck if they block or evade. Palm Smack - D,DB,B,punch -Does a quick hop back and thrusts her palm in your face. Graceful Orbit - B,DB,D,punch -Somewhat telegraphed, but acts as a Wire Attack. Fierce version is truer to the game, as it'll knock you clear across the arena. Aerial Dance - F,DF,D,kick in air -Somewhat changed from the real version. If the first kick connects, the rest ar e guaranteed to connect. Stealth Slide - F,DF,D,kick -I know she's not a true android, but I couldn't think of a better name. Meteo Attack___________________________________________________ Power Blitz - Level 1 - D,DB,B,F,punch (can be done while air) -18 shoots a forceful blast that will blow her opponent across the arena. Slow a nd easy to see coming, but potent. (No fast version) Energy Ball - Level 1 - B,DB,D,DF,F,punch(straight) or kick(angle) (can be done while air) -She shoots a big fireball. Not as powerful as the Power Blitz, but it's quick e nough to combo. The kick version will shoot upward on the ground, and downward i n the air. Gold Mode - Shin Butoden 3 Mode================================================= This mode gives her moves reminiscent of her SB3 appearance. This mode relies on making your opponent pay for mistakes, due to her attacks being either telegrap hed or extremely short-ranged. You have to be quite creative to combo in this mo de, as most of her attacks are either too slow or have too short of a reach to t wo-in-one. However, there is one advantage to this mode: Her attacks HURT. A few well-placed attacks can level your opponent's lifebar in no time.

B. choose her Gold palette.DB. (GC)Slap Attack. Can be done in air. as it aims directy for the opponent.D.F. She now disappears for an instant while perf orming it. but can be comboed.punch -Same as silver mode .DB.Level 1 .B.To select.DF.Level 1 .DB. Can counter almost anything.punch -Very short range.DF. Trick Kick .B.UF.D.punch (can be done while flying) -Very Dangerous.F.punch -Same as normal mode.B.D.F.kick -A short-ranged anti-air. Meteo Attack___________________________________________________ Power Blitz . (Start + Z) Special Moves__________________________________________________________ (GC)Destructo Disc . Good for countering long range attacks. (Without the fast version) Energy Ball .kick (can be done while flying) -A remake of her old Triangle Kick.F.F. Fire Kick .F.F.

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