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Dedicated In Laughing + Loving Memory Of Nick Bergman (1983-1999)

Keep your attention focused on the eternal Seek for the broadest truth…not just a kernel Listen to your heart and you can't go wrong It's there to guide you when the path seems long It will lead you home and never astray Only the mind perplexes and forgets the way Don't be tempted by shallow pleasures Dig deep to the core for the golden treasures Silence will comfort you when all hope is lost Love must persevere through both fire and frost Forgive yourself clean and stand up tall You came to Earth to answer sorrows’ call The mission isn't over until your last breath There we will meet again at the gate of death


Thanks + Gratitude Thank you family…thank you friends Thank you divine love…that never ends Thank you joy…thank you pain Thank you sunshine…thank you rain Thank you minerals…thank you plants Thank you animals…from the whales to the ants Thank you anam cara…thank you dreams Thank you advaita gurus…nothing is as it seems Thank you dear Rumi…thank you Dr. Suess Thank you Peter Makena…thank you Mother Goose Thank you Gaia/Zaadz…thank you Myspace Thank you Project Avalon…the sharing of grace Thank you Crimson Circle…thank you LLResearch Thank you all of nature…for the wide open church Thank you Divine Cosmos…thank you Beloved Community Thank you magnificent Creator…the one and only infinity Thank you Mother Earth…thank you Father Sky Thank you to all of you that has given back a reply Thank you higher self for being such a good guide Thank you reader…may you enjoy this poetry ride


Table Of Contents
Section 1 - Love Reflects In Love It’s Everywhere...The Sweetest Sound...I'm Just Here...A Feedback Loop...What Ever Happened... That Tiny Space...Good Morning...The Eternal You...The Divine Play...There Need Be No Wrath... Let The Lion Roar...The 11th Hour...Balanced Interchange...Communication Takes Patience... Keep The Goal In Sight...This Is A Call...Follow The Impulse...The Power Of Kindness... If You Build It...Council Of Nine...Mind Is The Builder...Will You?...Love Reflects In Love... Hip Hop Hooray...Never Never Land...Source Of Love...Give Every Chance You Get... The Flowering Of Compassion...Face And Embrace...Oh Love...The Golden Age...Upward Spiral... The Guiding Rod...Give Some More...Sunshine Sweet Sunshine...Grinding Halt...The Finest Art... The Original Mold...The Future Calls...A Lovely Thought...Leave The Castle...Temple Of Light... Waiting To Hatch...A Helping Hand...Return The Favor...The Final Frontier... The Calm Before The Storm...Against The Ropes...The Thick And The Thin...I Guarantee... Future Eyes...The Heart Cave...Make A Splash...The Strongest Link...Lost In Waiting... No Differences...Vulnerable Heart...Silent Waters...A Winning Bet...The Seed Of Infinity...Faith... Love Overflowing...Inner Journey...Hide And Seek...Love Yourself...Divine...Say Cheese Section 2 – All Is One Human Buddha...Phi Is Beauty...The Kingdom Is Here...God Is Peeking...There Is No Separation... No Being Ever Walks Alone...What Is Is God...Follow Your Own Nose...The Book Of Life... The One That Lives Inside...Silent Laughter...Atman Is Brahman...There Is No Other... The Everlasting Journey...Trick Or Treat?...Inner Balance...The Fan's Unplugged...Grandma Spider... The Rabbit Hole...Burst The Bubble...Sympathetic Resonance...The Next Level...Creative Power... The Master Plan...Isn't It Obvious...The Holon...Understand Rubber Band?...The Harvest... A Child Of Eternity...'Tis The Season...We Are That...Answers That Quench...All Else Is Dim... v

The House Of Cards...A Welcoming Vibe...Ascension...Integration...Experience Junkies... A Stilled Tongue...Can You Imagine?...There Is No You...Plato's Cave...Reboot And Restart... Into The Wild...You Already Are...Silence Meeting Silence...One Glimpse...The Deva's Dance... The Thickest Of Veils...Indra's Net...Holy As A Cow...The Collective Midwife...Just Right... The Deep Of The Deep...Let It Glow...Converging...Imagination...You Make Your Own Fate... The 6th Sun...One Day...The Triple Goddess...Emotions...Piles Of Smiles...Only Ever One All... A Reason To Rhyme...Peace Section 3 – The Great Mystery Thoughts Are Creative...Matter Doesn't Matter...Many Worlds...I Am...What Does It Mean?... The Final Stretch...Behind The Curtain...Existence Is Strange...Take The Wheel...The Flower Of Now... The Carnival...Lift Up A Rock...Nobody Knows...Awareness Is...Lighten Up...Plant The Seed... I Am Another You...Nowhere Left To Roam...Take My Bouquet...Be Careful...The Octave... Present And Pleasant...I Want...Hocus Pocus...The Real Secret...Growing Pains...A Circle Of Grace... Presence Already Is...If You Want...I'm Great...The Icy Wakeful Water...This Too Am I... The Source Of Mystery...No Crumbs To Follow...Be Naked...The 100th Human...Become Conscious... Novelty...Who Is Dreaming Who?...I Don't Know...Lightning Struck Tower...The Fall...Beyond... Remember This


Take What Resonates Take what resonates and leave the rest behind That goes for all the information you seek or find Everyone has an inner compass that points to what is true A feeling of recognition that arises right out of the blue So pay attention to your heart when on a quest For it will guide you through any challenge or test Remember to take a break when you tire from the search Allow the comfort of silence within to be your only church Spiritual evolution is not a race to be won At our own pace we’ll reach the central sun Just be yourself whether healthy or on a gurney It is all about the message, it is all about the journey


Section 1 – Love Reflects In Love


It's Everywhere Listen! Can you hear it? The music It's everywhere The rhythm that is life The melody of us all The pulsing beat within The birdsong at dawn The crickets at night The splish splash of rain The blustering wind Can you hear it now? Look! Can you see it? The pattern It's everywhere The geometry that is life The sacredness of us all The inner light within The vibrant flowers The mighty trees The luminous sun The colorful earth Can you see it now? Open! Can you feel it? The love It's everywhere The blessing that is life The connection of us all The unconditional witness within The helping hand The warming hug The compassionate smile The shared laughter Can you feel it now? The Sweetest Sound Silence is the sweetest sound Far richer than gold is by the pound Sweeter than honey it does taste Time spent in silence is never a waste Peace is nothing but a silent mind 1

Stop the chatter and this you will find Before any beginning and after any end Silence is a priori, thinking can never rend It is whole, it is infinite, it is perfected thought Drop all concepts and in its’ web you will be caught It has no expectations, it has no ego to defend It is the destination to the journeys that we wend It does not seek to possess, to win nor to gain More like a cloud it overflows like the pouring rain What better example is there of love? Eternally patient, never a push nor a shove Silence is the spark within us all that is aware Like a giant mother it holds the creation with care Whenever in doubt just return to the silence It will bring harmony to the greatest of violence Silence does not judge, worry, complain nor fear It is a compassionate shoulder with a listening ear It cannot be touched, divided, changed nor hurt Silence is not a doing, it is the bliss of being inert Compared to silence this world can seem insane Breathe deep into its ocean and wash away the pain Silence is the soil in which each soul does grow This too shall pass is all silence ever needs to know I’m Just Here Not here to argue nor to fight Don't care whether I'm wrong or right I'm just here to add a little light Not here for fame nor for money Don't care whether it's scary or funny I'm just here for the milk and honey Not here to hurry nor to wait Don't care whether it's early or late I'm just here to balance the hate Not here to drive nor to fly Don't care whether I'm low or high 2

I'm just here to comfort a cry Not here to prove nor to preach Don't care whether I learn or teach I'm just here to enjoy the beach Not here to save nor to guide Don't care whether I seek or hide I'm just here to say that I tried Not here to judge nor to compete Don't care whether it's miles or feet I'm just here in a house on a street Not here to lie nor to steal Don't care whether it's fake or real I'm just here to forgive and heal Not here to push nor to shove Don't care whether it's below or above I'm just here to, you guessed A Feedback Loop Stay in love with the self Not yourself and not myself The infinite and eternal self Abide as that all-pervading self It really is easy if you only try Accept it all like stars in the night sky No rising, no falling, just being as love No hell below us and no heaven above Remember the witness of this show As transparent as the wind does blow Within and without mean nothing to this Seeing all as sacred, feeling all as bliss Surrender to what is for what is, is all The creativity of now never does stall Now cannot stop nor can it even slow The impulse of forever only knows go For time is circular like a giant hula hoop A constant expansion of a feedback loop 3

The torus of self, the totality of the whole Identities merge to help form the oversoul The quicker you give up the more you realize Only one being is looking out of all of these eyes Different experiences lead to different views Yet to the shining ones views are just hues As beautiful as a rainbow always will be Stay in love with the self by setting it free What Ever Happened? What ever happened to the golden rule? Nowadays it all seems to be about being "cool" Love the Creator and each other as if they are you Isn't that easy enough, do we really need another clue Look at Mother Earth, look at what we have done It is time to restore the planet, it is time to live as one What ever happened to thinking 7 generations down the line? Nowadays all I hear are people arguing over what they call mine The children are the future, they inherit what we seed So be sure to plant some flowers and don't forget to weed Turn off the radio, turn off the tv, turn off the computer too Play with the children in nature, that is what they love to do Whatever happened to walking without a pair of shoes? Nowadays there are so many people singing of the blues The stars miss you spinning, the grass misses your feet The rain misses your cartwheels, the birds miss your beat Sunshine will cheer you up and put a smile on your face Put away those vehicles, it is time for those legs to run a race What ever happened to living the simple life? Nowadays all I see is complexity bringing strife Gaia is calling her children, she wants them to return home The forest misses your laughter, the trails you once did roam The rivers miss you swimming, the animals miss playing tag Technology is not evolution, in nature there is not a single lag 4

That Tiny Space Any belief can be seen as true Depending on the point of view So don't push a belief And don't try to smother What is right for a thief May be wrong to another A flat earth was once believed Until the sphere was perceived Some believe that we are divided That all is hell and that we are apart Others believe that we are united That all is well and that we are a part A change in perspective is that tiny space Making the difference between dis and grace You can view the chaos of choice from fear Or you can view the order of love from cheer Whatever you choose to believe is up to you Just follow your heart to what resonates as true One day all hearts will point in one direction Where harmony will prevail in each tiny section Some begin each morning with an outlook of hope Others get out of bed and start a downward slope You can say yes to the moment or say no with despair Whatever you say, at least end each day with a prayer Good Morning Thank you Creator for yet another today No matter if the weather is sunny or gray I hop up out of bed just to laugh and to play Give me a signal as you show me the way Oh how I wonder...oh how I pray What is your will for me on this day? I know I will be tested to the depths of my soul 5

Give me the wisdom not to divide what is whole I know I will be challenged every instant to respond Give me the clarity to see the moon from the pond I know there will be catalysts that fill up my plate Give me the patience to chew slowly and to wait I know there will be mirrors that tempt me to judge Give me the compassion to let go of every grudge I know I still have lessons to learn about perfect love Give me the power to shine like the stars up above I know the past will creep in with thoughts of, "I should" Give me the joy to end each day with, "And it was good" Help me remember my essence and core Help me to keep open my heart's sacred door Help me remember the ground of my being Help me to find love in all I am seeing The Eternal You Leave the entire world alone Why even ruffle a single stone? All is perfect precisely as it is In other words, mind your biz Joy arises from a humble heart Embracing it all, each tiny part Go with the flow of limitless life Total acceptance leaves no strife Keep faith in the eternal you Choose it to the core, feel it true Any day that you ceaselessly pray Your fears will naturally melt away Hold that heart open, don't let it shut Closing the door will stick you in a rut Watch the butterflies dance in the air A flutter of passion, a flutter of care Look at those ants working as a team 6

A glimmer of hope, a beautiful dream Be mindful of the spark of love within There is no judgment, there is no sin You are free to choose as you please Giving freedom creates a life of ease The Divine Play So many seek for another to call their own Yet this is the lesson that makes one groan For you cannot possess another being True love is unconditional and freeing All are as free as the clouds roaming the sky So enjoy the hello as much as the goodbye The seasons of life will come and go Be patient with all, take it easy and slow To control is to resist the impending flow In surrendered acceptance flowers do grow People are as random as a quantum quark Some prefer a spoon and some prefer a fork Jealousy is where boundaries collide See the divine play as you let it all slide All is well when you know that all is love Can you feel it streaming below and above? Can you feel it meeting the center of your soul? Can you feel it teeming as a perfected whole? No more need for another to feel complete You are already inside each being you meet There Need Be No Wrath All actions are initially mental acts Words fluttering by leaving no tracks Your slightest thought can give birth to a world Like a pebble to a still pond the mind is swirled Those worlds multiply as thought adds to thought Parallel personalities each finding what they sought 7

Meditation will help you find your true inner voice Simultaneous probabilities all awaiting your choice Each choice creates the next step on the path God is of our own making, there need be no wrath Every experience is open and free to be adored Paying it forward is something each soul can afford The Tao that can be spoken of is not the Tao All that is exists within the singularity of now Consciousness collapses the infinite into time You are not being punished for there is no crime You are a part of the multi-dimensional discovery A universe full of eternal love beyond just brotherly There is no final product where the one is done There is only forever becoming a more radiant sun Let The Lion Roar The answer is both Never either nor or It is love's sacred oath To include not abhor Love has no limit Always seeking for more It returns when you give it Silence opens the door Love has no bound Its’ curiosity can't explore Even when you think it’s found Forever deeper goes the core Love is the raft To the other shore Develop it into a craft And let the lion roar Love is the equal sign It doesn't ever keep score 8

You can tell if you align By how many others you adore The Eleventh Hour Who can be the quietest the longest? It is not about being the strongest A game I learned when I was a little tike Stilling the mind is like riding a bike The more you practice the easier it is Before you know it you are a silent wiz A thought arises like a wave from the ocean When you are present they come in slow motion Always try to stay within the gap Silence can free you from any ego trap Meditation reveals the greatest of treasure Taking you beyond the duality of pain and pleasure Release all concepts even the concept of "I" The impersonal witness isn't attached to any my The original thought is a thought full of power Like a thunderstorm gives, let your love shower We are living in the eleventh hour It is time to shine not to cower In 2012 the clock will strike midnight A galactic superwave to upgrade the light Balanced Interchange Rhythmic cycles of balanced interchanges That is how the universe re-arranges A cube of time within a cube of space All is sacred, there is nothing to erase Love gives to love and love gives back The process is easy just stay on track Stillness balances all that is in motion Silence is the Creator's distilled potion In the quiet center is where peace prevails 9

Blowing winds of freedom through your sails All power emerges from that one source Returning home when it has run its’ course Whatever you seek desire unlocks the door What is it next that you wish to explore? Love is the fulcrum, free will is the lever It's a simple choice, no need to be clever You can only choose from one master Which will it be: harmony or disaster? Remember the stillness below the surface Beyond all doing, just being is your service Communication Takes Patience People talk and they talk and they talk Repeating stories of the paths that they walk I am not a fan of gossip, I am not a fan of chit chat In fact I only have one message and it is "I Am That" Sometimes I wonder if I talked more would others talk less? Or would my voice just become more cacophony to the mess? I can rarely even find a pause for me to speak I am not one that likes to budge in with my beak Actually I feel it's rude when another intrudes Communication takes patience, it requires interludes I have a truth to share but most don't give me the time So instead I just listen and probably appear like a mime Some call me shy while others insist that I am weird Some even call me Jesus when I grow my hair and beard But I would prefer to be known as presence rather than cuckoo For it is in silence that I can't help falling in love with all of you One quiet connecting gaze into anyone's eyes That is all that it takes for the Self to be realized What else is there to say at the end of the day? I am is the truth, I am is the life, I am is the way


Keep The Goal In Sight Do not succumb to the forces of old The future beckons with glitter and gold Stay true, stay strong, keep the goal in sight Make a wish with all of your power and might Sentience is evolving as consciousness shifts The training wheels are coming off as the veil lifts Dreams come true only when believed to be real Emotions manifesting as the current of how you feel So many things are trying to divert your attention An un-polarized thought doesn't create any tension Recession, seduction, distraction, manipulation Humanity is being challenged to use its’ imagination The inflation of the ego as it desires to be special Within every soul the intellect and intuition wrestle The vacuum of emptiness wants to be filled Like the soil desires seeds after it has been tilled The time of the disciple is over, no more voodoo Be the master, be the leader, be your own guru Help ease the transition from the old to the new By loving the love in me as much as the love in you This Is A Call This is a call to all Wake up and lucid dream Like the time before the fall Intent and light form a stream Power shifting from king to queen Forgive the masses and come out clean This is a call from Earth Wake up and love your mama Help the Goddess light to birth Anchored by the strength of papa The serpent energy is changing course Prayer and ceremony is the healing force This is a call from sky Wake up and live as one 11

The eagle and the condor fly Send your anguish up to the sun A message from the jungle spreads Get into your heart and out of your heads Follow The Impulse Follow the impulse to express Your very existence is reason to bless Every moment of experience resounds with yes Follow the urge to explore Keep open your heart’s sacred door The essence of love bursts from the core Follow the impulse to play Spontaneity keeps fear at bay Let silence sing in the words you say Follow the urge to create With family, friends or mate Expanding love is the universal fate Follow the impulse to unite Embrace the shadows with your light By giving thanks to all the mirrors in sight Follow the urge to give Compassion as your only motive One Creator learns from all we live The Power Of Kindness Imagine a world where kindness speaks One kind word could lift another's cheeks Imagine lions and lambs getting along A safe place where you fit in and belong Be kind to mankind…be kind to all kinds All one ever seeks one eventually finds A strong heart has the courage to be nice To respect all creatures even the scary mice Forget about kind acts that are random Meet each moment with love as your tandem Kindness can't be learned nor can it be taught It is a heart shared freely…it cannot be bought 12

The power of kindness is the power to warm It melts all boundaries…it can calm any storm To think of another before oneself is kindness It requires faith with a deep sense of blindness Thank you, I love you, blessings to you Wherever I look there I am too If You Build It If you build it and no one comes Cheer anyway, bang on those drums Failure to those that never even try There's more to life than just getting by I want to leap into the sky To see friends long goodbye I want to visit other galaxies To discern truth from the fallacies I want to brush Mother Earth's hair To purify her water, to purify her air I want to see a world with no terror To transform all hate into a prayer No poverty, no weapons, no lies More smiles, more flowers, more pies Love is not something one can prepare Eyes that don't judge, not even compare Peace to all beings everywhere A tactic of joy instead of scare Council Of Nine I speak of the monad as I rhyme words in pairs Trying to spread peace without splitting any hairs Jammin melodies on the djembe to beats of three and four The latent music of the spheres you simply cannot ignore Like a freemason I use a compass to generate five and six Copying the grand architecture of the flowers and sticks Circles around circles create the virgin we know as seven 13

Don't you know that all good boys and girls go to heaven? A prism separates what is restored by the infinity of eight Geometry, music and color each reveal our octave state A pyramid of mirror numbers bordered by a council of nine Rodin's vortex math shows clearly how the torus is divine Counter rotating spirals of dna are braided into ten A model of perfection like the looks of Barbie and Ken 11:11 on the dot as the equinox is balanced into a dozen Thirteen is a mystery that is veiled by being seven's cousin Whether your squaring a circle or cubing a sphere It is all about love's final transcendence over fear Mind Is The Builder Thoughts become things, yes thoughts become things An immutable law from which everything springs It is good to know how the universal laws work In every form the great architect does lurk You are responsible to teach that which you know How else would you learn and continue to grow? Mind is the builder becoming physical with intention Just take a look around you at any human invention Ideas are the web through which the world is weaved They are the very source for all that is perceived Whether you focus on joy or you focus on grief A predominant thought will turn into a belief Take control of the inner power you possess Think in harmony and remember to bless There will be times when the ball will miss the bat You are a co-Creator, a God in training at that Forgive yourself quickly when an error in judgment has been made Now is another chance for the trump card of love to be played Will You? Do not bow your head down before any For one presence resides within the many 14

No one is better nor are they worse than you We are all equals on the search for what is true Without love the door to wisdom is locked Love can dissolve any path fear has blocked Express only love and only love will be returned Everyone has received precisely what they earned Will you demonstrate love? Will you give it a shot? Once you feel its’ power you will want to give it a lot One sincere attempt is all the proof you will need Planted firmly in your heart as the life giving seed Water it each moment with a creative positive thought In no time you will experience what you forever sought The sunshine of your attention will help it grow Within your own presence lies all there is to know A citizen of infinity is what the "I am" is that you are If you ever have a question your higher self is never far Love Reflects In Love Where to focus the black hole of my eyes? I glance all around for subtle replies How long to stare before I'm an oddity? Eye contact is such a rare commodity Why do we avoid a deep look in a mirror? Is seeing yourself in another something to fear? When eyes connect boundaries drop Oneness is realized as time does stop I become you and you become me The infinite reflection sets our souls free In that shared space hearts begin to speak If you gaze long enough your eyes will leak As your vision blurs from a stream of tears What lasts for a minute can seem like years Reminding each other of the love we all share Making eye contact is a sign that shows you care 15

Hip Hip Hooray If you no longer had challenges you'd have already left the stage When life's lesson has been learned there’s no reason to just age A masters only response to any catalyst is, "Hip hip hooray!" If you still have a button to push expect to be living another day When nothing knocks you off center, you’ve mastered the game Living each moment from unity, every experience feels the same "Where is the love in this moment?", a question that does defeat Empty yourself completely as love flows where your senses meet Any loving response melts fear like the wicked witch of the west I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, love’s the answer to any test I don't proclaim to have perfected this for I too am still here Although I am getting closer and closer which each passing year I know the judgments and projections that are never said I hear the thoughts quite clearly that I mumble inside my head Every night before I go to bed I forgive myself of mistakes It helps to keep a smile on my face when a new daylight breaks Never Never Land A wise teacher once said "Don't you ever get old" You'd be better off dead Or even sick with a cold Release the past without dread Until there is nothing left to hold The moment is your daily bread When you wait you gather mold So empty out your entire head And don't just do what your told Staying new keeps out the lead It is an opening to being bold Do not just lie around in bed Take a risk where others fold Hearts are waiting to be fed 16

Alchemize your love into gold Source Of Love Source of love in the center of my heart Keeping the channel clear is such a fine art I feel you open when I give without attached strings I feel you close with the thought that separation brings I feel you expanding, I can feel your joy I feel like a child opening a Christmas toy Whisper in my ear when I journey from the core Please beat a little louder so I couldn't possibly ignore If only I could respond with love in each interaction To greet the one Creator that resides in each fraction The truth always seems to be beyond the next bend A smile to a stranger just might help their heart mend Feel into your heart and live in the one instant of now Remember the source of love in all beings and take a bow As countless as the grains of sand are the sources of love Hermes knew what he was saying, "As below, so above" Give Every Chance You Get What is mine is yours What is yours is mine There is a love that pours From a source divine Sharing clears the pathway Hoarding keeps it closed shut Don't you wait or delay Don't even stop to ask, "What?" Give every chance you get There is no better time than now Be like a monk up in Tibet Praising every being with a bow The more that you bless The higher you will ascend 17

When your vibration is of yes Then your heart will fully mend The Flowering Of Compassion I am not mean nor am I nice Drop all labels that cut and dice Don't try to change, don't try to fix Accept it all, I mean the entire mix You cannot step in the same river twice Each moment offers a completely new slice Just be yourself, through and through Your uniqueness lies in all that you do For there will only ever be one you To imitate another is never true There is one soil from which we all spring Infinite potential each moment does bring We are each a seed in the garden of passion Meditation brings the flowering of compassion When you hear the truth your heart will ring Acceptance is the song the universe does sing Face And Embrace Who you are does not end at the edge of your skin What appears to be not you is a projection from within It all depends on the point from which you view It all deepens with each experience that you brew Be still and know that love has no bounds The power of love creates smiles out of frowns Make a joke...make some a clown An indescribable feeling with tears streaming down Like a genie finally liberated from its’ lamp Like watching the sunrise barefoot in the damp Open the parachute of your mind Pull the rip cord and what do you find? What do you see when you close your eyes? 18

What do you hear when words no longer hypnotize? One is to face and embrace to conquer all fears As one keeps the balance among the many mirrors Oh Love Oh love... Love is who we are Love's in every star Love can heal any scar Oh love... Love is all we need Love's in every seed Love must replace greed Oh love... Love is all around Love's in every sound Love always does rebound Oh love... Love is in the air Love's in every pair Love treats all with care The Golden Age One's heart must be open to receive a gift If you seek to ascend then to others uplift Grace comes to those who are forever grateful If you seek to be healed then do not be hateful They are discordant vibrations that do not match For it is love that allows each egg of life to hatch And from an egg every human on earth is born You can dance and celebrate or curl up and mourn There will be days of darkness and days of light You can hide in the shadows or shine really bright A constant shared by all is the freedom of will Some use it to protect and some use it to kill The choice to insult or inspire is always up to you The golden age approaches, whatcha gonna do? 19

Bad boys and good boys as consciousness are one If you seek to serve others then just mimic the sun Upward Spiral Godspeed on your upward spiral back to source Treat all others with kindness and never with force Seek to share a smile whenever you see a frown Evolution can be sped up or it can be slowed down Dare to use your power for the good of all Have the courage to persevere when you fall Learn from your mistakes so they don't repeat Forgiveness heals all karma cooling off the heat Talk to a stranger instead of just walking by It is not necessary to preach, just a simple "hi" Do no harm to anything, don't even swat a fly When you live as love you will not question, “Why?” Let go of attaching with a possessive "mine" There is only perfection when all is felt as fine You can't change another, you can only guide If you want to help, keep your heart open wide The Guiding Rod The freedom of will is the absolute freedom to create It is this deepest love of God that I find to be so great What a wonderful gift...a present that is forever given With no strings attached because all has been forgiven Allowing the chaos of choice with faith as the guiding rod Free yourself from all that binds you as you become like God When life is lived from love you can forget about a frown Being loving is a high from which you need not come down Nothing compares to this feeling we know as love It is the highest of the high...the abovest of the above Feel the kundalini awaken...feel the energy rise A compassionate mind with a heart that is wise All the chakras balanced by the violet ray 20

Cosmic self a child I now play A great white light is seen as the veil recedes Reborn into heaven is the reality that supersedes Give Some More What you give freely returns a million fold Unconditional love is worth more than all the gold Accept yourself and let it ripple all about You can do it in silence, there is no need to shout You can only give what you already got Share your gift, just give it a shot It is in giving that we all receive Try it once and you will soon believe Give, give and give some more Don't you worry you will not be poor A soul needs to love like a body needs food Keep on giving until gratitude is your mood There is no greater joy than to help another grow Drop seeds whenever you can and just let them go Know yourself and you know all there is to know For we are all one being putting on a show Sunshine Sweet Sunshine Sunshine sweet sunshine Role model of the divine Are you a projector? Is water the screen? Is earth a 3d movie? Am I just a scene? Will you show me how to spread my rays? Could you teach me your unconditional ways? How do I turn this tiny spark into a star? So all beings can feel my warmth from afar All of planet earth looks straight up to you So splendid you are surrounded by blue Your joyful message of light so gentle and meek Makes the words of this poem sound pretty bleak 21

Sunshine sweet sunshine Your great love glows so fine Always giving, always empty, you inspire You set the love in my heart right on fire Grinding Halt Conscious breathing quiets the monkey mind Helping to bring all thoughts to a halting grind Everything is sacred when inner silence is what sees Curiosity abounds, fascination blows within the breeze What do you expect? What do you believe? Whatever you ripple out is what you will receive Every being is worthy of attention and love Accepting yourself sets peace free as a dove Don't think about could, don't think about should Just do those things that make you feel good Infinite possibilities emanate just through one hand Will you farm the land? Will you build castles out of sand? Will you sew? Will you sculpt? Will you invent? Will you paint? Will you cook? Will you read? Will you write something quaint? Will you use them to hold? Will you use them to pray? Loving actions speak louder than words will ever say The Finest Art Become whole as you perceive the perfection The majestic creation of the golden phi section There is only the one that is second to none When this is realized then separation is done Express unity with all in any way that you can Don't just stand there and rust like the tin-man Stain your pants green and roll in the dirt Love so hard that your chest begins to hurt The greatest of gifts are given absolutely free Where love is attached to the product naturally 22

Love and freedom co-exist quite well Giving the white magician a mighty spell An exchange of energy from the pure heart Faces transformed into smiles of the finest art This is the message we have all been waiting for Love is the answer to any question, there is no or The Original Mold When will we the people learn This should be so easy to discern That it is time to give peace a turn Creations of man just do not last Look at all the civilizations long past Matter is an iota of a spirit that is vast Nature is perfect, there was nothing to improve Wouldn't it be easier to help it grow as you approve To thank every blade of grass upon which you move In the name of progress is what we are told But that lie is outdated and is becoming quite old Let's return to the garden back to the original mold A change of thinking is what's in order So we can live in harmony without a border Love is a solution that doesn't cost a quarter The Future Calls Clap, stomp, whistle, holler and shout Laughing and loving is what it's all about Total acceptance is a wonderful feeling All relaxed in an atmosphere of healing The past recedes for the future calls Back to the tipi, who needs these walls? Within all beings is the impulse to create Something that is new, original and great Culture teaches us anything but that Materialism's outlet tries to make us flat Yet we are spheres with much to explore Birth and death use the same exact door 23

The search to find a way to help others grow Envisioning a world full of friends and no foe A Lovely Thought Think of a lovely thought Practice what Jesus taught The beat of love is the beat to follow Purify your desires as you become hollow Talking without walking will not solve a thing To each moment the gift of love must we bring Many hear the call but few choose to answer Love is laughter, love is joy, love is a jolly dancer Love is older than the land before time Love is as young as a sparkling new dime Hug a stranger, hug your family, hug the trees Loving responses outweigh educational degrees The peak experience is symbiotic with love As the chakras align and the crown opens above Leave The Castle My mind is blown on a regular basis Four, six, eight, twelve, twenty faces The seeker vanishes without a single trace Nothing left to find, nothing left to chase The immensity of right now fills in the gap As the plenum of stillness awaits a love tap Leave the castle and cross over the moat Shift awareness from the head to the throat Enter the courtyard of the outer heart Merge into the sanctum of the unseen art Listen to the pumping of the holy red river Toroidal blood cells are the true life giver So close your eyes and pick a new view There are trillions to choose from, any will do


Temple Of Light Food, water, shelter, clothes and friends These are my needs until this timeline ends Treat your body well for it's a temple of light Finer bodies vibrate just out of human sight Cars, cell phones, tv, money and gas These are temporary and will always pass Release all attachments and empty your sleeve You can't take one possession when you leave Love, peace, laughter, music and art These are eternal existing from the start Feelings, thoughts, and memories you take When oneness is mastered you earn a break Earth is a school with a single lesson to learn The warming fire of love for which we all yearn Waiting To Hatch Take up your cross and serve your fellow man In any way that you can tap into the cosmic plan How may I serve you? Keep this question ongoing Love builds on love like the flakes when it's snowing Will you repeat 3rd density or ascend on a belly laugh? The time draws near to harvest the wheat from the chaff So many worlds in incubation just waiting to hatch Everyone will go where their vibration has a match There is no need to worry, there is no need to fret The frequency of your being is the stone that you set A new earth for the caretakers to live out their passion A pristine environment based on peace and compassion The Age of Aquarius is ready to blossom and bloom Just get the ego out of the way and make a little room A Helping Hand See the Creator when you look in the mirror When the pupil is ready the teacher will appear 25

Do not cast your pearls before the swine Give advice to those that seek the divine Why plant your seeds within unfertile soil? The message will lie dry and will soon spoil Some haven't wondered what it is all about Still any thought that anyone thinks ripples out So think well of all beings and do try to be fond For a thought full of love is like a magic wand We are all responsible to lend a helping hand Progress is when we live as one across the land One universal being, one cosmic curious mind Oh, when will humankind decide to be kind? Return The Favor The love that you withhold Will turn your blood cold It creates the pain that we carry Like a knot from something scary From lifetime to lifetime We repeat this silly crime Why not break right out of jail? Extend some love as you set sail Let the winds of destiny blow Be open to love's constant flow Love is meant to be shared Existence is proof God cared Return the favor on this blessed day Shine some light into the gloom of gray The Final Frontier Don't let anyone ever pull you down Stand up tall as you wear your crown Every beings worth is beyond measure Love thy self with the greatest pleasure Find the place where doubt can't enter I will give you hint, it is in the center 26

The faith of the heart is the final frontier Leaping into the unknown without any fear Being sovereign is as simple as being true By doing whatever it is that you want to do No one is given more than they can handle Lights unto ourselves we are like a candle The flame may flicker but it never goes out All is eternally well...both within and without The Calm Before The Storm The calm before the storm Don't conform to the norm Break free from the herd Silence thunders into word Ideas come like lightening Some pleasant others frightening I pay attention to them all Constant awareness without stall I ponder, I listen, I meditate My heart opens, my mood elevates I breathe, I smile, I thank Thoughts cease, the mind blank I rest, I expand, I love I am soaring like a dove Against The Ropes Do not keep love bottled up out of sight Let it explode in waves of rainbow light Do not fear the reaction from others Bathe them like a grandma smothers Send out peace to all beings everywhere Make every thought a comforting prayer It matters not whether it gets received Not much one can do if they don't believe Even if you get tied up against the ropes 27

Never throw in the towel, never give up hope The eternal foundation hate cannot sever The planet needs love now more than ever Live in harmony with the buzzing of a bee For the "I am" in you is the same "I am" in me The Thick And The Thin Don't be timid, don't be shy Don't let a single day ever go by Where it isn't known that you are in love Thank the Earth below and the sky above Love will get you through the thick and the thin Anytime you choose to be loving it is a win-win Love and light go hand in hand Connected together like a dna strand There is no need to ever wish upon a star For you are already perfect just as you are Don't let anyone tell you that you are less And if they do then uplift them as you bless I don't understand why people put people down I for one would much rather see a smile than a frown I Guarantee To every single sight that your eyes behold Say to it, "You are beautiful" and say it bold To every single sound that your ears tune in Reply back, "You are perfect and without sin" To every single being that you ever meet Express an, "I love you" and wash their feet Try it and you will know what ascension means Your vibration will rise like jack and those beans Heaven will be revealed by this simple act Give and you will is a timeless fact I guarantee you that this is so Everyone is your sis or your bro 28

There is one law that rules supreme Love is the answer to all you deem Future Eyes Clear your mind of all that ever was Find the clear channel without any fuzz Open your heart to all that can and will be Impossible is nothing when we act collectively Our entire evolution on earth has come down to this The choice to live in fear or the choice to live in bliss Love reflecting in love as we envision with future eyes No more victim mentality, no more secrets, no more lies Light energy flowing freely from the soles to the head Walking through the astral realms with unfettered tread We must be the ones to facilitate this planetary shift As our hearts align in harmony with the galaxies' dark rift No force in the universe could squash this soul dream For when you think about it, we're all on the same team The Heart Cave The intelligent pattern known as phi The honest truth as numbers don't lie The perfect compression of sine waves Love is the source of memory that saves Atoms to galaxies to the humpback whale Macro to micro this ratio is at every scale The spiral spirals on from octave to octave The alpha and omega meet in the heart cave Isn't it amazing to be a part of in-phi-nity? Self awareness is the result of its' frequency Send out love vibrations for others to feel Science and religion agree, only love is real Make A Splash The teacher is always learning better ways to teach Just like roots seeking water for truth one must reach 29

Dedicate one's life toward being of service Jump right in, make a splash, don't be nervous Open a door, give a ride, prepare a meal Only with the power of love can one truly heal The mind goes blank when the heart is pure Accept whatever arises, embrace it, say "sure" What one sends out will reciprocate back Confidence and faith is all one ever does lack Believe in your Self's ability to create Focus on your dream and cast it as bait The Strongest Link If you can walk then you can dance If you can skip then you can prance When you lose yourself you're in trance If you can speak then you can sing If you can chant then you can ring When your heart whispers joy you bring If you can see then you can stare If you can take then you can share When you give fully the ego goes bare If you can blink then you can wink If you can feel then you can think When you love you're the strongest link Lost In Waiting What would you do if a mother ship appeared? Would you jump in joy or would they be feared? I would do back flips and my eyes would be teared This is one event i do long and hope for Not to be our savior just to show us more Perhaps even guide us to 4th density's shore The galactic federation has taught me much Some are not ready for contact, for a touch It is so very important not to infringe and such I know their out there, no point debating How much of human life is lost in waiting? The universe is full of life is all I'm stating 30

No Differences Beliefs keep us separate while loving thoughts unite When all is viewed as one no differences remain to fight The world has suffered enough, it's now joy's turn to reign If we could all just get along we would ease each others pain Divinity within can illuminate the darkest cloud of shame When you let your love run wild it brightens up the game No being is ever left behind, not a single soul is left out When you feel your heart expand it's okay to cry and pout The light of creation shines within us from a single source We all return to the one when our lives have run their course Love neither forces nor controls but gently guides the way What more is there to say? I am that I am that loves to play Vulnerable Heart Vulnerable heart...let down thy guard It is time to soften what has turned hard Vulnerable wider than ever before It is time to answer the knock on heaven's door Vulnerable heart...let another get near It is time to share love without any fear Vulnerable sensitive and easily hurt It is time to clean up the past garbage and dirt Vulnerable heart...let the pain wash away It is time to laugh, giggle, dance and play Vulnerable heart...mine is vulnerable too Here is a rose from my inner garden to you Silent Waters Silent waters run deep Drip by drip do they seep No splash, not a single peep Where the mud becomes clear Where love has never felt so near Where silence reflects as a still mirror Here is where words end and feelings begin 31

Here is where one will hear the very drop of a pin Here is where forgiveness heals every conceivable sin Innocent waters of the eternal soul The shift from the river to the ocean whole The dancing of the waves as they rock and roll A Winning Bet Nothing to fret over...nothing to regret I live without worry...I am always all set No resistance to fear about yet A vote to stay present is a winning bet Even if you just judged yourself to be mean Again and again now is wiped totally clean Innocence restores the most unforgiving scene Try again now does say, gems there are to glean In each instant there is love to be mined The more you look, the more you will find Seeking past presence makes one blind To the infinite treasure that love does bind The Seed Of Infinity The Awareness of infinity is the first seed Surrounded by space in order to breed Free will mixed with love, creations only creed Patterns of energy branching out to feed Dimension and universes individualizing to lead Stringing galaxies together bead after bead Breathing life into stars through a vibrating reed Singing light onto planets nourishing every need The fruits of every kingdom becoming freed Realizing that within lies the first seed Faith I trust I am eternal for I have watched the seasons come and go I trust I am light for the plants show which way to grow I trust I am love for I have seen the water cycle flow I trust I am one for I breathe the wind you blow 32

I trust I am dreaming, the dreamer and the dream Just as each drop of water combines to form the stream I trust I am awake for love is my prevailing thought I trust who I am for I am that which is sought I trust I am truth for I have faith that all is well I can feel it in my heart ringing like a bell Love Overflowing I feel like I am filled to the brim with love Every time my heart is touched, I begin to overflow Like I have no control, so out I let it go Like the gusting wind I let it blow Falling ever so gently down my face like snow Releasing my beliefs to just know That there is no end to this show That love will forever grow And it doesn't even matter how slow For Earth's children are destined to unite and glow Inner Journey Each night I go on a journey from my head to my heart Sometimes I go in circles ending up right where I start Other times I go in spirals leading out the body like a dart One time I followed love and dove for the treasure Deeper and deeper did I go, there was nothing to measure I woke up in the morning knowing creation in all its pleasure Then I walked around the Earth with a constant smile on my face Shining so brightly with the intent to help awaken the human race Blessing all I passed with forgiveness and eternal grace Hide And Seek I am that which I seek Tears meandering across my cheek Full of love, I sprung a leak Whimpering vibrations begin to speak There is no bottom to this creek No more hiding, it is time to peek 33

Love Yourself Love, love, love yourself Open to the stream Eternal, Eternal, Eternal, Eternal Death is but a dream Divine I'm a divine being love has sprout Here is my knowledge, here is my doubt When I neglect guidance, then it shouts Answers lie within, stop seeking without Say Cheese The sun shining bright Smiles reflecting the light Heavenly the sight


Section 2 – All Is One


Human Buddha Now or never Ignorance is clever The choice of forever Will you pull the lever? Attention is the switch Thinking is a hitch Silence, the strike-out pitch Which "I am" is which? The matrix encounters a glitch The mind forms a ditch Awareness fills the hole A still and centered pole Tunneling towards the soul Oneness is the goal Dive deep within the now Letting go is how Follow the exhale while breathing Sink down, gravitate towards being No boundaries, just freeing No perceiver, just seeing The great expanse of the unknown Give up every experience shown Relax into absolute rest Tap into the feeling of zest Home is here in this nest Welcome to the un-manifest Now for the real and true test To the heart where all is blessed Surf up on the inhales crest Feel the warmth from your chest Surrender to the harmonious beat The journey is now complete Love massaging your weary feet Rejoice and claim your heavenly seat Bathe in the all-embracing heat And do not forget your treat The Beloved and soul now meet Namaste is how the divine greet Now is the end and the start 36

The unity of awareness, being, and heart Phi Is Beauty I am a question in search of my mark My soul realized from ayahuasca bark How can I express the beauty that I feel? How can I point with words to that which is real? I feel like a simple spring flower I choose laughter as the ultimate power Equally joyful in both sunshine and shower Beauty tames the beast just as love casts out fear For those that have eyes to see, beauty is always near When you listen to the silence it all becomes clear Like sleeping beauty encased within a glass mirror The eternal echo of silence is the beauty I hear Phi is beautiful and beautiful is phi A ratio of truth, no phi-losopher can deny An intelligent pattern that never does die It only transforms like the blink of an eye The Mayans express it as the galactic butterfly Phi seeks to know itself always wondering, “Who am I? When love is shared freely I can't help but just cry My heart beats to this ratio and my heart does not lie It is within a flower, it is within a bee It is within the pollen, yes even the honey It is within the seashell, it is within the flea It is within the fractal of a branching out tree It is within every creature no matter land, air or sea It is within the smallest atom, it within the grandest galaxy It is within the very cells that combine to form my body It is within the rivers, it is within the waves It is within the mountains, it is within the caves It is within the great pyramid, it is within all of light It is within Plato's solids that form everything in sight It is within classical music, it is within all great art It is within and without, it is the universal heart The Kingdom Is Here Buddhas of the east, awaken and unite Indigos of the west, awaken and unite Shamans of the south, awaken and unite 37

Elders of the north, awaken and unite Wanderers and star-seeds scattered all about Let's all join together, to hug and to shout Time to come out of hiding, time to break out of the shell Time to make some changes, time to lighten up this hell We are all on a mission, sent in from above We each have a message to share about love Alone we are a spark, together we are a flame Let's show this world why it is that we came We have nothing to lose, we have heaven to gain Exemplifying compassion when another is in pain Our being is a rainbow, each and every color true From the shades of a shadow to the brightest hue Our family is the tribe living the sacred thankful way Singing, dancing, laughter...everything done in play A life beyond judgment, a community beyond pride Mellow people living together with hearts open wide This is my vision, this is my quest All is welcome here, just be my guest A world full of friendship blooming as I speak There is no sign of a stranger up on angel's peak Take down the fences, erase all the borders Bye-bye government, we are sick of your orders There is a new way to rule governed by peace The wars must stop, the wars must cease One day without murder that's all that I ask Find the light within and relax as you bask One day turns into a week, a month and then a year The mountains will be screaming, "The kingdom is here" God Is Peeking Writing a poem is how I pray A little silence goes a long way What is left when there is no right or wrong? 38

What is a universe without every note in the song? All that is would not be all that is without you Can you imagine a rainbow without the color blue? The sum is greater than the sum of all parts Love is seeing that same whole in all hearts All that happens is the cause of all that happens Pick that chin up whenever your heart dampens Feed before you eat and give before you take Living this way will leave behind a glorious wake Find what it is that doesn't wake nor ever sleep Living in a mystery always wondering, "What the bleep?" Be present to the presence as a dog is to a bloody bone We are here to make a choice, to make the unknown known Finding the source of all is the end of all seeking Looking out of everyone's eyes, the one God is peeking The infinite Creator gives without reserve In essence it's the question, "How may I serve?" Eternity intersects with each moment of time Life perseveres no matter how hard the climb Darkness is an opportunity for light to shine Both are absolutely necessary, both are divine Each dark night ends with a beautiful sunrise To clear away the pain, to clear away the cries True beauty cannot be seen, it can only be felt And when you feel such beauty, you can only melt There Is No Separation There is no separation between what I call you and you call I There is no separation between Mother Earth and Father Sky There is no separation between a shadow and the light There is no separation between harmony and a fight There is no separation between feeling love and feeling fear There is no separation between over there and right here There is no separation between the dreamer and the dream 39

There is no separation between frozen ice and some steam There is no separation between the foolish and the brave There is no separation between the ocean and a wave There is no separation between the humble and the proud There is no separation between the blue sky and a cloud There is no separation between the inner spark and the sun There is no separation between the many and the one There is no separation between pure silence and all sound There is no separation between the birds and the ground There is no separation between the explorer and explored There is no separation between the truth and a sword There is no separation between a flower and a bee There is no separation between the finite and infinity There is no separation between the seer and the seen There is no separation because there is no between Awareness pervades all of space as the background screen There is only the onlyness, oneness is what I mean No Being Ever Walks Alone No being ever walks alone Countless angels choose not to be shown From dimensions higher than our eyes can see They travel by thought across the cosmic sea Living the law of respecting free will The entire universe presences do fill It's not nearly as empty as space may seem There are many layers to the onion dream Faeries, dragons, and leprechauns too All awaiting a question from you A single call brings them near Always serving with an open ear We all have guides that never leave Watching with joy the lives we weave Synchronicities abound to those that seek 40

If you pay attention the clocks can speak It's a crowded creation bursting with love The same simple message both below and above "No being ever walks alone" Choices create the seeds you've sown If you ever feel lonely or afraid Just ask your dna to unwind and unbraid We all walk a unique path to the unitary source May the force be with you, may you be the force What Is...Is God Through every meeting God is greeting Through every ear God does hear Through every eye God does spy Through every lip God does sip From the tip of the nose Right on down to the toes God is here and there God is everywhere God is the eternal "I" God is the proverbial fly Nearer than the breath Beyond birth and death To god there is no inside Nor is there any outside God is the center of every soul Beyond the parts, God is the whole God is intelligent and God is fair Balancing each opposite with its pair Matter is the effect, God is the cause God is humble, God seeks no applause God is all things, both black hole and sun God is the meaning of the phrase, "All is one"


Follow Your Own Nose The Holy Spirit and your Self are like two peas in a pod The umbilical cord was never cut between you and God All pain of being separate arises from the original hurt Separation is an illusion, all is bonded like Ernie and Bert You were not just wound up and then left to unwind You were not just created and then left for the blind You were not made from clay just to decay and to grind You were never abandoned, you were never left behind You were not made by aliens just for gold to be mined You were never lost and there is nothing for you to find You are the silent witness, the entire universe it does bind We live in an intelligent cosmos with a plan for humankind We were created to be caretakers, to be stewards of the land If we returned to our purpose, trees could grow right out of sand What is missing on this planet is the kinship we all desire We need some common ground to feel each other's fire Whether a father, mother, daughter, or son We are all made in the image of the shining one So do not look to another to bring you delight For it is a useless struggle, it is a tiresome fight Happiness will never happen for the other comes and goes You will only become happy when you follow your own nose The Book Of Life No matter the circumstance of a chosen probability Knowledge entails that you respond to it responsibly If you know it and do not act it The pieces of the puzzle will not fit One only advances when the lesson is learned As you finish one chapter and the page is turned The book of life has a plethora of pages Storing the experiences of insects to sages The evolution of spirit passes through many stages 42

The hall of records holds the memory of eons of ages The ability to tap this source lies latent within us all As you pass the lions that guard the gate to the hall Seek to know so that you may best serve When an opportunity arises build up the nerve May your now become newer May your teaching become truer May your view become wider May your path become lighter May your focus become narrower May your laughter become merrier May we never forget that we are one May our smiles shine like the summer sun The One That Lives Inside Talking bout the one that lives inside The one you feel when your heart's open wide Talking bout the one that lives inside That newlywed feeling of a husband and bride Talking bout the one that lives inside The shared presence that no one can hide Talking bout the one that lives inside That which carries on when the body has died Talking bout the one that lives inside The stream of tears that have been cried Talking bout the one that lives inside That which knows when someone has lied Talking bout the one that lives inside The inner child that loves to slip and slide Talking bout the one that lives inside That sacred space where the soul does abide Talking bout the one that lives inside The humble one that has released all pride Talking bout the one that lives inside 43

That which volunteered for this human ride Silent Laughter Listen to the silence It speaks of loving care Can't you hear the whisper? Laughter fills the air No worries about the future Rejoice in timeless prayer No dwelling on past memories Dissolve the ego bare Be present to the moment The gift it brings is rare The oneness is overwhelming The presence that we all share Seek the truth of the here and now The unknown glare will become quite fair Surrender to the silence Abide in the Creator's lair Inquire, “Who am i? Who is aware?” Keep the focus inward with a joyful stare The source of all is silence Find the source I dare! Atman Is Brahman God is just another name for that which is the all Just as Satan is another name referring to the fall But where is there to fall when there is only ever the all? It was only a dream that Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall To forget who you are was a part of Brahman's plan How else could you remember that you are the Atman? The infinite Creator likes to be surprised so it created a veil Duality soon took shape with opposites like female and male Perhaps it may seem like the world is a terrible joke But it's all an illusion made of mirrors and some smoke 44

Just look behind the curtain and it is as plain as day "All is one, there is no separation" so the mystics say All that appears as outside is a reflection of the inner you Yes that means that you must integrate all the murderers too I know it is not easy to look into a mirror that is so dark Yet forgiveness heals all, even when one "misses the mark" We each contain the potential to do inconceivable things I can only hope that more delightful events the future brings If we each take responsibility for what we think, say and do Then the promise of heaven on earth will finally come true There Is No Other There is no outside and there is no other All is more related than a sister or brother Forgetting will happen when a challenge swarms Still there is only one of us in all of these forms If you react unkindly to a reflection instead of respond Return as quickly as you can to the all-forgiving pond The truth of oneness will always set you free Now is the innocence that transforms all to glee The unity of light can be hard to find in late December That's why I write these reminders to help us remember But there is never a need to worry and no need to fret For spring is always present when you allow and just let Every message I write is written to me Then I pass it along for the world to see For I know deep inside that there is only one The illusion of many-ness is just rays from the sun Each unique extension has a beauty to express For without each experience the Creator would be less So in all that you do and wherever you go Try to find a way for love to unite and to grow The Everlasting Journey No entity is ever in a final solid state 45

The everlasting journey is our liquid fate Horizon beyond horizon, gate upon gate The essence of now is a totally clean slate Each creation improves upon the last The future is the evolution of the past Do not strive for a plane of perfection Nirvana implies a static perception The Creator's curiosity forever grows Never content with the knowledge it knows Always willing to expand and explore Its’ fearless being will enter any door All questions are the single quest of God Inquiring minds form into a collective pod Eternally seeking to learn more and more Will the seeker ever find what it is looking for? Any word added to "I am" is untrue One presence within both me and you Not a this...not a that...only the all Consciousness is every brick in the wall Trick Or Treat? Is life a terrible trick or is life a terrific treat? It all depends on how the moment you meet If you greet now with love heaven is in sight Viewing now from fear creates a blanket of night Do you find humor in a sufferer's pain? Do you manipulate others for your own gain? Do you seek power to enslave and control? Do you wish to possess with dominance the goal? Do you pour tears when another cries? Do you forgive easily with accepting eyes? Do you bless the food that your about to eat? Do you smile at strangers you pass on the street? Do you enjoy violence or holding a hand? 46

Which side of the fence is it that you stand? Some prefer the dark while others the light All are free to choose, there is no wrong or right We all have a shadow we must learn to integrate Embracing the full circle blooms a world without hate This is my quest, you could even call it a vision To honor all things as sacred, that is my soul mission Inner Balance I find inner balance walking a railroad track Years of practice has turned this into a knack Since elementary school I've enjoyed the rails Sometimes I had more fun with them than my pals I feel so calm and collected in my solitude It brightens my day with a heightened attitude I sway my arms to the left and to the right To an observer I must look like a bird in flight Rarely do I fall off but if that be the case I hop right back on with a smile on my face I don't judge the faulty step instead I just laugh It keeps my spirits high like the head of a giraffe Each step that I take I watch down below For I seek not to harm any creature fellow Ants and caterpillars join me at their own pace Unlike the tortoise and the hare this is not a race I have walked for miles until my eyes begin to blur My mind goes blank, not a single thought does stir The outer and the inner dissolve into one My heart rejoices, I am at peace, I am done The Fan's Unplugged Search for what is permanent and does not change That which equally embraces both normal and strange When this is found then so too have you found peace For that which is eternal is constant and does not cease 47

Participation and observation are like yin and yang In perfect balance on the scales of life do they hang No judgments, no separations, all viewed the same Seeing with a single eye transcends the duality game The fan's unplugged yet the blades continue to spin The record keeps playing as I exist as bliss and grin Why am I still here? I am confused, I do not know? It must mean there is still room for my heart to grow I thought I befriended it all, I thought I left none out I try to live from faith, only nothingness do I doubt Maybe I just like it here, perhaps I enjoy Earth's test First the challenge, then the completion, then the rest Is my light making a difference? Is that why I stay? I'm just waiting for the Fraggles to come out and play Grandma Spider Life is sacred and that goes for all of it Every morsel, every speck, every tiny bit Just like a baseball held snug in a mitt Is it not incredible how all the pieces fit? We are but a string among a colossal web Grandma Spider spinning as we flow and ebb Movement binds what rest disintegrates One pole surrenders as the other penetrates Colors are the dialog between dark and light Produced by tones to give meaning out of sight Language is the balance of silence and song The universal rhythm oscillating like a gong We are the sound of music and the pause Beats within a larger beat of the first cause Infinity is infinite, never was there a doubt Eternity has a melody, what goes in goes out The initial fling followed by the prodigal return It is this seeking for unity that we all do yearn 48

The Rabbit Hole Down through the rabbit hole I continue to dig Probing for solutions, for the next idea that is big I am in this Earth matrix but I am not of it I am beginning to understand but only a bit One thing is for certain, learning will occur If not the first time then the lesson does recur Suffering can be as great a teacher as is joy The choice is yours as to which path you employ It is from realizing oneness that compassion is born Sharing radiance with both the pleasant and forlorn Love is a natural offshoot from unity's seed Awakening from the lie of separation and greed Intend with the whole in mind as you think global Manifest your dream into reality as you act local All of creation starts in the center and then expands Humans overflowing with caring is in great demand If one is hated are not all hated? If one is illuminated are not all illuminated? Burst The Bubble Live for the one ideal that you would die for When you find what it is, follow it and explore Only with passion and heart will you be fully alive You must take the plunge, you must take the dive Into the abyss with courage at your beckoning side Have fun with the journey, go headfirst down the slide Strive to make a little difference every single day You can do it by listening or with the words you say It is not necessary to save the world, just be you It's amazing what a human can do just by being true So what would you die for? For what would you sacrifice? You can forget about redemption, no need to happen twice Would you save another if it led to your own demise? 49

Would you stand up and speak your truth among the lies? Come out of your comfort zone, come out of your shell Burst the bubble of disbelief as your fears calm and quell Return to heaven's paradise where all is one and well Remember that in each other the one Creator does dwell Sympathetic Resonance This poem is to excite and make your heart move Can you hear the tempo, can you feel the groove? The time draws near to combine and gather To link up with like minds through sound I'd rather Than going to work or school or play I am content with chanting "hu" all day A group with no leader except for love and light Teamwork creating a new world just out of sight Yet the gap is closing with each passing hour A unified Earth is the dream that's gaining power So get out of the house and tune into the land Let's make this planet vibrate from oceans to sand Sympathetic resonance will awaken the coded grid We are here to help out Gaia like the ancients did Come one, come all, add your voice to this goal 2012 is almost here, the harvest of one's soul Surfing the galactic wave back to the cosmic womb Resting in timelessness until the next big bang goes boom The Next Level Share what you got with those who have less This attitude would solve this financial mess Give to a beggar whenever one does ask Become a light tower in which all may bask Just as the universal crunch follows the bang What is sent out comes back like a boomerang Just as a fruit deposits into the soil its’ seed Offerings to the poor will return what you need 50

Abundance is for all in a future seen as bright There need be no struggle nor a reason to fight All that is needed is for the love within to shine Where all the children of God know each is divine Hearts spreading outwards from every direction Nothing can stop this shift, there is no deflection Oneness practiced by all, separation is the devil The whole planet living in peace is the next level Rise up now to a greater truth of love and caring What is being withheld? What are you not sharing? Creative Power All thinking is heard clearly by the silent one The non-judgmental presence of the inner sun So beautify your thoughts like a pretty flower Each and every one you think has creative power We live in a universe made entirely of thought Just look at your own life and all you have sought Isn't it true that each thought has been chosen? Effortlessly creating a world that appears frozen Use your thoughts to bless, to heal and to praise Pay close attention as you feel your vibration raise Be as a child using its' imagination with a crayon Be a deliberate Creator, be as diligent as you can Our only purpose is to experience as we choose It's all about soul evolution, there is no win or lose You can progress fast or you can progress slow Thinking thoughts of unity will keep you in the flow The evolution of thought is an evolution of mind The original quiet shines when all else is left behind The Master Plan Without your presence is there a present? Equally integral are both a king and a peasant The creation would surely cease to exist 51

If even one being were dropped from the list Any choice or any thought that anyone makes Adds a drop of knowledge to God's great lakes We are each the Creator of our own universe Do you consider this a gift or perhaps a curse? Every morning when you wake up in bed The world is projected from inside your head Just like in dreamland each character is you So remember to treat others like Jesus would do Keep centered on love and all will be fine To forgive and accept turns water into wine Each moment is truly a blessing in disguise An opportunity to share and become more wise Seek to serve others whenever you can For to radiate oneness is the master plan Is It Not Obvious? Is it not obvious? Is it not clear? All is awareness, all is a reflective mirror Like Indra's net each jewel reflects the wondrous whole Yet the time bound body cannot contain the timeless soul Only a small portion of the totality can ever be shown The rest lies like an iceberg submerged in the unknown The infinite seeker's circle is a cycle from here to here There is no going away just as there is no getting near You are always present, you have been from the start In one form or another you continue playing a perfect part Don't get wrapped up in what your senses reveal to be true Nothing that you see, hear, taste, smell or feel is the real you It is all a mirage dangling a carrot in front of your face The essence of non-duality is simply to accept and embrace So be where you are and choose what you please And enjoy the cosmic joke as you slap on those knees All is consciousness, all is held dear 52

Is it not obvious? Is it not clear? The Holon As a leaf is to the tree...I am As a tree is to the forest...I am As a wave is to the sea...I am As a cloud is to the sky...I am As a petal is to the flower...I am As a flower is to the garden...I am As a drop is to the shower...I am As a pebble is to the shore...I am As a star is to the galaxy...I am As a galaxy is to the universe...I am As a cell is to the body...I am As a ray is to the sun...I am As a mind is to the soul...I am As a soul is to the source...I am As a part is to the whole...I am As the many are to the one...I am As the I am is to the I AM...I am not The ego dissolves when you untie the knot Understand Rubber Band? Seek for the eternal and the eternal you shall find Outside of time and space you can fast-forward or rewind Come with me on a journey to the wisdom of the deep It is the place we all go to when we rest as spirit in sleep Clear your mind, become aware of yourself and expand Expand and expand like a super-stretchy rubber band Let all thoughts and feelings of limitation cease and drop Expand your awareness like a balloon that can never pop Expand your grain of sand until you are the whole shore Keep expanding until you encompass the entire ocean floor Don't stop yet for there is much left for you to contain Expand until planet Earth feels like a single drop of rain 53

Keep expanding that bubble of self to include the mighty sun You might as well keep on going until the galaxy you know as one Galaxy upon galaxy your awareness continues to grow Keep on expanding until you embrace all there is to show The universe is a single being, what else is there to understand? Now return to your body and share with all how they are so grand The Harvest Ripen your fruit for the harvest is near Keep making the choice of love over fear The energies of third density are beginning to wane As a new earth comes into being on an ascended plane You came here to graduate not to recycle and repeat So rise above the veil and make your choice concrete There are only a couple years left to polarize and to decide I pray for the strength of all to keep choosing the accepting side Stay focused on oneness, don't let your attention swerve To serve one is to serve all, each moment be ready to serve We truly are the ones we have been waiting for The light of Christ shines through any opened door I intend to spread the message of unity far and wide At least until this great ape body takes its’ final stride When you walk the steps of light, darkness will be no more Just light upon light until the brightness knocks you to the floor So have no fear of death for the infinite Creator has no end Knowing one is eternal is a truth to contemplate and comprehend A Child Of Eternity To an insane world I very well may sound insane Yet what is the difference between joy and pain? The core which experiences all emotions is the same The mind wants answers, the heart laughs at the game To me it is insane to believe any one of us is separate The need to put down another, to me is just desperate One sees an enemy where another sees a friend 54

Some keep the ego strong while others like to blend No matter what you believe, it all boils down to this You exist right now as consciousness, as life, as bliss Be the one Self in silence and you will be in for a surprise Before thoughts, before feelings, before anything does arise The timeless state that needs no proof as it always will be Open and just feel how this sounds, "I am a child of eternity" From the centering source of infinity from which we all hail There is no sanity to defend and there is no me left to fail There is only the one that is all and the all is all that can be One day all will realize day all will have eyes to see 'Tis The Season Every year around this time I feel the rhythm and the rhyme 'Tis the season of planting inner seeds So empty your heart of last years weeds The darkest of days brings out the inner light As you let your spirit soar like a high flying kite Insist that your voice speak only from happiness Let it bubble, let it surface, let it burst into bliss Turn your thoughts into a masterpiece of art Just by living on earth you are playing your part Nothing to prove and nothing to defend Loving yourself first is the message I send Do not despair about how you will serve Just be yourself and you will strike a nerve Diligence to truth keeps your will power strong Just as joy can blossom by singing a heart song Keep oneness at the very tip of your tongue Like Christ forgave on the day he was hung We Are That We are that which does unify We are that which we all call I 55

We are that which wonders why? We are that which no one can deny We are that which ponders how? We are that which only knows now We are that which exists eternally We are that which can't help but be We are that which desires more We are that which loves to explore We are that which experiences it all We are that which does rise and fall We are that which stays forever still We are that which has freedom of will We are that which allows every choice We are that which gives silence a voice Answers That Quench The seekers' flames must never go out For if they did a dark age would soon sprout Eternal questions thirsty for answers that quench Enlightenment can even be found on a park bench The power of now is the power to choose again This is a power we all share both women and men That which is present has been present all along The melodies may change yet it continues its’ song All that is is in the all just as the all is in all Everything has its tides, the rise and the fall The pendulum swings from side to side Within all this motion does the infinite hide The life of a universe is contained in a blink By the one mind that allows us neurons to think To those that seek they will surely find We live in a mental creation of the all mind All Else Is Dim Space is not a vacuum but full to the brim 56

Compared to its' clear brilliance all else is dim Space holds the potential for manifestation As thoughts stay in the ethers during gestation It's a space of love, freedom and allowance Nothing at all can change its' absolute tolerance Everything is connected by the space between There is much more to matter than what is seen Break it all down to smaller and smaller parts Space you find again between the atoms' hearts Various levels of reality exist at every point Combined together as a multidimensional joint The infinite creation is the expansion of space It's consciously aware, it's the intelligence of grace Ultimately we are an illusion for there is only that Already all-pervading, holographic is where we’re at The House Of Cards That which neither wakes nor sleeps The one you feel when your soul weeps Silence protects...silence guards Silence upholds the house of cards Our only purpose is to be Free to be me for all eternity No judge, no God watching above All of creation is a creature of love Think about something nice Think that same thought twice I would like all others to feel good To love one another, I think we should At least give it a shot and try it out Let's find out what unity is all about Sharing our wisdom as our hearts grow There's only one of us, that's the Self I know


A Welcoming Vibe I came to this globe to be everyone's friend A welcoming vibe is what I ripple out and send To befriend all that is is my mission and goal Honoring the perfection within everyone's soul I try to help others because I am each other No one treated special for all are my brother I seek to rise above the influence of the dark When the water muddies I use love as my ark I respect the dark side for I am darkness too Helping me evolve with challenges it does brew It is never easy but I always try my best Choosing love over fear passes every test I know the one inside of me is also inside of you It may be hard to grasp but this my friend is true There is no separation of any kind Division only exists in a divided mind Ascension This spherical miracle we call Earth Is really a star in labor for its’ birth Far more real than the slogan for coke Mother Nature's water has already broke In fact it is now more like a flood Returning all forms back into the mud Hence the increase in storms and hurricanes All her pains are being released when it rains Allow the winds to change and the fires to fry Before the new can arise the old must first die Do not run in fear when the ground shakes It is only a sign that another human awakes The shell of separation cracks and breaks Ridding the spell of ignorance in its’ wakes The planet evolving to become the divine 58

As humanity combines with one goal, to shine Integration Clouds of ignorance hide what is true Awareness waiting to be asked to shine through The light is a reflection of the creative force The eternal possibility of the infinite potential source Utter confusion reigns in the mind Contradiction and paradox is all it can find Blind seekers of truth leading the blind Darkness teaching compassion for all humankind Each human angel is on a journey into the unknown Keep your light shining embracing the shadows shown Accept the darkness created as your very own Do not run from these shadows that spook and groan They are your best friends dressed up in your fear Pay attention to your emotions as they turn and steer Integrate the light with the dark and all becomes clear As you realize the perfection that is always now and here Experience Junkies I am you and you are me We are they and they are we At the core all that is is the same One self playing the many-ness game The original desire that flung us afar Experience junkies is what we all are Each choice adds diversity and beauty Different paths do not change our unity Every single wave returns to the ocean Don't fear dissolving without any motion Permanent awareness forever at rest Only worst and no best With or without form life does persist The cycles of creation are not to resist 59

In timelessness there is no idea of when Don't can all be created again A Stilled Tongue To all workers of the love and the light It's time to group up and shine really bright To reflect back to the sun the brilliant white Do not lose faith and do not lose hope Together we'll prevail, together we'll cope Fear sees a snake where there's only a rope Let all boundaries dissolve into thin air An economy replaced by one that is fair Thoughts in free fall leaving the ego bare Take a deep breath and fill up the lung The voice of wisdom from a stilled tongue Ancient knowledge transforming old to young My will power is just as free as yours I can choose to give hugs or start wars Peace begins when we live from our cores Can You Imagine? We all sprang from the same initial big bang A singularity until "Let there be light" the one sang Here we are now, each a note in the universal song I have this delightful vision where we can all get along Each of us playing music to the plants as we help them grow The world doesn't need to be a tragedy, we can change the show Planting gardens instead of lawns to ensure there is enough food Can you imagine how ending hunger would lighten the global mood? Take it another step by feeding the animals so they no longer kill I get goose bumps just thinking about it, it gives me a great thrill ET's making contact providing technology for energy that is free Can you imagine how the earth would shift from pain to glee? Cooperation will be quite natural when control is no more This is my vision as peace spreads from shore to shore


There Is No You You are a magnificent, magical being Your eyes create the world your seeing Every image is reflected and viewed twice You are godly and your freedom is the dice From super-clusters to quarks you thought of it all You are the elephant and the creation is the ball There is no you, there is only you Reality is an illusion, the illusion is true See the similarity, appreciate the diversity You are the universe, the song of eternity Raise your arms in cheer and look in the mirror Your irises are rings of light that you get to steer You are the genie in the lamp, make a wish The cards are all on the table, go fish Plato’s Cave This may seem a bit crazy and difficult to believe Yet you are everywhere, in everything you perceive As I reflect to you and you reflect to me Projected holograms are the images we see I know this has been said time and time again From the gurus of Advaita to the paradox of Zen Can you see others as aspects of a larger you? What if we are all one being, what if that is true? What if the cosmos has a body and we're a cell? Shaped just like a fractal human or the 4d 120-cell Would it change the way you speak, act or behave? How long have we been dreaming inside Plato's cave? Imagine this world as a shadow of a brighter light Now take that vision further and be everything in sight Reboot And Restart The creation is a living song Every wavicle is like a tiny gong 61

Perpetually in motion as a beating heart Each moment is both a reboot and restart What is your tune? What is your note? What sound will next come out of your throat? Become as hollow as a didgeridoo Let a deep feeling arise and sing it true Fill the room with bliss as you chant, "Hu" Blow out those lungs until your face turns blue Make some happy music, make some joy Play with the harmonics like they are a toy Be unique, create what has never been done Express to the world how you know, "All is one" Into The Wild Together as one The shift has begun The metamorphosis from me to we The transformation from slave to free Unity creates while separation destroys The stillness within is untouched by noise For you see there is no judgment in silence Just an impersonal view of peaceful quiescence You can coast through life or slam on the brakes The easy button of acceptance is all that it takes Don't be lazy, don't lie, and don't steal Feel what you think and think what you feel Happiness is only real when shared To go into the wild and not be scared You Already Are No doubt Just an open heart with joy to let out Effortless acceptance of whatever is Be all of it for you are one with all that is Don't be for or against...always be both sides 62

In unity lies wholeness...separation just divides Choose as you will yet don't you ever forget The more that you share the more that you get Rise in your vibration to that of praise and gratitude When we include one another a warmth does exude Be every every every thought Love is the only thing each moment has ever brought Be that that that star Oh, who am I kidding? You already are! Silence Meeting Silence This human body will surely return to dust Yet, who I really am does not age nor rust A tree may fall down from a mighty gust Yet, the spirit lives's must The truth of oneness is the only truth I trust All ideas of being separate are bound to bust What is it that you can never get rid of? Untouched, uninterrupted, everlasting love What is it that remains when desires cease? Untouched, uninterrupted, everlasting peace What is beyond an orgasm or a first kiss? Untouched, uninterrupted, everlasting bliss Silence meeting silence is what I'm talking about The eternal flame of consciousness never goes out One Glimpse One glimpse of the unitary state And you will never be the same One glimpse of your final fate And you will see how it's all a game One glimpse of who you really are And you will awaken to what is true One glimpse of the light of the inner star And you will know the love that acts as glue 63

One glimpse of the peace of being And you will forever rest in the mystery One glimpse of the gift that is freeing And you will realize that now is eternity One glimpse is all it does take For the spell of separation to break The Devas’ Dance Like a million sun beams melting hearts Our loving smiles combined is off the charts Just here to breathe...what goes in must go out Planting seeds in the ethers for a new Earth to sprout Awakened to what is...the timeless truth to be here now The presence...the witness...non-attachment...just allow In the stillness of the night where the stars do twinkle The devas’ dance around with the fairy dust they sprinkle The moon keeps a watchful eye as the seasons change Pure ideas ready to manifest as the energies re-arrange Simple and profound is the connection that we share When the heart is in full blossom and the ego is bare Our spirits free...our hopes high...our intent is to heal The longest journey one ever makes...from thought to feel The Thickest Of Veils The thickest of veils cannot hide this knowledge It isn't learned from a book nor offered at college Even on Earth does this knowledge shine through Oneness...Advaita Vedanta...non-duality...not two There is only one thing one can never forget Consciousness is self-evident as all water is wet Contemplate existence if you contemplate at all Let the mystery deflate the pumped up ego ball Inquire until there is no one left to inquire Turn towards the light and jump into the fire Let all concepts and belief systems burn away 64

Once you are in the silence, in the silence stay Indra’s Net Each moment is synchronized with the next Just as these letters connect to form text For synchronicity is the way of life It works the same for ease or strife There is no division to a singular now Creation just happens, no one knows how The mind is time and the body is space There is nothing but the Creator race For the Creator is experiencing its’ creation We are all one being, we have much in relation Souls placed through the cosmos like Indra's net Eternal essences just as beautiful as any sunset Holy As A Cow The seasonal rhythms come straight from the all Tap into the letting go, tap into the energy of fall Whatever no longer serves you now release Bid it farewell with blessings of love and peace Whether a thought or a feeling or even a habit Take off your magic hat and set free the rabbit Don't hold on and don't strive, just let it all out This is a fasting of Self to cure a spiritual drought Now don't you feel better as you near your ideal Moving away from past influences into what is real I'm referring to the moment, the one and only now Yes, the holy instant that makes all as holy as a cow The Collective Midwife Take back your sovereignty as you simplify your life A new Earth is being born, we are the collective midwife Speak calmly, walk softly, and listen from the heart We have much more in common than what keeps us apart 65

I am free, you are free, we are all free to desire Look out for synchronicities in the events that transpire Seeing portions instead of wholes keeps perfection out of reach If the totality could be grasped then only unity would you teach The light of a thousand suns is all that is known so far Expanding into the darkness with each twinkle of a star That which unites us is the one experiencer that we share Realizing there is only consciousness, how can you not but care? Just Right The time of the individual is all but over This is a good thing like a four leaf clover Anything is possible when we all work together One focused thought could change the weather There is more power created from a group Working in harmony like a "just right" soup The awakening is spreading and it is being felt For the time has come for ego desires to melt The world wants peace, only love does it crave Identify with the ocean and dance as the wave How we treat one being is how we treat us all Every time this is forgotten is a moment we fall The Deep Of The Deep You are already the all So stop playing so small Be the all that you are The shining one, the star Movement becomes an illusion When you come to this conclusion To know yourself is to know right now Greeting the one Self in all with a bow Time and space disappear in sleep Yet you remain as the deep of the deep There is nothing that you don't possess 66

For there is only the one I must confess Let It Glow I am on a journey...this much I know Its’ beginning is its’ ending Which is why I breathe and take it slow Every beat the heart needs tending So I listen until I feel love grow My aura expands with the message its’ sending Let it glow...let it glow...let it glow You are not are God extending Playing hide and seek just for the show Silence takes me to the cosmic blending Where all soul streams merge into one flow The union of opposites is a universal mending Converging Perspectives are shifting from I to we Humans branching out like a mighty tree Roles are changing from me to team So much power in a collective dream Possessions are no longer mine but ours Just as space is shared by all of the stars Everything is converging to a single point Oneness spreads as deeksha givers' anoint Souls are combining to play out their roles The intention to slow the flipping of the poles United we can heal all yet in separation we fall Gaia needs our assistance, do you hear the call? Imagination Imagine a nation where love is freely expressed Imagine a nation where everyone is considered blessed Imagine a nation where oneness is clearly known Imagine a nation where thoughts are immediately shown 67

Imagine a nation where there is no wrong or right Imagine a nation where even the darkness is seen as light Imagine a nation where here and now is the only time Imagine a nation where services are exchanged without a dime Imagine a nation where everyone lived twice as long Imagine a nation where lives were in harmony like a song Imagine a nation where we allow ourselves to feel Imagine a nation where the imagination becomes real You Make Your Own Fate Within your own heart the Creator does wait Giving infinite freedom so you cannot be late Forever patient and kind, the perfect date God has no need to judge or to differentiate Each spark of I Am is God's soul mate There are no separations, isn't that great? Ponder this deeply as you contemplate Surrender into the gateless gate Empty your mind as you meditate Let the feeling of oneness saturate Love will set your perception straight As you re-enter the world to radiate The 6th Sun Thousands of people, thousands of miles away Yet you are the ones that understand what I say If only we could find a way for us all to live together Life would be so jolly, I would be as light as a feather But I guess that is not what we all signed up for Instead we promised to enter a darker corridor A world to test our capacity to love in every waking hour It is in this unfertile ground where we reveal our true power We could've stayed amongst the stars but who would that serve? Mother Earth was weeping and in our hearts it struck a nerve So here we gather to lead the way and unite the world as one The intent to heal and form a bridge to the time of the 6th sun 68

One Day One day children will ask, “What was war?” One day all will know what their purpose is for One day oneness will be too obvious to ignore One day just like today we will take less and give moor One day love will be felt through every heart opened door One day all will be Self governed by the luminous inner core One day we’ll combine instead of compete erasing any score One day the candles will gather so the world can hear lights’ roar One day we‘ll evolve beyond money leveling the rich and the poor One day it’ll be that day, when we say hi to peace and bye to war The Triple Goddess Meditation will help you to find your purpose Jokers' clowning around...the world is a circus Do not get lost in the maze-like hall of mirrors Show love to all reflections to relinquish all fears Let's restore Mother Earth like the end of FernGully We have to stand up united against any unkind bully Rainbow warriors of light is how we shall be known Separation is worn's a concept we've outgrown It is time for the lovers of peace to take back the thrown A return to the triple Goddess...the virgin, mother, and crone Emotions One tear of sadness, all is hell One tear of laughter, all is well One tear of suffering, all is fear One tear of happiness, all is cheer One tear of pain, all is shun One tear of love, all is one Tears are crystals of energy, sparkles of light Open your heart and let go, don't put up a fight Reminders of our source, the one creative force Combine them together, a blissful ocean of course 69

Piles Of Smiles The shine from a smile is the same light as the sun Intimately connected to reveal that all is one Keep a smile upon your face Walk each step with gentle grace May spirit always nudge your back You are divine, there is nothing that you lack Leave piles of smiles wherever you may walk Leave kind words and emotions with whomever you talk Only Ever One All Who is that which is all things? Blessing whatever the moment brings The giver of freedom never clings We are the universal queens and kings Paradise abounds wherever light sings Open your heart and spread your wings The all is infinite, the eternal springs Wheels around wheels, rings around rings A Reason To Rhyme As within so without, as above so below Using wisdom with love is the moment we grow For every rhyme there is a reason Moments of time create the season For every reason there is a rhyme Creation is the season of time Separation, the grand illusion Preparation for divine fusion Peace Fear is nothing but love turned upside down Just as a smile can be turned into a frown We only have the moment and in it I choose peace Lets all flock together like the seagulls, ducks, and geese 70

Section 3 – The Great Mystery


Thoughts Are Creative Focus your mind on what you desire A tiny ray of passion can turn into a fire Like a magnifying glass form a steady beam All of creation started in the mind as a dream Do not let your thoughts just scatter Concentration brings an idea into matter Cultivate attention until it becomes a habit Thoughts are magical like a vanishing rabbit A receptive mind is the master key It opens the door to whatever you plea The longer your attention span does grow The less faith you will need for you will know Develop the ability to retain silence at will Constructive thoughts emerge from the still Deliberately think about harmonious things Those thoughts will be what the future brings Thought is the inner cause and experiences are the effect The universal mind is a mirror whose purpose is to reflect Anyone can be what they will themselves to be This is an ancient secret from the schools of mystery Deciding what you want is the hardest part To wish the highest good for all is a fine start Choose each thought with the utmost of care Thoughts are creative, of this alone beware Matter Doesn't Matter You never know when your last moment will be Knowing that you never know is the bliss of infinity Without the unknown there could be no creativity Without birth and death there could be no eternity So why not live every moment as a possible last? Forget about the future and forget about the past Enter into the now where every choice is cast 72

The only thing that matters is that matter doesn't last The only thing that lasts is no thing at all For all that is in motion must come to a stall And in that still space is a silence so sweet A place for all time and the timeless to meet So I ask you this question, "What is the big deal?" You either exist or you don't, tell me "How does that feel?" If you exist then be happy for the simple reason that you exist If you don't exist then how can there be any problem to persist? If you exist then be happy no matter how life appears If you don't exist then there is no one to have any fears With this understanding I am happy either way If the universe is a dance then let the music play Take my outstretched hand as we twirl around and sway Singing love songs of creation as we go about our day Many Worlds Quantum leaps What the bleeps? Which you? Which world? All is available to unfurled The vast potential of now As pure as the sacred Tao Possibilities without end Probable choices do extend The future reaches back Universes on parallel tracks Every moment of life does branch Many worlds offering another chance The point of power as Seth would say Is in the present, both night and day Traveling through time and space Always surrounded by loves’ embrace Spirits are evolving at their own pace 73

In true simultaneity there can be no race So grateful for the opportunity of birth To accelerate my growth on planet Earth I packed lightly with my companion mirth I wonder how much a distilled tear is worth? I Am I am radical I am musical I am whimsical I am geometrical I am symmetrical I am playful I am truthful I am hopeful I am thankful I am beautiful I am eternal I am vibrational I am sensational I am phenomenal I am multidimensional I am lovable I am huggable I am ineffable I am unbelievable I am inconceivable What Does It Mean? What does it mean to be both you and me? What does it mean to be both the leaves and the tree? What does it mean to be both many and one? What does it mean to be both the rays and the sun? What does it mean to be both a human and a soul? What does it mean to be both individuated and whole? What does it mean to be both illusionary and real? What does it mean to be both the spokes and the wheel? What does it mean to be both at rest and in motion? What does it mean to be both the drops and the ocean? 74

What does it mean to be both empty and with desire? What does it mean to be both the sparks and the fire? What does it mean to be both confused and to know? What does it mean to be both the flakes and the snow? What does it mean to be both what dies and lives? What does it mean to be both what receives and gives? What does it mean to be both a laugh and a cry? What does it mean to be able to ask what and why? What is the meaning? Will we ever find out? What is this play of consciousness really about? The Final Stretch Creating is what we were all born to do Each vantage point offering something new An eternal creator has nothing left to learn A perpetual engine like the galaxy does churn We are all blessed...we have nothing to earn Now...make a is always your turn The game of life where the one becomes many The rich and the poor...a million...a penny To see the world in a healthy state What do you want to help co-create? A forest...a farm...a garden of flowers Let's all go green...combining our powers The ray of compassion...the ray of divine love Will you see the Creator if push comes to shove? We each receive catalyst and then we digest Words coming out of silence are silver at best The final stretch...we are living in the last hour The cosmic clock is ticking...expand or cower? Will I pass third density? Will I pass the test? Do you know you are light? Then my child rest Behind The Curtain What is the purpose for existence to exist? 75

Why do illusions of light continue to persist? Can the great mystery ever be plumbed? Is the intellectual to be forever bummed? Can a finite brain fully understand infinity? Who remembers when their will was set free? Is more information overload really the answer? Will that solve the riddle of the dance and dancer? What does any individual know for certain? Is there not always a man behind the curtain? We each share our views but whose is most true? Let's be honest, does anyone on Earth have a clue? Just like asking what came first, woman or man? How could anyone offer proof of how it all began? What if each moment it is all re-created anew? Does one serve just by being or by what you do? Is knowing it is all a mystery all there is to know? Does surrendering to the unknown restart the show? I leave you to ponder these questions with me What choice is there but to let the mystery be? Existence Is Strange it is still now I remain aware yet I don't know how How strange it is to be anything at all The eternal moment persists without stall Don't get me wrong for I am glad that it does I just can't help but wonder about the primal buzz Where did it come from? Where does it end? Is light just a spiral? Does gravity really bend? Why I ask why like a child probes for an answer Who came up with suffering and what about cancer? There must be a beginning or maybe not Can you imagine the universe as a single dot? Something is surely better than zero 76

Without a villain there's no need for a hero Kind of ironic the one Self plays both roles The all experiencing the extreme of both poles It is a pleasant creation I must admit It boggles my mind who came up with it Who put the stars in the formless goo? Who me? Yes you! Couldn't be! Then who? Take The Wheel May my mission be revealed All on the table, nothing sealed The power of thought that i wield To create a life out by Rumi's field Using laughter as my only shield With every single grin The veil of fear does thin Can you feel the atoms spin? What goes out comes back in Every moment it does begin We dreamed of a cleft Yet home was never left Enter the sanctuary of your chest Count your blessings, try your best Time to fly free beyond the nest Love is the aching we all feel Like Pinnochio's pain to be real Take responsibility, take the wheel Make a dream come true, tap that heel Praise the mystery, to the one I kneel The Flower Of Now Another poem, another attempt to uplift Are you ready for the dimensional shift? From the sphere to the torus do we tread Like a flatlander it goes over our head The finite cannot fathom infinity's mystery Like imagining a new color for all to see From our point of view it does not compute The edge of chaos turns one's voice mute 77

Dates keep coming and then they go Some say 2012 is the end of the show Nobody knows, we are all confused Our attention span is so easily amused To keep one's mind on the good of all I am just a beginner, like a baby I crawl Consciousness is changing as groups unite One focus, one moment, one love, one light The flower of now unfolds unto forever An unbreakable bond that does not sever No matter how scrambled the pieces arrange Presence is a truth that never does change The Carnival I came into this world crying The next 20 years I spent trying To fit in, to belong, to be happy But all of that turned out to be sappy Now each step is an effortless mile As I intend to leave this world in a smile I have become my own best friend Who I can count on until the very end Earth is a crazy twisting roller coaster ride From the lowest humility to the highest pride Sometimes the poles will even seem to flip As your life takes a turn and your emotions dip We are each in a carnival of magic mirrors Some reveal our hopes and others our fears Enjoy the characters of the amusement park Whether the drama is light or the drama is dark Voids will occur where you seem to be stuck in line But if you look around you there will always be a sign Eat the cotton candy and soar among the clouds Make your own path as you journey through the crowds


Lift Up A Rock Are you ever amazed by the simple fact that you are? Do you ever stand in awe when you gaze up at a star? Have you ever breathed consciously with a towering tree? Have you ever felt so tiny you could enter a flower like a bee? So many answers to questions do I hunger and thirst Returning to curiosity, I live each day like it's my first Go lift up a rock and see what creatures you may find Don't believe all you hear, the sun hasn't made me blind Who needs food when you can swallow light through your eyes? Lay down on the grass, listen to Gaia’s music and let it hypnotize Don't you know that the birds are singing aloud for you? Each child wonders, why is the grass green and the sky blue? What do you know for sure that doesn't come from a book? Is not your only certainty that you are the one that does look? What are you searching for that you can't find inside? Wouldn't it be easier to become your own husband or bride? The more you identify as Self the more love is known The Creator flows through all in a silent wind that is blown Connecting the dots is the game that I employ Life is a mystery but it's a mystery I most enjoy Nobody Knows How is it that existence does exist? Pages and pages of mystery could I list Free will is the greatest mystery of all The future is in motion, never does it stall Nobody knows what is going to happen next It cannot be prophesied nor can it be hexed Fingers can be used to form a clenching fist Or fingers can be used to help carry and assist Toes can be used to kick another while their down Or they can be used to walk a friend home from town Eyes can be used to judge, scare and compare 79

Or eyes can be used to say I love you with a stare Ears can be used to hear the fearful daily news Or ears can be used to listen to guidance’s clues Mouths can be used to spread gossip and hate Or mouths can be used to tell a stranger their great We are entirely free to choose and to each their own We learn from each other by the fruits that we've grown Awareness Is Awareness happens all on its’ own It cannot be willed, it cannot be sewn Awareness is a spontaneous feat Just as effortless as the heart beat Awareness can both expand and contract Just like the lungs relentless breathing act Awareness cannot be hurt nor feel any pain It just silently observes from within the brain Awareness cannot be found with the senses It is just as invisible as those dog fences Awareness has no beginning nor any end It permeates the creation's every bend Awareness is another name for spirit It is the light, the dark forces fear it Awareness is the spark that all of life shares Bodies are like clothes that each soul wears Awareness is freedom's gift of forever Can awareness ever die? Nope, never Lighten Up "Lighten up" the children say Hop and skip and roll and play Come outside and enjoy the day Connecting with nature can be quite healing Get out of that box and feel freedom's feeling Allow the limitless sky to become your ceiling And don't you worry for it never falls 80

Innocence permeates the forest halls Allow the trees to become your walls No past, no future, nothing broken or to mend Enter the curious world of fantasy and pretend A place where bodies morph and minds bend Life is a labyrinth of an everlasting riddle So lighten up and giggle and laugh a little But not too much, you don't want to piddle There is only one thing to ever take serious That is, laugh until you become delirious No really I mean it, I am dead serious Plant The Seed No problem, no trouble Just another thought bubble Let it drift, let it pass Don't give it any gas Ideas condense like the morning dew The perfection of now keeps it brand new Seek what is constant, look for the glue To find the eternal is finding what's true All that we sense is an illusion Out of one soil, many the protrusion We don't perceive all that is here Just a sliver, a facet of the meta-mirror We are only limited by what we believe A Creator's first creation is to conceive Plant the seed that you wish to grow Water it daily with the desire to know Mystery upon mysteries that never cease Pure loving thoughts can heal any disease I Am Another You I am not what I appear to be All the images shown are fantasy I am not this body, this mind, this me I am not any thought, any thing, any activity 81

I am silence, I am love, I am blissful infinity I am consciousness, awareness, all pervading and free I am one, not two, no knower just glee I am, yet who am I? The ineffable mystery I can be experienced by being, just be I am the source, the truth, the experience of unity I am that I am, I am, I am unconditionally Don’t try to understand this for it will lead to insanity Just keep faith that all is well, all is light, all is me It is certainly a contradiction, a paradox, an absurdity For how can I be nothing and everything eternally Be silent, be still, just be, you will know, you will see Namaste, in lak'esh, you are another me Forget about the question, “To be or not to be?” Nowhere Left To Roam So many names to describe the nameless being So many pointers pointing to what is beyond seeing Pillar of truth, center of all that is, core of infinity Great central sun, heart of hearts, essence of divinity This is the axis upon which the creation revolves Passing through all the densities each focus evolves Cosmic self, mystery of mysteries, source of the light Most radiant one, holy of holies, brightest of the bright This is the universal womb from where we were first flung In a giant loop of time we are being breathed back into the lung So sit back, grab a seat, relax and watch the show unfold This too shall pass, nothing to cling to, nothing at all to hold We have went out as far as we could possibly go To the edges of chaos, to the voids of "I don't know" Prodigal sons and daughters, there is nowhere left to roam Each distilled drop of love is a treasure we carry back home We have explored enough, time to take a well deserved break Curl back into unawareness and let the rest of the plenum awake 82

Take My Bouquet One focus in a myriad of many Opportunities to help are plenty I am a point from which God does observe Always I contemplate the best way to serve Will I hide or will I seek? Will I listen or will I speak? Will I give or will I receive? Will I doubt or will I believe? Choice by choice I polarize and grow One thing is for sure...evolution is slow Earth is challenging with senses so vivid Emotions ranging from happiness to livid To the Creator each feeling is like a flower Each experience loved both sweet and sour When I leave this body I will take my bouquet Offering it to the mystery that never fades away There is no end to what the infinite can learn Just remember as always to be wise and discern Be Careful Surprise me great mystery Turn my blah-ness into glee Like a trickster jack in the box Get me to jump right out of my socks Synchronicity has become the daily norm I need a higher dose of your lightening storm Like a panther roaring louder than thunder Shock my being into awe and wonder Remind me how it feels to be as a child Throw me a curve ball, something wild Like a beautiful rainbow I cannot grasp Take my breath away and make me gasp Help me to realize that I don't know a thing 83

Drop my jaw and play my heart string I am going for a walk now, show me a sign Help me to finish this poem's last line Swarmed by horse flies I ran and tried to hide “Be careful what you ask for” the mystery replied The Octave Let us remember that we are all one Beginning and ending in the central sun This octave of experience is a single beat To the great logos that fills all space with heat There are as many universes as there are beating hearts It is a timeless mystery how it even starts Fire, Earth, Water and Air Learning to be, to exist, just aware Plants and animals then begin to move and grow As a diversified creation is added to the show An ape eats a mushroom and becomes self-aware Now it must choose, "Do I hoard or do I share?" Choices polarize as you accept or control You don't graduate until your choice is made whole As love is perfected you then learn to create light Balancing them together the rainbow returns to white And when you become humble enough to surrender your will You coalesce back into the ocean of the silent and still Present And Pleasant Lying down upon the comfy grass Watching clouds interact and pass Attentive I always am and so attention I pay It's not the cards your dealt but how you play Birds soaring above me, worms digging below What is better than this? I surely do not know A bright sunny day with a cooling breeze Merged into nature all relaxed and at ease 84

A scent of lilac blooms come drifting my way Breathing with the trees as the branches sway Present and pleasant in the garden do I rest A wave of love arises and I melt upon the crest No more work, no more school, just taking it all in Who I really am is a donkey whose tail I cannot pin I continue to be that is one thing for sure If you perceive a problem, love is the cure Full of questions, a Curious George I remain The mystery of the one words can't explain I Want What to think about? What do I desire? What is my gift, my passion, my fire? I want to experience joy like all the rest To shine like a star through every test I want every being on Earth to smile And I want it to last for a long while I want every creature to know that we care For the poor to sing and for the rich to share I want us all to work together as one group To mix our essences into a glistening soup I want a cure to be found for every disease For violence to end and for suffering to cease I want our laughter to be heard from galaxies away For worldwide peace to finally see the light of day How can little old me make these wishes come true? Is living each moment with purpose all one can do? I am here to make a difference by playing my tune Hopefully all these wants become fulfilled really soon Hocus Pocus It is only me that holds myself back Perfect faith in my power is all that I lack Not exactly living out my dreams 85

The more I resist, the more it screams Not blaming money yet it has me in a bind Being the change is the only answer I can find How do you make a dream come true? When money is involved in all I want to do? I have a vision with a purpose and plan Just to live in harmony as a simple man There is a self I live up to as an ideal The magical personality of the 7th seal I feel the mismatch when I lose my way As clouds of doubt turn the inner sky gray Bringing my mind now to an empty slate The key to any creation is to concentrate I know I can do anything with enough focus If only it was as easy as saying, "Hocus pocus" The Real Secret Every single thought does matter Be diligent with your daily chatter You think, you feel, you attract The process is quite exact Live spontaneously without hesitation The real secret lies in meditation In the quiet the heart is found Where peace is the only sound Be aware of what you think For the future is on the brink The wise choose thoughts with care Keeping the ego humble and bare What is gong to happen next? A question that does perplex What will be your very next thought? Silence is where the seeker finds the sought


Growing Pains Change is a catalyst to help you expand and grow It is why the seasons cycle from sunshine to snow So take it easy, take a breather, and take it slow There is no hurry in the process of letting go Be as a leaf surrendering to the land below Embraced by the mystery of "I don't know" Release all your fears for you will be caught Forgive your habits and patterns of thought On the ground lie the answers you have sought Drop into your being where the truth is taught Open your mind and fall into your heart The end of judgment is a fresh start Your heart is the sun and your mind is the moon When they serve each other they form a cocoon You have learned division and how to exclude It is time to graduate to the lesson of include A Circle Of Grace Vibrantly fresh and playfully new The games of duality are finally through Sometimes I wonder if they even did start? Is it even possible to be divided and apart? Sometimes I wonder if this is just a dream? Is a snowflake any different from a stream There is no longer any goose to chase Only ducks remain in a circle of grace No more running from being “It” In constant meditation no need to sit Let it be known with every tag Rejoice in song and dance your wag No more seeking outside for fun Joy is found inside the central sun No more dodging what is thrown my way 87

I embrace it all with an attitude of play Presence Already Is Presence already is, it cannot be delayed Whatever arises within it will always fade Ask what remains after everything is released Find what continues when the body is deceased Let it all pass for the past only lasts so long Right as it arrived it was soon time to be gone Beyond to the place where experiences are buried Within the chapel where love and light got married Here is where all is made whole Now with no regrets and no goal This moment's beauty is enough for me I am fine with knowing that I am a mystery The answer can be found within the question A poem is not complete until unity do I mention Where the first becomes last and the last becomes first When the one is so full that there is no hunger nor thirst If You Want If you want to feel heard then be seen If you want to feel helpful then go green If you want to feel rich then give to the poor If you want to feel love then give even more If you want to feel joyful then share a joke If you want to feel healthy then never smoke If you want to feel welcome then give praise If you want to feel home then follow the ways If you want to feel Godly then create a thought If you want to feel power then do as Jesus taught If you want to feel hopeful then say a nice prayer If you want to feel compassion then show you care If you want to feel respected then treat all like fam If you want to feel alive then repeat "I am that I am" 88

If you want to feel eternity then look into your eyes The infinite depth of the soul is vaster than the skies I’m Great We are all a part of a grander I Our bodies like cells that multiply So many layers of forms do we occupy Shedding them like clothes when we die What does it feel like to be a galaxy? What are its’ senses? What does it see? I feel so tiny yet I am a giant to a flea Who am I? This little speck...this big me What is a Creator to do but create? Infinite possibility is everyone's fate Whether you had a bite or filled a plate Be like Tony the tiger yelling, "I'm great" Do you really believe there is empty space? It is all filled with life, overflowing with grace If ever unsure what to do...just embrace And try to see the eternal Self in every face The Icy Wakeful Water Am I dreaming? Am I awake? Am I real? Am I a fake? Am I lucid? Am I in control? Am I human? Am I the soul? Follow these queries to some icy wakeful water Below the surface where the views are broader An iceberg describes this illusion quite well The top layer of personality just being a shell The sub-conscious hidden from the ego mind Plunging for its’ source and silence it does find The deeper one dives the more one feels alive Strive for the light from which all life does thrive Choices have much merit when made in the pitch-dark 89

Where the circle can't be seen and one feels like an arc Earth is a school for the blind where faith does rule Be loving around all hatred, risk looking like a fool This Too Am I One can point to anything and proclaim, "This too am I" For there is a singular consciousness vaster than the sky Don't be fooled by the body for it is merely a vase Full of a mystery like how you can't see your own face There is a precious flower inside but it can't be seen A fragrance of light can be felt with an invisible sheen Consciousness is the thread that unites us all A common denominator that doesn't rise nor fall Inescapable, ineffable, intelligent to the very core Forever curious with the desire to experience more Not that it is lacking for there is nothing but that A puzzle more puzzling than Schrodinger's cat The vase may crack and return to the Earth Consciousness continues beyond death and birth So rest beautiful blossom, rest as you truly are Embrace the reality of being an un-perceivable star The Source Of Mystery I feel very comfortable within my skin Dancing with wildness, singing with a grin I have ceased caring what anyone might think I just laugh and nod and give out a happy wink Keeping your chin up is good advice to follow If feeling down it can be a hard pill to swallow Yet that is the power that music can bring As it lifts one's vibration like a flapping wing The drum beat strikes me right at the core Making my feet hop around the dance floor Rhythm is embedded within the creation Music can't die, the universal manifestation 90

The source of the beat is the source of mystery The same patterns continue on repeating history The fractal song of which we are being played Existing as silent oneness when all else does fade No Crumbs To Follow Illuminate the space of infinity Open my eyes so I can truly see I know it is full but it looks so clear How do I make the invisible appear? How do I adjust the lens of my mirror? How do I zoom in so the atoms are near? How do I perceive beyond the veil? No crumbs to follow on the dark trail Is the light too bright? Is it blinding? How do I find what is doing the finding? Powerful magicians, God's of fate Eternal spirits that create and create The spiral spirals on forever unwinding While love connects as the cosmic binding Be Naked Take off your costume, take off your mask Be naked of all beliefs, who is up for the task? How many layers would you have to peel? To get to the center of the infinite, the real How to make a choice with so much potential? Answers only go so far, questions are essential Participate, observe, act and enjoy the show Where is all of this leading, does anybody know? Every experience is true, not a single one is fake We attract a future based on the choices we make What can we create all together and do at once? With one focus, one family, one planet, one bunch The enormity overwhelms me of what could be done 91

Who wants to join this? To help out and have some fun The 100th Human Is time really speeding up or is it just man? Has the need for speed veered us from the plan? Does a flower unfold any faster than before? Are waves crashing any faster upon the shore? Does the sun progress any faster through the sky? Are the birds flapping there wings faster when they fly? It is only man's creations that are out of control We must begin living in contribution to the whole What man creates is out of balance with the earth We can't keep taking more than our Mother does birth We can't keep cutting trees faster than they grow We must slow down and return to the seasonal flow The world is collapsing right before our very eyes When will the 100th human wake up and realize? Become Conscious Become conscious of every word that you think The events of your life are orchestrated by this link Do not be a pushover...keep your will power strong These are the times we've been waiting for oh so long Become conscious of every emotion that you feel If you get snagged by a weed just pull up and reel We must keep being the change while walking the talk The bases are loaded...we can't afford an error or a balk Become conscious like consciousness is meant to be Only the truth will light the path to that which is free Do not let a moment pass you by for time is dwindling To start a fire within one's heart may need some kindling Become conscious of your purpose and follow your fate Why are you here? Become conscious before it's too late


Novelty It is in emptying yourself that novelty flowers When you rest in the mystery silence empowers Concepts will emerge that are deeper than words Mystical feelings arise like the language of the birds We are wind instruments played by each breath So remember to whistle your song right up to death Love and light emanate through you not from There is only one source of which they do come If you try to give on your own you will soon run out But when you include the Creator it freely does spout Passing each chakra as the flow sets them spinning When it reaches your face you will surely be grinning If the channel is clear and you have become transparent Then laughter will be expressed no matter the deterrent Who Is Dreaming Who? There was a vast octaverse to explore Yet Gaia was knocking upon your door You came here by choice enchanted by the challenging feat Hoping to feel triumphant discoveries with every heart beat Now rooted to the Earth by gravity's immense pressure Just cause you feel small doesn't make you any lesser You entered a dark tunnel which led to this smaller life One where you could get lost within the joy and the strife A place to get confused, a time to choose again A place to be amused, a time to practice Zen So here you are and here you will stay Until you exit your body on graduation day Reminded each night when you close your eyes Who is dreaming who? A question for the wise I Don’t Know? I don't know who? The mystery transcends both I and you 93

I don't know why? Human bodies have no wings to fly I don't know where? In some dimension the turtle beats the hare I don't know when? Sooner or later the future turns to then I don't know what? It is for this reason I keep my mouth shut I don't know how? Evolution happens within a single now All that I know, all that I am Hides within like a pearl in a clam Lightning Struck Tower Where do you go when your lying down in bed? When you close your eyes and empty your head? How do dreams begin, from where do they come? Is this life just a portion and my dreams the sum? In dreams I can morph...I can teleport...I can fly On Earth I am restricted and can't help but ask why? Why does it feel as though waking life is a fairy tale? How do I bring back treasures from beyond the veil? How do I reclaim my lucidity and creative power? I am ready to transform like a lightning struck tower If only I could remember how to manifest at will Perhaps the key is patience, creation from the still The Fall Here I lay in the woods becoming one with the ground Watching the squirrels make their leaps and their bounds I shift my attention to the leaves of a sunset lit tree Un-focusing my perception to see the spaces in between There I see tiny spheres reflecting what I usually don’t perceive Clusters of orbs dancing in a pattern only nature could conceive The wind blows in a message and a leaf hears the call One by one they relay the message and get ready for the fall 94

They each let go of the branch they've been hugging oh so tight It's not by chance that they dance as they rotate down in flight Because to me they are angels riding on spirals of light Mimicking the stars above that fall through the dark night Beyond Be bold and unfold Beyond the rainbow and gold Lies worlds yet untold Remember This Let the infinite silence take you over Exploring inner space like the Mars rover The Creator's heartbeat of love has no end Forever free to explore each crevice and bend Travel the landscape of your omnipresent mind At the beginning of the rainbow what do you find? The treasure of you...a diamond in the rough The entire creation is made of the same stuff All is one with the silent and still source It is impossible to veer off from the course There really is absolutely nothing to fear When you realize that you are always here Thoughts may rise and thoughts may fall There is no polarity to that which is the all Laughing or is all the same Consciousness observes...the rest is a game The past is burnt away...there is only now How else to greet the Self but with a bow? Higher than eternal samadhi Blanker than blank...silence dissolved me This is the final poem...I bid you farewell There are no more words for this story to tell If you remember one thing...remember this Sat…Chit…Ananda...Life…Consciousness…Bliss 95


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