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Pender United Methodist Church Council Meeting April 17, 2013

Worship and Reflection KT Tarro called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm. Doug Gaskell led the group in worship and reflection by referencing a letter he received from a young man ministered by Pender as part of the Epiphany Weekend. It served as a reminder that not only are we called to be faithful as Christians, but we must be patient. The things we do may take a while to bear fruit, but we do impact others in a good way. Holy Spirit Moment Tim Lyberger mentioned that a youth, who was a little rough around the edges, was invited to one of our churchs events by Bethany Hugo. As a result, he has accepted Christ and is attending the Confirmation class with Doug Gaskell as his mentor. Celebration Minutes Leyla Becker was introduced as our new Serve God Cluster Leader. She is in the process of setting up her team members. Kay Creel shared the history of the start of the military ministry at Pender.The military ministry is now involved with a coalition of 8 churches called the Northern Virginia Military Ministry Outreach that share and partner ideas and efforts to support military service personnel and their families, both overseas and locally. On May 16, Kay will be attending a dinner for the Ft. Belvoir Wounded Warriors Golf Project (FBWWGP) at Messiah UMC in Springfield, VA. All proceeds will go directly to benefit the FBWWGP. Messiah UMB is sponsoring the dinner. There are many opportunities to help our returning veterans. One opportunity is an upcoming picnic that will offer workshops to help our veterans find jobs. Prayerful Consideration of Church Matters: Review of Upcoming Ministry Events (6-3-1) (KT Tarro) KT reviewed the various events listed on the calendar for October, July, and May.

October Flea Market and Art of Marriage (reminder not to stack other activities when these 2 events are occurring).Pastor Kenny will be in South Korea with Bishop Cho from October 16 to 24. July VBS (registration of participants is going very well, however, more adults are needed) May A Night to Remember (community outreach event, music provided by JC Reigns)

Quarterly Financial Review (Becky Bryan) (Please refer to handouts) Year-end financial summary for 2012 resulted in a deficit of $7,020. The financial summary for 2013 (January through March) reflects that Pender is behind in giving resulting in a deficit of $36,491. However, it is anticipated that by the end of the year we will break even.

Trustees Update (Mike Dingman) The HVAC unit for the Education wing will be replaced in 5 to 6 weeks. The 25,000-ton unit will be located on the ground rather than on the roof. Since it will be facing Route 50, a barrier to hide the unit will be built. In light of the Sandy Hook incident, the Pender Hill School security protocols were reviewed and the following changes will be made and implemented at the start of the school year in the fall of 2013:

1. Teachers will have the ability to lock their classrooms from inside the classroom

using deadbolts. The Schools directors will have a master key. 2. Walkie Talkies (approximately 20) will be used by the teachers to communicate with one another, the directors, and the church office (Debbie, Vivian/ Joyce) in case of an emergency. 3. The procedure allowing parents and guardians who wish to enter the church to pick up a child for doctor appointments etc., is being revised. The church office will use a walkie talkie to contact the Director to verify the individual. This procedure will be distributed to parents and guardians. It will also address custody issues. The list of renovations required has been compiled and estimates are being prepared. The challenging part is determining how the repairs will be financed. There are several options being considered such as taking out a loan, hiring a campaign organizer, etc. It was suggested that a line item on the offering envelope be added for this purpose. The Special Permit for Pender Hill School will be submitted shortly. Mike and Nic Taddeo have met with county officials and have prepared the necessary paperwork. New Logo Opportunities (Butch Kinerney) (Please refer to power point presentation) Butch described the web based contest where professional freelance designers submitted logos. Cluster and ministry leaders provided feedback to narrow down the choices. The final 2 choices are shown below. There was much discussion on the messages provided by each logo. The purpose for the logo is to invite people to come to our church. Option 1

Option 2

There was consensus that we would no longer retain the current logo. Further discussion on the selection of the replacement logo was tabled for the May council meeting.

New Outdoor Sign (Butch Kinerney) Butch Kinerney discussed obtaining an interim sign to replace the one destroyed last year. Permission from Council is not necessary for this decision since the money is already allocated to the Communications Committee. However, there was general consensus that Butch should pursue getting an interim sign to replace the one destroyed last year. A new, more permanent structure will be constructed when funds are available. Community Outreach Opportunity (Dave Cacner) A Mormon church in Oakton expressed interest in partnering with Pender to sponsor a fundraiser (5K race) in September (Virginias National Day of Service). After some discussion, Dave withdrew the request. Important Upcoming Dates/Reminders May 15, 2013, 7:30 pm next Council meeting Closing and Benediction: Reverend Kevin closed the meeting with prayer at 9:00 pm. Respectfully submitted, Mary Ann Hinkle Recording Steward Attachments