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Op-Ed Outline Assignment

Directions: Enter the information for your upcoming op-ed in the format below. Include full sentences where marked (*).
From the Op-Ed Project:

Lede ( 1) Context* What is the present issue that has inspired your opinion? Thesis* (Statement of argument look to the 3 types of claims included in the assignment) Argument: Based on evidence (a discussion of appropriate evidence is in the assignment)

1st Point*
o o o

evidence evidence conclusion

2nd Point*
o o o

evidence evidence conclusion

3rd Point*
o o o

evidence evidence conclusion

Note: In a simple, declarative op-ed (policy X is bad; heres why) , this may be straightforward. In a more complex commentary, the 3rd point may expand on the bigger picturehistorical context, global/geographic picture, mythological underpinnings, etc.or may offer an explanation for a mystery that underpins the argument eg., why a bad policy continues, in spite of its failures.

To Be Sure* paragraph (in which you pre-empt your potential critics by acknowledging any flaws in your argument, and address any obvious counter-arguments.) Conclusion* (often circling back to your lede) Here is an example using America the Clueless: Lede: We have talked Obamacare to death. But, according to a recent poll, roughly 40% of Americans dont even know that its a law on the books. Thesis (the thesis in this op-ed is implied, rather than explicit) Americans are largely unwitting and this condition is dangerous, especially in connection with sweeping reform like Obamacare. Argument:

First Point: Americans are clueless.


Evidence: Americans believe weird things.

Roswell Yetis

Evidence: Americans are largely uniformed about political facts.

Supreme court justices

Conclusion: This isnt anything new, but it is contrary to the general commentary.

Transition: The electorate is out to lunch. (less general ignorance and a shift to specifically political ignorance, which connects more to Obamacare)

Evidence: Poll findings:

Couldnt name the vice president Couldnt assign the proper century to the American revolution Couldnt circle Independence Day on a calendar

Evidence: 2011 poll of Californians

Only 16 percent could name the what accounted for the majority of state spending

3rd Point: This ignorance is ignored or glossed over.

Evidence: sub-genre of nonfiction that comforts the uneducated

The Wisdom of Crowds Blink Emotional Intelligence

o o

Concession: Some facts can be picked up in a peripheral fashion. Evidence: Tea Party Rally

Couple who were seemingly political but who did not know that actual candidates in a publicized senate race.

Evidence: voter ignorance about candidate religion

Rick Santorum Catholic Obama - Muslim

o o

Concession: Perhaps, voters are confused by respondent messages. Conclusion: Evidence shows a pattern that is not mere confusion and the future does not look any brighter. Americans are woefully ignorant about politics and it is getting worse.

To Be Sure: These are included in the text rather than in a separate paragraph Conclusion: Obamacare is something that will have a huge impact on the electorate. But the voting public seems largely incapable of grappling with even the simplest aspects of politics, let alone something so sweeping, and things do not show that such a state of ignorance is likely to change.