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Learn to Paint Quickly, Easily and Beautifully!

Begin Painting Today with the One Stroke Technique!

Developed for beginner painters, Donna's double-loading technique, strokework, premium brushes and educational tools make learning to paint relaxing, fun and easy.

Dip one side of brush in first color & other side of brush in second color.

Scrub your double-loaded brush back & forth to blend the two colors.

Donna Dewberry touches the lives of people around the world with her message, You can learn to paint quickly, easily and beautifully with the One Stroke painting method. Donna takes the intimidation out of painting by breaking down strokes to build colorful flowers and whimsical critters. Her doubleloading technique allows for blending, highlighting and shading all in one stroke. With practice, any painter can create beautifully hand-painted projects and enjoy the satisfaction of creativity.
Step by step, paint your strokework to build your finished design.

Easy-to-Follow Technique DVD

Key to successful One Stroke painting, this comprehensive DVD learning tool offers easy-to-follow instructions, how-to photography and informative tips on paint performance and surface application. Running Time: 75 minutes

1850 Techniques Guide

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Learn to Paint Packs

Continuously practice the One Stroke technique with Learn to Paint Packs. Each pack includes three double-sided Worksheets and a clear sleeve. To use, simply insert the Worksheet into the clear sleeve and paint right over the Worksheet designs. Wipe off then paint again!

1006 Cabbage Rose

1008 Mini Designs

1011 Basic Strokes

5038 Garden Friends

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FolkArt One Stroke Starter Packs

Perfect for the beginner painter, convenient Starter Packs include everything needed to get starteda FolkArt paint set, paintbrushes, a practice worksheet and instructions. Starter Packs contain: Double-sided color worksheet Two One Stroke paintbrushes Trilingual instructions 8.5" x 11" Mylar sheet 6-color FolkArt paint set (0.17 oz. ea.)

1257 Wildflowers Features FolkArt Acrylic

1432 Chrysanthemums Features FolkArt Enamel

Get Started Basic Brush Sets

Perfect for beginner painters, each collection contains Donna's essential brushes for One Stroke painting. Durable, soft-grip acrylic handles provide comfort and control while painting for optimum execution of One Stroke techniques. Conveniently packaged in a reusable vinyl pouch to protect brushes while storing.

1417 Get Started Acrylic Brush Set Includes ", #12 Flats, #2 Script Liner, " Scruffy

4321 Get Started Value Brush Set Includes #2, #12, " Flats, ", " Scruffy, #2 Script Liner, #2 Round, 8" Angle
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4322 Get Started Detail Brush Set Includes #2 Flat, " Scruffy, #2 Script Liner, #2 Round

4324 Get Started Specialty Brush Set Includes " Dagger, #8 Filbert, 8" Angle

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Brushes and Brush Sets for Perfect One Stroke Painting

Premium brushes for creating smooth, even brushstrokes on wood, terra cotta, metal and other porous surfaces. Popular brushes are grouped in sets for value and convenience.
1271 #1 Liner 1272 #2 Script Liner 1176 " Flat

1189 1" Flat

1196 #4 Fan

1293 " Rake

1206 " Scruffy

1172 " Scruffy

1173 Brush Set Includes #1 Script, #2, #6 Flats

1278 Brush Set Includes 8", ", 5 8" Angle

1171 Brush Set Includes #2 Script, #12, " Flats

1177 Brush Set Includes #8, #10 Flat

1059 Value Pack Set Includes #1, #2 Script Liners, " Scruffy, #2, #6, #8, #10, #12 Flats, " Scruffy, " Flat

1299 Completer Set Includes ", 8" Angle, " Filbert, #12, #8 Round, #8 Filbert, 2/0 Round, 18" Scruffy

1416 Multi-Purpose Brush Set Includes Square Tip Sponge Brush, " Scruffy, #12 Flat, #8 Round, #2 Flat Paint Eraser, #2 Script Liner, Instructional DVD (30 minutes)

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Essential Painting Accessories

Specialty tools and storage items for painters. 1220 Double-Loading Carousel A unique tool that makes doubleloading your paintbrush easier! Carousel features multiple side-byside segments so your paintbrush can be double-loaded with two colors at once. Separate center section provides area for pushing paint into bristles and serves as a container for mediums. Lid with sponge keeps paint fresh and moist while storing.
Dampened sponge keeps paint moist while storing. Divided segments for double-loading colors.

1001 One Stroke Palette Durable, handy accessory keeps paint and tools at your fingertips. Featuring numerous paint wells, spaces for brushes and an opening for a paper towel. Center of palette holds a disposable plate for easy clean-up, or the Double-Loading Carousel.

1060 FolkArt One Stroke Brush Basin & Caddy Painting and traveling are easy with this handled brush caddy. Basin cleans brushes with a long rake area and stores brushes on brush rest while painting. Caddy also stores FolkArt paints.

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