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Corruption produces a very bad effect on the society. 1) It destroys the ethics and the values of the society. Corruption makes the people to do every type of bad thing. People will not have moral value becuase of the corruption.if they have money they will do anything that wrong. 2) Due to corruption people do not perform their duty well. There are many examples of corruptions lying in our society. We often see, when a common citizen violate a law, police arrest him. But as he offers bribe to the officer, he immediately release him after taking the bribe from him. This shows that the police officer is corrupt and he not performing his duty well. Like wise our courts are not fulfilling their duty in a well manner. If you have money, you can make the judge take decision in your favor. In this way the innocent is punished and the culprit released.Others effect of corruption in Malaysia is reduced public trust in government increase vulnerability of the poor.

3) Corruption may also result in negative consequences such as encoring cynicism and reducing interest of political participation , political instability , reducing political competition, reducing the transparency of political decision making, distorting political development and sustaining political activity based on patronage, clientelism and money, etc. 4) The economic effects of corruption can be categorized as minor and major. However, both in one way or the other have serious impact on the individual community and country. First and foremost, corruption leads to the depletion of national wealth. 5) It is often responsible for increased costs of goods and services, the funneling of scarce public resources to uneconomic high profile projects at the expense of the much needed projects such as schools, hospitals and roads, or the supply of potable water, diversion and misallocation of resources, conversion of public wealth to private and personal property, inflation, imbalanced economic development, weakling work ethics and professionalism, hindrance of the development of fair in market structures and unhealthy competition there by deterring competition. Large scale corruption hurts the economy and impoverishes entire population.

Corruption that reduces governance capacity also may inflict critical collateral damage: reduced public trust in government institutions. research has shown that vulnerability of the poor increases as their economic productivity is affected. The concept of social capital refers to social structures that enable people to work collectively for the good of the group. The proposition is that corruption destroys people’s trust in government and other institutions.20 One of the most important and widely discussed elements of social capital is trust. This effect is most salient for the lowest income groups and low social capital affects people’s willingness and ability to engage in productive activity. both interpersonal trust and trust in institutions of governments trust an important element of social capital --Recent research on social capital suggests that there is a relationship between corruption. A declines. Destroys the ethics and the values Lack of Performance Negative consequences Economic effects . trust and poverty.