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Enterprise Metrology Solutions

Dimensional integrity from design through manufacture

PC-DMIS Environment
Scalable, Flexible Programming Tools
Enhancing Productivity and Quality Through Consistency,
Scalability and Flexibility
C0Ml3 LM3 providos manufaoturors of all sizos with a tightly intogratod suito of motrology
software products. Working seamlessly together, its modules present a consistent look and
feel across the full range of measurement operations including inspection planning, program
development, part measurement, results analysis, report generation, and report distribution.
CAD is Key
CA0 has always boon an intogral part of C0Ml3 LM3. using CA0:
0osignors ombod thoir intont into CA0.
rogrammors dovolop thoir inspootion routinos using CA0.
Moasuromont softwaro oomparos rosults to CA0.
Poports oan inoludo CA0 for oaso of intorprotation.
Moasuromont rosults roturn to CA0 for furthor rovorso onginooring and
additional evaluation.
C0Ml3 LM3 produots offor a varioty of links to CA0. Most inoludo translators
for tho ma|or noutral CA0 standards (l0L3, 3lL, oto.). For tho most oxaoting
applioations, 0iroot CA0 lntorfaoos (0Cls) and 0iroot CA0 lranslators (0Cls)
are available for all major CAD systems.
A 0iroot CA0 lntorfaoo (0Cl) - Works dirootly on tho nativo CA0 modol,
accessed through the CAD database, without translation, and is the most
aoourato roprosontation of tho original modol. using 0Cl oooupios a soat on tho
CAD system.
A 0iroot CA0 lranslator (0Cl) - Convorts tho CA0 modol dirootly from its
nativo format into C0Ml3 format without using a noutral translation format for
groator aoouraoy. lt doos not oooupy a soat on tho CA0 systom.
PC-DMIS EMS Measurement Products
All C0Ml3 moasuromont modulos aro basod upon provon C0Ml3
toohnology and sharo a oommon arohitooturo. C0Ml3 LM3 advantagos:
Supports a wide range of measurement machine configurations and
devices types, from traditional CMMs to portable devices to machine tools.
All oditions uso a oommon programming intorfaoo and univorsal
oonvontions. lhis flattons tho loarning ourvo and roduoos training oosts.
rograms oan bo sharod among difforont maohinos and sonsor typos
with minimal editing.
Moasuromont data and information oan bo storod in a oommon databaso.
lhis moans that usors oan analyzo thoir prooossos both ovor timo and
aoross oquipmont typos.
A oommon roporting ongino that allows for tho sharing of roport
tomplatos among part programs and providos for tho both tho quiok
oustomization of oxisting roports and gonoration of now onos.
A "uiok3tart" funotion lots usors bogin using thoir oquipmont with
minimum delay.
0iroot oonnootion to tho 0ata3uito+ 3C produots for analysis of
aggregate results.
A singlo sot of Nl3l and l8 oortifiod algorithms.
The icons shown below, and for
each PC-DMIS version in this brochure,
indicate available features for that version.
Off-Line Programming
Programming Interface
Reporting Interface
Direct CAD Interface
Direct CAD Translator
Available as a Retrofit
Links to DataPage+ and
Web Reporter
Different Levels of Capability to Match Different Requirements
Not all manufaoturors mako tho samo typos of parts, and not all parts havo tho samo
moasuromont roquiromonts. lo moot tho varying roquiromonts of a divorso oustomor baso,
C0Ml3 LM3 offors throo oonfigurations of most of its moasuromont produots.
PRO meets the basic needs of companies that do not need to integrate CAD into their
moasuromont prooossos and do not nood to moasuro oontourod parts. P0 is idoal for
nowoomors to part programming without CA0. lt inoludos foaturos aimod at stroamlining
tho proooss. lhoso inoludo "guoss" modos for automatioally idontifying tho typo of foaturos
moasurod and "uiok 3tart" routinos that automato many basio motrology funotions. lt also
offers a rich set of programming, analytical and reporting tools.
CAD is ideal for makers of prismatic parts that want to integrate CAD into their inspection
oporations. lt oxpands upon tho oapabilitios of P0 by lotting oustomors program and inspoot
parts using all sorts of CAD models ranging from simple 2D blueprints through full 3D solid
modols. CA0 allows full uso of all C0Ml3 LM3 CA0linking toohnologios.
CAD foaturos an intuitivo 0ul and inoludos powor "wizards" that guido onginoors through tho
programming proooss. lt inoludos a library of kinomatio maohino modols for simulation
and allows usors to add now onos if roquirod.
lots usors moasuro tho most oomplox parts. lt inoludos all tho
capabilities of CAD and adds the ability to measure intricate, contoured
surfaoos inoluding thinwallod shoot motal and plastio, blados, dios and molds.
supports numerous scanning devices and applications, and it includes
algorithms for managing oopious amounts of data. lts links to CA0 allow usors
to compare measurement results directly against models for unsurpassed
speed and accuracy.
is feature rich, yet easy to use. Many
yoars of oxporionoo dovoloping motrology
software for varied applications in more than
!00 industrios has rofinod C0Ml3 produots
such that programming tools to do even the
most difficult jobs are available without
burying tho usor in oomploxity.
Enhancing Productivity
Through Off-Line Programming
For shops where machine time is a valuable commodity,
C0Ml3 offors offlino lioonsos of tho CAD and CAD

configurations. Offline versions allow the inspection
machines to be used primarily for measuring parts and
not for part programming. An offline license allows users
to dovolop, tost and dobug inspootion routinos offlino
using CA0 modols. 3imulatod program oxooution is
possible on accurate kinematic models of their machines,
so programs can be tested before they are ever used on
a physical machine.
The Foundation of Enterprise Metrology
C0Ml3 CMM is tho original produot that forms tho foundation of tho C0Ml3 LM3 solution. lho
programming, ovaluation and graphios onginos form tho platform that all othor C0Ml3 softwaro
versions are built on, making it easy for customers to build an integrated enterprise metrology strategy
on a oommon softwaro platform. C0Ml3 CMM is availablo as standard oquipmont on all now
Roxagon Motrology brands of ooordinato moasuromont maohinos. lt is also oasily installablo as
an upgrado on oxisting maohinos, inoluding most nonRoxagon CMMs. C0Ml3 CMM offors fully
supportod migration paths for many oxisting Roxagon Motrology logaoy softwaro produots.
Flexibility and Ease of Use
C0Ml3 CMM is poworful and floxiblo, and also oasy for both programmors and oporators to uso to
thoir bost advantago. usors oan:
Mako quiok ohooks or program oomplox parts using a poworful, floxiblo graphioal usor intorfaoo.
Configuro and oalibrato probos of all typos quiokly and aoouratoly using a builtin sot of probo
management functions.
Ldit probo paths, add and doloto hits, insort oloaranoo movos and modify moasuromont
parameters with the click of a mouse.
utilizo graphioal oontrols to modify part roprosontations and sot moasuromont paramotors.
Lmbod full soroon pioturos and vidoos into oporator instruotions.
Moasuro oomplox, thin wallod foaturos quiokly with a rioh sot of prodofinod routinos.
0ovolop tailormado, highlovol languago routinos and oonfiguro toolbars and monus
according to specific needs and user preferences.
Linking to CAD
C0Ml3 CMM was tho first to intograto CA0 in tho moasuromont proooss.
Ongoing development improves those links and helps synchronize the
oporations of dosign, manufaoturing and quality. CA0 funotions inoludo:
Manipulato CA0 modols by mirroring, adding layors, romoving,
hiding and changing entities and adding grids.
Work with CA0 modols using oithor 0iroot CA0 lntorfaoo (0Cl) or
0iroot CA0 lranslator (0Cl) toohnologios or using noutral formats
liko l0L3 and 3lL.
0otoot potontial oollisions
by combining CAD part
models of parts with CAD
models of both holding
fixturos and maohinos.
Automatioally modify tho
CAD orientation to align
with the probe direction.
lmport ovon tho largost
CAD files using a powerful
state of the art
graphics engine.
Data Analysis
usors of motrology softwaro mako important dooisions basod upon thoir moasuromont softwaro and
tho nood to bo oonfidont that tho rosults aro ropoatablo and aoourato. C0Ml3 CMM:
Conforms to intornational (l8 and Nl3l) standards for CMM softwaro.
3upports 00&l aooording to AN3l Y!4.5 2009 inoluding:
8idirootional truo position, polar ooordinato mothod
Maximum Matorial 8oundary (MM8) and Loast Matorial 8oundary (LM8) of datums for
profile and true position
Flatnoss por unit
unilatoral and unoqually disposod profilo toloranoos
rooossos tho largo olouds of points gathorod by lasor probos.
Allows tho analysis of rosults in 20 or 30.
Powerful Reporting Tools
lho purposo of moasuring parts is to gonorato moaningful, aotionablo information.
C0Ml3 CMM inoludos tho univorsal sot of fullfoaturod roporting tools oommon to all
oditions of C0Ml3. Capabilitios:
lnoludo CA0 modols in roports for oasy intorprotation. 0raphioal roprosontations of
measured features can be used when CAD is not available.
0onorato inspootion roports using oithor prodofinod tomplatos or oustomizod formats.
Poport rosults dirootly with 0ata3uito+ produots for 3C analysis and roport distribution.
Poport moasuromont data to third party softwaro paokagos for additional
analysis and processing.
Support for 3D Scanning
lmprovomonts in toohnology havo mado 30 soanning an important part of
CMM moasuromont. C0Ml3 supports a wido rango of dovioos and a full
set of capabilities:
uiokly dofino soan paths and oxtraot nominal valuos and vootors.
3oan and moasuro oontourod and shoot motal parts using a
wide range of probes including touch trigger, analog and laser.
Lmploy a wido varioty of soanning mothods and oustomizo
soanning toohniquos tomplatos.
Automatioally soan and rovorso onginoor unknown surfaoos
and features.
uso manual CMMs to soan both thin wallod and
contoured parts.
lho origins of tho C0Ml3 LM3 philosophy bogan moro than
twenty years ago with a simple concept: parts designed in CAD
systems ought to be inspected to the original CAD models, and the
reality of inspecting to CAD on a CMM was born.
loday, C0Ml3 Lntorpriso Motrology 3olutions (LM3)
encompasses multiple interconnected software packages that
assist with dimonsional quality oontrol at ovory stago from
dosign through produotion. C0Ml3 LM3 goos far boyond its
origin to include tools for many types of metrology hardware
platforms, statistical process control, and change management.
Manufacturers can maintain complete control over dimensional
metrology throughout the manufacturing process with a single
solution. With C0Ml3 LM3 produots, manufaoturors of all
sizes and disciplines can build metrology systems tailored to
moot thoir spooifio roquiromonts. C0Ml3 LM3 turns data about
manufaoturing prooossos into aotionablo information. C0Ml3 is
the most popular dimensional metrology software worldwide, with
tens of thousands of copies in use.
Wiloox Assooiatos lno., tho dovolopor of C0Ml3 LM3, is tho
primary softwaro dovolopmont group within Roxagon Motrology,
the largest provider of dimensional metrology products, software
and sorvioos worldwido. Roxagon Motrology's brand portfolio
inoludos 8rown & 3harpo

, Cognilons, 0LA, Loioa 0oosystoms,

Loitz", C0Ml3


, 3hoffiold, lL3A and M&R.

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