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Living in the Body

Because we, being a number of persons, are one bread, we are one body: for we all take part in the one bread. (1 Cor. 10:17, BBE) Christ is also the head of the church, which is his body. He is the beginning, supreme over all who rise from the dead. So he is first in everything. (Col 1:18, NLT) Having given us the life of His son, God has an expectation: He expects us to live the life in the Body of His Son the only place where the Life can survive, grow and find fulfillment. Life in the Body of Christ is strange to some believers as they simply cannot comprehend how they fit into the Corporate Christ the body of Christ. Bible says, Just as there are many parts to our bodies, so it is with Christ's body. We are all parts of it, and it takes every one of us to make it complete, for we each have different work to do. So we belong to each other, and each needs all the others. (Rom 12: 4-5, TLB). Life in the Body entails three principal things: Obedience, Fellowship and Service. There is no body without a Head. Bible says in Ephesian 4:15-16 No! Speaking the truth with love, we will grow up in every way into Christ, who is the head. The whole body depends on Christ, and all the parts of the body are joined and held together. Each part does its own work to make the whole body grow and be strong with love. (NCV). Jesus is the Head and the Co-ordinator of the whole Body. He coordinates the whole activities of the Body and makes it grow as we do our own part. What then is the relationship between the Head and me? As a member of the Body whose Head is Christ, God expects me and all other members to look to the Head and to obey Him. There is Spiritual Order and Authority in the Body and God expects that we respond obediently to every order and instruction coming from above. Also to be mentioned is the relationship between The Body and Me. The Body is my Host, and I derive life from the Body through Fellowship. Life flows directly from the Head into the Body and the way to partake of that Life in the Body is to fellowship with the Body. The question being raised here is, what does the Body have for me? The Body is the place of Fellowship. It is the place to derive life and enrich oneself and grow well through fellowship. He who gives life was shown to us. We saw him and can give proof about it. And now we announce to you that he has life that continues forever. He was with God the Father and was shown to us. We announce to you what we have seen and heard, because we want you also to have fellowship with us. Our fellowship is with God the Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ. We write this to you so you can be full of joy with us. (1 John 1:2-4, NCV) And the third principle and relationship in the Body is my position as a member in the Body. The question to raise here will therefore be; what do I have for the Body by virtue of my being its member? I am also to supply Life to the Body by serving other members of the Body to make it grow. Bible says Each part does its own work to make the whole body grow and be strong with love. (Eph. 4:16, NCV). I am therefore, not just a consumer; but also a supplier to the Body of Christ. God has given each of us something to contribute to the Body; there is no one without something to contribute to the Body, including you.